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Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 11:50pm On Apr 28

Now that I know where you are coming from, I understand. You people have always backed the losing horse and you are about to get it wrong as usual. Pele, continue to wail!

And you Yaribanza keep repeating your historical foolishness of fetching water with baskets.

Afonja, Akintoka and Abiola will be child's play when the north breaks the Gbana Ahmed's frog heart.
Religion / Re: What Jewnn And Co Jewish Media Won't Tell You About The War In Jewkraine by BigBabyJesus: 11:49pm On Apr 28
You are right. The future Ukraine will be landlocked, with Russia annexing the rich and fertile parts of the South and East Ukraine.

The Poles are even planning now to approach US and EU to allow them annex parts of long disputed western Ukraine .

Why would the Poles do that ?

The Poles know what's up and that is the end of Jewkraine as we know it.

My only pity is which European clay will the Khazarian Mafiya set their eyes on in their reverse migration out of Palestine?

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Religion / Re: What Jewnn And Co Jewish Media Won't Tell You About The War In Jewkraine by BigBabyJesus: 11:39pm On Apr 28

Go back to plebbit and remember to take your booster shots
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 11:14pm On Apr 28
Technically, PMB can't stop Tinubu from contesting under another Party, even though he loses the Primaries.
He can Decamp, get a Waiver, and negotiate with the party's candidate to step down for him.


By the time it dawns on Tinubu, inec deadline for primaries to have been conducted will be over.
Religion / What Jewnn And Co Jewish Media Won't Tell You About The War In Jewkraine by BigBabyJesus: 10:18pm On Apr 28
Quick recap for those who haven’t followed what’s been going on in Ukraine but want to understand:

02/24: The Russians invaded from the south, south-east, east and north, in a lightning campaign. The Russians invaded with 190K troops—against 250K combat troops from Ukraine.

The RF put 30K troops near Kiev—nowhere near enough to capture the city—but enough to pin down some 100K AFU defenders. The RF also launched several axes of attack, with reinforcements on standby (including a famed 40km long tank column), to see where they might be needed.

Crucially—the Russian’s blitz on several axes pre-empted an imminent UKRAINIAN blitzkrieg. The AFU had been about to invade the Donbas. This was the immediate motivation for Russia’s invasion: To beat them to the punch and scuttle Ukraine’s imminent invasion—which they did.

Also, by attacking from the north and south, the Russians disrupted weapons supply chain from NATO. Had the RF only attacked in the east to prevent the AFU invasion of Donbas, there would have been an open corridor for resupply from the West. Threatening Kiev stopped that.

So the main AFU army was left stranded in east Ukraine, with the rest of the Ukr. forces isolated and pinned down—with no easy resupply from the West. The RF then went about hitting AFU command/control and resupply links, further isolating and immobilizing Ukrainian forces.

The Russians soon nominally controlled land the size of the UK in Ukraine—but it was a tenuous control. The south of Ukraine was more fully in Russia’s grip. The AFU around Kherson simply scattered. Mariupol became a clear battleground, as did the Donbas proper.

What the Russians initially wanted was to:

Short-circuit the imminent Donbas invasion – which they did.
Scare the Zelensky regime into negotiating a political settlement – which they failed to do.
Kiev had no intention of negotiating a ceasefire because of orders given to them from Washington: “Fight Russia to the last Ukrainian!” Also, the Neo-Nazi goons around Zelensky threatened him if he negotiated and surrendered because they are terrified of the Russians.

So Zelensky launched a massive PR and propaganda campaign, primarily to motivate AFU forces to fight to the death. Myths were created (Ghost of Kiev), false flags were carried out (Bucha, Kramatorsk) and relentless media stories were flogged relentlessly.

The Russians kept negotiating and trying to NOT destroy Ukraine infrastructure. In fact at first they were even trying to minimize AFU casualties. The evidence for this is overwhelming: The RF did not hit civilian infrastructure – water, electric, phone, transportation. They did not hit AFU barracks, command centers, government buildings, etc.

The Russians’ initial priority was for a *negotiated settlement*. But by late March, they realized this was impossible.

This is why the RF withdrew from Kiev. There was no sense putting men near the city when they were not doing what they were supposed to do – putting political pressure on the Zelensky regime to negotiate. This withdrawal was claimed as a “victory” in the “Battle of Kiev”! lmao

Starting in late March, the Russians pulled back and solidified their control over the area they had captured, ceding to the AFU areas that were either pointless to or potentially too costly to control. The Ukraine propaganda machine called all these pull- backs “victories”.

There was still a glimmer that the war might end in a negotiated settlement but that ended in early April. After the Istanbul talks of 3/30, the Ukraine side gingerly agreed to some compromises but within a week publicly disavowed those concessions.

That’s when the Russians realized the Zelensky regime was agreement-incapable: Their Washington masters, Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken in particular, wouldn’t allow a peace. They want this war to sap Russia dry. It is a classic proxy war and Ukraine will pay the price.

Something else the Russians realized: Sanctions. They hurt but Russia bounced back with remarkable speed. They didn’t really hurt that bad. But the theft of Russia’s $300 billion in foreign reserves by the West DID hurt – badly. The Russians realized they were in a total war with the West and since their foreign reserves were lost forever (likely to be pilfered by corrupt Western politicos), the Russians now have nothing left to lose. By stealing their reserves, the West lost all power over Russia.

This has sealed Ukraine’s fate: The Russians now have no incentive to give up what they have conquered. It has cost them too much in terms of men and treasure. And they know that they can’t negotiate a ceasefire. The Zelensky regime will simply break it later.

Which means:

The Russians intend to conquer and permanently annex all the south and east of Ukraine. This is why their strategy on the battlefield has dramatically shifted: Now they are carrying out a slow, methodical grinding down and destruction of the AFU.

The war in the first 30 days was speed, feints, nominally capturing vast swathes of Ukraine territory, with the aim of pressuring the Zelensky regime into a negotiated settlement. But the West’s total financial and political break with Russia means they have nothing to lose. And they have a lot to gain: The Donbas is mineral rich, the really productive farmlands of Ukraine are in the east and south, Kharkov is a major industrial city, the Sea of Azov has untold natural gas reserves.

And besides – the people love them. Why would the Russians now give up this hard-won prize?

And they *have* won – make no mistake. Ask any military man who is not a system pig, he’ll tell you: There is no way for the AFU to retake their country. They have no armor, no air defense, no fuel, no comms – it’s over.

The great tragedy is that so many THOUSANDS of young men will die, and die NEEDLESSLY!!, in order to postpone the inevitable. These brave boys will have fought so valiantly – and died so young, so cruelly -because of the evil of the Zelensky regime.

That’s the hard truth.

And in the end, this will be the map that will remain—a bitter image of Ukraine’s future. Russia will pour billions into their newly acquired territory. It will prosper and flourish. But the rump-state of Ukraine will be left poor, destroyed, forgotten.

A tragedy.

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Politics / Re: Wole "The Woke" Soyinka: A Life Of A Useful Idiot Marxist by BigBabyJesus: 10:13pm On Apr 28
Is this because he won a noble prize and Achebe didn't? Lmao

Achebe? What concerns me with that Igbo revisionist ?

FYI, Wole being a marxist is only yoruba by name. The idiot looks down on his own herritagr as inferior .
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 10:11pm On Apr 28

Thank you! Bitterness has prevented people from analytical reasoning. What is most important to Buhari? APC winning the elections or his candidate winning the primaries? There's no way he can have both so he has no choice than to side with the majority.

He has been respected during the other convention; There's no way he will extend his luck. Btw, Buhari himself faced a credible Primary election; Why should he help another person avoid it? Think and stop hating!

At the bolded.... You can not cage Buhari the tyrant.

He has been having his way since 2015 at the expense of Tinubu what makes you idiots think he will change (pun intended) on who will replace him?

Una foolishness for SW no get part 2.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 9:35pm On Apr 28
Buhari is not a politician, he doesn't care on what happen around or inside his political party.


Keep consoling yourself in osogbo

Buhari got his nominees to head the APC in the last convention at the dying minute and you are here saying he has no say in the skated primaries?

Why una like to fool unaself for afonjaland?
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 9:29pm On Apr 28

First off, I have no candidate yet in both parties until after the primaries. Second of all, the cabal is not stupid to dig their grave and endorse who never bought forms to contest for president. That would nullify the victory of such a candidate by the court. If you say Yahaya Bello will be endorsed by the cabal, then I would agree because he has bought his forms to contest the office. It is when a candidate purchases nomination forms that he is an aspirant, not just verbal declaration. So it is when I see more northerners declaring and obtaining the forms that I might start to see reasons with you. Hope you get it now? Good night Sir!

Has the deadline for form sales expired?

Is every form applicant openly declared by the National body ?

Last I check it isn't the business of the APC secretariat to make public whom or what bought forms for whatever elective position that remains for the aspirant to declare on his own accord, place and time.

For all we know, several northerners may have picked up their forms without going public yet .
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 8:45pm On Apr 28
Una go analyze tire, rubbish . I wonder why all these theories when you could as well wait for things to unfold in a few weeks. I don’t get it

Tinubu no get sense.

They will give him sane treatment they gave Afonja, Akintoka and Abiola .

And we will be here watching with popcorn.
Politics / Re: Wole "The Woke" Soyinka: A Life Of A Useful Idiot Marxist by BigBabyJesus: 8:41pm On Apr 28
Why did Wole openly oppose a Trump presidency and even went as far to declare that he will tear his green card which he did not after Trump won?

Two reasons why.

1. Wole moves in the ultraleftist circles within western universities . Leftists hate Trump for a variety of reasons and so it became the Woke thing to do, so Wole had no choice but to follow the crowd.

2. Trump's presidency was meant to be an end to pax AmeriKKKa and her endless wars for Jewish neoliberal globalization aka global communism . Wole being a flaming red hot communist is always up in arms against any one or group that stands against his marxist global utopia.

If you doubt this, have you heard Wole speak for the dissolution of the failed Niggerian project? Never! Rather Wole still stubbornly clings to the falaccy that Niggeria can succede as a multicultural cesspit once we do away with our individual tribal, religious and cultural herritage. His vision for a united Niggeria is one of a people stripped of their identities and values in place of his Marxist ideals. This is the reason why he is an atheist and one who looks down on his own yoruba culture.

Even his disheveled hair and beard style are reminiscent of Karl Marx.

The man is a pathetic copycat excuse of an africanized negrified Karl Marx.

Politics / Wole "The Woke" Soyinka: A Life Of A Useful Idiot Marxist by BigBabyJesus: 8:08pm On Apr 28
A die hard Marxist who spearheaded the indoctrination of other Nigerians into his marxist folly that saw to the disastrous Igbo Marxist coup of 1966, the civil war and theunderground criminal marxist groups aka Nigerian cultist groups.

Same Wole has been advocating for a UN mandate over Nigerian of late citing the level of anarchy over the country instigated by the Buhari Fulanii Bolshevik govt that he threw his dead weight support for .

Wole has a fake persona built around himself as a "democracy and human rights advocate". Nothing can be far from the truth for Wole is a die hard Marxist and so can never be a democrat .

If you check well, you will see that Wole is only active during civilian elected governments.

He butters his bread when we have a duly elected civilian govt where he goes all out with his virtue signalling and gaslighting of the govt of the day. He started his "revolutionary struggles " under the Tafa Belewa govt where he raised an army of sleeper cell marxists on campus at the University of Ibadan under his marxist Pyrate confratenity which the likes of Ifenajua were actively part of. Wole even raided a radio station in western Nigeria and forced the broadcasters to play his Marxist rantings from a tape he earlier recorded.

During the Shagari era, the fool was a staunch critic of that govt and openly called for a coup which he welcomed when it happened on December 31st, 1983. Till this day Wole still insists that the Buhari coup was justified .

So it wasn't any surprise that he supported Buhari in 2015 and was one of the most outspoken and voracious critics of the Jonathan civilian govt.

When Buhari got into power , the likes of Wole go into hibernation just as he did throughout Buhari's dissatrous military junta. The old fool even served in IBB's govt as head of the then newly formed FRSC which he gave employment to his fellow Pyrate confratenity buddies.

During Abacha , he ran away to obodo abroad only to return to Nigeria when OBJ was sworn in as president from where Wole continued his fake democracy advocacy. He continued through Yaradua and GEJ but went off radar when Buhari (Wole's favorite General ) was sworn in.

Wole is as fake as they come.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 7:43pm On Apr 28

Don’t mind these guys and their conspiracy theories

Nah zoning you dey hope for?

Even if it comes to that which it will not, Tinubu is the last person on earth that the cabal will hand the ticket to unless them won drain am till next year and support Saraki in PDP.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 7:41pm On Apr 28

You don't even have idea of what you are saying. The hate for Tinubu is intoxicating you. That's why you are typing rubbish

If you and your Gbana Ahmed Tinubu did not receive any sense from the last APC convention, you will finally get one free of charge on the eve of the primaries .

The Gbana Ahmed will tell us why he thought he was smarter than triple As( Afonja , Akintoka and Abiola ).

Collect your allowee from SWAGER and save well because it all ends by May 29.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 6:48pm On Apr 28

I don't care what you want to say but,Yahaya Bello is on the race and others might follow.

Yahaya Bello is an Ebira .

Ebiras are not even considered honorably northerners but belong to the defunct pagan provinces of the middle belt.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Brilliant Delay Tactics On His Chosen Successor Is To Trap Tinubu by BigBabyJesus: 6:47pm On Apr 28

Let’s see how many northerners that would pick nomination forms first. If none picks form till the deadline for form submission closes, then be rest assured that buhari won’t pick a northerner.
The fact that not one single northerner in the APC is yet to do so should tell you that a northern consensus candidate is on the pipeline and he will be revealed hours before the primaries itself.

North just dey teach our trousered idiots common sense since 1960AD.

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