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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Not Contemplating Leaving LP, Forming New Party, Says Yunusa Tanko by BigDawsNet: 5:25pm On Feb 23

Na today?

3 parties and counting........

This combo will easily eradicate apc but I'm positive Obi won't take the vice spot neither Atiku
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Not Contemplating Leaving LP, Forming New Party, Says Yunusa Tanko by BigDawsNet: 5:24pm On Feb 23
I wish he can form a new party

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Travel / Re: I Have Never Been To An Airport by BigDawsNet: 11:20am On Feb 23
I am in my late twenties. It seems strange that I have never visited an airport. Sometimes i feel ashamed and never talk about it with anybody.

I don't know if it's due to too much responsibilities on me. Who is in the same boat with me? How do you cope when people talk about visiting an airport? Do you pretend as if u have visited an airport? Do you say the truth and let people mock you?

To go to airport won't cost you fortune... you don't have to acquire a visa before you visit the airport..

Make a plan today and take the nearest taxi to the airport to satisfy ur urge... also you may not be allowed to enter the inside international terminals without a visa for travelling... dis due to trying to separate legit travelers and people who are dere to just cus holdup... and also for security purpose...

But if you want to see inside airport... try local airport..dey will let u in...

I'm talking abt Lagos airport oh... so if you outside lagos... other state may allow u to access inside international airport without a travelling

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Travel / Re: Port Harcourt Road Onitsha Has Been Completed By Gov Soludo(video) by BigDawsNet: 8:56am On Feb 23
Good job..

Vote competent leaders only
Business / Re: US Dollar Supply Surges By 51% In Forex Market As Naira Records Gain by BigDawsNet: 6:58pm On Feb 22
O God we pray for 1$ 300naira
Food / Re: See How I Spent ₦1000 by BigDawsNet: 3:40pm On Feb 22

E no swit anything. We just dey manage am .

Lol... you for buy egg instead of fish... con fry ham or mix ham together

Just try dey eat to survive for now... na billionaire dey chop to enjoy dis days😄😄
Business / Re: FG Stops Export Of Cooking Gas To Reduce Price by BigDawsNet: 2:12pm On Feb 22
So we cant design our own cooking gas?

Chia... no wonder we have weak currency


Politics / Re: Worsening Economy: Stop Floating Of Naira Immediately, Sagay Tells Tinubu by BigDawsNet: 2:03pm On Feb 22
Mr Obi should pls borrow us his master plan... seems this current gov do not hav 1 single idea how to run an economy


Food / Re: See How I Spent ₦1000 by BigDawsNet: 2:01pm On Feb 22
He swit?


Business / Re: Naira Plunges To N1,900, Rebounds To N1,354 Then Dips To N1,700/$ by BigDawsNet: 11:41am On Feb 22
Its going to N2500 before end of February

This I pray amen grin grin

If you have any plan for japa... you ain't wishing urself well bro...

And even if you wanna remain in naija... the more the dollar goes up... the more the cost of living goes higher
.. so it makes no sense to celebrate this

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Politics / Re: Re-election - Tinubu Will Not Campaign In The North by BigDawsNet: 8:26am On Feb 22
Tinubu will win 2027 Again Right in Your Faces

One year to the election, his government will start social programs similar to N-Power, and few months to the election, Shettima will take to the streets and start releasing funds with promises for more after the election.

They’ll tell you that it took so long to revert the economy back on course from the previous (APC) government, and that they have now put the country on the right path. They’ll tell you that they don’t need another government to come in and take Nigeria off the course.

Another round of campaigns smeared with tribal and religious bigotry will start, and Nigerians who are struggling to feed will join the bandwagon just to maintain their identity in hopes of recognition or some other self serving interest.

Trust Nigerians with their many assumptions and excuses for their oppressors, perhaps due to Stockholm Syndrome of some sort

After election, things will calm down, the ruling party politicians will go back to corruption business to recoup their spendings during the elections, then people will realize they were scammed again, and the complaints and protests will start once again, till the next election cycle when we press the repeat button

You can plot Nigeria on a graph and accurately predict where it will be 50 years from today

It's only happen in a country where we have over 80% uneducated people...

Dey will keep falling for the cheap scam
Gaming / Re: Call Of Duty Mobile Gaming Challenge Launched In Nigeria By Itel And Carry1st by BigDawsNet: 8:21am On Feb 22
Playstation 5 people can join?
Sports / Re: Opeyemi Ajakaye And Esther Onyenezide Move From FC Robo To Madrid CFF by BigDawsNet: 8:17am On Feb 22
Congratulations... yoruba amaka
Travel / Re: Advice Me On My 2 Million Travelling Budget by BigDawsNet: 6:44pm On Feb 21
Hey family, am glad to be here, am a 28 yrs old Nigerian lady with a great determination spirit. I couldn't attend a university to study a nursing degree which is my dream career but I attended a college of health with struggles due to financial incapability. I was raised by a mum who lost her husband at early stage. We are four am the third.

When I completed my secondary school i started working in a hospital as an hospital aid, I was able to raised some cash I proceeded to a college of health where i did a three years course and i graduated with flying colours.

I immediately moved to Lagos and start working in a hospital. I was able to raise some money that was in 2020. I did my pass port. I went online, I met some friends and i applied for a Dubai visa with the intention of getting there to do some care course, so I can work in care homes or hospital.

I got the visa. I traveled, i did the course i was able to get a caregiver job luckily for me with 2000 dhm salary. I was happy thinking my dream is gradually coming through i would able to save money, proceed with my nursing degree and take care of my mum, unfortunately for me, the issues of Nigerian cultists came up in UAE. They stopped all documentation for Nigerians, that was when the ban started. I waited a bit but nothing changed i had no choice than to come back to Nigeria in 2020. I quickly landed in Lagos and started applying to hospital all over again, i got a job again, salary was way below the offers i got in UAE, since then till now, i was able to raise 2M.

Now my people please advice me, which country can this amount take me to with flight tickets etc.

A country I can be able to work and may be further to earn a degree later.

Pls Advice me 🥺

Thank you sir /thank u ma

Cancel out any north America, Europe, Asian, and South American countries ... that 2m will only cover your ticket expenses

With your profile and Cv, tou have two options

Apply for a care work visa or any healthcare visa
Apply for study permit to study any medical health related program

These two routes won't Cost you nothing less Dan 17m naira...

The High exchange rate can make ur japa dream legally work now..

Advice: try keep ur savings well and continue saving more from ur salary or income ... I hope the dollar comes down... den you can start having some hope


Travel / Re: Study Or Work Visa, Which One Should He Go For? by BigDawsNet: 6:25pm On Feb 21
Work is better... it's pretty hard to get
Study is good... it's pretty easy to get

Work is better... fastest way to Permanent residency
Study is good ... buy you hav to find a job after Study or you return back to ur country
Career / Re: At What Point Did You Realise You Were In The Wrong Profession? by BigDawsNet: 1:13pm On Feb 21
Never did

Tho I wanted to study medicine so bad... but I wasn't that too serious in my early years...

But I'm enjoying my tech career lol

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Career / Re: Should I Go For A Masters Degree Or Remain Jobless At Home? by BigDawsNet: 6:57pm On Feb 20
Hello guys, please I need your advice. I'm currently in a dilemma on what to do with my life presently. I'm a lawyer called to the bar in December 2022. Afterwards I practiced in a law firm for 6 months before resigning due to the meagre salary and harsh work environment. I just couldn't keep up, Although I can confirm that legal practice was very terrific but it's something that you can only enjoy if you're well paid at the Law firm or company you work with to effectively maintain the standard expected from you.

I've been jobless for 8 months now as all the efforts I put into securing a job ended in futility. I'm thinking of going for my masters degree(LLM) instead of staying idle at home with my parents. I think by doing this I can keep myself busy and improve on my career academically while also trying to find a good job in today's Nigeria.

Serious advice needed please

Do you mean doing your masters in Abraod or Nigeria..

If abroad, its freaking expensive but make sense
If Nigeria, its cool... that will keep you really busy..and from dere you can possibly meet couple of people you can connect with who can help you..

Just don't form big boy... don't hide anything... the least person you know can really help and connect you

Good luck...

If you have time... also learn tech

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Business / Re: Naira Hits N1,825 To Dollar Despite EFCC Gun Rescue Attempt by BigDawsNet: 6:22pm On Feb 20

cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

I still believe in miracles sha. cry cry

I believe in miracle too...

But has Foreign currencies keeps growing high... it will be very expensive for an average Nigerian to successfully migrate legally

Let just hope miracle can happen and things get better

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Business / Re: Naira Hits N1,825 To Dollar Despite EFCC Gun Rescue Attempt by BigDawsNet: 6:01pm On Feb 20
If you have plan for japa

Just wave it goodbye for now unless ur parent or sponsor works in Shell or CBN or with fed government

Those dat hav successfully japa... I congratulate u once again

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Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by BigDawsNet: 6:00pm On Feb 20
What has been done to sugar and don't forget dollar factor

They are worse generally

But I believe they can allow importation of cement uf this people refuse to reduce the cost... remember this is a yoruba government... and dey don't really fear the northerns

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Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by BigDawsNet: 5:41pm On Feb 20
Empty threat from empty government

This current gov can do it...

I think tinubu gov is not scare of any1 at the moment
Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by BigDawsNet: 5:41pm On Feb 20

Dey should do it for abt 6months and let see how dis people will react and quickly crash the price
Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by BigDawsNet: 5:39pm On Feb 20
Don't make treat, just do it
Education / Re: How Many Triangles Are There? Only The Highly Genius Will Pass This Test! by BigDawsNet: 12:19pm On Feb 20
Politics / Re: Circular To Stop The Leakage Of Sensitive Official Documents by BigDawsNet: 11:54am On Feb 20
Who's gonna rescue Nigerians from this political party

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Science/Technology / Re: Guys Using Solar Energy Instead Of Nepa Or Gen. by BigDawsNet: 1:36pm On Feb 19

People abuse this things perhaps due to ignorance.

My wife is an example.

She go argue with you say, provided say na wetin them build that thing for, you suppose use am like slave.

Nothing like safety measures like using 50% of the installed capacity.

People use UpTo 90-95% of the installed capacity.

This is where the problem starts

Now I understand...

Anyway I don't blame people for over using the battery...

It's the fault of the government when they refuse to provide electricity... ofcourse people will find alternative from things around them...

If we hav enough power... I'm sure the battery will last well
Travel / Re: Who Do Us For Nigeria (pics) by BigDawsNet: 12:32pm On Feb 19
Ghana should lock dia gate na...
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Two Chinese, One Other For Suspected Illegal Mining In Ilorin by BigDawsNet: 12:14pm On Feb 19
Who gave them visas
This operation is massive so how come nobody knew about it even the state Governor
Well thank God they were caught they should be made to refund the government for minerals stolen + jail time

I don't think its difficult for thisbguys to get a Nigerians visas.. they only need someone to stand has a sponsor for them... that's all
Politics / Re: Smuggling: Customs Seizes 15 Trucks Loaded With Food Items In Sokoto by BigDawsNet: 12:04pm On Feb 19
Some just wicked naturally

Your country people are hungry but u decided to feed other nations
Politics / Re: Labour Shifts Ground On N1m Minimum Wage As Panel Meets Monday by BigDawsNet: 11:42am On Feb 19
With 1m minium wages.. many Africn countries will see and flood Nigeria has Japa option... grin grin cheesy
Politics / Re: Are You Still Batified? by BigDawsNet: 8:28pm On Feb 18

You typed like a child. It is so unfortunate. I will respond to you...

1. Is it politicians that are currently fighting Boko Haram? The set of military you have are most business men and contractors.

2. You asked for a military regime, you were still typing - "no politicians can steal without consequences" You are confused. The military will loot recklessly and you cant take them to court as the constitution would have been suspended

3. Military understand "human feelings". You are a joke. Military are trained to kill. To show no mercies. Go and ask your uncles what happened during Abacha regime. If they see you gathered together in group of 4, you would all vanish without trace.

Do you still think you are making sense? I advise you to sit this discourse out, it is way beyond you. grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy

Military are not the making bandits walk freely or operate freely in the country... they Recived order directly from the Federal government... they execute terrorist only when they are allowed to

Military job is not to punish Politicians who are stealing currently... that's the job of Efcc and Icpc

Military job is to support and defend the Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria against all enemies, foreign and domestic; they currently unable to perform this duties because some bad leaders are not giving them the Green light...

When Military take over

They don't have to listen to any1 anymore... which means dey will clearly off bandits without no one telling dem to backoff

They will arrest and punish and politicians who steal government funds instantly... as dere will be no room for effcc to drag d offender to court and later say "pay 1m and go"

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Politics / Re: Are You Still Batified? by BigDawsNet: 8:14pm On Feb 18

So in your mind, it's the military that will resolve this?

Military takeovers were part of the problems we are experiencing now. They spend recklessly, loot the Treasury and you can't question them because they rule with decree and not constitution.

I guess you were not born when the military was ruling

Yes, I wasn't born yet... I don't forget say na u be my papi.

We need military, they are worst but better than democracy

With military = Insecurities can't survive

With military = no politicians can steal without consequences

With Military = they understand human feeling because they sown an oath to keep the citizens safe

Nothing anything can say... they are better than Democrats

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