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Family / Re: Is 700k Per Month Too Small? by Bmaster(m): 4:40pm On Jun 18
Do u equally pay for se.x ?
Either in kind of in cash ?
Politics / Re: Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 7:19pm On Jun 17
If the ops need idea's pls say it loud
Nigerians needs your suggestions,your suggestions matters,no be to dey complain say Nigerians dem dey vote based on religion and ethnicity.
Now take it that it's your ethnic man that's paddling the ship,what is that one thing or two,or three you think he would have done that this current administration is not doing,or have not done ?
Say it loud bro,
remember the fight is for a better Nigeria
Foreign Affairs / Re: Senegal Joins Oil-producing Countries, Begins Production by Bmaster(m): 5:20pm On Jun 17
Hmmm... Glory
what's left of us to be called giant of Africa?

Wetin else remain ?

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Politics / Re: Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 4:39pm On Jun 17
Bitter grievingory Obi is clueless, I remember he was asked how the azu River owner was asked how he would solve insecurity in Nigeria. He couldn't present any statement, either logical or otherwise, infact he said he would tell the interviewer, Bitter grievingory is just Mr gbajue, repackaged religious war fraudulent hypocrite.
don't call people names here please,just say what's on your mind 🙏
Politics / Re: Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 4:37pm On Jun 17
Atiku would have reconciled with Wike and Co and Obi wouldn't have accepted to be sponsored by Tinubu.
this is not what I meant.
Tell me what different thing you thought Atiku or Obi or sowore or any candidate you supported would have done pertaining the betterment of the economy that the current administration is not doing,or have not done.
Politics / Re: Photos Of Governor Sanwo-Olu In The Kitchen by Bmaster(m): 3:04pm On Jun 17

Lol. He is doing a lot better than every other governor in Nigeria. Makinde comes a close 2nd
Alex otti is the best performing governor in Nigeria now,I am proud he is my state of origin's governor

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Politics / Re: Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 2:58pm On Jun 17
What do you mean by destiny? Don't bring religion into everything
sorry if my choice of word didn't fix,I guess I would have used fate.
But at least you understood me
Politics / Re: Nigeria Needs Sacrificing Citizens To Progress – Tinubu by Bmaster(m): 2:55pm On Jun 17
I almost thought sacrificing here was like sacrificing unto juju way grin
Politics / Re: Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 2:49pm On Jun 17
I wont tell you anything, Tinubu is the best for you till 2077.

Enjoy your country and leave us alone.
oga talk your mind,if you check my posts you'll realize that I am a stark supporter of Obi.
But sometimes,just sometimes we need to think outside the box.
What if it's not his destiny to become president,what if his destiny is vice president,what if his destiny is to command voices at the floor of the National assembly?

Just say what you think he would have done differently assuming he won that the current administration is not doing.
Remember the aim is to have a better Nigeria irrespective of who make it happen
Politics / Share Your Opinion:what Do You Think Atiku Or Obi Would Have Done Differently? by Bmaster(m): 2:31pm On Jun 17
Good day Nairalanders.
Please as a good citizen of Nigeria that wants Nigeria to work,kindly suggest your opinion on what you thinks your preferred presidential candidate during the last presidential election would have done differently to better the lives of Nigerians.

What is that one,two or many things your preferred presidential candidate could have done differently,or that policy of him that could have helped save our economy and reduce the prices of goods and services,that the current administration is not doing ?
Share your opinion guys,let's hear them all.
Thanks 👍
Religion / Re: Who Took Jesus Off The Roman Cross? by Bmaster(m): 9:40am On Jun 17
u discuss christ death like you truly loves him 😂
We all know the condition of the country we are now,it is by the special grace of God that people still remembers God not to talk of keeping his commandments.
Buhari and Tinubu have frustrated us Nigerians to the point that God's words where he said "this people calls me father,father..but their heart is far from me" has come to fulfilment on we Nigerians.
If we are hundred in number,the heart of 70 is far from God as it is now, people are busy trying to survive physically before talking about surviving spiritually.
God have mercy on Nigeria,and Redeem us on time if we are still redeemable or perish us all the soonest if that's what's left for us.
You can imagine how decayed and rotten the condition of things to the extent that many youths now sees Sunday morning as a very good opportunity to go for gym,play football,create tik tok contents and on the ladies' side,it's a good time to go tidy up her boyfriend's apartment!
Christ!!!! We are gone !
Politics / Re: Disquiet As Lawmakers Plan To End President, Governors’ Second Term by Bmaster(m): 1:27pm On Jun 16

See I've told you people to stop attacking my members here. Read their opinions and pass if you don't like it.

That person you're quoting is more intelligent than you if you don't know. He scored the highest in our in house iq test, 150 over 150. Nobody has broken his record so he is not your mate
I don't know whether you are for real or just a sarcasm,but let me wait first....

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Politics / Re: Disquiet As Lawmakers Plan To End President, Governors’ Second Term by Bmaster(m): 1:09pm On Jun 16
cheesy cheesy

SE NASS members no dey propose anything

Dem own na to dey support everything like say Dem no get independent brain

Na who these guys dey wait for be this?

See, na 2024 be this, na until 2590 before una go get una Biafra
bro I don't know what you take,but you are sounding stupid.
The bill was brought by 35 members of NASS,read Again before embarrassing yourself furthermore .
Unless you are saying that a southeast member of the NASS is not among the 35 members that raised the bill,

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Crime / Re: Ebonyi Youths Set Kinsman’s Houses Ablaze Over ‘prophecy’ by Bmaster(m): 8:34am On Jun 15
Utu akpola gi?

The youths should start contributing to replace all property that was damaged.
hmmm..so you know of ụtụ and his controversial revelations ?

U must be an indigene of Abia State.

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Crime / Re: Ebonyi Youths Set Kinsman’s Houses Ablaze Over ‘prophecy’ by Bmaster(m): 8:32am On Jun 15
The prophet is funny. How could he be senseless and deluded to point of pointing at someone during the crusade as being evil when everyone is looking for who to blame for frustrations and depression of bitter grievingory Obi shameful defeat by Jagaban.
so in your little and tiny brain,that man that falls like a pack of cards on democracy day defeated obi ?


Politics / Re: Soldier’s Killing : We Arrested Over 100 Suspects, Released Those Not Connected by Bmaster(m): 8:27am On Jun 14
Omor! hmmm I have a lot of pity for whoever is in their custody,chai...brother God is ur strength, because hmmm
Politics / Re: The Obidients Descended Heavily On Peter Obi After He Wrote A Post On X-Twitter by Bmaster(m): 9:07pm On Jun 13
Wait first op.
Too many explanation and evidence just to prove to Yoruba moslems that Peter obi is clear as against the allegations of obidients attacks is to what essence ?

Sorry but I mean what kinda phobia is this ?
People you are not owing anything is whom you are trying to bring to a logical understanding?
Nawa oo

If a Yoruba moslem like let him hit his or her head on a tarred road,mtcheww


Food / Re: Nigerian Lady Left With A Swollen Face After She Ate Catfish (graphic Photos) by Bmaster(m): 10:49am On Jun 13
Mayb she b water girl,
Nd nt suppose to eat fish 🐠🐟
water girl indeed.
Family / Re: Throwback: Nigerian 70s And 80s Mum Didn't Joke With This Footwear (Photo) by Bmaster(m): 3:11pm On Jun 11
When I was small,I heard that every girl that carried me would kiss and pamper me for free.

Now that I am of Age,why do I have to pay either in cash or kind before getting an ordinary pegging ?
Crime / Re: Missing Ladies In Abia: IGP Orders Investigation Into Alleged Murder Of Andrew by Bmaster(m): 8:22am On Jun 11
Nowadays I trust Tik Tok for fast and reliable update.
I first saw the news of missing two girls on Tik Tok weeks ago.
Back to the Topic.

The way the investigation team was very fast in killing the suspect(Andrew) without the trace of his dead body is also suspicious
Food / Re: What Do You Call This In Your Language? (pictures) by Bmaster(m): 7:04pm On Jun 10
It is called akù,in igbo

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Politics / Re: SA Election's A Shining Example, Our 2023 Election A Show Of Shame - Peter Obi by Bmaster(m): 10:55am On Jun 08
It wasn't a show of shame when he won Lagos but PBAT and Atiku didn't get up to 2% of total votes in Anambra.. ethno-religious bigot sef dey talk.

Let everybody start voting along tribal lines like Igbos in South East and other parts of the country did in 2023 and see if you or any other Igbo man will ever become president.
shut da f up.
Mc oluomo told you Yorubas that it's tinubu or nothing and y'all concurred!
Obi won Lagos because of non Yorubas residing at Lagos.

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Politics / Re: Wage: Governors Won’t Pay Above ₦‎70,000 - NGF by Bmaster(m): 8:51am On Jun 07
I pity some state civil servants sha. With the way these governors are talking, you would think most of them even fulfilled the previous #30k minimum wage agreement. Mtchew.

Some states, as we speak, still have months of salary backlog they are yet to pay.

Regional government will solve this kind of mess. The funny thing is that the state workers being owed months of salaries won't drag their governors but will still face the FG. Same with the NLC - they only strike when they have issues to iron with the FG. But in many state chapters, they remain docile while the governors continue to give it to their workers in the ass.
sometimes you make sense,but for the fact that your moniker and your signature speaks of you as a bastar..dized troll weak me
Travel / Re: South Africans Enjoy Snowfall In Much of the Country (PICS) by Bmaster(m): 9:58pm On Jun 06
Don't allow Biafrans into your country if you want snowfall to continue.

Snow used to fall in Nigeria ❄️ 🏔 until Nigerians allowed them in.
ok,shey na allow una allowed us,oya free us abeg,we wan go.
Abi na kidnap una kidnapped us ?
Romance / Re: My Bestie And I Are Fighting Because I’m Sleeping With Her Father- Slay Queenu by Bmaster(m): 12:42pm On Jun 06
Ó mà wá ga ooooooo, kò tí è wáá sí ìtìjú mó

Ó mà śe oooo
it's like the matter is heavy to your mouth,you now resort to the use of your native language
Politics / Re: Wike Orders Permanent Secretaries To ‘Bow’ Before Tinubu (Video) by Bmaster(m): 12:52pm On Jun 05

They are in positions which you will probably never taste in your entire existence on earth
robnectar,this is unlike you

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Politics / Re: Strike Suspension: Has Electricity Been Restored In Your Area? by Bmaster(m): 7:59pm On Jun 04
I dey where I dey charge my phone.
To charge my phone,I done spend 5k on frivolities just to feel as same as others in the same bar with me.
God punish Nigerian leaders rulers

Politics / Re: New National Anthem Is National Self-Debasement By Farooq A. Kperogi by Bmaster(m): 5:30pm On Jun 01
Most of the people criticizing the new national anthem don't even know how to sing the discarded one. But they are the ones making noise about it the most. Why not let the school children sing it if you as an adult can't?

Take for instance, the demented Peter Obi, he can't sing the old or new anthems but is very good reciting the Biafran anthem. The mumu agulu idiot failed his only son who became a homosexual but is telling you that he can fix Nigeria shocked
keep quiet bro.
No be everything you formulate in your brain you supposed comment.


Politics / Re: EFCC Invites Kwankwaso Over Alleged ₦‎2.5 Billion Pension Fraud by Bmaster(m): 12:56pm On May 31

Countries that are not religious are progressing higher ND higher

Nigerian with over 33 million churches/mosque still are corrupt and a living hell

God is not a fool
He knows over religious people are SCAM
So He doesn't answer their prayers

So all the churches and mosque in Nigeria are just making noise. God doesn't listen to noise

God has abandoned Nigeria to the hands of devil to do as he pleases.

thank God you said God abandoned nigeria,and not Nigerians.
Cos over here my own God is over answering my prayers
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Do Most World Billionaires Refuse To Show Off by Bmaster(m): 10:26am On May 31
They are too busy for such nonsense!
They don't believe that they have arrived yet,hence they are still chasing the paper

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Crime / Re: Woman Captures Stealing Phone From Wine Shop (photos) by Bmaster(m): 1:35pm On May 24
Women and stupidity

What if the girl's boyfriend called at that time she was holding the phone,?


Phones / Re: What Is Tapswap? Why Nigerians Are Tapping Their Phone Screens by Bmaster(m): 9:06am On May 23
Tap tap tap my babe's left yansh!
I can't stop low again to mine shitcoin

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