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Politics / Re: I Think I'm Broken And You Might Be Too by Brimstone77: 7:52am

Show me what hypocrite looks like.

People that justified the killing and starving of biafran children during the biafran war.

People that still post pictures of starving Biafran kids during the biafran war just to taunt the IGBOS.

People that didn't see anything wrong in Nigerian troops bombarding markets and schools during biafran war..

Pathetic set of hypocrites!!

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Is Destroying Nigeria, Berekete Moderator Reacts Angrily by Brimstone77: 9:12pm On Jul 07

Ladies and gentlemen. Case dismissed.

Ekpa is developing Igboland. Leave him alone. Obidients love him.

Seems like your brain is shaking?
Politics / Re: 50million Youths. by Brimstone77: 9:30am On Jun 08
prior to the election, suddenly all igbos turned social media influencers cos of tinubu

Still they all got humiliated

Is it that you don't understand English or you just want to act dumb?

I don't know how this your reply corresponds with my question.
Politics / 50million Youths. by Brimstone77: 7:44am On Jun 08
When is tinubu recruiting the 50 million youths in the army?

Just asking thou!

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Politics / Re: Tension As Soldiers Lay Siege On Aba, Markets Shut by Brimstone77: 9:43am On Jun 01

Let your brave ugm come out now and face the army. Or the ogogoro ragtag bandits can only hide behind civilians?

Why didn't your military reinforce and attack on the 30th when they were beaten?

According to the video online those gun men operated for more than 20/30min why didn't your military ambush them?

The cowards have to wait for 48hrs to start laying siege on civilians..
Politics / Re: Tension As Soldiers Lay Siege On Aba, Markets Shut by Brimstone77: 9:38am On Jun 01

You must be a big Fool, the UGM always ambush the arm or police they always choose the place and time to strike ... thats what cowards do
UGM attack n run into the bush or hide behind the people sounds more like a loser/coward Operandi
IF biafra Men are not coward let dem pick a date with the military, lets affirm who the coward is

They should be ready to repel or counter an attack that's what they are trained for, not to reinforce and start harassing innocent civilians after their butts are been wiped.

If they can't repel an attack or take cover I don't see why they should be blocking our roads with empty drums and sand filled in sacks..

The Nigerian military are just bunch of sissies that can be easily be defeat by any armed group..

That is why they have been fighting boko haram for a decade plus now.
Politics / Re: Tension As Soldiers Lay Siege On Aba, Markets Shut by Brimstone77: 5:44am On Jun 01

Coward soldiers guess they ran away when the real fight came knocking on the 30th only to come back after to intimidate innocent civilians..

This act have always been their mode operandi..

They can't stand their feet and fight with their fellow armed men na armless civilians them they show their own power on..

Useless organisation!!

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Politics / Re: Who Will You Pick To Lead Your Region If Regional Government Is Reintroduced? by Brimstone77: 1:21am On Jun 01
The south-west list is incomplete without Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu

For South-east we should be looking at list that will have the likes of
Peter Obi
Kingsley Moghalu
Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

Tinubu will lead at the federal level nah.


Culture / Re: Obi Of Onitsha Narrates Migration Of His Ancestors From Benin And Ife by Brimstone77: 9:08am On May 25

The obi of onitsha should pack his subjects back to bini and ife where they migrated from,we igbos want to know how many we are please..

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Politics / Re: FG Apologises To Nigerians Over Pains, Hardship, Defends Economic Policies by Brimstone77: 11:07am On May 23

The brainless APC zombies on nairaland don't even believe that there's hardship and paint in the country..

I have never seen these sort of people in my life.
Sports / Re: Soldiers Shave Uche Nwofor's Dreadlocks In Anambra by Brimstone77: 11:03am On May 23

That's what you are only known for, tirades, diatribes and insults against all government agencies on a faceless platform like a coward.

What have you too done for the country? Nada! Can you die for the country as these gallant soldiers have been doing everyday fighting to keep this country safe for me and you against cruel invaders? No way!

Why don't you write your name and your location on your post, so that the soldiers can visit you and you will be able to say this to their faces if you are brave.

Expecting your usual slowpoke insults which will be aptly deleted.

At the bolded,you have just proved me right,why will the military want my name and location?they want to come and deal with me just because i aired my opinion not that I'm a threat to anyone's life or the country's well being, main while bandits are ravaging the northern part of the country unabated..

You see why I call them USELESS?..

At your last paragraph you shouldn't be scared of insult if you had constructed your quote in a more civilized manner..

Well sorry to disappoint you,I won't insult you!!😜😜😜.


Sports / Re: Soldiers Shave Uche Nwofor's Dreadlocks In Anambra by Brimstone77: 5:15am On May 23

That's what you get when you recruit little brainless secondary school dropout children into the army..

I bet many of the morons that did this to this young man were not yet born when he was representing the nation.

The nigerian army are the most useless entity I have ever seen,they should be disbanded and all the money allocated to them channel in building infrastructures.

This useless entity have never done anything good,aside from manhandling civilians they are of no use..

These ediots had never successfully defeated any threat facing the country..

They have been fighting boko haram for decades now,they can't defeat rag tag bandits,they can't defeat unknown gun men... they're only good in wasting tax payers money.


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Lists Ten Significant Achievements Of President Bola Tinubu by Brimstone77: 8:21am On May 20

Why did reno sop updating us on daily exchange rate?

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Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Lists "Best And Worst Ministers Of Tinubu's Cabinet" by Brimstone77: 7:04am On May 18
Dave Umahi is the only South Easterner that can get the support of Nigerians for presidency. His performance as a governor and as a minister speak for him. I don’t understand why a man whose only legacy after 8 years is beer factory suddenly become a messiah to some people. Even the factory is now next to nothing.

You also said same during the time of rochas okorocha,ojiuzo kalu,wike and amaechi.

You can only deceive the gullible ones that are yet to see you for who you are.
Politics / Re: Six Nigerian Army Personnel Killed In Ambush By Terrorists In Niger State by Brimstone77: 11:01am On Apr 22

Waiting for the nigerian soldiers to invade and raze down the village.
Culture / Re: Prof Awuzie, Onyike Elected President, Secretary Alaigbo Development Foundation by Brimstone77: 7:10am On Apr 09
How come only igbos are occupying these offices in the east? Are there no other tribes doing businesses in Igbo land? If chinedu from imo will come out to contest for the highest office in lagos, why can't other tribes be elected as leaders of local market unions. undecided

Elect an igbo man as the president of afanifere or odua group.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Graphic Footage Of TERRORISTS Caught By Russia Forces (photos) by Brimstone77: 6:41pm On Mar 23
America be laughing at Russia for struggling against Ukraine but they seem to easily forget they are the masters of losing wars embarrassingly.

America couldn't defeat ordinary Canada in 1812. They were chased away and pelted with stones by native American indians.

What about Vietnam? That's another embarrassing story for another day.

And oh! How did I forget the fiasco in Cuba?

You also forgot afghanistan..
Politics / Re: Notice How The Noise About Nationwide Hunger Protests Died Down by Brimstone77: 7:54am On Mar 20
So, the chaos you expected was not happening? You wanted a full fledged protest and destruction of other cities like you did during endsars while preserving yours? She bi all ibos are billionaire and swore not to participate in the protest? So, wetin concern you? You are madly disappointed that Tinubu's regime wasn't brought down?

Let me disappointed you, Nigeria is getting better and shall continue to get better.


You were the ones calling for nation wide protest which IGBOS refused to participate on and at the same time you are saying that IGBOS are disappointed that the protest didn't happen..

What's the colour of your problem exactly?

Your usual shady and unreasonable character..
Politics / Re: Delta: β€˜army Wanted To Forcefully Arrest 3 High Chiefs, They Didn’t Come For Pea by Brimstone77: 10:06pm On Mar 17

I knew that something is fishy when the news came up..

There's no way community youths will ambush and kill 22 soldiers that came for peace talk,the story didn't add up at all..

People from that community should tell their own story of what really happened..

The lying military and their federal government counterpart will lie to the public just to justify their atrocities..

More like their claimed clash with armless shia worshipers and ipob protesters in 2015/2019..

I have never believed their stories for a day..

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Politics / Re: Okuama Killing: President Tinubu Issues A Public Statement (pic) by Brimstone77: 9:46pm On Mar 17
I Urge the Nigeria Army to Show No Mercy , They should make That Community inhabitable For Civil Use , And probably turn the Community into a Military Cantoment

Why going after the community instead of the perpetrators?

If this happens to be your village will you also advise the military to go after your kinsmen?

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Phones / Re: Internet Outage To Last For 3 Weeks, As Glo 1 Remains Unaffected by Brimstone77: 6:32am On Mar 17

The first page of this thread is filled with glo praise singers..πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±

Indirectly advertising for glo network.. who's bankrolling you guys??


Politics / Re: Some Places In Aba That You may Mistaken To Be London by Brimstone77: 7:28am On Mar 06
So this is how Rondon looks! Quite surprising. Now I know why as Yorubas pray to go to Heaven, people from the cursed region pray to go to Lagos

Always ragos!ragos!!ragos!!!

Is ragos the only state in your godforsaken region?
Politics / Re: This Is Etsako Home Town Of Aisha Yesufu Road Don Divide by Brimstone77: 6:11am On Feb 24

Now let's blame aisha Yusuf for the failure of her state/ federal government in fixing the read to her community..!!!

She must lead a protest before the government do their job.

I have said it severally that those our neighbors from the other side ain't as sophisticated and wise as they are trying to portray!!

Read them very well and what you will find is noisy shallow minded fellows!

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Business / Re: US Dollar Supply Surges By 51% In Forex Market As Naira Records Gain by Brimstone77: 6:32pm On Feb 22
Why are Igbos that always create thread of tumbling Naira not posting this update or they are born to only post update when Naira tumbles.

Yes let's blame it on IGBOS!!

They're the reason why naira is tumbling..


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Politics / Re: Protest In Ibadan over Economic Hardship, food inflation & high cost of living by Brimstone77: 11:10am On Feb 19

The people that wanted to teach some people a lesson are the ones learning their lesson now..

Is God not wonderful?


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Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Should Be Invited To Help Nigeria by Brimstone77: 2:58pm On Feb 17

The almighty builder of Lagos doesn't need anyone's help!!!

Renued hope!!

On tinubus mandate we stand..

Politics / Anybody That Complain About Hardship Is An Enemy Of The State. by Brimstone77: 8:04pm On Feb 12

Like I think we should give tinubu time to recreate what he did in Lagos throughout the federation..

For goodness sake he's not upto a year in office and you guys are already complaining bitterly like this..

It's not fair,let's give him time to balance and make things work in Nigeria as he did in Lagos, remember his blue print is what is been use in the development of Lagos today..

We pray that after he complete his 4year tenure God will give him the strength and grace to win the second term...πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Ka chineke mezie okwu!
Travel / Re: Explosion Rocks Kidandan, Kaduna, 10 Children Injured by Brimstone77: 6:34am On Jan 21

Rip to the dead..

Government will soon blame it on illegal Miners..
Politics / Re: Video Of Nigerian Army In Another Brutal Encounter With Bandits by Brimstone77: 6:23am On Jan 20

Nice movie,this part 2 is interesting,we will be waiting for part 3.

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Sports / Re: Tactical Switch Earned Us Victory Against Cote D'ivoire - Finidi George by Brimstone77: 7:30am On Jan 19

Please iwobi shouldn't be on that pitch again..

Throughout 90min of that game iwobi didn't make any correct touch..

He was just running around with his over grown dada.

Simon moses and chukwueze should learn how to give a pass,all these their over carry is giving me fever..


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