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Phones / Infinix Hot 40 Pro Vs. Infinix Hot 40i - Which One Takes The Crown? by BuggsBunny: 11:19am On Feb 16
Hey there!
So, check it out: we've gone and pitted two budget-friendly smartphones against each other.
First up, we've got the Infinix Hot 40 Pro, boasting a whopping 6.78-inch display and powered by the MediaTek Helio G99. It made its debut back on December 5, 2023. Then, on the other side of the ring, we've got its sibling, the Infinix Hot 40i, rocking the Mediatek Helio G88. We've got all the juicy details right here on this page—tests, specs, strengths, weaknesses—you name it! Let's dive in and see how these bad boys stack up!

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Phones / Infinix Hot 40i Finally Launches In India - Specs And Prices by BuggsBunny: 10:25am On Feb 16
Hey there!

So, guess what? The Infinix Hot 40i just hit the market in India, and it's making some waves!

This budget-friendly device from the Hot series is bringing some serious heat with its 32MP front camera – a first in its segment, can you believe it? And hold on to your hats because it's packing a whopping 256GB of storage! Plus, it's got an IP53 rating for dust and splash resistance, so no need to fret about those accidental spills.

But wait, there's more! Ever heard of the Magic Ring? It's like having your own little wizard in your pocket – enabling Face Unlock, Charging animation, and more cool stuff!

Now, for the juicy details – drumroll, please – the Infinix Hot 40i is priced at just Rs 9,999 for the 8GB + 256GB storage model. And mark your calendars because it's hitting Flipkart on February 21st at noon IST.

Oh, and did I mention the colors? Palm Blue, Starfall Green, Horizon Gold, and Starlit Black – take your pick! And here's the cherry on top: a sweet Rs 1,000 discount on exchange. Talk about a win-win!

Events / Dare To Be Wild Spirit: Share Your Daring Adventures With Infinix by BuggsBunny: 3:03pm On Feb 13
Hey there, daredevils and creative minds!

Are you living life on the wild side, just like the spirit of INFINIX? Whether you're shredding slopes, rocking out on stage, or breaking boundaries in your field, we want to hear your story!

Share your tales of adventure, creativity, and pure gutsiness with us, and you could be the next star of the Infinix Dare to be Wild series! Plus, there's a sweet $100 cash prize and other awesome goodies up for grabs.

Don't hold back – head over to XClub and spill the beans now!


Phones / Unveiling The Infinix Hot 40i: Your Next Budget Smartphone Obsession! by BuggsBunny: 10:30am On Feb 13
Hey there! Exciting news alert: Infinix just spilled the beans on the launch date for their new Hot 40i smartphone, and it's hitting India on February 16!
You can already check out the sneak peek on Flipkart's landing page. So, what's the scoop on this budget-friendly gadget? Let's dive in!

Infinix Hot 40i Specs: Brace yourself for some serious tech goodness! The Hot 40i packs a punch with its Unisoc T606 CPU, delivering smooth performance and multitasking like a champ. Plus, that 6.56-inch display is perfect for binge-watching, gaming, and scrolling through cat videos, all in vibrant HD+ glory with a buttery 90Hz refresh rate.

Camera Magic: Say cheese! With a 50MP main camera and AI wizardry, your pics will be Instagram-ready in no time. Oh, and don't forget the 32MP selfie cam for those flawless self-portraits!

Battery & Storage: No need to panic about running out of juice halfway through the day—the Hot 40i's got your back with a hefty 5000 mAh battery and speedy 18W fast charging. And with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage (expandable up to a whopping 2TB), you'll have plenty of space for all your apps, photos, and memes.

Price Tag & Where to Grab It: Drumroll, please!
You won't believe it, but the Hot 40i is coming in hot at just Rs. 10,000! Talk about a steal! Keep your eyes peeled on Flipkart for launch-day deals and discounts that'll make it even harder to resist.

Phones / The Infinix Smart 8 Pro: What Makes It Stand Out by BuggsBunny: 12:18pm On Jan 26
Hey there!

Looking for a budget-friendly smartphone packed with awesome features? Meet the Infinix Smart 8 Pro!
It's got all the cool stuff you'd find in pricier phones, perfect for tech enthusiasts on a budget.

Choose your vibe with four stylish colors: Galaxy White, Rainbow Blue, Shiny Gold, and Timber Black. And guess what? The price is still a mystery, but we're thinking it'll be less than $120 (around Rs. 10,000).

Now, what sets the Smart 8 Pro apart from the competition?
Well, it's like a tech wizard with its MediaTek Helio G36 CPU and up to 16GB of RAM. No lag, just smooth sailing through apps and multitasking!

Feast your eyes on the 6.6-inch HD+ LCD display – it's a visual treat for gaming and binge-watching sessions. And oh, don't even get me started on the camera game! The 50MP AI dual-back camera and 8MP AI front camera are ready to capture all your Insta-worthy moments!

Worried about battery life? The Smart 8 Pro rocks a massive 5000mAh battery, and there's a 10-watt charger in the box. No more midday charging panic! And with 64GB/128GB storage (expandable to 2TB), you've got room for all your pics, vids, and apps.

Ready to upgrade your tech game without breaking the bank? The Infinix Smart 8 Pro is calling your name!

Phones / How Exciting Is The Infinix Note 40 Pro? Features, Specs And The Buzz by BuggsBunny: 11:51am On Jan 26
Hey there!

So, word on the street is that the Infinix Note 40 Pro is making some noise. Rumor has it, this device might roll out with a cool 12 GB of RAM and a whopping 256 GB of internal storage. And guess what? It's tagged as model X6850 on the FCC website.

According to the grapevine, you can expect some snazzy features like 70W wired fast charging and 5W wireless charging. Oh, and it might just strut its stuff in Vintage Green!

But wait, there's more tea. The connectivity vibe seems to be 4G, but 5G might be a no-show. They're saying it could be rocking a 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 CPU but no 5G.

Now, onto the deets. The Infinix Note 40 Pro is supposedly sleek, measuring 165mm x 76mm x 8mm. It's got a display similar to the Samsung Galaxy A23 and a selfie cam in the middle with a hole-punch cutout. Flip it over, and you might find a triple rear camera setup. Oh, and it's ready to rock Android 14 straight out of the box.

But hey, that's not all! The vanilla Infinix Note 40 might drop in with a 2436 x 1080 display and 480 PPI pixel density, powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 with 8GB of RAM. And get this, 45W wired charging might keep it juiced up. Both phones are said to keep their power buttons and volume controls on the right side, as per the Google Play Console listing. Exciting times ahead.

Phones / Infinix HOT 40 Pro VS Vivo Y36 Comparison - Multimedia Quality by BuggsBunny: 11:25am On Jan 24
Hey there!

So, we are checking out how the Infinix HOT 40 Pro stacks up against pricier smartphones. And we've got the vivo Y36, strutting its stuff at almost double the price of the HOT 40 Pro!

Now, let's talk screens – the vivo rocks a 6.64-inch LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate, while the HOT 40 Pro flexes a bigger 6.78-inch LCD with a speedy 120Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate.
Spoiler alert: when placed side by side, the vivo's smaller, slower screen still manages to shine brighter than the HOT 40 Pro's panel. Oh, and bonus points for the vivo being less reflective.

Touch responsiveness? Both bring it with 5 points of multitouch. And hey, they both serve up a pretty sweet display, offering solid viewing angles.

Now, let's crank up the volume on audio – the vivo's single speaker can party in a small room, but the HOT 40 Pro flips the script with stereo speakers delivering a left-and-right-channel dance for your ears. Recording audio a meter away? They both ace it, canceling out noise like champs for voice recordings and calls. And yes, they're team players with a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth for all your audio gadget attachments!

So, that's the lowdown – screens, audio, and all the good stuff. Any questions or ready for the next scoop?

Phones / Infinix HOT 40 Pro VS Vivo Y36 Comparison - Build & Design by BuggsBunny: 10:52am On Jan 24
Wow, diving into the world of smartphones is always a blast, right?

Now let's talk about the Infinix HOT 40 Pro and the vivo Y36 – buckle up for this exciting comparison ride!

First we're talking about the build and design

With vibrant colors, unique patterns, and shiny chrome-like trim – both phones are legit eye-candy! And guess what? They share a love for large camera modules and a lightweight vibe thanks to glass and polycarbonate materials.

Now, size matters but so does weight! The Y36 is smaller but packs a bit more punch on the scale at 202 grams, while the HOT 40 Pro is slightly bigger but flaunts its 199 grams with pride. It's like a battle of compactness versus heftiness!

For the volume, the HOT 40 Pro brings speakers to the top, while Y36 gives us a SIM tray and a microphone party. Flip 'em over, and at the bottom, the HOT 40 Pro is like a DJ with speakers, USB-C, mic, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Y36? It's got its own groove with a single speaker, USB-C, mic, and a 3.5mm jack to keep the beat alive!

Flat sides, curved corners – both are designed for a comfy grip, but hey, don't risk those accidental slips and fingerprint smudges. Safety first, right? Grab a case, my friend!

On the Left side action – volume rocker and power button doubling as a fingerprint scanner. Y36 keeps it smooth on the right, while the HOT 40 Pro is all about that SIM tray on the left. It's like a symphony of buttons, making your smartphone experience a real adventure!

Phones / Get Ready! Infinix Note 40 Series Unveiling Soon – Google Play Console Leak by BuggsBunny: 12:18pm On Jan 23
Hey there! Guess what's cookin'?

Infinix is secretly brewing up some cool stuff – the Note 40 and Note 40 Pro are making their way to the stage! Recently, they made a splash on Google Play Console, spillin' the beans on their specs. Hold on tight, 'cause I've got the deets!

So, these snazzy smartphones strutted their stuff on NBTC and Bluetooth SIG certs, confirming Pro's X6850 model and Bluetooth 5.3. But wait, there's more! The base Note 40, rocking the X6853 model, joined the party. Drumroll, please – both will dance with Android 14 right outta the box!

Under the hood, they're flexing with MediaTek Helio G99, a 6nm powerhouse. 8GB RAM, anyone? Oh, and did I mention 4G connectivity? Yup, they got it!
The display's a stunner at 2436 x 1080 pixels, 480 PPI – feast your eyes! Peep the Google Play Console – selfie cam in a sleek punch hole, volume rockers on the right, and a triple camera setup on the back. Oh, and wireless charging? Check! FCC spilled the tea on 5W wireless and 45W wired fast charging.

Hold onto your hats, the Note 40 is flaunting an 8mm thin body – talk about slim and trim! Exciting times ahead, my friend!

Phones / Infinix XE 27 TWS Earbuds Review: Performance Pros & Cons by BuggsBunny: 11:46am On Jan 23
Oh, let's chat about the XE 27's performance.
So, the sound vibes come from these 10mm dynamic drivers, and calls are caught by a duo of mics doing their mic thing. They're all about that ANC life and even have a voice-through mode for a little ambient awareness.

Now, about the sound, it's not the best, not the worst – just right in the middle.
Bass lovers, rejoice! It's got that thump you crave. But, here's the twist – treble and vocals might feel like they're playing hide-and-seek behind the bass. High-end frequency, we miss you!

ANC is on the scene, but it's like that friend who says they'll be there in 5 minutes but takes an hour. Works, but not when there's a sound party around. And that voice through mode? It's there, waving but not making much of a splash. Bluetooth v5.0's in charge of the wireless connection, and it's delivering the goods.

Call quality, my friend, is cruising at an average speed. The other person might catch a bit of an echo, and sometimes, it's like decoding a secret message. Battery life – Infinix claims this and that, and guess what? They're not far off. Charging's a bit of a wait, but hey, a 10-minute power-up can give you an extra hour. Sweet deal, right?

Phones / Infinix XE 27 TWS Earbuds Review: Design And Comfort by BuggsBunny: 11:29am On Jan 23
Hey there, let's dive into the Infinix XE 27 TWS earbuds adventure!

So, Infinix is throwing some audio vibes into the mix with these earbuds. They're packing features like Active Noise Cancellation, dual-array mics, and even some Environmental Noise Cancellation magic. Intriguing, right?

Now, when it comes to looks, these earbuds are like the cool kids in the block – not exactly breaking the mold, but they're doing their thing. Made of plastic with a glossy finish, the case is a fingerprint magnet. USB-C port at the bottom, and an LED up front that's all about revealing the case's battery secrets. Oh, and the lid? Not flimsy at all, which is the kind of sturdy we like.

Let's talk comfort – extra ear tips mean you get to customize the fit.
Plus, they're rocking an IPX4 rating, so rainy days or a bit of sweat won't faze them. Waterproof vibes, activated!

Now, the plot thickens with touch controls on each bud. Bit of a drama there – sometimes they're a bit moody, not working on the first try. Multiple attempts needed, but hey, we're all about the journey, right?
The buds also have these flashy LED lights, showing off their pairing prowess. Each bud can do its solo act, connecting separately to your smartphone in mono mode. Double the fun!

So, are these Infinix wonders worth snagging?

Phones / Photography Beast: Smart 8 Review! Check Out The Camera Performance by BuggsBunny: 11:35am On Jan 19
Hey there,

Check out the cool camera setup on the Smart 8! It's got a whopping 50-megapixel main camera, way better than the Smart 8 HD's 13-megapixel one. Plus, there's an AI lens and a quad-LED ring flash for that extra flair.

And guess what? The front camera is an 8-megapixel champ with an LED flash to light up your selfies even in the dark!

Now, let's talk security – this phone's got your back with a side-facing fingerprint scanner and face unlock. No fuss, they work like a charm! And for your audio pleasure, there's a bottom-firing speaker with DTS Audio magic. Just keep the volume around 70 or 80 percent for the sweet spot – crank it too high, and you might notice a tiny distortion in the sound.

So, snap those pics and unlock with ease, all on the Smart 8!

Events / Infinix Dominates CES 2024: E-color Shift And Aircharge Take Center Stage! by BuggsBunny: 11:20am On Jan 19
Hey there! Guess what?

Infinix totally stole the show at CES 2024!
Their theme "Where Tomorrow Electrifies Today" had everyone buzzing, and their Infinix E-Color Shift, AirCharge over-the-air charging, and Extreme-Temp Battery tech blew minds. No surprise they got over seven awards, including the Global Top Brands' Most Innovative Mobile Phone Brand Award.

The Gadgety Awards couldn't stop raving about Infinix's E-Color Shift – it was the talk of the town! ShowStoppers even gave them a personal shout-out for being booth rockstars. And media outlets like Phandroid and GEEKSPIN? They're singing praises, ranking Infinix as the smartphone highlight and second-best at CES 2024.

The Infinix ZERO 30 5G and GT 10 Pro were nominated for CES Picks Awards and bagged the "Best of 2023" award! Tom's Guide called the ZERO 30 5G the "A Vlogging Superstar" while Digital Camera World named it the "Best Vlogging Smartphone" at CES 2024.

Infinix totally aced CES 2024, cementing its spot as a tech trailblazer. E-Color Shift and AirCharge are not just innovations; they're game-changers!

Phones / Infinix Smart 8's Performance Stacks Up – Unleashing The Magic! by BuggsBunny: 4:49pm On Jan 18
Hey there! Let's talk about the performance of the Infinix Smart 8 – it's got this snazzy MediaTek Helio G36, the same chip you'll find in Poco C51, Redmi A2, and A2 Plus. With 4 GB of RAM plus 4 GB virtual RAM, it's like a multitasking champ! And guess what? You've got 64 GB of UFS 2.2 storage, plus a microSD slot for those extra selfies.

Now, hold on tight, 'cause this Magic Ring feature on XOS 13 is the real showstopper. Animated notifications for face unlock, background calls, charging – you name it, the Smart 8's got it!

Oh, and did I mention it's rocking a 5,000mAh battery? No microUSB nonsense here – it's all about that sleek USB-C action. Charging takes a couple of hours, but hey, it's worth it for the modern vibes!

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Sports / CIVNGA Clash: Predictions & Passion – Join The #infinixfootballfrenzy Excitement by BuggsBunny: 2:58pm On Jan 18
Hey there! 🌟

We're diving into some seriously awesome moments on the #InfinixFootballFrenzy show! The Super Eagles are gearing up for their second game in the group stage, and we've got our fingers crossed for a stellar performance! What's your prediction for today's #CIVNGA game? Share it using the #InfinixFootballFrenzy hashtag – we'd love to hear your thoughts! And hey, if you want a shot at being featured on the show, slide into the official Infinix account DMs with your full name and phone number.
Let the football frenzy begin! 🎉

Events / Infinix Delivers Big! Winners Take Off On Ivory Coast Adventure by BuggsBunny: 5:01pm On Jan 17
Hey there! Guess what? Infinix Nigeria totally delivered on their promise!

Winners of the "Win a Trip to Ivory Coast" are off on a fabulous adventure, all expenses covered! From Lagos to Kaduna, these lucky champs are representing Infinix's nationwide fan base.

Meet Monsuru, Noah, Green, Tonye, Chukwuemeka, and Oladapo – the cool squad on the Ivory Coast journey!
Get ready for some serious city hopping, football frenzy, and even a hangout with the awesome Alex Iwobi, the star of Infinix HOT 40! Infinix is seriously rocking with this nationwide extravaganza, showing their dedication to customers. For all the deets and behind-the-scenes magic, follow Infinix Nigeria on Instagram, Facebook, X, and TikTok.

Don't miss out – it's gonna be a journey full of fun and unforgettable moments!

Computers / Unveiling The New Infinix INBOOK Y4 Max: Your Ticket To Tech Luxury! by BuggsBunny: 4:44pm On Jan 17
Hey there! Infinix just dropped the latest member of their INBOOK family – say hello to the Infinix INBOOK Y4 Max! This laptop is all about that high-performance laptop life, rocking a sweet 16-inch THE 16:10 display. Perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows and movies – it's like your own portable cinema!

And get this, the AG Glass touchpad makes navigating a breeze, while the full-size backlit keyboard is a game-changer for those late-night work sessions. Plus, it's got a numpad for all you number crunchers out there. Launch price? INR 37,990 – not too shabby!

But let's talk about that display – it's like they're giving you a front-row seat to awesomeness! Full HD resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, and ultra-narrow bezels giving you an 87% screen-to-body ratio – it's practically all screen... With 83% sRGB color gamut and 300 nits peak brightness, your eyes are in for a treat with sharp and vibrant visuals.

Now, if you're worried about lugging it around, fear not! The INBOOK Y4 Max is a lightweight champ at just 1.78kg, and that sleek 18mm aluminum alloy metal chassis is as stylish as it is durable. Oh, and did I mention it comes in Silver and Blue? Style and practicality, all in one laptop!

Phones / Unveiling The Infinix Hot 40 Series: A Symphony Of Tech And Artistry by BuggsBunny: 11:18am On Jan 12
Hey folks, let's dive into the third awesome reason why you might want to snag the Infinix Hot 40 series.

Sleek Design Alert: The Infinix HOT 40 Series isn't just another tech powerhouse; it's a blend of functionality and sheer beauty. This smartphone not only rocks the tech game but also doubles as a work of art.

These phones are not your average Joes; they're a visual feast. Infinix pulls off a masterpiece with each device, proving they're all about that top-notch aesthetic. No need to compromise between style and substance here!

The HOT 40 Series goes beyond the ordinary with a dazzling display of crystals against a starry backdrop. It's like holding a piece of the galaxy in your hands – every tilt, a new shimmer, every angle, a different shade. It's not just a phone; it's art in your palm.

And guess what? The HOT 40 Pro cranks it up a notch with its vibrant color palette – think Horizon Gold, Starlit Black, Palm Blue, and the jaw-dropping Starfall Green. This Starfall Green is a game-changer, blending black and green in a way that's pure magic, creating an aurora effect reminiscent of a starry night sky. Now, that's some serious wow factor!

Phones / The Infinix Hot 40 Series: Unbeatable Affordability And Performance! by BuggsBunny: 10:49am On Jan 12
Hey there! So, guess what? We're about to spill the beans on reason number 2 why the Infinix Hot 40 series should be on your radar!

Unmatched Affordability! 🤑 Yep, the Infinix HOT 40 Series is like the budget-friendly gaming powerhouse you've been dreaming of.

Why? This series, starring the HOT 40 PRO, HOT 40, and HOT 40i, is like a breakthrough in affordable mobile tech. Perfect for all you gaming and entertainment buffs out there!

Infinix didn't just stop at being affordable; they went all-in to cater to various budgets without skimping on that primo gaming experience. And hold your horses, because the HOT 40 Pro is strutting in at a price tag below $200! Talk about getting the most bang for your buck, right?

They're not just phones; they're your ticket to being hailed as the owner of the "Best Budget Gaming Phone" and a "Fast Play Phone." High performance without the wallet sobbing – that's what the HOT 40 series is all about!

Phones / Infinix HOT 40 Series: Elevate Your Gaming & Photography Skills At A Budget by BuggsBunny: 10:38am On Jan 12
Hey there, guess what's turning heads in the tech world? The Infinix HOT 40 Series just strutted onto the scene in December 2023, and let me tell you, it's here to spice up your mobile gaming life without putting a dent in your wallet.

Meet the HOT 40 Pro, HOT 40, and the HOT 40i. Now let's talk about why you should consider getting one.

First up, the HOT 40 Pro has got a 33W Enduring FastCharge and a 5000mAh battery, so say goodbye to those pesky low battery warnings during epic gaming sessions. And with the Helio G99 Ultra-Speed Processor, lag is just a distant memory.

Photography buffs, you're in for a treat with the 108MP Portrait Cam and the 32MP Selfie cam – say cheese to stunning visuals! 📸 Plus, that 120Hz FHD+ Super-Touch Display is like a portal to smartphone heaven.

Not to be outdone, the standard HOT 40 is flexing its muscles too. Helio G88 processor, 50MP Triple AI Cam, and a smooth 90Hz FHD+ display – it's like having a blockbuster movie in your pocket. Oh, and it also comes with the Game Antenna Wi-Fi Enhancement Technology to avoid laggy online gaming.

Now, if you're all about a killer smartphone experience without breaking the bank, the HOT 40i has your back. That 90Hz Super Fluid Punch-Hole Screen, the 50MP Dual AI Cam, and the side-mounted fingerprint unlock – it's the VIP experience without the VIP price tag.

And because they believe in going big or going home, the 200% Super Volume feature promises an audio experience that'll have you dancing in your seat.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of the Infinix HOT 40 Series – where tech dreams come true!

Events / Gamers Unite: Get Ready For Infinix Gaming Master Tournament 6.0 Extravaganza by BuggsBunny: 7:05pm On Jan 11
Hey, hold onto your gaming gear because the Infinix Gaming Master Tournament 6.0 is about to hit the scene, and trust me, it's going to be absolutely mind-blowing!

Get ready for a gaming extravaganza that's set to redefine the way you play. Picture this: epic battles, heart-pounding moments, and an atmosphere charged with pure gaming excitement! 🔥

We're talking about the Infinix Hot 40 Series taking the spotlight in 9ja, and the Infinix Gaming Master in NG – it's a double whammy of gaming greatness!

So, mark your calendars, set those reminders, and get ready to be part of the ultimate gaming showdown. This is not just a tournament; it's a gaming revolution! 🚀


Phones / The Future Is Now: Infinix's Aircharge Marvel And Extreme-temp Battery Magic! by BuggsBunny: 11:05am On Jan 11
Hey there!

Let's talk about the unmatched AirCharge released by Infinix

Infinix brought some serious tech game to the table at the event! Imagine charging your devices wirelessly from up to 20 cm away, even at funky 60-degree angles – thanks to Infinix AirCharge.

Safety first with frequencies below 6.78 MHz and a solid 7.5W power punch! It's like charging your gadgets under the desk ninja-style while gaming or binge-watching.

And guess what? Infinix teamed up with top tech gurus to tackle the freezing cold battery blues with the Extreme-Temp Battery. Operating like a champ in temperatures as low as -40°C, no more lithium-ion freeze drama here!

Wait, there's more! Infinix is spicing things up with the 'Infinix Carpool Show' – tech and lifestyle influencers spilling the beans on the latest charging tech. Buckle up for the scoop coming straight to Infinix's social media during CES week!

Phones / Infinix's E-color Shift Technology Redefines Smartphone Customization by BuggsBunny: 10:48am On Jan 11
Hey there, let's talk about the new unveiled smartphone back panel customization from Infinix

Infinix's E-Color Shift technology, featuring E Ink Prism™ 3, revolutionizes smartphone personalization by enabling extensive customization of the back panel.

Now this technology uses microstructures in which color particles carry positive and negative charges. By applying different voltages, the electric field within the microstructure changes, causing the corresponding color particles to move and display the desired colors.

This innovative approach allows the phone's shell to change 'skins' at will, maintaining the display without consuming power.

Phones / Infinix Unleashes Game-changing Tech At CES 2024! A Dive Into The Future! by BuggsBunny: 10:11am On Jan 11
Hey there! Guess what's cooking in the tech world?

Infinix just dropped some serious innovation bomb at ShowStoppers CES 2024! Brace yourself for E-Color Shift – it's like magic for your phone's colors without using up much power. Oh, and they didn't stop there, the AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery are also in the game, ready to spice up the mobile industry!

Infinix also got the Omdia Innovation Award at ShowStoppers CES 2024, waltzing in the 'Audio Technologies, Mobile Communications, and Home Entertainment Hardware' category.

Liang Zhang, the Deputy General Manager at Infinix, spoke on the issue: "We're all about giving Gen Z the coolest tech vibes worldwide"

This innovation allows you customize up to 60 areas on your phone with different colors. Your phone's back cover becomes a canvas for time, mood, and other snazzy features. Express yourself, break free from basic colors, cus it's all about that fresh and unique vibe.

Computers / Infinix To Launch A New 16-inch Laptop In India: Leaks Reveal by BuggsBunny: 12:21pm On Jan 09
Hey there! Guess what?
Infinix is about to drop a bomb in the laptop scene with the Infinix InBook Y4 Max! Word on the street is, they're bringing a massive 16-inch display to the party – yup, you heard it right, 16 inches!

Rumor has it that this gadget is headed straight to the shelves in India. And get this – it's not just about size; it's about making a real difference in how we rock our laptops. Imagine a screen so clear and colossal that it's like having your own mini movie theater right on your lap!

Leaked deets spill the tea on the InBook Y4 Max – 16 inches of awesomeness, folks! More space, more color, more excitement. Picture this: 11% more screen real estate, colors that pop like confetti, and edges so slim you'll feel like you're floating in a borderless wonderland.

Get ready for a visual feast because Infinix is bringing the big guns to redefine your laptop game!

Phones / Revolutionizing Infinix Note 30 Series: Android 14 Upgrade Released by BuggsBunny: 12:07pm On Jan 09
Hey there, awesome Infinix Note 30 Series users!
Hold onto your hats because I've got some seriously exciting news for you.
Your trusty companion is about to get a turbo boost, thanks to the latest Android 14 update that's officially landing on your Infinix Note 30 series devices.

This update comes with enhanced performance, sleeker features, and an overall tech glow-up that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

Brace yourselves for a turbo boost because the upgrade is ready to take your Infinix experience to a whole new level! Time to elevate your tech game!

Events / Infinix Hot 40 Surprise: Mummy Zee Gets The Upgrade! Join The Excitement by BuggsBunny: 11:49am On Jan 09
Infinix Nigeria hooked up the latest vibes with the Infinix Hot 40 for our girl #_Debbie_OA!

They dropped the news on their X handle, showing love and saying, "Hey, #_Debbie_OA, we see you reppin' our phones. Let's upgrade you to the Infinix Hot 40. How's that sound?"

#_Debbie_OA wasn't sleeping on that, she hit back with, "Dear #InfinixNigeria, is it for me and my hubby?" Girl's excited, and we're here for it!

Remember the viral story of #_Debbie_OA waking up at 4.50 am to cook for her man? Well, Infinix heard, and now she's stepping up her tech game. Nigerians also showed love with cash and goodies. Big moves! 🚀🇳🇬

Phones / Infinix Smart 8: A New Entrant In Smartphone Technology by BuggsBunny: 11:02am On Jan 04
Hey there!

Ready to meet the Infinix Smart 8? This cool gadget is all about making your tech dreams come true! With a stunning 50MP dual AI camera, your photos are about to reach a whole new level of awesome. And don't even get me started on the 8MP front camera with an LED flash – perfect for those dazzling selfies!

But wait, there's more! The phone's got this stylish timber-textured back panel available in three fabulous colors. And let's not forget the side-mounted fingerprint sensor – unlocking your phone has never been this easy and secure.

Oh, did I mention the Magic Ring feature? It's like having a little wizardry in your hands – face unlock and charge completion reminders are just a ring away!

So, yeah, the Infinix Smart 8 isn't just a phone; it's a tech powerhouse ready to rock your world.
Style, security, and innovation – it's got it all! Your next smartphone adventure awaits!

Events / Unleash Your Vibe In The Infinix Hot 40 Theme Song Challenge! Join To Win Big by BuggsBunny: 10:38am On Jan 04
Hey music lovers! Guess what?

The Infinix Hot 40 Theme Song is taking center stage in the #UnleashYourVibe Challenge, and it's YOUR time to shine!

Ready to score big? Join the #UnleashYourVibe #Hot40Challenge for a shot at awesome prizes and a sweet cash reward. Just whip up your own cover of the theme song, share it on your socials with the magic hashtags, and you're in the game!

Unleash your musical magic, make those vibes heard, and let's create a melody that's gonna stick!

Don't forget to follow @InfinixNigeria and @InfinixGlobal to make it official.

Get the theme song here and dive into the musical madness


Events / Spread The Cheer: Nominate & Win In The Infinix Green Christmas Giveaway! by BuggsBunny: 12:15pm On Dec 21, 2023
Hey there! Ready to sprinkle some holiday magic? Nominate your amazing friend or loved one for a shot at the ultimate Christmas gift with Bisola!

Get ready for daily surprises, festive vibes, and a chance to party with @iambisola and @stannze.

But wait, there's more! Follow Infinix on all social media channels to stay in the loop. Now, get your thumbs ready for some action – comment, like, and share the Green Christmas post on Infinix, Bisola, and Stan Nze's pages. Tag that deserving friend who needs some holiday cheer, tell us why they're a superstar, and voila – they might win Infinix Gifts like a cool smartphone or movie ticket!

Oh, and don't forget to use the hashtags below to spread the joy far and wide! Let's team up and make this Christmas one for the books. Together, we'll create unforgettable memories!


Phones / Infinix Launches Hot 40 Series For Enhanced Gaming Experience by BuggsBunny: 11:38am On Dec 21, 2023
Hey there!

The HOT 40 Pro, designed with a powerhouse 5000mAh battery and the exclusive Power Marathon magic for your endless gaming adventures. And guess what? Even when your battery is doing the limbo at 5%, the Ultra Power Saving mode swoops in to give you an extra 2 hours of chit-chat time!

Oh, and charging? Blink and you're at 75% thanks to the 33W Enduring FastCharge. Real-time temperature monitoring keeps it cool – safety first, right? And get this, your battery's gonna keep rocking for a whopping 4 years!

Now, let's talk gaming – the HOT 40 Pro is basically a superhero for gamers. That MediaTekHelio G99 octa-core processor is like having a gaming wizard in your pocket. The 1200Hz touch sampling rate? Eight times more precise than your average screen! Add in the Hard-Gyroscope sensor and Infinix’s XBOOST Gaming Engine, and you've got a VIP pass to the ultimate gaming extravaganza.
Get ready for gaming nirvana – it's gonna be seamless, immersive, and downright awesome!

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