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Foreign Affairs / Re: If Israel Is So Powerful, Why Do They Need USA, UK, EU To Stop Iranian Missiles? by Bukola94: 3:16pm On Apr 15

Iran is stronger country than Israel? what a joke

Have you ever wondered why Jordan,Saudi and are on the side of Israel
Why Sir, I like to know
Sports / Re: KANU Nwankwo At Inter Milan In 1998 by Bukola94: 2:11pm On Apr 14

Despite all the skills and other qualities you mentioned up there, Okocha had a very poor goal and assist records. His total goal haul for PSG was not up to 10 despite playing for many years in Paris. At Bolton, he scored 8 goals in 145 appearances. At super eagles, his all time goals+assists record is not up to 20 in a career of over ten years. So, what is the essence of a skillful player that cannot create high number of goals for his team?
He helps Bolton to sold out thousands of tickets with is skills, he is a football entertainer. Fans were wow by is footwork and skills. He sold out jerseys for them. He is one of the most popular Africa player, Jay Jay Okocha and Ronaldinho kind of players are rare gem. Is skills brought him fame, and he is an ambassador of some brands till date. An own a bet company of is own if I am not wrong
Sports / Re: KANU Nwankwo At Inter Milan In 1998 by Bukola94: 12:37pm On Apr 13
Kanu is a good player,I still cant understand how Okocha is rated higher.
Because JJ Okocha got skills,dope tricks and killer passes lile Dinho. Free kicks, assists and powerful shots. Both they both respected on another and they know they're both gifted and pure talent. I enjoyed watching both players

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Crime / Re: A Man In Mufti Threatens To Kill A DPO In The Presence Of Other Policemen by Bukola94: 9:51am On Apr 07

If the guy didn't taunt them that he's a soldier; they'll have shot at him straight without a warning shot. They know the consequences of killing a soldier that's why they showed some restrained.
yes Sir, no be today soldiers dey fire police and MOPOL dey fire soldier's. If I am with my riffle and a soldier do anyhow, Kai. If you with firearm and you let a soldier kill U after threaten Ur life, I won't feel pity or sorry for you , but I will pity your children or wife if you are a family. Not all consequences U fear at the expense of your life, that's what one of my captain in airforce do said. If you know you know
Foreign Affairs / Re: UAE Suspends Diplomatic Ties With Israel Over Killing Of Aid Workers by Bukola94: 9:37am On Apr 07
May God rescue Gaza. Isreal should halt the war now.
Isreal or satanic worshippers should not halt the war, they should continue, when they become history, u will understand that ALLAH, God, the Almighty and even prophet Issa[Jesus] was murder by this same Jews or Israel together with the 12 disciples. NB; prophet Muhammad and Issa are maternal brothers. Note; when they said pagans that fought Muhammad in Makkah, so research of the races that are part of pagans. When they said Jesus Christ was crucified, you thought it was only the Romans and Greece that perform the evil act against Jesus, try to find out the race that was part of it. One last assignment, Judasi that betrayed Jesus together with his cult or let me use the word cancous of Judasi friends, find out the true answers and the true meanings of what Jesus said on the cross, if Christians can decode this, you will fear Jews and hate them for life. I am a Muslim , not terrorist, I love my neighbours has myself. I love Christians who follow the true teachings of Christ and Muslims who follow the true teachings of Muhammad. The bolded word is true teachings of both prophets. God bless us all, peace upon us all, whether you xtians or mus, shalom. God bless Africa and Nigeria and the black race. This is deeper, I won't reply you if you insult me, because not all human beings believe 100per in the God or god's they worship, some always doubt and the devil or satan knows how to play chess or joker with people's mind. Remember the satan knows Bible and the Holy Quran
Education / Re: 8 Banned Books That Contains Immense Power by Bukola94: 11:09pm On Apr 03

why banning it? no be all nairalanders get GB data, some of us are managing 200mb to 500mb to learn one or two and read news and know update
Education / Re: 8 Banned Books That Contains Immense Power by Bukola94: 10:57pm On Apr 03
Stupid post

None of those literatures was banned.

Wasted my data
which literatures ? hope Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda literatures and Africa novels are not there
Education / Re: The Pain In The Heart Of Our Nigeria Youth By: Zachariah Tozabeyi by Bukola94: 6:16am On Apr 03

Lately, I've noticed that everybody looks OK not until you eventually have a deep conversation with them. And then, you realize that, this is a sad generation of people struggling to survive through smiling faces and pretty pictures.

I am writing this with a heavy heart, being a young Nigerian who fully knows what Nigerians are passing through in this era. The statistics shiw that over sixty percent of Nigeria's population are youth. This gives one an insight into the terrible circumstances in which young Nigerians have found themselves.
The dreams of our Nigeria youths are dying and our young Nigerians are among frustrated groups on earth. Most of these young Nigerians, except those from rich homes, cannot acquire quality tertiary education as Nigerian universities are suffering from a reversal of fortunes. Public secondary and primary schools cannot deliver quality education, the purpose for which they have been established. Students are discouraged from reading during examinations because of question-paper leaks.
They pass through Nigerian universities, which are plagued with terrible facilities as a result of infrastructural rascality.
Today, there are little or no scholarships anywhere for those that cannot afford to pave their way through schools unlike in the past when there were series of scholarships.

Upon graduation, the reality of Nigeria's situation hits young Nigerians in the face. They have to rely on senators, political appointees and politicians to write recommendation letters for them before they can get jobs in federal establishments. We've to pay hundreds of thousands of Naira to
get jobs in public and Private organisations. Merit no longer holds a place in the system.

Unemployment has reduced young Nigerians to guinea pigs in the labour market. While some top government officials are making up a list of prospective employees full of relations and children of friends. Young Nigerians are compelled by the hostile economic reality to stay for years at home for lackof jobs. They are left with decayed social services and have no choice but to pay for whatever they want.

This is Nigeria at its worst of times. The story is not different for those who find themselves lucky to get a job; for with the job comes the realisation that the Naira has been devalued by Dollar, and the cost of living has gone high, that the average young Nigerian finds it difficult to fee not to talk of raising a family. Most disheartening is the fact that the young people are confronted with the Nigerian private sector crisis. Today, the Nigerian youth is advised to embrace entrepreneurship, yet, the government would not create the enabling environment for such enterprise to thrive. Because nothing is done on merit, the average young person comes with the impression that hard work and intelligence do not pay.

The pain felt by Nigerian youths can stem from various issues, such as unemployment, political instability, and socio-economic challenges and the government should tackle the problem of promise and fall to youths by opening an established body that caters to youth problems and this body should comprise of youths. It's crucial to address these issues through inclusive policies, education, job creation, and empowering young people to contribute positively in building their communities and the nation at large.

Zachariah Tozabeyi from Mass communication department of Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi and can be reached via email tozabehizachariah@gmail.com
A good write up, just some typo errors. Edit or modify and keep improving
Romance / Re: Canadian Lady With Huge Chest Claps Back At Those Who Asked Her To Wear Bra by Bukola94: 4:52am On Apr 03
Operation feed the nation
she might not born more than 2kids


Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu's Will: Bianca Wins In Court by Bukola94: 11:33pm On Apr 02

I am not sure what your problem with Ikemba is but did Sir Louis' children go to court over his will?

Is it edifying that grown men are dragging will with Bianca in court? I know Bianca is from a rich family too but the shame is on them not her.

Same as with Rotimi Williams' children, one of them has died now and the will is still in court. What is the point especially when you are rich enough?
Is not about rich enough, it is about supremacy and legacy that needs to be protected. U are a prince, an heir to the throne, because U are rich enough, will you let your sisters, princess have your father's or family Kingdom, even if they are richer and famous than you, won't you put in some effort to... even if you eventually lose, than not to try at all
Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu's Will: Bianca Wins In Court by Bukola94: 11:19pm On Apr 02
Now that she has secured the bag, Its time to marry the love of her youth

fear God, u dig up a picture of innocent kids, as Fani Kayode ever claim the children before? or are they ever married? please bring down that picture, some bad and wicked people will use that to mock or hunt the woman. Bianca has been fighting for 10yrs, battle that the court eventually won for her, please let's respect that, the court decision. Not all court judgement is reasonable,but evidence, documents, lawyers and justice that handled cases have the final say. the late Ojukwu family should take it like that or plea bargain or persuade the woman for peace to...but I pity the late Ojukwu, don't know if that is the right decision,if is culture permit it,if is legacy will be applaude. because I doubt they other children will be happy, won't curse him and this will not reoccur again in the family. Late Ojukwu may know better,Bianca may be a loyal wife and stand for him through thick,thin and rough adventure. God knows best

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Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu's Will: Bianca Wins In Court by Bukola94: 10:50pm On Apr 02

Making as if it happens in your family, you can settle it.
property, inheritance and lands disputes had sent many people to earlier grave. Justice is so difficult to get, without influence and manipulation
Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu's Will: Bianca Wins In Court by Bukola94: 5:05pm On Apr 02

What does her late husband's children tends to get from his property. Wisdom is profitable to direct, share the property among the family not only one person taking everything because you have the connection.
Islamic law of inheritance is a good read. Islam and the prophet value wives, widows and rights of orphans. Chapter of the Al Quran talks about women's, divorce and their rights. Two chapters of the Al Quran

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Politics / Re: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu's Will: Bianca Wins In Court by Bukola94: 4:54pm On Apr 02
Woman dey inherit property when the late husband have grown up male children, this is against the culture and traditions of ibo's .
Did she born children for him?
Politics / Re: Discos Make N1tn Amid Grid Crisis, Unmetered Customers Hit 5.8m by Bukola94: 4:30pm On Apr 02

The amount of frozen foods and other perishable items that got destroyed in the past few days will be hundreds of billions of naira nationwide. I kid you not.
A woman was lamenting the other day. Thousands of fish got spoilt

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Education / Re: UNIMAID Lecturer, Dr Abdulkadir Murdered On Campus by Bukola94: 3:58am On Apr 02
Check very well and you will see that he fvcked a girl who belongs to the public.

Once you as a lecturer starts to drag girls with your students, you're already dead. You're just waiting for the day you will be buried.
U are not far from the truth. this happens a lot in our institutions. A person advice me not to date anyone till I was done. U don't know who is who, it was when I was writing my project that I began to rap with my lecturer,HOD and Dean of faculty. E gets why
Crime / Re: A Man In Mufti Threatens To Kill A DPO In The Presence Of Other Policemen by Bukola94: 3:46am On Apr 02
Problem with nigerian police is they are not allowed to live in barracks, dem for don get better folk
some police lives in barracks. Go check New model divisional HQ, some with 10rooms to 20rooms, tiles, WC toilet with water heaters and kitchen. Fine barracks and station dey now
Crime / Re: A Man In Mufti Threatens To Kill A DPO In The Presence Of Other Policemen by Bukola94: 3:41am On Apr 02

Nothing commendable here; the only thing keeping them back was the maan bragging that he's a soldier. They'll have shot him if he was a civilian.
they're not going to shoot him except he is a threat to life. there is warning shot. a threat to ones life or another person life is a different thing.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Won't Forget Tinubu If He Implements 2014 CONFAB Report - Bode George by Bukola94: 3:43pm On Apr 01
He can't implement shit. Person that is already giving excuses for restructuring.

Na GEJ be the werey and the mumu that should have implemented it and written his name in gold.

Your area feeds the whole Nation yet you couldn't implement something that will do well for your region

Omo ale oloshi buruku.

He deserves everything the APC did to him

Arindin ode omo

Anyways, Better restructure this damm country or to your Tents O Isreal
GEJ really mess up on restructuring. Votes by senates,governors and advisors will have set things right. It will have been the best decision
Crime / Re: Massive Looting Of Palliatives In Birnin Kebbi Kara Market Just Now (photos) by Bukola94: 3:34pm On Mar 31
Hunger is more real than Real Madrid
Hunger is so bad
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 8:29am On Mar 31
na OT on the loan aspect of bro.
By God grace I will pay the loan before it due day. I and my family must survive. I borrowed one from 1st credit, just 10k, the other 35k from blue bridge. So I will pay, I have good records and history from bureau. I must kip it that way

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Autos / Re: Foreign Used Toyota Corolla. (europe) by Bukola94: 9:15am On Mar 30
Truth be told
If I have 7.5m
That's not the car I will get
Lexus, Benz, Accord and Highlander or RAV4 will be a better option
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 8:33am On Mar 30

I use Wema and Opay
try Easemoni or Okash, na Opay get am in con with blue bridge credits loan. U can ask Wema agent, they will have idea of package that Wema offers
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 8:29am On Mar 30

All this app is not available on IOS
android only sir
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 2:32pm On Mar 28

there is 100ways to die when U wake up in 9ja. Don't loose guard oo. they murder those soldiers just like that. pray for God protection and no loose guard oo
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 2:25pm On Mar 28

Thanks man
If you use first bank, use *894*11# first credit may have an offer for you. they just borrowed me 10k, interest is 500naira and insurance fee is 300naira. By God grace I will pay it back on 25th, 2days before due date
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 11:23am On Mar 28

I tried that stuff I couldn’t get any loan and I’ve never loan money from any app before, now that I needed it I couldn’t get it, so please can you suggest some loan app that I could get a loan… Thanks
when you get it, please sure you use it well
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 11:15am On Mar 28

Big example is majority of Nigerians.
poverty and Hunger can makes one do the unthinkable. Dangote gave out some relief to Lagosians, I wish other philanthropist will emulate same throughout the federation till it reaches grassroots level and people that really need it
Education / Re: Dear Ex-classmates by Bukola94: 11:09am On Mar 28

Just don't end up getting stabbed like the man who graced FP.

All will be well.
that will not be our portion, pepper spray,tear gas, jack knife is always in handy. they called me O.C self defense

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