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Politics / Re: LP Lawmaker, Ginger Onwusibe, Empowers Abia Constituents With 10 Cassava Stems by chikason22(m): 3:15pm On Jun 14

Yeye boy. U ronus thought you're doing us. Now who's shouting hunger. Hunger will kpai all of you. Next time you'll look beyond religion and ethnicity. Bigot
Politics / Re: Sokoto Governor Approves ₦30,000, ₦20,000 For Workers, Pensioners' Sallah Bonus by chikason22(m): 12:57pm On Jun 14
Good but it can't buy Sallah ram. Maybe they should use bush meat or πŸ„ meat.

Where is that Helinues I asked how he's going to celebrate his Sallah. He's definitely can't afford ram. Na mama thank you the guy dey chop. I suggested frogs and swimps for him as a patriot.

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Business / Re: My Refinery Will Reduce Fuel Price In Nigeria – Dangote ( Pic ) by chikason22(m): 12:55pm On Jun 14
If I become Nigeria president, I will make Dangote pay for all his sins on Nigerians. Bastard

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Business / Re: My Refinery Will Reduce Fuel Price In Nigeria – Dangote ( Pic ) by chikason22(m): 12:49pm On Jun 14
This criminal in colusion with our useless leaders rulers wants to monopolize the petroleum sector same way he did with other sector. Is your cement cheap despite producing it here in Nigeria.
Ogun Kee you there. Useless thief

Quote me anyhow and become unfortunate. This Idiot is Nigeria number one problem followed closely by our thieving politicians. BASTARDS
Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by chikason22(m): 9:53am On Jun 14

Bros, sit down abeg. I know I am still struggling, which is normal as a young graduate from a poor background, but it's definitely not the fault of the government. Peter Obi, tho my candidate at the polls, has no magic wand to turn things around. The country is in a mess. Most of us voted Obi either out of Religion emotion or Tribal sentiment.

Funny thing is some Igbos are stupid enough to accuse us yorubas of tribal sentiment when that was exactly what they did. Obi scored more votes in the southwest than Tinubu scored in the east. Why are you guys irritatingly blaming the woes of the country on yorubas when some of them voted on the basis of "Our own" just like Igbos did with Obi?
No bro. I am not even Igbo to begin with, Nigeria needs intellectuals as leaders not some fake accountant, drug lord or someone who believe in taking anything by all means necessary. Buhari grabbed power from Jonathan and messed it up of course Jonathan was rigged out he allowed it for peace to reign. What did the cow lover Buhari did with it, he enriched his people and messed federal character up. Tinubu your brother did the same thing. Stole power from Obi and he's currently messing the who country up. It means if the people didn't elect you and you force yourself on them by hook or crooks, you'll definitely perform very bad. The voice of the people is the voice of God. APC been an evil party on the other hand can not achieve anything good because it was built on an evil foundation. Even if Obi join APC, he won't perform well. APC is cursed from above due to the bloodsheds they spilled on the land. Know this and have peace. Tinubu will only make things worse. But karma never forgives.
All the best bro
Crime / Re: $450,000 Of Cocaine Found Washed Up On Alabama Beach by chikason22(m): 2:52pm On Jun 13
Tinubu will be like WTF. How dare you waste my appetizer πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Crack head president making polices after taking cocaine. 😑😑😑


Romance / Re: Whom Will You Marry Between These 2? by chikason22(m): 12:56pm On Jun 13
For the fear of karma, I will marry both.


Business / Re: Price Of Rams In 2024 In Osun (South West, Nigeria) by chikason22(m): 11:57am On Jun 13
"I will continue from where Buhari stopped"
This is just the beginning.
Ronu miscreants over to you.

Hafa Helinues Legendhero yarimo can you guys afford 200k for Sallah ram abi una wan use assorted frogs do una own. At least it's cheap. Meat nah meat

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Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's 70th Birthday Is Today by chikason22(m): 8:18am On Jun 13
Wishing her long life and prosperity
Politics / Re: "Great Fall’ – Sowore Mocks Tinubu Over Eagles Square Slip by chikason22(m): 10:53pm On Jun 12
Clown 🀑.
Fall or slip, Tinubu remain our President till 2031 then it goes back to the North.
Keep on clowning 🀑.
That wa a great fall indeed. Karma will hunt him to his grave. Whatever you sow, you must reap. Same fate awaits you all who like mocking other people not your tribe or religion.
Ronu miscreants
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Reacts To Tinubu Slipping While Climbing Parade Vehicle by chikason22(m): 10:31pm On Jun 12
Nice one from Peter Obi
So it's now nice one. Later now, you'll start insulting him and Obidient family.
Well, Thiefnubuu fall is a sign of terrible things that has happened to our national life. He better not contest in 2027 oo. It won't end well for him. Let him go and rest. Goodnight
Politics / Re: June 12 Hunger Protest: Police At Ikeja Bridge (Video) by chikason22(m): 6:15pm On Jun 12

E dey pain you say Police no let una burn down Lagos like last time abi?
But hunger is finishing you in your so called Lagos
Politics / Re: 'Just A Mild Misstep' - Tinubu's Aide, Olusegun Dada Downplays Slip by chikason22(m): 12:52pm On Jun 12
TINUBU is also a human being like everyone
And when he died there, is also a human being. Una mumu no get switch.
Politics / Re: 'Just A Mild Misstep' - Tinubu's Aide, Olusegun Dada Downplays Slip by chikason22(m): 12:51pm On Jun 12
He is a human being, so that's normal
Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by chikason22(m): 12:37pm On Jun 12

Are you sure you have enough handkerchief for these "sweet" tears of yours?
Suffering and smiling. Well, you all will reap the evil seeds you sow
Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by chikason22(m): 10:10am On Jun 12
No thanks to Thiefnubuu and his hungry supporters. We warned them about Buhari they said even if he present nepa bill, they'll vire for him. Thunder have almost scattered them. We said say thing about the druggie and mandate thief, they said he's our tribe's man. No be epin pawa oo Dem dey shout. That pregnant thunder that scattered most of them during the time of Buhari will finish them off this time. We don't need educated illiterate who reason only on religion and ethnicity to decide for us again.
May God provide for his children and send strong famine to rip off the intestines of the wicked bigots in this country.
Where are the emilocorn and e go favour us crew?? Thunder faya all of una
Exactly the point GEJ made concerning the stupid democracy we are practicing. That of ethnicity and religion will not favour anybody


Politics / Re: Democracy Built On Ethnicity Does Not Endure β€” It’ll Continue To Wobble - GEJ by chikason22(m): 10:07am On Jun 12

How come Alhaji Atiku and Tinubu didn't get substantial votes in South East?

Whenever you are people are looking for bigots and tribalists, just gather yourselves at the village square, erect a giant mirror and look at it closely. Therein lies the answer.
Fish brain. You want to be clever by half. How come Tinubu and Atiku lost Lagos and Abuja weofully. Thiefnubuu have to rig in some figure to make it look fair. Foolish people. Always concocting rubbish. Dead brains.
Who are the people that voted for Obi Massively in Lagos and Abuja?? Igbos abi. So it means both cities belong to them nah. Werey
Politics / Re: Democracy Built On Ethnicity Does Not Endure β€” It’ll Continue To Wobble - GEJ by chikason22(m): 10:02am On Jun 12

Jonathan, the ineffectual buffon that looted Nigeria to a stupor.
As Buhari and Thiefnubuu did not loot, have it impacted your life or you're still living with your parents. All this small boys that know no nothing other than cartoon will come here to talk rubbish.
Go fetch water for mummy
Politics / Re: Democracy Built On Ethnicity Does Not Endure β€” It’ll Continue To Wobble - GEJ by chikason22(m): 9:59am On Jun 12
The one that Peter Obi built that made him to have 95% of igbo vote is what.
Always looking for ways to justify evil. Wicked people
Politics / Re: SA Election's A Shining Example, Our 2023 Election A Show Of Shame - Peter Obi by chikason22(m): 11:54am On Jun 08
It wasn't a show of shame when he won Lagos but PBAT and Atiku didn't get up to 2% of total votes in Anambra.. ethno-religious bigot sef dey talk.

Let everybody start voting along tribal lines like Igbos in South East and other parts of the country did in 2023 and see if you or any other Igbo man will ever become president.
Shut up boy. Nigeria electoral system is a huge joke. Thunder must continue to fire all the supporters of this evil APC from Buhari till date
Romance / Re: Man Dumps His Girlfriend For Acting As A Witch In A Drama In School by chikason22(m): 4:47pm On Jun 07
Romance / Re: Celine Ndudim: Missing Port Harcourt Girl Enjoying Expensive Life (Video) by chikason22(m): 11:46pm On Jun 06

MAn money sweet pass, that's why. Why work, when a fool can pay if you flash him your honeypot? on top sex you will enjoy too?

See this man o
Nah those same fools dey use una cash out too. It both ways. If you're not lucky as a lady, you meet someone like the Mr Andrew or a yahoo plus guy. So work and make an honest living
Romance / Re: Celine Ndudim: Missing Port Harcourt Girl Enjoying Expensive Life (Video) by chikason22(m): 4:12pm On Jun 06
If we advice them to work hard for their own money, they'll get angry. Stop this stupid sponsored lifestyle most times it doesn't end well. Pepper-dem gang gone wrong.

But I have a question. Is it a crime or taboo if Nigerian ladies work their own legitimate living.?
Why hookups and runz all the time

Be contented with what you have.
Godliness with contentment is a great gain. We brought nothing into this world and it's certain we can carry nothing out.

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Crime / Re: US Secret Service On The Hunt For Yahoo Boys Who Stole $5M From Workers Union by chikason22(m): 10:24am On Jun 06
Hustle legitimately and allow God to bless your hustle. Stop taking from people's hardwork. On the day of judgement, na thunder wey chop breakfast go scatter una. Our useless and senseless politicians inclusive

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Health / Re: Prince Ovwiomodiowho Accuses R-Jolad Hospital In Death Of Pregnant Wife, Son by chikason22(m): 9:27pm On Jun 05
As a health personnel and haven't been to the theater severally, I can tell you she might have lost lots of blood. That's negligence on the part of the hospital. What a loss to this beautiful family. So sad

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Crime / Re: Missing Abuja Nurse, Lucy Likeh, Found By Police by chikason22(m): 7:55pm On Jun 05
Are you sure those terrorists bandits have not kidnapped and raped her. Those infidels and rape can't be separated.
Thank God she's alive. Her head would have been mined if it was that side of the south.

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Sports / Re: Leatsa: Mbappe Looked At A Lady In A Restaurant She Gained Over 100k followers by chikason22(m): 12:27pm On Jun 05

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Politics / Re: List Of Labour And Trade Unions That Have Shown 100% Solidarity With The NLC/TUC by chikason22(m): 12:46pm On Jun 03

Sometimes I wish I can see you face to face. Your life will never remain the same.
Omo be like sey ypu wan shift him joor 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
That guy too mumu. He's virtually on every thread that makes frontpage

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Politics / Re: Military Promises To Retaliate Killing Of 5 Soldiers In Aba by chikason22(m): 3:14pm On May 31

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Can Trump Still Be President As A Convicted Felon? by chikason22(m): 3:02pm On May 31
Was the BATerian president not a convicted narcotic dealer in US and still became a governor and a mandate thief whose criminality in stealing, grabbing and running away like the thief he is are been felt both home and abroad.

Trump is a saint compared to this INEC selected calamity. My happiness is that those who imposed him on us and celebrated the brazen theft of mandate are not left out of the suffering.
At least thunder dey faya them on a steady, twice on Fridays.

Back to the main topic. Trump should be freed so he can deal ruthlessly with those terrorists in middle east and around the world. No peace for terrorists and BATerians


Foreign Affairs / Re: Egyptian Soldier Killed After Opening Fire On IDF At Gaza Border. by chikason22(m): 5:31pm On May 27
If Isreal and Egypt share border wetin come make the children of Israel for bible trek 40yrs for wilderness na?πŸ€”

Nawa ooh
God made them to suffer for their rebellious acts. Remember they're the reason Moses didn't make it to the promised land.
So as they have served their punishment, God decided to give them their inheritance which he made a covenant with their forefathers. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So as it stands now, no mortal can do otherwise except God allows it

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Travel / Re: Truck Rams Into A Residential Building In Anambra by chikason22(m): 2:09pm On May 27

If the driver is found out to be an lgb0, what will you now say?
Let him suffer the same fate. I hate nonsense

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