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Properties / Re: My Father's House Was Sold Without My Consent by chyzoo4u(m): 10:20pm On Jul 11

Honestly, I am surprised at such an entitlement mentality.

There's a difference between entitlement mentality and inheritance. Learn to differentiate them.


Culture / Re: Igbos Share Ancestral Links With Yorubas, But Many Don’t Know – Ooni Ogunwusi by chyzoo4u(m): 7:49am On Jul 07
All Southern Nigeria including Ghana and parts of Cameroon share a very deep ancestral links.

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Family / Re: Ask Me Anything About Jarus & Me by chyzoo4u(m): 9:26am On Jul 04
Post on the wrong section, mod kindly move to the right section.
Crime / Re: My Junior Sister Just Got Scammed Of 2.2 Million Ina Marriage Love Scam Pls Help by chyzoo4u(m): 9:59am On Jun 30
Blackmantins72: ...

Post the full story, it'll make it easier for you to get help, and at the same time, expose the scammers format.
Foreign Affairs / Re: If Elected, I Will Begin the largest deportation operation In US History - Trump by chyzoo4u(m): 11:49am On Jun 16
If this was a Presidential candidate in Nigeria, they'd have asked him to go see how things are donr in "Saner climes" cheesy cheesy

But since it's the U.S, they'll help him justify it

Agree to it or not, everywhere in the world, people don't like seeing others encroach their land en masse. It has nothing to do with bigotry,hate or barbarism...

No dey overpopulate people land

If I get where you're driving at... just know that Country is Country, State is State.
How many times have the people of London ask others to leave London, New York ask Nashville to go home?

Once in a Country, every Citizen have the right to reside in whichever State they like. If that doesn't go down well with some people or Government, then let the people you think they're overpopulating your land go and have their own Country. It's simple.
Politics / Re: Reps Member, Ibrahim Isiaka Empowers Constituents With Tricycles, Bikes, 50 Grin by chyzoo4u(m): 5:42pm On Jun 13
Nice one. These are needed services in the community
Sports / Re: Messi Responds To Mbappé's Claim About Euros Vs World Cup by chyzoo4u(m): 4:34pm On Jun 13
IMO, Copa America and Euro are tougher than World Cup. You start facing tough teams from group stage, unlike world cup, where you can meet teams from Middle East and Africa in group stage. Especially teams like Super Eagles Chickens.


Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Pays All Bills At The University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital by chyzoo4u(m): 6:20pm On Jun 12

Where in Bible is this written?

(I Peter 4:8
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Pays All Bills At The University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital by chyzoo4u(m): 10:41am On Jun 12

The same bible also says:

1 Corinthians 13:3
"[3]And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."

So the real question is, what is Charity?

Charity is love. You can give gifts out of persuasion and not out of love. You can snatch ballot paper and have your body burnt because you want a particular candidate to win for financial gains and not out of love for that candidate.

When you give out of love, it covereth multitude of sins.


Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Pays All Bills At The University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital by chyzoo4u(m): 9:03am On Jun 12
Amazing 👏

More grace and blessings to him.

"For charity covereth multitude of sins." _ Holy Bible

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by chyzoo4u(m): 4:55pm On Jun 10

500k in naija is far better if one is creative. You and your family will be ok and have savings. You see, spending money depends on individual lifestyle. We like show off too much in Nigeria and complain that the economy is bad. Where as in UK u mind your business or how many people in UK will help his friends and family to pay Thier bills monthly the way we do in naija? it's our culture anyway but , 500k is not a joke. Naija no too bad like that.

If you've not tasted the 2 scenarios better keep calm. I bet if you're the one that got this offer, you won't think twice to japa. Have you even considered security, education for ur kids, good atmosphere, and all the things you get for living there? Just by stepping into UK, 90% of your prayers here in 9ja is answered.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by chyzoo4u(m): 4:49pm On Jun 10
if u cant live a comfortable life with 500k, is it 2k in london u wil b able to cope with

I don't know what N500k means to you, but it's the least I earn monthly. Feeding alone takes a huge chunk. I prefer to eat healthy than taking medicines. He said UK, not London. So, it can be Nottingham, Bristol, Sussex, or anywhere. And I tell you again, £2k in the UK is very far more better than N500k in 9ja. I have family and friends there.

Now, let me ask you personally, if you have offer for N500k a month in 9ja (Any State) or £2k in UK (any City), which will you go for?

While at it, consider your kids education, consider health services, consider good atmosphere, consider security, Government support, etc.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by chyzoo4u(m): 4:40pm On Jun 10
you know nothing, do you know how much is monthly rent in the uk?

People like you don't spare any chance to insult someone... how much is a studio apartment rent in a City like Bristol? A small family can get apartment of £500 a month over there.

Even in Bolton, a family member pays £690 for a semi-detached duplex. So, £1,310 can't pay other bills for feeding?

You guys like discouraging people from travelling but once an opportunity calls for you even if at £1k you'll jump on it.

And you've not thought about security and other good advantages of living in UK than Nigeria.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 500k Per Month In Nigeria Or 2000pounds Per Month In The Uk by chyzoo4u(m): 12:52pm On Jun 10
There's no comparison between both, let no one confuse you. £2k in UK is far better like from Damaturu to Owerri to compare with N500k in 9ja.

What's N500k... that I strive to sustain with in a month with my little family and nothing left for savings.

No just waste time, grab the £2k offer like your life depends on it.

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Travel / Re: Caregivers To Get Canadian Permanent Residency Status Upon Arrival by chyzoo4u(m): 6:09pm On Jun 05
Can caregivers travel with their dependants?
Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested In Switzerland For Coming In With Laser Pointer by chyzoo4u(m): 8:44pm On May 31
Nigerians sha.

You were told not to post the event on social media in order not to paint their FG as bad but you still went ahead and post it eventually.

This post might be your saving grace shaaaa...

He sacrificed himself for you and I not to fall victim of what he passed through. I'm glad he shared, now I'll be careful never to travel with laser pointer. I do a lot of presentation.
Romance / Re: They Are Still Honest Nigerians Out There. How I Over Paid Someone ₦2million by chyzoo4u(m): 3:18am On May 29
Business / Re: Paystack And Piggyvest Acquire Brass Bank & Fire CEO by chyzoo4u(m): 6:06pm On May 28
One day, my fintech company will acquire Paystack
Romance / Re: If You Have 15 Million Today What Will You Buy First? by chyzoo4u(m): 8:46pm On May 27
I'll add it extra N10m and buy AZUL.
Romance / Re: These Fears Are Real At 33 by chyzoo4u(m): 5:01am On May 25
These fears are more than real the moment you hit 33. I looked in my mirror and saw my beards, becoming everything I feared.
I have never felt so lonely in a world filled with 7 billon humans. Too much worries

Like someone rightly said above, 33 is still very much a good age to get something working.

It's risky now, because it takes a very long time to go from 1 to 10 years, a long time from 10 to 20 years, a short time from 20 to 30 years, and even shorter time to go from 30 to 40.

I remember vividly my life events from 10 to 29 years than those of my 30s. Thirties is too short, so whatever decision you're taking now, be fast about it.

You've to find yourself. What I meant by finding yourself is to find that thing you can do (it might be just a part of your field. For example, computer networking niche under IT field.), then expand your knowledge in it. Take online courses, practice practice practice as you learn.

Get hungry, angry, and broke. That will give you the motivation you need to succeed.


Romance / Re: These Fears Are Real At 33 by chyzoo4u(m): 4:49am On May 25

Just like Arsenal in the 2023/24 season, everyone keeps saying shit but forgot that Arsenal needed just 1 team out of 7 to take just 1 point from Mancity but all failed and claim Arsenal is not ready.

Poor example. You don't depend on anyone to win. Peradventure they help you win, that's a bonus, but never depend on anyone for you to win.

Arsenal won Westham and Tottenham yet was depending on them to win Man City... funny.

Out of a possible 12 points with Aston Villa and Fulham, Arsenal was able to get only 1 point yet they want some other teams to draw with almighty (yes, they're almighty) Man City for them to win the League... That's ridiculous!

Fight for yourself, don't depend on others.

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Romance / Re: These Fears Are Real At 33 by chyzoo4u(m): 4:40am On May 25

This your advise no follow abeg. Marry when a man can't even eat well in this economy?

Then your wife starts disrespecting you and go fvcking around? No no

I quite agree with him. While unmarried, I always make sure to keep a girlfriend because it keeps me on my toes. Without her, I can manage myself anyhow and gallivant with friends. But having a girlfriend gives me a sense of responsibility, and it makes me to hustle.

Now married, the same scenario plays out and things has always been better after I got married, and more better after giving birth.

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Politics / Re: Nyesom Wike A Study In Public Accountability And Prudence by chyzoo4u(m): 2:28pm On May 15
While other Governors paid in full without work being done...Wike paid part, and the contractors completed the work..

Wike should be praised....thats how contracts are done all over the world.

All State governments need to learn how from Nyesom Wike

Someone owing contractors for more than 6 to 9 years should be praised What are you smookin?

Hopefully some day, you'll win a contract in hundreds of millions... while you'll get ahead and complete the job, a significant amount of your payment will be held back for close to 10 years or more, and you may even end up not receiving the remaining payment.

Only then, will you sensible enough, to condemn what is ev!l.

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Politics / Re: Atiku And Peter Obi Meet (Photos) by chyzoo4u(m): 10:31pm On May 13
This is where all the shameless never do wells like one darling daddy supporter dead meat griller will have mouth. When it comes to the pressing issues affecting Nigerians, they'll all run and hide.
Politics / Re: Atiku And Peter Obi Meet (Photos) by chyzoo4u(m): 10:28pm On May 13
They are both welcome.....

Bring it on guys.......

Sane Nigerians will be waiting.......

You know dem too wells cheesy

You'll need this...

Celebrities / Re: Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex, Named ‘Ifeoma’, Embraces Nigerian Root by chyzoo4u(m): 11:58am On May 13
Nothing can describe the love Nigeria has for her colonizer and enslaver. The love is too much.

This guy normally should have been stoned and chased out of the country for the atrocities his ancestors committed against us.

We would've been somewhere inside the Bush hunting rats and bats had these guys not come around to open our eyes. We wouldn't have known something like smartphone exists.

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Politics / Re: Let’s Calculate 0.5% Cyber Security Levy by chyzoo4u(m): 10:29am On May 09
I think there's a walk around to this. If you are transferring 1m, break it in two's as In make the transfer of 500k twice. That way you end up paying 500 naira for each transfer, which sums up to 1k as the charge for 1m rather than #5000 for 1m if you were to transfer once.

There's no work around here, this is arithmetic. If you like transfer it by 1k, at the end it'll still be the same. You'll even encounter more loss with bank and SMS charges.


Politics / Re: Let’s Calculate 0.5% Cyber Security Levy by chyzoo4u(m): 10:27am On May 09

Politics, una no sabi, even mathematics, una no know


Oga 0.5% is different from 0.5.

0.5% is 0.005.

To get 0.5% of 1000, do the following... 1000 * .005 which is 5.

The levy is 0.5%, which is same as .005, which is same as 1/2%.


Business / Re: Naira Depreciates Further As Dollar Sales To BDCs Wobble by chyzoo4u(m): 7:37am On May 09
There's always a solution for every problem, only if they can take the bitter... sad angry shocked undecided kiss

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