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Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 11:42am On Aug 14, 2020
Came across this below... An example of well-formed individualism being practiced. The platform is being provided with added future training from them.

Tomorrow when by work, determination and grace these guys become successful in acting/directing/making good movies, they'd no longer be allied to Nigeria/Africa but to Netflix/USA/EU and thereby invest there. Yeah, they'd still visit Nigeria/Africa for cultural identity as Anthony Joshua and others do but nothing of tangible investment will be made.
Ironically that's when we/those (Nigerians/Africans, friends or family members etc.) who could've provided platform(s) would become angry at them for not remembering home. Well! They did remembered home :the individual/coy & country that provided the platform.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Evacuated From Press Briefing Due To Shooting Outside The White House by cloudseth(m): 1:01pm On Aug 11, 2020

Nonsense, with all his press briefings what's outcome?

People get to know his policies/actions taken, I think e.g. :
1. First & second batch of palliatives to citizens
2. Plans & actions towards the pandemic and internal crisis/affairs
3. Policies on international relations
4. Relations to the citizens and assuring them of hope etc.
These are just paraphrases but one must ask you now, what has the route taken by your president given to its citizen?

Palliatives?, economy recovery plan?, improved healthcare? foreign/internal affairs policy as BH/Bandits are having a field year/tenure? etc Please tell undecided

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Travel / Re: Uber, Bolt Drivers Face Uncertain Future As Lagos Begins New Regulations by cloudseth(m): 12:10pm On Aug 11, 2020
Talking from experience as a fleet manager:

This is absolute madness, you could have just told new entrants not to even think venturing into the business..this may obviously not be a problem for uber and bolt, but if this eventually has a ripple effect on the drivers via increase of service commission, they can kiss their ass goodbye from Nigerian fleet managers whom are the power house of the ride-hailing companies, of which many are pulling out in droves today..

- Total purchase of a (non-rusted) regular corolla including registrations and starter pack/kit - 2m
- Average income /week (full time) - N100,000
- minimum Fueling/week - N30,000
- Commission remittance (currently) - N25,000
- average e-hail coy commission - 25% - N25,000
- Drivers earning 20k or less per week for being 112hrs on the road out of 168hrs, that is terrible but everyone is trying to survive..

- Fleet managers take home/week - (N25,000)..
Monthly sum - (N100,000)

inevitable expense projections:
Service - (N8,000 monthly)
- Monthly tire change projection (used) (N7,000)
- Monthly repairs projection (dollar rise in parts) - (15,000)
- Fines/levies/impound/tolls provision - (5,000)
- Driver short pays and run-aways - (5,000) or could cost you a whole week if not two.
- Logistics, tracking & follow ups - (5,000)
- Monthly Comprehensive insurance - (7,000)

Average monthly income after deductions - N50,000(madness).. e.g with N10m(5 cars) you barely make 250k monthly on a depreciating asset you dont control prices neither do you have the final decision.(who is that stupid?)

Vehicle replacement - 2m/N50,000 = 40mths (if it's a full-time business, it's impossible to save 100% of that income..4 years approx with all things being equal is almost impossible for a car virtually 18hrs on the road.. it may encounter major accidents, engine change, gear box change, AC issues during the period which does not just cut down massively on the capital recovery or wipe it all out, but inturn increases the capital recovery period of the vehicle aswell, well beyond the projected 40mths..

With this projections alongside increase in dollar /fuel which directly affects repair cost, reduces returns drastically, coupled with the shrinking economy that reduces riders, who in his right senses would remain in such business if a service charge is increased that affects both fleet managers and drivers?..

We go all carry gun las las... bye

You've said everything.

Na armed robbery and/or cyber-fraud government dey prep everybody for so... embarassed cry

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Travel / Re: Uber, Bolt Drivers Face Uncertain Future As Lagos Begins New Regulations by cloudseth(m): 11:36am On Aug 11, 2020
like they research well on how agbero collect money at bus stops in America, UK and Germany bah?

Ma belle o grin grin grin grin... Bros abeg small small wire that person grin grin grin


Science/Technology / Re: NASA Astronauts Safely Splash Down As SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns From Space by cloudseth(m): 5:42pm On Aug 03, 2020
Nobody as ever gone to space or the moon all lies and fiction. Nothing can go through the firmament above, you can believe all the NASA lies about going to space but the truth is there is no human being that can leave this planet by flying to "space".

Same way there's no human who can
1. Enter a car/bike/bicycle/train and drive to anywhere using thoroughfares.
2. Dive below water level or use boats or even swim for we are not acquatic in nature
3. Communicate with someone from another place/city/country/continent or space using phones, computers, fibers/ethernet cablings and the rest because we don't have the inbuilt power to do so.
4. Fly in aircrafts, helicopters or balloons because we have no wings
5. Watch movies on TVs/computers/phones because no such thing exist...

And many other things ranging into infinity.
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Astronauts Safely Splash Down As SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns From Space by cloudseth(m): 5:31pm On Aug 03, 2020
How conversant are you with the Parable of Talents in the Bible? I hope very much. Please relate it with respect to:
1. Races/Continents and their past/current growth/development
2. Your skepticism to act/invest but strong fervour to complain.
3. Your writeup regarding this OP.

You need to be calm and think critically and realize that the world is been deceived. The foundations of this earth we are living on is firm and immovable. The Ancient are aware of this. Infact, they have more understanding and knowledge than this present age.
You need to use that phone in your hand to start searching for truth so that you can start seeing the lies of the world you are living in.

You need to realize that education, science, google, government, Media, Nasa, Entertainment, Religion and all other major corporation will go to any length to make sure you are not awaken to the real truth, the real you, the real capabilities and potentials you have as mankind (the only creation that was given dominion on earth by The Most High).

You need to start asking questions and thinking critically.
How then have you been using the dominion/potentials? To accuse everyone but yourself of being witches/wizards and contaminants to your destiny? (which you don't even know about! cry ) or create conspiracy theories to mask your failure of not achieving anything tangible?

"The truth is always hidden from the masses"
They don't have to hide it. Just place it openly and because people like you don't want to believe that such useful information can be placed in the open, you neglect it and search for the lies to satiates you as a warped truth ideology. Like they said, common sense even though out in the open is not indulge in by the majority. The majority is looking for its warped truth ideology to uncover.

You need to realize that NASA is just acting movies for the World. We are currently living in a generation with the highest dumb individuals, sadly.


That's how our predecessors saw the researches, internetworking, technological breakthroughs and growth of the western world as "oyibo magic", "na wayo! E nor fit happen", "film trick" etc. and today we are still where they (predecessors) were if not lesser.
Please get data and download some old movies as far back as 1918 - 2000 and now begin to highlight some technologies shown in those movies and look around you today wether most, if not all of those technologies are in use today.

These people be acting in movies/showing us using prototypes what they hope to achieve in years to come but ours is being skeptical and retarding. If they were like us, the phones/cars/book/data etc. you are using would not have been invented (just like how our herbal medicine died due to skepticism & lack of documentation or research but theirs (Westerners) grew to become billion/trillion dollar industries).

Quick question, did Jesus use a technology (e.g. boats) in his travels? If yes, so his disciples or some other persons at that time was able to do 1+1 and make a boat... Baba/Mama which boat technology Naija get wey person fit use go fish/travel through sea? But that na technology wey done dey for 2500+ years o.

If you are not closeminded you'd understand that science is part of religion and God creating the world/man is an act of science.

Before person tell you with full confidence say you fit move mountains you think say na just to dey shout for church dey find enemy wey nor dey abi?

Mehn! Eclipse dey for Bible, God even reverse the day like TWICE sef but yet na to dey complain about everything be our own.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Have Had This Year 2020? by cloudseth(m): 7:39pm On Jul 27, 2020

It's just bad
Yeah It just is. cry cry
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Have Had This Year 2020? by cloudseth(m): 8:31pm On Jul 21, 2020
I agree with you
Yeah. Let's hope this is not the legacy we also leave behind.


It's a shame
We can't even differentiate what is wrong from. Right
Well I think it's not that we can't differentiate but that we've become accustomed to so many wrongs that it becomes second-nature. We all know how hard it is to stop habits..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Have Had This Year 2020? by cloudseth(m): 8:02pm On Jul 21, 2020
If you hadn't held back because of being scammed you actually saw/had no problem of buying the slot; in other words using connections/cutting corners.

Nigeria has now rotten that there is no remedy i think the same Government job that my dad said he applied for back then and he was interviewed immediately and after that they told him to come and collect his letter in the next 2 weeks.
Just imagine, I don't think with the way this country is going there is hope for the next generations

Nigeria/Africa will never be better as long as we are rationalising connections, cutting corners & paying for slots as being divine intervention when they are purely forms of corruption. Same way this is rationalized & accepted by society, so also will cyber-fraud be accepted in the not too distant future.

Well OP I commend you for being true & not hypocritical. cool
God Bless.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 3:41pm On Jul 18, 2020
It's one week now.
A 20 minute read for slow readers! (Is it too long?)

I guess since the content doesn't contain our usuals, everybody acts the ostrich.

Like someone wrote on NL today:

I've said it before that Nigeria is lucky we have weak neighbours who are uninterested in fighting us.
Imagine having expansionists like China, India, Pakistan, UAE etc. who are searching for arable/stable land filled with resources & devoid of natural disasters as boundary neighbors of an economical, technological & militarily direction-less Nigeria/West Africa refusing to grow!

Well nothing concern us o, na to go find one trending & condescending challenge engage in undecided .
Politics / Re: Nigeria Earned $206bn From Oil In Five Years – OPEC by cloudseth(m): 10:52am On Jul 15, 2020
Google CEO said they will be investing $30 billion in to India ICT innovations.
So why can't we invest in this kind of great innovation with our small population unlike India.

Just imagine if Sundar Pichai was of Nigerian decent irrespective of tribe, would he have:
1. Lobbied Google to invest such in Nigeria or
2. Found a way to steal it for himself or
3. Do nothing since he and his (immediate/extended) are well to do and not affected by the economic downturn in Nigeria?
Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 12:05am On Jul 12, 2020
Patiently waiting for you to expand or finish!


Nicely put out. But sadly, the society is full of different ideologies and mentality coupled with egos and stuffs. But great stuff you wrote!
It's cause of these that's why we are here today. It's getting worse everyday and unless we provide an alternative, nothing will change for the better.


Na confirm yanning you Yan , person wey trouble follow no they use English pray , make God bring light into your word and blessings follow am base on believe
Chai! This one strong o! But you know say as God dey clear way for you, you suppose dey move pass if not na still where you dey before HIM clear am, na there you go still dey afterwards.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 11:52am On Jul 11, 2020
I share a similar opinion with you. but unfortunately, I hate to admit that we, here in Nigeria, all share similar traits and disposition! Nobody holy pass! especially you op!

Yeah, that's why all through the writeup I was using "we, me" and limited use of "you" so that it wouldn't be like an attack/hypocrisy. Me nor good also. But na from introspections +observations person dey learn wetin dey wrong with am and see how him fit correct am.
Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 10:53am On Jul 11, 2020
... Contd.

Keeping the Dream Alive
Was there not a dream that made you go gain education WRT a field of study? Look at Musk, an Econ. & Physics major but his first two breaks were from CS-related ventures made possible by collaboration with his brother & angel investors and after which went on to start/co-found & invest in several physics/engineering firms such that these firms (as is common with western entrepreneurs over there) go back to their roots (schools finished & neighborhood from) to employ their workers as well as providing placements for undergraduate internships thereby eliminating the need for the students/youths to becoming liabilities/fraudulent due to idleness – shey na big problem for us to even get place to do SIWES talkless of job after we graduate? I fit swear say some people nor even do am sef because no place dey, them just manufacture report give supervisor wey sometimes nor go come yet still dey find money.
I know life happened and it got us sidetracked from our dream (for a while or forever as it did Musk) yet how many of us upon getting the big break to success whether legally or otherwise have taken it as pain to established a platform that will enable others to become employed, funded to start their own establishments or just access knowledge to build their company & grow on? – I know say E dey feel good & tempting to dey flaunt your money o but E nor sweet reach when you get & because of you like 1K+ persons still rich even if E nor reach your own but dey enjoy better life. If na for where everybody poor ehn, life go just tire you because na only one eye you go take dey sleep and when you dey waka because anyone fit obtain you for road or house anytime.
So depending on the field of study, interests, our dreams, talent or ideas of others, we could start, fund/invest (like in KickStarter but for Nigerians) or set hackatons that will lead to the former e.g.
- Let’s say we have @ilegendd, @martinez39s, @ishilove & 197 other NLers as a set of persons with N50M flat rate yielding N10B. They could setup for studio companies like;
1. An animation studio where @wrose @aminusodiq @bArt etc. would be animators, @nwaamaikpe, @dreyton36, @purityval etc. would be storyline/plot writers, @irrefragable, kayo80 etc. would be script editors/QA and @larisoft, @dhtml18 etc. would be technical/coders as well as other NLers that could fill up the team’s production pipeline. Open-source Blender 3D or paid Maya 3D can be used here.
2. A motion capture studio where talents of people like the #IkoroduBoiz can be put to use. If with low tech, their acting sequences/cinematography/VFX were believable & more realistic than current Nollywood standard then one can just imagine its quality if given a more robust options/high techs and using other specialized/creative NLers (@grammerNazi @OMA4U & co) as scriptwriters/editors/stylists/QAs etc. as would be needed for quality production.
3. A VFX Graphic studio where those graphic designers spamming NL with adverts would be artists creating photorealistic renders that Nollywood can use to augment their visuals & CGIs. Blender 3D, Adobe Primeir & After-Effect can be used. Or a game studio where programmers like @seunthomas, artists/content creators, architects/game-level designers can work. Unreal Engine, Unity, etc. can be used here.
- Another set of @capslocked, @emmaodet, @pocohantas & another 197 NLers with N100M – N150M flat rate yielding N20B – N30B. They could invests in skills/service/tech firms like;
1. Textile Industry & Fashion Brand/Clothing House where creative/imaginative NLers can create lovely designs which will be implemented by retrained tailors working for the brand with other NLers as company making/supplying quality textiles to them.
2. Architectural/GeoTec/structural firm for NLers with these degrees providing these services to businesses up to high-rise/tunneling/rails etc.
3. IT tech manufacture & services startups specialized in silicon-based manufacture tech/services from our engineers, fintechs etc.
4. Shoe Wears Industry especially for our brothers in Aba with quality leather services/supply from our northern/western axis making our own classy brands of designers.
- Another set of @nairaman66, @slap4, @pansophist etc. & 197 NLers with N200M – N1B yielding N40B – N200B. These set can setup capital intensive firms like bridges/road/rail/ship/tunnel construction, steel/mineral mining/production, hospitals, high-rise structured construction, Utility (electricity, clean water, HVAC systems, sewer systems, cableTV/Ethernet/Internet & cooking gas) etc.
There are just a lot of possibilities that could be tapped from our idle population if we see the need to invest on & help each other grow. Imagine if Anthony Joshua & many more were given platforms to excel in Nigeria or others like Elon Musk/PayStack were given platforms and established their companies within Africa, the tech, sponsorships, expositions, employments & investments it will yield is mind-blowing but instead we have them setting up/investing in other countries why ours wallow in poverty because their allegiance now being to those countries/persons who provided platforms for them. Those little postulations above if given heed to can help at least 10–20% of the jobless/underpaid population for now & in the nearest future (say 5, 10, 20 etc.), we could have about 50–85% coverage. – Especially those ones wey their work na just to dey spam NL with indecent images or betting scams, them go get better job make them free us their wahala. But wait o!, these guys ehn, una nor dey try at all o, must una try spoil person business with these things?

I may be wrong though, but I envisage none of us want to be economic refugees in other countries (for now or forever) or to produce children or have wards whom because of the disastrous state of things would suffer same things we did/are suffering now and/or see cyber-fraud, corruption & snapping pics/selfies with designers clothes, near aircrafts, inside swimming pools, escalators or hotels as being lifetime achievements.

Note: I know say peeps go dey wonder why I use Elon Musk for here when Aliko Dangote dey. Na because Elon dey among if not the most successful entrepreneur from Africa though him dey live for USA wey dey create platform for others to grow (even to the extent him release him patent of the him electric cell battery to rival companies so that renewable energy fit come fast) while our Dangote like we other Nigerians & African as a whole dey bully everybody comot from business so that na we go be the only person wey go better e.g. the way Dangote dey bully Bua & Ibeto Plc and him state-endorsed serious monopoly on any sector wey him enter.
Note II: When you’ve being a guest reading for so long, there comes many things that becomes known to you involuntarily like monikers and what not. Please do not see it as though you were being stalked because your moniker was mentioned. We all got many things to worry about in Nigeria and there’s no reason adding stalking – even me go fear if person follow me up for real life o, so sorry for the disturb wey go come from the mention. Anybody wey wan quote abeg modify the moniker make E nor too disturb them o.
Suggestion to NL authority: Please it would be much better to implement a preview feature for topics about to be created to allow the OP proofread & check for errors before final posting.
Nairaland / General / Re: Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 10:52am On Jul 11, 2020
The Platform Not Sustained/Removed/Destroyed – “Lone Wolf & Suffer as I did” Syndrome
Throughout history, one could see that the civilizations/empires that grew to become rulers were of people who aggressively engaged in building several knowledge platform/pools that served as the foundations for their technological advancement used in warfare, medicine & commerce and the civilizations/empires conquered/destroyed/enslaved were of people who did not want to grow & then lagged behind in building knowledge or those who overestimated their power & didn’t see the need to build anymore or vehemently denying to use their knowledge. Since knowledge is the determinant for any advancement, it becomes a platform for growth requiring that more knowledge be built upon pre-existing knowledge and peradventure ensure new robust theories are used to phase out older theories that have been found inconsistent thereby creating more knowledge platforms incoming generations could build on. From the above we can see the difference between the developed and undeveloped nations for while they actively build on & apply knowledge (both individually or collectively as a group or nation) for the sole purpose of providing foundations for future technology & growth, we on the other hand individually overestimate our importance + religion & passively use (not build or apply) & most times destroy knowledge platforms so that others may be unable to build upon/extend it. We are therefore stuck in a vicious cycle of individually getting knowledge to wealth & presuming all others are haters/enemies because of our self-importance destroy/remove the platform afterwards so others may not become as rich/famous as we are without suffering to gain knowledge as we did or more while those being poor/infamous wishing the rich/famous failure – everybody wan blow, but nobody wan make another person first am blow talkless of blow reach/pass am. Naim make we dey take everybody as enemies/haters with statements like “God nor go shame us”, “Who trek today go buy benz 2mao”, “My 2mao update go blow your screen”, “My haters no” etc. make I just tell you now, because say you hate person nor mean say you go better pass the person 2mao vice versa. Get sense because na two hand dey watch each other clean.
And the funny aspect is that the little break we had that propelled us into wealth/riches was because of a platform created by another person whom we intentionally fail to acknowledge so as to boast of self-sufficiency yet, nobody can ever claim that. – Naim make because we believe say we better pass & fit do without our neighbours everybody get him own borehole, septic tank, build house enter road block him fellow, pour dirt/waste-water inside drainage/road make mosquito bite others because WHO manage give us NET wey reach am & worse dey use tiger-generator dey disturb each other when we fit come together to plan/design/fund/build these things as citywide amenities make the area dey well for everybody to enjoy him life without yama yama.
Okay let’s imagine/agree there was no platform provided for some of us or before we were able to utilize a platform we suffered a lot, is that enough reason to want others suffer the way we did or why we stash our monies (loot) in other countries? Why then is it hard for us to provide a platform for others build on? Please know that not everyone can do same thing we did; build sites, write books, freelance, work remotely, sing, dance, twerk, steal, politics, defraud, but there are those we can employ, ones who need our funds to build theirs & others who can build using ours as a base or its patronage. For example, have we ever considered that if people didn't create the platform through which our books/skills/products get publish/advertised & sold/contracted, PayPal, PayStack or the likes weren't there for fund transfers, Skype/Zoom/Meet etc. were not around for video conferencing, would our effort be fruitful? and imagine before you could do those things only you had to first create every single technology/services from scratch - Bros/Sis & Sir/Madam, nor be die be that?, if you go survive am abeg make we know you cause Guinness Books, IEEE, WHO want award you something (them wan clean Alan Turing, T. Edison, Einstein & Co. name for you as per superhuman wey you be).
This thought & action process is the reason why you see our university graduates still looking for employment because while in school, they focused more on selfish individualistic accolades and shunned collaborating with their mates on wonderful ideas that could’ve birthed companies (this doesn’t absolve the government for their reckless educational system, it indicts them both). Evidently also, this trait is seen with our brethren who were opportune to school in the West, while ours were busy chasing valedictory/highest CGPA awards/glory only to graduate and still be in the labour market hustling for job even with connection, the West’s students/graduates were practically busy collaborating on, testing, sourcing for funds & implementing ideas and upon/before graduation will/have started companies that will take their fellows off the labour market while also forcing the university/EduSystem to update its curriculum to meet the new knowledge demand. – Na Naija person go dey Uni dey try hustle 1st position dey act as if say na PRY/JSS/SSS him dey all because him think say na 1970s wey 1st dey get automatic job from govt. Bros/Sis, population don blow, na 200M+ we be o, govt nor go fit sponsor free edu and still provide job for all of us, na we suppose dey provide for ourselves.

The Platform Provided – Building Knowledge & Helping Humanity
Now Elon Musk co-founded Zip2 with his brother Kimbal with support from angel investors (aka Venture Capitalists) where he gained $22M+ when the company was sold and then co-founded another. If he had just relaxed after cashing out the sum of $160M+ upon the sale of this second company “X.com (now PayPal)” to start flaunting his wealth and telling off people to go do what he has done, do you think he would have went on to found SpaceX, co-found Tesla and invest/purchase SolarCity as well as becoming $44B+ richer? I hope you don’t think that, because we have seen examples of persons who have had more than that and became paupers today because they didn’t invest/provide platforms and blew through their wealth. On platform as employment, do you know the number of full time persons these companies now have (a whopping 75K+; Tesla – 48K+, SolarCity – 15K+, SpaceX – 8K+, BoringCompany/NeuraLink/OpenAI – the rest), increasing their GDP (PPP) with average yearly wages of $(25K – 135K)+ from positions of Front Desk Attendant to Lead Engineer/Managers thereby decreasing the numbers in the labour market? And on a plus side, these workers are entitled to 401K plans, employee discounts, vision, dental, health & life insurances. It is only well-formed individualism that would make someone pay that much and still place the workers on insurances. If it is our degenerative-individualism, we would not only halve the pay, we would ensure that if any insurance should be given it would be sourced from the remaining halve and that is if the workers are not also forced to grease palms before being considered for such entitlement – Na me born you wey I give you insurance? If you nor take time I go just remove you put my boy wey go dey drop egunje give me every month sef, angry mtcheww angry.
On platform as a base of building for others & funding, do you know that during the bidding for a new high-speed rail connecting California that he in conjunction with 90+ of his SpaceX workers developed a new mode of transportation known as the HyperLoop and made it open-source for others to implement just because he knew he would not have the time to devote to making the implementation a reality and in lieu set up annual hackatons where undergrads presents trial of their implementation and top speeds. Please which of us can actually do that when we know that such idea can lead to a billion dollar company? – Make I hear say me try am for Naija, my idea go die with me o, I must blow with am else nobody go blow with am.


Nairaland / General / Degenerative-individualism - The Similarity In Thinking/actions Of Nigerians by cloudseth(m): 10:51am On Jul 11, 2020
Disclaimer: This write up is not in any way meant to be an attack on your person or establishment. It took me some days to rationalize this up to this point. I know you being knowledgeable can deconstruct it in a minute or two but while doing so, I hope you understand the purpose and not see it as bad belle or hate towards you or your crafts/establishments. Any moniker herein mentioned is to further buttress or expand an idea.

TLDR: I have come across many persons both offline & online (as I'm sure everyone has) and one thing that seems to be the resounding similarity among them is the tendency of individualism both in thinking and action most especially when they have the financial wherewithal to cater for their immediate (and unforeseen) needs. This individualism is not the one that breeds capitalism or growth in wealth among the populace but a defective or should I say degenerative-individualism that places individuals on a vindictive path/manner in their dealings towards other individuals and at odds with the society at large such they not only just place themselves above everyone else but see the growth of others as a threat to them leading to greed, strife and unhealthy rivalry. Only when we learn to collectively collaborate, individually/in-group create platforms (herein referring to giving back to your community/schools in the form of employment/internship and/or providing funds for ideas to become companies or sharing access to knowledge pool) for ourselves and others to build upon would we grow to remove the filth in our societies as Nigerians or Africans.

The Superiority Complex
During my very long time as a guest to NL (2007-20), I observed that every little discussions with even mild dissenting opinions always degenerates into a contest between its members on who is more wealthier/richer, knowledgeable, eloquent, older etc. than the other. Any little argument you'd see people reeling out their account statements or postulating their ability to cater for the other person's generation up to 75+ years (pun intended) without a dent on their account/wealth/riches all in a bid to intimidate/broke-shame/belittle/prove something to someone they've not seen in real life. This boastful portrayal is prevalently observed also in other social media platforms and our everyday offline encounters, it is as if everyone feels the need of projecting their self-imposed superiority. Even on NL sections where you'd expect to be growth hotspots like in programming/CS, you'd find them arguing who's the best coder and what not, I remember the “Coding War” (@dhtml18, @seunthomas, @larisoft & co saga and no, I'm not saying they started it, just that their monikers stuck), these were people who were supposed to collaborate and hopefully start a company if not companies that might have grown to employ 10-500+ persons thereby creating a platform for others to grow but were reduced to just online banters/bickerers (where some went as far as lifting off open-source scripts/projects to use as bragging rights on NL). Because of degenerative-individualism these guys reduced Computer Science or STEM (a breeding ground for collaboration/technology) to just coding & knowledge of N-languages or frameworks and forgot the many disciplines which CS alone/paired with other disciplines has sprouted; Software Dev./Eng., AI & Cloud Analytics, Cyber-Security & Forensics, Game Dev., Mechatronics, Neural & Bio-Eng. and many more. Go to Religion/Politics/Romance or any section on NL or other SMs, different topics same self-imposed superiority and degenerative-individualism. What is the result? A society where hatred, corruption & hypocrisy thrives and growth is sectionalized to very few individuals who with impunity deprive others from growth (yet portraying as though they are helping).

The Hypocrisy of mind – Selective Narrative of Fraud
I like this guy's humor and his way of keeping you hooked on his topics but what is wrong is must be said. It is funny that one could be averse to cyber-fraud/corruption/embezzlement/sabotage & others but would still bask in this ( https://nairaland.com/5969076/just-look-how-everything-changed ) as do others offline. Now we all have some friends (as well as other Nigerians) who applied for these jobs (especially Customs & Immigration where they now do replacement instead of employment), went for the interviews, came out top 5 or so & later were not contacted cause people like the OP had used connections to usurp them and get the jobs, if that is not fraud/corruption/sabotage then I wonder what it is. And looking at the words used by the OP WRT taking the job one could see (I might be wrong though) that while being on the job, his mind wouldn't be on the job, therefore efficiency & effectiveness in the job would be limited and at best, average. This hypocrisy in us that allows denial of our practiced degenerative-individualism is the foundation that allows us to claim self-righteousness in public matters e.g. When we hear a politician steals we are always angry, but when we then get opportunity to be in these positions and do better, we end up behaving like them because we were not actually angry at the fact that something was stolen but instead angry we weren’t the one doing the stealing – As long say na me or my clique corner am, no shaking else na fire & brimstone. That's why we can't even do a live protest/peaceful revolution, our conscience convicts us before we make any move (but are avid online field marshals) and if peradventure we were able to muster the will to do it, the leader or some of us will cut corners to sabotage it after receiving palm-greases while throwing the rest under the bus (@youthsinitiativ, take note for your movement). What about acting as though we abhor God-Fathers but still use them to gaining recursive contracts? Or ask people to pay us certain part (+/- 25%) of their income for a number of months/years before we can give them placement/slot which they rightly/illegally qualify for in oil & gas sector, universities staffing & admissions, scholarships, contracts etc. else we will remove their name and input another who is willing to play ball. Isn’t all those smartness? Who else is cutting corners (forming smartness) to live comfortable lives that we hammer on today? Guess! G-boys or Yahoo-Guys. Let’s now judge ourselves with the same scale and punishment as we do when it comes to others engaging in cyber-frauds – shey na death by hanging/stoning/shooting or na life imprisonment/incarceration with hard labour?
Connection is and will always be fraud, don’t mask it as grace/divine intervention, grace is going to where you know nobody, have no ways to cut corners and in the face of daunting failure successfully scale through what even you felt was going to be your downfall or failure without the help of one uncle/aunt/brother/sister/mother/father/in-law somewhere pulling strings behind. For if we believed we were above requirements then why didn’t we apply same way as everyone else did instead of cutting corners. What I’m saying then is that we should confidently own up our shits. – If na crime/fraud you want do, choose am so that when authority follow you back 2 back you nor go say na witch-hunt, but if you choose legal come still dey perpetuate & rationalize your small fraud as connections, na hypocrisy be that Authority suppose catch una join the fraudsters put for one place.
The only difference between us & these online scammers then is that one is a socially acceptable legal thief & the other an illegal, for now (it is alarmingly becoming acceptable by society). Hence the reason we would do things that only furthers our individual selves and cause others pain or deprive them of growth. So because you suffered before you became rich, to gain that knowledge, to setup that business or paid someone to be given that slot in that agency, therefore anyone else coming after you must suffer as you or pay as you did? What happened to making life better for the next individual that comes after you or that needs your help? Or is the slogan ‘We rise by lifting others’ just a tool for political correctness and façade?
Our Degenerative-individualistic ideology is the source of our corruption, no two ways about it. - Because as civilian soldier/police bully you, now wey you done join force na to come bully/kill people also be your work embarassed undecided


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