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Nairaland / General / Online Passive Income by coursecentral: 10:58pm On Mar 10
Are you broke or short on cash and looking for how to make money online? Look no more! With just your phone, you can make N5,000 to N10,000 weekly by doing simple tasks.

To earn conveniently from the comfort of your home, click here to register-> http://links.primaslayers.com.ng/24914937/click-to-earn

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Romance / 5 Guaranteed Secrets To Have Bigger Hip & Butt In 14 Days by coursecentral: 11:22pm On Feb 23
Do you want that banging body so badly you've tried so many things and got little or no result? If you are looking to get a nicely toned bigger hip and butt, then this E-Book is for you. 

I use to be on the flat side. Amongst my click of friends, I was the slimmest, smallest, and slightly *curveless making me the least curvy one (it wasn't really a beautiful place to be cry). I wanted those curves so my clothes can fit so well and sometimes to feel good when I look at yourself in the mirror. 

I didn't want to go through surgery, it looked so scary. Even worse, after reading on it and the after effects. Butt Injections and pills were definitely out of it!

A lot of businesses came with various creams and oils but eventually I ended up wasting my hard earned money.
If this is your story too or something similar or just maybe you want to touch up a bit then be glad because I didn't give up. I read and read and read...until I discovered these secrets which I shared in this EBook. 

The beautiful part is that, there are no fears of saggy butts or hips as the procedure is purely natural. I probably have other prayer points now but having a curvy body is no longer part of it. This procedure is precise and straight to the point.

When you buy this book and comply with the guidelines and yet still don’t get visible results (which is absolutely impossible), I’ll give you a full refund. This is just to show you how guaranteed this procedure is. In this E-Book, you’ll see pictures of my before and after and the obvious changes that took place. 

 No matter how slim or flat you think you are, the secrets in this book works like magic. This book was birthed as a result of all the positive testimonials I got from family and friends who benefitted from my benevolent heart grin. And also, I'm a proof of it's effectiveness which you'll see in the EBook.

Here are the benefits of using our procedures:

·       No surgery required 
·       Flat Belly
·       No stretch marks
·       Visible results from the first week but guaranteed in 14 days

You don’t need to pay anymore money to get that banging body, this is the solution. 

Discount price is N5,000  N3,000 for our early birds.

NOTE: Price of EBook returns back to N5,000 from 1st of March, 2021. 

To place your order, click on this link- https://flutterwave.com/pay/primaslayers-the-secret-to-have-bigger-hip-and-butt-in-14-days


Grab your copy now! Get transformed! And give us your feedback!

Romance / Entertainment Galore with Prima Slayer by coursecentral: 11:11pm On Feb 23

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:12am On Feb 08
Gosh! I tried this and it's so true shocked. From what I read, honestly, I've even seen where I flawed in my business.

Thanks for the positive review
Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 7:29pm On Jan 27
WhatsApp Training 
We just did a little introduction on the Secrets to Viral Marketing.

To get an in depth knowledge on how to make your content, advert, business or brand (whether it's you as an influencer or public figure),  then join the class.

If you're interested in taking the Advanced Training which is the full course on Secrets to Viral Marketing, at a highly subsidized fee, then kindly indicate your interest by chatting me up with the number below to join the WhatsApp Group.


The first 20 people to enroll for our Advanced Training gets a gift from us (Free E-Book on Business Target Persona)

NOTE: In our advanced class, you'll be taught more on;

• How to make your advert concrete
•Learning the power of Emotional Stories and using it
•Selling with the right Emotions
•The power of Social Influence and tips on Normative Influence
•Using Social Influence to increase success
•When Social Influence becomes Anti-Social and how to avoid the trap
•Conformity and Diversity in human nature
•Leveraging Word of Mouth for business success
•Social Currency: Spending it for ultimate success
•Triggers in Advertising
•Practical Values
•Determining Social networks
•How social networks spread information and influence
•Best Marketing Strategy for your business
•Your Social Ties and Active Sharing of contents

After taking the Advanced Training, if you're among the 20 lucky people, and you get our free E-Book on Business Target Persona, you'll be able to;
- Craft contagious contents
- Draw up your target persona
- Tell who your target markets are and what social media platforms they visit more.
- Send out a catchy advert to your potential customers
- Minimise costs arising from irrelevant advertising methods & channels
- Create more awareness for your business.

In light of the above, I can guarantee you that after taking the full course "Secrets To Viral Marketing " not only will you find it virtually impossible to forget about me, your customers (whether potential or returning customers) will also find it hard to forget about you.

Free WhatsApp Beginner's Class
For those who can't enroll for our advanced training but are interested in getting a little more knowledge on this can join our Free WhatsApp class.
In addition to what you've learnt here, in this Free WhatsApp class, you'll be taught;

- How to make your advert concrete
- And how effective use of Word-Of-Mouth can grow your brand or business.

To join our Advanced Class, chat me up with the number below:

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:29pm On Jan 27

Put your hand over the grey half, then observe how the man looks, then remove your hand and put it over the black half, again observe how the man looks.

If you've done this exercise, when you put your hand over the grey half, you might say wow! the guy looks maybe 35 or 40.

And if you put your hand on the other half with the darker hair and look at the gray half, you might say, well he looks maybe 65 or 70.

What you've done by engaging in that exercise is that you've convinced yourself that the product is effective. You've seen, how using this product makes this guy look younger, so you'll say, it must be quite effective.

By comparing the two, by getting people to do the work themselves they gave testable credentials to individuals. Rather than trying to convince the people, "hey, our message is good", they encourage the consumers or individuals to do it themselves.
Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:27pm On Jan 27
There is an old Ad that did this job very effectively. They were selling a hair coloring product and they wanted to convince people that the product would make them look years younger. Now again, they could tell people our product will make you look years younger, till they're blue in the face.

But how could they convince people?

How could they get people to convince themselves that the product was good?

Here is what they did; they made an Ad with a gentleman in two halves and they asked people to put their hand over one half, the gray half, and see how much younger he looks.

So they stated that half the gentleman's hair was grey before using the product, and half the gentleman's hair was black after having used the product.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:22pm On Jan 27
I pretty much know that value is huge but I probably don't know how big that is when making reference to the world.
And just like me, most people  don't have a good sense of how big that number is when talking about how big a country is.

What if instead I said Russia is as big as Saudi Arabia, Algeria (biggest African country), India, Mexico, Indonesia,  Iran, Angola, South Africa
, Chad all put together? I believe now you have a really good sense of how big one country called Russia is. When you're done reading all those countries, you'll go like, "Oh Wow, Russia is so BIGGGG!"

And so in trying to convince people of your ideas, to get them to adopt your messages, if you're going to use statistics, make sure to put these numbers in context. And one way to do that effectively is a principle called TESTABLE CREDENTIALS. And the idea here is to make people convince themselves.
Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:17pm On Jan 27
Is your work trusted and remembered? How to leverage on Credibility
Will people believe what you have to say? And usually, when we think about getting people to believe our message, our default tendency is to use statistics.

We think if we use a lot of statistics, a lot of numbers, people will believe us. And that numbers can be useful. especially useful in convincing people. But often, numbers aren't very memorable. When people hear numbers they say oh, that's a good point, but later on they can't remember what you said.

And so if your goal is not just to be convincing when you're in the room, but make sure people remember what you say when you leave the room, you need to make sure you're getting credibility beyond just the statistics you're using.

If we're going to use statistics, how can we put them in context to make them more impactful? How can we make sure our ideas will stay behind even after we've left the room?

So let's use an example to buttress our point so you can have a good understanding of the idea of credibility.

Imagine you want to convince people that Russia is the biggest country in the world. I'll say "ok", because to me, that information is rather unclear.  What comes to my mind if I'm inquisitive is, by how much? You might say its Area in square kilometers is 17,098,242. Ok... that numerical value is slightly above 17 million but below 18 million. So...

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:15pm On Jan 27
You can compare the picture of the beetroot to the picture of the Irish Potato, any resemblance? Yes!

And so the point here is pretty simple, while analogies don't tell us everything about a product or idea, they get us to 90% of that idea pretty quickly. They give us some good sense of what's there by quickly comparing it to something we all know.

By taking something everybody knows and relating this new idea that they don't understand, to that thing they all know, helps them get a good sense of that idea quite quickly. And so in thinking about incorporating simplicity, what we want to do is find the core.

Most times we might think an idea is too complex that simplifying it is nearly impossible or that it might lose it's relevance. So when we're trying to talk about a new application, software, technology or a complex message that you want people to understand, we think we need to tell people everything to make sure they get the idea.

But from everything we've discussed, you can see that when we tell them everything, they're most likely going to remember nothing.

So in communicating an idea, placing an advert or creating awareness for our business/brand, we have to think about that one or maybe two things, that are most important for them to remember from that message.

If the listener walked away with just one thing, what would that one thing be? What's that core idea that we want to make sure they remember? Let's look at another example;

When Facebook came out, it was described as an online yearbook. They took Facebook, something that no one had ever heard of before, and they compared it to a yearbook, something that most people, at least who have had a high school yearbook can understand.  People wanted to connect with other people; School mates, colleagues, family, friends, on the platform and see their pictures. And so, it went viral.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:11pm On Jan 27
Since I know an Irish Potato already and can tell at anytime when I see one, it means that when I see something that really looks like it but not exactly it, there is a high probability that it's a beetroot.

Now for those of you who didn't know what
a beetroot is, do you have some sense of what
It is? Probably. You don't know perfectly,
exactly what it is but if you had to guess, you'll have some sense of how big it is. It's not bigger than a Irish Potato.
Some sense of what color it is externally, it's dark brown in color you'll say. And some sense of the
other attributes it might have.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 6:08pm On Jan 27
Analogies come to play here and they prove to be a very useful tool. Think for a moment about a Beetroot. Do you know what a beetroot is?

One time, my mum asked me to buy beetroot for her whenever I'm coming to visit her. I really didn't know what it was and how it looked like (I didn't even remember to check online). Went to a supermarket but they weren't selling. I asked around but majority of the people I asked also didn't know what it was. If you've never heard of it before, you probably won't know too.

So I told my mum I couldn't find it, and besides I didn't even know how it looked. She said it looks like an "Irish Potato". From that analogy, I imagined an Irish Potato.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:59pm On Jan 27
Looking at this picture, you don't know anything about the internal ROM or RAM, or about the new applications it can download. At the core, you don't even know the operating system of the phone but I'm certain that from the video, you can again tell one thing. And that's the fact that the phone is quite slim.

The important idea here is very simple. If you tell people ten things, they're probably not going to remember any of them. They're focusing their attention on all ten of them and one-tenth of their attention gets to each of those things. But if you tell people one thing and only one thing, they'll remember because they focused all their attention on that one particular thing.

You might ask, what should we focus on? Or how can we communicate that one particular thing, there is some thing called ANALOGY.
Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:57pm On Jan 27
But anyone who knows me knows I don't like holding bulky things in general (well unless it's money grin, I don't mind. LOL).

So I scanned through again for the dimension which is 74.1 x 157.6 x 7.8mm (Ceramic: 198g). Well, if you're not so good with measurement, you're going to be wondering how big or small that phone is. I couldn't really tell myself. In the process of conversing with my younger brother, I mentioned it and he was like, "it's as slim as a mirror" To a layman, without further explanation, they already have a grasp of how slim this phone is.

So from the spec details above, there are so many technical terms but from the comparison given by my brother, you already know that the phone is quite slim.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:54pm On Jan 27
Is your content huge and ambiguous? Taking advantage of Simplicity
Ever heard the saying that less is more? Well, that's the simple idea behind simple.

So let's imagine you're a tech savvy and a gadget freak, meaning you're always on the lookout for new advanced technology that can make your life easier. We also assume you're a big fan of Samsung. So,let me take myself as an example. When I wanted to get my Samsung s10+ in 2019 some months after it was released. I looked forward to getting quite a number of values from the phone considering the amount I was paying to acquire it. This is the specs for the phone.

Nairaland / General / Re: Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:51pm On Jan 27
Let's start!

Do people forget your business easily, despite telling them about it? How to make them remember your advert
Here in Nigeria, at some point in time we must have heard that putting a short piece of thread on a baby's head will prevent them from having hiccups.

Again, alot of us must have heard that when it rains and the sun is shining, then, it means that a lioness is giving birth.

The funniest of them all; when your hand is  itching you, it means that money is coming your way.

Well, although they are quite popular, they are all false. So you wonder why they have all been heard by so many people and we all remember them.

Let me ask you a question now,  why do people remember false things too while some true things are fast forgotten? 

In understanding why false things succeed, we can design true things to be more successful? 

Well, certain stories are longer while some are shorter. Also, some adverts pull more emotion while some others pull little or no emotion. This is as a result of VARIATION. And this variation impacts whether those stories or those ideas succeed.

Sometimes that an advert or your business is remembered by your customer is based on how the content(s) or business offering fits with their memory. This is as a result of SELECTION. Let's take it from your angle as a customer, you probably don't remember some businesses not because their is anything wrong with the product or service they are offering but simply because their value proposition or other factors doesn't align with you. So sometimes, it's not about the product or business, it's about us.

Certain ideas fit better with the way we're designed, so a lady who is on the big side for instance and is looking forward to shedding some fat, she's more likely to remember adverts or businesses offering weight loss products and those rendering fitness services rather than those offering weight gain syrups, appetite booster e.t.c. which on the other hand is exactly what will be remembered by a petite lady looking to gain some weight.

Basically, as a result of the physical features of these ladies cited above, ideas are more likely to stay in their memory because of their physical design and they are more likely to transmit this idea later on to someone in a similar position. This is as a result of RETENTION. The same thing is true for all sorts of ideas, be it Fashion Style or an ideology like Democracy etc.

So when you think about why you remember some certain things, whether it's that catchy advert, or a piece of online content or a video you saw on someone's phone, or a movie you watched a long time ago, we can attribute them to Variation, Selection and Retention.
Nairaland / General / Secrets To Viral Marketing by coursecentral: 5:41pm On Jan 27
Hi Nairalanders.

I'm Linda by name and I'm quite new here but I believe this is a great platform to share knowledge.

I'm grateful to God for life and I pray that anyone who come across this course will find it to be very impactful.

Everyone of us want to make a lasting impression. Whether it's the lady wearing a red gown, with a red lipstick and a beautiful shoe (you already know it's going to be a sexy high heel, right?) or the guy with a well shaved beards, wearing a well pressed suit and a shiny pair of leather shoes, down to the business (let's say Airtel Network) with a well crafted advert, airing it on television stations, bill boards (Lekki toll gate), websites and blogs.

We all want to create something catchy, something that will capture the mind of our audience and hold it for as long as we want.

For the lady in red, she'd want the total admiration of people around and definitely one or two compliments from her date. Likewise the guy on a nice suit.

For the business aforementioned and any other business at all, whether profit making or non-profit making; is it a small, medium enterprise or a conglomerate? The aim is Brand Awareness.

When your business is well known and trusted, more patronage means more profit.

But the issue for most businesses especially startups is hinged on the fact that most entrepreneurs don't know the secrets to viral marketing.

Along the line some entrepreneurs have mastered these secrets, some are still struggling to decipher them, while some others have had to close down because of their inability to pull through which is rather unfortunate.

Some of the challenges are what we'll look at in our short lecture.

1: Do people forget your business easily, despite telling them about it? How to make them remember your advert

2: Is your content huge and ambiguous? Taking advantage of Simplicity

3:Is your work trusted and remembered? How to leverage on Credibility

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