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Health / Help Peter With Urgent Medical Treatment by darkstar6971: 4:20am On Jul 27
Hi, my name is Jim and i’m fundraising for peter’s urgent medical emergency, little of the story is shared below...


A 6 years old boy In Etche Rivers state cries for help as a result of his mother places his 2 legs inside hot water which she boil with fire for the reason that he just brings a donut to home from a stranger.

The boy is in pains and his legs are critically damage as he need an urgent medical assistance,

Let us help this child to overcome this tough time

Is this one a discipline or wickedness from the mother side?

This is barbaric and wicked to say the least imagine an innocent kid passing through this severe pain from someone that is suppose to be his guide, mentor and mother.

Women stop abusing little children. Women should stop raping children.

When you afflict a minor, you are raping them.

Something must be done about the violence papetrated by mother's in law and other women. It's getting out of hand.

Cc: Lalasticlala

Career / 5 Most Interesting Jobs In 2021 by darkstar6971: 1:35am On Jul 27
1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the hottest career choices for individuals looking for a career in the tech world. Due to the unprecedented boom in internet users, digital marketing has become very popular among companies and individuals as well.

Digital marketing helps organizations get discovered online and find the right audience for them. This is why able digital marketers are high in demand.

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is a learnable skill and newbie digital marketers can do it practically. The salary is also awesome; so you can make a great deal of money as a digital marketer.

In digital marketing, you have to know how to use tools specific to digital marketing like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, etc. You also have to learn social media ads and search engine optimization.

Typically, it takes almost a year to learn digital marketing and land on a good job. Also remember, in digital marketing, your practical skills matter more than the knowledge you have in your head.

2. Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

Collecting and organizing data to obtain various results is a crucial step in any business, and it is not an easy process. Data collection and interpretation is a skill that learned people acquire over time.

Small and big brands have now started to know the importance of analyzing data, and it has become one of the hottest skills ever since 2019.

A skilled data analyst is someone who can scrape data from the internet and make it more readable. That’s how it can be helpful to devise a marketing plan.

Brands are willing to spend a lot of money on data analysts and data scientists. It is a place most commonly required in all kinds of businesses, therefore, the opportunities are huge, and so is the salary.

Average salary- $200k/year

3. Content creation

Content is king, and more often the kingdom too. Content may have various forms, but only a creative and engaging piece of content is able to catch people’s attention. Be it a blog, picture, or video, creative content is in high demand, thanks to social media.

If you have the creative side that can create amazing content, you can boost your personal branding, or you can join an agency to create powerful content in the form of video, blog, podcast, and everything in between.

Brands these days hire people who can create content for them for social media handles and blogs as well. If you have creative qualities of you know how to entertain people and give them unique content each time, this is the right option for you.

Content creation is more of an individual job and if you don’t want to work for someone, you can try to work in increasing your own brand.

Average salary- $150-$200k/ year

4. Marketing strategist

A marketing strategist is a person who is adept at deceiving a marketing strategy for businesses or individuals. Marketing at present is more focused on adapting to changes and finding an audience on digital platforms.

Therefore, digital marketing strategies, combined with conventional methods is the need of the hour. That’s the basic job of a marketing strategist. Apart from that, a marketing strategist focuses on research and studying the data, and implementing it with the right strategy.

To become a marketing strategist, you have to know the essentials of marketing and a lot of practical experience. This is the only way through which you can have a great career out of it.

Average salary- $200k/year

5. Graphic design

Be it social media ads or magazine articles, graphic design is everywhere, and without it, things would seem so plain and boring.

There are millions of graphic designers at present, and in the future, brands will hire more graphic designers to captivate their audience’s attention. It is all about creativity and combining the latest trends with catchy slogans.

If you are creative at heart and enjoy making graphics, then this job is just for you. You can illustrate throughout the day and create logos, banners, leaflets, user interface, etc.

The most important tools for a graphic designer are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Before looking for graphic designing gigs, you should learn how to use these software.

Average salary- $150k/year

Source: https://nobviral.com/2021/07/27/5-most-interesting-jobs-in-2021/

Crime / Petition: Lets Take Flutterwave Payment System Down by darkstar6971: 1:31pm On Jul 24
An Anonymous Story with proof to validate it was shared to us.

Flutterwave: Nigerian Facing A Life Threats In Uganda Over Witness Protection Failure

“I am sharing this because if anything is to happen to me it is because I was left unattended and being ignored for working as an undercover for a payment system Co-founded by Nigerians.

The payment system had a breach in their system earlier this year by a group of fraudsters which cost them over 30 million Naira. I started an investigating their activities on my own after getting a proof of their fraudulent activities, I contacted the payment system and I started communicating with two people representing the payment system via Telegram. I informed them about everything I found out they appreciated my hardworking for what I did and for not taking the information to the Public.

To cut is short we reached to a stage where by they want me to find out about how those people are getting into their system by being an Undercover for them and to possibly lure one among those guys to be in communication with them by making him believe they will have a mole in the payment system.

I started working on that without receiving any penny from them I got the identities of two people in the group where I shared it to them and I told them to provide me with something because I am running out of cash one of the representatives was happy for the information I gave them with proofs. He promised to get back to me on Monday that was on 19th July 2021 I gave them my account details expecting to hear from them but they cut off communication with me because they felt like they have gotten all they need to know. I once again reached out to the payment system via email narrating the whole story to them and the Names of the representatives. They included one among those representatives in our chat whom I believed to be the Boss which proved to me that they are really the ones I have been communicating with.

My cover has been blown out due to their betrayal and I am facing threats to my Life. It is not too late for them to make it right but if anything is to happen to me or if they fail to provide what they promised to before next week Monday that’s 26th of July, 2021. I have distributed copies of our conversation to the people I trust to share it out to the Public. People need to know the truth and the conspiracies of the system they are using their hard earned money to.

Sign the petition: https:///7X7I58QMKI?amp=1


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Properties / Re: Please Judge This Case For Me, Between Me And My Tenant. by darkstar6971: 12:02pm On Jul 21
Before this my tenant paid for the house, there was a complete door net in good condition. Therefore she has lived here for more than 5 years, during the course of those years, she renew the door net which later worn out. Now this year, she decided to park and rent a bigger room elsewhere. During her parking i wasn't at home, when i came back, i saw that she had remove the door net. I told her for removing the door net am going to deduct N5000 from the 8 month rent i need to refund to her. She starts ranting saying she spend N3000 to fix the door net, that i shouldn't deduct her money.

Guys, what do you think i should do?
Why she go remove? abeg deduct your money o she owes you no favour.
Crime / Re: Brazil's Most Violent Gang Escapes Prison By Digging A Tunnel, Seen On CCTV by darkstar6971: 1:09pm On Jul 20
South Americans re just tooo notorious
Armed&Dangerous grin grin
Crime / Re: Brazil's Most Violent Gang Escapes Prison By Digging A Tunnel, Seen On CCTV by darkstar6971: 1:08pm On Jul 20
Crime / Sorted Out!! by darkstar6971: 1:05pm On Jul 18
Sorted Out
Business / Re: Please What Is Wrong With Barter App? I’m Having 2M Which I’m Unable To Withdraw by darkstar6971: 6:16pm On Jul 16
I will advise you create a flutterwave account. Create a product page and use the barter account to make multiple payments
yes bruh I get flutterwave verified, pls tell me the procedures
Business / Re: Please What Is Wrong With Barter App? I’m Having 2M Which I’m Unable To Withdraw by darkstar6971: 6:15pm On Jul 16
I’m hoping the 2M Ugx is not equivalent to #2m otherwise I’d say “You’ve been had...”
no bruh 270K Naira equivalent sad
Business / Please What Is Wrong With Barter App? I’m Having 2M Which I’m Unable To Withdraw by darkstar6971: 5:56pm On Jul 16
Greetings Nairalanders pls what’s wrong with barter app payment system I’m having some 2M Ugx which I’m unable to withdraw beside sending dem email which seems to be in vain plz any advice will really help thanks

Business / Please What Is Wrong With Barter App? I’m Having 2M Which I’m Unable To Withdraw by darkstar6971: 5:46pm On Jul 16
Greetings Nairalanders pls what’s wrong with barter app payment system I’m having some 2M Ugx which I’m unable to withdraw beside sending dem email which seems to be in vain plz any advice will really help thanks
Crime / Re: A Woman Slapped Me, How Do I Follow The Case Up? by darkstar6971: 5:28pm On Jul 16
Go to a police station that has a unmarried woman as DPO.
Smile and laugh with her,then watch her fight your battles with that woman.
Dm me na make we file a 2Million Naira law suit against her na from there she go take lesson.
Celebrities / Big Brother Naija (BBN): How Soon Is Soon? by darkstar6971: 5:13pm On Jul 16
After the previously conclusion of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown reunion show filled with lots of gist, shocking revelations and fights, the audience is impatiently waiting for the beginning of the next season, season 6.

Previously, rumours spread like wildfire that MultiChoice was allegedly in debt to the Nigerian government and had not paid taxes amounting to about 1.8 trillion Naira. People were speculating that it could be among the reasons the starting date for the next BBN season has not been announced.

After impatiently waiting, fan pages started to post different photos of people who they claimed are to be the leaked housemates in the next season.

The official BBN page released a statement that all the claims were false silencing these rumours. The different leaked faces do not even match. This statement has left fans wondering how much longer it will take since they have heard enough of “starting soon.”

Source: https://amebo9ja.com/big-brother-naija-bbn-how-soon-is-soon/

Romance / Re: My Pregnant Girlfriend Has Ran Away With The Pregnancy by darkstar6971: 1:11am On Jul 16
She ran to the real father of her unborn child angry, Sorry OP
Crime / Re: Four Women Arrested For Selling Donkey Meat In Edo (Photos) by darkstar6971: 6:39pm On Jul 15

Foreign Affairs / Re: #FreeZuma Looting: South African Man Carries Home A Looted ATM Machine (Video) by darkstar6971: 5:23pm On Jul 15
Health / Re: Why Do I Always Feel My Throat Smells? by darkstar6971: 2:39pm On Jul 15
Reduce your smoking grin
Nothing concern dis with smoking Sir.

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Crime / Re: I Didn’t Kill Usifo Ataga- Chidinma Denies Killing Super TV CEO by darkstar6971: 7:27pm On Jul 12
They should release the innocent girl.
The stupid TV CEO dude fed her drugs and did unimaginable styles with her in the hotel room.
The man should either defend himself or they let the girl go.
Lets be reasonable for once.
BTW, what is even super about the man?
Bkayy or who u be.. so na untill someone get something wey super about him before justice will be served?? Shame!
Crime / Re: I Didn’t Kill Usifo Ataga- Chidinma Denies Killing Super TV CEO by darkstar6971: 7:23pm On Jul 12
I Didn’t Kill Usifo Ataga- Chidinma Denies Killing Super TV CEO

The suspected killer of Usifo Ataga, Chidinma Ojukwu has denied killing the late CEO. Recall that when Chidinma was arrested by Policemen initially, she confessed to killing the CEO. However, in a new interview with Crime Fighters, Chidinma explained that she didn’t kill Ataga. This new interview has come as a shock to many Nigerians, owing to the fact that the suspect actually confessed to stabbing the deceased multiple times in her first confession.

Read what she said in her new interview below,

“I went to withdraw money from the ATM and when I was leaving, he locked the door after me. When I came back, I noticed that the door wasn’t locked and the duvet was on the floor. The couch was facing the door and the bed was stained with blood already. The floor was bloody and the TV was on. The room was disarranged like someone broke into it. I was afraid that if I raised an alarm, I would be arrested for the crime. I packed my things and left the room. I took the bag that contained his ID card and bank statements. I took his phone and later I withdrew more money from his atm. He already told me that he was going to give me the money. There was no 5 million naira in my account. I don’t have anything to do with his death.  I know someone did it, but I don’t know who the person is. I don’t know what happened when I went to buy the food. I did not kill him. I believe someone knew where we were and waited for me to leave to do what they did. I decided to take the blame initially because I was scared. No one is influencing my statement.”

You can watch the interview below :

dis one dey play comedy wey shaggi never attempted to grin >:
Crime / Re: 5 Kidnappers Arrested In Ogun While Collecting Ransom For Boy They Abducted by darkstar6971: 7:19pm On Jul 12

The lady wey dey middle na she dey control the gang.. shame to the female genders. undecided
Crime / Re: Dauda Danladi: Police Accused Of Torturing 33-year-Old Man To Death In Bauchi by darkstar6971: 7:15pm On Jul 12

men are destructive sha.

boko haram = men

mist robbers and kidnappers = men

gender that will do anything to get women including killing or putting their lives at risk = men

triggerers of world wars = men
Besiru or wetin u be.. u are a disgrace to a male gender. embarassed


Crime / Re: Dauda Danladi: Police Accused Of Torturing 33-year-Old Man To Death In Bauchi by darkstar6971: 7:12pm On Jul 12

Hope your dad ended up like him! And if he is still alive and since he is a scum. I wish him the same end.
In Jesus name.. Amen!

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