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Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 10:20am On Jun 15, 2020

I haven't seen you on this thread since the last time the earth was flat!

Hope you are good?

Very very good, thank you
Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 8:50am On Jun 15, 2020

I started with this advice about 3 years back. All those fees from touts are stuff you tend to learn on the job. The figures he gave are obviously no longer valid today but it was a good starting point.

I've learnt so much over the years that I have decided to write an ebook to help anyone who wants to get into this.

And yes, I will sell the book when it's ready. If you're good at something, don't do it for free.

But as is the case of those who contact me for advice, I will still give like I've been doing so far.

Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 8:49am On Jun 15, 2020

What about the fees you need to the various local government touts that litter the roads and pester dispatch riders for money?

Have you factored it in?

Guess that responsibility falls on the would-be logistics provider.

I'm sure each state have their own fees structure.

If you can find out the fees in your location please share for all.
Business / Re: How To Build Enviable Income As An Email Copywriter In 2020.,, by DealFinder(m): 4:47pm On Jun 02, 2020
Timely information. Thank you OP.


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Business / Re: CBN To Adopt Cryptocurrency & Blockchain- Promoting Local Production by DealFinder(m): 6:10am On Aug 27, 2017

People have asked me a lot of times, "how do you make money from goshencoin"?

My reply has always being very simple, "buy, invest, and profit from it"


Owning some units of GoshenCoin is just like owning shares in a company. It automatically makes you a part owner of the company, and as the value of the company appreciates, so also does the shares you own appreciate.

There are those who bought GoshenCoin when it was very new, at the price of N0.10 (10 kobo), and now that it sells for N1.50 they have seen their holdings increase in value. 100,000 GXP bought with N10,000 then, is actually worth N150,000 right now. So the first step in profiting from GoshenCoin is buying as much as you can conveniently buy right now.


A lot of people think that investing is all about buying an asset and waiting for it to grow. There is much more to investing. A successful investor spends time, energy, resources in a project, with the expectation of yielding profits, interests, rents in the future.

To be an investor in GoshenCoin, you may have to join the GoshenCoin ecosystem. Learn as much as you can about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. This trend is changing the way transactions are done globally, and to profit from this you have to position yourself and your business rightly. You may also have to set up businesses and projects that will run on GoshenCoin. This way, you will continually remain relevant in this new technology now and in the future.


After you have gone through the 2 steps above, profit automatically comes. Your profitability depends on how much you buy and invest in this dynamic system. GoshenCoin is an Asset Class, and based on it's deflationary features, will continually appreciate in value as more people become a part of it.

The best time to start is now. You can join our Telegram group or follow us on twitter, Facebook @goshencoin
Business / Re: CBN To Adopt Cryptocurrency & Blockchain- Promoting Local Production by DealFinder(m): 4:56pm On Aug 26, 2017
Blockchain designed the ease online businesses. The payment wallet & gateway for woocommerce (WordPress) is ready, and can be deployed on any online store running on that platform.

You can easily accept payment for services, virtual products, and physical products on your store. Using GXP.

Your buyers can come from anywhere in the world, and what's more, you don't need to request for their personal information before they can pay on your store
Business / Re: CBN To Adopt Cryptocurrency & Blockchain- Promoting Local Production by DealFinder(m): 4:28pm On Aug 26, 2017
What e-wallet will one need to be able to store the goshencoin?

Of course very secure and easy to use. There is a Windows wallet which can be downloaded on the GoshenCoin github repository.

Safe also, and you don't have any issues even when offline
Business / CBN To Adopt Cryptocurrency & Blockchain- Promoting Local Production by DealFinder(m): 3:56pm On Aug 26, 2017
This article says it all

GoshenCoin Set To Go into Mainstream: Expect Massive Price Increase- Experts

With the recent news in the media about the CBN's approval of Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, there have being support for this decision. Especially for those in fintech industry who see this as a bold step for the government to align itself with the latest technology trends.

Among those who received the news with much excitement is Mr Eugene Nwoji, co-founder of GoshenCoin, an indigenous owned Cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. The GoshenCoin (GXP) cryptocurrency, he claims will solve the major problems experienced by Nigerians in diaspora when remitting funds back home. This cryptocurrency also has designed, and developed an infrastructure for the online business community.

As the CBN shops for the ideal cryptocurrency to adopt, the pertinent questions that come to mind are if it will create an entirely new cryptocurrency, or to adopt an already existing one. Creating a new cryptocurrency is an onerous task, since this technology is still new, and there are very few globally who have to technical know how.

The more convenient option is to adopt an already existing cryptocurrency. Does that mean that the CBN will go for bitcoin, or litecoin. In line with this administration's drive to promote locally made products, the indigenous created GoshenCoin cryptocurrency becomes the best choice.

Whatever option the CBN goes for, it is apparent that there will be a surge in the acceptance of Cryptocurrency as a payment mode by merchants, resulting in higher demand. This, experts believe, gives GoshenCoin an early advantage, and a possible 1,000% increase in its current price of N1.50.

This may just be your best time to invest in GoshenCoin.

Source http://amibor.com/goshencoin-set-to-go-into-mainstream-expect-massive-price-increase-experts/

Business / Re: #gxpoverthemoon by DealFinder(m): 4:33am On Aug 26, 2017
#gxpOverTheMoon Trading Program

The #gxpOverTheMoon Trading program provides a platform for new, and experienced traders to learn basic fundamentals and trading techniques, and also hold trade positions that will guarantee at least 500% returns within 30 days.

It earns the trader N36,500 (36,500) in 30 days from an initial trade seed of $20. No registration payment is required.

All they have to do is follow the directives of our experienced traders, and they're assured of earning from their trades.

The directives are

1. Coin to buy
2. How to buy
3. Where to buy
4. How to sell
5. When to sell
6. Where to sell

How to Participate

1. Visit https://wallet.goshenco.in/ to create your own GoshenCoin (GXP) wallet for free. If you already have an account, you can skip to next step.

2. Join the official GoshenCoin Telegram Community. Check signature.

3. In the group you will receive guidance on steps to follow to place your trade. Your $20 trade seed should be in bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin with Naira from localbitcoins or from friends.

4. Even if you're new to bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you will receive assistance all the way until your trade earns you $100.

The trainings are online, through the GoshenCoin Community on Telegram, and offline in various training centers around, beginning with Lagos state. You can send me chat on whatsapp, check my signature.
Business / Re: #gxpoverthemoon by DealFinder(m): 6:09am On Aug 24, 2017
GoshenCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange system for communicating value among users, anywhere around the world. GoshenCoin is denominated in GXP and it is presently valued at 1GXP = N1.50 (One Naira fifty kobo). It can also be exchanged for bitcoin on Novaexchange (https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_GXP).
Business / #gxpoverthemoon by DealFinder(m): 10:57pm On Aug 23, 2017

In trading, the term "to the moon" refers to a trading instrument steadily increasing in price, caused by more buyers than sellers of that particular instrument. This trading instrument could be forex (foreign exchange), commodities (oil, gold), cryptocurrency (bitcoin, goshencoin, litecoin).

#gxpOverTheMoon is a program created to ensure that GoshenCoin (GXP) attains it's maximum potential in terms of user base, value and market price. This program comprises of several different projects and initiatives running concurrently, which are presently at different stages of completion.
Business / The 4th Life - A Truly Trans-generational System by DealFinder(m): 9:56pm On Jul 11, 2017
And so the debate began. "show me a truly matrix system that everybody wins, and I'll give you my full support" quipped Ejike.

Tony wasn't deterred. He was bent on having his way, at least it was a quick means of making money, not minding whose ax is gored.

Tony had being involved in a lot of 'systems' and he believed that business was all about trying one's luck. "You win some, you lose some", was one of his most popular sayings.

They both needed to find a common ground. This was business, and they were in it for the money.

If you're reading this, it ain't a story from any literature novel, but a narrative on how a system that is designed to last till the next generation was born.

Welcome to 4th Life
Business / Re: Checklist For Successful Ecommerce Business In Nigeria by DealFinder(m): 6:35am On Apr 29, 2016
Checklist #2

Get the relevant skills

Coming from a background of computer engineering and networking with a knack for research, I realized that much more was needed to be successful in online business. Getting the relevant skills then seemed a very vital item that had to be checked on my checklist.

You see, if all you want todo online is to sell your products, then your aim should be knowing the best products to sell, understanding the market and the segment you intend to service, and best of all knowing how, when and where to source your products at the best price.

Ecommerce runs basically on the web, and going higher in the value chain means that you'll one day own your own online store. Possibly designed by you, or by a team put together by you. The store also needs dedicated administrator(s) depending on the scale it is. There is logistics - storage, delivery, packaging, invoicing etc.

For the technical aspect, skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, ASP.net, MSQL should be on your list. As the operations scale, additional hands would be required, and thats where your managerial skill comes into play. For logistics, there are a number of short courses, and if you're a fast learner, you should grab the fundamentals in 3 days.

Most importantly, getting the right people on your team will guarantee how far your business can go. That's what differentiate the average players from the exceptional ones.
Business / Checklist For Successful Ecommerce Business In Nigeria by DealFinder(m): 10:03am On Apr 28, 2016
Checklist ... is a comprehensive list of important and relevant actions, or steps to be taken in a specific order.

I will be outlining my checklist for setting up and running a successful Ecommerce business in Nigeria, though in no specific order. Because they will be addressed as they come to mind.

The idea behind this thread is to assist in decision making, both for those who are new and those who are already into Ecommerce.

For each item stated on the checklist, there will be notes stating why it is important, relevant information, steps taken etc

Suggestions, comments, questions are welcome

1. Get Facts to Support Move from Offline to Online Business

Years back, running a shop from the same building with my home, there was certainly lots of ideas and great expectations of achieving so much. Unfortunately, the atmosphere wasn't so friendly.

Had to handle local government officials who came with the slightest excuse to extort money from me - lock up permit, banner permit, radio and TV license, business center/ cafe permit etc. Then we had the NEPA officials always threatening to disconnect me cause one tenant was owing. And then we had the landlord to pay our yearly rent.

All these had to be paid for irrespective of the business' revenue. And we certainly weren't getting finance from any institution. These paint a picture of what to expect when running a business in Nigeria. Though a number of entrepreneurs have being able rise up t these challenges and excel in their endeavours.

Having my business online means that the local government authorities don't get to bill me for using space, or LASAA for putting up advertisement banner. These are statutory obligations and as such every well meaning citizen is expected to comply with the relevant government authorities.

The fact is that running an online business means I have to consider the virtual space ie where my business will be hosted, marketing strategy, branding, customer retainership, size of market, cost of day-to-day running of the business. At the end of the day, an online business runs at a fraction of what is required for offline. My market is spread through geographic regions, and reaching them doesn't require substantial spending in advertising.

Business / Re: 10 Business Opportunities In Ecommerce by DealFinder(m): 2:02pm On Apr 27, 2016
5. Consulting - A lot of business organizations, particularly those into buying and seling, require participation in online sales. And most of these organizations don't know much about selling online. I currently consult for some organizations, and have had the opportunity to advice some others on the best possible way of selling their products online. They seek for those with relevant skill, knowledge and experience to guide their online business through the murky Ecommerce business. You should know your onions, and be ready to provide practical solutions that will produce positive results for them.

6. Affiliate Marketing - Even if you do not have your own products to sell, affiliate marketing allows you to earn commission for selling others' products. The commissions are usually specified when you sign up, and all you have to do is advertise the products on your blog, social media account, electronic newsletter, or any other electronic media that you have a modest audience. It's a convenient way to start if you don't have the required start up capital to purchase your goods.

7. Web Development - All online stores, whether retail or marketplace, run on the internet. They are websites designed for displaying products, and with features that enable you to order and pay online. These online stores are built by web developers and they don't come very cheap. Those with basic web development knowledge like css, php, mysql etc can familiarize themselves with the skills needed to create and host online stores. New stores are coming online daily, and more merchants are itching to have their their own stores up and running, especially as they realize that the changing policies of established marketplaces seems to hit them negatively.

8. Mini Importation - Nairaland is filled with a lot of information on mini importation and how to get your products from countries like China and America, into Nigeria. Ecommerce provides a platform for quick sales of products imported and therefore encourages more people to get involved in the trade. And best of all is that it doesn't require massive capital outlay to get started.

9. Warehouse Leasing - Ecommerce retailing is a game changer for logistics, especially as regards to warehouse and storage leasing. Warehouses are usually large, and mainly used by importers and manufacturers for storage of their goods. Today, warehouse goes beyond serving as storage, but also provides some value added services which many now refer to as fulfillment centers or hubs. Services like self storage, sortation, order processing, cross docking, reverse logistics etc, are also provided in this new type of warehouse. Ventures like this require that you have substantial capital outlay to buy or own the warehouse for providing such services.

10. Photography - Products sell better with great images. These can be achieve if the images are taken with good photographers with professional cameras, and excellent lighting. Gradually, these services are being increasingly demanded. And those already practicing do not require additional capital outlay to service this need.

These are my 10 best, of course there are other business opportunities.
Business / 10 Business Opportunities In Ecommerce by DealFinder(m): 12:39pm On Apr 27, 2016
As we anticipate the signing of this year's budget, which many believe will stimulate the economy and increase economic activities. There are indicators that almost all sectors have being hit by reducing patronage, increasing production cost all fall in demand of produced goods and services.

There are however prospects of growth and increasing patronage particularly in Ecommerce retail sales. Driven largely by the convenience of placing an order online, and having it delivered to your doorstep. More consumers are exploring this option for buying their basic necessities.

I have detailed Nigerian online users and Ecommerce stats on previous threads, and would therefore not dwell on that here. They show the potential of Ecommerce business in Nigeria and how those who are ready can tap into it.

Below are 10 business opportunities in Ecommerce with great prospects

1. Selling online - Sell your products and services on already established online stores, the popular ones are Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, Kaymu, and also Efritin, olx etc. They offer marketplaces and other platforms for you to sell your products, and usually charge a commission for each completed sale. We have B2C (Business to Consumer) sales which are mainly done on the marketplaces, whil C2C (Consumer to Consumer) sales which can be done on online listing sites.

2. Owning your own Marketplace - There are proliferation of new marketplaces, which allow merchants to sign up and then sell their products. Most are free while some charge you a fee or are subscription based. Vconnect requires you to pay a fee for selling on their platform, while Konga recently introduced the monthly subscription fee for merchants. Having your own marketplace means that you could make money from sign up or subscription fees, commission on sales, and delivery cost paid by buyer for their ordered products. However, a substantial capital base is needed in order to make a success of this.

3. Logistics/ Delivery - An online transaction is said to be complete after the order has being received by the buyer, and this has to be done within the stipulated time frame. With increases in demand comes increase in number of deliveries for fulfilling these orders. Lagos currently remains the largest market, and as such, more than 40% of orders made online are by Lagos residents. So deciding to deliver within Lagos only (because of limited means) can still sustain a delivery company. One or two delivery motorbikes are enough to get started and with charges ranging from N600 to N1,000 per delivery, getting good customers and repeat businesses will lead to success.

4. Social Media Marketing - We live in an age where social media has revolutionized the way we interact with each other. This is also used as a marketing tool as brands use this medium to interact and get information from their customers. Brand ambassadors can be recruited from here and encouraged to reach out to those in their sphere of contact. The social media savvy run promotions and ads campaign, build fan base, share information about brands to their followers. Others manage the social media accounts of these companies and are paid based and agreed terms.
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 3:53pm On Mar 17, 2016

Would they (fedex) collection my cash for me on delivery. Because the transaction is pay on delivery. You may drop the other contact pls. Tnx

JESS Delivery Express Whatsapp – 08181011208

They cover Lagos, Asaba, Warri, Benin, Auchi, Ekpoma, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Owerri, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Yenagoa, Ilorin, Sango, Afikpo
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 10:16am On Mar 13, 2016
How do I send item to buyer outside Lagos and receive payment on delivery. This is a major challenge for me now. Kindly help

You'll have to use FedEx. I could also send you details of a delivery company that contacted me recently. Though I haven't used them yet.
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 10:13am On Mar 13, 2016
Bro, can I have ur no.? I would need it so that I can communicate with u. I want to hit the ground running as soon as possible. Thanks

Check my signature
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 6:04am On Mar 10, 2016
which shipping company do you use to send out of lagos

I currently sell only to residents of Lagos.
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 12:25pm On Mar 09, 2016
I posted a msg on your whatsapp but no reply. It seems u are not using d whatsapp again.

If no early response on watsapp, pls call
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 2:25pm On Mar 08, 2016
How can I participate ? I stay in Abia

You can reach me through my signature
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 7:31pm On Mar 07, 2016
do you still make the 1m in sales on dealday or not?

For January and February didn't, but for March I've done a quarter of that already
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 10:24am On Mar 07, 2016
What is the position of Dealdey now?

The delay between payments have being greatly reduced, and they have promised that their automated payment system would start working today
Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 11:38pm On Mar 02, 2016

Running a delivery business with even a bicycle without proper Nipost license is illegal in Nigeria. A lot of people have been arrested in Lagos and their motorbikes impounded for running such business

Thanks for the info

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Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 6:31am On Mar 02, 2016
N300k cannot set up a logistics outfit in Nigeria with licensing fees that are over N2Million Naira for just intra state coverage

We're talking starting out with 1 delivery motorbike. Of course there are licenses that goes with establishing a courier/ haulage outfit, but we're looking at starting out with self fulfillment
Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 6:00pm On Mar 01, 2016
If logistics is that easy Jumia will not pull out of pick ups,even at start up konga involves the service of DHL but they later back out as big as they are,e-commerce delievery is peculiar and sensitive than other forms of delieveries,

Very true. However, there's an aspect of logistics referred to as reverse logistics. This handles returns, cancelled, rejected orders etc and if not properly run it will eat deep into the finances of the company.

That's the major problem that most logistics and Ecommerce platforms face, including Jumia


Business / Re: Starting Your Own Logistics/ Delivery Outfit With Less Than 300k by DealFinder(m): 9:03pm On Feb 29, 2016

Eye opening write up I must say. Can I please give you a call concerning this piece? My number is 08033344312


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Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 9:55am On Feb 25, 2016
Very nice information @ OP.......You will surely be rewarded for this someday....Keep up the good works. God bless you

Thank you smiley
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 6:23am On Feb 25, 2016
You need to be paid for this info.

Abeg, you said somewhere on the thread that if someone have an order, he need to make a printout for jumia. Is it like a delivery form that will facilitate the delivery? Kindly explain further. And where can someone find their office? I stayed around Agege.

With every order in Jumia, you'll have to print out a Shipping Label, which is usually 3 pages. And 2 copies of the Carrier Manifest. This is be both signed by you and the receiver of items in Jumia office.

Their office is in Adeniyi Jones in Ikeja.
Business / Re: How I Made Over N1 Million Naira Monthly Sales On Dealdey by DealFinder(m): 10:52pm On Feb 24, 2016

thanks for the reassurance.

its very comforting to know that people will continue to buy things online, even if/when prices eventually double.

Don't forget that informed buyers are driven by value, not price

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