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Politics / Re: Security Intervenes As Fan Rushes At Atiku In Gombe (Video) by desiredhome: 6:06pm On Oct 01
Na only for airport dem dey always go meet Atiku.
Why is nobody matching for him?
While wike was boosting all around that he had won the PDP ticket with all the noise before the primary, Atiku was just quite and calculative.......
Lesson to learn: it's not by making noise up and down...........
Politics / Re: Jubilation In Rivers As Lost Aircraft Finally Returns (Photos) by desiredhome: 11:48am On Sep 28
Amaechi used most of Rivers State's assets to sponsor Buhari's presidential election.
Because wike and patience Jonathan were using the federal might to remove/embarrass Amaechi by all means.......if not for wicked wike's evil ambition/dirty politics would Buhari had come to power?.......
Crying can not undo what has been done........
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Marries Benedicta Elechi With Pastor Tobi as Best Man by desiredhome: 11:06pm On Sep 27
Daddy freeze you must pay your tithe, either to God or to the devil
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Marries Benedicta Elechi With Pastor Tobi as Best Man by desiredhome: 10:38pm On Sep 27
Misplaced priorities. You criticize Christianity and still wed in Christian ways.... Drunk in madnes
He didn't criticize Christianity, he only criticize the pulpit bandits using the church to defraud their members.......
Especially those ones that uses members money to build school that only the rich can attend/afford.........

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Marries Benedicta Elechi With Pastor Tobi as Best Man by desiredhome: 10:30pm On Sep 27
This is a confused man that has confused and deceived so many people, now boldly getting married to someone's wife, with a confused pastor as his best man.
GOD have mercy on all the people he has confused and rescue them from the Broadway before it becomes late.
Everybody is confused except you.,.... shocked
Life is simple, don't make it too hard for yourself....
Politics / Re: Ortom Breaks Away From Wike’s Allies, Says ‘I Want Ayu As Chairman’ by desiredhome: 3:38pm On Sep 27
Dem don dey go, one by one.
Na chop Rivers state money and clean mouth........
Business / Re: Man Cries Out As His Goods Worth Millions Floats On Water In Ariaria (video) by desiredhome: 10:01am On Sep 27
Clueless Champaign Governor, When I heard this jonsing Man said he is to renovate Ariaria I knew the fate of Ariaria will be that of his useless center table that took years to be flyover. As APC is to Nigeria so is PDP to Abia state Stupid parties, I hope as Nigeria is gona be liberated soon by Obi that true Abian will do same for Abia maka ndi Abia atago ahuhu.
These people are the same people waiting for Buhari to come and build their markets and roads for them........
They are there hailing/supporting their criminal governor because of tribalism, wasting their common resources in aimless traveling all over the world while.........


Education / Re: FG Orders VCs To Reopen Varsities, Commence Lectures by desiredhome: 12:16pm On Sep 26
Buhari loves wavulence,let's see who's more powerful btw ASUU and FG.
So employees are now bigger than employer abi?.......the moment you see comments like this you quickly know where it's coming from...... people with bitter pills/hate in their blood.......

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Politics / Re: Northern Traditional Rulers, Retired Military Officers Back Atiku, Dare Wike by desiredhome: 9:31pm On Sep 25
Atiku is a pathological thief like Tinubu and both must not near Aso villa. Perter Obi is our next president..
And who is not a thief among all of them the aspirants? grin

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Crime / Re: Photo Of Notorious Kidnapper 'Lion' With Security Operatives Shared Online by desiredhome: 2:33pm On Sep 25
This is a warning to all "I tap into your grace" crew.

Not all Range Rover or Benz you see on the road was bought with clean money.

Do the crime and do the time.
Some will come to the alter to give testimonies.......
This is the reason the Bible says we should not envy the rich........
Unfortunately the Nigerian lazy youths who can't ask questions will start celebrating such people......

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo: Nigeria Has No Business With Poverty, Insecurity by desiredhome: 9:27am On Sep 25
Tribalism and religion has kept us this backward..
Nigerian polithiefians using the gullible Nigerians,

using religion, tribalism to cause more poverty in the country .....

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Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Wike Jets Out Of Nigeria by desiredhome: 8:25am On Sep 25
I thought I am quoting a concern rivers man, Yoruba Muslim jumping from one thread to the other,oga this matter have nothing to do with Yoruba or tinubu,is just like me commenting about what is going on in kwara ,is that not madness?
You are talking of wike and wike is of Rivers State so what are you up to?
Whenever someone tells you the bold Truth you people will like to change it, ......stop claiming what does not belong to you......
That I mentioned Lagos state automatically made me a yoruba Muslim/tinubu.....lol.... Anyway that's the capacity of your brain (hatred).......
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Alighting From A Private Jet In Kano (Picture) by desiredhome: 10:44pm On Sep 24
He is multi billionaire in dollars. He can afford it
Why wasting money on private jet? He should've used night bus to show he is not a waster..... grin

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Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Wike Jets Out Of Nigeria by desiredhome: 10:37pm On Sep 24

Are you talking about your Little Hitler, Nyesom Nwike? You are a JOKE!
We are talking about Rivers State and not wike......
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Wike Jets Out Of Nigeria by desiredhome: 10:34pm On Sep 24
And you expected me to engage you in a civil manner? Portharcourt is igboman and igboman is portharcourt with or without ikoku ? Igboman will continue to strive for survival no matter where he found himself.

The greatest losers of wike flyover madness are ikwere land owners who depends mostly on rents for survival, igboman will go out and create another ikoku ,it will only take time ,but some ikwere people have lost their ancestoral home they will never recover forever,but hate will not allow most of you to see the real losers.
No need to engage you......truth is always bitter actually, Same way water will always find it's way....... funny how some people will lay Clam for what does not belong to them, same way Lagos is a no man land according to Igbo people, even when lagos is one of the western state ........if Port Harcourt is for Igbo why are you now crying and accusing wike?..........lol
With all your claims of development yet the eastern state are among the less developed states in Nigeria......
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Wike Jets Out Of Nigeria by desiredhome: 9:22pm On Sep 24
you they mind some people with their emotional way of playing politics,I am Igbo and I support obi with my full chest,my second choice is Atiku,is as simple as that,I see no reason hating Atiku when he has done nothing against you or your people,wike is the number one enemy of Igbo people,come to River State he has destroyed every business belonging to igboman in the name of flyover.

My people does not understand politics I swear.
Wike is not enemy of Igbo people, Igbo people always create enemy for themselves because they don't have respect people and for wherever they are, give them one inch and they will take 10 inches....... they were ready to bring their madness of biafroud to Rivers State before wike showed them the right way.....they also wanted to use ikoku as their Biafra headquarter in Rivers state but trust wike who's ear is on ground, wike now saw the need for a flyover at ikoku whereby over 50% of their spare parts business was gone.......
Politics / Re: Unravelling Wike’s Anti-southern Agenda By Ben Uhumwangho by desiredhome: 8:15pm On Sep 23

Even my father wasn't this dumb when he was my age. Just joking cheesy. He was dumber grin
Politics / Re: Unravelling Wike’s Anti-southern Agenda By Ben Uhumwangho by desiredhome: 6:46pm On Sep 23

my father is Imbeccile....... Point out the lie or counter it with facts.
Politics / Re: Unravelling Wike’s Anti-southern Agenda By Ben Uhumwangho by desiredhome: 4:49pm On Sep 23
Senseless writer!
Where were you when Atiku and his gang left PDP to APC?
Where were you when Wike did everything within his position, using Rivers State resources to keep PDP afloat?
If Wike had left the time Atiku did, would Atiku have had a party to be contesting for president?
If Wike had left the time Ayu did, would the greedy Ayu have had a party to be struggling to keep his post as the Chairman?

Biased writer with no sense of reasoning!

I don't usually support politicians but on this one, I sand with Wike with my full chest!
Stale ........
Politics / Re: Charles Aniagwu: Wike Didn’t Respect Zoning In Rivers in 2015, Ayu Won’t Resign by desiredhome: 3:55pm On Sep 23
Foolishness is when Wike does not want Zoning in Rivers but insist on zoning at the National Level.

These types of imbecilic behavior will take him no where each time he drinks he comes out to talk trash and insult people.
Wike is a hypocrite, he want people to do what he can not do.........
Even though Ayu should resign he will never be satisfied because his only ambition is to be the president......

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Politics / Re: Ayu: It Is Fight To Finish - Wike Insists by desiredhome: 10:37pm On Sep 22
Even Udom Emmanuel have acknowledged this and ask people to keep to their words.....

Atiku isn't even showing any sign of a good leader by trying to sideline a man that kept his home while he was away partying with Buhari and Tinubu and the same people turned him down and he realised there was never anything like home.....The same man came back to destroy the party that Wike kept and vowed to work with....

Atiku that Barcanista is trying to portray as a unifier is simply a dullard.,
A typical characteristic of we south South ......it must be me else the party most scatter..........
The same way wike sponsored Magnus Abe to scatter APC in Rivers State in the last election..........


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu: PDP's Only Crisis Is Caused By One Man Who Lost An Election by desiredhome: 7:10pm On Sep 22
So sad coming from Dele Momodu. Use to have respect for this Momodu. But it appears he does not love his people.
Why do you people hate the Truth?......
Because Wike lost in the primary he now want to scatter the party?........
Meanwhile what he is talking against in the federal is what he is doing in the state......
Wike is nothing but a hypocrite......
Only his sycophants are supporting him. ...

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Politics / Re: Dele Momodu: PDP's Only Crisis Is Caused By One Man Who Lost An Election by desiredhome: 7:02pm On Sep 22
Dele wants to buy market from wike lol
Is wike God?.......
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Fuel Subsidy Is Organized Crime by desiredhome: 10:57pm On Sep 19
Why did this desperado not say all this when he chose to be Vice to Atiku in 2019.
Continue your politics of critics and tribalism.
Nigerians are not fools.
This man is beginning to sound like empty drum with louder noise........
He should be calming down.......
Politics / Re: Nigerians Post Roads In The North In Response To Peter Obi's CNN Statement by desiredhome: 5:07pm On Sep 19

If you like call him names. As for me, he isn't a saint neither is your candidate. What we (sensible) Nigerians are trying to do, is to choose a lesser evil. You can't be given an option between a devil, devil's arch angel and a sinner then you'll choose a devil over a sinner. We are going with PO not because he's the best in the whole country but cox he is better than other top contenders.
Pls note; even if the devil should come down from his throne to contest for Nigeria's election, there will still be people who'll campaign for him.
That is were we got it wrong........we suddenly believe one man is better off,....the same thing that brought Buhari and suddenly everybody is saying Buhari is this and that......lol.....
The people crictizing never see themselves as part of the rot in the society.........
My point is no matter who is at the head, if you the masses don't change your evil/wicked ways nothing will change..... you can't sow cassava and expect to reap yam........
The black have one thing in common ..........greed/poverty mindset.....
Religion / Re: Kumuyi To Ushers: Stop Imposing Persistent Head Covering On Ladies, Causes Odour by desiredhome: 5:43pm On Sep 18
Na you make rule.

Na you break am.

Followers go dey in extreme shock right now.
Followers are zombies...........slaves to their god of men .....
Religion / Re: Kumuyi To Ushers: Stop Imposing Persistent Head Covering On Ladies, Causes Odour by desiredhome: 5:41pm On Sep 18
you can now see the hypocrisy of so called men of God, first you claim watching TV is evil, you end up Transmitting your programs on live TV worldwide, you make women dress up like baboon (cartoon). Your daughter in-law during welding dressed exposing breast while you watch, meanwhile your church men are running away to Mary sweet women outside your church while your church women are left unattractive, now you discovered headgear like that of sadistic is unhealthy. Continue
These religion is a plot to further enslave you Africans...,..
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Southeast Nigeria Residents Are Tired Of Being IPOB's Slaves by desiredhome: 8:11am On Sep 17
…meanwhile the Buhari they were trying to pain is becoming fresher by the day.
Who God done bless, no man/region can curse.......the reward of hatred/bitterness is more pain........
They thought they were doing Buhari, today they are now living in bondage while @Buhari is waxing strong......


Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Southeast Nigeria Residents Are Tired Of Being IPOB's Slaves by desiredhome: 8:02am On Sep 17

Obi is already a Sabo.... He can't walk the street of SE without entourage of police men and DSS
As in Obi will be carniballized if he walks the street of SE...... really..... grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Governor Nyesom Wike And Yahaya Bello Looks Super Dap In Rivers Today-photo by desiredhome: 8:32pm On Sep 16

Because your people have chopped him clean and pushed him out of the equation? grin
Mugu fall, guy man chop......only greedy people fall victim to fraudsters/scammers grin grin
Politics / Re: "Ayu Can't Be Removed Now" - Atiku Replies Wike, Makinde by desiredhome: 8:38pm On Sep 14
O ti da

Wike must commission or flag off a project tommorow!

He must respond to this within 48 hours
I pray angry wike should flagoff eleme-junction/igbo-Itche road tomorrow so he will use the opportunity to reply Athiefku Abubalka..........
Please wike read this comment and act accordingly........please..... grin grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explains How Buhari Could Have Ended ASUU Strike In One Month (Video) by desiredhome: 9:59pm On Sep 13

Let us discuss this issue without bias.

Is it the business of government be it federal or state to run university education?

What is the level of involvement of government (state or federal) in advance countries in the running of tertiary education? Let's be sincere in our contribution.

Government should be more concerned about primary and secondary education. These level of education required 100% funding of federal and state governments.

Going to university is a choice and it's reserved for brilliant students. Those whose parents cannot afford to send them to university should have access to Education Loan. State government should give reasonable scholarships to students.

Our tertiary institution should be autonomous and run themselves. Government should just give little support like grants and subvention.

Even in Europe, government doesn't fund tertiary education.
This your opinion is better for a civilized society, Nigerian is still under the category of third world country,.... where over 70% of the people are poor......the corruption killing this country is not only from the politicians...... ASUUs demand can be met but with the high level of corruption in the university system, even though you meet their demands, nothing will change in the university system.........
Besides other unions will now renew their own strike. ..........

Peter Obi is just talking from outside ........


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