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Fashion / Re: Women's Simple Straight Kurti by dettemanon(m): 8:36pm On Nov 22
I think that women choose the clothes in which they feel good and comfortable.
Health / Re: How To Remove Skin Tags In One Night Shocking! by dettemanon(m): 7:27pm On Nov 21
The skin tag looks so ugly when it appears on my skin. But even if it's not in a prominent place, but somewhere on my chest, it makes me uncomfortable. What causes skin tags under breasts? I read an article about it. I can't understand why men have it too. I had a lot of skin tags before I started struggling with removing them. I don't wear tight T-shirts. I don't have big breasts and bras. I'm a man. But it still appeared on my skin. And I started removing it with apple cider vinegar. I was afraid it would spread to the whole body, but it was okay. Now I have been examined by doctors. My skin is fine. But I'm restless, so I'll come for a yearly skin check.
Adverts / Re: The Perfect Fathers Day Gift: Usb Desktop Aquarium by dettemanon(m): 3:20pm On Nov 17
You bought such a beautiful aquarium. This is a good Father's Day gift. But I don't like aquariums with artificial algae and leaves. Plastic isn't harmful to fish, but it looks unnatural. I'd replace the artificial leaves with good aquatic plants like Briareum. Over time, the spreading branches will have to be pruned, so they don't grow too much. But it will feed the water additionally from the fish's food. And it will look natural and beautiful in comparison with plastic. I think over time, you'll learn more about Aquarium Plant Care. I know a useful source of tips for aquarium lovers. So, you can write me in PM, if you want.
Investment / Re: Plastic Bottle Recycling Line | PET Washing Equipment by dettemanon(m): 8:42pm On Nov 16
Cool! I didn't know that such dense and colored plastic could be made from bottles.
Children's toys after bottles, wow shocked
Gaming / Re: The Easiest Online Casino Games For Beginners by dettemanon(m): 8:44pm On Nov 14
Online casino is what I love when I come home to relax
Business / Re: Email Marketing Guide For Beginners by dettemanon(m): 8:53pm On Nov 09
that's what i need since i don't even understand what it's like
Religion / Re: What Does Charity Mean ? by dettemanon(m): 10:10pm On Nov 08
Some people do this to impress others and remain in fake holiness. They're just trying to maintain the image of a good person. I'm doing this out of sincere motives. I know that somewhere far away or close to me, some people don't have what I have. They can't buy a car, they can't pay for utilities, and they can't eat often and deliciously. And that's why I want to help them. I send rice to boarding schools and orphanages. And I come to the evening services at church to leave money for Sunday school. I even participated in the Donate a car California project, sending my old car to a place where it's needed more than I need money for scrap metal.
Business / Re: The Prime Carpet Cleaning Services In Sydney by dettemanon(m): 12:16pm On Nov 04
I used to think that my mother only used a brush and water to clean the carpets. Lol. Now I understand how much time she spent cleaning carpets. I have three brothers and a younger sister. When we were kids, we were terrible filthies, and we dragged swamp and dirt into the house. And we often spilled food or drinks on the carpet in the living room, where we had dinner. Our mother took care of the carpets with great tenacity. But I don't have that much energy to clean the carpets myself. I often dry the washed things in the room, which causes humidity to grow, and carpets sometimes get moldy. Such cleaning of carpets with mold should be done by professional cleaners.
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Is Important by dettemanon(m): 6:25pm On Oct 26
Is a vacuum cleaner enough to clean sofas? For example, I can disassemble the sofa, remove its covers, and wash the upholstery. In fact, I clean the house very rarely. I don't like doing this. Of course, I can vacuum carpets. Also, I sweep up the cat tray, clean it up, and wipe the dust on the tables. But I don't like to mop the floors, change the upholstery of sofas, or make the bed. It's easier for me to call professional couch cleaners who will do it for me and provide a good view of the house. Sometimes my mom comes to my house. She has a habit of checking how well I cleaned, touching the shelves with her fingers. It's funny, but it motivates cleaning.
Food / Re: Best Spices To Use For A Delicious Stew Or Rice by dettemanon(m): 7:39pm On Oct 24
Oh, yeah! Thank you! I hate to eat tasteless rice. Growing up, I always had tasteless meals. My mother and grandmother made me eat them. It wasn't because they couldn't cook. It was because they believed that spices and condiments could harm children's health. But that wasn't true. When I was 10, I started trying ginger drinks. I liked the way a cinnamon or clove pod smelled. Thanks to my interest in spices, I became interested in cooking. Now I know how to cook many cool dishes and treat my guests. I'm a frequent customer at https://lecomptoirdetoamasina.fr/fr/ because I love cinnamon, coriander, chicory, cloves, and other spices and herbs.
Nairaland / General / Re: Tips For Observing Animals With Uscamel Binoculars by dettemanon(m): 7:26pm On Oct 21
It took a long time before I learned to be invisible in the wilderness. No matter what I did, any animal would always run away from me immediately. Of course, I stepped on dry branches, that sort of thing. But many helpful photo-hunting tips like yours helped me learn how to be stealthy! Now I'm an invisible man when hunting. I recently found an article about best elk hunting binoculars. I'm not too strong in my choice of optics. But tables comparing popular models of binoculars for hunting or articles with pros and cons can help me. I read a lot of this kind of information before I bought my first binoculars. Today I use a Nikon 16003 PROSTAFF 7S 10×42 Inches. It's a cool thing.
Computers / Re: Best Gaming Keyboards And Mouse Guides by dettemanon(m): 1:42pm On Oct 19
I wanted to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse for work at home or in other places such as cafes or bookstores. So thanks for this list. Of course, I've already seen this on WaterThread. This is a resource that I use to study novelties in the world of gaming. There are enough reviews on powerful gaming devices, mice, monitors, keyboards, and video cards. I'm glad I found your post. Now I'll look at that site and decide to order something for work. I've already bought a new desk for working on the PC. So I'll choose not only based on the characteristics of the future mouse and keyboard but also from the point of view of the visual component.
Education / Re: Ielts by dettemanon(m): 12:47pm On Oct 16
I'm glad that I know English at a conversational level. Besides, my grammar is pretty good. I had to take the IELTS when I went to college, and I made it! Like for all of us, English isn't my native language. I studied it in school and then studied it more in-depth before college. I really needed https://practicalielts.com/ courses to help me pass the English exam. IELTS passing score is an important point when applying to universities and colleges. I've never had an aptitude for languages, but practical IELTS courses work great. I watched movies in English daily and discussed them with my colleagues. We talked about different things by communicating in English. And it all helped me to get in and speak English as well as I do now.
TV/Movies / Re: What To Consider When Choosing A Streaming Service by dettemanon(m): 6:39pm On Oct 15
I think that this choice depends on money, you know wink
Travel / Re: Lake Abala, Ugwuomu Nike Enugu State by dettemanon(m): 5:33pm On Oct 13
I liked this video review. I think it's worthy to visit the lake
Travel Ads / Re: Portable Emergency Toilet For Long Journey Travelers by dettemanon(m): 5:44pm On Oct 12
I like comfortable things for traveling. Thanks for sharing
Travel / Re: The Beauty Of Tourism Comes Through The Way It’s Arranged by dettemanon(m): 10:46am On Oct 07
I dream of a cool photo shoot in the desert.
I really want to wear white clothes to take a picture with a girl in the desert against the background of sand hills. I'm planning to do such a photo shoot for our wedding, so I'll postpone the desert trip for another year for now. My GF asked me to go with her to the Balkan insight tour this year because her colleagues at work told her a lot about the Balkans. She says she wants to visit historic sites, castles, and villas. I'd also like to take a look at something so ancient and majestic. I'm a fan of history and medieval legends, so this tour is what I need to have fun. We're going on tour in a month.
Sports / Re: Wowlotto Is The Real Deal Check Out Some Of The Wow Winners And How To Register by dettemanon(m): 10:50pm On Oct 05
Cash winnings in sports betting are a real accident, not the result of human actions. But despite this fact, I like to participate in lotteries or bets or read the news about it. It's a pity that I have never participated in national lotteries. Since my relative on my father's side won about $ 20,000 in such a lottery, I take it more seriously and dream of winning. I read Kerala Lottery Results yesterday and was amazed at how many people won it. This weekend I'll buy a lottery ticket. I'll buy the same for my girlfriend and even my mom. And we'll all take a chance in the lottery. After all, three people have more chances than one. I don't believe in pure luck. I believe in probability theory.
Fashion / Re: Dazzling Pink Manicure Art For The Pink-obsessed Girl by dettemanon(m): 7:05pm On Oct 04
I don't understand how girls live with long nails. But I like how it looks if the nails aren't too bright. A girl who goes for a manicure has clean and neat nails. I'm not very meticulous, but I like to know that my partner cares about her health and the purity of her body. So I welcome trips to my girlfriend's nail salons. Several times, I even gave my GF a trip to the Pink and Yellow Nails salon. She happily chose nail designs on Pinterest. And then she came home with gorgeous, clean nails with cute rhinestones and showed them to me. Why don't guys like it when their girls show them a new hairstyle or nails? I tell the girl about cars, so I listen to her stories about nails.
Car Talk / Re: Covid-19: This Is Literally The Best Camper Trailer For Social Distancing by dettemanon(m): 2:45pm On Oct 02
I like sleeping outdoors. I'm a fan of camping, and I like sleeping in a tent in the woods or an oceanfront camper. It's cool and invigorates people like me. I'm thinking of completely moving into my future camper for the whole summer this year. Of course, that will require some work-related things to take care of and buying a portable router with internet. I'm a freelancer, so the internet is important to me wherever I am. I read the kimbo camper review and am already thinking about buying this. There's enough room for two people and even a dog. What do you think about traveling in a camper for two? Is it a great idea?
TV/Movies / Re: Disney+ Arrives In South Africa by dettemanon(m): 2:16pm On Sep 26
That was good news. My nephews love Disney cartoons. Although we have internet access, we can watch movies online, not on TV. Disney has a fairly convenient portal, just like Netflix. So I easily found the Free Disney Plus Account Generator, which allows me to create many accounts to watch movies without ads. I like to watch movies in English, even though it's not my native language. My nephews are also learning English thanks to Disney series and cartoons. I don't know what their favorite TV show is right now. My niece Nami was really looking forward to the new Little Mermaid, who will be played by a black actress. The creators of the new series have chosen a beauty for this role.
Business / Re: Product Design Agency: The Art Of Technology And Engineering by dettemanon(m): 6:56pm On Sep 24
It seems to me that every design should be personalized. Of course, not all clients of such an agency may have an idea of the future result of the designers' work. However, when I applied for brand design services, I knew that the design had to match our logo and convey the company's idea. I even thought we could change our logo to improve the visuals of everything related to the brand. But in the end, the experts at Inkbot Design reassured me and told me that our logo was perfect for our product type. They created a great website that captures the feel of our brand. We wanted to give people confidence vibes, and we do. That's how selecting the right design for a brand should work.
Food / Re: Spicy Food Lover Quotes by dettemanon(m): 8:57pm On Sep 20
I'm afraid to eat spicy food because I have gastritis. I love spicy food, but I haven't been allowed to eat it for a long time. lipsrsealed
Business / Re: Strategies For Team Building by dettemanon(m): 8:56pm On Sep 20
Oh yes, these are great strategies for those who want to become future leaders in the company
Properties / Re: Where Can I Get Good Professional Experience House Painter by dettemanon(m): 9:49pm On Sep 15
Our old house had long needed repair. As the landslides progressed, we noticed cracks in the walls. Of course, we managed to patch them with concrete and plaster. We ended up with clear and perfectly smooth walls after attempting to fix the cracks. But we don't know how to make it beautiful, add wallpaper, or paint by hand. Yes, we can buy paint rollers and paint them poorly and clumsily. But my girlfriend wanted quality repairs. So we contacted painter and decorators near me . Our friends have turned to them several times for help during renovations. They found them on google but read a lot of good reviews. We trust our family and friends. So we're very happy that we asked the experts to make our walls a beautiful peach color.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Weargrace Hub Agent Recruitment 2022 by dettemanon(m): 10:50pm On Sep 14
I am not an expert in retail trading, but I know a little bit about trading. I have been a trader for two years. Is there anything you can offer me?
Health / Re: Healthcare Website by dettemanon(m): 5:26pm On Sep 13
I'll send it to my mom
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Latest News For Today (payment And Any Other Things You Need To Know) by dettemanon(m): 1:50pm On Sep 07
Well, I'll remember it. Thank you, bro
Celebrities / Re: The Most Attractive Females Golfer. by dettemanon(m): 1:42pm On Sep 07
She's really atttractive! wink
Nairaland / General / Re: In Florida Get Medical Card Online - MD Marijuana Card Express by dettemanon(m): 9:36pm On Sep 06
When people hear about cannabis, they first imagine teenagers and drug addicts with transparent colored tubes through which they inhale marijuana smoke. But marijuana has been used by humanity for other purposes. For example, almost no one knows that marijuana was used to make cloth. Also, few people know about CBD oil. I'm glad that anyone in need can now get a medical marijuana card in countries where marijuana is legalized. My cousin suffers from numerous neuroses. The CBD oil he drinks five drops a day helps him not to panic. Also, his hand tremors are reduced. The legalization of cannabis has opened up a cheap and legal way for him to treat panic. And I'm happy about it.
Nairaland / General / Re: The Role Of Competitive Painting And Decorating Services by dettemanon(m): 8:51am On Sep 06
You know, I've always liked beautifully painted walls rather than some fancy wallpaper.
Health / Re: What Causes A Nightmare? by dettemanon(m): 10:42pm On Aug 30
I think that a bad mood or lack of sleep can cause nightmares.

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