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Crime / Re: NDLEA Busts Transborder Cartel, Five Kingpins Arrested by dheilaw1(m): 7:56pm On Jan 29
I knew all of them would be from the east. Na dem develop Lagos, odogwu Malay

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Crime / Re: Nigerian National Arrested With Over 1000 Grams Of Drugs In The Philippines by dheilaw1(m): 7:50pm On Jan 29
I wasn't disappointed when I saw the name. Odogwu Philippines
Politics / Re: Anxiety In Delta State As Ibori Endorses APC Senatorial Candidate by dheilaw1(m): 12:19pm On Jan 21
APC urchins self.. Now that a useless thief who can no longer manipulate the voting pattern cause of BVS has endorsed their useless,evil party, they are happy. But when a former president endorsed Obi, urrchins were every where on social media calling baba names and insulting him.
Doyin Okupe is a convicted thief, Babachir Lawal is a suspended thief. They are both loyalists of Obi the Pandoralist

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Politics / Re: Anxiety In Delta State As Ibori Endorses APC Senatorial Candidate by dheilaw1(m): 12:17pm On Jan 21
Ibori is a known thief na so what do you expect

APC is the party of thieves 😊😊
what of Okupe and Babachir lawal your new bride?

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Politics / Re: PDP Assembly Candidate, 13 More From Labor Party Decamp To APC by dheilaw1(m): 12:09pm On Jan 21
You must be in your deepest dream thinking that Tinubu will Win the Next Presidential Election. Atiku will have more Votes than Tinubu in the Next Presidential Election. Atiku will be 2nd and Peter Gregory Obi will Win the Presidential Election. Whole South South and South East are already in his pocket. He will do exceedingly well in Lagos, Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, Ondo, FCT, and even Taraba.
Tinubu will be so Surprised seeing the Votes from the Northern Nigeria. Those Northern Politicians are Beast and they don't play with their brothers.
obi that wont have 1m votes in the whole of south east
Politics / Re: PDP Assembly Candidate, 13 More From Labor Party Decamp To APC by dheilaw1(m): 12:08pm On Jan 21
Useless people.
Leprosy to every hand dat WI want to vote apc again
the agony of a pained soul. Accept my sympathy
Politics / Re: Former DSP, Lasun Yusuf, Formally Decamps To PDP (Photos) by dheilaw1(m): 6:52pm On Dec 07, 2022
God bless you mr lasun for leaving that satanic apc and their evil broom.
he left labor party actually, the party of vain labourers


Politics / Re: I'm Getting Abuse Because Of My Interview With Bola Tinubu - Peter Okwoche by dheilaw1(m): 12:42pm On Dec 07, 2022
Zombidiots on the loose
Education / Re: AAUA Students Dressed As Bandits Storm Class For A Presentation On Terrorism by dheilaw1(m): 10:09am On Dec 06, 2022
The lecturer in charge might be my dear Dr Bayo
Politics / Re: Video And Photos: Nigerians In The US Mobbed Peter Obi by dheilaw1(m): 4:36pm On Dec 02, 2022
Point of correction, Igbos mobbed Peter Obi, not Nigerians mobbed Peter obi. Be more explanatory

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Politics / Re: APC Women North-West Campaign Flag-Off In Katsina (Pictures, Video) by dheilaw1(m): 8:53pm On Nov 30, 2022

They spend billions of Naira organizing rallies that Obidients organized for free.

And what is worst? These rallies are usually attended by government officials and APC candidates.

The one of Kano was attended by even the governor, government officials and Tinubu’s son.

This same with this one now. It has Remi Tinubu in attendance and other highly placed women in APC government and it’s likely it was organized by Katsina State government.

But Peter Obi supporters pull their large crowd without a single government official or prominent person; just lowly youths desirous of a change in their country.

APC no get shame I swear.
obidients organized rally for free, but your candidate is busy asking your zombidients for donations..
Politics / Re: APC Women North-West Campaign Flag-Off In Katsina (Pictures, Video) by dheilaw1(m): 8:50pm On Nov 30, 2022
Message to zombidients:

"Bullying is never fun, it's a cruel and terrible thing to do to someone. If you are being bullied, it is not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied, ever."
- Raini Rodriquez

I hereby declare myself a bully too. And Yes, i am loving it. Serving you a little bit of your own medicine. And i promise not to stop.

we are solidly behind u
Politics / Re: Scores Killed As Troops Bomb Vehicles Conveying ISWAP Terrorists In Borno by dheilaw1(m): 12:25pm On Nov 29, 2022
This people have come to deceived us again without pictures... Don't be surprise ..them no buy anything.... Just trying so hard to deceived us
don't be deceived, your English is bad..
Crime / Re: Armed Herdsmen Shoot Travellers, Kidnap 1 On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway(Pics,Video) by dheilaw1(m): 8:19pm On Nov 26, 2022
Old and stale news
Travel / Re: Corruption In The Nigerian International Passport Process (Video) by dheilaw1(m): 2:55pm On Nov 24, 2022
Getting my passport was hell! I spent over 95k for a regular passport just to hasten things up but I ended up waiting 4months! This used to be a same day process in 2014.
At the capturing they would call in VIPs and people with referrals allowing them to jump queues...I stayed from morning till 8pm to get my capturing done. To Japa from that country, you will see hell...
Immigrations office Ilorin, Lagos airport international wing, federal ministry of education and federal ministry of foreign affairs, na God go punish all the corrupt officials there. Nigeria is ruined.
I bet you can't spend anything less than 60k for a regular passport right now.

Yes, I said it first
45k actually
Politics / Re: Tinubu; I Feel Nothing But Pity After Seeing This Pic by dheilaw1(m): 8:52pm On Nov 20, 2022
This is an unedited photo of Bola Tinubu and FFK in an event some days back and honestly , I feel nothing but pity for this old man. HE SHOULD BE RESTING AND PLAYING WITH HIS GRAND CHILDREN.

I may not be a fan of Tinubu but this is the inner-most soft side of me talking. Tinubu should rest in his old age .

Tinubu should rest has been you people's national anthem since way back, the man has refused to rest, yet to continued making noise. Why you don't you let him be and vote for whoever you think should become president? Or is it not within his constitutional right to contest?

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Politics / Re: 2-Million-Man March For Atiku In Madori, Jigawa State (Videos) by dheilaw1(m): 8:18pm On Nov 20, 2022
Southern Nigeria out of stupidity and greed has finally given their opportunity to North.

For the first time since the 4th republic a Northerner will take over from another Northerner.

This election is going to be very tribal, religious and regional.

Happy feast of Christ the King to all Catholic faithfuls.
Vote Atiku, vote PDP the sure team.
you better wake up before you pee for bed
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Tinubu Is A Proud Graduate Of Chicago State University by dheilaw1(m): 5:12pm On Nov 19, 2022
Was tinibu a male or female when he attended the university?
he was transgendered. Ewure..
Politics / Re: Mammoth Crowd Shut Down Zamfara For Tinubu by dheilaw1(m): 3:15pm On Nov 14, 2022
Zombidients how far

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Presented With Handmade Shoes by People With Disabilities In Benue by dheilaw1(m): 12:48pm On Nov 11, 2022

When they call you urchins. You will be angry. Atleast have pity on those with disabilities and don't be foolish. It could be you in that position of being disabled some day.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Presented With Handmade Shoes by People With Disabilities In Benue by dheilaw1(m): 10:43am On Nov 10, 2022
They are igbos with disabilities, not people with disabilities
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help! A Computer Science Student With 4.3CGP Is Jobless After NYSC by dheilaw1(m): 12:01pm On Nov 08, 2022
You go still see shege


Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu, Omo-Agege Supporters Hold Rally In Warri, Delta State (Videos) by dheilaw1(m): 11:48pm On Oct 24, 2022
I thought the whole of south south is in the back pocket of Obi's black trouser

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Politics / Re: Statistics Indicates TINUBU'S Victory. Obidients Keep Off! by dheilaw1(m): 3:29am On Oct 06, 2022
Beer parlor and kaikai induced statistics
Politics / Re: Lagos Smart City Initiative: Sanwo-olu Visits Lagos Data Bank by dheilaw1(m): 3:22am On Oct 06, 2022

what legacy of Obi is successive governors building on in alambala? Las las your lots would visit the newly built second Niger bridge and jump inside for a long excursion trip to yonder
Politics / Re: PDP Last-minute Deal; Cede Senate Presidency To Southwest, Southeast For SGF by dheilaw1(m): 3:38pm On Oct 04, 2022
PDP should stop wasting their time and chasing shadow! How would Atiku even convince the south to vote for him after eight years of Buhari? Obi remains the undisputed choice of Nigerians.
Obi that wont even smell second
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Peter Obi Will Help Tinubu To Become President by dheilaw1(m): 9:28pm On Oct 01, 2022
Very true... It is more like Obi and Atiku fighting for their already 2019 joint votes. Tinubu is not affected a bit.

The number of new votes or should i say voters that is adding to the 2019 own .. Is just 1m+ newly registered voters, after INEC screened the double registration out.

Even if the 1m+ people are to vote for obi, which is practically impossible, add it to the number of Atiku/obi votes in 2019(which is impossible because Atiku already have the northern voters in his bag) ... It wont be enough to even win an election.

Incase you dont understand what am trying to say. Even if you join Obi votes presently + Atiku's vote + the 1m newly registered voters, it isnt still enough to defeat a certain Tinubu APC if going by the Last general election.

Why am refferring to the last general elections is because nothing changes, nothing have change. Except the rallies and supposedly '2million' match which we witness almost every seconds.

The same people engaging in rallies or supporting obi, never voted for APC 2019.

The same set of people feeling marginalised on religious bases, because of the muslim-muslim ticket will never vote for APC in 2019 too.

The same christian bodies antagonising muslim muslim ticket, Never supported Buhari 2019 also.

The same Afenifere, never supported APC 2019

The same South East, South south.. Are traditionally PDP voters, their votes never changes the outcome of 2019.

Infact some of the muslims voted Atiku/obi 2019, but this time arround with the present political situation where the campaign as been turned into religious one, religous sentiments have found it way in Nigeria politics now, those votes are going to APC this time.

Undecided voters in 2019 like me, who voted for Atiku/obi will never ever vote for any of them this time, why? Because of the aggressive way of the obidients followers. I know so many of us here that are on that line or should i say clinging to that excuse.

The south-west voted overwhelming for Atiku/obi 2019, not because of the love for Atiku or Obi but because we felt the pain of the failed First tenure of buhari then.. Even lagos was almost lost by APC even with Tinubu.
I feel my analysis is right here because those states lost by APC 2019 in southwest, was won by same APC governors during the governorship election except Oyo state which was narrowly lost.
Now, coming to 2023, i feels a tribal sentiment will play major role here, APC will win massively in south west. But what if APC lost, they lost Overall in the southwest in 2019 in the presidential election. It still never changes anything. APC STILL WON THE ELECTION. BUHARI WON.

So when you take all this into consideration, analyse it without religious sentiment or hatred for any candidate. IT DOESN'T CHANGES ANYTHING. Infact the antagonism. of the Buhari candidature we witness in 2019, was far far more than the Tinubu candidature upset we are witness now. Because the anger of Buhari's first tenure which was marred by gross incompetency, insecurities upset alot of people and it cut across all regions. Be it yoruba, hausa,igbo, egede, idoma, ebira... Just name it.. People were angry with his first tenure.
And after the election? I think we all know what happened - Buhari won again.

Some people are saying, the youth, the youth!. Do they PVc's? Alright fine, someone also came out to say they registered because of Obi this year.
Then they didnt turn out massively like we are been deceivedto believe, the number of newly registered voters justify my point. Just 1m+ (which am sure the youth cant have more than 50% of 1m+)

So in my opinion, it takes more more than this childish rallies, photoshopping Tinubu's picture in an irritating manner, or throwing of insult and jabs. We, when i mean we, i mean i included engage in all this for Atiku/obi 2019, Buhari still won.

By simple logic and permutation and the little knowledge i have about politics, TINUBU may not win next year general election, but APC WILL DEFINITELY WIN. And it will be by landslide JUST LIKE 2019.

unfortunately, many here hate education, they only follow bandwagon that wont help their reasoning, I expect this your submission to have had a thousand likes, but no, they are insensible to the sensitivity of your analysis..

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I am Not Different Ideologicaly From Atiku, Tinubu And Others by dheilaw1(m): 9:25am On Sep 30, 2022
is it that you are an illiterate, or you just deliberately choose to disgrace yourself? Why is it hard for your likes to comprehend and think outside the box?? Why is it hard for your likes to know the truth? Nigeria is simply developing and all the ideas any of us will have will simply be developing. And developing here means process. It is now left for us to know the one who we can trust to lead the process. Please we should think critically. Obi is just phenomenal.
he would still come distant third with your grammar...
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I am Not Different Ideologicaly From Atiku, Tinubu And Others by dheilaw1(m): 9:54pm On Sep 29, 2022
I thought Zombidients said Obituary is different from the old politicians

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Politics / Re: Will Voter Apathy Persist In The South East IN 2023? by dheilaw1(m): 2:48pm On Sep 29, 2022
Why is there Biafra agitation in the first place ? Because South Easterners felt sideline since 1967 till date.

Simon Ekpe will see the uprising of the people if he tries anything stupid. For once they've embraced one Nigeria since the emergence of Peter Obi and this is good news to Nigeria.

Peter Obi's emergence will go a long way to solve the agitation in South East.
peter obi that will come distant third?
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Attack Army Unit In Anambra (Graphic Pictures) by dheilaw1(m): 10:16am On Sep 29, 2022
Foolish Obi is quick to talk about Insecurity in the north, but he's deaf and blind to what's going on in his own backyard.. Na only slowpoke and Zombie fit dey support this kind hypocrite
Romance / Re: Man Shares Message He Received From His House Cleaner Who Was Asking Him Out by dheilaw1(m): 10:24am On Sep 27, 2022

Childish fóolish men all around. You see why I don't take this people serious, they act childish and stupid always. What's the essence of sharing the screenshot online for the whole world to know and see ? probably he's among men that say women should have the guts to approach men they love instead of dying in silence and here a lady with gut approach the idiot and he stupidly spread the message across. If you don't like her, you should have told her privately that it's not going to work out , rather than feeling yourself as demigod. Who is he by the way? nonsense

So much for women that think men really matters in their lives when dildos is always available.
Love Machine fit press your breasts?

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