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Politics / Re: Military Invades & Burns Ehime Mbano, Imo Over The Killing Of Officers by Earthquakes: 12:16am
People in the North where in from don't support terrorists.

And the 2days ago videos are from mars right, and the countless videos of people of borno the Maiduguri hailing boko haram are from ipob I guess.
Sometimes be truthful to atleast yourself
Politics / Re: Military Invades & Burns Ehime Mbano, Imo Over The Killing Of Officers by Earthquakes: 10:25pm On Sep 20
grin grin grin
Terrorist sympathizers will come and tell you how the Nigerian army are cowards and are just attacking innocent civilians. Every thing in that area should be burned to the ground.

How many northern communities have army burnt? Or are you saying that the number of soldiers killed in the whole Igbo land is half of what has been killed in just Niger state?
What did you say about pictures circulating where army and bandits share AK-47?
We have seen videos of Borno residents hailing boko haram home coming, did army burn the community??
People with your type of evil mind are the real terrorist I swear
Music/Radio / Re: Naira Marley's Music Removed By MTV Base & Soundcity; Banned By Radio Stations by Earthquakes: 10:18pm On Sep 20
Nigerians never liked him, they're just pouring their old anger on him, do you think the reaction will be the same if it was WizKid or burna let's not mention Davido, some people will still defend him even if he was caught with guns grin


Politics / Re: President Tinubu Giving Juicy Appointments To Only Yorubas - APC Group (PCAN) by Earthquakes: 2:41pm On Sep 20
No other tribe or race is as educated as the Yorubas. Not even Germans, Britons, French, or Australians. Americans only do drugs and guns.

So, no tribe or race can compete with Yorubas

Same way no other tribe can compete with holiganism like the Yorubas, touts everywhere and you begin to wonder if this is the same people awolowo gave free education
Politics / Re: It Will Take Igbos 20-25 Years Of Hard Work To Produce President – Joe Igbokwe by Earthquakes: 11:42am On Sep 17

Double faced. Yet una wan die because Obi lose election deservedly

If you say deservely can you mention to me how Tinubu won Rivers state?? A state in war with APC more than 8yrs now?? How many Yorubas are in Rivers to compare to Igbos or other South?
So when you want to talk, don't just deceive yourself, if election was free and fair, from polling unit with irev transparency, PO will see his loosing in real time and no one will have to go to court and save everyone time and money.
So even if PO lost, did you ask what happened to money budgeted for the irev and why it didn't work, is this how a country grow or because it benefits your person.
I pray what we support happen to us Amen.


Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley’s Statement On Mohbad’s Death: Four Talking Points by Earthquakes: 2:21pm On Sep 16
Person cant die in peace in this country. Everything investigate, if your time no reach, no one can kill you. If indeed he was killed, the killer also will die some day, it's a matter of time. Rip bro

Go stand for express today and see if your time don reach or better still go carry gun rob to see if your time no go reach in 30mins??
If it's by my time, why are people live expectancy higher abroad than Nigeria, is it that all the Nigerian time has reached??
Your life is in your hand, protect it by reducing risky lifestyle, women, drugs, keep fit etc and see how you will live longer than others

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Debt Jumps By 75% In Three Months, Hits N87 Trillion by Earthquakes: 5:09am On Sep 15
Bambialla tinubu on the beat grin grin

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Phones / Re: Apple Uses Lionel Messi Graphic During Iphone 15 Launch Event by Earthquakes: 10:42am On Sep 13
IPhone has nothing but a draud , reason why they also selected a fraud like Messi.... both have nothing again offer ...both keep deceiving their gullible fans

The pain will subside with time grin

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Celebrities / Re: "Shame On You Rema, I'm Deleting All Your Songs" - Gifty Powers Drags Artist by Earthquakes: 3:12pm On Sep 12
have sense, listen to the message first.

This is why inferiority complex won't make you youths to calm down and hustle legitimately.

What does church has to do with God??
Is God in the church??
Travel / Re: UAE’s Statement On Meeting With Tinubu, Silent On Visa Ban Lift by Earthquakes: 9:55pm On Sep 11

Why are you like this?

Remember na your bothers dey mess up Nigeria over there

Yes ooooo
His brother hushpuppi and Mompha and Atiku and Aisha Mohammad plus his boko haram brothers that UAE forwarded names to Nigeria government and no word on the list.
Can you mention one Igbo man who has stolen money in UAE like Mompha and Hushpoppi??


Politics / Re: Explain Why CTC Of Judgment Is On Tinubu’s Counsel Letterhead - Atiku's Aide To by Earthquakes: 2:28am On Sep 10
Una go explain tire, a winner is a winner, una go lament tire..

Go on soun jagaban of Africa 🌍

Lol what goes around comes around, what benefits you today may turn against you tomorrow, everything no b let them talk because na your person grin grin
Travel / Re: After JAPA - How Long It Took To Make Your First 100 Million by Earthquakes: 12:49pm On Sep 09
I'm a software engineer working remotely from Nigeria. I earn a 7-figure monthly salary.
With my salary only (at an average exchange rate of 850/$), it would take me about 6.6 years to save up 100 million, provided I have zero dependents and had to cater only for myself throughout those years. It's quite a naive way to project this though because a lot of things can happen along those years. But it still gives an idealistic comparison base.

So my question goes to Nigerians currently living or have lived abroad. Can you tell us the country, the job title, and how long it would take to save up to NGN100 milliion, assuming you have zero dependents and have to cater for only yourself. Do remember to factor in taxes if any and other living expenses for yourself alone

The reason for my question is not far-fetched. I'm just wondering if it's worth it to sell ones' properties worth milliions just to JAPA and go start over again. Please, refrain from dragging the country's situation into your answer or any other reason to JAPA. Kindly focus on answering the question as best as possible.


I will answer your question when you loose that your remote job.
I couldn't get another job after loosing one when I was in Nigeria but not I am abroad I choose what to do. And back to your question, I SAVE average of 3m a month, I have family and my wife is not even working yet. So do your maths

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Politics / Re: Fresh Revelation On Why Tinubu Made Gbajabiamila CoS - Daily Sun by Earthquakes: 8:55pm On Sep 07
Obi ND iyamiri's will never rule Nigeria

I would more worried if you had said Obi and Igbos will never eat or make money in Nigeria, because I can swear with my life I make more money than you and I am Igbo grin
Politics / Re: PEPT Judgment: Tinubu Believes He’ll Win At The Tribunal – Sam Amadi by Earthquakes: 12:12pm On Sep 06
Tinubu won his election clean. Because you and kinsmen didn't vote for Tinubu, doesn't mean everybody didn't vote for Tinubu.

So Tinubu won Rivers State??
Sometimes let's apply small caution or sense in what we say, what favours one today might not tomorrow. You may like Tinubu which is fine but let's reserve somethings so it will not happen to us
Politics / Re: Presidential Election Tribunal Judgment Won't Favour Peter Obi – Primate Ayodele by Earthquakes: 11:30am On Sep 06
Why's it so important to you that Tinubu must win Lagos. Is he the governor of Lagos? Is he the minister of FCT? Tinubu is an indigene. People vote their preferred candidates based on their individual preferences for them. What you are simply trying to imply here is most of the people that supported obi did so because he's igbo. It's no surprise they vote based on tribal affiliation in that region. Yorubas on the other hand are very diverse people. They're spread out in different groups and cultures and ways of lie. You can't expect them to come out enmass to support one person like zombies because they are not tribalistic

So nasarrawa, Niger, plateau etc and even Lagos are now Igbos too, or are you saying the Rivers given to tinubu are all yorubas?? How many Yoruba compared to Igbos in Rivers or Lagos??
We know the truth and only the truth will set us free
Politics / Re: Presidential Election Tribunal Judgment Won't Favour Peter Obi – Primate Ayodele by Earthquakes: 2:25am On Sep 06
Peter Obi was never even in the race as far as I'm concerned. After tomorrow. The agulu criminal will lose whatever little political relevance he has left and it's bye bye to presidency.

Lol he was never in race because of the entirety called Nigeria, beat tinubu in his Lagos and Abuja but not in the race. Lol I laugh cos deep down you know the truth

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Brice Nguema, The Man Behind The Gabon Coup, Celebrated By Soldiers by Earthquakes: 3:17pm On Aug 30
But why are Ipobs happy on Coup happenings in Africa and wishing same on Nigeria??

Oh they think they'll live much better under Military rule?? A sect of people who cheer a domestic terrorism called "Sit at home" who in turn became a Nemesis to affect their well being can mean nothing to be but a Foolish people

So Gabon people who are celebrating on their street are now IPOB??
IPOB must kill you grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gabon Residents Hail Soldiers, Celebrate Military Takeover by Earthquakes: 10:00am On Aug 30
Agbadirians defending Gobon president

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Sports / Re: Kano Pillars Is Ranked Above Lionel Messi's Inter Miami In World Rankings. by Earthquakes: 9:08pm On Aug 28
Messi went to Inter Miami for the money not the ranking, cos his wages alone at Miami can buy every single registered company in Kano state.

But if someone tells you that Kano pillers ranked higher than Inter Miami that has academy and pay in USD you will believe grin
Food / Re: Watch Almajiri Children Scramble For Remnants Of Food Left By A Man by Earthquakes: 5:39pm On Aug 28
He should not contest again because of how he failed in Anambra State.

A man who threaten to sack Anambra Civil Servants because they were asking him to pay them according to the National Minimum wage does not deserve to become the President.

Under his watch, Anambarians became more Poorer.

Lol. Did you work in Anambra? Have you visited Anambra before? Obviously noo.
Peter Obi is a semi God. He beat Tinubu in his own state he claimed to build grin grin
He gave Security Agencies the Freedom to Execute Anambarians

Nigerians won't vote a failure.

Pandora Will Never rule Nigeria

What harm did Asiwaju do to Igbos?

So nah Asiwaju command Uche Nwafor the DPO of Akwzu SARS to kill Igbo Youths extrajudicially and throw their bodies into the River? Uche Nwafor was rewarded by Obi and APGA for the extrajudicial killings of Anambarians, he was made a Special Adviser.
Politics / Re: Don’t Release My Documents To Atiku - Tinubu Tells Chicago University by Earthquakes: 7:55pm On Aug 25

Igbos dey go school?

On Tuesday morning which is their Monday, it's business. You will see them in Eke market selling okporoko instead of going to school.

They think city boy is like that dullard who has no certificate.

Deep down you fooling yourself
Check waec and jamb statistics and you will wonder if this is the same tribe awolowo gave free education grin grin
Politics / Re: Don’t Release My Documents To Atiku - Tinubu Tells Chicago University by Earthquakes: 7:51pm On Aug 25
Even Peter Obi refused to release his University Bachelor's Degree and NYSC Certificate to INEC, yet Igbos want Tinubu to allow Atiku go to USA to collect all his academic and personal records?

Atiku even funny. He demanded that the University must provide him all the certificates they have issued from 1979 till 2023.

That was when the University realised that politicians like Atiku and Obi are jokers who think that America is Africa.

I just shame for Atiku and Obi.

Very desperate politicians who lost despite all the prostitution and ticket hunting.

Igbos will kill you for sure, TINUBU ask court not to give ATIKU his certificate but somehow it's PO and Igbos are your problem.
Why are you cowards afraid of Hausa grin
Is it Igbo thank nullified and killed Abiola??
But no yoruba is Hausa slave so they have to attack Igbos even if it's Hausa that beat yoruba grin

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Travel / Re: You Won't Understand Nigeria's Situation Until You Visit An Embassy by Earthquakes: 6:37pm On Aug 25

Chineke meh grin

He should forever thank his Chi.

Prepare your documents well and you will have visa. We Nigerians always lie to obtain something.
I know 3 people this year alone that moved to USA.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians’ll Soon Beg FG To Leave Them In Poverty – Shehu Sani by Earthquakes: 12:24pm On Aug 23
Since the didn’t re elect this one as senator he don turn nuisance for social media

Attack what he said not him, don't use idea dodge the poverty subject grin


Politics / Re: God Will Build Nigeria Through President Tinubu — Kumuyi by Earthquakes: 1:55am On Aug 23


It's ok, we know where you belong and what's in your own heart for Nigeria.

You are not the first to lose an election and you won't be the last so get a grip.

If this is loosing election may such loss come to you but if he won naturally may you win in all you do. But if it's otherwise , may you loose all that belongs to you to someone else. Amen
Politics / Re: Abioye Oladeji: IPOB Terrorists Kidnap A Yoruba Man & Threaten To Kill Him by Earthquakes: 7:07pm On Aug 22

Please give me your tailor number, I will personally warn him and tell him to lead that godforsaken region before your IPOB terrorists kill him.

His life is in great danger for every minute he spend in that terrorist infested region!!!

Lastly, no one will mourn him if eventually the IPOB terrorists descend on him. Help me tell him that.

He's not pauper like you, he doesn't even have chance to be idling like you, I have to drive from pH to Nnewi and wait before he touched my clothes.
So everyone is not a local champion like you that doesn't travel.
By the way 8 coppers were kidnapped yesterday at Sokoto, some Yoruba coppers and others among. I want to see you tell Yorubas to leave north since more Yorubas has died in the north than they will ever die in the east..
Hypocrisy or stupidity or naivety be some of you local champion problem.
TV/Movies / Re: "I Need Head And I Am Sexually Frustrated’ – Doyin BBNaija Cries Out by Earthquakes: 7:00pm On Aug 22

Oga, I'm afraid you're not current. Licking puna was like 10 yrs ago, now the in thing is licking anus.

Do you think everyone is your mate here??
Is 10yrs ago a long time to you? Did you hear where I said growing up
TV/Movies / Re: "I Need Head And I Am Sexually Frustrated’ – Doyin BBNaija Cries Out by Earthquakes: 3:07pm On Aug 22
Licking Punna used to be heard as an abomination when I was growing up but now it's a thing of pride undecided

Sincerely men don't love themselves, licking punna of a girl you just met hmmmmm

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Politics / Re: Abioye Oladeji: IPOB Terrorists Kidnap A Yoruba Man & Threaten To Kill Him by Earthquakes: 4:32pm On Aug 21

What people like Falz don’t know is that if IPOB terrorists catch him for East, they will slaughter him for being Yoruba.

Some of them already started cussing out Seyi Awolowo as being tribalist, same weray that voted Peter Obi and was even part of his support group.

Rather than condemn this video, you will see Ibos trying to create an illusion that it is fake so as to do damage control. Then the next day, they start with their Yoruba are tribalist nonsense again to guilt trip unsuspecting extremely docile “I am Yoruba but…” people.

My tailor Ola made dress for my traditional marriage for next month and he has and still leave in Nnewi for over 10yrs till now.
Travel some times and see the world from another angle. All or most of my mechanic are Yorubas even some come from Lagos when things tough, stop fooling yourself.
That doesn't mean kidnapping anyone Hausa, Yoruba or Efik or Igbo or Oyibo is condemnable.
But why the caption? Does that mean bandits or terrorists don't kill Yorubas or Igbos up north? Have you seen a headline like that??
Politics / Re: Fact Check: Picture Of Peter Obi And Seyi Tinubu Is False by Earthquakes: 10:51pm On Aug 20
Emilio shame is shaming me

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Inflation Jumps To 24.08% In July — NBS by Earthquakes: 3:26pm On Aug 15

You have comprehension issue and thats the identity of true Obi-diots

They struggle with simple statements
He-gbo guy claiming Rivers state indigene...This coward cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Are you this senseless or are you just pretending to be

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Inflation Jumps To 24.08% In July — NBS by Earthquakes: 3:25pm On Aug 15
The inflation is only in the east, SW are having fun grin

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