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Health / Re: Akwa Ibom Blames High Rate Of HIV/AIDS On Influx Of Visitors by Edusouls(m): 10:00pm On Apr 13
Your people have no morals, both boys and girls, most of their young boys join cult green landers or Icelanders,degbams And slaugther each other like chicken cult wars everywhere for there, their girls are very cheap slots bleeping anything fuckable, most of them are migrating from their states into Enugu especially, they have totally messed up their place, please don't bring una rotten life with una into my place we won't tolerate that abeg...

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Education / Re: Outrage As Teacher Attacks Little Girl In Class, Hits Her On The Head by Edusouls(m): 8:02pm On Apr 04
Women are just frustrated creatures, imagine that..

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Robbing A Bureau De Change In Dubai Where They Stole N231m(video) by Edusouls(m): 7:57pm On Apr 04
Chai this country is cursed with the citizens..
Politics / Re: President Buhari Acknowledges Nigerians’ End SARS Outrage by Edusouls(m): 6:18am On Apr 04
Haba Nigerians our attitude they smell like public toilet, the president has spoken swiftly after hearing the cries of many Nigerians on endears issue due to the killing of an innocent Nigerian kolede, see Insalts,erratic reactions everywhere towards the president, if he is silent now they say he is deaf, now he speaks another problem..nigerians behave like animals..

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Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko Is Behind Regina Daniels’ Cars, House - e-NIGERIA by Edusouls(m): 4:19am On Apr 01
Lmao shut up abeg. If you were a woman, you'd do worse so just shut up your self righteous mouth and beg God to bless you so you can bless young girls in return lol. What future is at stake? Runs girls are getting married to good men and are having children every Saturday, so whats your point lol. As if marriage is even a big achievement. Abeg rid yourself of all that bile and jealousy and beg God to bring you back to your next life as a beautiful woman grin grin grin
you have just exposed who you are and your personality, no morals,manners, decency,self esteem, and the worst is no more fear of God in you.runs girls getting married every Saturday is not the case, the truth is that they are the cause of calamity and lots of misfortune in homes and they jeopardize the well being of unfortunate man that end up with them as partner due to the curses heaped on them from dirty past,you lost girls have mortgaged your souls to the world and devil, please don't mislead the younger ones..

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Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko Is Behind Regina Daniels’ Cars, House - e-NIGERIA by Edusouls(m): 10:51pm On Mar 31
Chai big God revealed..truly truly Nigerian girls are worthless,senseless and materialistic, they just want it now now by olosho ways, forgetting that the future is always at stake..look at the very young spoilt girl already jeopardizing her future and those of her family. What sensible man would love to marry this type of girl in the future?

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Health / Re: I Experience Pain When Urinating by Edusouls(m): 2:45pm On Mar 29
Go to hospital I don't think is gonoreah, I have had such and I never had any sexual partner then, I went to test and it was just another infection witch was cured with some cheap antibiotics prescription, uti can do that also, so stop listening to all these jobless tennagers marauding on nairaland 24/7.

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Romance / Re: Wife Calls Out Facebook User Hanging Out With Her Husband, She Replies by Edusouls(m): 10:06am On Mar 29
Cursed women everywhere, she is even proud of her deeds,no shame any longer..am very sorry for future husbands, it is a very big pity to have such girls existing nowadays...
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Kills His Wife In Mozambique ( Graphic Photos) by Edusouls(m): 8:21am On Mar 29
All the murder we hear in the whole globe is done only mbaise people,all the wives killing are done by only mbaise people the person that created this thread is equivalent to an animal..igbos are the most self hated tribe in the whole Nigeria ,the most stupid and the most pathetic tribe, ara gbagbukwa unu na Biafra..

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Sports / Re: Tanitoluwa Adewumi Gets New Apartment In New York by Edusouls(m): 9:52pm On Mar 25
In Nigeria the little genius and his family were running from bokoharam onslaught, they were homeless, and living a life of uncertainty,now see a country were human talent is valued most, Nigeria have lost another brain due to the terribly uncondusive environment we created..Goodluck boy God have answered the prayers of your family through this wonder lad,bye bye to Nigeria forever..

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Family / Re: Family Of Girlfriend To KENPOLY Graduate Who Committed Suicide Speak Out by Edusouls(m): 11:37am On Mar 24
Girls don kill guys finish,tomorrow they go and tell God they want to marry. Marry who? The husbands they have sent to their early graves long ago..sorry man,I know what heartbreak feels like,it damages the heart at times beyond repair,not everyone can heal I understand..these are one of the case study to confirm that women are monsters...


Crime / Re: Widow Cries Out After Murder Of Her Husband Over N90 Bread Theft by Edusouls(m): 6:20pm On Mar 23
This mbammiri people from delta,bayelsa,akwaibom,rivers,those south south people feed on evil,muder,wickedness I now confirm it,this is the real reason they are migrating massively into southeastern province especially to the all peaceful and very hospitable Enugu state, I now see why..
Romance / Re: She Cheated On Me Again and now she is threatening me by Edusouls(m): 7:28am On Mar 22
How old are you? You just saw your neighbors girlfriend and started dating her, throwing bash party for her am sure with your parents money!giving her your phone to invite people as say na wedding or what? these amateur boys always posting their pathetic and stupid stories about love and relationship, I think this site should now filter ages of people come here to comment op.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Parks Car On Expressway, Romances His Girlfriend. Nigerians Angry by Edusouls(m): 3:39pm On Mar 21
Nigerian men don cry cry tire, una don de see the life of una future wives? Una never see part 3, problem dey no be small..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Francophone Cameronian Army Attack Southern Cameroon With Guns by Edusouls(m): 3:23pm On Mar 21
The French are very cruel,Italy have said it all,una think say na only for Nigeria wahala dey, is everywhere my fellow Nigerians lets thank God for our country Nigeria and pray for our dear president BUHARI..Nigeria is all we have..
Crime / Re: Woman Burst Into Tears Crying After Police Officer Beat Her Husband To Death(Pic by Edusouls(m): 3:17pm On Mar 21
Sorry woman, the days are very dark and cruel,mans inhumanity towards fellow have unleashed the wrath of nature upon us the worst is yet to befall us, everybody brace yourself. The heat would be felt by everyone..
Health / Re: Kaduna hospital in search of family of boy whose Mum died in accident (Graphic) by Edusouls(m): 3:12pm On Mar 21
Chai this life self?
Celebrities / Re: Uche Okoye To Wizkid "Let's Have Sex, Please" - Nigerians Blast Her by Edusouls(m): 1:55pm On Mar 19
Bia nwa okoye uche ,Biko stop disgracing very decent,hardworking and many wife worthy Igbo girls out there, ogini na eme gi na Isi. Ogbanje eji gi aka, ka obu ala na apugi ofuru, jide onwe gi nu.
Family / Re: "Children Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mother Not Father" - Research by Edusouls(m): 11:24am On Mar 19
Very true, my father is a wizard in mathematics and sciences, a known master in calculating figures,but we struggled me and my brother in maths and sciences with poor grades through school, to the extent that my father quarreled my mother for giving him boys not Good in maths and sciences like him. But as I grew older I picked up..
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by Edusouls(m): 11:14am On Mar 19
would you know a guy that has attracted this spirit when you meet him?
of course once you are truthful and tell me your story sincerely, I could point the problem..
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by Edusouls(m): 11:12am On Mar 19

If you are asked one single evidence for all this things you typed, you will start biting your nails. You guys should stop claiming unprovable esoteric knowledge, this is the same stuff pastors use to put people in subjugation.
my brother the world is too deep and mysterious for only the shallow human logics of law And evidence. You what evidence do you have to prove the existence of God? None, but we all know that God is real more than anything in existence..so just learn and be wise,life is a school..
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by Edusouls(m): 11:06am On Mar 19
I noticed one thing common with all dos shouting op is right,op is right.....thy Neva mek m�‍�.

So u don't know is unclean to carry someone daughter without paying her bride price and b hitin her all style abi

U don't know?.......all of u including op should look at d mirror u will see ur problem,leave women alone.

Poor men with poor mind and poor thinking. Despite all the shukushuku when Atiku, OBJ, Oshiomole, Ibori, Lucky Igbinedion, Akpabio, Dangote etc them dey do, they are still super rich and progressing. Poor men be always looking for the cause of their poverty when they are their own problems.

Look at Wiskid, Davido, 2face and all other male celebrities, evn Dbanj self. These guys are confirmed flirts but are good in their businesses. hence they are rich. According to I Go Dye, na poor dey sey woman na im wreck am. How can a woman wreck Dangote for instance?

The one i know for sure that is very wrong is sleeping with a married woman. Please guys, any of you doing it should please desist from such evil act
carnal men when they talk you know,you think the world ends in riches and cars? All these people you mentioned they don't have challenges in life? You think they are problem free? My fellow Nigerian if you don't know then listen to know..if you ain't a Good leader at least be a Good follower. The inner eyes is only for the gifted only rom God.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by Edusouls(m): 11:34pm On Mar 17
Of course it's true it happens girls that live bad life are very unclean,they harbor very nasty spirits that live in them,these spirits blend very well with them,once you sex them you have opened a doorway for them into your life..it has more drastic effect than just few days bad luck,it ruins a mans life by causing unexplainable hardship for years in advance, I'll luck, bad omen,unexplained strong feeling of bond with the girl even after many years of meeting, bad and unexplained dreams, depression for no reason,behavioral changes, accidents,feeling of emptiness and sadness and in some severe cases you meet your Waterloo early..we that have this gifts to see deep, have seen that world is too deep, so be warned,many men today has been marked for condemnation and years of misery through sexual act..demons and unclean spirits are real,they don't live in Jupiter, they live in human beings we interact with daily,Goodnight...

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Travel / Re: Husband And Wife Crushed To Death While Returning From Market In Enugu. Graphic by Edusouls(m): 7:22pm On Mar 16
May God be with his people in these very dark days...
Celebrities / Re: Sonia Lareina In Bikini, Covers Vlmagafrica Magazine by Edusouls(m): 9:38am On Mar 16
These end time women if you na no finish off men in this world una no rest..abeg make una have small mercy,soon men will go extinct.
Celebrities / Re: Actress, Etinosa Under Fire For Going Nude On MC Galaxy's Instagram Live Video by Edusouls(m): 5:25am On Mar 16
Nigerian girls don dey cast everywhere like cast iron, going nude and prostitiution is now the only thing these girls know how to do, please men make una no too wail, these girls have lost it all, so what else do you expect from them? In a country where youths are extremely lazy to work or think out anything positive for themselves, but they want and dream the best luxury life can offer through yahoo yahoo,Gee,defrauding each other,reckless and out of hand prostitiution by almost everything female, nowadays even minor girls are in the act.
Everyone wants to get rich by force,now I confirm that we are not only black in color but also in deep in our heats,deeds and thoughts..


Celebrities / Re: Claims Of Asking Girls To Go Unclad On IG Can't Damage My Career - MC Galaxy by Edusouls(m): 5:01am On Mar 16
Going unclad is the only and only thing 80% of Nigerian girls know how to do best, what else do these pathetic girls know?as for your mr celebrity you dey do live video were girls dey dance for you,what else do you expect?you are indirectly encouraging immorality,and why not reject the dancer when she went unclad to send a message to others,instead after the dance you rewarded her with 50 thousand and challenged others to dance better? You think say you smart pass Nigerians young man,see you, see your carrier..

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Religion / Re: Yemisi Iginla Is Married In America - LIB (Photos) by Edusouls(m): 2:56pm On Mar 15
Maradona couples..
Crime / Re: Two UNIPORT Students Fight Over A Girl At A Love Garden by Edusouls(m): 2:31pm On Mar 15
They don jam one wicked slaymama wey get Ph.D. for playing men like cards, sorry guys that's the game, you two are big losers..
Romance / Re: Mother And Daughter Fight Dirty Over Loverboy In Anambra by Edusouls(m): 2:26pm On Mar 15
Chai women are now fully into prostitiution as a profession, both young and old,student and working class, married and single,mother and daughter,even minors.muumy abeg no kill your daughter, she just dey Huzzle like you,she is not even aware of your relationship with the Dubai playboy, anambra women and their love of money shir no get part 2..
Crime / Re: Pretty 17-Year-Old Girl Buried Alive After Leaving Nightclub In Argentina (Pics) by Edusouls(m): 11:43am On Mar 13

Do you think the devil claimed this girl? What sins had she committed?
certain lifestyles we lead and certain places we go especially places of pleasure,like night clubs and night parties is places possessed humans,entities,very wicked souls,unclean spirits flock there,looking for vey vulnerable souls to devour,especially women.GOD is no longer happy with humanity due to our cruelty towards each other, so we should be very cautious the things we do..
Fashion / Re: 16-Year-Old Janet Jumbo Is The 1st Nigerian Model To Walk For Louis Vuitton (Pic by Edusouls(m): 11:35am On Mar 13
Where's the fineness tongue
you don't see anything special in this super model,people that picked her from the streets and projected her into working for an internationally acknowledged brand like Luis Vuitton saw something special..jealous being.

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