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Politics / Re: My Message To Nigeria Labour Congress by eejo(m): 11:37am On Jun 05
Are you in this country or elsewhere? The entire server of INEC went off just to rig for one man. Who told you that election counts? There's no other way than a revolution which i don't see happening in the generation of youths that just paid a heavy price for protesting #Endsars. It will happen if things keep going this way but the youths that will do it are still in high school.
Workers were involved in the Election process. If the workers stand their ground like the Returning officer for Abia state Governorship Election good leaders will emerge.
Politics / My Message To Nigeria Labour Congress by eejo(m): 11:34am On Jun 04
Strike action cannot solve Workers problem in Nigeria. Organise your self with the youths and take over power during elections. Without influence in power workers will continue to suffer.
Health / Re: Nigerians That Died As A Result Of Poor Healthcare System by eejo(m): 12:00pm On May 31
Don was a wealthy Man develop chest pain during wedding celebration of his son in the village. Collapse 1 hour later, no Ambulance services, and died before getting him to the nearest hospital. If Health care system was working he would have called for help and be saved. If you have a cardiac arrest in Nigeria nothing will save you. National Health Insurance is solution to this issue.
Health / Re: Nigerians That Died As A Result Of Poor Healthcare System by eejo(m): 11:46am On May 31
Hey chap cheesy Firslty your topic said "Nigerians......" but you mentioned just a person, try to improve in your english. Normally i support your observation,

many more stories to come, this is the first one
Health / Nigerians That Died As A Result Of Poor Healthcare System by eejo(m): 11:02am On May 31
This stories will show Nigerians how close they are to death due to massive Government failure to invest in our Healthcare facilities. Names changed to protect identity of the Dead. mr Jon walk into the Hospital for Appendix operation and after the operation he was transfer to the ward. 8 hours later he complained that he cannot breathe properly and even with oxygen face mask. Jon died 1 hour later with his girlfriend holding his hands. if facilities were provided Jon will be intubated , CT scan done and when the cause is solve, wake him back to his girlfriend. Jon died because the Government failed him and as at today many Nigerians are still dying in similar way. National Health Service is the solution to this problem and am not going to rest till it becomes a reality.
Politics / Why Most African Countries Have Issues by eejo(m): 7:35pm On May 22
God has given every Nation solution to their problems inform of Individuals with special talent. Most African
Countries, people choose tribe and religion over these people. The day we start supporting our people with solution to our problem instead of tribe and religion, that will be the end of poverty.
Politics / Advice To Nigeria Security Forces by eejo(m): 11:31am On May 22
Warfare has completely changed over the past 1 years and the use of Drones is the new gem. Air bases and other security infrastructure must be protected against drone attacks. Security forces should start training every one even paramilitary on drone use as it can save lives and win wars.
Nairaland / General / I Celebrate My Birthday With Gifts To Babies And Mothers by eejo(m): 5:23am On May 01
Am happy celebrating my birthday with mothers of New born Babies in Nigeria. However, am horrified with the level of poverty Nigeria and Nigerians are suffering. I will continue my campaign until things change. Make Nigeria great again.

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Politics / My FINAL Warning To Nigeria Government by eejo(m): 9:56am On Jan 08
Paying 50k naira salary to Security forces as salary is a recipe for coup. Nigeria Army, Navy, Airforce lower personal who face fire from numerous Gunmen on daily basis are suffering while the political class enjoy their loot. The Men are no longer smiling and if the hardship continues without increasing their salary to over 100k our democracy will not last. Tinubu Government needs to act fast and save our democracy
Politics / Kidnapped Nigerians Rescue In Kogi State by eejo(m): 9:43pm On Dec 31, 2023
Vigilantes and Security forces rescue people kidnapped by armed group along Ajaoukuta road in kogi state. State trained Security forces is one the solution to Nigeria insecurity, Plateau Governor and others who don't have please trained your State security forces to prevent further deaths.
Politics / Buying IVM Cars Will Reduce Unemployment In Nigeria by eejo(m): 12:34am On Dec 30, 2023
Yearly and mostly every 4 years millions of dollars is spent on buying cars for politicians and government agencies. Toyota, Mecerdes and others enjoy high purchase and leaving IVM cars bottom of the chart. Imagine if Federal and State governments buy from IVM many youth will be employed and our economy will grow. Thank you Governor Alex Otti for making IVM your official Car.


Politics / Nigerian Last Hope Of The Black People by eejo(m): 3:58pm On Dec 02, 2023
Nigerian is the last hope of the Black people and if Nigeria fails Black people will loose out completely on the International stage. Nigeria has all to become a Super power from natural resources to Human resources.
Politics / Rise In Anti Immigration Sentiment In Usa,europe And UK by eejo(m): 7:28am On Nov 24, 2023
Nigerians travelling abroad there is a steady rise of anti immigration groups who feels their Country is been taking over by people from Africa and Asia. Am scared for the future and we must fight to make Nigeria 🇳🇬 great again and cut immigration out of Nigeria. please stay safe and look out for each other.


Health / Who Do Nigerians Call During Heart Attack by eejo(m): 11:47am On Nov 21, 2023
Who do Nigerians call when someone beside them suddenly have Heart attack. Health emergency doesn't care who you are and it can happen anytime. National Health service is a must for all Nigerians for growth and development. Even If you perform CPR without highly trained Ambulance crew and equipment death is sure.


Politics / INEC Has 30 Days To Stop Using BVAS Or Face Legal Action by eejo(m): 8:10pm On Nov 14, 2023
Supreme Court has rule that Voters register remains the only lawful register in Election. Adeleke vs Oyetola judgement made it clear However, INEC continue to
deceiving Nigerians with BVAS which are not back by law. If INEC fails to respond after 30 days by withdrawing BVAS from future elections my organisation will start a case in Court.

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Must See Themselves As One by eejo(m): 9:54am On Oct 31, 2023

Do you think that America or Germany would accept a character like Tinubu to lead even a city government, talkless of becoming their president?
Yet, you see some Nigerians (even a nobel Laurette) supporting a man whose identity isn't even known to Nigerians.
All in the name of tribalism.
How can Nigeria ever be one when such things happen?
What you are talking about is tantamount to building a mighty castle in the air.

Like Atiku said, after what the supreme court of Nigeria did with our constitution, Nigeria has no credible claim to nationhood.
Nigeria's supreme court put the final nail on Nigeria's coffin.
That is Atiku personal opinion. Do you think the big Countries wash their dirty clothes outside like we do in Nigeria about their leaders. They are so many things they will never tell their public because of National security.
Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Must See Themselves As One by eejo(m): 9:32am On Oct 31, 2023

Not possible to see our selves as one, we were never one
This is exactly what am saying. Do you think America has one ethnic group but they all see themselves as Americans, UK, Germany all have different division but they see themselves as one. Without unity suffering will continue in a land with milk and honey.
Politics / Why Nigerians Must See Themselves As One by eejo(m): 9:24am On Oct 31, 2023
Nigerians enemies are all united except Nigerians themselves. Politicians, Gunmen, Foreign thieves are all united when it comes to looting but Nigerians are easy divided by religion and ethnic lines. Nigeria have over 200 ethnic groups making division difficult but our enemies continue to preach it making things easy for them and harder for Nigerians. The day all Nigerians come together as one and shun division liberation to prosperity start. Message from Make Nigeria Great again.

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Politics / Nigerians Are Suffering Yet Everyone Is Talking About Certificate by eejo(m): 8:21am On Oct 13, 2023
I was in Nigeria last Month and still wondering how people are surviving. Majority of Nigerians earn less than 100k naira a month and it has become impossible for them to live a decent life. Nigeria president need to declare state of emergency on the Economy and war on poverty.

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Politics / Paying Security Forces 50k Naira Monthly Is A Recepie For Disaster by eejo(m): 9:21pm On Sep 25, 2023
My appeal goes to President Tinubu. Please it is dangerous paying Nigeria Army, Navy, Airforce, DSS, Police and others Recruits 50K naira monthly. Their salary cannot even buy a bag of rice and without their sacrifice Nigeria would have been history. I urgently propose a salary of 200k for our gallant security forces. Message from Make Nigeria great again
Politics / Over 20 Million Nigerians Are Suffering Health Issues And Dying Early by eejo(m): 7:57am On Sep 23, 2023
I flew into Nigeria this week and horrified by stories of Nigerians who are battling health issues but no lacks the funds for treatment. Some are dying in terrible condition even with their money because Healthcare system has collapse at local government level. National Health Insurance is the only way to save Nigerians from early death. My campaign starts next week and I believe Monday 25th September 2023 marks the beginning of a Journey to liberate Nigerians with a Healthcare Insurance that is safe, efficient and reliable.
Politics / Starting Health Campaign From My Village by eejo(m): 10:50am On Jul 25, 2023
As a saying goes, charity begins from Home. My Village will this weekend witness the lunch of free drugs for anyone that is sick and it will continue. Nigerians are passing through Economic hardship at the moment and please help your neighbour and Community if God has bless you. I will continue to urge Tinubu to declare National Health insurance for all Nigerians and I will be in Country very soon to pursue my dream of safe, reliable and efficient Healthcare for all Nigerians
Politics / Nigeria And Africa Insecurity Causing More Hardship by eejo(m): 11:33am On Jul 22, 2023
There is money for investment but Nigeria is missing out due to insecurity and poverty mentality. Insecurity will never bring development but sorrows. Please let us embrace peace and attract much needed investment for growth. Lagos, Onitsha and Kano were competing Economies in the 90s but due insecurity lagos investment now triple both cities now. Nigerians we should learn love one another because without peace no development will take place.

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Politics / Poverty And Unemployment Fuelling Nigeria Security Issues by eejo(m): 7:33am On Jul 15, 2023
Nigerians are facing the worst slide in standard of living since 1960. Millions of Youth are unemployed and have turned to crime for survival. The number of unemployed youth are more than all security forces number combined and this is dangerous. I urge president Tinubu as matter of urgency declare war on poverty and unemployment to solve the Nation woes.
Mr President Nigerians are suffering and something urgent is required.
Politics / Nigeria Local Food And Drinks Are Safer Than Foreign Ones by eejo(m): 4:03pm On Jul 06, 2023
Nigeria food produce locally will aid you with a life free of medical sorrow if you consume it over foreign food. Kunu drink is better than soft drinks, pounded yam is better than semo products, ground nut is better than Biscuits. Let your diet be 80 percent local food and 20 percent Junk ones.

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Politics / Tinubu Please Declare National Health Service For Nigerians by eejo(m): 9:58am On Jun 14, 2023
I commend Tinubu the current Nigerian President over his reforms and plans to make Nigeria great again. Nigerians need a National Health service this will protects lifes and creates jobs. Thank you Mr President for standing by your campaign promises. Nigerians can no longer afford quality Healthcare service due to rising poverty and National Health service is the answer to this problem. Message from Enemona founder Make Nigeria great again.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 8:16pm On May 01, 2023
The NAF is already involved in the evacuation already. What else do you want them to do?
I commend the Security forces for their role in the evacuation and it should have been 80 percent Military operation with Politicians having only 20 percent

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 8:06pm On May 01, 2023
When you become the Commander in Chief of Armed and Unarmed Forces, you can then call US and Russian Army and Airforce to handle such events
Countries making success with evacuation in Sudan were all handled by their Military and I know Nigeria Military can handled the evacuation if given the opportunity. We C 130 aircraft, J 17 fighter for escorts and a strong Army.
Politics / Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 6:03pm On May 01, 2023
The evacuation of Civilians from a war torn Country should never be handled by Politicians because they have no idea about war evacuation. Nigeria Airforce, the Army and the Navy have the assets to get our Citizens from Sudan. Am disappointed in Buhari a former Military General giving Politicians money to evacuate our Citizens. The next admistration should use the Security forces in the future for effective outcome. Message from Enemona founder Make Nigeria great again.
Politics / Re: Many Nigerians Are Going To Die by eejo(m): 11:32am On Apr 25, 2023

Brilliant idea but you failed to mention how it is to be paid for. In the advanced world, taxation is used to raise funds for public services. Are you suggesting an increase in taxes on Nigerians?
You can't borrow your way into growth but Taxation is the answer. Wealthy Nigerians are not paying enough Tax, Foreigners need to pay into our Health care, people renewing their International Passport, Big cooperation Tax and many ways other ways to fund our Healthcare system. I will be writing a letter to the incoming president in few days on what he should do concerning Nigeria Healthcare system.


Politics / Re: Many Nigerians Are Going To Die by eejo(m): 9:19am On Apr 25, 2023
Keep your doomed wishes to yourself
I will give you a practical example, Someone left his home and got a Bike to the office. On their way a Driver without a valid licence open his Car door without looking causing the Motor Bike to crash and the Man slam his head on the road without Helmet. Bleeding into the Brain he has a hour window to save his life but no Ambulance for transport, people who are not trained moved him into a car complicating his injuries and to a hospital without CT scan , Neuro Team and Critical care unit. The Man dies few hours later but in advance world he will not and this can happen to anyone. Nigerians deserves a safe and efficient Healthcare.

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