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Politics / Re: Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 8:16pm On May 01
The NAF is already involved in the evacuation already. What else do you want them to do?
I commend the Security forces for their role in the evacuation and it should have been 80 percent Military operation with Politicians having only 20 percent

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 8:06pm On May 01
When you become the Commander in Chief of Armed and Unarmed Forces, you can then call US and Russian Army and Airforce to handle such events
Countries making success with evacuation in Sudan were all handled by their Military and I know Nigeria Military can handled the evacuation if given the opportunity. We C 130 aircraft, J 17 fighter for escorts and a strong Army.
Politics / Nigeria Airforce And The Army Should Handle Sudan Operation by eejo(m): 6:03pm On May 01
The evacuation of Civilians from a war torn Country should never be handled by Politicians because they have no idea about war evacuation. Nigeria Airforce, the Army and the Navy have the assets to get our Citizens from Sudan. Am disappointed in Buhari a former Military General giving Politicians money to evacuate our Citizens. The next admistration should use the Security forces in the future for effective outcome. Message from Enemona founder Make Nigeria great again.
Politics / Re: Many Nigerians Are Going To Die by eejo(m): 11:32am On Apr 25

Brilliant idea but you failed to mention how it is to be paid for. In the advanced world, taxation is used to raise funds for public services. Are you suggesting an increase in taxes on Nigerians?
You can't borrow your way into growth but Taxation is the answer. Wealthy Nigerians are not paying enough Tax, Foreigners need to pay into our Health care, people renewing their International Passport, Big cooperation Tax and many ways other ways to fund our Healthcare system. I will be writing a letter to the incoming president in few days on what he should do concerning Nigeria Healthcare system.


Politics / Re: Many Nigerians Are Going To Die by eejo(m): 9:19am On Apr 25
Keep your doomed wishes to yourself
I will give you a practical example, Someone left his home and got a Bike to the office. On their way a Driver without a valid licence open his Car door without looking causing the Motor Bike to crash and the Man slam his head on the road without Helmet. Bleeding into the Brain he has a hour window to save his life but no Ambulance for transport, people who are not trained moved him into a car complicating his injuries and to a hospital without CT scan , Neuro Team and Critical care unit. The Man dies few hours later but in advance world he will not and this can happen to anyone. Nigerians deserves a safe and efficient Healthcare.
Politics / Many Nigerians Are Going To Die by eejo(m): 8:34am On Apr 25
Deaths among young Nigerians have been rising steadily over the past few years due to poverty, conflict and poor Healthcare system. Average Death age is now 48 years in Nigeria and will continue to fall unless something is done. Over 90 percent of our Hospitals don't have CT scans, no Critical care unit, no Ambulance cover for sick or injured Nigerians. Nigerians need a National Health service to offer a safe ,efficient and affordable service and it can be done to prevent further deaths. This message is from Enemona and Founder Make Nigeria great again.
Politics / Scores Killed As Fighting Continues Non Stop In Kogi State by eejo(m): 8:01pm On Apr 02
It was a black day as many people are feared dead and Thousands displaced following heavy battle between unknown Gunmen and militia in Oga enigu, Dekina local government Kogi State. Nigeria Army has move Soldiers to the zone but the war continues. May the Souls of our young Men who died defending their Father land rest in peace.
Politics / Re: PDP , Labour Party And NNPP Failed Nigerians by eejo(m): 11:02am On Feb 28
This is the absolute truth just that sense has been lost to most yall

For APC to win in 2015, there was a lot of political arrangement, mergers and all.

Just imagine if Atiku, Obi and kwankwanso were in the same party
we will be dancing by now.
Politics / PDP , Labour Party And NNPP Failed Nigerians by eejo(m): 10:57am On Feb 28
Nigeria Election need planning and unity to defeat a rulling Party. Failure of PDP to zone this presidency to the South East and Failure of opposition to present one candidate against APC makes it worse. The Election was there for opposition to win but they gave it back to APC what a shame.

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Politics / Why Nigerians Can't Withdraw Money From Banks by eejo(m): 5:49am On Feb 03
Nigeria is a huge Economy and expected to grow ahead of UK, Canada, United States and Japan Economy this year according to IMF. CBN cannot change money within few months because it is mission impossible for big Economy like Nigeria. If UK takes 2 years to change £20 and £50 , Nigeria with a bigger population need such time to change money. I will advise CBN to extend use of old notes to December 2024.

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Imprisoned For Attempting To Meet With 14-Year-Old Girl In UK (Pix) by eejo(m): 9:41am On Jan 08
If you want to be rich overseas just serve GOD and flee from Women.
Politics / Comedy Skit Makers Have Damaged Nigeria by eejo(m): 7:08pm On Jan 04
Videos have a huge impact on people mental health and behaviour. 90 percent of skit Videos from Nigeria are on sex, violence and evil things which is beginning to affect people's behaviour. Nigeria NBC must set up some guidelines before more damage is done.
Politics / Nigeria Should Use JAPA To Her Advantage by eejo(m): 3:58pm On Nov 20, 2022
USA, UK, and Australia need Healthcare professionals because their Healthcare system is expanding. Nigeria can benefit from this massively because we have the Human resources.
Many Healthcare professionals are unemployed in Nigeria and by allowing these Countries to recruit directly from Nigeria in exchange for modern equipment for our Hospitals will be a huge win
These professionals will one day come back home with their training and also lift relatives out of poverty.
Politics / Insulting Nigeria Online Will Not Help You by eejo(m): 1:27pm On Nov 19, 2022
I have seen many Nigerians talking trash about their Country online because they don't know History and many of them are not exposed. Nigeria is a great Country and progress is been made. UK, USA, Germany ,China and the Gulf States all have period they were suffering and they overcome the situation. If you have learned something educate people back at home. There is no Country without issues and I believe Nigeria will get it right. Am always proud about my Country all the time. Long live Nigeria ��

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Investment / Re: Crypto Is Not Just For Me, Massive Loss (millions Gone Under 2 Days by eejo(m): 3:35pm On Nov 11, 2022
I need ur input.

Money way I wan use start house project

I bought that USDT Because I didn't want my money to be loosing value in the bank

Now all of a sudden immediately I got usdt some people are now telling me I should have gotten BUSD

Why on earth did Naira appreciate

As if they were timing me
evil mind on Nigeria will not work. Nigeria with a good leader will crash dollar to naira rate.
Politics / Many Vehicles And People Burnt To Death In Kogi State by eejo(m): 7:26pm On Nov 10, 2022
If you have a family member or friends travelling through kogi state to Southern Nigeria please call him or her because many have lost their lives. Today a fuel Tanker lost control and crash into vehicles at security check post. May their Souls rest in peace
Politics / Re: USA Intelligence Information Inconsistent Over The Years by eejo(m): 12:04pm On Oct 29, 2022
What about the prediction of isis crossing to Nigeria? Was that wrong too?
Islamic state was formed as result of disastrous America failure in Iraq. The fighters crossing into Nigeria was another failed America policy in Libya after killing Gaddafi and their Intelligent services could not predict attack on their own Ambassador in Libya. Nigeria has done well in fighting Jihadist but more action is required.
Politics / USA Intelligence Information Inconsistent Over The Years by eejo(m): 11:23am On Oct 29, 2022
America has not won any war since the end of European war in 1945. Their intelligence service always comes up with wrong information like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, failure to stop 9/11 attacks, recently predicted that it will take Taliban years to capture Afghanistan but it happened in weeks

Nigeria has been under threat from Jihadist since Boko haram started but Nigeria Security forces have made tremendous progress and kudos to Buhari. The current threat is nothing new and people should go about their normal business.

This threat on South Africa and Nigeria is coming as support for Russia is increasing in Africa about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.


Politics / Re: Kogi Receives First Payment As An Oil Producing State by eejo(m): 1:26pm On Oct 21, 2022
Kogi is blessed with all the resources,but the oil well in ibaji is not up to the one in Anambra.ibaji people are igbo speaking part of kogi like the ebu the igala speaking part of delta state.
see Igbo Man claiming Igala. Am an Igala Man and Ibaji has nothing to do Igbo. Igbo wage a useless war on Igala in Ibaji and lost under Peter Obi Government.
Politics / Re: Kogi Receives First Payment As An Oil Producing State by eejo(m): 8:18am On Oct 21, 2022
Must you comment with bitterness and hatred, majority of the wells are in Anambra state,kogi have just little and that is why no company wants to invest in it.Anambra oil has been managed by two giant oil producing company like orent oil and services.Kogi state have to start producing before they can receive any money from the oil derivation.You can have oil but still not recognize as oil producing states or community until the oil is been managed by an oil firm.
What do you know about my State. Three local government have huge oil deposits in kogi State. Kogi has Gold, Iron ore, Coal and over 30 minerals. Kogi is the richest State in Nigeria with a small population. With the right Governor will be great again.
Politics / Why Nigerians Need A National Health Insurance by eejo(m): 9:48am On Oct 01, 2022
Cesarean section operation for childbirth 200k
Dialysis for kidney disease treatment 500k per week
Head surgery for Brain injury following accidents 5M
People on ventilator life support machine 2M per day
Fracture fixation 500k
A Country where minimum wage is 30k , People cannot afford quality Healthcare thus National Health Insurance funded by National insurance tax will save many Nigerians and increase the life expectancy from 45 years to 70 years.
Politics / Why Many Nigerians Are Poor by eejo(m): 12:42pm On Sep 21, 2022
Marriage , relationship and Children are responsible why many Nigerians are poor resulting in anger and security issues. Taking care of a family is a huge responsibility and you must think twice if you are ready financially before bringing any Child into this World. Please use family planning methods and only bring Children you can care for into the World. Stop blaming Government and take responsibility for your Children and Marriage.
Politics / Nigerians Many Millionaires In The Country Are Not Theives by eejo(m): 9:15pm On Sep 19, 2022
Many Nigerians believe if someone is rich they benefit from the political class. This assumption is wrong and must be discarded. Many Nigerians are wealthy through hard work and career opportunities. If you want to block Airport please go and block Military wing in Abuja and stop Buhari from flying. Students stop inflicting more pains on hardworking Nigerians by blocking roads as Buhari will still be flying around.

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Politics / Causes Of Insecurity In Nigeria by eejo(m): 10:17am On Sep 12, 2022
The following groups are responsible for the current security issues we are having in Nigeria
First are Nigeria Fathers who only love sex but are not ready to take care of the Baby and the Mother. Children from this chaotic homes are abandoned without love and grow up to be terror in the Society.

Second group politicians who recruit and armed Boys with guns to win elections then abandon them after winning elections and most importantly loot security forces funds meant training and equipment.

The last group are the Teachers from schools to religious leaders who incite hate instead of teaching love and harmony.

This wicked Nigeria generation will eventually die away from the Country surface and peace will return.
Politics / 3 Class Of Nigerians by eejo(m): 8:28am On Sep 10, 2022
The first group blame everyone, Government, Lurgard and even the Devil for their woes. They are always fill with hate , and poor both in spirit and mind set. Only few of them make it in life.

The second group see opportunities in Nigeria and go for it. They are always positive and happy in life but lack self discipline on financial issues leaving them with average life.

The last group don't blame anyone but work on themselves and their choices in life. They are rich and living a good life both in Nigeria and overseas.

If you are blaming Government, Lurgard, Queen, Devil , Buhari and Fulani for your woes then you are a million miles away from happiness. Life is a product of your personal decisions and not anyone fault.
Politics / Nigeria Leaders Are Clueless by eejo(m): 9:47pm On Aug 04, 2022
Nigeria crude oil is very easy to refine but the leaders choose not to refine it. Kogi State have Iron deposits for steel and Niger Delta have Natural gas to power the Refinery. Russia and China have the Technology to start Refinery in Nigeria. If we refine our own oil Nigeria will be great and Naira will rise against the Dollar. Lastly shame on Niger Delta Governors who waste millions of dollars on political parties rather than building a Refinery to support the region and create jobs.
Politics / Re: Video: ISWAP Flogged Remaining Kaduna-abuja Kidnapped Passengers by eejo(m): 11:02am On Jul 24, 2022
They are people in North that know the location of this Criminals but they always prefer to fight for GOD rather than save their fellow Northerners.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Create 10 Million Jobs In 1 Year by eejo(m): 12:31pm On Jul 14, 2022
Nigeria has everything and its mpossible to explain why the Country is poor despite all the resources
Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Create 10 Million Jobs In 1 Year by eejo(m): 12:29pm On Jul 14, 2022

Where would we get money to finance all these? Apart from the fact that Nigeria is corrupt, it is also broke. The money polithiefcians are stealing now are mostly borrowed money.
very easy and I will explain it.
20 percent tax of all salary earners in Nigeria
Companies pay 5 percent of earnings as National insurance tax
Build our own refineries with Russia and China help because USA and Europe will never build it for you
Direct World Bank investment
Politics / Nigeria Can Create 10 Million Jobs In 1 Year by eejo(m): 12:18pm On Jul 14, 2022
Nigeria is a rich blessed with everything except citizens inability to elect credible leaders. To create jobs we need a National Insurance tax from every working Nigeria and that will fund free healthcare and free Education till university level. Create a National call centre when Nigerians can report emergency this will create more jobs. Ask putin to send men to build refineries with Ajaoukuta steel and create jobs. Move our total security forces number from 1 million to 5 million and turn all our forests to training camps
Healthcare with Ambulance service 1 million jobs
Free Education 1 million jobs
Security forces 4 million jobs
Emergency service like fire service 500.000 jobs
Construction 2 million jobs
National call centre 500,000
IT jobs to cover all the sectors 1 million jobs
Nigeria can work and have everything ready except a leader with Vision.
Politics / Nigeria Security Agencies Don't Work In Harmony by eejo(m): 9:02am On Jul 13, 2022
Bandits continue to kill Nigerians every day because Nigeria Airforce, Army and Navy refuse to work together in harmony. The Airforce have drones, 3 Air to air combat Jets, 12 Tucano Fighters, F7 Jets, Mi 35 Helicopters that can shoot 3000 bullets in 60 seconds, and many more which I will not list out for National Security. The Army have Mobile Artillery which is computerised and take out target at long range, T72 Tanks and many more. If the Army deploys 80,000 Men supported by the Airforce Bandits will run out of Nigeria but the reality is Airforce conducting air raid without ground troops and ground troops fighting Bandits without Airforce support. If Airforce and the Army can fight with Boko haram why not against Bandits.
Politics / United States Of America Is EVIL by eejo(m): 8:38pm On Jul 10, 2022
Looking at history I cried how America use other Countries citizens as experiment to achieve their plans. Children are not even spared. From Marshal Island to Iraq, Syria and Libya. Nigeria is not even spared. American must apologise to all the crimes they have committed against Humanity.

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