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Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Emeraldicon(m): 8:29pm On Jun 20

It's like you can't distinguish between a date and period!

John the baptist and Jesus of Nazareth both kept shouting in the first century (2,000 years ago) "the kingdom of heaven is at hand" Matthew 3:2, 4:17
So were they also false prophets? cheesy
Note that their pronouncement led many of their contemporaries into a wrong conclusion thinking God's kingdom will start ruling in the first century! Act 1:6
A thief executed alongside Jesus begged Jesus saying "remember me when you get into your Kingdom" {Luke 23:42} Apostle John while penning down the words of Revelations heard Jesus say "i am coming quickly" and instantly John enthusiastically responded saying "Amen! Come Lord Jesus" Revelations 22:20

So is it Jehovah's Witnesses who are now proclaiming that Jesus has began ruling in heaven that's your problem?
Why not ask for the meaning of the messages instead of running to a wrong conclusion along with the crowds? John 6:66 compare to Exodus 23:1-2

Well i know you're not completely informed that's why i keep asking you to PRESENT the evidence that JWs specifically mentioned a precise date. Note that John the baptist and Jesus of Nazareth never mentioned a precise date but kept saying something is ongoing!
That's what God's Holy Spirit permitted them to declare just as JWs also declared that something is happening in the spirit realms now. So God's people never mentioned any specific date regarding the end of the world either in the first century nor in this century, all what they kept saying is "something is happening now in the spirit realms"

Even though faithless and impatient individuals back then deserted Jesus thinking he is mad {John 10:20} faithful ones stick to Jesus and patiently waiting to grasp the real meaning of what is happening! John 6:67-68

So if impatience has blinded the eyes of billions in this generation, few millions like in the first century are faithfully staying with the King whose presence, thoughts, words and actions always confuse faithless people! Daniel 12:10

So just as it occurred in the first century no precise date is mentioned, only an alert of a period when something is going on in the spirit realms where your eyes can't see!
If you want to understand what is going on just ask why millions are still standing firm for this organization and i will show you in the pages of the scriptures what you're missing! smiley

You are really brain washed. With the glaring blunder of the JW organization in predicting the end of the world, you still too blind to see. Don't worry I will come up with more facts you can't push ahead. You said no dates were mentioned, in 1969 awake article where the jw urged its young members to forget about growing old cuz the corrupt system of things will end in few years, are those young people of then still young today ?
I will get back to you with a more detailed rebuttal of your lies.

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Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Emeraldicon(m): 6:49pm On Jun 20
Let's treat issues one after another!

Please PRESENT just one magazine having a specific date where JWs said the world will end!
Thank you in advance! smiley


Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Emeraldicon(m): 6:45pm On Jun 20
Let's treat issues one after another!

Please PRESENT just one magazine having a specific date where JWs said the world will end!
Thank you in advance! smiley

These predictions are well documented in history. Please don't be too lazy do your own research about JW and stop swallowing ally their lies. They have never predicted anything that came to pass. Their bible has been altered and their doctrines are all man made. Here are some of the publications you requested for

Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Emeraldicon(m): 5:34pm On Jun 20
Right from the time i was still practicing Islam until i began studying with JWs and finally i became one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, that's what i've been hearing from so many people and you just joined the rumour carriers but none has ever presented or pasted on this forum which magazine JW declared a precise date that the world will end!

The whole world know that JWs share their views through printed materials so please try to paste just one instance out of the three you asserted where JWs specifically predicted the end of the world with a precise date! smiley

These aren't rumours but facts. A simple Google search will help you with the predictions.

This is from Wikipedia

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society publications have made a series of predictions about Christ's Second Coming and the advent of God's Kingdom, each of which has gone unfulfilled. Almost all the predictions for 1878, 1881, 1914, 1918 and 1925 were later reinterpreted as a confirmation of the eschatological framework of the Bible Student movement and Jehovah's Witnesses, with many of the predicted events viewed as having taken place invisibly. Further expectations were held for the arrival of Armageddon in 1975, but resulted in a later apology to members from the society's leadership.

English researcher George D. Chryssides has argued that although there have been some "unrealized expectations", changes in Watch Tower chronology are attributable more to changed chronological schemes, rather than to failed predictions.[1] The Watch Tower Society has acknowledged errors, which it said helped "sift" the unfaithful from its ranks, but says adherents remained confident that "God's Word" had not failed.[2]


I can also proof to you from the bible that most of JW doctrines are false. The biggest deception of JW is by altering the bible to suit them.

For Jw to claim Christ is not God is enough to label them a false religion. The bible made it clear that Jesus is the son of God and he is of the same substance with God and that makes him the second person in the trinity.
Religion / Re: Prophet Abiara Visits TB Joshua's Wife, Says 'He Was A Real Man Of God' by Emeraldicon(m): 10:29am On Jun 20
So you are only carried away with what others are saying about him, shey?

Well millions across the globe are also saying good things about him that invalidates whatever his haters are saying.

This is why i became one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, that's the one and only group of people who can substantiate using the Bible to point out what exactly is wrong with a form of worship. Others will just come telling you "God opened my eyes to see it" and if that is what God wants then i think it's better He open everyone's eyes to see what you saw otherwise right thinking individuals who are not biased will take you for a joke as another man of God said the same God opened his eyes and he saw God's angels lifting TB Joshua to heaven! undecided
So it's your words against his own if you can't substantiate using the Bible to prove anything! smiley

Do you know that Jehovah Witness predicted the end of the world more than thrice and none came to pass? Can such a group be trusted? JW is a false religion.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Emeraldicon(m): 2:31pm On Jun 09
Brand new sewing machine nothing to fix buy and use call or WhatsApp for more info

How much?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Meets China For Help With Internet Censorship by Emeraldicon(m): 4:04pm On Jun 07
Truly there was a country. What we have now is a cowtry. What's our offence in electing these clowns?

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Politics / Re: Worsening Insecurity: CUPP Calls For Buhari’s Resignation by Emeraldicon(m): 7:22pm On May 25
Buhari will never resign, have you heard of any African leader resigning from office?

He will continue with his nepotism and incompetence.

We need to vote out all these old vultures out of office in 2023, that's the only way we can rescue this country.
Politics / Re: Oyo Muslims Protest In Support Of Palestinians by Emeraldicon(m): 8:27pm On May 24
Very foolish people
Politics / Re: Sat Guru Maharaji Supports Sunday Igboho, Oduduwa Nation by Emeraldicon(m): 2:36pm On May 18
From what I have seen, Nigeria was never great and will never be great if we continue this way.

The solution is to either go back to regional government or we form our separate countries.
Sports / Re: Marcus Rashford Breaks Up With Lucia Loi, His Girlfriend Over Lockdown Pressures by Emeraldicon(m): 11:10am On May 18
Well it's better they quit now than after 27years in marriage.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Blame Amaechi, He’s Happy With Killings By IPOB In Rivers – Wike by Emeraldicon(m): 6:21am On May 18
When will these two adults concentrate more on the work they are assigned to do? Loud mouth set of people.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Effort To Improve Security Is Unmatched, APC Replies PDP Governors by Emeraldicon(m): 5:43am On May 18
Both PDP and APC are not serious. They are birds of the feather. All they care about is their pockets.

The president hasn't done enough because things are getting worse with every passing day. The prices of food in the market keeps skyrocketing while insecurity is on another level.

Only God can redeem us in this country.

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Politics / Re: Open Grazing: Asaba Declaration Exposed North’s Failed Leadership – CNG by Emeraldicon(m): 9:11pm On May 16
The north are too intellectually lazy, with the resources they have, they have the capacity to outperform the south but because they are used to ewuf, they now feel entitled to everything in the country.

Our leaders in the south should set aside their selfish desires and come together and liberate us from this cursed country.
Travel / Re: Babawande Afolabi Launches Green Africa Airline, Acquires New Airplanes (Photos) by Emeraldicon(m): 3:26pm On May 16
Nice one. God will do it for us too.


Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Celebrates Leicester City's FA Cup Win With Nigerian Flag by Emeraldicon(m): 9:14pm On May 15
Congratulations to Senior man and Ndidi. Small small Chelsea will end up trophyless.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: We Are Working Very Hard, I Hope Nigerians Will Understand – Buhari by Emeraldicon(m): 7:30pm On May 13
Seriously speaking, I doubt President Buhari understands the level of insecurity and suffering in the country. It looks like the army chiefs re feeding him with lies because I can't understand how the army will be able to quickly mobilize and crush any uprising in the east or south but can't replicate same in the north.

Mr President we are tired of understanding, we need result urgently.
Politics / Re: Governor Uzodimma Sacks 20 Commissioners, Dissolves Imo State Executive Council by Emeraldicon(m): 7:50pm On May 12
Hope he will appoint credible persons to move imo state forward.
Politics / Re: Insecurity In Nigeria: Do You Have A Plan B? (Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Plan) by Emeraldicon(m): 12:49pm On May 11
Seriously I don't have any concrete plan B yet. Man need to start working on one ernestly.


Crime / Re: Two Robbery Suspects Die During Operation On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway by Emeraldicon(m): 12:55am On May 11
What of the guns these dead robbers were shooting with since they were gunned down in a gun duel?

These are local robbers that should have been apprehended alive.

Well kudos to the police for responding to the distress call.

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Religion / Re: Burial Of Pastor Dare Adeboye: Thanksgiving Songs And Tribute (Photos) by Emeraldicon(m): 12:40am On May 11
We should all sympathize with the family of the bereaved instead of worrying why they're all pastors.

May God forgive his short coming and grant his soul eternal rest and May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss

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Politics / Re: Jubilation in Aso rock as Nigeria becomes '3RD Most Terrorised Country of world by Emeraldicon(m): 3:10pm On May 10
The federal government should just legalize the use of arms in the country let us defend ourselves since the security forces have obviously failed to protect the masses.
Business / Re: Bill Gates’ Cash Can Buy Nigeria’s Stock Market by Emeraldicon(m): 3:03pm On May 10
Thank God for his life. We ordinary Nigerians just want food on our table.
Politics / Re: "Rescue" Of Kidnapped Forestry Students In Kaduna After Battle (Video) by Emeraldicon(m): 3:28pm On May 07
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Emeraldicon(m): 2:23pm On May 07
Y'all, the truth is CAC registration of business name including the name reservation and etc will cost you about 10k plus. Then lawyers can now charge for services as they wish, some even charge 30k and more. But the amount gangan they are spending for the registration is 10k plus.
So it's a little bit suspicious seeing someone doing the reg for 8k. Because:
It's not enough for the registration
She will have to add her own money to balance it
Her energy and services rendered and then no gain?

That's why I told the guy who registered with her to make his findings to be sure if it's genuine.

A little bit disappointed to read that she has someone in cac doing it for them and she's just like an agent forwarding names to them and then they give her commission. No be so?

Is this not also corruption?


Celebrities / Re: Davido: Anybody Supporting Buhari Govt Deserves Hell by Emeraldicon(m): 6:18am On May 06
Hope OBO didn't beg for contract sha
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Past Political Leaders Want To Overthrow Government by Emeraldicon(m): 4:27pm On May 04
I doubt if Femi Adeshina ordinary Nigerians can't comprehend this his bogus grammar.

What the poor masses want is food, good road, electricity, good hospitals, etc.

This government should focus on providing these instead of always fighting some invisible enemies.
Politics / Re: Bandits Release One Abducted Kaduna Varsity Student by Emeraldicon(m): 4:20pm On May 04
See as the bandits are threatening to kill them as if they are cows. God expose those behind these criminals.
Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar: The Time For A Total War On Terror Is Now by Emeraldicon(m): 2:02pm On May 04
You are saying all these just because you want to be president.

Is there any sincerity in what he has been saying since I doubt.

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Politics / Re: Malami: Nigeria To Receive Ibori’s £4.2 Million Loot Soon by Emeraldicon(m): 10:30pm On May 03
If this looted money can talk, it will beg the UK govt not to transfer it aback to Nigeria because it will surely be relooted.

I can assure you they have already shared the money before it even arrive. May God save our country.
TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Idol 2021: 11 Contestants Battle It Out (Pictures) by Emeraldicon(m): 7:59pm On May 03
All the best to them

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