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Politics / Re: Inflation: We’re Paying For Consequences Of Ways And Means Loan - Cardoso by EMIOMOADEOYE: 1:07pm On Jul 12
The problem I see here still lingers on the main issues we have been talking about.

If the FG has been relying on CBN for Ways and Means, it clearly underscores the gross inability of the government to fund itself.

But let's not even talk about that yet.

22.7 Trillion. Where did it go?

22.7 Trillion just does not simply varnish now does it?

Where did it all go?

It's great that Mr. Cardoso thinks price hikes will help to mop up liquidity. Perhaps through interest rate increases and so on.

However, what is the nation doing to improve revenue generation?

I do not see any moves to tighten fiscal policies. Government spending is still obscenely exorbitant. These are moves that will underscore the seriousness of the Govt.

Control govt spending, improve revenue generation, implement wholesale structural reforms. These are all moves that no one is making.

But no....we still take more and more loans

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 7:29pm On Jul 10

The time you took to write that would have being enough to defend your security reasons crap.

Guy go rest and stop making mountain hill out of nothing.

No be only mountain hill...

E go soon be river valley.
Politics / Re: Eberechi Suzette Nyesom Wike Sworn In As Justice Of The Court Of Appeal by EMIOMOADEOYE: 4:14pm On Jul 10
Executive - Gone
Legislative - Impotent
Judiciary - Nuked

Nigeria - DEAD!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 3:41pm On Jul 10

Which security reasons? You guys are something else, something that the company even spend money to advertise the opportunity on Facebook for everyone to apply is what you are shielding for security reasons.

It seems like you enjoy being an antagonist.

Enjoy yourself sha.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 12:27pm On Jul 10

Okay, thanks.I sincerely appreciate.

You're welcome.

If you make it to the Nesting stage, reach out.

Would be nice to have colleagues we can rub minds with
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 9:57am On Jul 10

Thank. Please kindly help with link to the website.Thanks

Go to Google and type Dreamport.

I won't paste the link for security reasons
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 9:55am On Jul 10

Hello please what does the job role entails?

Selling flight tickets.

I won't say more than that

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:08pm On Jul 09
So have you hired someone yet.I applied for this job,but didn't even get a regret email.American Company?You guys can do better.Except you have ulterior motive awakening the thread so more unsuspecting people can apply.

What did you apply for?

Just go their website and apply. There really is no hassle.

Super straightforward. I've been on training with them for 3 weeks now, and I have not had a single wahala.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Air Ticketing Agents Needed (work Remotely) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:05pm On Jul 09
calm down it's dreamport it's a UAE company working for American company I got the job invite I passed the assessment I m now doing the training


Aw far....

How did you manage to scale your Hardware Assessment.

Na 20mb+ speed dem dey ask.

Where person wan see that kind speed for this our useless Naija like this

Abi an to go buy Starlink bayi.
Romance / Re: How Do I Stop Them From Doing This? by EMIOMOADEOYE: 11:56am On Jul 08

So, what's the best way to handle it? I already have what to do, but I want to hear yours.

Every heard of second-hand curse before?

Thunder wey suppose strike one person, strike you follow join on to association.

You cousin dey play away match and an you zanga be arena. And you are even still looking for advice.

Dey look ooo
Politics / Re: LGBT: Knocks As Nigeria Signs $150 Billion Samoa Deal by EMIOMOADEOYE: 11:20am On Jul 04
Even if Balablu do dobale sign by mistake, I trust Nigerians

LGBTQ will not stand
Travel / Re: Nigerians Allegedly Face Xenophobia In Benin Republic by EMIOMOADEOYE: 4:45pm On Jun 29
Even Benin 🇧🇯 republicans, see what hunger has done .
I do not like the spirit of our youths
Filled with fear and weakness.
Can’t we take back our heritage .
Imagine this type of insults, haa Benin republicans have joined to hate us.

The ones who wasted their lives at Lekki, what became of the struggle.

You ended up giving your mandate to the blood suckers that perpetrated the act.
Crime / Re: Bandits’ Kingpin, Dogo Gide, Protects Farmers In Zamfara by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:08am On Jun 28
Bandits to protect farmers and the Villagers are celebrating

Well that's the best thing they can ever hope for.

Those lands out there are ungoverned, undocumented and really no mans land.

This is the best they can ever get.

When the British portioned a large chunk of Nigeria to the North did you think they did not know what they were doing?

They knew that the Fulani were slowly making an incursion and that the largely uneducated Hausa did not have enough knowledge to hold back that incursion. Ahmadu Bello, a hausa-fulani (technically there is not such thing as hausa fulani. Fulani is Fulani. That was all the tactics to lay claim on a federal level) came from the line of Usman Dan-Fodio....a man who would have been categorised as a terrorist in today's world.

Dain Fodio did exactly what the bandits are doing today in Nigeria. Only that back then, western politics were not really a part of the African setup. Lands and domains were purely acquired through conquest.

Now you have so many bandits, the niche is saturated. They are not trying to differentiate themselves. Dogo Gide or whatever his name is has realised that if he can establish himself on the side of the villagers, he can benefit from tributes, and gain fame and power. If he successfully liberates this village and is able to make it a stronghold, all he needs to do is expand and expand. The larger his spare, the more the tributes and power.

Many notorious dacoits in India took this path and finished strong and became high ranking MPs in Indian Legislature.

I'm not at all surprised that things are taking this turn.

But if this truly becomes atrend, there is going to be a lot of bloodshed in the North. A lot. Banditry is going to become a free for all.
Crime / Re: Bandits’ Kingpin, Dogo Gide, Protects Farmers In Zamfara by EMIOMOADEOYE: 9:56am On Jun 28


This is starting to look like 19th-century India when dacoitry was rampant.

Those who watched films like Sholay, Gasab, and Toofan will understand what I am saying.

I have doing some research on Northern Nigeria and even the Eastern part especially those regions touched by terrorism.

One thing is common to all these regions.

There are vast areas of ungoverned lands. The effect of policing and law enforcement is absolute zero in these areas because of sheer vastness of the zones and as such bandits have the time to overrun the place.

At this stage now, we will start having heroes and villains. This is the era where Legends are born. Dogo Gide......will be like Toofan.

Another person will soon come up and claim fighting for the good of the vilagers....maybe two of them like Viru and Jai. Interestingly Viru and Jai were criminals in Sholay.

Na wa
Crime / Re: Susan Hilaseen Kaakyenge, BSU 400L Student Is Missing, Photo by EMIOMOADEOYE: 6:35pm On Jun 24
Someone called Twitter the home of unloved people

What d we call Nairaland.

Simply because you hide behind a moniker does not mean you should type stupid rubbish.

Person dey miss, na tight pussy one idiot dey talk.


This Nairaland fah

I am sure their is a kidnapper or fulani killer that comes to Nairaland everyday to comment

The Thunder of God and Jesus will find and strike you to ashes. And then strike your ashes to atoms.
Business / Re: US Lawmakers Visit Tigran Gambaryan (Binance Executive) In Kuje Prison by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:25am On Jun 22


This will have some serious backlash against Nigeria.

The 3 arms of US government is now focused on Nigeria in what is being deemed a "hostage" situation.

All the while Nigeria has been on a non aggressive stance with the US

Now this is a departure from that norm. Nigeria has never held a US Citizen hostage.

When the US addresses anyone by that phrase "US Citizen"......you should know that they are beginning to move from diplomatic to aggression.

The fact that the charges against Gambaryan are trumped up charges doesn't even help. This man is not an employee of Binance. Not a decision maker. Not even at the middle tier. He is a damn contractor. A former US Intelligence asset.

Honestly, sometimes I just wonder. Does greed erase common sense from people.

Is this how inept and clueless the leaders we vote for are?

I won't be surprised if this degenrates into a situation of heavy sanctions on Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Nigeria will still be catching cruise. Stupid toads.

Kai....the worst Military regime in my memory....Abacha.....was not this bad. Not nearly.

Everyday my hate for the present entity called Nigeria just continues to grow.

How can a group of people be so docile and stupid

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Politics / Re: Market Realities Peg Ideal Minimum Pay For Nigerian Workers At N104,400 by EMIOMOADEOYE: 7:13pm On Jun 21

Hey don't blame the politicians. They didn't get there by accident.

After a great deal of deliberation, the masses made the decision in 2015 to elect a socialist political party to control the Nigerian federal government.

Why did Nigerians elect APC in 2015? They did it because APC promised the following and much more...

to retain fuel subsidy and keep petrol prices low.

to ensure reliable public electricity supply within 6 months

Create 3 million jobs per year

pay every unemployed Nigerian University graduate an NPower stipend of 30K

pay every poor family 5K

Invest in agriculture with Anchor Borrowers Loan

Protect the value of the naira.

Repair all the NNPC refineries

and so on. And the APC government printed over 26 trillion naira and spent a lot of it on all these programs which caused inflation, which made Nigeria the Poverty Capital of the World.

The real question is why the Nigerian people believed such fantastic promises and voted for a man who was an incompetent President in 1984.

Nigeria is a democracy and Nigerians are getting what they voted for. Simple, there's nothing surprising here. Give the government time, it's not an easy job.

Enjoy the Change.

Good Luck to Nigerians.

I take it that you are not in Nigeria


TV/Movies / Re: Thundersub by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:59am On Jun 21
smiley I happen to love animated movies, and I cannot but wonder what happened to 'T[b]hundersub[/b]'. Is it possible to have the movie remade any time soon? lipsrsealed

Fancy me reawakening a thread from the stone age.


A movie for Thundersub will probably fail.

A better way will be some kind of a reboot. Like they did for Voltron in Voltron: The Legendary Defender

The whole idea of a humongous submarine that later became a space carrier is ...... not so unique.

It will be too star wars -ish
Programming / Re: Why Programming Is An Essential Skill In Today's World by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:10am On Jun 20
In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, programming has become more than just a niche skill for tech enthusiasts—it's a fundamental literacy. Here’s why learning to code is invaluable:

1. Career Opportunities
Programming skills open doors to a vast array of career opportunities. From software development and data science to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, the demand for skilled programmers continues to grow across all industries.

2. Problem-Solving Abilities
Coding enhances your problem-solving skills by teaching you how to approach complex issues methodically. It involves breaking down problems into smaller, manageable tasks and finding logical solutions—an approach that is applicable in many aspects of life.

3. Automation and Efficiency
Knowing how to code allows you to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and increasing productivity. Automation is crucial in fields like data analysis, where large volumes of data need to be processed quickly and accurately.

4. Creativity and Innovation
Programming is a creative process. It gives you the power to build anything you can imagine, from mobile apps and websites to games and interactive simulations. This creativity can lead to innovative solutions and new business ideas.

5. Digital Literacy
In a world increasingly reliant on technology, digital literacy is as important as traditional literacy. Understanding the basics of coding helps you navigate and understand the digital world, making you a more informed and capable user of technology.

6. Adaptability
Technology is constantly evolving. Learning to code equips you with the ability to adapt to new tools, languages, and paradigms, making you more resilient in the face of change.

Getting Started
Starting your programming journey is easier than ever, thanks to numerous resources available online. Here are a few tips:

Choose a Language: Begin with a beginner-friendly language like Python or JavaScript.
Online Courses: Platforms like Codecademy, Coursera, and https://www.freecodecamp.org/ offer structured courses to help you learn at your own pace.
Practice: Regular practice is key. Work on small projects and gradually take on more complex challenges.
Join Communities: Engage with other learners and professionals in forums like Stack Overflow or local meetups.
Programming is not just for aspiring software engineers; it's a valuable skill for everyone. Whether you're looking to boost your career, develop problem-solving skills, or simply understand the technology that shapes our world, learning to code is a worthwhile investment in your future. Start today, and unlock a world of possibilities!

I can smell an AI generated content from 10,000 miles away
Travel / Re: Want To Migrate From Nigeria To Barbados by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:18pm On Jun 19
9ja everybody wan Japa...

You still dey....abi you sef don follow join?
Romance / Re: Dating In Nigeria Vs The UK: The Harsh Reality Explained by EMIOMOADEOYE: 6:56pm On Jun 19

Osahon George Osayimwen is a UK-based Nigerian journalist

When the body is desecrated, the only place the heart belongs is in the garbage
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Benin Republic: 2026 World Cup Qualifier - 1 - 2 (Full Time) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 9:26am On Jun 19

I see he is on the road to qualifying with one loss and draw in must win games. Y u no get sense

Your read dad....
Politics / Re: Omokri Tackles Peter Obi Over His Criticism Of ‘New’ Presidential Jet For Tinubu by EMIOMOADEOYE: 1:15pm On Jun 18
This guy is becoming useless day by day. No wonder Jonathan kicked him out earlier

My brother....

Omokri is the very personification of dancing naked in the public square
Politics / Re: Omokri Tackles Peter Obi Over His Criticism Of ‘New’ Presidential Jet For Tinubu by EMIOMOADEOYE: 1:14pm On Jun 18
I'm reading this thread and I shake my head.

Nigerians are like toads in a pot of gradually boiling water.

I can understand the hatred for PO. I can understand the tribalistic innuendos.

What I cannot understand is the continued hard-headed stance in favour of an inept administration simply because the closest rival is an ibo?

For your information guys, two-thirds of Northern Nigeria is under the control of insurgents - whether Fulani or Islamic State-sponsored factions. They are waging a war, they are directly attacking food sources, planning to starve the entire Nigeria to submission.

And the likes of Reno Omokri, who by the way are outside Nigeria continue to spew vomit everyday. And you continue to pack and eat the vomit like dogs. They are distracting your attention from the burning issues and we are all still here talking about Obi....an Obi that has already lost and conceded an election. We are still talking.
Politics / Re: Market Realities Peg Ideal Minimum Pay For Nigerian Workers At N104,400 by EMIOMOADEOYE: 11:42am On Jun 18
It's funny sha.

It takes a great deal of deliberation, back and forth, strikes and even deaths to make a decision in favour of the masses.

But when it comes to personal benefits, it's always very swift


Sports / Re: Victor Oshihem Reaction To Finidi George Was Uncalled For by EMIOMOADEOYE: 9:51am On Jun 16
Nigerians Sha....

Dem sabi give wotowoto

But dem no sabi take am

All of una dey talk rubbish say ẹ fake injury. The guy give una back you come begin dey vex.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Plans 5.3bn Litres Fuel Storage by EMIOMOADEOYE: 5:23pm On Jun 14
The rate at which things are going, I doubt this man is doing all this by himself.

I fear there may be more than meets the eye. I fear these investments may become strongholds for forces of evil in the country in Future.

Undertaking a project of this magnitude and almost immediately he is pivoting into steel, and automobile.

I know there are private individuals in Tier 1 countries who do far more.

But.....oh well....what do I know
Politics / Re: Lawmakers Want Urgent Purchase Of New Aircraft For Tinubu, Shettima by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:28am On Jun 14
Politicians have long looted the country so much that it no longer makes sense for them to be going after millions anymore. Right now their mouth do tear sote, if e no be billion e no be money for their eye again.

Just the other day I saw an approval of 500 million for ordinary tripartite meeting unto minimum wage. Meanwhile it was reduced for 1billion. Imagine. Pay workers you no gree. But waste money on a related meeting, you sign that one.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ₦400k Monthly Job In Nigeria Or American Visa, Which Option Is Best? by EMIOMOADEOYE: 6:08pm On Jun 11
What kind of a visa is it?

I doubt its H1b visa? Otherwise you wont be earning $400

if its not a valid long term work permit or even green card, forget it, Im taking the 400k monthly.

If its a valid work permit, even if they say I should come and work pro bono....I don move bros
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Benin Republic: 2026 World Cup Qualifier - 1 - 2 (Full Time) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 8:59pm On Jun 10
it is a terrible game , enough of this nonsense about feel good football.

Losing to Benin on a neutral ground is a terrible game. It is a fuccccccking world Cup qualifier , it holds once in 4 years. You need points not eye candy football.

Well ....you fired the one who gave you the points.....or should I say you pissed him off

So yeah...eye candy football seems to count
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Benin Republic: 2026 World Cup Qualifier - 1 - 2 (Full Time) by EMIOMOADEOYE: 8:52pm On Jun 10

You must be a big phool. So you are judging a coach based on the match he losses and not the fact that he achieves his target which is qualification. A beg which qualifiers did Rhor play during his time that we didnt qualify without permutaton despite theses draws and losses u mentioned. What were u expecting that Gernot Rhor will win all matches he plays ? At least he was meeting his target. Dont be a phoool use your tiny brain

At this point, which qualifier Finidi don play wey he no qualify?


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