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Education / Re: Help...what Can Be Done Concerning A Bad Start At University by Emperordynasty: 10:23pm On Jun 15
Stop being lazy. Avoid distractions. Study!
cry cryI will...thanks
Education / Help...what Can Be Done Concerning A Bad Start At University by Emperordynasty: 9:41pm On Jun 15
Good evening everyone....
I'm in quite a delima and I know i deserve it,
I entered university with dreams of securing a scholarship latest 200level...I did my research and pretty much knew what was required, buh as first semester came..although I tried to study at some point..I got carried away by activities and I got distracted and to be honest I just got lazy...I'm normally very studies...buh as I came into this school it's like my acedemic gears were reversed...first semester result dropped and my gp was 2.7...shattering my aim of getting an edge over my mates concerning scholarship.i really need to know how high and low my chances are of getting a scholarship in 200level and also what effect this low score will have on my result upon graduation...I really need to graduate with a first class to further my lecturing aim.

Personally I have gotten over the reasons for my creating this post...I'm more sober and motivated to do more in my acedemics...buh I'm still quite oblivious of what is obtainable in the near future as what manner of effort I'm to put in to my studies to make up for my huge mistake ...
For my school
I study at uniben
Education / Re: The Earth Is Flat. Wake Up by Emperordynasty: 7:29am On Dec 24, 2020

NASA also means 'answering' in Igbo.

Next angry

Lol it also means "let us Fetch" in Esan language...

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Education / Re: #EndASUUStrike Nationwide Protest!!! by Emperordynasty: 10:38pm On Dec 15, 2020

Bros b calming down and stop calling one idiots just cause one is trying give one's suggestion.. You are obviously the idiot here allowing anger taking over your sense of rational reasoning...Na all of us the strike affect..infact if you are in your final year now for a 4years course, it means I was in 400level when u got admission into the university so pls be calming down...staging a protest now will b futile. We will just waste the protest. School can not resume this year, your lecturers can't be travelling to their various universities barely 10days to Xmas , abi u yourself do u want to go to scul dis year come back home in 8-10days' time for xmas break and travel back on 2nd? Haba! I hope u now reasoning with me when I said you ar an idiot...if ASUU call of d strike today they will b left with no option than to resume with immediate effect and that is what ASUU is trying to dodge away from..
government is trying to institute another lockdown due to rising incidence of covid cases and u wanna stage a protest now, u want to give d government a very sound reason to shoot you..
Like I said before, let an online awareness be going on social media and by early next year we go physical, we take the streets...
You have made a lot of sense..

Guys let's begin a wide and massive online sensitization for the upcoming protest hopefully to kick off on the first week of January...

These wicked men can't be towling with our future like this..when their own kids are abroad doing their masters

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Culture / Re: Are You Ready For Esu Is Not Satan 2020 Awareness Campaign #esuisnotsatan2020 by Emperordynasty: 5:10pm On Dec 14, 2020
This is a peaceful campaign and awareness of who Orisa Èṣù (or Esu) is. We should all get a polo shirt or any trendy clothing and customized it with ” Èṣù- (or Esu) is not Satan”.

Come December 24th, 2020, wear it to anywhere you are going in your area. Snap yourself with the cloth and share it on facebook for the whole world to see. Help us share with the whole world! With hastTag #EsuIsNotSatan2020

If the truth has been forbidden, let’s start breaking the rules.
Ire ooo

Send a picture of yourself to info@ooduarere.com or omooduarere@gmail.com

See other photos from previous year awareness movement.
Instead of these ones to campaigned for better things like how ASUU strike will be ended ..they are campaigning for the identity of an ancient idol that brought them no good but slavery to the British and Backwardness In all areas
Health / Re: Share Your Lockdown Most Embarrassing Moments by Emperordynasty: 4:55pm On Jun 20, 2020
Lmao. That site is a scam! One whatsapp tv i had was just broadcasting the thing with people's testimonies but when i joined, oboi, the thing just vex me. I don't even log in anymore. Make them carry the money. grin
Seriously bruv.....it's a bloody scam...they keep changing policies till you are even exhausted and finally allow them to take your money ....lpv is owned and run by cooperate theives
Health / Re: Share Your Lockdown Most Embarrassing Moments by Emperordynasty: 1:18pm On Jun 20, 2020
Convincing my dad to register me on Lpv earning forum and boasting about the turn up I'm going to make out of it during this lockdown.......
Only for the useless stupidly fake lpv to disappoint me...now I'm more broke than I was b4

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Celebrities / Re: Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Dies Of Parkinson's Disease At 88 (Photos) by Emperordynasty: 8:19am On Jun 20, 2020
This guy and Sam were the real deal in the trilogy of LotR and also the hobbit

Frodo was a big disappointment and he did not stand out in anyway ...
Such a characterless main character...all he had was his cuteness...aside from that he was just a cry baby
Politics / Re: 'Godfatherism Must End’ — Ewuare, Oba Of Benin Speaks On Edo Election by Emperordynasty: 1:17pm On Jun 19, 2020

I serve a living God greater than the gods that backs up the oba palace
Did God send u to go and start insulting traditional rulers.....or even ur elders...I am a Christian too...but aside from the fact that the oba is a king he is also an elder....so after abusing him and disrespecting his authority you want to hide with giues of serving God...will a servant of God insult a king and a traditional father of the land.....the Oba is under Jesus Christ but he is still to be respected.....oga be warned
Crime / Re: Woman Sets Up Friend For Eight-Man Rape Gang In Adamawa by Emperordynasty: 12:56pm On Jun 19, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr

Yes na
Funny enough if you see them dey display thier fake love to each other for public ehnn. You go think say them really love themselves
Them Sabi jealous each other
Imagine a phone call between two girls
Jennifer: sweet heart, how are you
Sandra: Am fine honey
Jennifer : are you at home?
Sandra : yes. Am at home
Jennifer: am coming to your place. Prepare something
Sandra: yes, yes. My baby girl is coming to see me. I will prepare rice
Jennifer: alright....am coming
Call ends. Sandra is like oh! God this witch don dey come again

But if na niggarrrz. You go think say them hate each other from their communication whereas them love each other.
You go hear

Kelvin: idiot, how far
Jerry : your father!
Kelvin: you dey house. I dey come your side. You Cook? I just weak. Arsenal just cut my ticket
Jerry: you see your life. I nor say make you nor carry arsenal yesterday. I nor Cook anything. Na even Garry I drink sleep yesterday but come first two hundred naira dey with me make we buy two cup of rice take arrange oil jollof
this slawormr guy you gets sense Sha....most of your comments at times dey make sense die

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Culture / Re: The Modern Benin Kingdom by Emperordynasty: 3:49pm On Jun 18, 2020

"Lagos" is not an English word, [neither is "Benin"].

Set awon nairaland historians! grin
Aunty correcter read and comprehend....I said the Esans refer to present day Benin city as Edo...and even see Benin as an English word which is to say a foreign word....English is the closet foreign language to us you hear........so also is Lagos called eko...and I know that Lagos is not an English but a Portugues word.....common sense should tell u that I mean foreign word


Culture / Re: The Modern Benin Kingdom by Emperordynasty: 12:48pm On Jun 18, 2020

I understand your position. But there is an undercurrent of people feeling Benin is dominating them.

It led to the state being called Edo. It should have been Benin. Because Edo was only central part of Benin City. Bendel came from Benin and Delta Provinces. Benin became Edo but Delta remains Delta.
It was to remove the impression that Oba is ruler over the whole state. It would imply that if called Benin State.

What people say about how they are related to Benin is irrelevant. Action matters most. Have you as Benin met a non Benin but Edo person who is a policeman or govt official in govt offices anywhere in Nigeria? 30 years back before state creation I heard Edo Central people boasting they will rather help an Hausa than assist a Benin person.

The Benins are very naive regarding this relationship. Others are ready to scheme us out of anything. But Benins have this attitude of their our people and act so. Others say so but act very differently.

The sooner Benins smell the coffee the better.
Go check Edo Central forums online. Because they are largely anonymous they are venting their bile against Benin. They are even saying Benin are invaders from Yoruba land. That they own all of Edo originally.

I just wonder if they had 67% of Edo population like Benin has.

Benin would be totally made redundant.

Do not let experience in university towns that are very diverse deceive you.

We cannot afford enemies within and fifth columnists. Their ancestors knew their allegiance. Today allegiance is fluid and determined by where people stand to gain more from.
the minority tribes in Edo state still traditionally refer to Benin as Edo in the local tounge...most Esan and Afemia often see Benin as an English word....the ancient city of Benin is still called Edo...the same way Lagos is called eko and Lagos is seen as an English word.hope u get my point..

And look Esan,Owan,Afemai etc all see Benin as an emperor who oversees the entire rulership of these ethnic groups with Benin origin....when the Oba was recently coronated he visited this tribe not only as a visit but to present himself to various independent states under his influence....that is why Esan and other lands in Edo outside Benin don't have dukes as many Benins believe but have Kings and they see the oba not as a king but as an emperor.....they when he visited Esan the conveney of the visit told the communities to come as see their Oba,the Oba in Benin......the Benin rulings, when royals come to greet the oba the Onojie(kings)in Esan ,Owan,and Afemai lands stay in different places separate from Enogies(dukes)in Benin localities like Uselu etc...
Culture / Re: Why Do The Bini So Love And Respect Thier Oba Unlike Other Tribe Do 2 Their King by Emperordynasty: 12:35pm On Jun 18, 2020
I don't support the worship of a man in anyway...but I love the way the Benins show respect to their king and it also shows that values and respect is ingrained in their nature as people...

But why does TAO12 want to kill herself over this fact...
First you blindly made a claim that your yo.robber people brought the mornachy to Benin,and that the oba sees his subjects as slave....how does this you stupid claim affect the topic..

Why do you tribalistic idiots always go about to insult the cultures of others and when you get blasted you say that "they are attacking yorubas".

Why does anything Benin give you heart attack misses TAO12...I so much dispise your irritating behaviour....if you don't like the post just get the hell out of the thread...


Education / Re: Pictures of the Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos, Nigeria. by Emperordynasty: 10:23am On Jun 14, 2020
This is heartwarming..at least this one is top notch in all standards

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Education / Re: UNDERGRAD STUDENTS [First class journey] by Emperordynasty: 11:33pm On Jun 12, 2020

Very possible, even if you get 4.8 in your year one, after three about 6 semesters of having 5.0's you can graduate with it. Level hundred is usually the toughest for intelligent Students except you're "Brilliant" as well. However, the aim should be getting 100% in all your exams, don't just go for a 70% for an A, tell yourself you're greater than the school's syllabus and 95% is an insult to your personality, trust me you'll be motivated to study and A's will be unlimited.
The best graduating student of my school in 2017 had a 5.00, a biochem female Student. The best graduating Student of 2019 had 4.97 front the faculty of law- you see? Even Engineering Student in my school get >4.85, it just depends on your input; Read read read read! Persistence is key. If you loose motivation, go to YouTube and watch videos of best graduating Students or talk with your senior colleagues with these feet.
thank you very much sir
When I eventually achieve this feat...I will update this thread ...by God's grace grin

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Education / Re: UNDERGRAD STUDENTS [First class journey] by Emperordynasty: 11:31pm On Jun 12, 2020
Though you are not an engineering student..but I can advice you..
To graduate with a First class (5.0) is attached to a lot of factors...
Ranging from finance,motivation, friends,level of brilliancy, ability to perform under pressure, persistency, dedication, diligence, mentorship and God factor..

You can do it since others had done it...you can make it happen bro..
I am not a motivational speaker but I can charge and galvanize you concerning your Academics...
A lot of guys had graduated with maximum CGPA in my school (OAU), UNILAG,UI and many more schools...

Though,we all have limits in terms of ability...just give your best and you will be ok..
Take care.
Wow ...thanks you very much sir

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Education / Re: UNDERGRAD STUDENTS [First class journey] by Emperordynasty: 6:20pm On Jun 12, 2020
Hi everyone..
I'm a 100level student of Agricultural economics and extension..

The main question I want to ask is ....is the idea or aim of graduating with 5.0 cgpa a possibility...and what does it take to achieve this...plus do you know anyone who has achieved this feat

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Education / Re: Is It Possible To Graduate With 5.0 In Uniben And Has It Happened Before by Emperordynasty: 4:10pm On Jun 11, 2020
Optometry is a 6ix year unclassified doctorate degree... unclassified implies; no first, second, et’ll class.
Okay yeah...it's a doctorate degree..
Education / Re: Is It Possible To Graduate With 5.0 In Uniben And Has It Happened Before by Emperordynasty: 4:00pm On Jun 11, 2020
Work hard and work smartly...
A student of same institution... currently on 4.62. albeit, my cgpa only counts in 100lvl.
Wow...why does ur cgpa count only in 100level

Okay..I'm in the department of agriculture Economics
Education / .CLOSED!!! by Emperordynasty: 3:55pm On Jun 11, 2020
Education / Is It Possible To Graduate With 5.0 In Uniben And Has It Happened Before by Emperordynasty: 3:48pm On Jun 11, 2020
Good day guys...

I just wanted to hear your opinions about the possibility of graduating with 5.0 in Uniben...I'm a fresher and not really informed about how things are done in the school examwise and all..

So what am I expected to do different to achieve this,
Do people achieve this often,during convocation.

What are the opportunities that come with 5.0 as a graduates cumulative...

Please guys it's been a while we discuss about issues like this on nairaland...I need ur information and hopefully motivation about achieving this aim.
Celebrities / Re: "I'm Richer Than Your Mom"- Wizkid Tells Friend Who Said He Has Refused To Grow by Emperordynasty: 3:03pm On Nov 16, 2019
When you're rich to a certain extent, you can even slap the king in ya village..nothing dey happen.
Lol...not all kings oh...come Edo state go slap king auto say u geh money....u go loss before daybreak

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Education / Re: Agricultural Economics: What Is It All About by Emperordynasty: 9:38am On Nov 16, 2019

I’m an Agricultural Economics students, 300l and 500l for Statistic and mathematics welcome
thank u very much....which school if I may ask
Education / Re: Agricultural Economics: What Is It All About by Emperordynasty: 8:23am On Nov 16, 2019
Agricultural economics is an applied field of economics concerned with the application of economic theory in optimizing the production and distribution of food and fiber.
thanks for your answer but I need more clarity with regards to the questions I posed above
Education / Agricultural Economics: What Is It All About by Emperordynasty: 12:46am On Nov 16, 2019
Fellow nairalanders I just got admitted to study agricultural economics and personally with my vague understanding of the course I'm very happy with it,mainly because of how it combines a course of great business potential with another course that focuses on business management to creat a professional course....

But I still want to know a few things preferably from the mouths of thoes who have studied or are studying this course.

*Is the course a practical oriented course like the conventional agric course or mainly a theory course like economics.

* Can the course be classified as a science or a social science.

* And due to its relationship to Economics I would like to know if it is a mathematical course because I'm a maths fanatic and I don't want a course that won't allow me do my maths.

* is it the most lucrative agric course.

Pls nairalanders I sincerely beg for ur replies and opinion and my university of study is Uniben
Education / Re: Covenant University 17th Anniversary Is Today by Emperordynasty: 9:58am On Oct 21, 2019
u and oyedepo are not well at all
If being unwell is achieving the wonderful things God is doing through this man..both in ministry and education... Then I agree with u
Education / Re: Covenant University 17th Anniversary Is Today by Emperordynasty: 6:39pm On Oct 20, 2019
how I'm not serious
Because the school wasn't built for members....but for the public and its fees are needed to maintain it....by the way the school was never a charity organization for people and even at that scholarship are given to deserving students occasionally..... So u can now see that u are not serious....

Appreciate success and soon u may also be successful

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Education / Re: Covenant University 17th Anniversary Is Today by Emperordynasty: 6:36pm On Oct 20, 2019
Nice but please we need reduction in fees tankiu
How do u want them to maintain their standards by making their already low fees in comparison to other private university,lower..

If u can't afford the school go to a cheaper one.........

At least we see that the management are working with the money the collect as fees....

God bless Oyedepo...my mentor

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Nairaland / General / Re: Huge Snake Found Near Aso Rock by Emperordynasty: 4:40pm On Oct 20, 2019
Tah dah
Education / Re: 2019/2020 UNIBEN Admission Guide Thread!!! by Emperordynasty: 5:05pm On Sep 30, 2019
Bros Draei and others....u guys have left us here.... Almost no news concerning uniben admission update....

Pls guys has the list been released and what are we to expect next in the coming months

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