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Agriculture / Banana Slicing Machine by foodmachine: 3:02am On Feb 03, 2018
Banana Slicing Machine
Our banana slicing machine can make the banana into uniform pieces in an efficient way. The slices thickness is adjustable.
Model: AZS-XQ
Capacity: 8000 pcs/h
Voltage: 220/380 v
Power: 0.3 kw
Thickness: 2-8 mm
Dimensions: 650*560*1200 mm
Weight: 65 kg

Agriculture / Automatic Fruit Grading Machine by foodmachine: 2:09am On Jan 19, 2018
Automatic Fruit Grading Machine
The automatic fruit grading machine is specially designed to sort and grade kinds of fruits and vegetables according to the weight. It is widely used for grading apples, pears, onions, lemons, potatoes and other round fruits and vegetables.
Model: AUSXS-7200
Sorting Speed: 7200pcs/h
Grades of sorting : 10pcs
Weight range of sorting: 20-1500g
Power: 0.4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Dimension: 5.5*1.2*0.86m
Weight: 600kg

Agriculture / Apple Peeling Machine by foodmachine: 2:44am On Jan 18, 2018
AZEUS Apple Peeling Machine is made of advanced quality stainless steel. Adopt the most advanced technology, no waste and high yield. This apple peeler machine is a nice helper for you to get rich.
Model: AZS-P01
Capacity: 1-1.2T/H
Voltage: 380V
Power: 0.75Kw
Dimensions: 1500*700*800mm
Weight: 100Kg

Agriculture / Roasting Machine For Sale by foodmachine: 7:46am On Jan 10, 2018
Roasting Machine for Sale
High Efficiency continuous working peanut / sunflower seeds / sesame seed roasting machine

Agriculture / Manual & Automatic Poultry Brine Injector by foodmachine: 2:46am On Oct 21, 2017
Manual & Automatic Poultry Brine Injector
This machine adopted high quality stainless steel materials, which has reasonable design and compact structure. It is convenient to operate, easy to clean, clear and healthy.
This machine is mainly used for injecting saline or pickled dose into many kinds of meat.

Email: info@
Details: http://www./product/meat-processing-machinery/brine-injector.html

Agriculture / Re: Cashew Vacuum Packaging Machine by foodmachine: 4:44am On Oct 09, 2017
hw much
Pls drop your email id for sending the quotation sheet.

Website: www.
Contact: info@
Agriculture / Supply Corn/maize Processing Equipment: by foodmachine: 3:48am On Sep 27, 2017
Supply Corn/Maize Processing Equipment:
1. Popcorn Maker
2. Corn Puffing Machine
3. Home Use Corn Grinding Machine
4. Automatic Universal Maize Milling Machine
5. Corn Fine Milling Processing Line
6 Maize Milling Machine
If need, pls let me know.
Email: info@
Website: www.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer/

Agriculture / Supply Walnut Processing Equipment by foodmachine: 4:03am On Sep 26, 2017
Supply Walnut Processing Equipment
1. Walnut Dehulling Machine ( 800-1000kg/h)
2. Walnut Shelling & Separating Machine( 300kg/h & 800kg/h)
3. Walnut Roasting Machine( 40kg/h-2000kg/h)
4. Walnut Drying Machine ( 60kg/batch-480kg/batch)
5. Walnut Nitrogen Packaging Machine (60-360times/h)
6. Walnut Oil Press Machine
Any need, pls contact me.
Email: info@
Website: www.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer/

Agriculture / Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line by foodmachine: 2:46am On Sep 25, 2017
Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line supply the professional production unit of potato chips. We supply potato chips production plant of 30kg/h, 60kg/h and 150kg/h.
Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2oBwwcz

Agriculture / Full-automatic Potato Chips Production Line by foodmachine: 3:25am On Sep 23, 2017
Full-automatic Potato Chips Production Line supplies the most advanced production equipment of potato chips making. The processing capacity we supply is from 150kg/h to 500 kg/h. We also can customize any specific equipment according to your requirement.

Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2mlAzM3
FB: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer

Agriculture / Cashew Vacuum Packaging Machine by foodmachine: 3:19am On Sep 22, 2017
Cashew Vacuum Packaging Machine
It can finish the whole programs of vacuum extraction, sealing, printing, cooling and exhausting automatically. The products after packing are easier to be prevented from oxidation or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for longer time.
Capacity for choice: 60-160times/h, 90-360times/h
Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2kYxopj

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Agriculture / Catfish/fish Smoking House by foodmachine: 7:46am On Sep 21, 2017
Catfish/Fish Smoking Oven
The oven mainly consists of smoke oven, automatic program controller, smoke generating device and smoke car. The key component is the curriculum systemcombined with steam pipe, heat exchanger and outlet channel, etc.
Capacity for choice: 50(kg/oven), 100(kg/oven), 250(kg/oven), 500(kg/oven), 1000(kg/oven)
Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2n24Ws7

Agriculture / Electric Chili Pepper Grinder by foodmachine: 2:43am On Sep 20, 2017
Electric Chili Pepper Grinder
Model: AZS-MG12
Voltage: 110/240V
Power: 0.55Kw
Capacity: 120kg/h
Dimensions: 250*230*320mm
Weight: 29kg

Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2nd5M1O
Like us on Facbeook: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer/

Agriculture / Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine by foodmachine: 2:36am On Sep 19, 2017
Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine
Suitable for fruit and vegetables cleaning, especially for the round type such as carrots, fruits, guava, passion fruit, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, mango, mustard leaf, peanuts, etc.
Capacity for choice: 1000-2500kg/h

Email: info@
Product Link: http:///2k2M7DP
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer/

Agriculture / Orange Peeling Machine by foodmachine: 3:11am On Sep 16, 2017
Orange Peeling Machine
Model: AZS-PGL
Max capacity: 1800pcs/hour
Fruit Dia.: 40-80mm
Fruit Height: 40-90mm
Peeling Thickness: 0.5-1mm
Coring Dia.: 15-25mm
Motor Power: 550W(not including air compressor)
Weight: 150kg
Dimension: 1300×830×2000mm

Email: info@
Product Link: http:///product/fruit-processing-machine/fruit-peeling-machine.html
[b]Like us on Facbeook: [/b]https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer

Agriculture / Black Pepper/ginger/ Spices Grinding Machine by foodmachine: 3:20am On Sep 15, 2017
Black Pepper/Ginger/ Spices Grinding Machine
Model: AZS-GM120
Capacity: 30-120 Kg/h
Grinding fineness: 10-120 Mesh
Voltage: 220/380 V
Power: 2.2 Kw
Dimensions: 480*520*1040 mm
Weight: 80 kg

Email: info@
Website: www.

Agriculture / Potato Washing Peeling Machine by foodmachine: 4:20am On Sep 13, 2017
Potato Washing and Peeling Machine has high peeling rate up to more 98%. Our Potato Washing and Peeling Machine is the largest and most advanced Washing and Peeling Equipment for potato and sweet potato, etc.
Model & Capacity: AZS-PWP10 ( 80-100kg/hr)
AZS-PWP30 ( 180-200kg/hr)
AZS-PWP80 (800kg/h)

Contact: info@
Product Link: http:///2qhGX9g
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodmachinesmanufacturer

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Agriculture / Semi-automatic Potato Chips And Fries Production Line by foodmachine: 2:42am On Sep 12, 2017
Semi-automatic potato chips and fries production line can peel, cut, blanch, dehydrate, fry, deoil, flavor and pack potato chips with capacity of 30kg/h, and it’s applied in restaurant, processing factory, etc.
Email: info@

Agriculture / Re: Peanut Butter Machine by foodmachine: 2:33am On Sep 12, 2017
inform_toniward@yahoo.com interested. catalog pls
hi, there. Do you still need this peanut butter machine?
Agriculture / Re: Peanut Butter Machine by foodmachine: 2:33am On Sep 12, 2017
Interested, send catalogue of different machines n price to sodiq70ng@yahoo.com . thanks
if you still need peanut butter machine, pls send your message to info@, we willreply you timely
Best regards,
Customer Service Center
Website: www.
Email: info@
Agriculture / Frozen Meat Dicing Machine by foodmachine: 4:04am On Dec 02, 2016
Related website: http://food-machine.org/product/Meat_Processing_Machine/frozen-meat-cutter.html

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine is widely used to cut various kinds of frozen meat products such as sausages, poultry, beefsteak, in preparation for further processing. The low temperature design ensures the high quality of the meat dice. The temperature of the frozen meat block to be cut could be minus 18 to 12 degree celsius. The frozen meat needn’t to be defrosted prior to being cut, thus avoiding loss of nutrients.

Why Frozen Meat Dicing Machine?
When making sausage filling, dumpling filling or patty filling, a meat grinder is required to crush the meat. But the frozen meat block is too big for the meat grinder to cut, and the service life of the meat grinder will be shortened if material fed is of large size. The Frozen Meat Cutter is designed to handle the mentioned problems. The frozen meat that pre-processed by the frozen meat cutter is easy to be crushed.

Agriculture / Re: Automatic Donut Machine by foodmachine: 3:37am On Dec 02, 2016
You can email to info@whirlstonmachine.com
or please leave your email and we will contact you by email.
What's the price, and please can I have your contact address and phone number
Agriculture / Automatic Donut Machine by foodmachine: 8:28am On Dec 01, 2016
Related website:http://food-machine.org/product/pasta_making_machine/automatic_donut_machine.html

The automatic donut machine has been proved to be money-makers. No matter you wanna set a home-based donut shop or invest a food concession stand or store, our donut maker is definitely a money-earner for you, and the very reason is the popularity of palatable donuts. Fresh, tasty donuts have always been a popular food item at festivals,fairs, carnivals and many other outdoor seasonal events. So why not consider it?

Automatic Donut Machine Features
1.Totally automatic. You only need to put the batter into the machine and just a few minutes later, you can get the tasty donuts.
2.Equipped with precise orbit devices and imported motor, which can ensure a stable vibration.
3.Various kinds of donut shapes and the thickness of donut is adjustable.
4.The discharged donut number is optional, one or two one time.
5.Automatic temperature-controller, safe and convenient.
6.Stainless steel furnace, high output and energy saving.

Agriculture / Full-automatic Stuffed Meatball Making Machine by foodmachine: 4:31am On Nov 30, 2016
Related Website:http://food-machine.org/product/Meat_Processing_Machine/automatic-meatball-machine.html

Meatball making machine is mainly used to form various kinds of stuffed meatballs with stuffings inside by the materials of meat, fish, shrimp, vegetable etc. It is an ideal food machinery for processing meatballs full automatically. The operator only need to put the raw material into the hopper, then start the machine; After about 3 minutes, the balls will be automatically made. The finished balls are with features of good taste, round and smooth appearance.
Features of Stuffed Meatball Making Machine
1.Made of high quality stainless steel to meet food hygiene standards and wear-resistance.
2.Precise core parts processing, stable work schedule and transmission.
3.High efficiency, big output capacity, can produce 140-420 grain/min. The working speed can be adjusted by yourself.
4.Using meatball skin and stuffing fission feeding and positioning shearing action device. Oscillating bearing is used to control the blade open and closed back and forth, no vibration and very stable. The finished balls are more stuffings.
5.Can make all kinds of balls, such as meatball, fish ball, beef ball, chicken ball, tribute ball, prawn ball and so on. , the taste can be changed by yourself.
6.Full-automatic, reasonable structure, easy to maintain and clean. When molded, the balls can automatically fall into the pan, which reduce the human contact with the balls.

Agriculture / Meat Stuffing Mixing Machine by foodmachine: 3:53am On Nov 29, 2016
The stuffing mixer is the essential device for mixing with high efficiency and easy operation. It is the first-choice device for making seasoned and blended sausage products and meatballs; and also it is a perfect optional for producing dumplings, wontons, etc, flour-based products in hotels,restaurants,canteens and so on.

Meat Stuffing Mixing Machine Superiorities
1.Fast speed of mixing materials, high efficiency.
2.Materials mixed by this machine are quite even.
3.Good seal quality, simple to clean.
4.Mainly made of carbon steel, long working life.
5.The part touching materials is stainless steel, ensuring safety and health.

Related website: http://food-machine.org/product/Meat_Processing_Machine/meat-stuffing-mixing-machine.html

Agriculture / Chicken Feet Peeling Machine by foodmachine: 8:42am On Nov 28, 2016
Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Presentation
The chicken feet peeling machine is used to remove the yellow skin and nails of the raw chicken feet completely without any damage. As one of the most convenient chicken feet peeling machinery, it is suitable for chicken processing plants, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Operation
The raw chicken feet should be soaked in hot water (65 degree) about 3-5 minutes beforehand, then put them in the peeling machine to process, so that the skin and nail can be removed totally. And there is a tap on the machine to connect with the water to wash away the removed skin and nails.
Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features
1.It is made of stainless steel, conforming to health standards; easy to clean.
2.Simple operation; thorough peeling; no damaging chicken feet; high volume of production.
3.High efficiency, saving a lot of labour cost.
4.Removing the chicken feet skin as well as nails.


Agriculture / Re: Peanut Butter Machine by foodmachine: 8:39am On Nov 25, 2016
If you are interested in our machines, please leave your email and we will contact you asap.
How much?
Agriculture / Mobile Food Trailer by foodmachine: 9:55am On Nov 24, 2016
Mobile food trailer, can also be called concession trailer. It is another type of mobile food vending cart. This towable food trailer is designed with a single hitch frame, has one guide pulley, so it can be easily towed or pushed by any motor vehicles. There are wide ranges of cooking utencils for your choice according to your food items and target customers.

Mobile Food Trailer Spotlights
☼CE Approved, durable, safe and reliable.
☼Stainless steel material for cooking benches and shelves, hygienic and no-rust.
☼Humanized construction and design;high visibility tail light signal system.
☼Tractor drawbar with safety ball headed coupling.
☼Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.

Agriculture / Peanut Butter Machine by foodmachine: 9:32am On Nov 24, 2016
Peanut butter machine is ideal equipment to make fresh peanut butter in a jiffy. You just need to fill the hopper with your favorite shelled nuts, turn on the switch and after a few minutes, delicious homemade nut butters come out. Peanut butter machine can also process macadamia, sunflower, sesame, almond, pistachio and cashew nut butters,etc.

Agriculture / Home Use Oil Press by foodmachine: 8:07am On Nov 04, 2016
This is a brand new type mini home oil press designed for every family to eat healthy and ensured oil. It is quite small in volume so it’s easy to move from one place to another. Just connect it to the power and press the on button, it will work so you can see how it is easy to operate it. Besides, this machine is really multi-functional. For you can use it to press so many oil seeds in our daily life such as peanut, sesame, canola seed, camellia seed, flax seed, sunflower seed etc.. It’s sure that this machine will be very popular in every family in the near future.


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