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Literature / Re: The Mysterious Ghost by Foreverpen: 1:23pm On Feb 05, 2020
The garden is just like the one been describe in heaven, the garden of Eden.It is filled with different kinds of trees that is beyond imagination,it was just as if I am in another realm
"Have your drink,Mr Harry and let's discuss"Cassy voice made me realize I was lost in thought.
"Oh, thank you.so why am I here?"He asked as he sips his drink .
"I brought you here to discuss something with you,there are some rules that are not in the book I gave to you,and it's important you obey it."
"Okay,let me hear about it"
"Miss boss Katherine doesn't like to be with many people,she eats alone and I won't like it the day she decides to stroll out and she meets you,I can't guarantee what would happen.Are we clear?"
"I understand"
"Thank you Mr Harry"Cassy appreciated as she packs her documents.
"You welcome, Cassy.And I will..."I wasn't able to finish my statement when a sound that sounds like a emergency bell rang annoyingly."What was that?can I tag along?"
"I will appreciate it"Cassy begin to run towards another elevator as I run after her,I didn't know the reason why that bell was rang or the reason why Cassy was so inhaste to attend to this emergency or the other maids I saw running Helter skelter.After many elevators,we finally arrived at another mansion entirely.
"Mr Harry,I would appreciate it if you will stay here."Cassy advised as she runs inside the castle.
I was so curious to know what was going on,so I decided to call one of the maids."why are you guys all running like this?Is everything ok?"
"It's...Boss, maybe another ghost was found in her quarters...she ...you won't understand"she couldn't finish her statement when she saw another maid approaching me as she runs away.
"Are you Mr Harry?"The maid asked.
"Yes,I am."she was different from all maids,then I quickly understand that people working at Boss Katherine mansion are all different from other maids.
"Follow me sir"she leads the way as we both entered the mansion I can describe as something more than beautiful.The mansion is sparkling like gold.A hand that touched me made jerk away from my thoughts.
"Cassy"I heaves a sigh of relief when I discovered it was Cassy,I actually thought it was a ghost.
"We saw blood footprints in the kitchen floor"Cassy explained the reason for the emergency bell."it must be solved and cleaned before Boss wakes up,we will all be in big trouble when she finds out.Before Cassy could finish her statement I already saw a lady in a White gown approaching us wearing a veil,she s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life, Even though I didn't see her face ,but I know see s more than beautiful.
"I will talk to you later Mr Harry, please go and investigate the crime scene."she followed the lady.Cassy followed the lady inside a garden chamber.
"Who is that in my house?"
"Thats the new sergeant that was transferred here so I invited him here to check around the house corner and some..."she lied
"What are you hiding from me? Did you guys see a ghost again?"
"Katty,calm down.put your mind at rest.Nothing like such happened.I can't lie to you"Cassy assured her.
"Hmm..."Katty didn't say another word cus there's no point dragging this case further because she knew Cassy was lying.She turned to go to her music studio.

Literature / Re: The Mysterious Ghost by Foreverpen: 12:40pm On Jan 15, 2020
from flowing.
Cassy was confused
because this was her first in the past sixteen years she has been working for Katherine,she was going to behave like she just did.Even though she was curious,she never asked her even for once because she knows she was not a physco but all those memories are nothing but pains.she cleared her throat as she begin to answer Katherine."Tell me everything katty,confide in me please, tell me the reason why you left Nigeria for Paris,the reason why you are always filled with regret, guilt, sorrow always, please let me know katty"I couldn't believe that word was coming out of my mouth.
"Listen up Cassy,it's a long story but you know what?we are going back to Nigeria first.I will start explaining from there"she said with confidence.
"Thank you Katty and good night"Cassy said with happiness shown all over her faces,she was afraid of going to Nigeria before but now she couldn't wait to travel back to Nigeria,she couldn't wait to listen to the reason of katty misfortune and very curious to know the mystery of her life.
*********. *********

(New York,2019)
Sergeant Harry couldn't get over the shock of the news he received this morning when he was informed that he is the officer assigned to go to Paris and investigate about Katherine boss mansion.Everyone is always scared of going to that mansion,why? because it was a like a journey of no return, none of the officers assigned there as ever found the answer to the mansion mystery not even a guess was found,they all came back submitting their resignation letter.He never knew what he did wrong,he has always been upright, punctual and diligent in his work but was this his reward to all his good works,but he had no choice as he prepares for his journey to Paris.What made him happy was the fact that he had no one to feel sorry for him if he actually died in that "Mysterious Ghost"house.He checked his wristwatch,it was exact time for his flight.He sighed as he carried his travelling bag .
All the maids were outside to welcome the new sergeant to the mansion,they were all outside to ensure he didn't make a mistake that will send him packing his stuff back to where he come from.
Harry was surprised to see the maids,he thought as if he was one kind of a president to be honored this much or was it because of his rank because all of the past officers that was sent here was his Juniors.Immediately he approached them,five maids hurried to help him with his luggages.
"It's okay,i can carry it myself"he refused to let them carry his bags.
"We are sorry Mr Harry,in our mansion you are to be treated like a king but if you still instist you are free to carry it your self, girls back off.Escort him to his room"Cassy ordered as she lead the way to the mansion.
Harry as never been in this kind of a room before,it was just like a king room.He never expected that he was actually saying what was in his mind."Excuse me ,miss..."
"Cassidy, you can call me Cassy"Cassy cut him short.
"How many people are going to Live in this room?"he asked waiting for the the harsh lady who was busying writing some notes for him to answer his questions.
"Only you"Cassy answered as she throw a note at his chest."Here are the rules and regulations of this house,you are to make sure you obey it else...I can't guarantee what will happen, and..."
Already going and she suddenly turned back"thank you for coming here ,let's go girls".All Harry could hear next was a harsh slam at closing the door.
Harry heaves a sigh of relief as he set to arrange his luggages, after doing all that.He had his bath then jump on the soft bed prepared for him,he doesn't even know the time he slept off.The evening alarm that rang made him discover he had been sleeping for five good hours,so unsual.He stands up feeling very tired and hungry.He has forgot to ask that witch the way to the kitchen,a knock interrupted his thoughts.He went to open the door to discover that a meal was sent to him,a tray of food filled with different delicacies that he wasn't able to resist.A note was also send to him along with the food telling him to come to the garden after eating.
Few minutes after eating, Harry set for the garden.A maid was already waiting for him to guide him to the 1st elevator,as soon as he entered the 1st elevator,The maid bows and exits.when the door of the elevator open, another maid was already waiting for him, everything was just like a mystery to him."This way,sir"The maid lead the way as Harry followed obediently.He was made to pass through so many doors with different maids , on getting to a door before he reached the garden.He heard a voice that made him to lose his mind and consciousness,he wasn't able to move his feet anymore.He was forced to ask the 9th maid who face he felt appealing and gentle enough to answer him his question.
"Who is singing?"Harry asked as he waits patiently for his answer.
"It's Boss,Miss Ka..."she couldn't continue talking when she saw Cassy,she already knew her job at the upper house is over,she is going back to the lower house.
"Nice one,mira.you are fired.take her to the lower house to be cleaning"before Cassy could finish her statement,Mira was already dragged away by the guards."welcome ,Mr Harry.i won't tolerate a second chance if I find you asking anyone about this mansion or the owner .I suppose that's your mission,find the puzzle your self."Cassy warned .
"Am sorry,i was just..."
"Follow me,Mr Harry.I think this is the way to the garden"Cassy instructed as she leads the way ordering all the maids and guard to stop following them.
"I couldn't believe I was just shuned"He said to himself.
"Are you okay,Mr Harry?"
"I am, Cassy."Harry answered with a harsh voice that made Cassy realized she already becoming like katty,she then smiled to herself as she opened the door to the garden.

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Literature / The Mysterious Ghost by Foreverpen: 11:04am On Jan 14, 2020
Written by: Jolayemi Monsurat
From: The Prime Insane Universe
(c) 2020

No part of this story should be published or used without authorization from the author.

Everyone called her "THE MYSTERIOUS GHOST".
Having conversations with people felt like she is betraying the whole world.
No one actually knows the story, Identity and the origin of the so called ghost.Some said she's scarcy, some said she looks like a monster but the actual question is who is this girl that has money,fame, power but happiness, love , love is far -off she is only filled with hatred,guilt, betrayal and fear.
Only one person can unfold the veil of this "GHOST".Who is this person and who is she?
******. *****

(Paris 2019)
"Katty,katty"An unknown voice kept calling her name as she kept walking to the trace of the voice.
"Who are you?"Suddenly,
Katherine saw the back view of a man who is in his early eighties.But who the heck is he that he always calls her name at the same time every night.
Katherine waited patiently as the man turned slowly towards her direction, unable to control her curiousity.She moved closer to the man ,as she takes few steps forward.A strange hand held her throat tightly to an extent that she almost passed out.
"Let ...me...go ,who ...are ...you?"she was nearly out of breathe and suddenly woke up to realize it was a dream.She turned to turn on the lights and her emergency bell,few seconds before she could think of sitting up.Five maids all dressed in one uniform hurried inside but the last lady seems a little wierd and different from the other five maids.
"Are you okay ma'am?"The last lady who entered last asked with concern and anxiety.
"I don't think I would have sent for you if I am okay"Katherine fired back with a harsh voice which shows that she's actually a very hard person.A maid runs inside shivering as if she saw a ghost but according to her reaction what she saw is more than a ghost.
"What is it Linda?"Katherine asked the maid.
"I saw a old man,all is body is full of blood stains ,l..."she tries to calm herself down .
"You can all go,Cassy we need to talk"before a she could blink her eye,they all ran outside in an hurry as if they are all going to be killed if they wait for another second.
"Hmm.."Cassy sighed as she sits beside her.
"I had the same dream again,I don't know this strange man that kept disturbing me,I am confused Cassy"
"So what do you plan on doing now?"Cassy asked with confused all written all over her face.She is the head of all the maids,her personal secretary too.She has been working for her for the past sixteen years but does she also has a answer to all this mystery.
"Wait a minute"Katherine stands up and walk towards a big shelve filled with unknown items that are strange.She wore a white gloves as as she picks up a necklace covered with blood stains.She smiled to herself and have a eye contact with Cassy who doesn't understand and kept wondering what this mysterious girl is planning again.
"What does that bloody necklace has to do with all this scary things that are happening?"Cassy asked looking confused as ever
"I'm going back to Nigeria"she answered still looking at the necklace in her hand.
"What! Nigeria?"Cassy
"Only that dreadful house in Nigeria have the answer to this mystery"
"Are you sure you are not possesed by the man yet" She said and pinched Katty very hard to make her realize she had been uttering nonsesne all these while.
"Ouch!" Katty yelled in pain.
"Do you realize all what you've been saying?, It's been so hard for me to see you living this way, this year is going to be the sixteenth year I have been working for you and I don't understand you for once" She said and took a break before she continued "now you're telling me you're going back to that God damn country, it's going to remind you of all the pains you've been through, come back to your senses" she exclaimed and began shaking Katty vigorously in order for her to wake up from her day dream.


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