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Music/Radio / Key Differences Between Mixing And Mastering by FreakSonar(m): 11:34pm On Jan 05
Understanding Mixing

Mixing is the initial phase in the sonic journey of a musical composition, and its primary objective is to blend and balance the individual elements of a track into a cohesive and harmonious whole. It is during the mixing stage that the raw recordings, captured during the tracking phase, come to life and start to resemble the final sonic vision of the artist.

1. Balancing Act: The Foundation of Mixing At its core, mixing is a balancing act. It involves adjusting the levels of each individual track, including vocals, instruments, and percussion, to achieve a harmonious blend where no element overwhelms the others. The mixer meticulously tweaks the volume, panning, and equalization of each component to create a balanced sonic foundation.
2. Equalization (EQ): Shaping Tonal Characteristics Equalization is a pivotal tool in the mixing engineer’s arsenal. Through EQ adjustments, engineers can shape the tonal characteristics of each instrument or vocal track. Boosting or cutting specific frequencies allows for carving out space in the mix, ensuring that each element occupies its own sonic territory without clashing with others.
3. Dynamic Range Compression: Ensuring Consistency Dynamic range compression is employed to control the amplitude variations within a track. This process ensures that quieter elements are brought forward, enhancing overall clarity, while louder elements are restrained to maintain a balanced and consistent sound. Compression is crucial in preventing certain elements from getting lost in the mix or dominating the sonic landscape.
4. Spatial Awareness: Creating Depth and Dimension Panning and reverb are utilized to create a sense of space within the mix. Panning involves placing individual elements in the stereo field, allowing them to exist in specific positions, contributing to a sense of width and separation. Reverb, on the other hand, adds depth, creating the illusion of different sonic layers and enhancing the overall spatial awareness of the mix.

Understanding Mastering

Once the mixing process has meticulously shaped the sonic landscape, the baton is passed to the mastering engineer, who takes the tracks to their final destination. Mastering is the last line of defense, ensuring that the entire album or individual tracks are polished to perfection before they reach the ears of the listener.

1. Equalization and Compression: The Mastering Touch In mastering, a different form of equalization and compression is applied to the overall mix. This stage focuses on refining the tonal balance and dynamic range of the entire track or album, addressing any remaining imperfections that might have escaped the scrutiny of the mixing stage. The mastering engineer delicately enhances the sonic characteristics, ensuring a uniform and polished sound.

2. Sequencing and Transitions: Crafting a Sonic Journey Beyond technical adjustments, mastering involves the arrangement and sequencing of tracks for an album. Engineers carefully consider the order of songs, the gaps between tracks, and the overall flow of the album. Seamless transitions are crafted to guide the listener through a cohesive sonic journey, ensuring that the emotional and stylistic nuances of each piece are preserved.

3. Format and Loudness Standards: Tailoring for Consumption Mastering engineers are tasked with preparing the final mix for specific formats and platforms. Whether it’s destined for CD, vinyl, or digital streaming, each format has its own set of requirements. Additionally, mastering engineers adhere to industry-standard loudness levels, ensuring that the music maintains its impact without sacrificing quality, especially in an era where tracks are often streamed on a variety of devices.

4. Quality Control: The Final Listen The mastering stage serves as the last line of defense for quality control. Engineers meticulously listen for any artifacts, distortion, or inconsistencies that may have eluded the mixing engineer. This final critical listening session ensures that the music meets the highest standards before it’s released into the world.

Buy My Afrobeat Mixing & Mastering Course At Over 30% Off For A Limited Time Here

Understanding the difference between mixing and mastering is not just a technical pursuit; it’s a journey into the artistry that underlies the creation of music. Each stage requires a unique set of skills, a finely tuned ear, and a deep understanding of the artist’s vision. As technology continues to evolve, the dynamic interplay between creativity and innovation will undoubtedly push the boundaries of what is possible, allowing musicians and engineers to craft sonic experiences that resonate with audiences around the globe.

You can get professional online mixing and mastering services by visiting freaksonar.com
Music Business / Re: Looking For Afrobeat Type Beats? by FreakSonar(m): 9:31pm On Aug 15, 2023
Hit me up let's work 08084281634
lets work together I love your beat
Music Business / Looking For Afrobeat Type Beats? by FreakSonar(m): 6:58am On Aug 15, 2023
We recently uploaded some Afrobeat type beat instrumentals on our beat store and YouTube page.

You can use the free version of our beats for whatever your project is as long as it is revenue free. If you want to use the beat professionally we recommend you purchase a license. Find below our uploaded beats on our YouTube channel.

Davido Afrobeat Type Beat
Tems Afrobeat Type Beat
Fireboy Afrobeat Type Beat
Burna Boy Afrobeat Type Beat
Kizz Daniel Afrobeat Type Beat
Music Business / Free Beat - Memory Lane by FreakSonar(m): 2:13pm On Aug 10, 2023
I made this really cool alkayida / afro beat instrumental on my Fl studio mobile 3 app. Uhm.. because I’m a bit limited on vsts / samples on the program the beat might sound a little bit ” not it ” So.. bear with me and enjoy the beat as I give it out for free! Yes! Royalty free! Just give me credit.. that’s all.

I’ve got tons of great afro pop beat instrumentals made with fl studio mobile 3 app. If you produce / make beats I strongly recommend you give the app a try because it’s really worth it. For instance.. Imagine you being in a bus heading out then you get inspired to make a beat and then you pull out your phone, launch the fl studio mobile app and start producing / making beats. Awesome right? Cool. That way no idea ever gets wasted. You can even make use of the app as a sketch pad for a song idea then you go full scale on the desktop version when you in the studio. Go get the app fam! stop slacking!

Download beat here : Memory Lane - Free beat
Music/Radio / Afrobeat Music Production Thought Process by FreakSonar(m): 1:58pm On Aug 10, 2023
Understanding the Essence of Afrobeat

Before delving into the production process, it’s crucial to understand the core elements of afrobeat instrumentals Afrobeat Instrumentals. At its heart, Afrobeat is a fusion of traditional African rhythms (such as highlife, juju, and Yoruba music) with Western influences like funk and jazz. Characterized by its infectious grooves, polyrhythms, and socially conscious lyrics, Afrobeat seeks to inspire and uplift its listeners while providing a platform for creative self-expression.

Establishing the Foundation: Rhythm and Percussion

The rhythmic foundation of Afrobeat is the key to its undeniable appeal. Start by creating a solid drum pattern featuring a blend of acoustic and electronic drums. African percussion instruments like djembe, congas, and shekere can add an authentic touch. Incorporate syncopated rhythms and polyrhythmic elements to give your beats that distinct Afrobeat vibe. Remember that the groove should be the driving force of your production.

Crafting Captivating Melodies

Melodies play a crucial role in Afrobeat music, with a focus on capturing the listener’s attention and emotions. Utilize traditional African instruments like the mallet, kora, kalimba, or talking drum to infuse the track with an authentic African essence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with brass and horn sections to give the music a vibrant and energetic feel.

Exploring Harmonic Progressions

Afrobeat often features simple and repetitive harmonic progressions, allowing the rhythm and melody to shine. Explore using classic chord progressions and modal interchange to create variations in tension and release. This approach will ensure that the music remains engaging while providing space for the groove to flourish.

Adding Groovy Basslines

A rich, groovy bassline is essential to maintaining the Afrobeat’s infectious rhythm. The bass should work in tandem with the drums, forming a tight and cohesive foundation for the rest of the instrumentation.

Experimenting with Synths and Electronic Elements

While Afrobeat has its roots in traditional instrumentation, it also embraces modern influences. Don’t hesitate to introduce synthesizers and electronic elements to enhance the overall sound and create a unique blend of traditional and contemporary vibes.

Mixing and Mastering Afrobeat Music

Once you have all the elements in place, focus on mixing and mastering to achieve a polished and professional sound. Pay attention to balancing the different instruments, ensuring the drums are punchy, the vocals are clear, and the overall track has a cohesive feel.

Article coined from our blog post. Read the full article : 9 Easy Steps To Producing Afrobeat Music
Music Business / Get Online Mixing And Mastering Services In Lagos Nigeria - Freaksonar by FreakSonar(m): 11:05pm On Apr 28, 2023
Freaksonar is a professional online music mixing and mastering studio in Lagos, Nigeria.​

- Best value for money.
- 10 years music mixing and mastering experience.
- Over 1000 5 star online mixing and mastering reviews on fiverr.
- Fast turn around time.

Why Do You Need Mixing & Mastering?
Having your music Mixed and Mastered by a professional mixing and mastering engineer is the most crucial step needed to succeed in the music industry. Whether recorded in your home studio or pro recording studio, Professional Mixing and Mastering will make sure your song sounds as best as it should and has the potential to become the next big hit. It will also help your tracks stand out to record labels and compete with grammy winning artists on today’s radio and digital distributors such as Apple Music, and Spotify.

Visit freaksonar.com now to get your song professionally mixed and mastered.
Jobs/Vacancies / Logistics Marketer - 60k - 80k Monthly by FreakSonar(m): 4:50pm On Oct 18, 2022
Logistics Marketer needed for Qonvay Logistics.

Send resume to : jobs@qonvay.com

Phone : 09125438113

Qualifications :

2. Male or Female
3. Familiar with Marketing
4. Can work with the team
5. Minimum 1 year experience

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Jobs/Vacancies / Dispatch Riders Needed! In Lagos. 40k-50k by FreakSonar(m): 9:07pm On Sep 12, 2021
Dispatch riders needed! Contact 09125438113

Location : Lagos

Salary : 40k - 50k monthly

Car Talk / Panel Beater Needed In Surulere, Lagos by FreakSonar(m): 1:50pm On Dec 22, 2020
A lexus jeep hit my car from behind and pushed in the booth area a bit. So now my booth doesn't close completely even after a panel beater in my area worked on it. Is there anyone you guys can recommend to make the booth close completely in a smooth manner without leaving any extra spaces that's not lapping?

Hit me up on Whatsapp if you're up for the task 08084281634
Programming / Android App Developers Needed by FreakSonar(m): 8:15am On Oct 10, 2020
I'm looking to build an app that thrives off geolocation. A bit similar to Uber and Bolt but not in the ride sharing business. This is a very straightforward and not time consuming app to develop.

I'll be needing a full stack developer that can also take up the role of CTO in the new company I'm looking to build off this new platform.

Contact me by sending proposal emails with samples of your app work to Louis@freaksonar.com

Note : if your sample apps have a UGLY USER INTERFACE, don't bother applying.
Music Business / Get African Loop And Sample Packs Of Legendary Hit Songs On Amplifihub by FreakSonar(m): 1:14pm On Apr 30, 2020
AmplifiHub is making available, samples and loops off of African hit songs by legendary African musicians like Saheed Osupa, K1 De Ultimate, Tope Alabi etc. from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. We got all the drums, percussions, synths and Looped sounds that you will ever need for your next production of African media. Our packs are properly licensed for use once purchased. So, quit searching for quality African audio samples online and roll with us.

Visit [url]amplifihub.com/samples[/url] now to get started
Music Business / Where To Download Afro Beat Instrumentals by FreakSonar(m): 12:10am On Dec 18, 2019
Looking for where to download really cool Afrobeat Instrumentals? Check out this article https://blog.amplifihub.com/where-to-download-free-afro-beat-instrumentals-amplifihub-blog/
Music Business / Download Free African Afrobeat Instrumentals On Amplifihub by FreakSonar(m): 11:24pm On Oct 17, 2019
Looking for top notch African Afrobeat Instrumentals to download for free? Check out https://amplifihub.com/freebeats

AmplifiHub got the best African Afrobeat Instrumentals on the internet.
Investment Ads / Houses For Sale In Nigeria by FreakSonar(m): 2:42pm On Jun 29, 2019
Spire Lux Homes is the best place to purchase luxury homes and properties in Nigeria. Visit https://luxhomes.ng/properties/ to get started.
Music Business / Afrobeat Instrumentals by FreakSonar(m): 2:31pm On Jun 29, 2019
Buy and download the best Afrobeat Instrumentals on https://freaksonar.com/downloads/category/afrobeat-instrumentals/

FreakSonar got the best African beats.
Music Business / Get Paid When You Refer Musicians To Amplifihub by FreakSonar(m): 1:48am On Oct 13, 2018
Make money via referrals

Do you know a music producer or artiste?

Refer them to sign up and subscribe to a plan on https://amplifihub.com and get 100% bonus of their first month subscription fee.

Click on link below to know how this works


For more info on the Affiliate program please call/whatsapp:

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� 08084281634

Let the music pay you��

Business / Make Money Off Referrals Via The Amplifihub Affiliates Program by FreakSonar(m): 1:41am On Oct 13, 2018
Make money via referrals

Do you know a music producer or artiste?

Refer them to sign up and subscribe to a plan on https://amplifihub.com and get 100% bonus of their first month subscription fee.

Click on link below to know how this works


For more info on the Affiliate program please call/whatsapp:

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� 08084281634

Let the music pay you��

Music Business / Music Producers Sell Beats Online In Africa On AmplifiHub by FreakSonar(m): 12:02am On Aug 25, 2018
[url]AmplifiHub.com[/url] is an online platform where African music producers can sign up and get Personal Online Beat Stores to sell beats online to customers based anywhere in the world.

It's subscription based starting from as low as NGN500 per month...

So.. If you wanna expand your income as a music producer in Africa.. get an online Personal Beat store today and hop on AmplifiHub.

Here's a live sample of an AmplifiHub personal beat store : https://youtu.be/OWTJVuVz2ks
Impressed? Sign up today! https://amplifihub.com/sign-up

Info : 08189462899, 08084281634

Investment / Re: WinThrill Network Is A Scam by FreakSonar(m): 9:25am On Aug 17, 2018
We are sincerely sorry for the delay in payment over some months now. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this caused you. The delay was caused by circumstances that are beyond our control. While we take full responsibility for our mistake, We would like to assure you that this delay is temporary. We have already put a plan into effect to ensure that this does not happen again in the long term.

While all other member activities such as Advertising and member to member transfer will continue normally, we will be cancelling new withdrawal requests starting August due to the overload of payout backlog. This is so that we can clear our backlog in time before accepting new payout requests. We know that this will be displeasing to many, but this has to be done to ensure our plan for a more stable and reliable platform as we all used to know it, is achieved.

We apologize again for the delay and thank you for your time and patience.


Winthrills Network Management.

Is this legit news from Winthrills?
Programming / Cakephp Web Developer Needed For Website Upgrade by FreakSonar(m): 10:25pm On May 21, 2018
I need a very good web developer to help upgrade (add new features) and work full-time on a website built from scratch. The developer has to be based in Lagos, Nigeria, preferably in his/her early 20s. I'll most likely be forming a working relationship with you.

Please I don't want WordPress developers.. I need real programmers.. In other words don't bother contacting if you are all WordPress..

Programming framework : CakePHP
My contact information : Louis@freaksonar.com

email me your contact info and links to your work... Thanks..
Programming / Make Website Responsive - Web Developer Needed by FreakSonar(m): 12:51pm On Mar 28, 2018
I need a good web developer to work on making a website I'm currently building responsive. The web developers on it have done the desktop version but they are finding it difficult making it properly responsive on mobile. Interested web developers should hit me up.. 08084281634. The website is built from scratch with CakePHP. Kindly hit me up if interested.

Call / Whatsapp : 08084281634
Investment / Angel Investor Needed For A "First Of Its Kind" Business In Africa by FreakSonar(m): 7:19pm On Feb 13, 2018
Good day, I got a really cool online business idea that's sure to rake in profit if executed properly. The business is a first of its kind in Africa and it solves a real problem Africans face.

PS. I've already worked on the business plan. And web designers are already developing the website, it will be ready soon.

Interested investors should please drop their emails or phone numbers so I can contact them to discuss the way forward.

Here's my contact details..

Email : Louis@freaksonar.com
Phone number, Call / WhatsApp : 08084281634
Webmasters / I Want To Partner With A Web Designer For Business, Who's Up? by FreakSonar(m): 1:03am On Sep 17, 2017
I got this really cool business idea that's web based. I'm 100% sure the business will be a success.. It's legit by way.. Any web designer that's interested should hit me up immediately.. So we can see and discuss in person. I'm based in Surulere, Lagos by the way. Here's my Number 08084281634
Music Business / Afrobeat Instrumental Download by FreakSonar(m): 10:58am On Jul 26, 2017
Hey there fam! Looking for where to buy dope Afrobeat Instrumentals online? Visit https://freaksonar.com/downloads/category/afrobeat-instrumentals/

We got the best afrobeat instrumentals on the planet! Kindly tell a friend to tell a friend!
Music Business / Download Nigerian Beats by FreakSonar(m): 11:31am On Apr 25, 2017
Download Nigerian beats here at FreakSonar. Visit https://freaksonar.com/downloads/tag/nigerian-beats/ . This website should be your one stop shop for Nigerian beats! Thank me later.
Music Business / Afropop Instrumental Beats by FreakSonar(m): 7:15pm On Apr 19, 2017
Download Afropop Instrumental beats on https://freaksonar.com .. you can buy quality Afrobeat Instrumentals here too.. just check us out today! These beats can't wait!
Music Business / 9ja Instrumentals Download On Freaksonar by FreakSonar(m): 6:55pm On Apr 19, 2017
Looking for quality 9ja Instrumentals? Look no more and visit https://freaksonar.com today.. y'all gonna thank me later.. Go and make that hit Track today!

You can agree with me that 9ja music won't get to the level it is now without quality beats..
Music Business / Download Free Nigerian Beats Instrumental by FreakSonar(m): 10:48am On Apr 05, 2017
Download cool Nigerian beat Instrumentals on https://freaksonar.com . We got lots of free beats available for download and we also got Afrobeat Instrumentals available for purchase. Check us out today! Enquiries? Leave a comment.

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