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Crime / Re: Over 300 Herdsmen Takeover Delta Community❗️❗️ by GeneralPula: 11:10pm
Fake news..
Crime / Re: Osinachi: God Told Me Ekwueme Singer In Hellfire For Using ‘jezebel Instruments’ by GeneralPula: 11:05pm
I am not GOD to know where Sister Osinachi is, but I wanna say that Make up, paintings and all that jewelry stuff will take many people to Hell.
Anyone who is Heavenly Concious will search the Scriptures and also go to GOD in Prayers to seek clarifications from God about these things.

There’s nothing like hell..

Okay, make I ask you this..

Are animals also going to hell? Lion, goat, fish, snail etc are all living things. Are they also going to hell or is hell for just human?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are You Jobless? Sell Yourself by GeneralPula: 9:37pm
This is the most reasonable thread I’ve ever view on Nairaland first page..
Travel / Re: Family Of 5 Escapes Without A Scratch After Trailer Crushes Car In Jos by GeneralPula: 7:55pm
His first son does not look like him

Nah the mama e resemble..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Scott Ritter: US-NATO Cannot Win Russia In A Large Scale War by GeneralPula: 10:46am

How do you guys judge things? Less than 200k soldiers taking on 700k plus Ukrainian soldiers trained to NATO standards, plus mercenaries from all over the world and also getting weapons from about 20 countries and getting 24hrs intelligence from over 30 countries, yet have lost over 30% of their territory in about 90 days, and you say they are dealing with Russians?

No worry..

Make we dey watch..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Scott Ritter: US-NATO Cannot Win Russia In A Large Scale War by GeneralPula: 10:31am
This is not news.

It's those that are still sucking their mothers breasts that are saying US and NATO can defeat Russia.

Russia is in a world of its own.

Have you ever seen US boost of anything?

Russia is overrated. Ukraine really proved that..

It’s just a military scope - fake it make your enemy feels they stronger than you..

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Phones / Re: Guys What Does This Mean On An Iphone And How Can It Be Removed? by GeneralPula: 8:50am
The iPhone needed jail breaking, I guess..

You can as well remove the managed and supervision from the phone settings..
Phones / Re: Guys What Does This Mean On An Iphone And How Can It Be Removed? by GeneralPula: 8:43am

Okay thanks. Does the company have access to the phone? Can they see my pictures? Bank apps etc from their end?!

Your phone is safe so long you’re using your own created Apple ID which you’ll link to your iCloud for storages and backups..

So I’m hoping the Apple ID on the phone is yours and yours only?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: No Fuel. No Cash. Finding Money Is A Challenge – Sri Lanka Bows by GeneralPula: 10:25pm On Jul 04
Many countries have been destroyed beyond redemption..
Politics / Re: Benin City On Fire: Peter Obi, Abuja Direct! by GeneralPula: 10:23pm On Jul 04
I love all Edo indigenes with all my heart.. Since the day they took Peter Obi as their own... I stylishly treat them for free anytime I see them in my hospital here in Lagos.

What’s the name of your hospital in Lagos?
Food / Re: Follow Me In My Garri Soaking Journey by GeneralPula: 9:46pm On Jul 04
Family / Re: A Law Banning Poor Men From Polygamy. by GeneralPula: 4:53pm On Jul 04
In support

Still wondering how people wey poor still dey get erection

Feeding one mouth self na war, put money aside, the preparation alone na war

No be lie..

I want to fix dinner but to stand up enter market now nah war..

I just weak..

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Religion / Re: US Pastor, Creflo Dollar, Denounces His Position On Tithing, I Was Wrong (video) by GeneralPula: 4:09pm On Jul 04
No...Christianity began from Jesus Christ

There wasn’t Christianity when Jesus was alive..
Politics / Re: Hoodlums Set INEC Office Ablaze In Enugu by GeneralPula: 12:04pm On Jul 04

It’s either Biafla or death..

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Crime / Re: A Guy Raped My Sister by GeneralPula: 11:52am On Jul 04
Some rape story are just funny..

He called her in and undressed her..

Dj play me *I no understand* by Pogba Ft Jenifer Lopez..


Gaming / Re: If You Know That You Rocked This Game, Say Hi by GeneralPula: 11:01am On Jul 04
my best Team was Italy,best player was Galfano A.K.A In real life as R.Baggio.Dude was so good in dat game.

Mine was Argentina and my best player was Alejo..

He shoot. Block shot. Re-shoot Oh! Goal!

Aaaleeejooo !

Lol a very fucking funny game

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Politics / Re: Over $10 Billion Stolen By NNPC, Others In Fuel Subsidy Scam: Reps by GeneralPula: 8:51pm On Jul 03
Politics / Re: Atiku Changed His Name From Siddiq, Earned A Masters Degree With GCE Results by GeneralPula: 3:07pm On Jul 03
Is this true. Please I need opinions.

Yes, it’s true..

Athiefku sold nepa..
Athiefku owns Mikano in Nigeria..


Food / Re: Ogbono Soup With Step By Step Pics by GeneralPula: 9:19pm On Jul 02
Good one..

It’s good to eat well..

Make una dey chop well..

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Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Who Used The Lady Who Barked Like Dog In Ogun Arrested by GeneralPula: 9:13pm On Jul 02
Dj play me *Wetin greediness dey cause* by Lil Wayne ft Mia Khalifa..

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Imo Man For Burning 12-year-old Maid’s Buttocks by GeneralPula: 8:54pm On Jul 02
A man produces 50litres of sperms for the whole life, some men are left with 2litres and you are still demanding for phone numbers of girls..

What do you want to produce my man angry

Where did you read that from?

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Until We Have A Good Credit System, We Can't Conquer Corruption by GeneralPula: 6:19pm On Jul 02

Without a good job can you make use of that your credit? It’s a yes or no answer.

You want to introduce credit system to a nation where morethan 70% are unemployed? Are you even thinking? The companies funding those credits will simply fold when not so many people use it.

Calm down, it kinda shows you didn’t understand how credit system works..

In USA for example, Credit cards are being issued by card issuers based on personal credit score ( Your worth)..

Either you’re earning $100,$200,300 or $1,000, you can take credit. They’re not going to borrow you more than your monetary value, and they’ll provide you a pay back payment plan that will be easy for you to navigate..

So, here in naija, either you’re earning 50k, 100k, 200k or 1m, you’ll be the able to take credit according to your monetary value..

Even a pepper seller at market can take credit. So long she’s earning and she’s got credit score..

So how much you’re earning isn’t any problem since they’ll only offer you credit based on your monetary value..
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Until We Have A Good Credit System, We Can't Conquer Corruption by GeneralPula: 6:09pm On Jul 02
Mortgage is not a new idea it has been there all the while. How does the market woman who sells tomatoes at mile 12 market in Lagos access and affords mortgage when the state govt keeps sending touts to harras them to pay one levy after another. How will the transporters afford it when half of their income is collected by agberos at every bus stop.

You didn’t understand his point at all..
Sports / Re: Brazil 2002 Squad Reunite To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of World Cup Triumph by GeneralPula: 3:33pm On Jul 02
When real talent really existed. Now, all we got are just a bunch of over hyped and over paid, no talent having muthafuckaz!

World best used to very competitive..

Lots of miraculous players back then..

From mad strikers to mad defenders to midfielders to keepers, they’re all balling then..

Football is loosing it’s salt & sugar in my opinion..

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Sports / Re: Brazil 2002 Squad Reunite To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of World Cup Triumph by GeneralPula: 3:30pm On Jul 02
Who can name all the players in that Brazil team of 2002?


Roberto Carlos
Gilberto Silver

Dem no born other teams well for PS1 that year grin

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Politics / Re: 6 PDP Governors Move Against Atiku, Tinubu's Men Reachout To PDP Members by GeneralPula: 1:01pm On Jul 02
Peter Obi of Labour Party is simply the best candidate and the man Nigeria needs desperately come 2023 presidential election. He outlined the issues that has bedevilled the country over the years proffering solutions to change the narrative once and for all. Peter Obi said:
1. I can’t sleep because I know what to do! I have gone round the 36 States of the country like I have gone round 31 countries of the world, I know the problems of Nigeria and I know I can fix them easily! Because I can see them, I can fix them!
2. Hunger takes people to the streets! Job and food will obviously take them out of crimes! That’s my specialty, creating jobs and wealth!
3. I have not come out for myself! I have come out for the millions of youths that are losing hope in our beloved country!
I have come out for the millions of women who are afraid of tomorrow and what it holds for them and their children! I have come out for the poor who are asking weather it’s a sin to be a Nigerian! For them, I have come!
4. For people who are asking if Peter Obi has ‘structure’, what structure is bigger and stronger than the collective will of the masses on whose necks the knees of the politicians have been? What structure is greater than the determination of a people who have at last decided to take back their country, their only country?
5. The battle for the rescue of the soul of Nigeria has just begun and we must all be contributive and participative in it.
6. Yes, we may not have the money to share because we didn’t steal any.We have not come to enslave but to serve.
7. Have you imagined somebody giving you money to help you? Bribing you to go and serve you? It’s wisdom to go for a permanent solution than a temporary remedy!
8. This battle is to help Nigerian youths, Market women, struggling families, students, teachers, famers, old and poor, whose helpless looking faces I see everywhere I go. It’s for these people that l, Peter Obi, have come! However, like a drowning man, they must bring out their hands to be saved!
9. In this battle, if you can’t fly, run! If you can’t run, walk! If you can’t walk, crawl! If you can’t crawl, roll! If you can’t roll, shout! By all means we must be on the move and we must be heard!
10. These people are more than 50 million of the Nigerian voting adults. They have the power. Their destiny is in their hands so they can change it. If they will it, they will win it!
11. Remember, the man with energy will always be at the mercy of the man with strategy based on synergy. With God on our side, we shall not fail and we shall not fall! May God help us!
God bless Nigeria!
12. I will rather lose doing the right thing than win doing the wrong thing.
13. Nigeria must move beyond oil; we must move from Consumption to Production nation.
Politics / Re: The Yorubas Are Making A Big Mistake by GeneralPula: 9:24am On Jul 02
This one doesn’t know what to say so he decided to come up with gibberish..

Those rural areas he’s talking about now, are majorly used for farming. Food is important so any reasonable region needs to leave a wide range of land for farming..

Besides that, development has no remote control. It happens by gradual planning. If any development is to comes up in any rural area, it will happen..

SW rural area is one of the best place to live on earth, and it’s most likely one of the reasons they live long..
Politics / Re: The Yorubas Are Making A Big Mistake by GeneralPula: 9:18am On Jul 02

Oyo is doing very well dear. Am not sure any state in South East can beat Oyo state

Of course Oyo always do well..

The whole SE can’t beat Oyo state lol
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana Protests Over Inflation by GeneralPula: 8:34am On Jul 02

You further strengthened his point.

How would they survive in the typical Nigerian environment with lack of basic infrastructure to start with?

Ghanians are in Nigeria and they’re surviving..

Nigeria is one of the topmost priority country for Ghanaians when it comes to earning a living cuz we always welcome them and let them be stress free. Even some of them will come for a lowkey job and will end up securing a better job in Nigeria..

Nigeria is one country a foreigner can easily get job without much stress. If not for bad governance and bad habit if we citizens, Nigeria is way better than a couple Europe countries... Forget media propaganda and country beautification..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana Protests Over Inflation by GeneralPula: 8:21am On Jul 02
Many of you guys know nothing.
It is more expensive to live in Ghana than in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the cheapest African countries to actually inhabit.

Very right..

Even Nigeria is cheaper to survive than Benin republic..

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Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe: ''I Would Have Been In Aba Chasing Lizards, If Not For Lagos" by GeneralPula: 11:33am On Jul 01

They came to Lagos with nothing and become so wealthy that you're selling your grandparents properties to them.

The writings on that image is edited
Politics / Re: VP Slot: North-West APC Govs, Ministers To Engage Tinubu For Consideration by GeneralPula: 11:23am On Jul 01

Christians are the minority in the north. Muslims are the minority in the south. Two minorities us a recipe for failure

Till then..

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