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Travel / Re: I Have 2million Can I Go To Usa by german89: 8:51am On Jun 09
Dating sites like... A Brother needs it too. Tinder na local oloshos full there and mehn and babes da into street (hookup/G). Plz brodaman recommend a good international dating site plz. Thanks in anticipation Sir.
Travel / Re: Pls Which Country Can I Travel To With ₦1.5 Million To Hustle? by german89: 2:51pm On Jun 04
My brother first of all da Hustle da gave u 1.5m is a very good one. Though I don't know d nature of the Hustle or where it came from.

But I must tell u these:
1.5m is huge oh back home but it's change in any European country.

Now this is my advice to u Sir. Use some part of the money japa enter UAE. Use 170k for SIRA(Security certification), it's a 5day training.
After the training call me/chat me/text me or hala me. Anyhow... I will surely help u to secure a security job in Dubai or Sharjah. The salary not gonna be less than 170k to 220k for a start. Free accommodation and tFair if ur apartment is far from ur working place and if it's in restaurants or hotel ur 100% sure of free food.
My brother no matter how exorbitant, flamboyant or expensive life ur living u must surely save at least 100k every month.

No. 2. If u have no skill(s) and u can kick start with a menial jobs like: been a cleaner, receptionist, office boy, helper, car wash/car polish, waiter etc. I can guarantee u at least 100k salary every month. Mind u will still enjoy free accommodation but maybe 4 to 6 person in a big room like hostel.

Work or Hustle for at least 2 and half yrs in UAE, save some cash add to d balance of da 1.5m(As in change wey remain for da initial 1 5m).
Get back to me, I will help you relocate to Europe via sports route. Mind u, u musnt be a sports guy. It's just one of the ways to japa guys are currently using.

Lastly... Whenever ur salary enters weda tru bank in UAE or cash at hand, I will tell u where or how to send it back home in order to maximize profit.

But.. Most importantly be of good behavior once u migrate, trust me u gonna make friends with d locals(Emirati) and that would be d beginning of ur success.
UAE is just a stepping stone but also a good country to start with.
Most jobs in UAE are normally or usually 12hrs duty, but some company might have shift/shifting... Las Las u go dey alright.

Let all ur expectations be lower than even what I qoated or written here.

May God strengthen U, Direct u, Favour u and bless ur efforts Dearly Beloved. AMEN

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Travel / Re: DON'T LISTEN TO Anyone Who Discourages You From Travelling Abroad by german89: 10:06am On Jun 04
Brodaman @Basalt. Ur doing a great job here. May God strengthen u always and bless ur efforts.
Brother m OND holder in Business Admin. Any hope for people like me /us. I also intend going for a 6month python programming here in Nigeria in order to boast my self skillfully.

So my guy,,, what advice would you give me?... Baba I really want to japa..Though I spent few years in Dubai but it' wasn't my ideal/dream country.
Thanks and m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Travel / Re: Anyone Interested In Travelling To Rwanda by german89: 6:58am On Jun 03
+2348036187704. Plz add my number.
Travel / Re: Uae Or Cyprus by german89: 5:16am On Jun 03
Been in UAE for years now. If u have any skill(s) that's marketable u are good to go, if u a BSc and + small change to acquire certificate program for 3 to 6months in UAE, ur good to go. Plz attest or legalize ur credentials in Naija at MOE before coming.

Another option,, If u have good height(Tall) + small change to acquire security certificates, eg SIRA.. for 5days to a week ur good to go.

Lastly, if u don't have any of the 3 I mentioned above but ur willing or ready to do menial jobs at least to start with.. like cleaning, car wash, waiter, waitles, office boy/girl, receptionist etc. then u don't have a problem. Because UAE will definitely offer u these. Mind u, I have not been to Cyprus so I no fit talk anything about d country.
UAE is just a stepping stone, go there, stay like 2yrs or thereabouts, save up some cash and I will show how to japa to Europe using Sports route, mind u, u don't need to be a sports man/woman. May God strengthen us always and bless our efforts. AMEN.


Travel / Re: Derailer Thread: Meeting Point For Nigerians/Africans In Scandanavia by german89: 8:25am On May 03
Welcome back Senior man Ibro. Men still Wan japa oh. Spent few years in Dubai but I can physically and spiritually tell u da Dubai is just good for a Cruize(Tourist). So men them in Fin should help dudes, babes and lads on how to turn up to Fin abeg. Unknown Gun Men full Naija now like Toyota corolla 2005/2007 modern. Via any Route oh.. It musnt be just sports. May God strengthen and bless everyone's efforts here. AMEN.


Business To Business / Re: How To Sell New Building Materials To Earn $100,000! by german89: 2:26pm On Apr 26
Tell me more about these business plz. Let's chat zero eight zero tri six one eight seven seven zero four.
Travel / Re: How Can People In My Category Travel by german89: 6:31pm On Apr 04
If u can manage a job of 100k to 250k a month for a start in Dubai UAE. Dm via my Gmail. Plz mind u, most of these jobs are 12hours duty.May God bless, guide and direct you Sir as u pray and plan towards achieving your goals and dreams. Maybe after ur first 2yrs in UAE. We can now plan how to enter Europe/America /Oceania via sports or study route which is still d best and easiest route to migrate abroad.

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by german89: 11:54am On Mar 26
2024 gini, Maka Y kwanu?. M even expecting an invitation from my Aunty to come chill for awhile in US after a hectic Hustle in Dubai. WAHALA BE LIKE WAITING AGAIN??.. Mehnnnnn what m I going to do naaa...

Plz some real niggarrs here should advise me oh before I change my mind and apply for Afghanistan visa or Hang myself. Thank you.
Travel / Re: Travelling To The Bahamas by german89: 6:21pm On Mar 16
Bahamas is one of d best islands and also in North America.
They are very accommodating, 90% Christians or even more. Uses or has Bahamas dollar.
Locals are been treated first or giving chance before foreigner. That's in terms of jobs, employment or opportunities.
U can fly from Nigeria to morroco or a direct flight using Qatar Airlines. Ink wey dey my biro done finish here. I wish u well dear.
Travel / Re: Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video) by german89: 1:44pm On Mar 16
Click on german89, it will take u to my Gmail. M not asking any body for shi Shi, just here to guide u on ur dream or journey to UAE. Don't send me data or money plz. Just ask ur questions and by His grace I will have answer or if I don't I would ask others da have been here before me. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER, BUT U MUST NOT FAIL TO ASK QUESTIONS.
Travel / Re: Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video) by german89: 1:38pm On Mar 16
[quote author=Raskasal post=99932812]

Thank you brother. What is your email address. My guy just Dm via my email. I will now give u my number, both UAE and Naija number. Make Naira land Admin no come ban me. So plz feel free to Dm and ask me any questions concerning jobs in UAE. I no be agent oh.
Travel / Re: Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video) by german89: 1:34pm On Mar 16
Plz dropping number is not allowed here, but u can Dm via my email. Then u get my UAE number and Naija number. Feel free to ask me any questions concerning jobs in UAE. God bless you everyone richly �
Travel / Re: Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video) by german89: 1:29pm On Mar 16
can you drop ur WhatsApp number,will like to know something s, thanks.
. Plz dropping number is not allowed here, but u can Dm via my email. Then u get my UAE number and Naija number. Feel free to ask me any questions concerning jobs in UAE. God bless you everyone richly �
Travel / Re: Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video) by german89: 5:57pm On Mar 15
Dubai is just a stepping stone and might be a blessing if God's grace follow u. For professionals in different fields, u must surely secure job depending on ur field, contact and connections. Who bring u come Dubai matters a lot. For guys without any skill or skills at all, listen to me... M not an agent oh, biko kwa, but if u can manage or start with some menial jobs like HELPERS JOB, CLEANING JOB, CAR WASH JOB, WAITER/WAITRESS, CAR POLISH JOB, RESTAURANT JOB, OFFICE BOY/GIRL, RECEPTIONIST, CONSTRUCTION JOB AND EVEN SECURITY JOB.
Plz feel free to Dm via my Gmail. Plz those jobs are not more than 100k to 200k a month. 99% companies in UAE gives accommodation, tFair and feeding for those that works in the restaurant /hotel. Plz let ur expectations not be much. But most importantly, Pray to Almighty Christ before u emback on the journey to UAE.

It's a nice place to an extent, but sun dey oh plentttttttyyyy during summer, just Hustle like 2yrs or thereabouts, save some dirhams and plz on Fridays go to Deira mkt look for some cheap stuff u can send back home through cargo and make some cool cash.

Avoid Oloshos for Ajman, Abu shagara in Sharjah and The ones at Deira DUBAI. Trust me u go dey alright after awhile, then look towards Europe or go into business fully.
Mind u most jobs are 10hrs /12hrs. Plz if u have any good Hustle da gives u at least 50knaira every month in NIGERIA and u don't have any skill AT ALL....
Plz don't come to UAE . May God strengthen us, bless our little efforts, guide and direct us always. AMEN.

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Travel / Re: I Just Got A 3-Month Visa To Dubai, I Need Your Suggestions Please!!! by german89: 1:49pm On Nov 28, 2020
Baba welcome..... Chilax all is well. May God's grace and Favour locate u. Remember not to give any so called agents money until u confirm da d job is Legit. Another thing bro, don't give ur Boss(Employer) ur International Passport until ur sure that he's going to process ur working visa(Emirate ID). Hmmmm e get WHY oh. Abu is a nice place, d pay is more in Abu than in other Emirates. Though it's not a social city like Dubai and Ajman or even Sharjah. Always commit ur desire to God and it shall be well with u. Enjoy a cold weather now in UAE while it last ��. Feel free to hala me I dey Dubai(Semi Europe). I wish u well brother.


Travel / Re: I Want To Relocate To Dubai But.... by german89: 6:00pm On Nov 15, 2020
Kai Dubai for a lady get k leg oh. But anyhow shall pray before coming, pray da God shall make people to go out of their ways to Favour. Bring food stuff, few clothes, get a bus card once u arrive here, don't be fast to pay any agent without confirming d job. BSc holder, legalize ur cert before coming here. And for a better pay/job if u have sum cash u can go for a 3-6months certificate class either in the field of education/teaching or health.. Definitely u gonna secure job after by His grace. PLZ LET UR EXPECTATIONS BE LESS. Bed space from 50k a month and above. I wish u well my dear.


Travel / Re: My Experience When I Moved To Sweden! by german89: 5:47pm On Nov 15, 2020
Wow just wow...I live in Finland myself and always visit Stockholm via Viking Cruise, I never knew it is like that there. This means that these are generally easier here in Finland, because e.g with our local drivers license from Naija, we can get Finnish temporary license immediately and after verification, the original can be obtained in some months...lol no wonder Finns don’t like Swedes one bit lol cheesy
. Senior Ibro, plz I need ur help. M madly in love with Finland. Plz tell me how easily I can migrate to Finland and the requirements. Thanks Senior man. Plz don't be offended oh.
Travel / Re: I Just Got A 3-Month Visa To Dubai, I Need Your Suggestions Please!!! by german89: 5:30pm On Nov 15, 2020
Bro. First of all, da Hustle da gave u d resources to run visa and IP, plz and plz make sure u keep it intact. Pray before coming, let ur expectations be less. When u get here don't pay anybody (agents) shi Shi until u confirm d jobs, also learn to be using bus by getting a bus card, ask questions and if possible AVOID AJMAN. Arrange food stuff, few clothes and plz look responsible always. If u can manage maybe Car wash job, cleaning, helpers job, dish washing, etc. Feel free to hit me once u landed. Alnada Area in Sharjah, house rent is from 50k and above, but industrial areas, same Sharjah oh. U can get 30k apartment . Once again let ur expectations be less bro. May God strengthen u, guide u, direct u and make people go out of their ways to Favour once u enter these Suncity. It's well with you Sir.

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Travel / Re: Thread For Nigerians In Other African Countries by german89: 10:44am On May 04, 2020
Honestly u guys are doing a great job here. My Botswana Boss I salute thee Sir. Well done Boss. Plz Admin for d WhatsApp Group help ur guy Add these two numbers. +2348036187704 & 08032366773. Thanks.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 9:38am On Jun 21, 2019
[quote author=NONNYG post=79533508]@german89; congrats on your new job, but raining praises on your agent here and as well dropping your number makes it look suspecious lipsrsealed

Meanwhile you came to UAE on June 10 and you already claim to know everything about the country, have you visited all the Emirates?

Whoever that need info about UAE can always read this from the beginning[/quote. Boss I don't think u read and understand wat I wrote,plz take ur time and go through it once more. I said I have guys with more experience and even with Emirates ID with me. Some have been here for more than 11yrs, 7yrs, 5yrs and thereabouts. Not everybody have da time, energy and resources (data) to go read from page one. U can equally summarize it for someone da need urgent idea. Hey I didn't praised my agent, and even if I do he deserved it, because his type are not up to 3 here in UAE. Meanwhile u didn't see where I said da I was scammed ??. Mtcheeeeew help ppl, tell them d real truth about UAE kalas ( Once they noticed da ur a Nigerian, na so everybody go dey avoid u like say u get AIDS+Ebola and Criminal). Oga read well and stop having negative impression. I don't have time to do agent work here, I only drop d line there for anyone who may likely wonna get more infor. PEACE PLZ
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 9:41pm On Apr 18, 2019

I mean cover some details
But no worries though
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 7:05pm On Apr 18, 2019

You for censor this thing baba
. Meaning bro. Elaborate jare ??
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 4:55pm On Apr 18, 2019
I salute everyone here, the good work u guys are doing here is really tremendous. NonnyG and others, I commot cap for una. Abeg help a brother confirm these package (Visa).He's to balance d Dude #250k for flight ticket, after d first deposit of #250k. 3 Months Tourist visa. Thank u guys in anticipation.

Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 10:36pm On Apr 06, 2019
Evening everyone, plz why is it da nobody is of talking or going to Oman, Kuwait, or even Qatar?. Why my ppl?. Meanwhile a brother asked me to pay #600k for Oman Direct employment visa(2yrs), #200k first payment then balance him when the koko(visa ) is out. NONNYG and other wise men .Abeg make una put mouth here plz. A candid advice would be handsomely appreciated.
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 2:53pm On Apr 03, 2019
Mehnnn, this is really a BAD news for some of us that intend travelling by 2nd week of June, that's after Ramadan. Naija which way na?. God plz come and reboot these Country called Nigeria. Mehnnn I feel like crying, abeg hu get authentic idea about Turkey?. This people done cut my ticket.mtcheeeeew
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by german89: 1:26pm On Mar 29, 2019
@Haniejay. Bro ur talk is full of Fact, Truth, Inspiration and Excess Motivations. I go track u guys soon, though am still in Naija, making arrangee, planning my journey, takin a step one by one and Praying Harder for God's favour and Grace. Una wey done kawai enter UAE(Nonny G, HanieJay etc)make una dey link dudes/Lads for any available Jobs. We all gonna make it Legitimately and have a good testimonies tomorrow. I hail guys for Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ahbu Dhabi and Rak una Strong zeal is my motivation.


Sports / Re: Sharing Formular Can Turn You Into A Millionaire Overnight!!! by german89: 7:12pm On Mar 05, 2019
celebritynelson52@gmail.com. M interested.

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