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Foreign Affairs / Re: UK Ship Hit By 'rocket Fire' Off Yemen's Coast As Casualties Remain Unknown. by GODPUNISHALABI: 7:01pm On Dec 03, 2023

Nigerian Christians and fanatism and bigotry are unparalleled in the world! Una just carry religion on your heads like gala and abuse people online at will. Muslim girls can't wear hijabs in public and private schools in peace in a country dominated by Muslims despite being allowed constitutionally. And small thing like this, una go begin calling UN, ICC, POPE
what Muslim country is that?? I hope u not referring to nigeria as a muslim country

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Politics / Re: Top 25 On-site Registered Participants For Cop28 In Dubai by GODPUNISHALABI: 4:01pm On Dec 03, 2023
If obi no tweet that thing ppl no go notice this wastage of tax payers money....

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Politics / Re: Skull Miner Dies After Being ‘held Down By A Ghost’ At A Cemetery In Ogun State by GODPUNISHALABI: 1:32pm On Dec 03, 2023
Reminds me of the movie drag me to hell.... grin he was dragged to hell by the ghost of the corpse
Religion / Re: RCCG Holy Ghost Congress: Divine Repositioning December 4 - 9 by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:47pm On Dec 03, 2023
Agbado Apc Church
Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by GODPUNISHALABI: 10:33pm On Dec 02, 2023
They say that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", but honestly speaking there are certain calibres of men I will never go near no matter how hard they try.

To get straight to the point,

1. Short men
Oh my God.... I don't just know what to say about these sort of men. If I'm taller than you as a girl, then sorry but I can never see you as my second piece. You'll always be like a younger brother to me. No hard feelings.
Short men also have this irritating attitude whenever they see girls around, as if they're trying to compensate for their low height. And some even go to the gym and gets muscles.... But it just makes them look shorter like a 5 litre jerry can and irritating
Also, why in the world would I pick a short guy over a tall guy? I literally feel so protected and safe when I'm with a guy that is wayyyy taller than me (I'm 5'2 so my height is kinda average)... So ofc I'd want a tall man and not a mini man.
Imagine hugging a man and he's hugging your waist cause he's short ugh.
I wanna stand on my toes whenever I kiss him and strain my neck just to look at his face. No more no less.
Tall men also stand out more, they're far more attractive and I also want taller sons and daughters.
Who should the short guys date then? I dunno... But not me.
The bar starts at 6'0, but If you're like 6'2 or 6'3... I want your babiesss

2. Bald men
The only age where I think baldness is acceptable as a man for me is if he's like in his 50s or 60s. But if you're in your 20s-30s and you're already going bald.... It just irritates me low-key in a inexplicable way... Like why will a young guy have a hairline that receeds all the way to the middle or back of your head? Where did all your hair go? Gross
I also read somewhere that early balding is genetically inherited so that means my children too will suffer the same fate? God forbid.
My man ought to have a head full of hair well into his 60s, then we start talking about hair loss.

3. "Oju yo Bo" people
I didn't know the English term for this so I had to Google it. It's a Yoruba term for people whose eyes pop out of their sockets like that of a wall gecko. This is also something I don't like in my man.... I want his eyes to be like that of Henry Cahill... Neatly tucked inside and having small slit like opening.

Addition: so I just googled it and it's called prey eyes. I prefer the hunter one since it gives my man a piercing gaze and I just wanna hug him immediately.

4. Eyebrows
A man MUST have thick eyebrows. If you don't, I can't take you seriously

5. Men with bad posture

6. Men who supports man U grin

That last one was a joke but I'm dead serious about the rest. And I'm sure other girls will agree to some up there too.
you need thick eyebrows like philadephia eagles quarter back, jalen hurts...abi

Crime / Re: Would You Still Marry Your Wife After Being bleeped In Your Presence By Armed Rob by GODPUNISHALABI: 8:55pm On Dec 02, 2023
This one na nollywood movies of that year grin cheesy armed robbers go attack House carry man pikin go bed room,go knack
Travel / Re: How Rich Men In Orifite In Anambra Are Making Their Town Economic Viable (Photo) by GODPUNISHALABI: 4:56pm On Dec 02, 2023

This is aeriel view of Ibadan the regional capital of Yoruba and sango Ota from plane
hajahahahaha kai una no go kill me grin

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Shows Off His Automobile Collections Worth Of Billions (photos/video) by GODPUNISHALABI: 4:41pm On Dec 02, 2023
I beg I wan ask 1 question, Where's chiomas porshe? She sell am or she Park am for her village for imo state because I never for once see her drive am...abi na scam from the frog

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Politics / Re: A Caucasian Woman Blocked President Tinubu At COP28 Summit In Dubai by GODPUNISHALABI: 4:36pm On Dec 02, 2023
She didn't block him,tinubu urinated on his trousers and quickly hid behind the woman

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Politics / Re: Igbos top the list of Primary School Completion Rate In Nigeria by GODPUNISHALABI: 1:29pm On Dec 02, 2023
Flawed statistics, how do you identify each tribe in a school located in a cosmopolitan cities. There are about 250 tribes in Nigeria, how about others?, don't they go to school?.
What is the total sample size collected?
even if they sample lagos na igbo go still top una for there, una no reach ,u think na by owo mida yahoo and agbero or by voting a drug baron wey don dey impoverish una... the kain gap wey igbos go give una ehn,na almajiri una go follow dey compete very soon....the hunger wey go wire una after 8 years of tinubu go dey unprecedented, before this tinubu 8 years finish una go don sell all una lands give igbos,una never see anything

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Politics / Re: Igbos top the list of Primary School Completion Rate In Nigeria by GODPUNISHALABI: 1:20pm On Dec 02, 2023
All thanks to the Catholic church,ekene Maria ijuputa na grasia

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Culture / Re: Tweet Photos: Igbo Celebrate Ofala Festival In Anambra, Check Tweets Replies by GODPUNISHALABI: 11:26am On Dec 02, 2023
The video didn't even highlight the beauty and elegance of Ofala festival in its depth and entirety; yet it has already generated more views, re-tweets and likes in less than 24 hours since the video was posted even more than the yorogba own with "more steeze", by the end of today the video will have far more engagements sef 😂😂😂😂😂. Apparently the low self-esteem Yorogba OP is so pained like his fellow Igbo-oppressed/obsessed Yorogba minions on Twitter that they now seek for validation and the need to compete with Igbos (who don't even give a f**k about them) by comparing the ofala video with their own: effects of a disease among the yorogbas called "Main character syndrome" .

Just the same way Igbos started a "Igbo men's thread" on Twitter few months ago that completely shut down Twitter as women from other tribes and even other African countries were literally dripping on that thread, the thread had the highest algorithms of engagements on Twitter Naija that day, guess what? Yorogba men got threatened and in their typical low self-esteem complex immediately started to bad mouth the "Igbo men's thread" and started hailing themselves as the real demons with swag blah blah blah- ogbeni nobody asked you! Next thing they started their own Yorogba men's thread and it didn't even garner half the steez and attention the Igbo one got and they gave up after day 1.

Let's not even talk about the "Igbo women's thread" that one literally had Yorogba men shamelessly begging Igbo women for attention, the thread had over 5 million views in just 3 days. Yorogbas might not like to admit it, but they are always insufferable and looking to play catch-up with Ndigbo, Igbo man go dey mind him own business but Onye ofe mmanu is always seeking the urge to compete and prove he's better than the Omo Ibo every time- it's a psychological complex at this point.
don't mind those fools ,their own yoruba men and womens thread was so wack they ended up insulting theirselves, kai I laugh that day no be small ,they always beg for attention from igbo women, they see it as achievement if an igbo woman compliments them ,they screenshot it and and pin it on timeline. Lol retarded dumbfucks
Culture / Re: Tweet Photos: Igbo Celebrate Ofala Festival In Anambra, Check Tweets Replies by GODPUNISHALABI: 11:21am On Dec 02, 2023
Anambra people celebrated Ofala festival some days ago and it was dope.

Niyi Fagbemi did his usual thing of showcasing the culture to the world just as he showcased that of Ojude Oba festival few months ago.

However, the Tweet is causing serious bickering as people started comparing the event and the video to those of Ojude Oba festival and below are the funny replies from people.

Source: https:///theniyifagbemi/status/1730504306795638895?s=46&t=oGAxjhiGeufNKlYA6fDTyA
Lol stupidity just like ur average yoruba man ,igbos are in ur markets making billions of naira ,u dey celebrate owambe with borrowed funds to prove what to whom?? Later you will wail online that igbos are buying up ur lands, no go work dry dere dey compare " steeze" mumu
Sports / Re: BREAKING: I’ve Achieved Everything Achieveable In Football History – Lionel Mess by GODPUNISHALABI: 11:06am On Dec 02, 2023
Pride don dey enter messi head small small
Politics / Re: For Those Who Think Nobody Can Succeed Without Lagos (picture) by GODPUNISHALABI: 7:23am On Dec 02, 2023
Before the airline, Obiora made money from lagos - fact
why ur papa still dry osogbo why u no fit go make money for same lagos

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Romance / Re: Lady Wows Many With Her Transformation After Being Dumped by GODPUNISHALABI: 9:35pm On Dec 01, 2023
Clean the make up make we confirm


Romance / Re: Beautiful Bride Rocks Her Amazing Wedding Dress Alongside Her Bridesmaids (Vid) by GODPUNISHALABI: 7:21pm On Dec 01, 2023
Dirty girls with smelling pants, try knack one of this hijabis u go understand weytin smell be
Foreign Affairs / Re: New Israeli Airstrikes Killed At Least 32 People And Injured Dozen (Photo) by GODPUNISHALABI: 6:10pm On Dec 01, 2023

Gay Jesus with 12 gay disciples lol

Atleast Mohammed had children and wives

Something your Bobrisky God never had before he was killed
ur soul is damned for the Lord does not forgive the sin of blasphemy


Politics / Re: Gov Uzodinma Has Shown Lack Of Leadership Capacity In Last Three Years – ADC by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:36pm On Dec 01, 2023
Supreme Court Governor
na INEC elect governor now grin (IEG)

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Politics / Re: Gov Uzodinma Has Shown Lack Of Leadership Capacity In Last Three Years – ADC by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:34pm On Dec 01, 2023
I pity imo state other states are electing technocrats them dey dere dey elect cultist as governor grin cheesy I want to believe that election was rigged.....if not I don't even know what to say


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Shows Off His Car Collections Worth Of 1.1billion (photos/video) by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:30pm On Dec 01, 2023
Very matured colours compared to burna wey just dey paint him cars different clown colours

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Celebrities / Re: Kizz Daniel Splashes Over N700 Million As He Buys A 2022 Rolls Royce CULLINAN by GODPUNISHALABI: 11:03am On Dec 01, 2023
That car no reach 700 highest 250m

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Politics / Re: Meet Prince Ekaladerhan Of Benin, Popularly Known As Oduduwa by GODPUNISHALABI: 9:52am On Dec 01, 2023
I am a yoruba man but I tell you oduduwa was no bini prince,he was actually thrown out of heaven , same time a certain person was cast out of heaven.......you can connect the dots to know his real identity


Politics / Re: Gov Akeredolu Releases N1bn For Retired Teachers, LG Workers In Ondo by GODPUNISHALABI: 9:46am On Dec 01, 2023
Where is his whereabout?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Resumes Combat Against Hamas by GODPUNISHALABI: 9:40am On Dec 01, 2023
This war will serve as a lesson, isreal will inflict severe punishment on hamas and gaza so that any arab country considering attacking isreal in the future will think twice,isreal is not a Christian country they believe in the torah,where God instructed them to wipe their enemies from the face of the earth. If you read the old testament God told them to kill everything including children animals whether old or young nothing should be spared,na Im you carry urself go fight,they will wail and cry but nothing can save them.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hamas Drugğed Children; Burned Legs With Motorcycles' Exhaust For Identification by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:42am On Dec 01, 2023
1 day to go I dey do count down b4 al jazeera go begin wail again
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Lashes Out At Turkish Airline For Discriminating Against Nigerians by GODPUNISHALABI: 12:41am On Dec 01, 2023
Mtsshhheeww this one no know weytin dey worry her
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Meets King Charles by GODPUNISHALABI: 10:14pm On Nov 30, 2023

She’s not. Proud of her still.
who's the most powerful and influential woman in nigeria?? Rem)i tinubu ??

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