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Foreign Affairs / Re: Key Features Of Israel’s Multilayered Air Defence System Revealed by greggng: 4:27pm On Apr 14
I watched the whole activities of the defense system last night .I begin to wonder if isreal were to be Nigeria. That means Iran would ve finished us by now . The question to ask is can Iran defend themselves if Israel decide to send some missiles to them? I don't want to hear genocide . That world has been abused....what happened last night was a genocide but international community
Won't acknowledge that .

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US President, Joe Biden Condemns Iran's Attack On Isreal by greggng: 10:32am On Apr 14
Iran 3 : 1 Isreali
Mad respect for Iran abeg
Some people might said Iran did not kill any Isreali military personnel, but Iran hitting Isreali from home is a new thing.
Iran talked and did it, that’s the main point.

Never did even USA military think Iran can do it.
Isreali have been killing Iranian military men in Syria but hitting that embassy was a red line.
Russia have been hitting Ukraine but never any of the embassies located in Ukraine because embassy represent a country.

If not for Jordan, USA and UK that help Isreal overcome those Iranian drones and missiles, Isreali this morning would have look like Syria.
The USA and her allies spent over 500M dollars defending Isreal against Iran drones and missiles last night.

Let’s see what Isreali will do because if they can’t hit Iran back then the world will know that Isreali military are only great against defenceless enemies like Hamas and Syria that have been at war for over 10 years, making it too weak to fight against Israel.

Is comment like this thar made me develop thick skin against whatever isreal does to the amalikites like you . Just this morning I saw on cnn where you and your Iranian brothers are jubilation over strike that didn't make any impact ...sane way you celebrated October 7...but when isreal start retaliating you will be disturbing the u tetnstioba community ...begging for ceasefire ..blaming usa for supporting isreal while you enjoy the support Iran gives to terrorist organisations to attack isreal .Anyways everyone knows that isreal is not an ordinary country to play with . If isreal decide to send just 100 missiles into Iran...I thought they will shout down half . There is always consequences for attacking isreal ....


Autos / Re: Downpayment received not available again by greggng: 9:27am On Apr 14
The vehicle was abandoned at Osun for 2years It was driven to Lagos from Osun and the driver concurred that the gear will need fixing. What I observe is vibration before entering gears and sometimes crawling ar low speeds but moves well from 3 upwards.
Civic 2001
Engine starts once not smoking
AC working but not cooling at all, no vibration or change in engine sound when AC is on.
Interior is well maintained and clean
Body is pristine except for small scratches around the back
I didn't observe any dent
Check engine is on not interested in scanning
It is automatic transmission
Tires are fresh, extra tire available, Jack's and wheel spanner available.
The only docs I found are roadworthiness and insurance certificates can't find the rest.

Price is 700k available at Obalende lagos Message me on 07064912184, viewing is free of charge.

You can't find proof of ownership and allocation of plate number document ? Those other two documents you mentioned doesn't prove you owe that car ...and that's a red flag for me
Autos / Re: Golf 4 Needed by greggng: 10:58pm On Apr 13
Hello house

Volkswagen golf 4 , Kia Rio 2007 or Hyundai Accent 2007 needed urgently

Tokunbo or Nigerian used ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Has Launched Drone Attacks Against Israel by greggng: 10:06pm On Apr 13
If Israel goes about killing people inside embassy then they need to be attacked, you can't be seeking for war because US got your back all the time.

My only worry is that you and your Iran should be precise now . Don't bomb an innocent plane like you did before . Pls don't shout genocide when you get any retaliation .


Autos / Re: Reduce Car Prices Dollar Is Down by greggng: 7:25pm On Apr 13
Of they pack those car in their stand waiting to sell it that high as they expect and people source dollar at cheaper rate import the same car and tag the price ALMOST of their other person don't you think that car will pack there for long cus he's waiting to sale 12m why others are selling 6.5m for the same car

Another vital question you failed to ask is...have govt reduced the price of clearing?


Autos / Re: Reduce Car Prices Dollar Is Down by greggng: 7:23pm On Apr 13

what of when the value of Dollar increased, why did they increased the price of their old stock on a mere assumption that value of Dollar is increasing.

I love this question you asked . I even fought a man that owes supermarket over this issue . It has to do with market control . Recently lagos state govt warned all super markets to label the price of there goods . Goods should be batched to differentiate when they actually bought . A govt agency ought to be I charge if monitoring such behavior..same happens whenever petrol price increased . Those with old stock wanna make abnormal profit...is a kind of corrupt aided by govt inability to effect proper control.


Autos / Re: Reduce Car Prices Dollar Is Down by greggng: 5:59pm On Apr 13
I am not making case for car dealers but I have a question for some of us questioning why they can't bring g down car price . Let's assume they got there cars when dollar was 1800naira and those cars are parked in there car stand waiting for buyer.....are you now saying they should reduce car price a that they can sell at a loss? Put yourself in there shoes ...people should sell according to how they buy...I don't expect them.to sellll at a loss .. they are not responsible for your unstable economy


Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Readies '100+ Cruise Missiles' For Possible Retaliation Against Israel by greggng: 1:30pm On Apr 13
God bless America. President Biden is an example of a strong leader . His statement last night us a testament of the fact that isreal is God's own country...He said we are devoted to isreal safety ...warning Iran to desist from striking isresl cos they will fail . One thing I hate about this Islamic countries is that they will start a war they can't win. Very soon they will start asking international community to come to there aid. One thing is certain ...there will be consequences for ant strike on Israel...Biden said DONT


Properties / Re: Who Is Responsible For Fixing A Damaged Sitting Room Pop by greggng: 9:57am On Apr 13
Price him 30k for the labour. He should be able to do that job in two days. 24sqm is not much.

Properties / Re: Who Is Responsible For Fixing A Damaged Sitting Room Pop by greggng: 9:22am On Apr 13
Thats fourteen years already. its responding to wears and tears. You are responsible for this as the house owner.

As for cost management, tell the artisan to seperate material from labour cost for you. Go and get the materials yourself. Tell him not to over quote the materials as you are the one making the purchase yourself.

The price him on only the labour cost.

It should save you some cost.

Thank you so much ...he said his labour is 45k ... but I love the idea of buying the material ...I only hope they didn't sell fake to me . Left for me I would ve converted it to ceiling cos I don't have time for this kind of maintenance . If it white to be ceiling ...I would ge finished working on it now
Properties / Who Is Responsible For Fixing A Damaged Sitting Room Pop by greggng: 9:59pm On Apr 12
In 2010 I handed a bran new house with pop to this tenant . Just yesterday he called to I form.me that the sitting room pop is cracking . Today I visited him with.a pop technician who adviced that it should be replaced with bran new instead if repairing it . He took the dimension of the house and told me is 600 ×390-24 Square meter. He is charging me 360k labour inclusive.

My question is ...whose responsibility to fix the pop since I handed a bran new house to him in 2010?

Secondly , I Need expert advice as to the correct price of getting this job done given the dimension I stated .

Finally will it be unjust if I demand that both of us share the responsibility?

I will be grateful to get expert advice on this matter...especially anyone that experience this before
Autos / Re: Registered 2010 Corolla For Sale N7.2m by greggng: 3:12am On Apr 11
Autos / Re: 2011 Foreign Used Hyndai Sonata For Sale N9.5m by greggng: 3:12am On Apr 11
Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope Is Alive: He Was Revived - AGN President by greggng: 10:36pm On Apr 10
Thank God him.papano be mobad father ...they would fe buried him alive.
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope Is Dead by greggng: 8:15pm On Apr 10
Which one do we believe ..
I got another news that he is alive ...does it mean in Nigeria no credible source of news ?

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Autos / Re: Toyota Venza 2014 Limited Edition Fulloption... 16m by greggng: 10:49am On Apr 10
What a lovely ride
Autos / Re: Neat Used Honda Accord 2004 For Relocation Sale #SOLD by greggng: 10:41am On Apr 10
Neatly used Honda Accord 2004

Remote Keyless Entry
Chilling AC
V4 Engine
Power Windows
Nice tires
Steering wheel cruise control button

buy and drive!
Mushin, Lagos state

+234 702 652 8465

Autos / Re: 2011 Foreign Used Hyndai Sonata For Sale N9.5m by greggng: 10:38am On Apr 10
More pix

Autos / 2011 Foreign Used Hyndai Sonata For Sale N9.5m by greggng: 10:36am On Apr 10
Very clean ride in and out . Only seriousminded buyer should call 08062593234. Location ..Gowon estate lagos .

Autos / Re: Registered 2010 Corolla For Sale N7.2m by greggng: 10:15am On Apr 10
More pix

Autos / Registered 2010 Corolla For Sale N7.2m by greggng: 10:12am On Apr 10
Let me answer all your question to save our time
First body ...No but Neatly baked
Engine .....100 percent
Ac .......100 percent factory fitted
Custom papers ....The car was bought bran new
Interior ...just like bran new

Only serious buyer should call 08062593234
Location ..Gowon estate lagos

Autos / Re: 2 Months Registered Corolla 2003 by greggng: 8:56pm On Apr 09
Toyota Corolla 2003 ... Very Neat ... 4.7M net

October 2023 entry ... Just 2 months registered
Seller needs money asap... Car has been inspected and certified by car45. Come with your mechanic
Call or WhatsApp Odiluxury 09153528233

Family / Re: I Don't Care Neighbours by greggng: 8:51pm On Apr 09
Thank God for the kind of people thst live in the estate where I.live ...just press your phone more than 5 people are ready to come help. Sometimes I do drive some residence late midnight to the hospital....emergency situation.. love your nebor no be for mouth . I better pass my neboor is the order of the day


Autos / Re: 1 Million Naira Loan With My Car As Collateral by greggng: 11:49pm On Apr 08

cars are depreciating asset Before not anymore, imagine someone bought big daddy camry 1.7m 2014 and fastforward to today he wants to sell the car for 3.5m

that is like 101% profit ... upon useage

Sometimes school naa scam

The value of money is what money can buy. In 2014 1.7m can buy what your 3.5m now can buy ..There is nothing to be happy about
Autos / Re: 1 Million Naira Loan With My Car As Collateral by greggng: 7:19pm On Apr 08
Good Morning House.

Please I need a loan of 1Million for the period of 2months and I'd be using my original car documents as collateral.

It's a 2005 Toyota Camry XLE V6

Please if you have anyone that can offer to lend, kindly send me his or her contact.

You can also reach me via WhatsApp on 07031174249

Location: LAGOS


Nobody will give you such loan . You most deposit your car . Na paper we go chop?

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Autos / Re: Current Price by greggng: 6:42pm On Apr 07
Please what is the current price of clearing a 2009 Toyota Camry LE? I keep hearing the price is not fixed and my car is arriving soon

Deal with people you know there physical office and they have record of integrity. Everyone can know the price of clearing car bit not everine know s the process of getting it done. I am telling you this cos if you enter one chance hand . I will be the first to insult you here . Go and Check my profile ..Iam not a child here . Even people we respect slot here have now proven to be dishonest. Trust is now difficult to establish . Shine your eye

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Autos / Re: Engine For Toyota Highlander 2008 Needed by greggng: 10:33am On Apr 07
Please I need an engine for my 2008 Toyota Highlander.

The engine on it has developed fault and I have been advised by two different mechanics that I should get another engine.

If you are in lagos contact me on whatsap 08062593234
Politics / Re: Expect More Increase In Electricity Tariff, FG Tells Nigerians by greggng: 8:00am On Apr 06
The impunity and ordercity of our leaders worries me . They forgot it was a just an increase in bread in Tunisia that brought about the Arab spring ...that took the life if ghafafi ...a president well love by his people . When leaders take the led for granted anything can happen. I pray our leaders have a rethink. You cannot be increasing everything while minimum wage is not even talked about . If you can buy 40units of electricity for 10k and use it for 3 days...that means in 9days you have spent your minimum wage on electricity . How do you take care of other bills? Tell me why kidnapping and other crimes won't be the order of the day .
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Israeli Raid On Damascus, An ‘unprecedented’ Escalation Of Tensions by greggng: 10:41pm On Apr 04
Iran needs to stop making noise and start acting.
Let them do what they want to do and stop disturbing our ears all the time.

The created state of Israel has been misbehaving since 1948 because of USA and UK backings. Remove this and the IDF can't even stand boko-haram or ipob in combat.

Ignorant is your disease . Isreal are the brain behind American weapon technology . This is one secret some of you failed to discover . America can never do without them .Give Iran all the weapon they will fire at innocent air plane .
Autos / Re: First Body 2013 Neatly Used Honda Accord 7.2m..first Owner, Nothing To Fix by greggng: 10:16am On Apr 04
first body 2013, Hinda Accord, nothing fix fix.
first owner
perfect condition.
owner wants a change of car..
Price : 7.2m

WhatsApp/call 09063432840

NB: more pictures available.

Foreign Affairs / Re: The Israeli Raid On Damascus, An ‘unprecedented’ Escalation Of Tensions by greggng: 8:39am On Apr 04
My only worry with Iran is that there weapon are not precise . When one of there geberals was killed . The left the issue and attacked an innocent plane ..killing all on board ..such a country cannot be allowed to build nuclear weapon cos it will be madness .


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