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Politics / Re: Pyrates Confraternity Officially Responds To The Trending Emilokan Video by hotseat: 10:52am On Aug 09
The message has been passed and well received!

Tinubu is a no no!

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Politics / Re: Northern Christian To Lalong: Reject APC Campaign DG Position Now by hotseat: 8:57pm On Aug 04
Just as expected!

Batrayal and lack of unity of purpose are the banes of the Christian folks in Nigeria.

Too many Judases!

But be not be dismayed.

They shall surely gather but as long as such gatherings are not of God, they shall stumble and fall!


Politics / Re: Abdullahi Adamu Shouts 'Praise The Lord' On Church's Pulpit (Video) by hotseat: 10:31pm On Aug 03
And the Mu-Mu ticket champion shout "hallelujah" and "praise the Lord"?

This is desperation at its best but a poor one at that!

We can't be deceived!

He should have shouted "Allahu arkbar" instead since those of the Christian faith are insignificant in the scheme of things in the country.

The Mu-Mu ticket misadventure can't work!

Politics / Re: 2023: Details Of Tinubu’s Meeting With APC Governors Revealed by hotseat: 5:40pm On Aug 02
And Shettima was also present!

Tinuboo's political desperation has landed him in a cauldron and he must be made to sing the nunc dimittis come 2023.

For every action, there's bound to be an equal amount of reaction.

Since he's determined to dare the lion in its den, he must be made to suffer for his effrontery and temerity.

The Mu-Mu ticket is sectional, disingenuous, volatile, provocative, offensive and annoyingly divisive.

Nigeria is a secular country and not an emirate or an annex of Saudi Arabia!
Politics / Muslim-muslim Ticket: The Unanswered Questions! by hotseat: 2:03pm On Jul 31
The choice of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC presidential flagbearer, of former Borno State Governor, Senator Kashim Shettima, has continued to attract criticisms unabatedly despite spirited efforts at assuaging the feelings of opposition to the move by critics, particularly those of the Christian faith.

They argue that this would likely not have been the case if not for the perceived feelings of being shortchanged by the alleged pro-Islamic government of the President Mohammadu Buhari regime over the past seven years.

They further argue that even with a pastor VP, things are this bad and reason that the situation might even get worse with an all-Muslim executive arm of government.

Again, the assertion that a Northern Christian lacks electoral value and can't attract the much needed number to win elections is akin to consigning these "specie" of Christians to the undignifying position of political worthlessness.

They can vote but can't be voted for!

The questions begging for answers are:

(1) Would Muslims accept a situation of a Christian-Christian ticket?

(2) Should Tinubu, being a minority Southern Muslim, be voted for by the majority Southern Christians?

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Politics / Re: Fact Check Of Atiku's Interview With Arise TV By The Cable by hotseat: 12:43pm On Jul 31
Like Thiefnuboo, like Athiefku!

We reject these two political relics!

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Tinubu Is Actually The Best Governor Nigeria Ever Produced by hotseat: 12:30pm On Jul 31
Rhino O'Monkey!

This man is mentally unstable!

He's as capricious as the wind!

A most unreliable personality!

Pay no heed to the fugitive!
Politics / Re: Tee Mac Omatshola: I was Quoted Out Of Context On Tinubu by hotseat: 12:12pm On Jul 31
What an absurd double speak!

This doesn't however clarifies your stand on his age, dubious background, etc which you unassailably amplified in your earlier piece, whether it was a private discussion or not.

We can understand the various open and subtle threats poor Tee Mac must have been subjected to.

We, sane Nigerians, stand by your private discussion which we believe is what Tinuboo, the Jagabandit actually represents!

Too little, too late!
Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Broke - Chris Ngige by hotseat: 4:55pm On Jul 29
Ngige get mind o!

You mean you're telling Nigerians that your useless and most hopeless APC government has finally run the country aground with your mindless borrowing and looting?

Nigerian youths never mean una!
Agriculture / Re: Sanwo-Olu To Establish 250-Hectare Cattle Ranch In Epe by hotseat: 10:05am On Jul 29
This is a step in the right direction and should as a matter of necessity be embraced by all states of the federation.

The benefits would be tremendous as it addresses issues of meat shortages and hike in prices occasionally experienced due to extraneous factors.

The financial benefits in the value chain will equally contribute impactfully to the IGR of the state governments.

Jobs would also be created in that industry!

The cows reared in ranches and feedlots are healthier and more meaty.

Again, this approach would ultimately put paid to the needlessly incessant farmers versus herders clashes that have become a recurring decimal of our chequered and beleaguered country.
Politics / Re: Filming Police Officers On Duty Is Not A Crime – AIG Kamaldeen by hotseat: 7:22am On Jul 29
With this coming from an AIG, there may be hope for Nigeria at last.

However, action, they say, speaks louder than words!

An officer of the law carrying out his or her lawful duty wouldn't mind to be filmed except those engaged in shady and criminal activities!

The schisms between law enforcement officers and the citizenry need not exist where there's mutual trust.

When citizens see that those who swore to protect and to serve them become their archenemies who terrorize and prey on them on a daily basis, the situation will remain sour.

Men/women in uniforms: change thy ways for a better Nigeria of our dream!
Politics / Re: FG To Take Delivery Of Six Attack Helicopters From Turkey by hotseat: 10:25pm On Jul 28
What is the essence of these purchases when they would be eventually left to rot away unused just like the much hyped super tucano jets.

Nigeria dey make person shame.

Science/Technology / Re: Bayelsa Fisherman Using A Dolphin As Bait, Caught 10 Sharks In A Day (Photos) by hotseat: 11:41am On Jul 28
But I thought they said all the waters have been polluted by oil related activities being carried out in the ND region and aquatic life no more in existence.

This "pepeli" guy boy fisherman just put paid to the much orchestrated propaganda!

No food for lazy man!

Kudos to all legitimate hustlers!
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: Buhari Not Aware Of Threat To Kidnap Him Until I Told Him by hotseat: 11:06am On Jul 28
The title should have been: Buhari not in charge of affairs!

I bet the dumbo isn't even aware of himself!

Hell Ruffian merely stated what has long been known in the public domain!


U see ya life?
Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmed: Economy Doing Better Than Previous Governments Under Buhari by hotseat: 9:40am On Jul 28

She's caught the lying bug from the ultimate lying machine, the Lai lie liar himself!

Politics / Re: Tee Mac: Tinubu Is My In-Law, He’s 86, Not Fit To Run Nigeria by hotseat: 9:04am On Jul 28

What a sucker punch!

With this earthquake of a revelation coming straight from the horse's mouth, the Asiwajuju has been stripped naked in the market square!

The man definitely has alot of bag and baggage firmly tied around his neck.

From Muslim-Muslim ticket to the gnome called Hell Ruffian bandit, and now this coming from a supposed in-law!

Education / Re: ASUU Strike: El-Rufai Threatens To Sack All Kaduna Lecturers by hotseat: 8:19am On Jul 28
What manner of a campaign director general!

Asiwajuju really has his hands full!

From imposition of a Muslim-Muslim ticket to a brutal dictatorship!

Imagine if this gnome is appointed as minister of education, ASUU would be proscribed at his whims and caprices!


U see ya life
Politics / Re: ‘It’s For Security Purposes’ — Zainab Ahmed Speaks On Depletion Of Excess Crude by hotseat: 10:12pm On Jul 27
Zainab is a zany!

Posterity would judge you and your thieving gang harshly!

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Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman Reacts To Having Extramarital Affairs With Actresses (Video) by hotseat: 9:41pm On Jul 27
"Apostle" Johnson Suleiman needs to be in a deep and solemn reflection on these unending randiness, debauchery and wanton promiscuity with his "children", according to him, being leveled against him.

A man of his status must rise above certain types of allegations!

After all, he's not the only MOG in Nigeria.

He's bringing Christendom to disrupt by these countless allegations of infidelity.

CAN must call him to order now!
Education / Re: Who Is ASUU Really Fighting For? by hotseat: 9:13pm On Jul 27
Op, thanks but, no thanks!

This write-up is jaundiced, biased and prejudicial!

Let's concede that the university lectuers are "selfish" in their demands, according to you, just because they are simply insisting on the agreement voluntarily entered into by ASUU and the FG since over two decades ago.

Please, pay attention to the word "agreement"!

Again,the essence of any trade union the world over is to promote and protect the interest of its members.

The welfare and general wellbeing of students can only evolve with a non disgruntled ASUU!
Politics / Re: Senator Fadahunsi: We Have Required Number To Impeach Buhari by hotseat: 8:41pm On Jul 27
Please, stop taking Nigerians for a ride.

Abi, no be the rubber stamp again?

After Ghana-must-go bags exchange hands now, everything about Bubu would be certified okay!

They are also part and parcel of the rot in the system!

You all have failed Nigerians and don't deserve to be addressed as "honourables".


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Politics / Re: SERAP To Sue FG & Udom Over Inibehe Effiong's Sentence by hotseat: 7:20pm On Jul 27
Gov. Emmanuel Udom is transforming into a monstrous tyrant and must be tamed promptly lest he becomes a local Idi Amin Dada

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Politics / Re: Judge Sends Inibehe Effiong To Prison For Defending Leo Ekpenyong by hotseat: 7:03pm On Jul 27
This is sheer judicial rascality, abuse of court processes and glaring bias thereby negating the core principle of fair hearing.

The NJC must wade into this matter now!

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Politics / Re: CAN's Rejection Of Muslim-muslim Ticket Godly - Yakubu Dogara by hotseat: 6:33pm On Jul 27
We warned, cautioned and even protested, but the Pharaoh of Lagos hardened his heart even the more.

Surely, he shall drown in the political Red Sea come 2023!

The Muslim-Muslim ticket is a political gadfly!


Politics / Re: Northern Christian Leaders Reveal Their Final Position On Muslim-muslim Ticket by hotseat: 11:11pm On Jul 26
From unknown bishops to unknown Christian leaders!

This is the chagrin of the Christian faith!

Esauses and Judases abound!

By their utterances, we shall know them!

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Politics / Re: We Will Forestall Any Ugly Incidences Around The FCT - Police PRO by hotseat: 10:12pm On Jul 26
Attack, they say, is the best form of defense.

This defensive approach is the reason why these bloody terrorists continue to wax stronger.

Security agencies must take the fight to them because they've declared war on the the country.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Buhari is their grand patron!

Where there's a will, there's always a way.

Buhari has no will to stop insecurity because things are panning out as planned by him and his collaborators!


Politics / Re: 2023: Wike To Remain In PDP, Vows Not To Work For Atiku - Daily Independent by hotseat: 6:29pm On Jul 26
It is even more dangerous for the PDP if Gov. Wike decides to remain in the party because he would simply wreak havoc from within.

Wike is now like a wounded beast waiting to unleash the utmost its fangs on the party he had helped to sustain during its most difficult periods.

Revenge is best served dead cold!
Politics / Re: Bwari Attack: Military Confirms 3 Casualties, Denies Abduction Of Soldiers by hotseat: 6:15pm On Jul 26
What a change of fortune for Buhari and his band of terrorists sympathizers!

They sowed the wind and are now beginning to reap the whirlwind!

Any attempt at flinging ashes at another person always ends in a boomerang!

They are now in Bwari heading to Buhari!

Now, the terrorists are walking the talk!

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Politics / Re: Blasphemy: Senate Receives Petition For The Investigation & Arrest Of Pastor Ojo by hotseat: 2:35pm On Jul 26
Those who live in glass-houses don't throw stones and if you can't take blows, don't throw blows!

Na so e be!

No wayo!

Respect must be mutual!

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Sports / Re: BBC Pundits Question Tobi Amusan's 100m Hurdles World Record by hotseat: 8:31am On Jul 26
When you're good, you're good!

Amusan is good!

Bad belle pundits are shocked like Bubu!


Crime / Re: Bishop Lamor Whitehead Robbed At Gunpoint While Delivering Sermon On Livestream by hotseat: 8:12am On Jul 26
Crime and criminality do occur almost everywhere across the globe!

The difference however lies in the response of all authorities of government in tracking down the criminals.

I can assure you they would be apprehended in no distant time.

Again, these are a bunch of lowlife criminals and not those seeking to establish a religious ideology through bloody and criminal means as is the case with Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari: I’ll Finally Crush And Defeat Terrorists Before I Leave In 2023 by hotseat: 7:46am On Jul 26
There's no modicum of shame left in this scarecrow any more!

It has become his trademark to make promises which he never keeps!

Buhari, please just quit the stage before these your friends use you to shine o!


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