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Family / Re: My Ikoyi Registry Experience by ibroh22(m): 10:42pm On May 01

Sorry for my tardy response,the day of your counselling will be communicated to you via the email you registered with

And yes the officials will recognize your registration provided you bring the print out as it is the proof of your registration.

I hope this answers your questions
Lol thanks bro even though it came late😂

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Family / Re: Evidenced Based Narration Of Ikoyi Magistrate Extortion by ibroh22(m): 8:02pm On Jan 20

It is not difficult, just follow these steps I will show you.

1) The first thing is to get your documents ready which are;

a) International passport and any other means of identification.
b) Birth certificate or affidavits of your age
c) State of origin,
d) Marriage declaration (If already married) or bachelor/spinsterhood affidavits. You can get this at the federal high court only which is #200 bike from the registry to the court. It will cost you #1500 each.
e) Passport for each of you.

2) Visit ecitibiz.com, create an account, choose new marriage, choose Ikoyi registry, fill all the required information.

3) There are three sections there which are general info, husband details and wiife' details.

b) In the general details, you will fill the information there and choose your date. Two dates are compulsory; The oath date and Marriage date. The oath date is a Tuesday while the marriage date can be any other date. On the site, there is a day there that requires additional fee I think Saturday. Tuesday to Friday is fine but Thursday is the busiest day. So choose Tuesday for your oath and any other day. Oath date comes first. This date must be 21 days earlier ie if today is 1st of may, you can choose 22nd of may up ward.

c) Scan all the documents above in their respective designation. However, there is no designation for your international passport so you will upload it under additional documents, then title it as International Passport for Adekunle Ajasin.

d) Ensure you check once again before submitting.

e) You will be asked to make payment at the process of final submission.

4) You will be asked to download remita which contains your marriage application details and the amount of #15000. Proceed to the bank to pay 15150 (charges inclusive). An e-receipt will be sent to your email. You can print this receipt incase the bank network is bad. But the bank will give you.

5) The payment validates your application form. So download the receipt alongside the main application form.
Kindly note that it will show "Open" when it's successful done. It will show "Edit" if it's not concluded yet.

6) Proceed to the registry with copies of each. 3 copies of the receipt and 1 copy of the rest documents uploaded.

7) If there was any document you didn't upload and you've submitted, you will receive a message on your phone and email a day befor your oath to upload it. It doesn't come with any penalty.

cool On the day of your oath, just attend early. It doesn't take time. Bring along #500. On or before that day, you will have gotten an approval message. If you didn't get, kindly go to the account or admin session, they will attend to you. But it isn't any big deal at all because you will get.

9) On the day of marriage, get there early as the number at the gate will be used to usher you in. Afterwards, they will call you in and give you guidelines. Refer back to the article above.

10) That's all. If you face any difficulty, kindly reach out to me. Will advise you but most importantly, the online chat support is very helpful
Boss nice one..seems you are well informed on the process…I would like to ask that, is it irrespective of the time slot picked online, one can go and do the oath taking and wedding regardless of the time slot picked online
Family / Re: My Ikoyi Registry Experience by ibroh22(m): 7:30pm On Jan 20
Yes it's 21,500 if you register online yourself as they just added the 6500 for photography

Just ensure that you get your printout and take it there on the day of your counselling.

If you register with an insider staff they will bill you an additional 10k.

So the choice is now yours

Please does this counseling means the day someone picked for the oath taking?,, and then if someone tegister online, will the officials recognize it and all
Education / Re: The Untold Story About July 10, 1999 On OAU Campus – Afrika’s Bravery by ibroh22(m): 5:54pm On Jul 10, 2022
Afrika lives on
TV/Movies / Re: Oga Sabinus Wins AMVCA 2022 Best Online Social Content Creator by ibroh22(m): 8:34pm On May 14, 2022
I am happy for him

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Land Your First Job? by ibroh22(m): 5:00pm On Apr 30, 2022
My first job after NYSC was waiter job in a hotel wey i no do more than 2weeks there without pay after that i do factory work for a year plus before i land my banking job. It was God all the way, with consistency and never giving up attitude.


Agriculture / Re: Help, I've Bitten More Than I Can Chew; Serious Investor/partner Needed. by ibroh22(m): 8:24pm On Apr 22, 2022
Both the person that has the thread and the person responding are one and same person. 90% certain.

Even if they are not which I know they are, people should be careful about handing over money to people like this who speak verbose English and no actual plan or content.

You may think they have sorted everything out or learnt the whole business till you give them your money. Thats when tales by moonlight start coming.

Just like he said with his other moniker "Nigerians are very terrible people and should not be trusted with money".
While you are entitled to your opinion, it’s not everywhere you open your dirty mouth to say things you yourself couldn’t provide evidence of.
This world would have been a better place if on ecery bad mouth, a padlock is hung.
If you don’t have a meaningful contribution to the thread. Keep quiet.


Celebrities / Re: Blessing Boma Douglas: Soji And I Are Still Happily Married by ibroh22(m): 9:15pm On Apr 01, 2022
How does this help with the insecurity in the country..Mtchewww

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Romance / Re: Northern Wedding Of Groom That Loves To Dance & His Shy Bride That Can't Dance by ibroh22(m): 8:44pm On Mar 07, 2022
Romance / Re: Woman Runs Away From Her Wedding When She Realized Her Husband Laid To Her by ibroh22(m): 9:35pm On Oct 25, 2021
Sports / Re: Raoul Savoy: CAR Coach Explains How They Beat Super Eagles by ibroh22(m): 12:02pm On Oct 08, 2021

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Phones / Re: Facebook Domain Stolen by ibroh22(m): 8:28pm On Oct 04, 2021
Business / Re: I Just Noticed A Fraudulent POS Withdrawal On My Account by ibroh22(m): 8:22pm On Sep 21, 2021
OP just visit your bank and complain about the transaction, a chargeback would be raised and tge acquiring bank would definitely look into it.
Please note that, let them log the complaint as fraudulent so that proper investigation can be carried out as to how the debit was authorized with on your card.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICPC Recruitment Online Test by ibroh22(m): 3:29pm On Sep 07, 2021
I just finished the second test.. Scored 18/25
What are the questions like
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICPC Recruitment Online Test by ibroh22(m): 6:59am On Sep 07, 2021
Good morning everyone, I got the text message for the test since Friday but I'm yet to receive the mail...is there anyone in my shoe?
Same here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICPC Recruitment Online Test by ibroh22(m): 9:37am On Aug 26, 2021
After all my suffering I have finally gotten a better score (scored 9) the last time and the first 2 were never submitted. I hope this is the final for me grin grin

Those that haven't seen their email, keep checking your spam folder, update /forum/social folders (if you use gmail). I've found important mails there too many times.

If you don't find the mail btwn today and COB tomorrow 26th, send an email.

I used Firefox browser on my phone but when I logged in I saw 503 error, reloaded the page at least 4 times before the questions popped up.

Also try answering the word questions first before doing the math ones (except you are a math genius.

If it is God's time to answer me and wipe my tears then so be it.
What are the questions like, is it the same with the previous test you did?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ecobank Scammed Newly Promoted Staff by ibroh22(m): 6:43am On Jun 09, 2021
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ecobank Graduate Trainee 2021 by ibroh22(m): 9:39pm On Apr 25, 2021

I don't need to argue with u
Are you in the system or has once being in the system?If not, then your opinion doesn’t count for me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ecobank Graduate Trainee 2021 by ibroh22(m): 5:15pm On Apr 25, 2021

Actually I went to their training school
. No w I am being deployed as a Relationship Manager
RM is marketing but yours is not like the one that goes to the street, you will even be given some customers to start with self then you build up from there. It is actually nice tho and your work is flexible. Best of luck man. You can PM me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ecobank Graduate Trainee 2021 by ibroh22(m): 5:13pm On Apr 25, 2021

Given you unrealistic target that will take all ur days even weekend. U will be sleeping and also thinking about how to get account, lodge fund, POS count, and improve your balance sheet. Just a year in marketing, I resigned straight.
Stop talking about what you don’t know.
RMs are enjoying at least your weekends are secured compared to operations staff. Apart from the target and the likes, you can have a whole life outside and still be working cos their work is very flexible

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 5:31pm On Mar 30, 2021

Please can any one check if my name is among the list oo
Your name is not there o

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 8:29am On Mar 14, 2021

I beg to differ.

Firstly, someone said they count one's work experience UNTIL June 2020 when the recruitment was advertised. As at June last year, my current experience was more than what's quoted on my portal.

Secondly, someone said they count one's present work experience FROM June, when the recruitment was advertised. Well, June 2020 to March 2021 is 9 months. What is on my portal is more than that.

Now, YOU claimed everything is pegged at 30th August. If we count forward or backwards, what's being shown on my portal doesn't correlate with your '30th August' theory.

Therefore, in the absence of an authoritative answer to the mismatch in our listed ‘present/current’ experience durations, I maintain that it's a glitch in the design.
English por..... i counted mine and it was exactly pegged at 30th august 2020 and which form the basis of my assumption. So wether someone else own was jan 2020, i don’t know but we muuuvvee
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 4:58pm On Mar 13, 2021

Yes, I faced similar issue. I listed 3 work experiences; Internship, NYSC, and my current work (which is over 2 years), but it listed my present work as '10 months only.'

I believe it is a system error, nothing to worry about much.
There is no system error or anything, in the recruitment advert, they pegged everything as at 30th of August., so everything is calculated including your work experience as at august 2020.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 9:57pm On Feb 09, 2021
From a reliable source

Lori iro ��

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 9:25am On Feb 05, 2021

True. I personally know a few folks who decided not to apply cos of the unsecured site.
Initially, I didn't want to..I think the deadline closed and then few days later they extended the deadline and I was able to apply eventhough the unsecured website. I pray it end in praise


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 7:40am On Feb 01, 2021
This man is telling me he doesn't know about NCDMB recruitment. Nawa for some politicians o.
Well, it is safe to say,he no get slot be that,,,find another person for you and i

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 8:14am On Jan 29, 2021

It appears to have come in last night. This is the screenshot he shared. He has left the group.
This is too expensive......It is a phone number that sent this while testmi is the one sending us messages. If you like him, you better call him now, so he doesn't lose
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 6:33pm On Jan 25, 2021

Alright Oga. It's well.

You're not rude, but you were the first to tell me to stop wailing, over a comment that wasn't directed to you in the first place.

I can't remember saying that anyone who scored above 90 cheated though. My first comment was very clear on that. Perhaps you should read it over again.

I just wish you remember not everyone here is actually unemployed presently.

I know you'll be back to spew out more bile. But I'll just ignore.

Thanks for the compliments. I'm out.
Lol...not everyone is unemployed, I agree but that's why I am just replying your message.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 9:03am On Jan 25, 2021

And where is the wailing, oga?

Why do you sound so pained? Abi you be one of them wey cheat score pass 90?

Be looking like this job is the last hope for you, oga. If i don't get this job, will i die?
You are rude....Do you think everybody is olodo like you, so anybody that scored 90 and above cheated abi. Na your type NCDMB go employ,,yeye


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 9:17pm On Jan 24, 2021
Tired of all these speculations mehn...... Can we just chill and keep an open mind.
I tire o


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 9:16pm On Jan 24, 2021
Honestly, if this recruitment is to be fair, another aptitude test is inevitable.

I almost lost confidence in the process after the first test even though i scored 68.

I could have scored nearly an hundred percent if i decided to use the two bonus hours i had after writing the test the first time.

Now, not everyone would have rejected that opportunity, and they'll now come online claiming they scored above 90.

BTW, I'm not saying those who scored above 90 cheated.

Nothing concern you concern anybody wey score above 90%...face front, wait for the final decision and stop wailing.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by ibroh22(m): 7:05pm On Jan 24, 2021

Keep calm!!!

The developers are still working on the platform.

There was a setback on the backend work. They are currently running beta-testing on it. Testmi will send invite to the shortlisted candidates in the course of the week unfailingly for the stage 2 aptitude test.

Note that you won't be able to see your test score this time around. Success to you all
Someone will still come and drag this one now say na lie abi na true or it is not likely

I am waiting for the person so I can give person e-slap...

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