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Politics / Re: I Went Home And Found This Biafra Pounds In My Late Dad Box by IduNaOba: 10:53pm On Oct 17

Oya na
Usdt sure
Oya how e go be?
Politics / Re: Popular Imo OAP And Activist Nonsonkwa Proudly Shows Off Biafran Cloth by IduNaOba: 11:48am On Oct 17
More styles underway


Politics / Re: I Went Home And Found This Biafra Pounds In My Late Dad Box by IduNaOba: 11:48am On Oct 17
£ pounds

See money abeg where I go exchange am
I need to buy Benz
What's your rate
I need like 50 pieces of the currencies there.
I can pay in usdt, usd, btc or naira

How do we do business?
Politics / Re: I Went Home And Found This Biafra Pounds In My Late Dad Box by IduNaOba: 11:46am On Oct 17
£ pounds

See money abeg where I go exchange am
I need to buy Benz

Sell some to me nah abeg
Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Has Nothing For Igbos — Chiwetalu Agu Speaks Days After Leaving DSS Cust by IduNaOba: 12:55am On Oct 15
More elites coming up soon
The move just got started
Biafra amaka


Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Set To Enroll Secondary School Leavers For Full Service by IduNaOba: 2:45pm On Oct 14
This means that soldiers Don finish o
Them. Never even comfront the igbos they love to hate o
By the time full on confrontation happens
They will enrole nursery school pupils.

To those of you saying Nigeria will overrun SE with soldiers.... See ụna life see disappointment


Politics / Re: For The Love Of Nnamdi Kanu by IduNaOba: 4:16am On Oct 14
Biafra will be a model country when it comes.
The love ndigbo have for biafra is bigger than the love Americans have for USA.

The patriotism is unmatched.

Singing Nnamdi Kanụ is another savior in far away Lagos is a big deal!!!!

Lagos is not igbo land o but still e choke!!!
Those igbo governors that thought they could use force Don dey mellow
Military is getting tired

Give it more time

The sun will surely rise

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Celebrities / Re: Pictures Of Chiwetalu Agu And His Fellow Actors As He Is Released-video by IduNaOba: 3:45pm On Oct 08
Another design sef
Politics / Re: When Will Federal Government Declare Python Dance In The Southeast by IduNaOba: 8:36pm On Oct 03
Them no fit try am again grin
Politics / Re: video people speaking ika, which different from igbo by IduNaOba: 8:33pm On Oct 03
Understanding him did not even stress me one bit cheesy

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Politics / Re: Bandits Burn 10 Alive, Kill 15 Others In Niger State Community by IduNaOba: 11:09pm On Oct 01
IPOB is to be blamed I guess
According to otelectuals

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Attack Ogun Police Checkpoint, Injure One, Cart Away Rifle by IduNaOba: 10:57am On Oct 01
Ha ha ha has IPOB relocated to SW?
Politics / Re: No Government In Nigeria Since 1999 Has Done What I Have Done In 6 Years.. Pres. by IduNaOba: 10:49am On Oct 01
He deserves an award as the most incompetent CinC
Celebrities / Re: Fortune Ateumunname Is Dead! Davido's Personal Photographer Dies by IduNaOba: 9:37pm On Sep 21
Politics / Re: You Eliminated ESN Members To Allow Armed Fulani Kill Igbos - HURIWA Slams Buhar by IduNaOba: 3:50pm On Sep 20
ESN still dey
They just don't make noise again.
When last did you hear of fula bandits doing their usual in East?


Family / Re: One Of My Sons Looks Exactly Like My Late Father by IduNaOba: 12:13pm On Sep 16

Am 47 years old,that my son was born 20 years after my father died,so my wife did not get to meet with my father,I don't believe in reincarnation,the truth is that I don't look like my father,but this my son does,both the way my father walks,talks and everything,that gets me scared

Your pops man is back.
Kee jụọ ese (ase) if you are Nwafọ Ìgbò
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:02pm On Sep 16

Open a thread and educate your people.
This thread is doing just that nah.
The Op was asking a question about igbo cosmology and Indian cosmology.

Like we say in our place
Okwu na ebute okwu
Discussions lead to even more discussions
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:52am On Sep 16

How old is the original Igbo story?

Millions of years old.
The story of ndị mbụ is very interesting mehn
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: IPOB Planning To Hold South-East Hostage With Sit-At-Home Orders by IduNaOba: 8:12pm On Sep 15
But the sit at home is not touching the FG o cheesy
I wonder why they are crying more than the bereaved

Friday and Monday are sit at home holidays grin grin
Monday we party
Friday we sit in solidarity with MNK

4 market days
4 work week days

Igbo amaka

Only the SE can pull this off
Government dey lose billions
We still dey party every Monday cool

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Culture / Re: Ezeuzu Awka Officially Opens His New Palace (Photos) by IduNaOba: 9:09pm On Sep 14

He isnt crowing anyone, he is simple praying for the new palace
He has no business with the palace
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 9:08pm On Sep 14

The issue is that the Annunaki stories stretches as far back as 450 thousand years ago and it seemed to be more documented. And one the highlight of the work was the creation of homo sapiens. Igbos, have the image and likeness of homo sapiens. Though it's possible that the Annunaki might have created of species of men.

If Igbos ancestors came from the sky, we are either of Plaiedian origin or Annunakis. These ETs made countless visit to earth. Of these, the Annunaki creation story is more likely, as they (Annunaki ) are the race more interested, and better equipped in gene editing, and specie creation and diversification. But some of the people the made, allied with the Plaiedians, for example Abraham, and learnt their way. Cos while the Annunakis were more into control (communism, and socialism), the Pleiadian were more interested in the ideals of freedom and democracy. So in this context, Igbos, perhaps through the connection with Jewish ancestors, might have adopted their current republican world view.
That's not as old as the original igbo story
Culture / Re: Ezeuzu Awka Officially Opens His New Palace (Photos) by IduNaOba: 9:32am On Sep 12
What is the meaning of this picture...can anyone help

It's the 4 elements
Which make up the igbo week and from whence came the Christian cross.
It is the ezi naabọ (cross road)
Afia naanọ
Ụbọchị naanọ
Which signifies UNITY and BOND in Igbo cosmology and imported into Christianity.

My grouse however is that no pastor or Christian should have any business with crowning a king.
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 3:44am On Sep 11

Well, the Annunakis (master geneticists) originally came to mine gold to save their home world (even wonder why Bible was quick to mention the fact that Garden of Eden was close to a site of gold mine?). The work was tedious so they made man (in their image), by combining their dna with the most advanced primate on earth, possibly the Neanderthal Man, to eventually create the homo sapiens. By their arch enemy - the Pleiadians were hot on their heels (cos the Annunakis were deemed disruptive in their ways). After back and forth battles which led to the destruction of Sumeria, Babel, Sodom and Gommorah and other cities in the Mesopotamia region, it was suggested the Annunaki left for their base in the moon. The moon was not even an original earth satellite, it was 'artificially' introduced by the Annunakis as part of their strategy to control earth.

They came back to struggle for wrest control of earth from the Pleiadians, leading to the second world war. These ET are with us even now. The reason they are not manifesting themselves in their glory is because of an organisation called the Galactic Federation (a sort of United Nation or NATO for alien specie) and because humans are not 'advanced' enough to understand space, spaceship, and alien race. We prefer to refer to them as Gods, Angels, or Demons.

Watch the short video below and then conduct your independent research.


Let me shock you small
The original igbo race (ndị mbụ) came to earth with what they call ufo which is funny enough called (UFO) today.
They brought with them the technology of civilization
I once asked why the world is searching for aliens when igbos are aliens living here.
Of the ndị mbụ ancestors of ndị Igbo
There were 2 groups
Ushì aka akwụ (they went back to base).
Ushì aka ululu (the remained and later took on flessh to become humans and then multiplied)
AKA ululu points to the flesh or skin or body
AKA akwụ points to the spirit or energy without flesh

After ndị mbụ came ndị Abọ (the second ancestors)
They came after the tech of ndị mbụ were misused by those they taught from Ireland to India to China to other parts of Europe.
Tuatha de danam
Etc etc
The second ancestors came to restore balance and in so doing brought about Nze na Ọzọ which became the first world democracy.

I won't delve too deep into these but I just wanted to let you know that the story of the Anunaki and aliens are actually corrupted versions of the original igbo story thats why the one I was telling here may sound familiar.

The moon was the base of the first ancestors of ndigbo (ndị mbụ) before they landed on ỌSHA MBALA (called shambala by tibetan shammans and belived to be the origin of civilization of man) using ufo (UFO in scientific terms of today)

The thing is that if I Should go deeper into igbo mysticism (it is mysticism today because we have lost alot as Humans) you will shock at how they tally with so many stuff you know about aliens.

I won't bother doing that anyways.
But just understand that igbo is not what many think .

Mundane igbo concepts are mysticism of other cultures
Afa of the igbo ancestors has been copied to many cultures..
Some call it
Even afa too.
Ase of the igbo people is copied in other cultures too
Un/fortunately these things have been hidden to protect ndigbo until the new age.

Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 1:50am On Sep 11
Yoruba from Egypt, Igbo from Isreal and Hausa Fulani from Saudi Arabia.

Some of these Africans are like a lost child looking for his "real" father.
Igbo is the grand ancestor of them all.
That's the message
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:59am On Sep 11
lol think outside the box,for example just search for (Derinkuyu) many things we thought were very much impossible at very old time were indeed possible but ofcourse mere humans couldn’t have done it themselves,oral and written history points the extraterrestrial beings

During the igbo uga aka
People never ate food.
Same thing is in Chinese martial arts (folk lore) where those who get to certain levels need no food again.

Impossiblity is nothing
Because "what is has been and what was will be"
Culled from After God is Dibia
Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:56am On Sep 11

From Uga which the Indians indegenised to Yuga
Both of which are divided into 4
To similar detailed accounts of both ages
It is not news that igbos taught the gave the world civilization (sevili ose) opening / tearing of Ose (ose = the eyes, ose naabọ = vision)

Igbos opened the eyes of the world
Ogam / ogham / ọgụ ma is another proof

Mmuo ntụ = month.
Sọ mma = summer
Iwinta = winter
Ose okala Ofu odi = second (otu ntabi anya in today's igbo which literally translates to a blink of an eye)
Eze Urukpu (King of the clouds) = Zeus
Iru ọpia = Europa / Europe
Ofu Ọra (nwa anyanwụ na eze enu) pharaoh
Ọra (sun) = Ra (sun God) of Egypt

Igbo amaka

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Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:47am On Sep 11

Most ancient history of creation story emanated from Mesopotamia. The Sumerians of Mesopotamia kept detailed account of 'creation' (of man)by their gods Annunakis (those from the sky), in their stone tablets. The bible creation story mirrors closely to the Sumerian's account of Anunanaki intervention in the affairs of earth, specifically the genetic modification of some primates to 'create' homo sapiens for use in their gold mining operations. Abraham was from Mesopotamia city of Ur, and he would have transmitted this knowledge to his children who codified it in the Bible and possibly Koran, with different twists (influenced by their Jewish God (Yaweh) who most likely is of Pleiadian origin. Humans who were 'created' in other places on earth (Southern Africa) most likely have a slightly different understanding of creation. Unfortunately many of these accounts are lost due to Christian and Muslim deliberate genocidal effort to destroy information/ideas/knowledge that contradict their versions.

Modern man owes it intellect to alien races - the Annunakis, Pleiadian, and others. These are worshiped today as the Gods - aliens species with powerful technology, who came to earth for other purposes (gold miners, and galactic warriors).

I believe we are more than we think we are, and death shouldn't have been something to fear, if not for the advent of Christianity and Islam.

Summerian knowledge is a product of the original igbo teachings.
Their technology to counting to everything else.
They are copies of the original igbo cosmology.
Understanding Afa and Ọnụ ọgụ igbo will open your eyes.

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Politics / Re: Why Are Igbo And Hindu Accounts Of Creation The Exact Same? by IduNaOba: 12:45am On Sep 11
Because igbos taught Indians and the rest of the world what civilization is.

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Politics / Re: Eastern Nigeria Leads As Scotland Introduces Four-day Workweek by IduNaOba: 8:55pm On Sep 06
Scotland is applying an ancient igbo week (izu) system.
We are already back to 4days week in Igbo land courtesy of the Monday extra holiday grin

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Politics / Re: Nigerians’ll Feel Impact Of My Projects When I Leave Office In 2023 – Buhari by IduNaOba: 11:03pm On Sep 02
Yes o
We warned them in 2015 they said no
See naija today nah

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Politics / Re: Again, S-east Grounded, Despite Cancellation Of IPOB Sit-at-home by IduNaOba: 10:28am On Aug 31
We only observe 4 market days like our ancestors.
We are going back to the ways of ndị mbụ na ndị ègèdè
Next week Monday we merry again
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Situation Report of Suspended Sit at home by Ipob Mon,30 August 2021 by IduNaOba: 1:05pm On Aug 30
We have reverted to 4 market days every week.
Next week Monday we continue!

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