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Business / Re: Binance: Nigeria Setting Dangerous Precedent For Firms By Detaining Executives by Inteltower: 3:55pm On May 07

Charlatan! What do you know about law? Can you explain the phrase 'Removing the veil of incorporation' in law?

Nankard! Counter my point...who is more liable for suit is it the CEO/founder or employee

Sophisticated nonsense


Business / Crypto P2P DEX; Govt Chasing Ghosts by Inteltower: 2:58pm On May 07
Only crypto users know what I mean and smile because this govt is very clueless & full of witchcraft...
Let CEX end P2P..there are 100s of ways for P2P to thrive. The one above is King. It's basically why Bitcoin exist till this day

I can only laugh at the ignorance of those celebrating as CEX remove P2P from their platforms.
Business / Re: Binance: Nigeria Setting Dangerous Precedent For Firms By Detaining Executives by Inteltower: 2:49pm On May 07
Defend your country for once. The same company chief executive is already sentenced to jail.in America. His friend escape from jail in Nigeria and you want govt to release him. He is flight risk.
He is not a citizen of Nigeria. That is how it been played all over the world. If you are not a citizen of a country and you committed an offence , you will held in prison till your case is finished.
Take Ekweremadus case for example. He was not admitted to bail.i. UK because he is not a citizen. Why don't you question UK for doing that. But to you anything Nigeria govt do is Bad. Stand up for your country for once. We don't have any other country

This is what ignorance gets you

US prosecute founders of the business.. that's the legal and right way. U don't charge the employees.
I guess you don't know anything on business liability and who are the ones that get prosecuted for a legal matter

This is how daft you and your APC supporters are. Your govt even kidnapped them or held them hostage when a meeting was set up.
Which country does that.
The US govt never put eye for that matter...u can't detain their citizen unlawfully especially if u are not a super power. Make Nigerian govt keep playing ludo with u daft fellows

Patriotism my foot...

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Business / Re: Binance: Nigeria Setting Dangerous Precedent For Firms By Detaining Executives by Inteltower: 2:44pm On May 07

You are really even proud to admit you are supporting Binance that is a foreign entity over your own country because of local political differences because those in the political opposition duly protested against subsidy removal?


Shame on your whole community.

Oh just shut the hell up

U and ur nonsense party brought the plague to this country making it more worse everyone and now blaming others for your incompetence

Keep voting incompetence because of tribe/party and we will keep supporting foreign bodies


Politics / Re: Customs Increases FX Rate For Import Duties To ₦‎1,441/$ by Inteltower: 2:29pm On May 04
What APC cannot blame does not Exists

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Politics / Dragging Crypto Trading & Bastardization Of The Word "Unpatriotic" by Inteltower: 5:48pm On Apr 21
Crypto has been a game changer and disruptor in the financial space. Creating wealth, reducing drive to seek loans from banks,employment opportunities and spurring diverse innovations. And being knowledgeable about this innovation I can only laugh at the ones either grossly ignorant or jealous

The drama or blame game between our weakening Naira and trading on CEX (centralized exchanges) have been in the news lately and opposers or should I say the so called patriots keep exposing how daft they are in the general analysis of why our Naira is where it is today.

Your president floated the naira, you have a weak foreign reserve and still grossly a consuming nation. what then do you think would be happening on the exchange rate...

FYI trading of FOREX is all about speculation that's based on the fundamentals (what we have today in this country) and future forecast on what could be.
Some months back JAPA was rattling all over what do you think was happening at the exchange rate High demand of $$$ Which your CBN couldn't handle thus, people turning to the black market

Binance was a preferred destination for speculators of naira because we have moved digitally and people are having preference trading online. Then there is USDT which was used. The US gave that currency a pass to further dominate financially on a global scale but CBN isn't capitalizing on the use of USDT or USDC. I don't want to digress

Yes there are some greedy lots that speculate the downfall of the naira & prefer the dollars for their own pockets but then I ask what is the primary purpose of trading FX exchange
Isn't it for profit ?, it's just a business man capitalizing on the opportunity the clueless govt gave them?

The weakness of the Naira doesn't reflect the activities of speculators but rather the general wellness of our economy. And is Nigeria to you economically sound

Talk of being Patriotic

Unpatriotism that sabotaged this economy is historical and STARTED WITH THE GOVERNMENT/NIGERIAN LEADERS.
The government/leaders who were busy fighting for who gets the lion share or dominating others or planning with other regions to fight other regions instead of jointly coming together to develop the country, these leaders that kept carrying out coups, some past military heads that loot billions of dollars to other countries that they used to develop their economy while today our youths are doing JAPA because of the greener pastures our so called leaders took over there instead keeping it in their country EVEN IF THEY WERE STEALING IT. these same leaders of today once elected they go on series of tours abroad, leaders who don't want to drastically reduce the cost of running the government, these leaders that obey like dogs anything IMF or world bank tells them, these same leaders who once they enter office they make deals with corporations on what they will get annually for themselves and their family (Obasanjo, MTN, Lt Awolo, Coca-cola)

And you glance Above in all these things and some daft people are calling speculators unpatriotic

Why should we blame speculators/crypto traders, Local/retail traders, Importers, BDC, youths/doctors that JAPA as unpatriotic
When this systematic disease could be traced to our leadership

That's why I shake my head sometimes asking is this really the type of people I live in the same country with. People that can't vote right, people that succumb easily to televised/news propaganda by the government/religion deflecting the blame from themselves

In conclusion
For the so called patriots looking for next exchange to blame.
Note in the world of cryptocurrency there are CEX and DEX...there are over 100 CEX & a thousand DEX. Let me see how your clueless government will stop P2P trading of the dollar against the naira.
Go after Bybit & Bitget or okex...it can only lead to migration to others.
If you think u would solve this problem by trying to shut CEX/crypto down then go and ask China why it's still struggling to curtail crypto users and why US has embraced what they are finding hard to control.
You are trying to catch air.

And some of you are shouting go after them lol, how many of them do you see their office here in Nigeria; failing to understand that the world is a global village, your govt successfully kidnapped binance employees and charged them for something you should be charging against the CEO or it's founder the way US did theirs. How do you intend to invite those other CEX representatives to have a discussion on how to bring them and their liquidity inti the country

When a person (Govt) intially starts a fire in the forest does he go about chasing those using the fire he started to roast meat or does he go and quench the fire with water or galvanize those enjoying the roasted the meat to help him

You can't suffer people and expect them to be patriotic when you keep playing politics with their lives. The nonsense Emefiele did with seizing people's hard earned money comes to mind all for what ?

Am done
Politics / Re: Bitcoin Chief Insisting On Sponsoring, Mmesoma Who Forged Her UTME Results. by Inteltower: 10:38am On Jul 09, 2023
If we didn’t celebrate politicians who rigged elections, the young ones won’t forge certificates—Bitcoin chief

Young people won’t forge certificates if we didn’t celebrate politicians who rigged elections to hold power, Bitcoin Chief still insisting on sponsoring Mmesoma.

Businessman and entrepreneur, Gaius Chibueze, a.k.a Bitcoin Chief has insisted on sponsoring, Miss Joy Mmesoma Ejikeme, who was said to have forged her UTME results.

According to Gaius, young people like Mmesoma, wouldn’t have had the idea to forge her results if Nigeria were not a country where politicians who rigged elections are celebrated.

“I will still sponsor Mmesoma. Whether she agreed or not that’s not my problem. Suppose illegality was not celebrated openly like INEC swearing in a President who didn’t win the Elections, A president with a Forged Certificate and no trace of Primary to University Education, If Nigeria didn’t celebrate Elected officials who rig elections, etc. Young people won’t see a reason to forge certificates and be celebrated openly. While we address this, we must look at the entire society.

“If you want us to accept, celebrate and defend a President who rigged Election with Forged Certificate, we must also not destroy Little Girl’s future with a forged certificate, he said .

“I will personally call her and explain to her that JAMB numbers don’t define how far she can go in life and next time she shouldn’t bother Forging one.

“I and our company voice of the east will still SPONSOR her”

“Whenever we are ready to clean the mess society has become we will start with public officials many who are elected with forged certificates…. Continue Reading [url] https://cruztvblognaija.com.ng/2023/07/09/if-we-didnt-celebrate-politicians-who-rigged-elections-the-young-ones-wont-forge-certificates-bitcoin-chief/[/url]

the girl fall my hand no doubt and part of the reason i sided with her was because no be today we dey hear all manners of story from Jamb and just look at what is happening at the court with Inec...and not too long ago CBN and its cashless nonsense

moving forward she deserves her punishment but not condemnation because many here are aligned with that criminal behaviour of GO TO COURT supporting a lot of criminal politicians. the girl should be chastened yet brought in to be counseled so that suicidal thoughts wont come to mind because of how she has publicly ruined herself

am glad that the bitcoin chief would standby her because she is brilliant but needs a good mentor to convert her intelligence to good use and bad
Politics / Re: Lagos Now Fourth Worst City To Live In The World — Two Spots Up From 2022 by Inteltower: 9:00am On Jun 22, 2023

Very simple answer just one valid answer only

If Tinubu want to decongest Lagos state

He should just do one thing

Open a seaport in SE and see the magic

Infact open a seaport in Delta or Rivers and see how Lagos will dry

But he can’t do it naa bcuz lagos will go broke

Una Kuku no get natural resources na Igbo men tax be una resources

they know the truth that igbos and other tribes are part of the engine of their economy
na to run mouth anyhow dey sabi

open our seaports... lets see how things fair


Foreign Affairs / Re: US National Debt Exceeds $32 Trillion Amidst Ukraine War Funding by Inteltower: 2:33pm On Jun 18, 2023


chat me up on whatsapp; 08136156015
Foreign Affairs / Re: US National Debt Exceeds $32 Trillion Amidst Ukraine War Funding by Inteltower: 9:08am On Jun 18, 2023
I need a job in port Harcourt even if it is to sweep your compound I don't mind.
Please help me.
It is better to work honourably than to be a fraudster.
Please help a brother In need.

earn from your phone
through cryptocurrency, surveys and gigs. if interested let me know
Politics / Re: What Is Peter Obi Doing With A Scammer by Inteltower: 8:55am On Jun 08, 2023
Could this be a proof that Peter Obi is also a scammer and tax evader just like Tinubu was seen with suspected drug dealers grin grin

The man in this picture with Peter Obi was just declared a scammer by S.eun on this thread https://www.nairaland.com/7717478/tingo-group-dozy-mmobuosi-fraudulent


as a fool u are you have nothing meaningful in ur life to do this morning but to post trash

ask forbes what they were doing with obinna nwafor by including his name among young billionaires in their magazine when it later turned out it was scammer

stop living a useless life and find something doing for your family
Phones / Re: Pls Who Is On Bluesky Should Send Me A Link Code To Join by Inteltower: 6:03pm On Apr 23, 2023
send for me oo
Romance / Re: I Slept With 155 Prostitutes by Inteltower: 12:54pm On Apr 18, 2023
I have come to the conclusion that I'm addicted to prostitutes. It started in 2010 when I first slept with a hooker. Its 13yrs now and I still patronise prostitutes. I slept with 155 of them, 55 were without protection.

The problem right now is that I don't have that much feelings for the new girl I'm dating. Since she's been in my life I have been able to stop but I noticed my soul still longs to experience that feeling of getting high and banging a hoxx.

In fact, I'm thinking if ending this relationship should be my next line of action.

This is not the first time, my past relationships ended because the feelings weren't there.

What would you suggest? Does sleeping with many partners make one loose the feeling of love? I don't get it, I can't even love, it's not just there.

dude you need Christ...pray and go to church
confess your sins before God
its a demonic problem u have bro
Religion / Re: If Jesus Had Not Resurrected? by Inteltower: 10:10am On Apr 10, 2023

How does all these make any sense to you?

There lies your brass ignorance being dependent on the limitations of the senses
And because you don't understand or don't want to understand you prefer your limitation (darkness) rather than going beyond to know the truth

Senses only give facts, wisdom gives truth
Answer this ?

Does wisdom come from your senses ?
Religion / Re: If Jesus Had Not Resurrected? by Inteltower: 4:32pm On Apr 09, 2023

What is sin?

sin is an intention/act committed contrary to the will God; the way he made things to work/respond
the life you are living was never yours to begin with
everything you see in life follows a chain of unseen laws, you and i cannot deny that
so when something/someone goes against certain moral laws of functioning as a human being it is called sin
when an order is displaced you get disorder until that order is restored back

sin is a behaviour, it is spirit
get understanding
for these words are deep and not plain
Religion / Re: If Jesus Had Not Resurrected? by Inteltower: 1:25pm On Apr 09, 2023

Who brought the concept of sin? Religion. If there's no religion, would there be sin?

close that your mouth

isnt sin evident all around us that emanates from man
so because exposed what sin is you have nothing meaningful but to be against them

your kind loves darkness more than light
Sin is the main problem of all men if you cant acknowledge that i dont have time for you
Religion / Re: If Jesus Had Not Resurrected? by Inteltower: 9:08am On Apr 09, 2023
Did resurrection story really happen?

Is it factual or was it just to teach moral lessons?

I need advice please.

Are Jiji premium paid ads worth it?

If No, what are other better places to advertise gadgets like phones, laptops, cars?.

dear turn on to Christ and not to this world and its problems
its not a fictional story
man has a problem and no doctor, govt, parents can solve only Christ

if we ignore the problem called sin we are living a delusional life
Politics / Re: Benue People Here What Is The Problem With You? by Inteltower: 9:58am On Apr 07, 2023
i dont know whats wrong with them...
they cant fight
i wont blame them still
FG is backing the bandits
Politics / Re: Rescue Leah Sharibu, Before Accusing Us Of Threatening Nigeria—IPOB Tells Army by Inteltower: 11:17am On Apr 06, 2023

If you are wise you will understand that internal security is the responsibility of the police

If you were wise as well terrorist activities is the responsibility of the DSS and Army
Politics / Re: Rescue Leah Sharibu, Before Accusing Us Of Threatening Nigeria—IPOB Tells Army by Inteltower: 9:57am On Apr 06, 2023
Ipob mumu, is it the responsibility of the army or police.

mumu who kidnapped leah was it kidnappers or terrorists
hate filled mumu, is it the police that handles terrorists
Politics / Re: FG Slams Western Nations For Funding IPOB by Inteltower: 9:51am On Apr 06, 2023
the fool speaks
as usual
who does he thinks his decieving


Politics / Re: If Religion Is Not Important, Why Didn't Tinubu Choose A Christian Running Mate by Inteltower: 3:35pm On Apr 02, 2023
Firstly, I m a Christian who's here to talk unbiased.
Politics is different from religion.
Tinubu choose Shettima, Obi should have chosen a stringer Christian to equalize that you don't have monopoly of religion. Maybe he should have tested his popularity. Instead of lamenting, Obi should work on choosing a formidable vice irrespective of religion or tribe instead of an unknown cry baby Datti.
All Obi supporters should become Obidients and grow sense of politics instead of crying victims. Tinubu started his campaign as far back as 2007. He has always backed candidates in the past that didn't win. From Atiku to Ribadu and until he aligned with Buhari. He consolidated on Buhari's win to win his own turn.
Let Obi or others consolidate on their loss.
I dislike wailing!

would you shut the heck up

you should also tell tinubu to make all his appointments yoruba/muslim since there is nothing there
assistant adviser if peter obi was the president maybe you would be advising him too to appoint all in his cabinet christian

i wonder how u guys reason self


Politics / Re: Which Kind New NL Font Be This? by Inteltower: 12:03pm On Apr 01, 2023
no wonder this platform hasnt gone that far and being overtaken by new generation social platforms
Politics / Re: Eze Fredrick Nwajagu Arrested For Threatening To Invite IPOB To Lagos by Inteltower: 11:22am On Apr 01, 2023

There is one thing that you people missing , if the man simply said they will get personal security Guards to protect their properties against arsonists , nobody will arrest him , but he foolishly use his own mouth to say that he will invite IPOB that government already proscribed as terrorist group to Lagos and you expect the people of the state and federal government to be looking at him ?, Simon Ekpan even share this video , just be sincere with yourself , if one Fulani man in Anambra Openly say that he will invite Boko-haram to Anambra what will you do

thats where you blindly approve that IPOB is a terrorist group
the SW is never a brother to southern interests
you guys were overtly happy when the army were killing and arresting innocent ipob members that were proyesting peacefully
some decided to arm themselves against the injustice even much so when herders started invading
you lot started giving stupid advise on why some ipob members were armed
and here you are again justifying your stupidity by putting ipob and boko haram in the same sentence

and you think it will ever be well with this country politically
keep deceiving yourself
Food / Re: Response To Okro Soup Weakening The Spirit by Inteltower: 7:50pm On Mar 29, 2023
well I can see it from a biological-spiritual point of view . And that would apply to all slimy food. So the slime does not necessary need to get digested and so it would just enter the cells and make the cells slimy and counter-effective and to compensate for this cellular -ineffectiveness the spirit has to dispense more energy to make the cells vibrate more so as to get rid of the slime and to have the slimy cells vibrating optimally. And so in this respect it drains your spiritual energy. But to counter this effect, as ishilove says make sure you eat foods packed with bio-available iron because iron is magnetic and increases cellular vibrations. This bioavailable iron rich food would be green vegetables. Eat a salad etc

this is deep and a highly rich response
still have a lot to learn

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Food / Re: Response To Okro Soup Weakening The Spirit by Inteltower: 1:10pm On Mar 29, 2023

The spirit within me is very powerful.
No natural element can weaken that spirit.

Man know thy self is all i will say
those natural elements are there for reason as created by God
Food / Re: Okra Weakens The Spirit by Inteltower: 12:54pm On Mar 29, 2023

Same heregrin
If I use it for anything,it backfires but it works for other people grin

lol life is full of mystries my dear
i pity those limiting themselves to their senses

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Food / Re: Response To Okro Soup Weakening The Spirit by Inteltower: 12:51pm On Mar 29, 2023
These things are subject to whatever you choose to believe, & can never be empirically proven. cool

claiming to be wise they became fools

empircal research is limited to the jurisdiction of the senses
even magicians play tricks with your eyes that thinks it can see

so grounds are dangerous to limit humanity to th five senses whereas you know they are things beyond the senses that cant be explained empirically
some aethist are witness to that truth
so stop deceiving yourself with limited knowledge
Food / Re: Response To Okro Soup Weakening The Spirit by Inteltower: 12:48pm On Mar 29, 2023
Na WA O! cheesy

I hope people feeling lethargic after taking ogi/akamu have nothing to do with the spiritual.

Sukkot, what do you think about the above post? cheesy

just as humans are lethargic to one food or the other or animal
the same goes for spirit beings
also your spirit being is allergic/grossly weakened by some natural elements
so learn to separate them

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