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Politics / Re: Igbos Outside Southeast, Our Region's Poverty Index Is Rising! by Inteltower: 8:43am On Aug 06

Ok Will contact you in due course

hello sir.

you said you will contact me in due course regarding investing in our enterprise over here in the South East.
Politics / Re: Igbos Outside Southeast, Our Region's Poverty Index Is Rising! by Inteltower: 8:42am On Aug 06

Do you have a website where I can read up on your plans and what you are really about.

hello sir.
its the guy you chatted with here regarding helping investing home at SE: we have been registered & now have a website. check your email for more info
Politics / Re: Time For Every Nigerian To Stand With Sowore And Join "REVOLUTION NOW " by Inteltower: 3:05pm On Aug 05
hello and greetings to the youths for change

join me and let's form a elite group that will participate in bringing the desired change this country yearns for

Making the right moves, building alliances with a network of other youth groups and influential persons is all part of the game plan

we will not sit idly by and let them continue with their incompetence, deceit and political games over our destinies and unborn generation come 2023

join me lets do this the power is in our hands

chat me up on whatsapp: 08136156015
to add you to the group
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Not Change Until Everyone Starts To Pay Tax by Inteltower: 11:01pm On Aug 04
I will try and make this very short..... This is an open discussion though.

The reason Nigerians are complacent about the situation of Nigeria is because 60-70% of Nigerians dont pay tax. Why ? Most Nigerians are business people, the higher percentage are the small scale businesses...... How many of them pay tax.... NONE......

If you pay tax and you know that it is your money (tax) a person is embezzling without regards, no body will tell you to protest and revolt. They wont even try it.

That is one thing the developed nation did that we failed to do. We failed to create a system where by everybody contribute to the growth of the country. By so doing you will naturally hold any leader responsible.... You know how hard you work for your money then the government takes some percentage as tax on automatically and then one person embezzles it........ No body will tell you to stand for your right and no leader will try it.

Nigerian just keep shouting OUR MONEY ( What they mean is Oil Money or Money coming from Natural Resources) not money coming from your pocket........ If it is coming from pocket (Income) then the way Nigerian leaders siphon money wont happen like that. They will be scared to do that because they know people will hold them accountable for it.

Most Nigerians are in one social club or the other were we pay monthly dues..... during the end of the year party, the leader should come out and say they bought a crate of soft drink for N10,000 ...... Can they say that ? No..... they know people will revolt and it will cause problem...... Why ? because everybody has a stake in the club's money (it is our money) so naturally corruption will reduce .....

Secondly, people will naturally want to know how the money is spent and make sure it make sense or else the leader of the social club have some explaining to do........

Corruption cannot be eradicated but it can be reduced..

That is why corruption in Developed Nations is not as it is in Africa. Remember there is corruption everywhere but not as bad as Africa or Nigeria

In Nigeria a Leader came out and said her ministry feed children who are out of school with hundreds of million - How ?
In Lagos a Leader said a corona virus patient care cost is 1 Million per day and so on...

No wonder a British Prime Minister once said Nigeria is Stupendiously corrupt.......

this write up is foolish & valueless

so those small businesses who pay business premises, local govt and eswama aren't taxes right ?

you talk of other nations but fail to point out the roles some of their leaders played to motivate their citizens to pay tax and hold them accountable

just don't know the bird that pooped on your thought to write this
Religion / God Is Awesome by Inteltower: 9:42am On Aug 02
Am alive today because of his mercy.
am a sinner but I cry because of his love

God sha you are amazing

I observe the trash they say about you here but I laugh because of one thing; and that is my awareness of the clueless, depraved, and easily influenced fallen status of us called man

what can we boast of really
we do & produce good but perpetuate more evil with our free will yet some foolishly claim they are intelligent

I have seen intelligent doctors smoke, excellent lawyers defend a criminal, sound scholars that scorn without being open minded, powerful politicians that oppress and the general people that carry out jungle justice online and offline and deceived/oppressed by a few

and I reason when any of them dare speak against you i wave my head because they don't in any atom of way have any moral standing to point fingers at you

you are better than them all

you brought love through Christ which was light of hope of mankind

you do the things you do with us and I ask for understanding not depending on my intelligence that usually assuming things thinking that always 1+1 is 2 but with walk with you there are deep mysteries but these blind people who aren't with you and their hearts far away just rely on their rotten intelligence to say who you are

forgive us lord
Religion / Re: In Some Churches Women Dont Cover Their Hair Why? by Inteltower: 9:27am On Aug 02
a lady's hair is her covering ..go and read your Bible and stop asking silly questions

always know that there is a difference between religion and faith

when God created Eve did he demand her to cover her hair.

sometimes we listen to voices that aren't of God that are jealous of the beauty God gave to women.
go to Islam and see the slavery
Religion / Re: Series- The Truth: Genesis. Is God Really Who We Think He Is? by Inteltower: 9:13am On Aug 02
In the bible satan killed only 10 people [Job's kids] and that was by God's permission. But God wiped out millions, generations of humans, kids, babies etc. Yet Satan is the villian and God is the protagonist.
I've come to find out that when we read the Bible with reasoning and logic, the bible fails to make sense.

lifting things from plain text tells me how shallow you are in understanding.

Satan on earth you expect to be idle not carrying out his devilish intentions towards mankind after his fall just to spite God

he still respected authority to take permission

Christ himself was persecuted by Satan and man

God allow certain things to happen judging by the realities that exist in the world ?

you lack a lot to understand and am sorry for you
Romance / Re: I Want To Leave My Boyfriend For A New Guy. by Inteltower: 12:14am On Aug 01
my dear I won't cast a stone at you
we guys find ourselves in that position frequently than the ladies. sugarcoating it in the form of Baby mamas

I will only ask you to consider this am about to say and reply to yourself the answer

since you can't afford to lose the new guy

can you afford to lose the old guy ?

if you can then you never loved him at the first place, but if you can't then stick with him

there are chances that you will still meet 10 other guys just like that new guy overtime

its left for you to discipline yourself

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Politics / Re: Let The Revolution Begin!!!! by Inteltower: 12:49am On Jul 29

I'm totally in support...
join intelligence group
We will take back Nigeria from this incompetent fools
chat me up
Career / Re: I Earn Over 300K Monthly... But I Don't Love My Job by Inteltower: 5:05pm On Jul 28
it's stressful, exhausting...not what I really love/want to be doing

My boss dosent like me...I can perceive my colleague see me as incompetent hence I don't have their respect

But then it pay this bills...that's the only motivation for me

I feel it shouldn't be that way...it should be more than money

I want to resign...

Just thinking out loud

Can we partner up and set up a profitable startup business that you would like being a boss of and working in.
its called fun Gamers

foe more details reply
Programming / Re: Give Me App Ideas by Inteltower: 10:33pm On Jul 26
I need app ideas to keep me busy
Please drop some

depends if you are ready for a partnership and we can create an amazing app that will fetch us millions & billions.

if interested: chat me up on whatsapp 08136156015
Religion / Re: How God Created Light Before The Sun by Inteltower: 10:51am On Jul 26
Dude, the only source of light in the solar system is And has the sun. No history ofofny other light.

why not read a little more of biology and physics texbooks to help you know that you can't create a sun after a plant. That wasn't how I created it, whoever wrote the bible was high on alomo

so sorry for yourself. please what's the nature of light and darkness and why do they exist.

if I start asking you questions regarding your own body you won't be able to explain.

I just can't my time on you. keep believing in your foolishness that everything happened by a big bang or chance.

one more thing.

close your eyes and what do you see ?

and what sees the thing that you see ?

maybe day and night had am agreement for there to be time and seasons on earth.
Religion / Re: How God Created Light Before The Sun by Inteltower: 9:29am On Jul 26
I know the truth but I don't work in it,. The spirit is eager but the flesh is weak

you need to try bro and never relent

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Religion / Re: How God Created Light Before The Sun by Inteltower: 9:28am On Jul 26
thanks for that revelational truth you just shared.
I read that part of Genesis few days ago and I was amazed that there was a light before the sun.

your write up gave further insights and the stack truth

God is great as even the lay man would understand brilliant work

the stupidity of atheist I don't get

let's just keep preaching & teaching the gospel.
edifying ourselves and sharing this light of truth abroad

God be praised
Christ be praised
Holy spirit be praised

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Religion / Re: Pornography & Masturbation: A Struggling Christian Needs Help by Inteltower: 9:13am On Jul 26

and make weekly goals of not indulging in pornography and masturbation.
avoid external influences that stimulate lustful feelings

and have a long term goal of not indulging in the 2 for 7 weeks. and you will see that addiction destroyed

even in the process when you fail keep trying it till you succeed



Religion / Re: The Mysteries And Realities Of Genesis: Part 1 By UNKNOWN by Inteltower: 8:51am On Jul 26
Good write up, but only those with understanding will be able to discern.

God bless
Religion / The Mysteries And Realities Of Genesis: Part 1 By UNKNOWN by Inteltower: 7:55am On Jul 26

By Unknown

Genesis 2 vs 9

He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit. In the middle of the garden stood the TREE THAT GIVES LIFE and the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad.

Genesis 2 vs 16-17

He said to him"You may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. you must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will die the same day."

from the above passage it is clear that before man fell he had a life that wouldn't live very long but age for a long period before dying.
if man had a eternal life or a life without death then the TREE THAT GIVES ETERNAL LIFE won't be there in the first place.

Therefore Man still had option to have a life that was eternal because he was free to EAT THE FRUIT ANY TREE IN THE GARDEN (INCLUDING THE TREE OF ETERNAL LIFE) except the Tree of the knowledge of whats good and evil

The biblical accounts sheds further mystery that the Man had 2 LIFES

1) Spiritual Life connected to God with all accompanied abilities, liberties, jurisdictions and services and a dome of knowledge of what was good; all things good

2) The Physical life that was in good health, with strength, and was subject to learning and knowing things faster.

NOTE: in the middle of it was the component called FREE WILL

The stack realities from the accounts points to that;

1) After Man fell he lost the spiritual life; the death that God talked about as a consequence of disobeying him but if we critically go through this consequence spelt out by God then it proves what we lost was something spiritual. the death occurred was of spirit not physical so

2) God's intention of creating Man from the accounts clearly indicates that in his ingenuity that man should be POWERED BY THREE (2) LIFE CELLS/SOURCES: These include:
a) Spiritual life
b) Physical life
c) Eternal life

Now the THIRD LIFE SOURCE was left there as an option for man to take; God instilled 2 batteries but gave man the option to make a decision about the last one.
from the aftermath of the fall we clearly saw that God revoked that right/eliminated that option because of the decision Man took and later in another word sharing I will explain why

3) God during his creation ensured there were not only one thing in life but 2,3 and many things of a creation he made like day & night, 2 nostrils, 2 kidneys, varying clouds, 5 fingers, many hairs, many stars, many planets, the universe, etc
so if he can do those things and more
what then is giving Man he created in his image and likeness 3 LIFE SOURCES/BATTERIES.

in this modern world even us man use one or more power batteries to power up our machines.

for the Christian (Doers of God's will) you have now 3: name must be in the book of life.
Christ gave us the spiritual life we lost; the reconnection to God and Christ has made it possible for us to have eternal life because its no longer a tree but Christ who died on a tree.
Eternal will be accessed under the approval of the Holy Spirit: my brother you know say we go take him serious ooo because his our mark even the exam marker to enter into that beautiful country and have eternal life.

for Unbelievers only one life source and that won't take you far.

happy weekend
remain blessed

God be praised
Religion / Re: If God Is So Perfect Then Why Did He Create A World Filled With Imperfection. ? by Inteltower: 3:45pm On Jun 30
They are many ways to kill a rat without shedding blood they are also many ways to teach someone without hurting the person. cool

please shut up

go about raping 2 year old or become a serial killer killing old women. and be stubborn to repent and refrain from your evil ways.

then expect sweet talking your ego as a counter reaction to see where that gets you.

many that sinned against God were warned before they committee the crime.

yet you olodo are claiming to be wiser than God on how he wants to follow up on his creation.

is God the one spilling the blood first or doing the wrong.

who is it you foul mouth ?
Religion / Re: If God Is So Perfect Then Why Did He Create A World Filled With Imperfection. ? by Inteltower: 3:11pm On Jun 30
No matter how great a sin is it can be forgiven.

also know that examples will constantly be made for others to learn
Religion / Re: If God Is So Perfect Then Why Did He Create A World Filled With Imperfection. ? by Inteltower: 2:37pm On Jun 30
So you are saying that its because of sins that we natural disasters right ?undecided

I guess you don't understand what sin and the great consequences that follow it.
start from Adam and Eve to understand what sin is and what it made them lose and inherited.

study your bible

you think sin is a small thing..
Cheeew think again
Religion / Re: If God Is So Perfect Then Why Did He Create A World Filled With Imperfection. ? by Inteltower: 10:25am On Jun 30
So is it man that created earthquakes and tornadoes

please you must understand spiritual implications of our sins and mismanagement of taking care of earth.
sin has consequences and it stretches to natural disasters go and read your Bible
Religion / Re: If God Is So Perfect Then Why Did He Create A World Filled With Imperfection. ? by Inteltower: 10:12am On Jun 30
God is perfect
whatever we are passing through in this world is of our own making and we keep still doing evil things like Satan.

why must we blame God

I understand God's regret in cresting us
he had the other option to creating beings without free will that will not bring him headaches
but he went for the other option although knowing the risk it will bring

so I choose to put myself in God's shoes and understand

rather than be blinded by the the pain, sorrow and wickedness of this world

Man is to Blame not God
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency Should Go To by Inteltower: 12:47pm On Jun 29

And who among the whole igbo tribe is competent than Osinbajo
so Moghalu isn't competent
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency Should Go To by Inteltower: 12:47pm On Jun 29

And who among the whole igbo tribe is competent than Osinbajo

so Moghalu isn't competent
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency Should Go To by Inteltower: 10:08am On Jun 29
Now that it suits your arguments, GEJ has suddenly become an igbo man. No yoruba man will become president in 2023 and going forward until an igbo man becomes the president or let us go with our biafra in peace if not, the north will continue to rule. It's that simple.


greedy leeches. they rather vote based on tribe and not competence
Politics / Re: Most Powerful Political Parties In The World by Inteltower: 10:56am On Jun 27
very educative

come 2023 APC & PDP will be torn to shreds.

the youths will usher in s social revolution and a political party that can turn things around for the better for Nigeria just like the above parties

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Politics / Re: Lets Come Together To Share Ideas On Developing Our Communities by Inteltower: 10:22pm On Jun 26
if we need to address our communities we need to start with entrepreneurship which will help in fund raising used to solve other basic amenities.

plus we need to introduce a dual currency that can support the main currency.

plus me and a friend have an idea that can help as a solution to security/criminal problems especially in cases of rape
Politics / Re: Tinubu For 2023 President. by Inteltower: 10:05pm On Jun 26
We yorubas must rule come 2023,if we do not then no one will.

typical of a fool
your concern is rulership and not good leadership that will promote our country to greater heights..

why waste my time on such a degraded mindset.

Yoruba or not we need youthful leader not an old cargo playing politics with the lives of Nigerians.

in the end you will come here to complain about bad governance olodo

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Politics / Re: Tinubu For 2023 President. by Inteltower: 9:54pm On Jun 26
a big fool is what you are

don't look beyond tribalism and elect leader that can really turn things around for our retrogressive country.

a big fool is what you are following the foot steps of Buharist (Sabi baba) at least the igbos are justified for not voting for that incompetent man

don't use your head olodo

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