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Nairaland / General / The Furthest Distance Of All by ivysunday(f): 6:51am
The Furthest Distance of All

Xue Feng
(translated by conglong)

is not that we are ignorant of love,

but the secular world is a dam

that stops rivers from sharing water.

is not that love can’t burn,

but the gossips and naysayers are sharp

always to cool the flames of passion.

It burns, but buried deep within the heart.

The Furthest Distance of All

is we have shared love for many years

and are together still,

but we must separate.

I cannot live without you,

but must feign not to care,

and cry bitterly in silence.

is not as simple as I miss you,

but the divide is so great

that silently we weep

even when together.

The Furthest Distance of All

is not the length of the Yangtze River,

but that I could not find you,

though I searched from source to end.

is not that the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers never meet,

but when I see your name in Lifechanyuan,

I do not see the most precious gift bestowed by God.

The Furthest Distance of All

are the trails of two hearts that never converge.

I know it is there, but just beyond the shadows.

is like the meteor in flight;

if meeting is our fate,

we will surely meet in Elysium.

The Furthest Distance of All

is the distance between human and celestial:

one is on earth; the other is in heaven.
Nairaland / General / You Must Come From Heaven by ivysunday(f): 9:29am On Sep 26
You must Come From Heaven


(Translated by Conglong)

You smile and talk gently as white clouds from above

You walk quietly as the swinging willow

You are sweet as the spring water

Clean and pure

Your love is transparent and pure

flows with fragrance

Your affections are sincere as the lasting spring

Green lands all year round

You kiss freely because you come from heaven

You must come from heaven because you are born of love

You are here only for love and affection

You have come a long way to share love

It is the gentle breeze and the dancing bamboo

Climb to the summit of a hill and my eyes see it

Walk into the valley and my ears hear it

Seeing you, I see flowers and birds

Hearing you, I hear clear spring water in the mountains

Beauty is everywhere

It is all you

You fill my heart with endless joy

You are the source of greatness

I met you in heaven, unforgettable that you are

Like a bee fluttering in a sea of flowers

Life is so beautiful, because of your fragrance

LIFE is so brilliant, because I am nurtured by your love

No more wandering, let us return to the faraway place

No more hesitation

Hand in hand, let us return home:

– Heaven –

***Written by Xuefeng on Mar 01 2012***
Nairaland / General / What Has The Practice Of The Second Home (now New Oasis For Life)proved by ivysunday(f): 8:41am On Sep 25
What Has the Practice of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)Proved


Lifechanyuan has successfully created the Second Home as the pattern of man's new life. During ten months of practice of the Second Home, especially the celebration of the Spring Festival in 2010 by nearly 60 people, people enjoyed joy, pleasure,freedom, happiness, good luck, auspiciousness, coziness, peace, and elegance. No one has lost temper, no one feels unhappy, no one feels unpleasant, and no one feels unsatisfied. The facts have proved that the life pattern of the Second Home is civilized, elegant, advanced, and humanistic. It is a great leap in mankind's thinking and man's pattern of life.

The practice of the Second Home has realized eight ideals.

1. Disintegration of marriage and family, elimination of private ownership, realization of the ideal of "everyone having nothing and yet possessing everything".

2. Realization of the communist ideal of "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need".

3. Realization of the Greatest Creator's kingdom without marriage predicted by Jesus.

4. Realization of Lao Tze's ideal of "Tao modeling itself after nature".

5. Realization of the ideal of "Each displaying his or her own special skills, like eight Chinese immortals crossing the sea".

6. Realization of the social ideal of "no one pocketing anything found on the ground and no one bolting the door at night".

7. Realization of the ideal of everyone enjoying happiness, pleasure, freedom, and blessing.

8. Realization of the harmony between man and nature.

The practice of the Second Home has proved that the following nine values are correct.

1. Following the way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for man as a whole and man as an individual to acquire a happy life.

2. All crises faced by man can be solved if the crisis of man's soul is solved.

3. Marriage and family is endless sea of suffering. Outside marriage and family, you are far away from the sea of tribulation.

4. Holographic theory and holographic management mechanism conforms most to human character and nature.

5. Collective life is the best venue for self-refinery and self -cultivation.

6. Entering the Second Home and actively participating in the building of the era of Lifechanyuan for mankind is the most direct and most effective way of self-refinery and self-cultivation to realize the ideal of life and LIFE.

7. The core of self-refinery and self-cultivation is none other than the sublimation of soul and the perfection of consciousness.

8. Uphold "800 Values for New Era Human Being", and you can get everything that you need.

9. The teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Lao Tze, and Prophet Mohammed are correct.

Facts have eloquently proved that becoming a Chanyuan celestial is a happy thing and living in the Second Home is the best way to scale the highest realm of life and LIFE.

"It is difficult to start a business but more difficult to safeguard what one has already accomplished". It is easy to attain the Tao, but difficult to maintain it. Therefore, we must know clearly that although the chanyuan values are correct, and although we have successfully created the Second Home and have successfully put it into practice, chanyuan values are still not perfect, the Second Home is not yet ideal, and everything is still extremely weak. We can not stand the test of huge rainstorms and waves. If we slacken our efforts, it is very likely that the "garden of Eden" may vanish into thin air. It is not time yet to lie down and relax, not yet time to slacken our will and enjoy comfort and ease. Every chanyuan celestial should work even harder and forge ahead, and conduct self-refinery and self-cultivation as if walking on tight rope and thin ice.

We are now all sensible chanyuan celestials with clear and logical thinking. We should be clear that understanding principles is one thing but putting them into practice in our daily production and life is quite another thing. If when conducting self-refinery we do not make efforts in each word and action and when conducting self-cultivation we do not make efforts in every idea and will, then the principles that we have understood would be useless pet phrases.

One thing that we can be sure of is that as long as we stick to the way of the Greatest Creator, upholds the 800 Values for New Era Human Being, and strictly follow the road map of the guide, we will pay back all our debts, we can accumulate the treasures and wealth for ourselves to go to the heavenly kingdom, have a splendid future, and realize the ideal of life and LIFE that we dream of.

Nairaland / General / Face The Reality by ivysunday(f): 8:55am On Sep 20
Face the Reality


(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Are you suffering? Do you have troubles, worries, and fears?

Do you want to get away from your sufferings and go to a place which provides you with freedom and happiness? If the answer is yes, let me tell you a way which can end your sufferings and lead you to heaven: Face the Reality.

What is "Facing the Reality"?

That is to aware that we are imperfect, all our sufferings are due to imperfections in ourselves. The world is not wrong, but we are wrong. There is not a single soul in the universe that is treated unjustly. We need to be honest with ourselves and face our imperfections. If we are not happy, we must find the reason within, and not complain about other people and society. It is very easy to find excuses for ourselves and condemn others, but if you do so, you sufferings will never end.

One who never admits his imperfections, and always blame others when having troubles and pains will never get real happiness, joy, freedom and blessings, and he will never reach heaven either.

I have witnessed all misfortunes throughout the world and have carefully observed and thought about the sufferings of humanity, I have therefore concluded that the root causes of all tragedies are ourselves. What is even worse is that we are not willing to face the truth and admit that we have flaws. Instead, we complain and point our finger at others. This kind of life is too hypocritical, too unreal, too superficial, and too unfortunate.

Avoid the reality and do not face yourself honestly, your sufferings will never end.

Written by Xuefeng on Sept 24, 2010
Nairaland / General / Eight Kinds Of People That Xue Feng Admires by ivysunday(f): 8:41am On Sep 19
Eight Kinds of People that Xue Feng Admires

Xue Feng

There are eight kinds of people that I admire in the human world.

1. People without debts
I admire you deeply if you don’t owe anybody any money or property, or have not borrowed any money from the bank and yet can entertain yourself with good food every day, have a house to live in, at night you raise your head to appreciate the stars and moon, during the day you look casually at the clouds drifting, gathering and scattering in the sky, and go sightseeing or visit friends and relatives during spare time. You are leading a life of celestial beings. It does not matter if you do not have villa or expensive car, do not have deposits in the bank, cannot afford famous brand clothes and shoes, do not have great fame or position, cannot afford the meals in a hotel, and cannot prepare any decent dishes to entertain guests. I admire you as long as you are calm and serene in mind. Do you know that there are many people who are still worried about and on the run for their livelihood?

2. People with good health
You are blessed, because a good and sound health is something that cannot be bought even with mountains of silver and gold. You have had all the treasures endowed to you by heaven. Just have a look at those handicapped and diseased people and have a look at yourself, and you will understand how blessed you are. And they will admire you most.

3. People who are not married
You have the greatest freedom among people on the earth. You can look at anyone you want, you can get up any time you like, you can give your money to anyone you would like to give. There is no one to supervise you, restrict you and be on guard against you. What a good fate you are born with! Just take a look at those who have got married. Don’t be fooled by their smiling faces, inwardly they are extremely distressed. Thus I admire you greatly!

4. People who do not admire others
You are extremely great and wise to admire nobody. Most of people’s distresses are rooted in their inclination to make comparisons with others. If you don’t admire others, then I should tell you, you are a man with the wisdom of celestial beings. It is the happiest thing to get on with you. You are being yourself, going your own way, blossoming your own flowers, bearing your own fruit, and living by modeling after nature. You understand the way of the Greatest Creator. Thus you are most admired.

5. People with confidantes
I admire you greatly. Your life is full of fun and interest. Yin and Yang blend to make up Tao. So you fully understand the meaning of Tao. You do not intend to possess or control each other and are still attached to each other. You have your love all your life. You have great fun and happiness when being together, and you miss each other day and night when being apart. How well do you understand life and how admired you are!

6. People who know how to be an ordinary person
How many people have idled away their beautiful time of life in seeking the extraordinary! In order to pursue the extraordinary they are overburdened with debts, they go off into wild flights of fancy and go astray in search of shortcuts, they resort to trickery and hoodwinking, they go to the most extreme lengths and even end up in prison. However, you can retain a calm mind for being ordinary and settle down to an ordinary life. You enjoy simple food heartily as if you are enjoying delicacies. You work and rest as the sun rises and sets. You really know what to enjoy. You must have fully understood the philosophy of life, or you must have come from the heavenly kingdom. How admired you are!

7. People who have same-sex bosom friends
In our life it is especially difficult to find a bosom friend, a person whom you can turn to in the middle of night to share your feeling, or someone to whom you can place your trust and share your secrets, or someone who would jump in front of you to block the strike of a cobra, or someone who is still close to you with smiling face even if you have sworn at him or kicked him, or someone who can share weal and woe with you. Oh, how blessed you are and how I admire you.

8. People capable of entertainment
People in the paradise all know how to play and entertain. People who do not know how to play and entertain are dull and boring, and thus have no chance to go to the heavenly kingdom. You are diamond among people if you are both knowledgeable and profoundly wise, and humorous, and can always bring happiness and pleasure to others. To be with you is to be with happiness and joy. To live with you is like living in the heavenly kingdom. How can I help not admiring you!

If you are the incarnation of all the above eight qualities, you are undoubtedly an angel, and I will not only admire you but will also follow you closely.

March 29,2008
Nairaland / General / Selfishness Is The Stumbling Block To Heaven by ivysunday(f): 7:33am On Sep 16
Selfishness is the Stumbling Block to Heaven

(Translated by Conglong)

You can feel the vastness of the universe when you have a selfless mind, and you have so much worry if you are selfish. “The Sage puts himself last, and finds himself in the foremost place”, and the laity put himself first, and finds himself death.

I often observe the people surrounding me; many people often have emotions as worry, angry, feeling unsettled, anxious, discontent, jealous, hate, complain, depressed, pessimistic and etc. They are very hard to please. The root cause of the above situations is selfishness.

In heaven, nobody is selfish, that is why heaven is a place with peace, harmony and happiness.

I have established a transit station on our way to heaven – the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)of Lifechanyuan. One of my objectives is to eliminate the selfishness in human’s nature. In the old lifestyle, it is very difficult to remove selfishness. For example, anyone who lives in marriage and family is selfish because they have to be selfish. While in the Second Home, I first request Chanyuan celestials to break marriage and family, and give up their personal property, moreover, the management style of the Second Home is paradise management; there is no power, position, fame or wealth to chase after. Nobody attaches to anyone, and there is no special relationship between two persons. Nobody has to worry the basic need like food, accommodation, clothes and transportation; nobody need to worry how to deal with aging, illness and death, therefore, there is no fertile soil for the selfishness seed to grow, and the only thing people will do is focus on self-cultivation and spiritual growth, focus on playing games and entertainment, focus on exhibiting one’s sincerity, kindness and beauty, and focus on purifying their soul and repaying the “debts”and accumulating merits. In other words, in the traditional life mode, one is possible to transit to the lower level of life space while in the new life mode, one is only possible walking towards heaven.

So does that mean all people living in the Second Home are not selfish? No, they are also selfish. It still needs continuous cultivation on one’s soul garden to change old thoughts and philosophies, and change the habit people formed in traditional lifestyle. If one celestial is too slow to follow new values, and is often selfish, there is elimination mechanism in the Second Home; he will eventually be eliminated, either eliminated by himself or by the new life program.

One who is selfless is not able to survive in traditional marriage and family, while one who is selfish is not able to survive in the Second Home.

In fact, the teachings of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu and all other sages in history are telling us to eradicate selfishness. However, if there is no corresponding program or environment, it is very difficult for people to become selfless; the Second Home is such a program where the teachings of saints and sages are completely implemented.

Selfishness is the stumbling block to heaven; in fact, it is also the stumbling block to a beautiful life. A selfish man will never be able to enjoy a true happy and free life.

Why you are angry? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to commit bribery or accept bribe? Because you are selfish!

Why you are so pessimistic and negative? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to open a company to do business? Because you are selfish!

Why you are so isolated and don’t like collective life? Because you are selfish!

Why you are jealous and discontented? Because you are selfish!

Why you love money, position or fame? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to get marry, possess someone and be wealthy? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to fight or rob something from other people? Because you are selfish!

Why you always look upset, and are hard to please? Because you are selfish!

Why you feel your life is not satisfying, feel unsettled and painful? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to take revenge? why you are in worry and fear? Why you are not happy? Because you are selfish!

Why you always complain? And speak ill of someone behind his back? Why you always gossip? Because you are selfish!

Isn’t that so?

If you want troubles and miseries, please be selfish, the more selfish you are, you will encounter more tragedies; if you want to go to hell, be selfish! Tao will meet your wish.

If you want to have great life and want to go to heaven, please be selfless, if you are selfless,Tao will help you realize your dream of reaching paradise.

Nairaland / General / Souls Sharing The Same Vibration Are Family by ivysunday(f): 6:53am On Sep 15
Souls Sharing the Same Vibration are Family

Translated by Conglong and edited by Kaer)

Who is our family? Jesus told us, “For whosoever does the pleasure of my Father in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.” – Matthew 12:50.

Jesus Christ is the Road, the Truth, and the LIFE. When we follow his teachings, we will be reborn in heaven, and we will know that whoever lives in the will of the Greatest Creator is our family.

I am the embodiment of Jesus Christ in this era, an era for “reaping the ripe crops”. Let me tell you again, whoever meets the following standards are our family.

· One who reveres the Greatest Creator and walks on his Way.

· One who reveres LIFE, reveres nature, loves life, and loves peace.

· One with whom we can share weal and woe, one who cares for us, never oppresses us, never exploits us, and never bullies us.

· One who speaks gently, never shouts at us, never complains, never laughs at us, never insults us and never discourages us.

· One who can forgive our mistakes and makes us smile.

· One who never quarrels or fights with us but always is willing to sacrifice his or her interests for us.

· One who brings happiness, joy, fun and freedom.

· One who is close but never harms us.

In short, whoever shares the same vibration is our family.

Family is the one we can care for and love and the one who is caring and loving. When we are with our family, we should have no troubles or worries, and never feel lonely or isolated. When we are with our family, there are no quarrels or fights and no anxieties or fears. Wherever we are, as long as we are with our family, our life is beautiful and happy, and our future is blessed.

We should redefine the traditional “family” concept which is merely based on the blood relationship and build up a new family theory. Let us make everyone have more families in the journey of life and make their lives even more beautiful!

Dec 11, 2009
Nairaland / General / How Far You Are From Heaven by ivysunday(f): 5:01am On Sep 14
How Far You are From Heaven

(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

Do you believe that there is a place in the universe where everyone loves each other and treats each other kindly and where people never quarrel or fight, where there is no marriage, family, currency, or personal property, and where people never worry about food, clothes, shelter, transportation, living, aging, sickness, or death? It is a place where the environment is beautiful and serene like Xanadu and where people often play games and have endless fun together, a place where love is free and everyone does their work freely, nobody manages or monitors them, “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, where people and people, and people and nature coexist harmoniously and never harm each other?

Do you still not believe in the existence of heaven? If you believe what I am saying here, then come to see how near you have come to heaven now.

If you do not believe that you are made by the Greatest Creator, but rather by your parents, then you are endlessly far from heaven.

If you never save wealth in heaven, then you are 108,000 kilometers away from heaven (“108, 000 kilometers” is a Chinese proverb to describe a tremendous distance between two places).

If you did not pay off your debts from all previous lives, then you are still very far from heaven.

If you think marriage, family and relatives are the biggest wealth in your life, then you are quite far from heaven.

If you think the biggest pride and honor in life is to own money, power, and fame, then you are still very far from heaven.

If there are still poisonous weeds like jealousy, complaining, anger, possession, control, hypocrisy, selfishness, greed, pride, laziness, comparison, precaution, meanness,cruelty, extravagance, waste, or resentment growing in your soul garden, then you are very far from heaven.

If you never know what confession and apology are, then you are very far from heaven.

If you never know about gratitude, then you are very far from heaven.

If you still covet your personal property, then you are very far from heaven.

If your love is only focused on a small group of people, then you are very far from heaven.

If you want to control or hamper anyone’s freedom, then you are very far from heaven.

If you often tell your sad stories or complain a lot to others, then you are very far from heaven.

If you have not returned to a childlike state, then you are very far from heaven.

If the above situations do not exist, then you are just one step away from heaven.

Why can you not see the scenery of heaven? Because you are too far from it. If you try to get close to heaven, step by step, the scenery will become clearer, eventually you will see heaven. Just have a try if you do not believe me.

Oct 7, 2013
Nairaland / General / Collective Life Is The Best Way To Cultivate Tao by ivysunday(f): 4:04am On Sep 13
Collective Life is the Best Way to Cultivate Tao

The extent of a person's self-refinery and self-improvement can be best examined by the collective life.

What most ascetics in the world cultivate is only pet phrase, and method of argument, just like an armchair strategist who divorces from reality and acts blindly.

One cannot prove sufficiently that he or she has really promoted his or her spiritual nature or that he or she has a more perfect structure of LIFE simply by judging how long one has engaged in self-cultivation, how many books on self-improvement one has read, how many books on self-refinery and self-improvement one has written, how beautiful the article is, how convincingly one has been talking, how long one has stayed in churches or temples, and how many activities one has taken part in or how many beautiful words one has said on network forums for self-cultivation.

Many people have deep theoretical knowledge and can talk eloquently, but when it comes to practical problems they often handle them in an approach that runs counter to what they have preached. They talk eloquently to others only to fish for fame and compliments and will not let themselves be guided by what they have talked.

To know what level of cultivation and refinery one has attained, he or she must undergo the process of verification in real life. And participating in collective life offers the simplest, most direct, and most effective way of verification.

Suppose 100 people are living together a communist life, the soul of each person will be reflected incisively and vividly. The moral character of a person can be seen clearly in the collective life.

Generally speaking, in a small family people will maintain a clean and tidy family environment, but once living in a collective these same people who maintain a clean and tidy family environment will change. The dirty public toilet is just one example. At home people are most frugal in the use of water, electricity, toilet paper, and the like, however, once in a collective they will not be so frugal, on the contrary they may be very lavish.

The core of self-refinery and self-cultivation is nature, love and Tao. Now people know that love is one core component of self-refinery and self-cultivation. It is extremely easy to talk about love in network, in speeches, and in articles, but can love be shown when a practical problem arises..In such a situation will one love others in the same manner that he loves himself?

It is one matter for one person to live all by oneself, but quite a different one for two people to live together. Living in a small family is different from living in a big family. A person with a beautiful heart and soul can live naturally and peacefully either by oneself or in a collective, while a person with a flawed heart and soul may live normally all by oneself, but will have trouble when living with another person, and is totally incompatible with a collective life, where he or she may become the source of disputes.

The lack of collective life in this world has made it difficult for people to quickly optimize their souls. Without the tempering and test of collective life, it will be difficult for a person to perfect his or her soul. Without the examination of collective life, no one can be clear whether his or her soul is relatively perfect.

Collective life is the best venue for the cultivation of Tao. Without collective life, all one's cultivation and self-refinery may prove only to be futile pet phrases, no matter how long he or she has been engaged in self-cultivation (including the practice of various skills), no matter how proficient he or she is in theory, or no matter how many profound mysteries he or she has grasped, because he or she does not know where the cultivation is leading.

The selfish person has absolutely no luck to enter the paradise.

Whether one is selfish or not will become clear once the person enters the collective life. Collective life may easily reveal what level one has reached in self-refinery and self-improvement.

In addition, "a solitary figure may vary in moral character". To retain Tao, one must temper oneself in collective life.
Nairaland / General / Collective Life Is Superior To Individual Life by ivysunday(f): 1:47pm On Sep 12
Collective Life is Superior to Individual Life


The collective life discussed here refers to a mode of existence in which many people live together according to communist principles. The individual life mentioned here is defined as a mode of existence in which each person lives independently according to capitalist principles. Family life is capitalist in nature, although it takes the form of communism.

Individual life befits the selfish person, while collective life is ideal for unselfish people. If you are barbarous, ignorant, selfish, narrow-minded, insidious, jealous, resentful, and have bad habits, then you had better live an individual life; on the other hand, if you are civilized, well-educated, public-minded and unselfish, open-minded, kind, loving, and merciful, and are free of mental or physiological defections, then collective life suits you the best.

The collective life is superior to individual life mainly in the following eight aspects:

1. Collective life is more colorful than individual life.

2. People leading a collective life are less likely to suffer depression and other mental illnesses.

3. Collective life is safer than individual life and has less anxiety and fear.

4. Collective life is not monotonous and tedious, individual life often leads to depression and isolation.

5. Collective life allows people to have more leisure time for entertainment and cultivation because of the division of labor and cooperation.

6. Collective life offers more opportunity of communication, and thus people have fewer restrictions and checks against each other and enjoy greater freedom.

7. Collective life operates on the principle of "sharing weal and woe" between members and thus people have less pressure of life and can achieve happiness more easily.

8. Collective life is the necessary road that leads LIFE to higher level of LIFE spaces. Individual life may induce selfishness and thus makes it difficult for people to ascend to the heavenly kingdom.
Jesus Christ warns us that it is more difficult for wealthy people to go to the paradise than for the camel to pass through the hole of the needle. Why? Because wealthy people are not willing to lead a collective life. Wealthy people would not have others share their happiness. It is absolutely impossible for a person to go to the heavenly kingdom if he or she is not willing to share his wealth with others, because life in there is not individual life but collective life. There are neither rich people nor poor people in the heavenly kingdom.

Only those who love collective life and blend themselves in the collective life can have the hope to enter the paradise.

The more perfect nonmaterial structure of LIFE a person has, the greater love and passion this person will have for collective life. The more flawed nonmaterial structure of LIFE a person has, the greater love and passion this person will have for individual life and the more difficult it is for him to blend into collective life.

It is based upon profound and sound consideration that Lifechanyuan puts forward the proposal that Chanyuan celestials lead a collective life. Cultivation is conducted completely in accordance with the need of heavenly kingdom and the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni. Lifechanyuan is leading people to live in heavenly kingdom in an all-round manner. It is necessary not only to be sensible, increase wisdom, enhance the taste of life, we must also continuously promote the consciousness of paradise in our daily life, and develop and form the good habit to familiarize ourselves with and adapt to the life in heavenly kingdom.

Whether Xuefeng has spoken the truth, you can tell it from your own heart. You can read about the thoughts of all saints and sages in history, you can check it against and contrast it with the teachings of Jesus Christ, of Buddha Sakyamuni, and of celestial being Lao Tzu. You can use your spiritual perception. If you have done these seriously, you will understand why Lifechanyuan ask that everyone long for collective life and live a collective life.

Not everyone is qualified or meets the condition to lead the collective life. A person that has not been influenced by the values of Lifechanyuan will find it difficult to live in collective life and will soon be eliminated. A selfish, arrogant, irrational, narrow-minded, faulty, mentally and psychologically handicapped, dishonest, and ill-bred person will find it very difficult to stay in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)of Lifechanyuan for a long time, because his or her selfish and arrogant structure of consciousness does not match the collective structure of sharing weal and woe and he cannot put up with the bondage of the collective atmosphere.

Whether you can live harmoniously in a collective life is the best touchstone to check which level, realm and state a person has achieved in self-refinement and cultivation. This is not decided by how glib a tongue you have or how good a form you can put up. What matters is your inner mind. If you love collective life from the bottom of your heart and can smoothly blend into collective life, then you have achieved a lot in cultivation. Otherwise you have not got anywhere in cultivation, you might have been led astray.

Just feel for yourself and gain the understanding that collective life is superior to individual life.
Nairaland / General / The Eight Meanings Of The Way Of The Greatest Creator by ivysunday(f): 5:18am On Sep 11
The Eight Meanings of the Way of the Greatest Creator

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Lifechanyuan takes the Way of the Greatest Creator, but what is the Way of the Greatest Creator and what are its meanings?

In general, the Way of the Greatest Creator is the Tao of nature, the Way that Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, the immortal Lao Tzu, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) guided people to take. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight major meanings:

1.The universe is the product of the the consciousness of the Greatest Creator

2.Everything comes into being through its creation

3.Everything runs in the consciousness of the Way of the Greatest Creator

4.You must give play to your nature and conform to nature

5. Revering the Greatest Creator and Following the Example of the Greatest Creator​

6. Reality is the Portrayal of the Diverse Free Consciousness of LIFE

7. Happiness, Joy, Freedom, and Blessing are the Themes of LIFE

8.All is but a game

1. The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator​

Structure generates consciousness.
The original cosmic consciousness is Allah – Ancestor of Buddha, the Greatest Creator.
After the birth of Allah – Ancestor of Buddha, the Greatest Creator, Wuji turned into a being which had consciousness, and hence everything began to follow the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Chaos turned into Deiform. Yin and Yang and the Four Images came into being. The universe took shape. Gradually the 20-parallel worlds and 36-Dimensional Space were formed and the appearance of time resulted from material movement. So, the universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Acknowledging this is to take the Way of the Greatest Creator.

2. Everything comes into being through its creation

In the beginning, the universe was Wuji and was void. With the being of the Greatest Creator, so began creation with consciousness and the creation of the first batch of LIFE – Gods, the sun, the moon, and the stars, and then the second batch LIFE – Angels (Super Celestial Beings). Then the Gods and Angels were asked to create all things based on a “blueprint” designed by the Greatest Creator. For all the LIFE we see on earth, not only people and animals, but even the grass and bacterial microorganisms come into being through His creation. We often observe that some LIFE seems to be of natural birth and can not see its creation process. In fact they are not formed by natural birth, but as the result of the operation of the reproduction program of LIFE. Understanding this is to take the Way of the Greatest Creator.

3. Everything Runs in the Consciousness of the Greatest Creator – the Tao

​The sunrise and sunset, the ebb and flow, the blooming and fading of flowers, the changing of seasons: who arranges and controls all these things? The answer is Tao. The intercourse of a man and woman gives birth to fertilized ovum which gradually develops in the womb of the mother to eventually form a complete human body with eyes, a nose, hair, hands, and feet. After nine months pregnancy and giving birth to a child, comes infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood, old age, deterioration, and death. Who arranges and controls this? The answer is also Tao.

As long as we conduct mediations and read our revelations, we will find that everything in time and space is in the arrangement and control of Tao. Where does the Tao with the eight characteristics come from? We can ask the question this way. The normal operation of human society relies on the maintenance of constitutions, laws, rules and regulations. Where do they come from? Undoubtedly, they are developed by people.

People are operating them from behind and here is the answer. The law that maintains the effective operation of all things in the universe – Tao, was developed by the Greatest Creator. “Someone” is operating the Tao from behind. And this “someone” is the Greatest Creator. Constitutions and laws reflect the people’s consciousness; therefore, Tao reflects the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Conversely, the consciousness of the Greatest Creator is Tao. All things move in Tao, that is, all things move in the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Recognizing this is to take the Way of the Greatest Creator.

4. You must give play to your nature and conform to nature​

All things have Nature: mountains have mountain Nature, water has water Nature, Gods have God Nature, devils have devil Nature, people have human Nature, and beasts have beast Nature. Where do the Natures of all things come from? The answer is that the Natures of all things come from their structures. The kinds of structures determine the kinds of Natures. The structures of all things are created by the Greatest Creator. If things live and exist by their Natures, then they are following the will of the Greatest Creator. If they do not live and exist by their Natures, they are doing so against the will of the Greatest Creator.

A dog is to watch the house and guard the yard, a cat is to catch mice, and a mouse is to dig holes and steal and eat granary. Only when all things perform their own functions can the universe move in an orderly way, and only then can it meet the decree of the Greatest Creator. If things were to deviate from their natures, they would deviate from the Way of the Greatest Creator and would thus be punished by the Tao.

Take human for example. Human have to live and exist by human Nature. Were they to lose their human Nature, they would be bound to be punished. Likewise, expending or suppressing human nature is also deviating from the Way of the Greatest Creator. Let us say the Buddhist monks and nuns or the Christian priests and sisters have their innate human natures destroyed or suppressed. That would be a deviation from the Way of the Greatest Creator. Human eyes are to see, ears are to hear, and sexual organs are to procreate. If they were to be left unused, it would also be against the will of the Greatest Creator in creating them.

Roosters are created to crow, hens are created to lay eggs, and human are created to be active on the earth to please the Greatest Creator. If roosters refused to crow, hens refused to lay eggs, and human did not please the Greatest Creator, then what would be the use of the roosters, the hens, or the people? Chinese Taoists pursue magic powers and the arts, and that is not right. It is against the Way of the Greatest Creator. The things that are necessary for human’s survival and existence have been designed in structures of LIFE by the Greatest Creator, no more and no less. For instance, our eyes can only see chromatic images in the wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers and our hearing threshold is between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz, and that is enough. Many Chinese practitioners work through the Du Meridian and Ren Meridian, the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits, retreating, making plant seeds germinate from within the hands, opening the third eye, or self-refining to bring out the primordial spirit, and so on. All these practices are contrary to the Tao of nature, thus contrary to the Way of the Greatest Creator. Just as the rooster that wants to lay eggs instead of crowing or the hen that wants to crow instead of laying eggs, the results are predictable. So taking the Way of the Greatest Creator is to highlight innate natures and to follow them. “A clear-sighted mind is to perceive the natures and perceiving these natures is to attain Buddhahood.” One will never attain Buddhahood if they do not perceive natures and follow them.

5. Revering the Greatest Creator and Following the Example of the Greatest Creator​

Reverence of the Greatest Creator allows us to “Do whatever we desire to, but not to go against the rules”. If you do not revere the Greatest Creator, you will be lawless and do whatever you desire and bring harm upon yourself as a result. Therefore, revering the Greatest Creator is fully beneficial, brings no harm, and costs nothing. If you do not revere the Greatest Creator, disasters will befall you. Why should you refuse the deal with only gains but no losses?​

The Greatest Creator is love, sincerity, kindness, beauty, faith and honesty, happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing.
So we need to follow the example of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator is also creation. So we should follow the example of the Greatest Creator to work and create and to get joy from labor. The Greatest Creator is also selfless dedication, so we should follow the example of the selfless dedication of the Greatest Creator and obtain blessing from selfless dedication.

6. Reality is the Portrayal of the Diverse Free Consciousness of LIFE

Consider that if you have loose bowels, you must have eaten rotten or spoiled food, and if you have a headache, you probably wore something unsuited for the weather or lacked sleep due to excessive thinking. Consider that if someone scolds you today, you might have hurt them in the past. Is that not so? If we trace the roots of our situations, pains, misfortunes, or even the disasters we encounter, they are all the results of our false consciousness and the defects in our soul.

“Good will be blessed with good and evil will be cursed with evil. If it is not repaid now, that is only because its time has not yet come. Once the time comes, it will surely be repaid”. If you want to know what you have done in the past, look at your present situation; if you want to know your future situation, watch your present words and deeds. Your consciousness determines your life environment and your survival state. Like attracts like and identical frequencies resonate. If we are nice to LIFE and nature, LIFE and nature will be nice to us. “Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure.” “Misery and happiness have no doors – if either comes, one brings it upon themselves.” If we carry out the devil’s deeds, we will become devils and if we act like beasts, we will become beasts, but if we follow the example of Buddha, then we will attain Buddhahood. “When you approach the mountain you will learn the twitter of birds; when you approach the water you will understand the freely swimming fish.” Birds of a feather flock together and like begets like.

The Greatest Creator has bestowed certain free consciousness upon us. We make the choices of what to do and what not to do. All of us are responsible for our choices. Reality is the portrayal of various free consciousness of LIFE. We have neither heaven, the earth, society, nor others to blame. If something seems wrong, it is neither with the universe nor the world, but with you. If you do not understand this, your Life is confused. If you do understand this, your Life is one that is as clear as crystal. This is the Way of the Greatest Creator.

7. Happiness, Joy, Freedom, and Blessing are the Themes of LIFE

Did the Greatest Creator create people to suffer? No, definitely not! Was it for them to fight and kill each other, contend for power, cheat on each other, conspire against each other, and to worry and be miserable? No, definitely not. The Greatest Creator created people to lead happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives.

We see the blue sky and white clouds, the blossoming of all kinds of flowers and birds twittering cheerfully. These are designed to please our minds and bodies. I guess the adults reading this have enjoyed physical love ? How does that feel? Wonderful, right? The Greatest Creator designed organs and senses to let us enjoy life. These facts prove eloquently that the Greatest Creator loves us. The Greatest Creator is compassionate and wants us to lead happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives. Therefore, happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings are the themes of LIFE. Any human activities should be carried out and preceded tightly around attaining these attributes for everyone.

We grow crops, engage in production or labour, make money, become officials, start businesses, etc. What are the ultimate purposes? Do we grow crops for the sake of growing crops, work for the sake of working, and make money for the sake of making money? Definitely not,

we do these things to achieve happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives, right? No matter what you do, regardless of your status, your identity, or your fame, as long as you possess them in your lifetime, you are on the Way of the Greatest Creator and your life is a successful and

8. All is but a game

The universe is in the condition of joy. The purpose of the Greatest Creator, creating all these things, is but a game. Everything is but a game, only LIFE is real. One cannot be too attached to things and should not possess and occupy too much. Excessive attachment and too much possession and occupation will cause you to lose the true nature of LIFE, make the game turn into the pain of fighting and killing, and turn a comedy into a tragedy.

It is not worthwhile. Life is but a dream, we need to experience lives to the fullest and live them that way. Play the game as much as you like. Enjoy it to the fullest if it is fun but give it up if it is not. Why are you so serious and so attached? Nothing is yours. The life stage is just a game. What can you keep after death? Only our consciousness is real!

June 9th 2010
Nairaland / General / Getting Hurt Is Because You Have A Self by ivysunday(f): 3:36am On Sep 10
Getting Hurt is Because You Have a Self
Xue Feng

(Translated by Conglong)

In our lifetime, we always feel being hurt; sadness and pain are torturing us. We are depressed and angry; we grumble at or hate others. Sometimes we feel so disappointed at life and we are in deep despair. Many times, we feel hurt and cannot smile, and we feel very blue, we want to quarrel, fight, and we are resistant; we even think of ending our lives.

Interpersonal relationships are difficult. We always feel deeply hurt just because of one inappropriate word, action, face expression, behaviour, request or arrangement. And therefore we worry and are depressed; we do not have appetite for food and cannot sleep at night.

All hurt, whether is mental or spiritual, the root cause lies not in the outside; it lies in ourselves. The core reason is because we put too much focus on ourselves; we have very high self-esteem and vanity; we want to preserve our dignity and face, and we are too much attached to the values and world view which we think are “right”.

There is a saying in Tao Te Ching,“We have fears because we have a self, when we do not regard that self as self, what have we to fear?” Because we have “self”, and put it in the foremost position, this “self” is easy to get hurt, if we do not have “self”, where does the hurt come from? People always say “One who does not want anything can get well with anybody; one who does not drink would not care how expensive the wine is”. If our “self” has no requests and desires, we will feel happy anywhere, in any situations and will have good relationship with people. As long as our “self” has desires and want to hold or preserve something, we will get hurt.

Therefore, Lao Tzu taught us to be “no action”, and “no fight”, “Because he does not contend, no one in the world can contend against him”. And Buddha Sakyamuni taught us to “free from ego and form”. We need to be in a state that “our mind does not reside on anything” and “carefree”. If we do not have “self”, we see peace everywhere; if we have “self”, there are many obstacles on the way.

Without “self”, we get Self; with “self”, we lose Self. If we value ourselves too much, and put too much weight on our dignity, vanity and our own feeling, and we love ourselves too much, we will be very easily to get frustrated and encounter setbacks.

We are already blessed to be a Chanyuan Celestial, we are blessed to live in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life), and we are blessed to walk on the way to Thousand-year world, Ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world, what else are we not willing to let go? Are those not enough? What else should we fight for?

Give up our selves, let it go; let also go our “opinions” and “viewpoints”, we will see a beautiful scene before us. As long as we let the “self” go, our heart will never get hurt.

Please be reminded that if you always get hurt, that means you still have a long way to go, and you still do not understand the meaning of life and LIFE. That also means that you are not enlightened yet, and you have not stepped on the road to heaven; if you always get hurt, you will never accomplish the best result of self-cultivation, and you will never be eligible to enter heaven.

Sept 26, 2012
Nairaland / General / The Values And Meaning Of Life by ivysunday(f): 6:50am On Sep 09
The Values and Meaning of Life

( Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The value of Life is to seek Tao, attain immortality, and go to heaven.

The meaning of life is to develop a nature that is pleasing to the Greatest Creator.

Life is just a short trip of LIFE in the mortal world. But the destination for each individual is vastly different. Some rise up to heaven, but some fall into to hell, and some revert back to the animal world, while some return as mortals, and so on. This shows that Life's greatest value lies in taking all the chances and conditions, and combines them with Tao to attain the celestial character and go on to live in heaven.

Life has eighteen aspects that cannot be self-managed. Likewise, it also has eighteen aspects can be completely self-managed. Life is an investment. The different directions of investments eventually will lead to huge differences of Life results. If you invest in sesame, then you will get sesame. If you invest in watermelons, then you will get watermelons. A day has twenty-four hours for each of us. Due to the different directions of investments, the Life values that individuals get can be very different.

I will list eight investments here and we will see which one ultimately proves to have the maximum value:

· Shepherding, growing food, getting married, having children, those children growing up to shepherd, grow food, get married, have children, the grandchildren growing up to shepherd, grow food, get married, and the cycle continues.

· Attending primary school, graduating from higher education, landing an office job, earning money to buy a house, getting married, starting a family, having children, raising them to attend school and college, land office jobs, earn money to buy houses, get married, and have your grandchildren.

· Opening a business, earning money, buying property and luxury villas around the world, having one, two, even three mistresses, raising a bunch of children to inherit the legacy, playing what is desired to be played and seeing what desired to be seen, and then dying peacefully in bed.

· Becoming an official, climbing up the ladder with a full heart and soul, getting promoted from a clerk to a section chief, to a director, to a director general, to a minister, to a provincial governor, and ultimately to become the prime minister while facing twists and turns, often happy and bright ones, all the way up, benefiting close and remote relatives, bringing honors to one's ancestors and to the glorious family.

· Getting famous, "A wild goose leaves behind a voice; a man leaves behind a name". Fame is a kind of asset. Whether in the entertainment industry or television news circles, whether in pop-culture or high culture, whether in a political party or a religious community, having only one purpose - to become famous and to meet one’s desires through fame.

· Establishing achievements, either for political parties, religious organizations, or states, dedicating everything including one’s life, and finally becoming a national hero, a meritorious statesman, or a religious leader.

· Retreating from the world, wanting nothing and doing nothing, being abstinent and restraining from material interests, "Being oblivious to the outside world, but indulging in the books of the saints and sages”.

· Making Life happy, joyous, free, and blessed, by leading a full Life, leaving no remorse or regrets, self-refining by giving unconditionally to charity, knowing the coordinate system and the coordinate points of the universe, and knowing one’s self-destination.

These eight investment orientations above are random examples. There are 84,000 ways of the Buddha and there are 84,000 ways of Life journeys. No matter into which directions you invest, the key point is to get the maximum benefits, and that is the value of Life.

If we make a careful calculation, it is not difficult to understand that investing in the last direction is of a higher value than any of the previous seven.

The meaning of Life is the complete exhibition of natural character to please the Greatest Creator. As we are created by the Greatest Creator, our purpose is to please the Greatest Creator. Those who fail to please the Greatest Creator are doomed to suffer tragic lives.

The Greatest Creator created the sun for illumination, fruit trees to bear fruit, flowers and plants to be colourful and beautiful, and people to highlight our natural human nature. What should be there, the Greatest Creator has given us. What should not be there, the Greatest Creator has denied us. Additional wants and desires are contrary to the will of and cannot please the Greatest Creator.

The values of Life are to seek Tao, attain immortality, and go to heaven.

The meaning of Life is to exhibit a nature that will please the Greatest Creator.

Believe it or not!

December 3rd 2009
Nairaland / General / How To Realize The Value Of Life by ivysunday(f): 6:09am On Sep 08
How to Realize the Value of Life


( Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Everything in the universe has value. There is no waste. As one of the ten-thousand types of spiritual Life of the universe, people have their own value. Well then, what is our value and how do we achieve it? The fundamental value of our existence is to please the Greatest Creator. The path to realize this value is to observe the way of nature. When all things comply with the way of nature, they realize the value of their existence.

When fruit trees bear fruit, they realize their value as fruit trees. When flowers bloom flowers, they realize their value as flowers. When hens lay eggs, they realize their value as hens. By spinning around the sun, the earth realizes its value of supporting Life. When we live our whole Lives according to the principles and rhythms of nature, we realize our human value.

Any practices or behaviours which breach the principles of nature are contrary to the intention of the Greatest Creator. Not only will they not achieve their own value, but they will also be punished by the law. If roosters learn to lay eggs and hens learn to crow, neither will achieve their own value, and they will be punished.

As a person, you need to live out your childhood excitement during your childhood, your youthful charm when you are young, your middle age style at mid-life, and your old age with calm restraint. When everything goes naturally, then you will have realized your value as a person.

But, we can be lured by devils and demons to give birth to many ideas, requirements, and behaviours that are outside of nature. This is the problem with people. For instance, the idea and practice of, "to achieve a career" is against the principles of nature. "To honour one’s ancestors, to bring glory to one's group or to the state, to live high above others, to be outstanding and to win admiration”, and so on are all against the principles of nature. The ideas and practices of sayings about spirits and deities, of fortunes and disasters, and of cultivating magic communications with spirits are even more against the principles of nature.

The following ideas and practices are also contrary to the principles of nature. To become fabulously rich with more money than is needed, to buy several villas and houses, to have a lifetime wife or husband, to have dozens of suits of clothing, to become famous, to win the admiration of people, to become a vegetarian and refuse to eat certain foods, to boast of pride, to quit performing useful functions, to live in luxury and spacious houses and drive luxury cars, and so on are all against the principles of nature. The ideas and practices of people wanting to acquire more than their natural needs require are departures from the way of nature. Similarly, when we suppress our nature in order to achieve an objective, it is not submitting to nature, and is also contrary to the way of nature.

When contrary to the principles and the way of nature, people cannot achieve the value of their existence. In commodity societies, people frantically pursue material enjoyment and amass wealth. This is a significant departure from the Tao of nature. With secular values, the more they possess, the more they value themselves. But the fact is quite the opposite. That so-called “value” is not the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, but the greed and desire of devils. A bird flies in the forest every day, twittering cheerfully, and although it does not possess or store more worms than it needs, it does not worry about whether or not it will have worms to eat the following day. This is in line with the principles of nature. If that bird were to work all day long catching insects and building a big warehouse to store the worms it has caught, then it would be doing those things contrary to the Tao of nature.

The Tao of nature is everlasting. "Returning to nature" is the strongest requirement and the cry of the modern time. If you want to achieve the value of Life, you should not nurture wild desires and ambitions or attempt to rise above others and should not pursue things beyond your natural needs, but you should be willing to be ordinary. You should meld yourself as drops of water do in rivers and seas. You should blend yourself like a tree in the forest. You should be like a flower blossoming harmoniously in a colourful garden or mountain valley among thousands of other flowers.

You should fully experience and feel that with which you have been bestowed from the Greatest Creator. Never try to transform nature, but comply with it. If an individual brings harmony, entertainment, and blessings to others, to society, and to nature, then they have proven to have realized their value, but if that individual brings troubles and pain to others and to society, or harm to nature, then they have proven that they have not achieved their value.

Taking the Tao of nature is the most effective way to realize the value of Life. Such people will enjoy the favor and grace of the Greatest Creator and their reward will be found in their homeland of heaven.

August 23rd 2011
Nairaland / General / The Best Investment For Life by ivysunday(f): 6:44am On Sep 07
The Best Investment for Life

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Life is just a short trip of LIFE in the mortal world. Since different travel routes lead to different experiences, we each arrive at different destinations. At this point, it is not "All roads lead to Rome", but it is branching out in different directions where any mistake can result in long-lasting regret.

How many regrets and how much remorse, bitterness, and anguish result from taking the wrong routes, especially as we reach our twilight days? The kinds of sadness, desolation, frustration, and remorse interweave into the pathos of the Life song as all the tears dry, and only the last breaths remain. There is no way to go back and start again. To whom shall we complain? To whom shall we sigh? We can do nothing but regret.

Tragedy can be avoided. It depends on how we choose our route of Life. In terms of the modern commodity-economic concept, it is how to best invest in your Life. The Greatest Creator has given each of us enough capital, such as time, energy, youth, vitality, freedom of consciousness, health, and so on, so how and where should we invest it?

Nature is the same, but people vary. Everyone has his or her own ideal and they cannot all resonate in the same key. LIFE has its own levels. Not all LIFE can be expected to become people. Some LIFE will have to take the roles of animals, including livestock and birds. In the travel routes of Life, some will have to choose deserts, gully hills, the wilderness, jungles, or steep cliffs. The best Life route is only to be understood and chosen by a small number of people. Those who see clearly will see more clearly, but those who do not, will be even more confused.

In the terms of Lifechanyuan values, the best travel route is the one to trek and climb to the highest realms of Life and LIFE. Our entire daily lives are to make Life happy, joyous, free, and blessed, and to prepare to arrive at our destination near the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand year world, and the Elysium Celestial Island Continent.

When we know where to go and how to reach our goal, our Lives becomes clear, as do our minds. The rest is the question of how to direct our Life investment. When we invest our time, energy, youth, and other capital into any project that makes it impossible for us to be happy, joyous, free, and blessed, and impossible for us to attain our ultimate aspiration towards heaven, then we must not invest more capital into it.

Everything is made clear. The best investment of Life is to invest our capital into something that can make our Lives happy, joyous, free, and blessed, and to steer our Life destinations toward the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand year world, and the Elysium Celestial Island Continent of heaven. Apart from this, all other investments are filled with confusion, regret, loneliness, boredom, bitterness, and pain, lose all our capital, and offer no return in the end. Even more, our investment mistakes may commit boundless sins which can not be redeemed even after several reincarnations.

Let us analyse which of several Life investment projects is the best.

We will examine life investments for these eight popular purposes:

The Family


The State

National Independence

A Political Party

Accumulation of Wealth

An Romantic Endeavor

Running a Business

Family is the Life investment project for most people and many people dedicate their lives to their families. From morning till night, whether for education, work, doing business, or running a company, all they do is for their families. Embezzlement and theft, overt and covert strife, scrambling and squeezing, and other offences are ultimately committed for their families. People have been trying everything for thousands of years to pursue family happiness and success, and writers have been praising and singing songs for families, yet unfortunately, despite all the secular forces that have been proclaiming the family’s benefits and attempting to maintain the family’s existence, they always bring more pain than pleasure. Families are main sources of personal and social pain, so if we invest all our capital into a family project, we will never be able to find happy, joyous, free, and blessed Lives, and our Life destinations will have no chance of reaching heaven.

Note: I am not arguing with those who disagree with this point. If you think investing your life into your family is the most correct, valuable, and meaningful thing for you to do, then so be it. Everyone has their own trajectory of Life and LIFE. No one should force their will upon anyone else and you are the only one who knows if you are wearing the right shoes. Why would I invest my Life capital in trying to alter your outlook on Life? I would not! Therefore, you must make the investment that you feel best suits your needs!

With the awakening human consciousness, more and more people are realizing the malicious character of family Life and are gradually but purposefully beginning to draw away from it. The puzzle is that if we move away from the family, then where do we go?

The soul must have a resting place, therefore many people invest Life capital into religions that they believe offer the most truths and join into those religious communities. The two questions now become whether the religion you believe in can provide you with a happy, joyous, free, and blessed Life, and whether it can ultimately get you to the ideal realm? Do not lie blindly and deceive yourself, but seek truth from the facts. I do not want to hear your answers, just ask the question and answer it silently. I am almost certain that you are perplexed, because any religions or faith groups with religious natures have problems which often include theological contradictions. All religious followers feel joyous and blessed for their first few years, but as their thinking grows deeper with the passing of time, they become increasingly confused, unable to find a way out, and develop unresolved, internal contradictions. Unless you become a religious gambler or a religious fanatic with a confused mind and soul, or you want to achieve your non-religious purposes through the religious establishment, then if you face reality and seek the truth from the facts, you cannot stay in any religion for very long. Therefore, it is my opinion that if we invest all of our Life capital into religious beliefs and activities, it would not the best investment of Life. But of course, if you believe that religion is the best investment of Life, so be it. No matter what play it is, someone has to perform in it.

Some people invest their Life capital into the project of safeguarding the state. Is it worthwhile? That depends. To people who benefit from the existence of the state, yes, but for people who suffer from the existence of the state, no. The existence of the state is a good thing for the authority, but for the majority of the people, it causes suffering. If there were only one state lead by one government in the world, there would be many advantages to the common people. What I mean to say is that putting our Life capital into the project of maintaining the state is not the best investment of Life. But of course, if you trust that this is the best investment of Life, then invest as much as you wish, but as time has proven, you cannot force me to stand up for your interests and values.

Similarly, investing your Life capital to a national independence project is not your best investment either. The formation of the European Union was a sign of civilization’s progress, but the collapse of the Soviet Union was a sign of its retrogression. Recently, Georgia and Russia have fought and killed each other’s people. National independence is the root of suffering. Similarly, the hardships of the people’s suffering in Zimbabwe was also caused by national independence. In fact, patriotism and national pride are both narrow and complex. Investing Life’s capital into these narrow, divisive projects is certainly not the best investment.

Is the best investment of Life to invest Life’s capital into organizing political parties against the government or strife against other political parties? Some people say, "Politics is dirty". It is as if to say that politics is to do the most shameful things for the most honorable reasons; that noble ends justify ignoble means. I am a political layman, but I feel that investing Life’s capital into projects involving politics does not seem to be the best investment of Life.

Many people invest Life’s capital into projects that bring them money. Honestly speaking, money is a good thing. It can indeed bring happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings. A Life without money is hard to live. Here is the question: money can twist one’s soul, and once one is possessed by money, they will use any and all means to acquire more, “By hook or by crook”. His or her sole will become increasingly ugly and that is why Jesus Christ said that “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. Just look around: the more money that people accumulate, the greedier they become. Their occasional "generous” activities of sharing a feather is either to gain fame to consolidate their wealth or to increase their wealth in other ways. Therefore, investing your Life’s capital into projects generating wealth is definitely not the best investment.

How about investing your Life’s capital into a romantic endeavor? Here, I would argue that people are untrustworthy and that the only reliable things in Life are beliefs, values, and your own inner strengths, so if we invest our Life’s capital into a certain person and want to obtain happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, and achieve the goal of entering heaven by relying on this person, it would be a risky investment, a kind of blind luck mentality, and thus certainly not the best investment.

How about investing all of Life’s capital into projects such as starting a business, running a company, or doing research? Such projects can bring you fame and wealth and the admiration of many people or even the whole world? Good! Nice investment! But all these are means to obtain the best Life, not the purposes of Life. If you designate means as purposes, then you are putting the cart before the horse. The purposes of Life are to get happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, to upgrade your LIFE quality and eventually enter heaven. If you consume all your Life on means and totally ignore the purposes, then you will regret it as you face the end of your LIFE. Therefore, the investment in such projects are not the best investments of Life either.

Well, which investment project is the best Life investment? As long as you clear away the impurities, a pool of water will sparkle naturally, be clear and clean, and reflect the sun, the moon and stars, and the mountains with vegetation. As you eliminate each faulty Life investment project, one by one, the best one will become clear at a glance.

August 12th 2008
Nairaland / General / There Is No Jealousy In The Paradise by ivysunday(f): 3:48pm On Sep 06
There is no Jealousy in the Paradise

Deiform celestial

(Translated by conglong and edited by Kaer)

Jealousy is a symbol of a flawed nonmaterial structure of LIFE; it is an illness of one’s soul. It is also the ugly side of human nature. Jealousy does not only hurt oneself, it also hurts one’s family, a group and society. Having an inexplicable feeling of hatred because others have better capability, appearance, fame, position, house, wealth, family and living environment and etc. is called jealousy.

Jealousy has an enormous destructive power; jealousy is a kind of poison which will destroy one’s immune system, makes one exhausted; it will break the harmony of small family and group and cause pain. It will pollute the entire society and make it develop towards ignorance and violence.

Jealousy is a dark emotion, and it is afraid of be exposed. When jealousy is bursting from reason, it will appear as hatred, fight, blasphemy, vandalism, hysteria, and makes the harmonious and auspicious atmosphere freeze in a moment.

Jealousy is a sharp and underhanded knife; its essence is very vicious and cruel. It will look for every opportunity to put the other person to death.

Jealousy is a quality of demon:

Some examples of jealousy are:

You are riding a bicycle, but feel upset and unhappy when seeing those who are driving cars; it is a sign of jealousy.

See a woman dress smart and beautiful, you gave her a contemptuous look; it is a sign of jealousy.

Your husband or wife is with someone else, your face looks gloomy; it is a sign of jealousy.

See others get promotion, move to a house, buy a new car or become rich, you say “so what?”, it is a sign of jealousy.

Your parents bought new clothes and toys for your brothers and sisters, or left them with more legacy; you start to look for excuses to be difficult. it is a sign of jealousy.

The person you love cares others, you don’t feel good; it is a sign of jealousy. You are resisting new ideas, new theories, new methods and new values. It is a sign of jealousy.

Someone can write better and more articles than you, then you behave critical and try to find his weakness; it is a sign of jealousy.

Someone always receive others’ attention, you then feel lonely; it is a sign of jealousy.

Someone was greeted by the president of your country, or got a reward. You say “Why show off,

it is just a meeting with the president” and “A small reward is nothing”. It is a sign of jealousy.

Jealousy is the sign of narrow-mindedness and lack of self-confidence; it is the symbol of one is walking towards the evil.

There is no jealousy in heaven; anyone who wants to live in the heaven must first remove the emotion of jealousy. Anyone who has even a tiny bit jealousy is for sure not eligible to live in the heaven.

To remove jealousy, we need to cultivate ourselves. Jealousy is usually generated in a group living environment, so we need do the cultivation in a collective life, if we just do the cultivation by closing ourselves for the others, we will never be able to eliminate jealousy.

We must find a relatively perfect group; live in the group to gradually eliminate our jealousy.
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Do not Let Jealousy Hoodwink the Spiritual Eye

Xue Feng

Man has six perception systems: vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, and spiritual perception, through which man can perceive and understand the world around and the matter that transcends time and space. The fault with any perception system can render us incapable of completely understanding the real situation around us and in the universe. In another word, if we have lost vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, or spiritual perception, then our consciousness cannot truly reflect the objective world.

If our eyes are hoodwinked, we have lost our vision, and we can no longer see the infinitely colorful world; if our souls are hoodwinked, our spiritual perception is lost and we can no longer distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and good and evil, and we cannot see the nonmaterial world, and even worse we can no longer see the Greatest Creator.

If we cannot see anything in the material world, it proves that our naked eyes have gone wrong, are blind, closed or hoodwinked; if we can not see anything in the nonmaterial world, it shows that something has gone wrong with our spiritual eyes, which are either blind, closed or hoodwinked.

Every one has spiritual eyes. Man is equipped with this program. Everyone has spiritual perception, the only difference is the sensitivity. The differences between the ignorant person, the laity, the mortal, the sage and the celestial being lie mainly in the differences in spiritual perception. The more slowpoke one is in spiritual perception, the more closely he inclines toward an ignorant person, the more sensitive one is, the more closely he inclines toward a celestial being.

To open the spiritual eyes and restore the spiritual perception is the main means by which we move toward the higher order of LIFE through self-cultivation and self-refinery.

How can we open our spiritual eyes? The teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha are the talisman to open the spiritual eyes, and “The Greatest Creator", "Revelation", "Wisdom", and "Unconventional Thinking" (note: they are chapters of Chanyuan Corpus)are the steppingstones to open the spiritual eyes.

How can we restore our spiritual perception? Spiritual perception is itself like a mirror, which does not need us to add anything to it. We need only "be diligent in wiping the dust off it".

Where is the dust? What is dust? How can we wipe off the dust? What has hoodwinked our spiritual eyes?

If our six senses are not clean, it will be difficult to open our spiritual eyes. The six senses refer to eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. That our six senses are not clean means that we have evil in our mind, which prevents us from seeing what we should have seen but allows us to see what we should not have seen, which prevents us from hearing what we should have heard but allows us to hear what we should not have heard, and which prevents from contemplating what we should think over but allows us to contemplate what we should not have thought over. Thus Buddha warns us to maintain a correct way of “seeing, hearing and thinking".

Why is there evil in our mind? Buddha tells us that it is caused by “five toxins”. What are “five toxins”? Greed, anger, infatuation, slander, and suspicion. The Chinese idiom "Addiction to five toxins" is understood by some as eating, drinking, whoring, gambling and smoking, and by some as cheating, hoodwinking, swindling, abduction and theft. In fact, the five toxins should refer to greed, anger,infatuation, slander, and suspicion.

The five toxins are the dust that should be wiped off frequently.

Here I would like to add another toxin, jealousy, which also needs to be wiped off frequently.

What is jealousy? Jealousy is the inexplicable indignant resentment and feeling of taboo arising from within as a result of one's failure to obtain what others are in possession of.

Why is jealousy also a toxin? Because jealousy can cause the distortion and abnormality of soul. Because of jealousy, one will create trouble out of nothing, disturb harmony and peace, create friction, contradictions and wars, sow discord among people, and injure LIFE for no reason at all. Jealousy will make one ferocious, will bring about bad temper induced by anger, will make one do insensible things... In a word, jealousy will hoodwink people's spiritual eyes, and distort the real nature of matter, and lead them astray and lead them to evil.

Take myself as an example. Xue Feng has become the target of many people's anger, jealousy, and hostility simply because he has said he is the

person with the highest wisdom, the greatest man in the history, the messenger of the Greatest Creator, and the incarnation of Jesus Christ and Buddha. As a result, they make themselves the enemy of Xue Feng. Why should they do this? The deepest root for this is jealousy. Because of jealousy, they won't listen to what Xue Feng has to say, and even if they listen to him, they don't do so with a correct attitude, but with a heart of evil. Because they listen with a heart of evil, they fail to see the whole forest because of a few trees.

Many women have been attracted to Xue Feng. The love between people should be something sincere, kind and beautiful, but this has also become the causes for many people's anger. Many people are thus simmering with inexplicable overwhelming indignation. What are the causes? It is because of jealousy.

The bright universe is overcast with dense dark clouds, the peaceful world is thus turned into a gloomy mess. Because of jealousy, the smooth life is filled with twists and turns, because of jealousy, the pure soul is defiled.

You can now believe that the building of Lifechanyuan is the best way of self-refinery and self-cultivation. I have created a lot of steep mountains and tortuous rivers, if you have swum across these rivers and scaled these mountains, you will see beautiful flowers in front of you. If you cannot scale these mountains and cross these rivers, you will not be able to enjoy the picturesque scenery beyond, and you can only stay where you are and can not move forward in transmigration.

Then will you still be jealous?

Please wipe off the dust of jealousy regular, otherwise, it will be difficult to open the spiritual eyes and restore the spiritual perception.

Don't let jealousy hoodwink the spiritual eyes!

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Conscience, the Mark of the Deficiency of Conscience

Xue Feng

Good conscience, as is suggested by its name, means a kind heart.

Man is distinguished from birds and beasts in that man has a conscience. Without a conscience, a man is no different from birds and beasts.

The real connotation of conscience: an invisible self-disciplinary moral court rooted by the Greatest Creator in the LIFE structure of man to enable man to congenitally distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil.

Conscience is the natural attributes possessed by man. Like the eyes of a person, conscience has nothing to do with a person's position, fame, property, appearance, age, gender, knowledge and wisdom. Conscience is a natural norm to maintain the harmony between man and god, man and nature, man and society, and man and man. Once conscience is absent, there will occur a series of conflicts and contradictions between man and god, man and nature, man and society, and man and man. Whether a person has a good conscience or not will decide whether he has a good quality and taste.

Conscience is an extension of nature of origin, which neither grows nor dies, neither defiles nor purifies, and neither increases nor decreases, and which has no perception and thinking, no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and ideas, no color, sound, fragrance, tastes, and touch, no outlook and accordingly no consciousness, no ignorance and no end of ignorance, no death, and no end of death, no destruction of Tao, no wisdom and no gain.

With the conscience, there will be birth and death, filth and cleanness, increase and decease, perception and thinking, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and ideas, color, sound, fragrance, tastes, and touch, outlook and accordingly consciousness, ignorance and end of ignorance, death, and end of death, destruction of Tao, wisdom and gain. This is comparable to water, which has the same attribute all over the world, but will take on the attributes of solid, liquid and gas when temperature changes.

Conscience is an attribute rooted in the nonmaterial structure of LIFE. Different LIFE forms have different attributes, the nature of man is originally the same, however, because of the difference in social environment and mechanism, and the different sources of man, man and man are distinguished from each other in the different degrees of goodness of conscience. This is like a tree, some of its leaves are covered with dirt and thus could not take on their own colors, while other leaves are clean and thus can show their true colors.

Conscience is a person's self-disciplinary moral court, which exercises restrictions over his or her actions and words. Without the restrictions of this self-disciplinary moral court, the person may act willfully and stop at no evil, will act in a foolhardy manner and disregard justice, will swell in selfish desire and disregard reason, and will hurt nature and others by hook and crook.

Guilty feeling has its source in conscience. Guilty feeling is the shame complex resulting from failure in a suit of self trial in the self-disciplinary moral court. Without the trial of conscience, the self-disciplinary moral court, man will never have a guilty feeling.

If everyone has a good conscience, all the constitutions, laws, statutes and regulations, and rules and commandments prescribed by the society will only be superfluous. Since some people do not have a good conscience, the

society has no choice but to lay down constitutions, laws, statutes and regulations, and rules and commandments to exercise restrictions, and the society has no choice but to establish visible courts to exercise judgment of people's behavior.

Perfect conscience is the symbol of a person's pure and beautiful soul.

Since the structures of LIFE forms at different order of LIFE are different, whether a person has a perfect or deficient conscience can predict the future direction of this person's LIFE. A person with a perfect conscience will undoubtedly walk toward the heavenly kingdom, and a person whose conscience is deficient will most surely walk toward the lower order of LIFE, for example, the animal world or hell.

Keep a good conscience and you will be infinitely blessed.

The symbols of deficient conscience

The following phenomena are the symbols of a deficient conscience.

1. Insult and maltreat parents

2. Desecrate the Greatest Creator, god and Buddhas

3.Cause scourge to people's mind in the name of the Greatest Creator, god, Buddha and spirit

4. Insult ancestors

5.Abandon underaged children

6.Requite kindness with enmity

7.Insult and attack teachers, and masters

8.Punish one's own relations

9.Do not keep promises and contracts

10. Pollute the earth, the air, the river, the lake and the sea 11.Randomly fell trees and destroy grass and flowers

12.Randomly maltreat and slaughter animals

13.Cause damage to a developing embryo, destroy a bird's nest and a beast's den, and unearth other people's ancestral tombs.

14.Plunder other's property

15.Steal, pilfer, rob, rape, oppress, exploit, blackmail other people, take advantage of other's precarious position, corrupt and accept bribes

16.Extravagance and luxury

17.Intrusion into private residence, forced and unauthorized entrance into private space

18.Destroy other's homestead


20.Lie, deceive, and swindle and bluff

21.Launch indecent assault against children and entice children

22.Make and sell fake medicine and food

23.Plagiarize other's achievements

24.Disseminate superstition, damage other's property, propagate monster and demons, poison souls

25.Make colossal profit

26.Give short measure and take substandard products as fine products

27.Bully those who have no kin and cannot support themselves

28.Instigate and abet others to contend, struggle and rob

29.Take away other people's favorite objects 30.Purposely sabotage public property

31.Force the good person into prostitution and shift the misfortune into others

32.Help a villain do evil, chuck one's weight about 33.Make false testimony

34.Expose other's privacy

35.Restrict, hinder, and deprive other's personal freedom

36.Laziness and greed

37.Secretly stab the back

38.Employ artful trickery to appropriate other people's properties

Conscience is the touchstone to test whether a person has a perfect soul, a watershed to test the fruits a person has achieved in self-refinery and self-cultivation, and the best proof to predict whether a person is entitled to walk toward the heavenly kingdom.

Keep a good conscience and you will be infinitely blessed, abandon the good conscience and you will be plagued with disasters.

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The Meaning of Joy, Happiness, Freedom and Blessing

Xue Feng

The Greatest Creator has created man so that man can enjoy the joy, happiness, freedom and blessing of life.

Man is conforming to the will of the Greatest Creator and is following the way of the Greatest Creator if he enjoys the joy, happiness, freedom and blessing of life and is thus thankful to the Greatest Creator for this.

The main value and significance of life is the pursuit of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing, the full enjoyment of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing on the journey of life, and consequently the love for life, for LIFE, for nature, and the gratitude for others, and the cultivation of the morality of man.

The meaning of joy is: a happy, pleasant, refreshing, and bright mood, without worry about trifles, without gloominess, anxiety, and fear, and a feeling as if the budding of flowers in the warmth of spring, the murmuring of limpid stream, the pleasantly warm sunshine, and the twittering of flying birds.

The meaning of happiness: a feeling of satisfaction, pleasantness, comfort, and sweetness, without trouble, suffering, complaint, and hatred, as if one is among the riot of flowers, where the butterflies are flying around, the dragons and phoenixes are presenting auspiciousness, and the two sexes are in great harmony.

The meaning of freedom: a state in which one is free from any bondage, obstacle, fear, birth and death, honor and disgrace, fame and gain, worry, debt, and enmity, and in which one is unrestrained and follow the predestined relations.

The meaning of blessing: a state in which one feels serenity, auspiciousness, elegance, and contentment, in which one is not disturbed by noise and overworked by official correspondence, and in which one is not worried about livelihood and future, and in which one reaches all thing with consciousness and masters everything with wisdom.

The effective way for the attainment of joy: open your mind, without any reservation and cheating, to the Greatest Creator, god, Buddha, relatives, friends and the society.

The effective way for the attainment of happiness: content with your own lot, unselfish, free of ego, impartial, and diligent.

The effective way for the attainment of freedom: reverence and esteem for the Greatest Creator, god, and Buddhas, adherence to laws and regulations, and free of debts.

The effective way for the attainment of blessing: unconditional giving and unselfish devotion.

Having understood the meanings of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing and mastered the effective way for the attainment of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing, you will most surely have a joyful, happy, free and blessed life if you persevere and persist.

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Navigating for Life and LIFE


(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn, heat in summer and cold in winter, season after season, the cycle has no end; streams gurgling through the ages, ebb and flow are just like this since the ancient times. Looking up in the sky, it is forever the same. Looking down the trees and plants, they blossom and wither. So many things are long lasting, evoking our admiration. Unfortunately, Life is short. Life flies like a colt crossing a stream. Young and pretty yesterday, old and faded tomorrow, and the past tenderness went by like the running river. The happiness appears on the eyebrows is as transient as a fleeting cloud, hard to retain.

Life, for all living things, is a tragedy. From the long human history, generation after generation, the reproduction has been ongoing and endless, but when focusing on a single organism, we find that everything is so short, like a flash in the pan, like a dream. Whether it was the emperors, the gifted scholars or beautiful ladies, or all sorts of common people; whether it was the ones with unmatched achievements, the extremely wealthy or the unknown poor, they were all hurried passengers. In the end, all is void.

When Life shows its dark, mean, dirty, and hypocritical face, the course of LIFE is a kind of unspeakable pain and anxiety, and a tragedy; when Life reveals its bright, noble, pure, and sincere face, the journey of LIFE is so relaxed, satisfactory, happy and joyful, and a comedy. But no matter how long the comedy plot can be staged on, Life will eventually close someday, and will be the sad moments "Flowers will die, do what you may". Well then, what is left for us? What is the point of the things, people, achievements, principles once we were persistent in? Trials and hardships, rush around, what do we gain in the end? What is the value and meaning of Life?

To turn the Life tragedy into Life comedy has been the dream earnestly pursued by the sages and saints. Throughout the ages, whether insignificant or great, ordinary or extraordinary people, they went wave upon wave and tried to unveil this ancient mystery, guiding the short Life to reach the eternal shore, cloaking the joyful splendid dress for the tragic LIFE, extending the limited trip to unlimited broad LIFE field. Unfortunately, from the ancient Greek philosophers to the oriental saints, from the Indian gurus to the Western masters of spiritual practice, none of them has offered us a convinced complete picture. Even the great Buddha had not illustrated all. The Holy Christ did not give us a clear path either. Thousands of years of human tragedy urged us to continue exploring and trekking along the path taken by our ancestors. Where is the path best Life path leading to heaven? What will be sight at the end of LIFE?

Life is a journey, no matter how we reincarnate, even reincarnate a thousand or ten thousand time in the mortal world, if our memories are one, then our LIFE in the mortal world is only but one time, not knowing our previous life or our afterlife. How do we connect to the previous life and afterlife and what is the significance? Only those who clearly understand their past and can see the future are leading a sensible life. And only such people can turn tragedy into comedy and enter to the realm of freedom from the realm of necessity, to enjoy wonderful taste and splendid style in the journey of LIFE.

Over the mountains and across the rivers, when can we enjoy the dense willow trees and bright flowers? At the vast expense of the sea, what direction is the best course? With no goals and directions, how can we get out of the confusion? When we rack our brains for the temporal loss and gain, for possession, and when we feel anxious and sparing no efforts for holding all the possession, are we missing the best time of Life and delaying the big things of LIFE?

The human tragedy lies in that each of us has LIFE, but by the time when death comes, we are still unclear about what LIFE is after all. Heaven is not far away ahead. Regrettably, people cannot see it. It is not only is the tragedy of the lost, but also the pain and sorrow for the clear-minded.
Through the efforts of thousands of years, particularly with the guidance and teachings of Jesus Christ, Shakyamuni Buddha, the immortal Lao Tzu, prophet Mohammed and sages and saints, we’ve finally walked out of the long night to see the dawn of light, and we finally can point a clear path for the value and meaning of Life, and a clear future for LIFE.

The meaning of Life is to pursue happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing. Anything meeting this standard is correct. Anything goes against this standard if confusion and pain. The value of Life lies not in what and what we can obtain and possess in the mortal world, but in sublime the quality of LIFE, improve the nonmaterial structure ultimately attain immortality.

Life is a short trip of LIFE in the mortal world. LIFE comes to the mortal world is determined by the gravity of each individual LIFE. This gravity, for the public, is made up of debts; for special figures, is decided by missions. Human beings, once have paid off the debts and have lived by as the Greatest Creator wills, by following the Nature and the nature, can lay the foundation for going to heaven--the thousand-year world, the thousand-year world, or the Elysium world.

The future of LIFE depends on the thinking and doing of Life journey. Where we move our steps, where we will go.

November 12th 2008
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It is Hard to Become Extraordinary if You Cannot Be Ordinary


(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Ordinary means common and normal; that one does not have any special abilities or talents. Extraordinary means not common, but outstanding; that one has an extremely special or good quality. Most people are ordinary, but a few great people are extraordinary. The behaviour of an ordinary person does not show any special qualities and everything they do is very common and usual, but one who is extraordinary demonstrates uniqueness and distinction and their behaviour is special. Everything about the ordinary is foreseeable, however that of the extraordinary is often hard to understand or describe. The ordinary is like a flower on the meadow while the extraordinary is like a blooming exotic flower on the cliffs.

In ordinary there is extraordinary; extraordinary comes from ordinary. Without ordinary, there is no extraordinary. Ordinary is the foundation; extraordinary is the building on it. Ordinary is the solid vast land, extraordinary is the vegetation and flowers growing on the land. Ordinary is being down-to-earth, extraordinary is flying above the clouds.

One who is extraordinary must first be ordinary. If they cannot be ordinary, it is difficult for them to become extraordinary. Without materials such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, cabbages, carrots, and other ordinary substances, we can not cook delicious meals with combinations of excellent flavor, aroma, and color. If we are not familiar with the original state of something, we will be unable to have a distinguished foresight with a unique way of thinking and a brilliant solution.

Jobs such as sweeping, washing clothes, fetching water, applying fertilizer, growing grass, planting flowers, growing vegetables, carrying bricks, cooking, and the like are very ordinary, however one who has no experience with ordinary jobs or does not strive to deliver first-class quality is far from reaching the state of the extraordinary. One who has too many weeds in their soul garden, such as jealousy, selfishness, laziness, greed, or is quick to complain, compare and get angry, will never experience the joy and delicacy of life.

“An amazing article does not use special words and a great man with excellent quality only shows his nature”. If an article uses flowery language and has many ambiguous new words and concepts, it will be very superficial and will lack the necessary connotative meaning. If one tries to show their uniqueness by their way of dressing, talking, and behaving, but is not willing to do the smallest and the most menial job, then they are superficial and do not have precious qualities inside.

One who wants to become extraordinary must work hard on things that seem ordinary. If one wants to write a good article, they must work hard on plain words. If they want to cook a wonderful dish, then they must work a lot with oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, other spices, and the proper amount of heat. One who wants to win a Nobel Prize needs to work hard on basic research and tests. One who wants to be a great man of the time must work hard on the daily ordinary jobs.

If one can not deliver excellence on the ordinary and only wants to pursue special behaviors and performances, they will never reach the extraordinary. Taking off the business suit and sweeping floors, carrying manure, moving bricks, digging soil, growing grass, and washing dishes will help one advance toward the extraordinary.

When one is able to deliver excellence while they are still a human, they will become a celestial; but if not, they will never realize that dream.

You should spend your precious time on ordinary, basic things and not to try to avoid them or strive to be outstanding. Do not attempt to surprise the public and amaze the world, but rather be happy just to do ordinary jobs and be an ordinary person. You should learn common knowledge and do not look for special methods and read special books. Behave normally: eating, drinking, working, and sleeping. Do not attempt to violate the laws of nature. Only then can we gradually move away from the ordinary and toward the extraordinary.

Written by Xuefeng on Mar 18, 2012.
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Expand the Space of Hope and Happiness


(Translated by Conglong and edited by Kaer)

When one’s hope quenches, they will be in despair. Once one is in despair, a life of joy and happiness also goes away.

One mother put all her hopes on her only son. Unfortunately, one day he had a car accident and died and she was in despair.

She was not so depressed and transferred all her hopes onto her other son. Unfortunately, when she was getting old, the other son died of an illness and so she too was sad and in deep despair. A third mother raised six children, and when she became old, none of her children were willing to take care of her, and so she was also in the depths of despair.

A nun who went from Europe to Africa never stopped adopting orphans. Wherever she goes, she always has about twenty children around her, so she never suffers from despair.

When one is alone and friendless, it is easy for them to become depressed and in despair, but why will you become alone and friendless when the world is so big and there are so many people? Who has caused you to be alone and friendless? It is yourself and your narrow-mindedness.

When we put all our hopes on marriage and a traditional family, once it breaks apart and we separate from our family members, we are doomed to suffer loneliness. However, if we do not put our hopes on marriage and a traditional family, but on trust in the Greatest Creator, the wellbeing of humanity, and the way towards paradise, will we still feel lonely?

Therefore, loneliness and despair are not issues of reality, but issues of one’s consciousness. One who is narrow-minded, selfish, and only treat his or her blood kin as family, and one who is only put his or her hopes on a small range of people will most definitely suffer from loneliness and despair.

The intention of getting married is also a misdirection of in thinking. The thought and behaviour that put your happiness and wellbeing on a particular man or a woman will certainly cause you misery when that person leaves or “betrays” you.

Please expand your space of hope and find more kin and close friends!

Written by Xuefeng on Mar 04, 2011
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Cultivate Telepathy

Xue Feng

Mom's voice is most pleasing, and most secure. Mom's will bring us safety, comfort, peace, luck, consolation, and hope. Babies know the voices of their mothers without thinking, because they are capable of telepathy.

Lying in the arms of Jesus is like lying in the arms of our mothers, and we need telepathy to feel all this.

Holding the hand of Buddha Sakyamuni is like holding the hand of mother, because we know that the kind and merciful Buddha will lead us to happiness instead of evil. We need telepathy to feel all this.

Following the prophet Mohamed is like following our own others, because he will risk his own life to fight against devils and help us. We need telepathy to feel all this.

Listening to the teachings of Lao Tze is like listening to the whispering of our mothers, because he is imparting wisdom to us and nurturing us. We need telepathy to feel all this.

The universe is of Taiji structure. The sum of positive and negative energies is zero. Therefore, the power of good, however tremendous it might be, is counterbalanced by the power of evil. The acting force is equal to the reaction force, but the two forces run counter to each other in the same straight line.

The greater your determination to find a way to the heavenly kingdom, the larger resistance you will encounter.

You must be vigilant against the wise people or people practicing magical arts, because they are probably the mouthpiece for devils.

You must watch out for people capable of communicating with psychic energy, because they will confuse your soul and bring you into a puzzling and chaotic world.

You must beware of those who speak insolently, because they are sons and grandsons of devils.

You must keep a distance from this consumed by jealousy, because they have an ugly soul.

Do not wallow in the mire with evil persons, because they will pollute your souls and ultimately destroy your life.

Do not allow yourself to be led by the nose as to what is good and what is bad, you must depend on your telepathy.

Nairaland / General / Chanyuan Celestials Must Learn To Forgive Others by ivysunday(f): 10:20am On Aug 28
Chanyuan Celestials must Learn to Forgive Others

(Translated by Conglong)

In heaven, there is no hatred, one who carries hatred can never go to heaven. I came from the lowest space of heaven – Thousand-year world, where hatred doesn’t exist; there are only happiness, joy, and freedom.

“The fungus plant of a morning knows not the alternation of day and night. The cicada knows not the alternation of spring and autumn”. Our lives are so short, one hundred years pass like a moment; we don’t even have enough time to pursue happiness, joy,and freedom, why should we waste our precious time on anger and hatred.

We have established the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life), which is the transfer station from the earth to heaven. Everything in the Second Home will be copied and practised according to the life in Thousand-year world. Those who have lived in the Second Home for quite long time have more or less experienced the beauty of heaven. I told everyone by fact that as long as you follow my “map to heaven”, you will not only get at Thousand-year world one day; you can go further to “Ten-thousand-year world” and the “Elysium world”.

You must forgive others, which is the minimum requirement to enter heaven. Nobody is perfect, we ourselves are not perfect. Therefore, we could not avoid hurting others or being hurt in our lifetime. If we think from other people’s perspective, and feel for them, and as long as we treat others with sincerity and we forgive others, the door of heaven will be open for us.

Do not take the past to your heart, which will merely consume your energy and precious time, it is not worthy to fuss over other people’s imperfection. Even if you take revenge, it is just a satisfaction of your vanity, which is no value and use to your LIFE quality and its sublimation. So please do not try to be a hero because that will damage your spiritual growth, and you will be looked down by others. If you take revenge, that means you are very mean and narrow-minded, and will not be able to get well along with others.

If you forgive others, I will also forgive you. If you cannot “love your enemy”, at least you should not hate your enemy, if you cannot get well along with your “enemy”, at least there should be no fight.

Please forgive others, and all those who have hurt us. You can have a try, if you forgive them from the deep of your heart, you will be brightened up and have a clear mind, and the road forward will be much broader and you will have more beautiful future.

So please listen to me; this is also the teaching of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni. You will benefit a lot from forgiveness, which has been proved by many facts and my own experiences.

Written by Xuefeng on Mar 25 2011
Nairaland / General / Light The Sacred Lamp In Your Heart by ivysunday(f): 8:14am On Aug 27
Light the Sacred Lamp in Your Heart


(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

We can face problems or stumble into traps when we walk in the dark. More seriously, we could take a wrong turn and be lead away from our destination. It is only when we walk in the sunlight or shine a lamp to brighten our way that we are able to reach our destination, one step at a time.

As cultivators, we must first learn where we want to go. Then, we need to follow this path and not be distracted or mislead by anything along the way. We need to discard anything that hinders us from moving forward because if we are attached to something we own or are unwilling to surrender things that are unnecessary, our trip would be delayed or end prematurely. We would never reach our destination, and the result of such poor cultivation would be that all our energy and effort are wasted.

The two objectives for the cultivation of a Chanyuan Celestial are very clear: the first is to lead a happy, joyful, free, and blessed life, and the second is to extend their LIFE to heaven: Thousand Year World, Ten Thousand Year World, and Elysium World.

The only way to reach these goals is to initiate a new era for humankind where, “the talented will be put to good use and the whole world will be one family”, “no one would pocket anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted at night”, and everything is in harmony and the weather is very pleasant. This is also an era when all citizens of the earth will enjoy happiness and freedom. What we do to realize this dream is embodied in the building of the Lifechanyuan cause, especially the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life). In short, helping to build Lifechanyuan is the best way to self-cultivate.

“The difficult problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet easy; the great problems of the world must be dealt with while they are yet small”. If we do not focus our efforts on small things, we will not be able to realize our beautiful dreams, and if we do not combine theory with practice or if we say one thing but do another, we will only be cheating ourselves and others. That is the trick of the wicked.

We need to light the sacred lamp in our hearts, otherwise, where and how should we go?

How do we light the lamp?

Trust in the Greatest Creator.

Trust Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu and Prophet Muhammad.

Trust reality, science, logic, and your spiritual perception.

Trust the road map given by the spiritual guide, Xuefeng.

If we do not have the above trusts, we are not lighting the sacred lamp in our hearts.

Whoever finds it too difficult to embrace these trusts is suggested not to apply for a Chanyuan Celestial. Whoever is one is invited to surrender their title and follow what they feel is a better, more suitable path. Do not waste your precious time and the energy of the Second Home.

Be very clear about what you want. “The Sage embraces the One and becomes the model of the world”. We will not desire everything and be greedy; we will not want both a raincoat and an umbrella. We will not live a new life while still wanting to keep a traditional lifestyle and we will not have everything while still possessing personal property or any person. We shall not walk on the Way of the Greatest Creator while still straddling onto other paths.

“Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness”. One who does not listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ will not reach the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator and those who do not listen to the teachings of Buddha Sakyamuni will never reach Elysium World. Anyone who does not listen to the teachings of Lao Tzu will not evolve into a Celestial and those who do not walk according to the road map of the spiritual guide will not get to Thousand Year Word, Ten Thousand Year World, or the Celestial Islands Continent - part of the Elysium World.

Listen or do not listen? Follow or do not follow? Everyone is responsible for their own future.

Jan 10, 2011
Nairaland / General / Never Be Arrogant In The Kingdom Of The Greatest Creator by ivysunday(f): 2:39pm On Aug 26
Never be Arrogant in the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator


(Translated by Conglong)

Everyone who lives in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)should always remember that everything we get from the community is a gift bestowed by the Greatest Creator, compared to his mercy, what we do for the Second Home is nothing. Therefore, we should always keep a humble attitude and never be arrogant.

Arrogance is a characteristic which matches neither a Chanyuan celestial’s quality, nor is it in harmony with life in the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Arrogance is a quality of the devil, not that of buddha. It is a weed in our soul garden which must be removed. Therefore, no matter how knowledgeable we are or how much we have contributed to the Second Home, even if we are very intelligent and capable, we should never be arrogant.

The symbols of arrogance are:

To think that the Second Home would not still exist without us.
To think that we play a very important role and the Second Home will not be able to sustain without us.
To think that we are very wise and intelligent; superior to our brothers and sisters.
To take everything for granted and think that the community should meet all our requirements. If there is any request that cannot be satisfied, we get upset and become pessimistic.
To think very highly of ourselves and condemn and criticise other brothers and sisters.
To think that our brothers and sisters are not as outstanding as we, and become lazy and no longer participate actively in the building of the Second Home.
To think that the Second Home owes us, are not willing to accept criticism, and always think that we are right.
To always want to do office work or be the leader of the community, not willing to do dirty and heavy labor.
To always show off and want everyone to admire us.
To criticise, condemn and ridicule others.

Arrogance is a symbol of narrow-mindedness, shallowness, ignorance, and an uncivilized character.

It is also the watershed that divides the celestial from the devil, and one of the most important symbols of a flawed soul. Therefore, everyone should be mindful not to let arrogance invade your soul. No matter how great we think we are, how outstanding we seem to be, or how much we have contributed; no matter what position we are at and are admired by how many people, no matter whether we are an expert, a celebrity, a high-ranking official, a rich man or have a doctor’s degree, once we enter and live in the Second Home, we need to think of ourselves as the most ordinary and in lowest position, and always keep a humble heart.

We enter the Second Home not for position, fame and power, material comforts, beautiful women or handsome men, and not for glorifying our ancestors or passing a good reputation to a hundred future generations. Rather, we are here to perfect our souls, repay our debts from previous lives, and accumulate our treasures in heaven, then go to the Elysium World. Once we have a feeling of arrogance, we will not be able to go forward, and we will make mistakes and ruin our futures; it will also become an obstacle to building our ideal community. Eventually, all our most beautiful dreams will become void and we will regret that forever.

Please, always return to the starting point and fly in the space of the pure land; you will see different scenery. It is also one of the best ways to reach heaven.

May 01, 2012
Nairaland / General / Pursue Sincerity, Kindness, And Beauty,and Shy Away From Falsity, Evil And Uglin by ivysunday(f): 11:25am On Aug 25
Pursue Sincerity, Kindness, and Beauty,

and Shy Away From Falsity, Evil and Ugliness


The theory of Taiji tells us, “The created universe carries the yin at its back and the yang in front”. Sincerity coexists with falsity, kindness with evil, beauty with ugliness, love with hate, life with death, disaster with blessing, honor with disgrace... The unity of opposites is the fundamental law of the universe. There is nothing absolute, and things are all relative. This is true of the whole universe, the society, everything, every object, every person, and every phenomenon.

The people that are heading for heaven are those who pursue sincerity, kindness, and beauty, and consciously shy away from falsity, evil and ugliness, and chase the sun and escape the darkness. No matter whether they observe the universe, nature, and human society, or everything, every object, every phenomenon, or every person, they can always see their sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty, and ignore their falsity, evil, ugliness, resentment, and hypocrisy. They look forward to the heaven and pay no attention to the hell, because they understand the law of attraction. Whatever consciousness of soul a person has, and whatever reality that person will perceive. They also understand that birds of a feather flock together, that a person with an ugly soul can only see an ugly world and a person with a beautiful soul can see a beautiful world.

For this purpose I have eight requirements for Chanyuan celestials:

1. Do not search for and highlight the dark side of the society, but search for and highlight the bright side of the society.

2. Do not expose the ugly side of human nature, but highlight the beautiful side of human nature. Be ready to compliment rather than find fault.

3. Keep a distance from those who like grumbling, who spread rumor and gossips, who are listless and dispirited, who are arrogant and conceited, who are extremely selfish, who are sorrowful, and who are negative and pessimistic. Associate with those who are youthful, who are humble and hopeful, who are optimistic and generous, and who are the closest to the Greatest Creator.

4. Listen more often to beautiful words and soothing and melodious music, and less often to noises; watch and read more often the film, television, newspapers, magazines and network information that exhibit sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty, but less often those that exhibit murder, violence, and the ugly side of society and human nature.

5. Read more often my account of the Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World, and pay less attention to the unfortunate state in the human world, animal world, and hell.

6. Communicate more with nature and do not associate with those in the secular world who are greedy, selfish, and deceitful.

7. Try hard to guide consciousness toward simplicity, order, and harmony, and refrain from probing into things that are profound, grotesque, quaint, absurd and other unnatural and disorderly things.

8. Maintain an optimistic, active and positive attitude toward everything, and reject the passive, pessimistic and negative attitude.

The orderly consciousness creates an orderly world, the beautiful soul creates a beautiful life. If you have an evil eye, everything around will be evil, if you have a heart of Buddha, you can see Buddha everywhere. There is nothing wrong with the world. We are the ones that are at fault. Even if ugliness and wickedness prevail the world, we can keep a clean soul and strive to be an angel; even if others are hypocritical and cunning, we can show our sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, and honesty; we do not grumble, do not complain, do not expose the society, do not find fault with others; we are content with what we have, we do not reach for what is beyond our grasp, we are not ambitious, we live an ordinary life. We do not seek fame, interest, position and power, we only pursue joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing, we do not aim to own anything in the human world, our only purpose is to move forward Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand-Year Worlds, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World.

Pursue sincerity, kindness and beauty and shy away from falsity, evil and ugliness, be pious to Buddhahood, and run toward the Celestial Island Continent!

May 22, 2010

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