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Nairaland / General / An Introduction To The Kingdom Of The Greatest Creator by ivysunday(f): 6:06pm On Oct 01, 2023
[center]An Introduction to the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator

Deiform Buddha
Dec. 14, 2022
(Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Peter)

Christ Jesus told us: "So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." ~ Matthew 6: 31-33

More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ told the world, "Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand."—Matthew 4:17.

Today, Deiform Buddha has told the world, "The kingdom of the Greatest Creator has appeared on the earth, you should leave everything behind, find the kingdom of the Greatest Creator and become a citizen of the kingdom of the Greatest Creator first."

Where is the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator?
The kingdom of the Greatest Creator is in the land of freedom, where everyone enjoys the eight rights of freedom:the rights of survival, creation, migration, speech, the individual, thought, learning, and refusal.

The place where the Greatest Creator’s will is unimpeded is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. The supreme authority of the kingdom of the Greatest Creator is the Greatest Creator, the highest constitution is the way of the Greatest Creator (the Tao), and the highest law is the 800 Values for Human Beings.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, there are no churches, Buddhist temples, or Taoist temples. The sun, moon, and stars are the churches; the mountains and rivers are the Buddhist temples; and wind, clouds, rain, and snow are the Taoist temples.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, there are no countries, religions, or political parties. The earth is a home for all people, nature is the religion, and free associations and gatherings are the political parties.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, there is no marriage, family, or relatives. To be kind to each other and love each other freely is marriage. People who are kind to and love each other are family. All the citizens in the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator are relatives.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, there is no one who gets something for nothing, no officials, and every citizen is a creator of wealth, either material wealth, spiritual wealth, or soul wealth, or some combination of all three.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, all power belongs to the Greatest Creator, everyone only enjoys the pleasures of LIFE, and cannot enjoy the welfare brought by power, and no one has the right to dominate others.

In the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator, all resources belong to the Greatest Creator and not to any individual. Every citizen has nothing but can enjoy everything.

The Kingdom of the Greatest Creator has been born on earth, and the old system is running out of time. Those who pursue spirituality should be vigilant and seize the time to seek the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Everything you have on earth will disappear; and the pursuit of possessions is the pursuit of dreams and bubbles; the words of more than two thousand years ago will become reality. Enter the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator and you will survive, stay outside the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator and you will vanish.

Seek the Greatest Creator’s Kingdom now! If you seek it, you will find it.

Keep knocking on the door of the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator! As long as you keep knocking, the door will open for you.
Nairaland / General / Live In The Future, Rather Than In The Present by ivysunday(f): 5:12am On Jul 10, 2022
August 29, 2020

(Translated by Qinyou and Edited by Kaer)

The present is painful; food, clothing, shelter, birth, old age, sickness, death, reciprocity, resentment, and hatred are all current troubles and pains. “Nine out of ten times, life is not as good as one wishes it were”, every family has their problems and each individual has troubles. Troubles are not easily escaped. "As we live in the complications of the human world, we have to adapt ourselves to changing circumstances"; every day, people either struggle on the line of death or spend their days worrying. Living in the present is like living in a sea of bitterness.

Rooted in the present, our consciousnesses should live in the future because the future is the gathering place of our dreams, ideals, and fantasies. We can imagine the beauty of our future to our heart's content even if the reality is bitter and tired, even if it is terrible; as long as we let our consciousnesses live in an ideal state of the future, we can be optimistic, romantic, treat sad situations as temporary dreams, grit our teeth, and survive. Think about the beautiful futures that we plan, think about the picturesque and free places in which we we will live; even if the sky falls, "it is of no matter".

Our past consciousnesses create our present realities. Similarly, our present ones can create better futures. According to the principle of visualized thinking, our futures are mainly created by our imaginations, so we can create our own ideal futures. In this case, why should we live in the present? Would it not be more comfortable to live in a future scenario that we can imagine?

The only things that are impossible are those that cannot be imagined. If we live in the future, then we can imagine a better life to our heart's content. This is not Ah Q's way of winning spiritually, it is a way to get rid of difficulties and move towards a better future.

We should find ways to make ourselves happy. I was born to a very ordinary peasant family, but my consciousness often lives in the future where thinking about it makes me happy. Many things that I imagined in the past have become my reality today, so I learned the technique of living in the future. I can rest assured that my future will be as thrilling and beautiful as I want it to be. When I live on the island of Balikia on the Celestial Islands continent ahead of time, all of my confusion and worries will be gone, as will my anxieties, concerns, and fears.

How stupid it is to live in the present! Live in the future! As long as you live in your imagination of a better future, you will find that the present is a dream. Try to see how it works.
Nairaland / General / Good Order, Health And Efficiency by ivysunday(f): 10:17am On Feb 14, 2022
Good order, Health and Efficiency
—— On the Building of the Home


The sun will rise on time, otherwise it is not punctual, and this will make it extremely difficult for the living creature to adapt to.

The lack of order causes chaos, the imbalance of health, and the loss of efficiency; good order ensures good health and high efficiency. The building of the home shall guarantee the health of people and at the same time pursue high efficiency. Therefore everything must go on in an orderly and methodical manner.

The more order there is, the higher the efficiency and the better the health. The more order there is, the more leisure time and entertainment time there will be.

In order to guarantee that everyone has a good health and works efficiently, the home shall secure order in the following eight aspects.

Good order in consciousness, planning, work, division of labor, living, food, entertainment, and advance and retreat.

I have put forward the following advice for you to consider and adopt.

Good order in consciousness

Uphold the"800 Values for New Era Human Being", revere the Greatest Creator,revere LIFE,revere nature, follow the way of the Greatest Creator, pursue the joy, pleasure, freedom and happiness of life, seek the sublimation of LIFE and ascension to the Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand-Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World, strive to finish the worldly relations and enter the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life) to lead new life of mankind. Do not accept other consciousness, do not waste time and energy on them. Concentrate on the Chanyuan values. In this way we can reach the order of consciousness.

Good order in planning

There should be plans for what we do every day, what we do in our whole life, what we do, and how we do it. As Chanyuan celestials, we have our part of work in the home every day, we work all our life to pay back the debts accumulated over different lives, and build up the wealth and treasure for the life in the heavenly kingdom. We should concentrate our effort and energy on this goal and should not be distracted by other considerations. In this way we can ensure the good order of planning. The home as a whole shall hold exchanges of learning Chanyuan values at seven to nine in the evenings of Monday and Wednesday. On Friday, from seven to half past ten, we will discuss about the defects in the building of the Second Home and our failures to uphold the Chanyuan values. Everyone shall contribute ideas and proposals to the building of home.

Good order in work

Choose a job in the home that you like most, that is closely combined with your character and special skills, and at which you can bring your talents into full play. Then devote to the job completely, perform the job creatively, and try your best to make it perfect. Do not casually change the character and content of the work, and this is good order of work.

Good order in division of labor

This concerns the home as a whole. Every subunit of the home shall assign all the work of the home to each individual, no matter how small the work may be. There must be special persons responsible for all the work, and then allow the responsible persons to finish their assigned work creatively. Do not interfere and transfer people casually, and place special emphasis on the most important matter, and this is good order in division of labor.

Good order in living

The home shall ensure that everyone has adequate amount of sleep. The members shall follow the law of nature. The home shall keep early hours to ensure good health. Eleven at night is the time to go to bed, six in the morning is the time to get up. Generally, seven hours of sleep is enough for adults, and younger people can have an additional hour of nap at noon, which lasts between thirteen and fourteen o'clock. We should get up when it is time to get up. As long as we have formed the habit, we will become more and more healthy and more and more vigorous. We should change the habit of staying up until midnight and getting up very late in the morning. In this way we will have a good order of life.

Good order in food

The Second Home has two meals a day. Breakfast begins at half past nine, dinner starts at half past five in the afternoon. Meals will be held on time, and will not be advanced or delayed. Snacks will be prepared so people can get as they like. The amount of food taken should be moderate. Having too much food each time is not good to health, and food shall consist of vegetable and meat in appropriate proportion. The food should not contain too much or too little meat. The home will try to ensure that there is no leftovers. All Chanyuan celestials residing permanently in the home should have meals on time. No one shall skip meals or have too much or too little for one meal. And this is good order of food.

Good order in entertainment

The home shall create rich and colorful cultural entertainment and games. Gleeful evening party shall be held on the last Saturday of each month, and on the evening of every Saturday, there will be unified arrangement of games and entertainment or temporarily organized entertainment activities. On Saturday evening people can stay up late and on Sunday people can get up late or go outing or shopping.

Good order in advance and retreat

The important affairs of each subunit shall be subject to the unified planning and arrangement of the headquarter, and the subunit should not take liberty to make plans and arrangement. And each subunit shall independently plan and arrange small affairs and shall not ask the headquarter for instruction. Chanyuan celestials outside the home (with the exception of those who have rendered meritorious services) should apply one week in advance to the director of a subunit for the entrance and exit of the Second Home. The director of the subunit shall make overall arrangement. The flow of Chanyuan celestials between different subunits shall be determined after full consultation between directors of the related subunits. Generally only excellent Chanyuan celestials are entitled to the flow. Any Chanyuan celestial who does not perform very well in a certain subunit will not have the chance of transfer. He will have to either engage in self-refinery and self-cultivation in the same subunit until he has reached relative perfection or go back to the secular world. We should firmly prevent the transfer of Chanyuan celestial who has caused many troubles or has not behaved well in one subunit to

another subunit. Everyone should use their head and work hard to create a life of good order. When everything is in good order, efficiency will be raised and we can enjoy better health.

Nairaland / General / Holographic Management: Whoever Advances The Proposal Will Be Responsible For Th by ivysunday(f): 9:46am On Feb 07, 2022
Holographic Management: Whoever Advances the Proposal Will be Responsible for the Proposal

It is easy and simple to make a proposal, but not so easy and simple to put it into practice.

A good proposal is comparable to the fulcrum of a lever stick, with which a small weight can exercise great impact and bring about countless profits.

A bad idea, on the other hand, can disturb one's thread of thought, can make one weighed down with work, and can cause the collapse of the whole collective or the whole cause.

Lifechanyuan does not adopt democratic management system, instead it adopts holographic management system. Each affair, be it small or big, shall be taken charge of by one person only. The person in charge of the affair employs superhuman philosophy, namely: either what you say counts or what I say counts. If what I say counts, then you listen to me, and I will be responsible for all consequences and faults. If what you say counts, then I listen to you, and you will be responsible for all consequences and faults. There is no room for compromise.

Cut down all useless affairs, useless talks, and useless actions. All affairs for which you can not undertake responsibility are useless affairs, all talks for which you cannot undertake responsibility are useless talks, and all actions for which you cannot undertake responsibility are useless actions. Therefore, anyone who puts forward a proposal must first of all clearly understand that he can shoulder the corresponding responsibility for the proposal. If he can not measure up to the proposal and is not willing to shoulder the responsibility, then his proposal can only amount to useless talks and useless actions, no matter how good your proposal might be.

Everyone has his own set of thinking. The thinking of the specific responsible person is most practical. When doing things, one should follow his own thinking, only in this way can he have a control of the overall situation and a definite goal in view. If he lets himself led blindly by others' proposals, he will easily lose his way, wobble in his actions, shift his responsibility onto others, and neglect his duty. Hence, when someone has undertaken certain responsibility and is going all out for its performance, others had better cooperate actively instead of only putting forward ideas and suggestions.

Those who speculate to secure personal gains are inclined to only offer suggestions and are not willing to do practical things. Those who shy away from hard tasks and responsibility are only engaged in bragging and boasting. They are called "sponger" in the history of China. They make use of their wits to earn a living. "Chief of staff", "commissar", and "idea man" all belong to this category. They need not take responsibility if they have messed things up, and the worst scenario is that they just resign and walk away. If things go smoothly and succeed, they simply try various means to claim credit for the success and secure personal promotion. If the world is plagued with such kind of people, more and more people will become experts of speculation for personal gains, more and more people will excel in hypocrisy, cheating, scheming, and power struggle. These people will make trouble out of nothing and bring calamity to the people and the country.

All those who like to make proposal but cannot put it into practice themselves are mostly people who have no practical capabilities and are unwilling to engage in practical actions but want to show off their wits and secure glories for themselves. People of this kind are superficial, frivolous, and empty. They will only be friends of good time and will not offer help when someone is really in need of it. They would not forge forward step by step, instead they want to have a meteoric rise and become the center of power.

People who are brave to take up responsibility generally don't put forward ideas or suggestions, instead, they simply say, "I will do this". People who do not want to do anything practical but want to intervene in it are those who bring ruin to the matter instead of contributing to the success of it.

Lifechanyuan is to usher in the age of Lifechanyuan for mankind, so it must pioneer a new pattern of management for mankind. It should reduce useless talk and action to the greatest extent, and arrange to the front line of production those people who put up a boastful appearance but don't do any practical thing, who only talk rubbish and engage in speculation to secure personal gains, and who only want to flaunt themselves. Every member shall be involved in a specific task, and the nature of such tasks must be strictly limited to the creation of spiritual, soul and material wealth. Otherwise, he or she is just making rubbish, virus, and disaster.

In Lifechanyuan, people with a practical attitude are most respected, while people with a boastful and impractical attitude are most despised. How much value you have is not decided by what you say but by what you do.

Lifechanyuan does not refuse proposal, but the person that makes the proposal must take the charge and be responsible for what he has proposed. In this way, the person who puts forward the proposal will be one whose words are consistent with his actions, and the one who acts and thinks in one and the same way, and the one who has a noble character and is willing to make contributions.

Lifechanyuan will carry on the great cause of unifying all thoughts and all methods and initiating the period of Lifechanyuan for mankind. What we are doing is vast and endless. As long as you are willing, every one can most fully bring his or her talent into play. Our approach to proposal is that whoever makes the proposal shall be responsible for it.

Nairaland / General / The Complementation Of Advantages And Mutual Services by ivysunday(f): 10:48am On Jan 29, 2022
The Complementation of Advantages and Mutual Services in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

the Second Home is the transfer station from the human world to the heavenly kingdom. In the Second Home, Chanyuan celestials who have gradually escaped from the secular program begin to learn the way of life in the heavenly kingdom, especially the way of life in the Thousand-Year World.

In the home they can cultivate the moral sentiment and quality of celestial being in the heavenly kingdom, and lay a foundation of LIFE for entering the heavenly kingdom after departing the human world.

Every one has his or her inborn character, specialty and hobbies. Everyone can fully bring his or her inborn character, specialty and hobbies into play, everyone can fully utilize his or her advantages. In this way, everything in production and life and every procedure in the Second Home is done by people with advantages. As a result, everything and every procedure will be completed in the best way. And this is called the complementation of advantages in the home. No one shall be forced to do anything that he or she is not willing to do or is not good at. Everyone should find his or her advantage and bring it into full play.

One major characteristics that distinguishes the Second Home is that in the secular world people in many cases have to do what they do not like to do and what they are not good at. While in the Second Home , since everyone's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old age, and health and death are taken charge of by the home, the old people are taken care of by the home, the children are brought up and educated by the home, and there is no family in the home, so the work that everyone does is not related to salary, emolument and reward, and there is no distinction between nobility and lowness in any work.

Currently life and production in the Second Home goes on in a methodically and orderly manner. All work proceeds most perfectly, from cooking, laundering, cleaning, breeding, planting, building houses, and so on. All this benefits from the complementation of advantages. For example, recently Yunnan has suffered severe drought,which has seriously affected the availability of water for use and drinking. Because the Second Home has talents and every one of them has fully utilized their advantages, purchase of electrical generators, pumps, digging Wells in the valley, and the pumping of water into the home have all been accomplished smoothly, without the help from the outside. With the development of the home, barbers, doctors, nurse, and teachers will also be needed in the future. Thus, a community resembling the village of Thousand Year World is completely established.

In addition to the complementation of advantages, another characteristic of the Second Home that distinguishes it from the secular life is the mutual services provided by Chanyuan celestials to each other. Since they all follow the same values, which conforms to Lao Tze's teaching of"embracing the one as the model of world", every Chanyuan celestial can fully utilize his or her specialty to serve the home. In addition, there is no contention for power, position, honor, interest, and benefit in the home, the mutual services between Chanyuan celestials are thus different in nature from the mutual service in the secular program. In the secular program, even the mutual services between family members have a price tag, have a purpose, and are based on consideration of interest. That is to say, they owe each other a debt, emotional debt is also a kind of debt. However, in the Second Home , the mutual service does not involve owing debt to each other. Each does his or her share of work.As a result, everyone is free from spiritual and psychological burdens and can live a life of ease. All that accompanies life is pleasure and happiness.

In the Second Home , everyone is only responsible for the Greatest Creator and for themselves. Everything they do is to accomplish their cultivation. Here people don't ascribe to the value that"I do this for the good of the home and all people". No one should lecture anyone about high sounding principle, and should not try to impose his or her own life outlook and values on others. Everyone shall abide by"800 Values for New Era Human Being".

Everyone shall focus on perfecting themselves, and practice the principle that " I don't offer help if no one asks for it, and I will immediately give a hand if someone turns to me for assistance."and that" I don't mind the troubles of other people, I don't concern other people's business". These values come from the consciousness of celestial being in the heavenly kingdom, and have provided fundamental guarantee that Lifechanyuan does not evolve into a religious or political organization.

The the Second Home is developing healthily, is perfecting itself after the model of Thousand-Year World, and is currently becoming better and better. More than sixty people from different areas are living in peace and harmony, there have never been cases of contradictions, conflicts, and everything goes on in perfect order. This has proved that the values of Lifechanyuan is correct, reasonable and insightful.

If we adhere to the values, fully utilize our own advantages, serve each other,we can be guaranteed the joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing, and we will certainly marching toward the Thousand-Year World, Ten-Thousand Year World, and Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World.

Nairaland / General / Here You Are Free To Spend Money by ivysunday(f): 10:56am On Jan 27, 2022
Xue Feng

The miraculous the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Here live a group of diligent, kind, simple and honest people. In order that people can have free access to money, several months ago I left two thousand Yuan RMB in the drawer of my bedroom in the 3rd subunit, where I seldom stay. I told sisters and brothers that if they need some pocket money they are free to collect it from my bedroom, and that they need not make any request to anybody and report to anybody about the money they have spent. These days I have returned to the third subunit on the matter of expansion.

Today I counted the money that still remains in the drawer. Several months have passed and there is still 980 Yuan left. That is to say, 1020 Yuan has been spent, which means that on average each person has spent less than seven Yuan a month. How simple and honest people are here!

Practice has proved that Chanyuan celestials who have undergone the baptism of Chanyuan values are the most civilized people in the world. Here “no one pockets things found on the road and doors need not be bolted at night”. People, don’t you want to change your conventional way of life and live in the miraculous and beautiful the Second Home? Make your effort for this purpose. The Home is waiting for you. All people in the world who are willing to follow the way of the Greatest Creator and the road of Chanyuan can live happily, peacefully, comfortably and harmoniously in the Second Home.

Soon, this way of money use will also be practiced in other subunits.

Nairaland / General / Notice Concerning The Application by ivysunday(f): 10:17am On Jan 26, 2022
Notice Concerning the Application for Living in The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

The Second Home is the favor granted by Buddha and the Greatest Creator to mankind, and is a fruit from the instructions, guides and endeavors of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Lao Tze, Prophet Mohammed, and generations of sages and saints. the Second Home is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator, the complete communist community, the transfer station for "ripe crops" from the human world to the heavenly kingdom, and the fairyland --paradise on the earth created by pioneers of Lifechanyuan.

To live in the the Second Home, one must simultaneously meet the following eight fundamental conditions:

1. has been a Chanyuan celestial for at least six months, during which one has always participated in exchange in the headquarter's website.

2. has thoroughly read Chanyuan corpus and Xuefeng Corpus.

3. has a good knowledge of the life pattern of the Second Home.

4. has donated to the home currencies worth at least 2000 Yuan RMB.

5. has finished relations with secular world and does not return to the secular family and society after settling in the home.

6. possesses characters of kindness, diligence, honesty, simplicity, and faithfulness, and loves labor.

7. unmarried, or divorced, or the couple are both Chanyuan celestials.

8. Healthy, without any disease.

Once you have entered the Second Home, the home will take full responsibility for your food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old age, and health. Therefore it is necessary to make appropriate contributions, otherwise what reason do we have to enjoy life in the Second Home? If we have not made any contribution to the home and yet want to enjoy the highly civilized life of fairyland, then this would be unreasonable and unfair, and it would be the life of a parasite.

Anyone who has met the above eight conditions can apply for settlement in the Second Home. Your application will surely be accepted, and your wish to live in the home will surely be realized.

If you are Chanyuan celestial and want to live temporarily in the Second Home for no longer than two months, you need not meet the above eight conditions, and generally the home will not reject your presence at the home, but you must go back to the secular world after two months.

Special arrangements can be made for those who have contributed more than twenty thousand yuan to the home or who have for many years been involved in online communication for the building of the home. Currently, your applications will all be accepted in normal circumstances.

For those who have made special or great contributions to the home, the Second Home is your home and you can live in the home at any time without application. You just inform the home, and it will immediately arrange room, life utensils, and transportation for you.

In addition, starting from today, anyone applying for residence in the Second Home can indicate in the application form the subunit he or she is going to live in and apply to the director of that subunit. The directors of the subunit can decide, without soliciting my opinion, whether to accept the application according to the above regulations and the living conditions of the subunit he or she is in charge of. They also need not ask for instructions or report to me, but must provide needed information to Chanyuan celestials in charge of the compilation and gathering of information (currently Wenyuan Celestial is responsible for the gathering and compilation of the home's information).

It is hoped that all Chanyuan celestials know these conditions and that the directors of subunits arrange residence in the subunits strictly according to the above conditions.

Nairaland / General / Embrace The New Life Of The Second Home (now New Oasis For Life) by ivysunday(f): 10:50am On Jan 25, 2022
Embrace the New Life of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

From ancient time to present, mankind has never experienced this kind of life, where the grass and wood are verdant and luxuriant, the weather is favorable, the environment is elegant and spring-like all the year round, all kinds of birds are twittering and myrid of flowers are giving off fragrance, everything is in harmony and coziness, there is no marriage and family, everyone owns nothing and yet has

everything, everyone fully enjoys joy and happiness, and everyone embraces freedom and blessing.

Here there is no contention for money, power, fame and position, everyone enjoys a pure and sincere relation, no one takes advantage of his or someone else's power to bully people, here holographic management is adopted and there is no leadership.

Everyone is at the same time master and servant, everyone chooses one thing and tries his or her best to do a good job.

The home takes charge of everyone's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old age, illness, and death, the home encourages the good quality of sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, and honesty. There is no lazybone and parasite in the home.

The home does not celebrate birthday or festivals. The members of the home do not exchange gifts and other articles, do not watch TV or read newspaper, but can communicate freely via telephone and networks.

There is a happy evening party every week, every one can take part in and display his or her wonderful talents.

At the party there are endless games and everyone will be immersed in the happiness.

There is no fixed schedule for work and rest, one can go to sleep any time he or she wants to, as long as they have finished their work.

Everyone can decide for themselves how much to eat, whether to have meat or vegetables according to their own likes and dislikes.

Everyone has a bedroom, furnished with a bed, a table, a chair, a cabinet, a mirror, a basin, ad electric circuit.

The private space is free from disturbance and interference 24 hours every day. No one is allowed to break in without permission.

The home has no place for those who are fond of eating but averse to work, for those who compete for supermacy, and for those who dish the dirt.

Everyone takes charge to perfect themselves and does not mind others' business.

From Monday to Thurday the members will learn the college course of Lifechanyuan.

Young people shall work hard at their study, enrich their connotations, and reach college levels in learning.

On Friday evening the home will hold a life meeting to discuss and solve problems in a timely manner.

Everyone should make sure that he or she has performed responsibility dutifully. There should be no void where no one takes any responsiblity.

Middle aged and old people shall practice Chanyuan exercises in the morning and evening to ensure good health.

Old and weak people shall be looked after by special people.

There are Chanyuan celestials specially responsible for minors' food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.

Great attention shall be paid to foster good manners and civility.

The children should learn to protect nature, love life, and maintain harmonious relations with neighbors.

We should cooperate with local governments to carry out government's laws and statutes.

Be open and straightforward in everything, which can stand the inspection and question of the public.

Chase the sun and escape from darkness, and do not do anything furtively.

Do not practice theurgy, and magical arts, do not engage in superstition, and safeguard the way of nature,

do not go to extremes, do not deviate from the correct path, follow the instructions of saints and sages of all generations.

Be free in emotional love and sex love, and do not engage in forceful possession and occupation.

Treasure freedom, and do not allow the disturbance and interference of any third party in things that that accord the law of heaven and are being done on the basis of mutual volition.

Anyone who incurs damage to others' spirit, soul and flesh shall be evicted from the home.

Both strictness and leniency shall be employed to build the perfect home of man.

Through one year's practice, the above ideal realm has become reality, and it is hoped that all worthy people of mankind will embrace the happy new life.

Nairaland / General / Walking Toward Xuefeng-style Communism by ivysunday(f): 11:06am On Jan 24, 2022
Deiform Buddha

January 21, 2022

Xuefeng has paved the way to paradise for humanity, from theory to practice; it is called Xuefeng-style Communism. Whether you are a president, a billionaire, a religious leader, a scholar, a professor, a worker, a farmer, a business person,or an entrepreneur, as long as you are a person, please march towards this goal.

From the dawn of recorded history, there has never been a better production and life mode than what we have created. No one from a common laborer or lay person to a saint, an immortal, a Buddha, a god, or even the prophetic “Sage of China Ziwei” will ever be able to create a better production and life mode than ours.

No matter how the American-dominated western countries strive to perfect their “democratic” social mechanisms or how hard China tries to improve its, neither will ever be able to achieve as highly civilized a production and life mode as we have; nor can the people of Latin America, Africa, or Oceania create a more ideal society than what we have accomplished.

To all the people who have great ideas:
Please stop seeking and discussing how to create a better future for human kind. Xuefeng has planned and arranged everything. No matter how intelligent you might be, you are like the mythical blind people touching the various parts of an elephant. All of your theories, no matter how superb and correct you feel they might be, are like balloons full of pinholes next to ours, so please stop wasting your time and energy, and put all your wisdom and talents into what we have developed and perfected.

To all the people who are suffering and struggling, Xuefeng-style communism is the best way out for you, your children, and your grandchildren. Walk towards Xuefeng-style Communism with a grateful heart and do not hesitate or look away; Deiform Buddha does not lie to you.

To give everyone this warning is to save you and guide you toward a heavenly life. If you comply and follow it, then you will be blessed, but if you do not, then not only will poverty, ignorance, trouble, pain, and fear haunt you forever, but so will death. Do you not believe this? Let the facts answer for you.

Whether people walk on the path to Xuefeng-style Communism or not, society’s future production and life mode will be Xuefeng-style Communism, and there will never be a second version; so the earlier that you follow this path, the happier you will be; do not wait until it is too late.
Nairaland / General / Simple, Economical, Firm by ivysunday(f): 10:04am On Jan 20, 2022
Simple, Economical, Firm ——The Three Character Primer for the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

The first character is "simple", the meaning of which can summarized in master strategist Zhu Geliang's saying, "With a simple life you can retain a clear consciousness of your goal, with an calm mind you can reach a far destination". A simple life takes an indifferent attitude to fame and fortune. Ghandi regards "simplicity is the essence of the universe". The most perfect things all take simplicity as their nature.


The greater the simplicity, the better the order; the greater the simplicity, the higher the efficiency; the greater the simplicity, the larger the happiness. The life of the Second Home is simple in the following eight aspects.

1. The home does not make any rules, regulations, and commandments, everyone does everything voluntarily according to his or her own free will.

2. Except for the meeting of home life on Friday, all other meetings will be cancelled.

3. The home does not assign tasks to people and does not require that they should accomplish such tasks, it does not enforce supervision or check, each one decides for himself what to do and how to do it and how well it is done.

4. The home only advocates civility, education and culture, and does not stipulate other requirements, leaving the individuals deciding for themselves all the other matters.

5. The home adopts holographic management. It has no system of leadership, no accountants and tellers. With the exception of people in charge of purchase, no one needs to make application for or report about allowances. The allowances will be placed in a public place and people can get the money as long as he has use for it.

6. The home does not celebrate birthday for anyone, does not observe any festivals, Chanyuan celestials do not present each other gifts and souvenirs, Chanyuan celestials do not owe each other anything, Chanyuan celestials do not form mutual-aid relations in terms of profit and interests.

7. No collective ceremonies and activities will be held unless on occasions when collective participation is needed , for example, entertainment, learning, and special production activities.

8. Everyone has a bedroom, a bed, a desk, a chair, a cabinet, three pairs of shoes, and three suites of clothes. Then they will share everything else. They have meals in the dining hall, and surf the net in the net bar.


The second character is economical, the meaning of which is reflected in Lao Tze's saying, "One is love, the second is not too much, the third is not be the first in the world". "Not too much" or economy is one of the three treasures of life.

"To get rid of the habit of extravagance one must practice economy, the best way to get over indifference is a sincere and honest attitude." Si Maguang's code of ethics is, “The others take pride in extravagance, but I regard economy and simplicity as a virtue.”, “Economy leads to success, extravagance leads to failure".

The Second Home strictly practices economy in everything, and never engages in extravagance, luxury and wasteful behaviors. It will never buy any luxury item, it embraces the principle of practical use for everything. "One should think at each meal how difficult it has been to obtain the food, and reflect, at each time of dressing, on the hard work involved in each inch of silk". "If the tableware is clean and of good quality, even pottery will be better than gold and jade utensils, if the food is simple and delicate, even garden vegetable will be better and more delicious than dainty food."

The third character firm means solid. “serene and profound and resourceful, and firm in will, one will never give in.” When the root is consolidated, the way will emerge. To consolidate the root, a solid foundation is needed.

The home will consolidate “firmness” from three aspects:

1. Build firm belief, solid cultivation, profound skills, and firm sense of integrity;

2. Whenever you set your mind on something, you should strive for the best. You should make a good job of anything that you have started doing.

You should not give up half way and should not let others have a negative opinion of what you did. You should not be perfunctory in your work.

3. Be practical and down-to-earth, don’t be flaunty. Don’t engage in lipservice.

Be honest and sincere and practical in every word, action, move, knitting of the brows, smile and thinking.

As long as we are simple, economical and firm, we will “have no concern and worry”, without concern and worry, we will ”have no fear“, and we will be “far away from terrible dreams”, and “eventually achieve nirvana”. ..from Heart Sutra..

Nairaland / General / Where No One Pockets Anything Found On Theground And Doors Are Not Bolted At Nig by ivysunday(f): 11:16am On Jan 11, 2022
The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)Where no one Pockets Anything Found on theGround and Doors are not Bolted at Night

The Second Home of Lifechanyuan has realized a realm of life that man has long dreamed of, in which no one pockets anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted at night.

Currently, Tianguo Kezhan, Juxian Tai, and Fenghuang Xia of the Second Home have really realized this realm of life. Shengxian Yuan, Wolong Gang, and Chengxian Gu will also soon become places where no one pockets anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted at night. At night, doors need not to be locked. If you feel the weather is hot, you can sleep with the door open, no one will break in and disturb your beautiful dream.

If something is missing, you need not worry, it is not lost, you will find it.

Why has the Second Home of Lifechanyuan realized the dream that mankind had not realized after pursuing it for thousands of years?


Because Chanyuan celestials follow the way of the Greatest Creator and

upholds "Eight Hundred Values for Man of the New Era".

Nairaland / General / The Way To Protect The Health Of Sisters And Brothers by ivysunday(f): 7:33am On Jan 10, 2022
The Way to Protect the Health of Sisters and Brothers
in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

The health of sisters and brothers residing in the Second Home has always been matter of concern for me. My purpose is to heal all patients of their diseases and make sure that they don't become sick again.

Is there any miraculous way to achieve this purpose?


There are three ways:

The first is to repent and pray to the Greatest Creator, the second is to maintain a pleasant and happy mood, and the third is to practice Chanyuan setting-up exercise every day.

The current situation of the Second Home: One Chanyuan celestial who was found by medical examination to suffer from cancer more than a year ago has now been basically restored to normal health. A Chanyuan celestial that suffered gallstones is now completely healed, without any surgery. It seems that nothing has happened to him. Another Chanyuan celestial used to be consumed by enteritis, but he is feeling better and better. Several Chanyuan celestials with high blood pressure are now happy with smiles every day. Two elderly people in their eighties worked in the vegetable garden every day, and they also saw wood for the kitchen. Now fewer and fewer Chanyuan celestials get sick.

Although Chanyuan celestials are becoming more and more healthy, there is still a long way to go before we can reach a state that everyone is completely free from illness. However, I am sure that, with this home becoming more and more beautiful and especially with your gardens of soul becoming more and more beautiful, we will surely realize the dream that our sisters and brothers will no longer get sick.

As for the first way, all sisters and brothers who do not feel in good condition or suffer illness are requested to confess and pray to the Greatest Creator according to what I have perceived.

About the second way, I will build the home comprehensively, turning it into a fairyland, where you are happy, joyful, free, and pleasant every day.

As for the third way, since the setting-up exercise of Chanyuan is similar in some aspects to the cultivation of qigong, we are afraid that people in the neighborhood and the government may mistake it for falungong. So the exercise has been postponed indefinitely. Now the government has had a knowledge of Lifechanyuan, this exercise will be gradually carried out in the home. I have incorporated the content of several kinds of traditional qigong into this body building exercise. Borrowing especially from the cultivation wisdom in “Terrestrial Celestial Sutra", "Five-bird play" created by the famous doctor Huatuo, and some Taoist body building methods, this setting-up exercise mainly focus on the great coordination between thought, breath, and movement. I have practiced it for several years abroad, and found that it has achieved very good results.

In a word, I have taken into consideration the health of every sister and brother. I am making plans and preparations, and I hope that in the near future I can realize the dream that no sister and brother will get sick again.

Nairaland / General / The New Life Pattern Of Mankind Is Stunningly Wonderful by ivysunday(f): 9:27am On Jan 07, 2022
The Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)
—the New Life Pattern of Mankind is Stunningly Wonderful
Xue Feng

One can find the dazzling beauty when walking out of the traditional marriage and family and entering a new life pattern of mankind without marriage and family—the Second Home.

Everything has been faring fairly well and smoothly for the Second Home, from the first subunit founded about three years ago to several subunits that have come into being today, and from originally about two dozen members to more than one hundred members today.

The environment is becoming more and more elegant and serene. Everything is clean, tidy and orderly. Chanyuan celestials are getting on with each other more and more harmoniously and cozily. The food is becoming richer in variety, the living space is becoming more spacious. The number of vehicles has increased. More and more Chanyuan celestials are applying to live permanently in the Second Home.

More importantly, Chanyuan celestials are becoming more and more sunny and natural in mental outlook. The Chanyuan celestials’ state of soul is becoming increasingly purer and more sublimate. Everyone radiates the smiles of happiness. People are becoming more and more diligent and competent. None of the sisters and brothers that live permanently in the Home would choose to leave it.

The management of the Home is becoming increasingly simple. Every day people are doing their work most pleasantly and willingly. No one is lazy. There have been increasingly fewer cases of goofing off. Holographic management has paid off.

There is not any criminal offence in the Home. Even quarrels are rare in occurrence. On the third day of this lunar new year, there occurred some abuse and physical confrontation during the wine party, which is the only such incident since the founding of the Home. The next day the troublemaker was evicted from the Home. Chanyuan values have been widely accepted by people here.

The the Second Home is to be built into the most ideal life pattern of mankind. Everyone shall have pleasant mood and can full manifest their origin of nature. The living standard of the Home is slightly higher than the average living standard for the entire mankind. Now we have basically achieved the goal of one bedroom for each person. The dozens of bedrooms in the Home have all been built by itself according to the standard rooms of a three-star hotel. The rooms here are more spacious and bright than the standard rooms in hotels. The environments of all subunits have been built according to the model of Thousand-Year World of the heavenly kingdom, thus these subunits are authentic fairylands.

The Home is having an increasingly diverse variety of vegetables, fruits and eggs. The cultural life is becoming more and more colorful. The games of the day are reserved, in addition to the evening party of song and dance held once a month. Thus we have practically realized the ideal that everyone can live as innocently as children.

The most troubling thing in the traditional marriage and family is the household chores, which have disappeared completely in the Second Home. People need no longer worry about the troublesome household affairs, because all things have been professionalized.

256 subunits of the Home will be built all over the globe. Six of the subunits are located in China. It is predicted that in the near future, dozens of subunits will flourish all over the world.

As the chief architect of the Second Home and the guide of mankind’s spirit

and soul, I am now living in happiness every day. I have nothing else to do except for feeling grateful, striving for creation, and treasuring the happiness.

It is stunningly wonderful to live in the Second Home! Communism is

perfectly wonderful!

Nairaland / General / Joint Announcement From The Second Home (now New Oasis For Life)of Lifechanyuan, by ivysunday(f): 11:22am On Dec 29, 2021
Joint Announcement from

the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)of Lifechanyuan, China

and Konohana Family, Japan

Nov 11, 2013

It is our pleasure to announce to you that the Second Home of Lifechanyuan (herein after referred to as Lifechanyuan) and Konohana Family, ecovillages that are born in China and Japan, have had conversations with each other through delegates from their communities and have reached the following agreement:

On Nov 11, 2013, as a symbol of harmonizing the East-Asian countries which are ethnic brothers and sisters, Lifechanyuan and Konohana Family have united as one big family. Therefore Lifechanyuan has become the Chinese branch of Konohana Family, and Konohana Family has become the 5th branch of Lifechanyuan. Here after, the affairs of this big family will be discussed by all members of both communities.

The Core values of this big family are: Revere the Greatest Creator, Revere Life, Revere Nature, and create a system in which human beings, nature and society are able to coexist harmoniously, and become a model for all human beings. We will explore new paths in the areas of building an ecological civilization and sustainable living. Therefore, we identify our lifestyle as highly civilized and absolutely communal.

“Before cultivating fields, cultivate the soul”. The top priorities of this big family are to purify and beautify each member’s soul, and to achieve high levels of self-sufficiency and sustainability. We will comply with all the terms and laws stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations, and comply with the constitution and laws in each country. We respect the central government and its leaders in each country. However, the most important is not the interests of our individual nations. Instead, we will consider first the interests of all humanity; this will be our main focus. We will continue to strive to unite over a thousand communities in the world into a big international family to finally realize the dream of “One world, one family”.

We hereby announce to the world that we have made this first great step towards realizing the beautiful ideal of creating a united and harmonious world that has always been a dream of human beings.
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The Advantages of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)Over Traditional Family


Note: This article is written in Sep 2009,now there are more than 180 chanyuan celestials living in 3 branches of our community.

The Second Home founded by Lifechanyuan is situated in a picturesque area in southwest China, which has a spring-like weather all the year round. The purpose of the Second Home isto spearhead a new life pattern as distinguished from traditional family life and create a model for the Lifechanyuan era, in which “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”, in which “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, and in which everything is in harmony, the weather are perfect, and everyone is happy, joyful,free and blessed. Currently there are 50 permanent residents, the oldest is over 80 years old, and the youngest is eight. After nearly half a year's practice, we have summed up, for your reference, the following advantages of The Second Home over traditional family life.

1. Each individual shall have no worry, since the home takes charge of each resident's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, health, and illness.

2. Children and parents shall have no worry, since the home takes care of the old people and takes charge of the education and support of children.

3. With the disintegration of family, in the Second Home there will be no husband-wife relation, which reduces bondage and increases freedom.

4. There is no marriage in the home, and parents and youths at marriageable age need not worry about marriage and family.

5. Each resident chooses a job that accords with his or her personality and special skills, and need not worry about other matters.

6. The home implements paradise management, and there is no distinction between the leading and the led. Everyone is the master of the home, there is no management and supervision. Everything is based on free will, and thus body and mind is greatly emancipated.

7. Everything will be taken charge of by a special person. The service is mutual, so no one owes anyone anything.

8. There are people specially for cooking, some for laundry, some for cleaning, some for nursing, and so on, so everyone is freed from trivial details.

9. People can communicate with each other any time anywhere, a party will be held at each weekend, so no one will feel lonely, solitary or depressed.

10. At the weekend party, everyone can fully display their elegant demeanour in a harmonious, lively and vivacious atmosphere.

11. Each resident creates the wealth of spirit, the wealth of soul, or the wealth of material, or offers service. No one is idle, there is no parasite, everyone is industrious.

12. The home adopts the policy of "owning nothing but possessing everything". Residents of the home do not own anything, everything is shared. No one needs to worry about the thing that he or she owns.

13. The residents shall uphold " 800 Values for New Era Human Being", maintaining a high level of generality and retaining a happy personality. Through practice, the Second Home has accomplished this goal.

14. In such a collective where spirit and soul share the same frequency, the bad propensities and habits of individuals are corrected timely and each individual has quickly sublimated his or her quality.

15. In this home, no one smokes, gambles, and drinks, and no one is addicted to video games all day and night. Study, work, creation, devotion, collective entertainment, and sublimation are the theme.

16. The food is mainly vegetarian, with meat occasionally. The standard of living is medium. There is no extravagance and waste.

17. Far away from the human society, residents in the home will no longer be plagued by the trouble of human world. One lives only for values and beliefs. One will no longer be shackled by family and other conventions. The body, mind, and soul will have greater freedom. There will be no one to keep their eyes on you, to control you, and to pester you.

18. There is no coercion. Everyone does things by answering the call of his soul. Every week a forum will be held to solve problems that have been discovered in a timely and satisfactory manner.

19. During the half years, no rules and regulations have been made. Everything is carried out on the basis of "800 Values for New Era Human Being".

20. Everyone has work to do. As long as you work six hours a day, no one cares when you go to sleep and when you wake up, no one cares what you wear, what you eat, and how much you eat. Everything goes around sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, honesty, and faith. Everyone is happy.

21. The way of life in the Second Home consumes the least amount of natural resources.

22. Everyone has his or her free space of life and room, no one is interfered or disturbed. Everyone can enjoy calm and excitement at any time.

23. Everyone is responsible for the thing he or she does, so the efficiency is very high.

24. Without the complicate social relations like relatives and friends, one needs not think about troubling matters like preparing gifts for someone's wedding, sending red packets for someone's newborn baby, visiting someone who has fallen ill, or mulling moodily over someone's promotion.

25. Everyone can peacefully engage in self-refinery and self-cultivation without the pressure of financial problems, the bondage of feelings, and the impediment of the secular world.

26. The home does not take the form of an organization. Anyone has the right to reject anything that he or she is not willing to do. Everyone is equal in personality. No one can impose his or her will upon anyone else. As a result, the mind and body enjoys full liberty and freedom.

27. Here there is only optimism, activeness, and brightness, there is no negative influence.

28. Science, facts, logic, and spiritual perception are respected, there is no superstition, no theurgy, no practice of magical arts, and no actions that run counter to the statutes of government. So everyone can live unperturbed and satisfied.

29. The members come from all over the world. They have the same wish and goal. They communicate with each other and live in harmony. The quality of LIFE sublimates very quickly.

30. The home advocates that everyone strives to be the best and does the best thing, so they improve their personal quality very quickly, and everyone has become the expert in his or her field.

31. The environment is clean, tidy and elegant, bath-taking is convenient, great attention is paid to personal hygiene. There is no dirtiness and disorder and sluttery has disappeared. There is no surly habit.

32. There is no comparison, jealousy, resentment, and complaint. Everyone is both master and servant of the home.

33. Freedom in love, and flirting without worrying about being interfered.

34. Freedom in sexual love, without anyone interfering or gossiping.

35. Anyone attempting to usurp the other person in emotion and sexual love is despised here, so everyone is free.

36. Respect everyone's freedom and way of life. One is free and not forced by anyone in the choice of celibacy or multi-partnership.

37. Anyone who has the thought of a parasite and does not involve in labor for a long time will be persuaded to leave the home. Thus, the hard-working people have fertile soil to live on.

38. Anyone who causes harms to anyone else's spirit, soul, and flesh shall be expelled from the home. Thus everyone feels safe here.

39. Everyone is free to come and go. Anyone who has met the requirements of the home can move into the home any time, and anyone who feels the life in the home unsatisfactory can leave the home any time.

40. Everything goes on in a flexible manner. Special cases are dealt with according to the principle that "Buddha has no settled rules. Buddha's rules is always variable according to the situation", and that "keep the main and change the others according to the situation". Special cases will be handled properly according to actual situation. There is no ossified dogma, so everyone is becoming more and more flexible in thinking.

41. There are network and phone connections to the outside world, anyone can communicate with the outside world freely.

42. No celebration is held for birthday and festivals, no gifts are exchanged, so members are exempted from many troubling matters.

43. the Second Home has become a place where “No one pockets anything found on the road, and no doors are bolted at night ". For the past half year, no one has lost anything.

Although the Second Home of Lifechanyuan has many advantages over traditional family life, it still needs constant improvement, and should constantly incorporate new thought, new methods, and new ideas. It should make corrections of improper measures, and adopt reasonable proposal timely. It should give up immediately any practice that is not permitted by the government, and cancel and correct any actions that may bring trouble to the society. We hope that all Chanyuan celestials and people in the society will constantly supervise our words and actions and give us instructions. Just as the great man Mao Zedong has put it, "We will take your advice as long as it is correct."

Appendix: Zixia Celestial's Personal Understanding:

1. During the building of Lifechanyuan, one can pay back one's debt to the secular world and accumulate wealth in the heavenly kingdom.

2. the Second Home is the best melting pot, where one can live according to the 800 values. Transforming consciousness, perfecting structure, and accomplishing the quality of Super celestial being is the shortcut to the paradise.

3. In the Second Home, we can create joy and happiness in work every day, we can devote our sincerity, kindness, virtue and love unselfishly, and we can see the faces of Buddha, Bodhisattva, and celestial beings every moment of the day. How can we not feel the extreme blessing?

4. With the perfection of one's structure, the diseases in the body will be swept away unknowingly.

5. There is no fetters of the secular world, there is clear consciousness. You have nothing yet have everything. All are like a game and you can let yourself go. In pleasure and relaxation you move toward the heavenly kingdom step by step.

6. Seek truth from facts, tell thing as it is, be open and aboveboard. You will benefit a lot from this.

7. We feel the space of life in the Second Home is becoming larger and larger, and the time elapses quickly in happiness and joy.

8. We become richer in connotation, have formed independence consciousness, and strive for the best in work.

9. While living in the home, we do not have any worry on the journey of life and LIFE. All the honor belongs to the Greatest Creator! Amen!!!

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——an Introduction to Lifechanyuan


We are in the last days of this age. Year 2013 is the turning point. Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow. The first course was given by Buddha. The second was by Jesus Christ. This is the third. The third is the last.

Lifechanyuan contains precious truths from the Greatest Creator of universe. It tells us how the universe comes into being, how LIFE started, and the beginning of human being. It tells us the meaning of time and space, and the meaning of LIFE. It also tells us the purpose of LIFE, the cause of human suffering, the future of mankind, the way how a person can get an everlasting happy life, and so on.

Lifechanyuan is for humble, teachable, mild-tempered, heart-ready-for-everlasting-life people. It is for those people who want to devote his or her whole life to benefiting the mankind, meantime, want to have a happy life in the kingdom of heaven.

Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth, it also will harvest the “ripe crops” who 100% believes in Buddha and Jesus Christ. Lifechanyuan calls out all the people to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator designed for us, for it is the only way that leads to a happy life on the earth and everlasting happy life in the kingdom of heaven.

The general news Lifechanyuan reveals is as follows.


The one, who created the universe, is the Greatest Creator, not any god. All the gods and goddesses are created by the Greatest Creator. Lives in the universe including human beings on the earth are created by gods and goddesses according to the design given by the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator has 8 characteristics. They are unique, formless, neutral, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful and wise. The Greatest Creator stays at the zero point. His holy spirit spreads all over the universe. We could feel his holy spirit at any place at any time. This holy spirit is called Tao by Lao Tzu, one of the greatest men in Chinese history.


There are 20 worlds simultaneously exist in the universe. What we humans stays and lives in is only one of them. These 20 worlds are linked up by the zero point. This zero point is the core of the Greatest Creator.


There are 36 spaces in this universe. The human’s world is only one of them. We humans have other 9 more spaces to go to stay and live in. The 3 best spaces are named as the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium World. There is a paradise within the Elysium World called the Celestial Islands Continent. This is the world that Lifechanyuan will guide everyone to go to live in.


Human beings comes from three channels. One channel is Jesus Christ. Another is Jehovah the god. The third is the dragon. Adam and Eve are not the ancestors of all mankind, but of some races.


Life is a journey. Life has no ending. Physical body is only the carrier of LIFE. When people pass away, the physical body stops its mission and LIFE still goes on to another journey. People who walk on the Greatest Creator’s way will be transferred to live in a higher world. People who walk on other ways will be transferred to a lower world. People who like family and country will come back to the earth as a human being again.


The judgement on LIFE is carried out at every second. There is no “final judgment ”,nor is there judgment upon the passing away of a LIFE. LIFE goes from one world to another right away automatically. Everything that we’ve done has an exact recording in the inner structure of our LIFE. We cannot hide or run away from what we have done.


We can’t go to heaven so long as we have one cent’s debt which is not yet paid, for the law of LIFE gravitation will pull us back. We must clear off all our debts owed to parents, wife or husband, friends, other people, and to the earth if we want to go to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven.


LIFE has 8 profound mysteries. Anyone who knows and masters the 8 mysteries could go to any world he or she is willing to. Lifechanyuan will reveal some of them.


LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with the Holy Spirit. There is no LIFE without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from the Greatest Creator. This is why we must walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. Otherwise, we have no way to have an everlasting happy life.


LIFE exists for the universe. The universe exists for LIFE. No universe, no LIFE. No LIFE, no universe.


The solar system was created only for human beings. There are no humans on the other planets in the solar system except on the earth. The moon is made by angels. It’s a metal satellite empty inside. It’s a warehouse. There are some tools still inside moon. There is a door on the other side of the moon for the flying in and out of the flying instruments.This is the reason why the moon always faces the Earth with the same side.


All the natural things on the earth and in the universe are part of the images of the Greatest Creator. All the natural phenomena on the earth and in the universe are the words of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator never talks with man or woman in mankind’s languages, but through phenomena.


All living lives have thoughts. But their way of thinking is quite different from each other. There are 8 different ways of thinking. They are material thinking, image thinking, associative thinking, illusive thinking, visualized thinking, Taiji thinking, Non-form thinking, Holographic thinking. Why a dog is a dog, a man is a man? Because of the ways of their thinking are different. This shows that we must have the celestial's way of thinking if we want to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven.


Anything is possible. Impossibility comes from the impossible thinking.


Nothing is accidental, everything is certain, but not inevitable.


Getting a "visa" is very important if we wish to go to stay and live in the kingdom of heaven. Here the kingdom of heaven refers only to the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent. Lifechanyuan provides the "visa" for anyone who wants it if he or she is sincerely willing to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.


There are only energy, structure, and consciousness in the universe. Everything that we can see or cannot see is an illusion of these three elements. Everything will disappear when time goes on except for energy, structure, and consciousness.


No movement, no time. Time is the recorder of the movement states of all kinds of matters. So, we should try our best to run away from matters if we wish to have a long, long life anywhere in any world. There is no time in nonmaterial world. If we cannot imagine this, let us just know that everything appears in the nonmaterial world can be duplicated again and again.


The universe has no boundaries. It can be expanded or contracted. Space always changes its boundaries according to the movement of matters and the scope of consciousness.


All kinds of lives are designed by the Greatest Creator and made by gods and goddesses and angels at the beginning. The theory of evolution is wrong.


All kinds of lives on the earth are made for serving people. Lower lives serve higher lives. So people must protect and love all the other kinds of lives, for people cannot live without them. Maltreating and excessively using them will cause humans themselves a big trouble.


Traditional family, country, political party and religion are four problem makers. Where there is traditional family, there is pain and hardship. So are the political party, religion, and country. In the future of mankind, there will be no nuclear family,no political party, no religion, and no country.


The best way managing and arranging human’s activities is Lifechanyuan plus global government. Lifechanyuan is responsible for human’s spiritual and soul guiding, for providing spiritual and soul needs and activities. Global government is responsible for human’s daily work, study, and allotment activities. Government should not be controlled by any family, or political party, country or religion.


Mankind should be led and guided by the most intelligent, well educated, civilized people, not by people who belong to a race. That some places are rich and some places are poor is not normal. Everyone should do his or her best while everyone has the right to enjoy life.


The core crisis human faces is the soul crisis. It means that we are putting the incidentals before the fundamentals, that we are doing it upside down if we ignore the soul crisis but emphasize on other crises, such as atmospheric temperature rises, population growth, food shortage, pollution, autocracy, terrorism, war, etc.


Mankind must be united as one family. The state that each one goes his own way must be ended. Everyone, every family, every country, every religion, every political party’s conduct and affairs are not a single event, but related to all the people on the earth. The question is who has the capability to undertake this great and glorious task? The answer is: only Lifechanyuan. Lifechanyuan has the plan detailed on its Chinse & English web site. (Chinese: www.lifecosmos.org English:www.lifechanyuan.org)


What is called self-improvement (修行) is to follow Buddha and Jesus Christ’s teachings and making one’s effort on the construction of Lifechanyuan. The real meaning of self-improvement lies in the effort to construct Lifechanyuan.


What is called self-cultivation (修炼) is to widen and improve the understanding of LIFE, to convert the way of thinking, to attain perfect consciousness, and flawlessness in one’s inner nonmaterial LIFE structure.


Consciousness makes reality. The reality we are in is the reflection of our consciousness. Everything comes from consciousness. Whether we could have an everlasting happy life in the kingdom of heaven or not depends upon whether our consciousness is perfect or not. If we have pig’s consciousness, then we are pigs. If we have dog’s consciousness, then we are dogs. Similarly, if we have god’s consciousness, we are gods.


Thinking is energy as well as invisible power. With thinking, one can control other people’s thought and even kill people from far away. So, having kind thought is very important to us. Otherwise, we'll become followers of the devil.


From the viewpoint of celestials, some normal standpoints of human’s are abnormal. Some abnormal standpoints are normal. For example, marriage; for man is normal, but for celestials, it is abnormal. Having many lovers is abnormal from man’s standpoint, but it is normal for celestials.


Everything has its meaning and purpose. There is nothing which is useless.


Love will bring love. Hate will reap hate. Plant melons and we get melons, sow beans and we get beans. As we sow, so will we reap. No flukiness. Never think we could have something without effort, or that we could run away from sin by a fluke.


Repentance is very important. There is no perfect man in this world. Neither are we. Repenting of our sin can lead us to the way of perfection. Perfection will allow us to live in the kingdom of heaven.


There is a nonmaterial world. The Holy Spirit belongs to the nonmaterial world. So if we have wishes, we should tell the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will reflect upon our wishes now or later.


Try our best to imagine good things, good future, beautiful environment, good health, smooth and successful way of life etc.. It will work in its way.


Sickness comes not from our body, it comes from our nonmaterial inner LIFE structure’s flaws. Or we can say it comes from our ill consciousness. We can even say it comes from our ill spiritual and soul needs.

The purpose of life is for enjoyment, not for suffering. The Greatest Creator likes people who enjoy, not people who suffer. How to get enjoyment and make enjoyable life is the first concern we should think about. Enjoyment comes from not only material wealth, but mainly from wealthy spiritual and soul offerings.


Besides the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, we also have the sense of spiritual perception. Spiritual perception is the most important senses of all. Lifechanyuan will guide everyone on how to get this sensation step by step.


Birds of a feather flock together Lifechanyuan divides people into 5 groups. One group is named Ignorant people who do everything by instinct. The second group is named Laity, who do everything by their selfish desires. The third group is named Mortal who do everything by emotion. The fourth group is named Sage who do everything by reason. The fifth group is named saints and Celestials who do everything according to the way of the Greatest Creator. What kind of person are you going to be?

Human has been guided into a new era, Lifechanyuan era. Anyone who intends to get into this new era must prepare you yourself for matching the standard of new era. The main standard of the new era are 1. walking on the way of the Greatest Creator; 2. leaving families, political parties, religious organizations, races, and countries; 3. love all the people; 4. giving up all you have; 5.treat and serve other people sincerely; 6. has no jealousy; 7. love and enjoy collective activities; 8. love labor.

Life on earth is short. Time is flying. We have no time to explain all the details. We should look for people who share the same belief, same life value, same life-style and try to stay and live together with them if we wish to have a joyful and happy life. It is very difficult to change or convert somebody in a short period of time. So, let' look for resonant people who might be far away from us, rather than to waste time changing people around us who are not resonant with us.

The earth will be purified in the near future just like we sometimes make a thorough clean for our house. Some will stay and some will be cleaned away. Who can stay? Those who walk on the way of the Greatest Creator will stay. Those who are spiritually and psychologically sick will be cleaned away.

New generation is much more clever than old generation. The present generation knows more than the past generation. If we want to change something, we should depend upon present people, not on past people. Just like we send our message through new internet method instead of by post, we should listen more to what the present people say than what the past people say. If we stick to the old ways we will lose good opportunity to convert our suffering life to happy life.

The way we think is the state of our LIFE. If we want to change the state of our LIFE, we must change the way of our thinking first. Today is the continuation of yesterday. Tomorrow will be the continuation of today. So if we wish to have a good tomorrow, let's take action today for tomorrow. Similarly, if we wish to stay and live in the Celestial Islands Continent, let' think in the ways of celestial beings from now on.

Live for yourself. Don't live for others. If everyone lives for themselves, there will be harmony. If everyone lives for others, everything will be upside down, everything is going to be a mess. This is not selfish, but reality. Selfishness is benefiting oneself in the name of for the good of others.

Listening to the call comes from our inner heart. Don't follow the traditional sound. You will find your true self through this way. Otherwise, you will lose yourself and never find the way home.

Always look on the bright side of things. Negative imagining or thinking will cause sickness or trouble. The nonmaterial world will echo with any sound you make.

Don't love only one. Love as many as possible, so long as you like and you could love. Love through your heart. Don't love through marriage law or marriage forms.

The value and meaning of LIFE on earth is to convert man's lifestyle to celestial's life mode by walking on the way of the Greatest Creator. No matter how rich you are, no matter how great and important you are, no matter how powerful you are, you are going to die at any time at any place in the near future and all what you have will be useless for yourself when you pass away. So what is the most important thing we should think and do?
Nairaland / General / A Passionate Life And Years Of Burning Fervor by ivysunday(f): 11:24am On Dec 24, 2021

April 23, 2014

(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

We had once fallen into despair. Our huge loss in Yunnan had driven us to the end of our rope and we did not know how we would survive. After traveling thousands ofkilometers, we moved into our new homes in the Gobi Desert and started a much harder way of life. We are living in simple and broken hourses, eating modest meals, drinking the highly concentrated saline-alkalinewater, and doing the hardest and dirtiest manual labor. We have embarked on a new journey.

Having no holidays or rest days, all of Chanyuan Celestials here work every day from morning until night. Some of them have fallen asleep while working, some bleed from their noses while working, and some were too tired to wash their feet and faces and just collapse into bed and fell asleep immediately after supper. We are weeding, cultivating the soils, picking sheep dung for manure, rush-planting many trees in the Spring, collecting firewood for fuel, and building living rooms and toilets. Every brick and stone are very important to us and mud is the most valuable material.

This is a life filled with passion. These are the years of burning fervor. Chanyuan Celestials are working as hard as they can, using their own hands to create their own lives. The trees they planted are sprouting forth buds and leaves while the seedlings of the vegetables are growing quickly. The rubbish has been cleared away and the environment is much cleaner. The wild geese that head south are coming here and the crows of the sparrows are twittering merrily in joyous choruses. Everything is full of energy and vitality. How beautifulthe life is!

Chanyuan Celestials are all optimists and romantics. Though the life here is very simple, it is always full of a broad range of delights. They laugh and play as they walk. Life here is always full of happiness and laughter. We have suspended our monthly parties, but all sisters and brothers like to joke and frolic with each other. Some of these funny jokes that were told by ChanyuanCelestials made everyone laugh so hard that they spit their food when sitting on the small stools, bricks, and stones during supper.

This is a group of carefree children. This is a group of fools who never pursue selfish interests. This is a group of aspiring pillars of the world. This is agroup of Celestials and Buddhas with no considerations of life and death. The hardest and dirtiest jobs, they do! The most bitter and saltiest water, they drink! They live only for today, no matter what tomorrow brings. They live only in the NOW, no matter what the future brings. They are happy as fairies (celestials in Heaven). They are burning the passion of youth into full play.They forget the time and the bitterness.

It gives endless fun to become a creator. It makes our passions run high when devoting ourselves to such lives. Even you are eighty years old, you are still not an old person. Every one here is in the bloom of youth. Their youth is burning: it is burning completely and thoroughly; it is burning naturally and purely; it is burning so hard that the green trees are growing and beautiful flowers are blooming; it is burning cleanly, tidily, and orderly. Only those who experience this kind of life can truly understand what the life is.

Thank the Greatest Creator for such an extraordinary life. It is a test. Impurity disappears, gold shines. As fire tries gold, so does adversity try virtue. The crops have been ripe, I will harvest these ripe crops to the ban of heaven in order to finish the task the Greatest Creator gave me.

I am dying happy now.
Nairaland / General / A Poem About Civil Behaviors Of Chanyuan Celestials Residing In The Second Home by ivysunday(f): 6:38am On Dec 23, 2021
A Poem about Civil Behaviors of Chanyuan Celestials

Residing in the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)


Let heaven and earth scrutinize my sincere heart, the way of the Greatest Creator, I will follow consistently,

The teachings of Jesus will be borne in mind, the instructions of Buddha, I will adhere to closely,

Lao Tzu's words will be my code of behavior, the sages' remarks will be my motto,

My mind is as clear as a mirror to the heaven above and all flesh beneath.

What I do and what I say is flawless and bright, like the light shining over everything,

I do not desecrate god and Buddha, I revere deity, I do not cause disgrace to ancestors, I maintain the way,

What I say shall serve the interest of the public, what I do shall be admired by deity and demon alike,

I always respect the elderly and love the young, I sympathize with the weak, I shall have mercy.

I shall practice economy in everything, I shall value labor involved in each inch of silk,

I shall have a clean and tidy place to live in, I shall protect flowers and birds, I shall have a clean and beautiful soul,

I shall not contend with others for profits, I shall have noble character and consider others' interests first,

I shall be thrifty and diligent, and make the greatest contribution.

I do not envy luxury and extravagance, I do not amass wealth by unfair means,

I protect animal and do not eat wild life, and refrain from meat to avoid harm of character,

All grass and wood are my relatives and friends, all birds and insects will accompany my life,

I do not engage in gossips, and probe into privacies, I shall be a man of integrity, sticking to the root and the way.

I do not envy others' happiness, and do not rejoice at others' troubles,

I shall respect women, riding roughshod over women is not allowed in the home,

I will be civil in speech and do not use vulgar words,

I shall not violate the statutes of the country and shall refrain from being a careerist.

I shall show comity to my neighbor in case of unpleasantness between us and shall not lose temper over small gains,

I shall welcome guests with smiles, I shall be a hospitable and reasonable host,

I shall not make noise in the quiet of night, I shall speak quietly and do not disturb peace and tranquility,

In case of resentment, I shall quickly look into my own conscience, I shall not shift blames onto others but find out where I have gone wrong.

I shall not engage in scheming, I shall have a pure and clean mind and body, if I envy others there will be disasters,

I shall treasure all properties in the home, and avoid extravagance and waste, which is forbidden by god,

I shall strive for perfection in everything I do, one will be worthless trash if he makes things in a rough and slipshod manner,

I shall work hard at study, and solve puzzles, and build up experience and wisdom.

A harmonious collective shall avoid factions , and people should be treated equally no matter where they come from,

The Greatest Creator is supreme in the vast and boundless universe, hold the Greatest Creator in esteem and awe,

Make confession and prayer, cleanse the soul, follow the guide, and the road ahead will be bright and smooth,

Of all things, only LIFE is true, proceed as if in a game and the cultivation of Celestial being and the way will succeed.

Nairaland / General / The Signal Changing Direction Of Life by ivysunday(f): 9:54am On Dec 21, 2021
Deiform Buddha

Somebody told me that I couldn’t be rich if I carry on working for somebody or even for government. I treated it as a signal which at last changed my life channel.

Everyday the Greatest Creator send us some signals which can change the direction of our life. Whether we can catch it or not depends on whether our heart is ready for it. Two elements make up one’s fate. One is fatality, and the other is life channel. We can do nothing about fatality, for it is fixed by our previous deeds. If we want to have a bright life future, the only thing that we can do is focusing on our life channel. Stars will always turn around its orbit if no outer force acts upon them. As a matter of fact, everything in the universe will follow the same way if doesn't change itself or no other factors interfere with it.

Everyone wishes for a healthy, wealthy, free and happy life. The question is how to get it. Now there are three ways:

1. Always alter the direction of life just like eagles flying above the ground change their wings for the rabbits running in the fields.

2. Know as much as possible about the meaning of LIFE, the meaning of time, the meaning of space, the meaning of the Greatest Creator.

3. Try every mean to communicate with the people whose frequency of LIFE structure is the same as yours.

Where can we find out the answers? You can learn from Jesus, Buddha, Islam, Taoism, scientist or some other doctrines and theories. They can help you a lot. But the core of life lies upon the Greatest Creator and the Greatest Creator’s systems. So the best way of realizing our ideal is going directly to the Greatest Creator. Only this way can lead us to a prosperous life.

Now there is another problem arising in our head. How can we go directly to the Greatest Creator? How can we know the Greatest Creator’s system and the way the system works?

The answer is here, go inside of Lifechanyuan. It’s called 生命禅院 (Lifechanyuan) in Chinese. Here you can find out all the answers about the Greatest Creator and the Greatest Creator's systems, the meaning of LIFE, the meaning of time and space and so on. Also, you can find many nice and trustworthy people inside of it.

People all over the world who would like to come and join Lifechanyuan will be sincerely welcomed by the people who has already in Lifechanyuan,who are called “Chanyuan Celestials”.

This short article is written especially for our brother Xianshan celestial (仙山草)。

2006-5-5 Harare
Nairaland / General / Lifechanyuan Canada New Oasis For Life Community Has Come Into Being Today by ivysunday(f): 11:04am On Dec 20, 2021

It is my honor to announce that the Canada New Oasis for Life is born today on September 29, 2017. This is to the glory of the Greatest Creator – the supreme master and creator of the universe as well as to that of all sages, saints, buddhas, and celestials throughout history. It is a blessing for all celestials of Lifechanyuan and for all current and future generations of people.

Basking in the sacred light of the Greatest Creator and practising the teachings of all buddhas, sages and saints, all Chanyuan celestials have been working hard to present Lifechanyuan internationally.

Lifechanyuan has kicked off a new journey. From today onward, the banner of revering LIFE, revering nature, revering the Greatest Creator, and walking on the way of the Greatest Creator will flutter high in the wind until the end of this thousand-year era.

The birth of the Canada New Oasis for Life community marks the beginning of a new era; the Lifechanyuan era has officially raised its curtain. This is the first year of the Lifechanyuan era; the universe, weather, nature, societies, individuals, and collective groups will all evolve toward its manifestation. Boundaries will disappear and everyone will move freely across the world and the era that we have all been dreaming about will gradually come into fruition.

The Canada New Oasis for Life community is currently on ten acres of farmland and has a beautiful residence. With the development of the community, we will produce farms, gardens, a hotel, an entertainment center, and an exhibition center. This will be the birthplace of a big international family. Based on Canada’s culture diversity and its rich natural resource, there will be between one hundred and three hundred people with different skin colour coming from a variety of religions, cultures, nations, and ethnic groups happily living here together in the future. Lifechanyuan will establish a brand new life mode which is completely different from the traditional one.

We wish all who are keen to dedicating themselves to the sustainable development of human future do your bit to grow with this New Oasis community. We currently have a Bed & Breakfast to accommodate our guests and your visit and stay will support this great cause. Reservations are required to stay here. We very much welcome your visit and wish we can spend some time together to share our values and ideas.

“Could I get mansions covering ten thousand miles,

I’d house all scholars poor and make them beam with smiles.

In wind and rain these mansions would stand like mountains high.”

living in the nature and far away from the noise of dense traffic.

You ask me how I feel now, in my ears are the sounds of wind, rain and waves.

“I pick chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge,

And far away to the south I can see the mountains”

Geese flying over sunset and pure souls go to paradise.
Nairaland / General / Modernized Streamline Production And The Life Pattern Of The Second Home by ivysunday(f): 9:47am On Dec 17, 2021
of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)

Xue Feng

Let's see the roads and streets all over the world, all packed with endless flow of automobiles. I have a question, where do so many vehicles come from?

The answer: They come from the production line of modern automobile manufacturers. Now a new car can "flow" out from the streamline of a large enterprise every several minutes. Or possibly a car can be produced in only one minute. Before the adoption of streamline, Ford Company spent 12 hours 28 minutes in assembling one T-model automobile in small workshops. After the introduction of streamline, the time was reduced to eight seconds for each automobile, and the efficiency of manufacture increased by 4488 times. The cost of production was reduced by nearly 50%. A small workshop can make only 12 automobiles in one year, but the streamline can produce nearly 100,000 automobiles in one year. This shows how great the power of streamline production is.

What is the streamline production?

Streamline production works by dividing a whole manufacturing process into different separate procedures, each handled by a specific person, and forming a complete finished product at the terminal of the production line. The workers on the streamline are only adept at the procedure they are doing but know almost nothing about how other procedures are conducted or how the entire product is manufactured. Thus, workers attending the streamline are all technical experts and elites.

The advantage of streamline production is the greatly reduced cost of production, the greatly increased product performance and quality, and the greatly promoted production speed and efficiency. Now a very ordinary car sells at only 30, 000 RMB in China. With the traditional method of production in a small workshop, it will be impossible to produce such a car at this price.

Now streamline production has been employed to manufacture all kinds of machines and equipments, cars, computers, or mobile phones. The traditional method of production in small workshops has long been eliminated. Because of high cost, low efficiency, and poor quality, the production methods of small workshops can no longer meet the requirement of the market.

Accordingly we can figure out which is the best way of life for mankind, the small workshop type of life or the streamline type of life?

Let's make a comparison. The small workshop type of life is represented by the huge number of small families that live according to traditional customs, while the streamline type of life is the life pattern of the Second Home in Lifechanyuan.

In the traditional life of small workshop type of family, each adult must be an all rounder and must do many things, like purchase, processing, production, cleaning, washing, looking after old people and children, reciprocating courtesy, dealing with people outside the family, and so on. For example, after getting up in the morning a housewife in a rural area will first do cleaning, cook breakfast, take care of children and elderly people, then she will make haste to go to work in the field, after returning from the work in the field she will pick up vegetables in the garden, wash the vegetable and cook the lunch, wash the cauldron and clean the stove, and after a short break she will hurry again to the work in the field, and after returning from the work outside she will go on to cook the dinner and wash clothes. These are only routine tasks. In addition, she has to feed chickens and pigs, and should take care of children or old people if they fall ill. A housewife in the city is even more busy than her counterpart in the countryside if she has a job or a small business. They live in this way day after day and year after year. What are the effects? Women living in hundreds of millions of small families are busily occupied in family affairs and do not have much time of leisure. Not many people can have an efficient and leisurely life.

In the streamline type of life in the Second Home, each person is engaged only in one job. Some will only take charge of cooking, some will only take charge of washing clothes, some will specialize in purchase, some in cleaning, some in looking after children, some in working in fields, some in repairing, some in dealing with the outside world, and so on. Everyone does a job that he or she likes. As a result, the efficiency is increased, the cost is lowered, and leisure time is increased, and the feeling and mood becomes more peaceful and calm. Strictly speaking, in the small workshop type of life, everyone is rushing about to make a living; while in the streamline type of life in the Second Home everyone is playing games for a life.

Without the invention and application of the great streamline type of production, it would be impossible for us to enjoy everything that we have today, it would be impossible for mankind to have a brighter future, and it would be impossible for mankind to enter the highly civilized society and times. Anyone who does not embrace streamline production will be eliminated, and any production and life style that does not embrace streamline will be eliminated.

The conclusion is that the small workshop types of production will inevitably be eliminated and replaced by streamline type of production. And the small workshop type of family life will inevitably be eliminated and be replaced by the streamline type of the life of the Second Home. This is an unavoidable historical development.

Or in another word, no matter whether you like it or not, the traditional family life is bound to be replaced by the life of the Second Home, and the traditional small family will be swept into the historical dustbin as a backward and ignorant way of life.

Nairaland / General / Everyone Here Is A Thoughtful University Student by ivysunday(f): 10:22am On Dec 16, 2021
- Series of the Bright Spots of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)(22)

Yixian Celestial

(Translated by Fengxing and Edited by Kaer)

February 3, 2014

Lifechanyuan is a university and the Second Home is its classroom. The main curriculum in Lifechanyuan University includes the origin of the Universe, the origin of LIFE, the origin of people, the mysteries of LIFE, the mysteries of time and space, the position of mankind in the universe, the values and meanings of life, the relationships between people and people, people and society, and people and nature, sustainable development for human beings, the values and objects of civilization, such as a unified world, the harmony between the various races of people, people’s happiness, and many other subjects.

All Chanyuan Celestials are studentsof Lifechanyuan University and all need to learn these courses first. Entering the Second home and practicing the theories by living and working in the community is our way of transforming theory into reality. As long as one becomes a student of Lifechanyuan University, then no matter how much or whatever they have learned before, and no matter what cultural or regional background they have, once they study and begin to practice Chanyuan values wholeheartedly, they become qualified and thoughtful university students with good educations on culture and strong practical abilities within four to eight years.

Lifechanyuan University attaches more importance to the real effect than to the diploma, it emphasizes the improvement of ones thinking, and it does not attempt to beat knowledge into the student’s head. It emphasizes soul garden beautification and sublimation on the conscious level, rather than learning about how to get a good-salary job when entering into secular society.

It emphasizes how to achieve a healthy, peaceful, joyful, and happy life, and not how to beat others and become a financial winner in secular society. After five years of learning and practicing, it has become clear that all who have participated in the work and life of the Second Home have already become thoughtful university students and most of them are exceptional graduates. As a person, every student here has learned and mastered the essential knowledge of how to be a good one, they have healthy and integrated souls and minds, they will never do extreme things, they will never hurt society, people, nature, or other life beings for private interests, they will never complain to society or anyone else when encountering difficulties or troubles, but rather introspect to find their own faults first.

Undoubtedly, graduates from Lifechanyuan University have healthier and more integrated characters and natures as human beings, they have the ability to think and deal with things flexibly, the ability to live independently, the qualities necessary to cooperate with others, and have all the good characters of civilized persons. They have nice personalities and holy qualities, they love life and are open, fair, enthusiastic, humble, diligent, kind, pure, self-confident, believable, and honest. Additionally, they think actively, have clear minds, and possess enough courage to practice and innovate.

It is absolutely a big misunderstanding if you think that Chanyuan Celestials are a group of blind followers who lack knowledge. You can communicate face to face with any Chanyuan celestial to prove it. As long as you remain peaceful and reasonable with them, you will be assured that every Chanyuan celestial is a thoughtful university student.
Nairaland / General / Respect The Facts And Tell The Truth by ivysunday(f): 10:47am On Dec 13, 2021
-Series of the Bright Spots of the Second Home(now New Oasis for Life) (21)
Yixian Celestial
(Translated by Fengxing and Edited by Kaer)
January 28, 2014

Respecting the facts and telling the truth means to be honest, neither to exaggerate nor to lessen the facts, to show the reality and tell the reason, not to lie, cheat, or talk superstitiously. Say“yes” when it is real, but say “no” when there is no such fact.

“The gods always see you from one meter above your head”, “The gods hear loud thunder when whispers happen in man’s world”, “The gods’ sight is like lighting when one is cheating in the dark” (Chinese idioms). No matter whose mind runs, the gods see it clearly. A clever man is often hurt by his own cleverness. Any cheating act ultimately hurts the cheater, not the cheated.

The honest man might lose some temporary advantages, but he will eventually attain abundant fruits, while the liar might get some short term benefits, he must suffer severe losses and punishments in the end.

Xuefeng, the spiritual guide of Lifechanyuan, always emphasizes that to be honest is the best way. A Chanyuan Celestial must be honest, especially in the Second Home, for any devious act in the dark, any act of lying, cheating, or trickery, ultimately harms the the perpetrator. One should never imagine that they are more clever than others, and that others are not able to realize their falsehood. The fact is that to be honest and tell the truth is the safest way to be.

Because of such values, everything that happens in the Second Home is reported frankly and honestly, including the construction, activities, and any other events in this home, and all the details on our websites are accurate and true, which are illustrated by our many pictures and videos. We never exaggerate or lie to the public.

During the past two years, officials and officers from various government agencies, including the police, have come to the Second Home and questioned our members in the Second Home hundreds of times, but the Guide has never “prepped us” on how to answer or told us in advance how to reply. He only told Chanyuan Celestials to be honest and to tell the accurate facts at all times and to neither exaggerate nor lessen the details, to tell “yes” when the fact is yes and say “no” when the fact is no.

Today, after almost five year’s practice of the Second Home, the facts have proven that no devious or illegal events have ever occurred. This is frank and above board, and can endure any examination. The persecution events we are now suffering and how we think and respond to them are also reported frankly to the public.

In fact, before our persecution from the local government and villagers began last April, we had never created any problems for either of them, nor had we ever benefited from them. We have not hurt people, nature, or society, and what we have done is to endeavor to change every place we have lived into a beautiful Xanadu. By improving the soil and planting many flowers and fruit trees, we hoped to leave a nice, rich paradise to local villagers when our contracts expired.

Because Lifechanyuan values are so far ahead of most people in current society’s understanding, the local governmentis trying to disband us and we can understand this. We regard what we are suffering as one obstacle on our road to a grand future, but there is no hatred or complaining in our minds. Of course, we also strived to preserve our legal interest. We cooperate with our government to dissolve us even as that government refuses to protect our legal interests in this place. We endure the huge pain of losing our beautiful home, built by our hands and hearts, and to tell you the truth, our hearts are bleeding.

However, no matter how cruel the realities are, we are still keeping to the value of respecting the facts and telling the truth, and we still believe that human beings have a wonderful future in store for them.
Nairaland / General / There Are No Offices And Few Meetings by ivysunday(f): 10:54am On Dec 06, 2021
-- Series of the Bright Spots of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)(19)

Yixian Celestial

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

January 28, 2014

Many people consider that offices are where bosses, officials, and the white collar staff work. It seems that those who work in the offices are superior to farmers, labourers, and small businessmen, as evidenced by their comfortable working environments with heat and air conditioning, good fresh coffee, and light desk jobs.

There are no classes in the Second Home. Each worker is equal to all others no matter what jobs they do, so there are no offices.

Xuefeng, founder of the community, is the spiritual guide of our community at the moment, he is also the acting director in charge of the management of the community. In normal society, a person such as he would have a very big office and a secretary, however in fact, like anyone else, he only has a standard separate room with no special facilities. He writes articles in the room and does not have a secretary.

Branch managers are responsible for the administration and coordination of each branch’s operation. They do not have offices and some do not even have personal computers. They go to the computer room whenever necessary.

The community has five websites, and the website administrators also work in their rooms and do not have offices.

There are no extra meetings except for the two-hour group studies on Monday and Wednesday nights and the community meetings on Friday nights.

The Second Home implements “paradise management”, which means that everyone has ownership of and takes full responsibility for their job, so there are few discussions, and meetings are unnecessary.

For the above reasons, everything in the Second Home is kept simple and easy.

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