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Nairaland / General / New Human, New Life--- Lifechanyuan Era (8) by ivysunday(f): 10:57am
Deiform celestial

It is the necessity of history to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh; human beings are bound to move towards the more advanced civilization living state; the stale is the fertile nutriment for the newborn things; and the history sediment has become strong enough to breed a more splendid time-Lifechanyuan era.

It is the longing and aspiration for human to pursue the communism great harmony era; and people have had enough experiments like the different kinds of Utopia villages; these experiments do not simply mean the failure but the accumulation of precious and rich experience for success and for all mankind; the inventor Edison finally invented the electric lamp based on his countless failures and failures, which lightened the dark world; the countless failures and failures of the Utopia finally led to the birth of Lifechanyuan, which will lead human beings into a brand-new Garden of Eden.

The cultivation boat of new humans will set sail from the website of Lifechanyuan, and the life of new humans will begin from the "Shangri-la" created by Lifechanyuan.

New humans come from the metamorphosis of old humans; although with an original appearance, their connotation have been thoroughly remolded and endowed with new implication.

New humans have eight disparate features different from old humans:

1. New humans follow the path of the Greatest Creator. They do not revere any Celestial Beings but the Greatest Creator who characterizes with eight features-sole and only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, fair, merciful, superbly powerful and wise..

2. New humans will pursue two highest realms: the highest realm of human life and the highest realm of life.

3. New humans will not have the consciousness and concept of country, religion, political party and family.

4. New humans will regard love as the core value and meaning of life.

5. New humans will revere life, nature and harmoniously coexist with everything.

6. New humans will take truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty, diligence and trust, but not constitution, law, regulation, commandment and dharma as guidelines of words and deeds;

7. New humans will not pursue money, ascendance, position, beauty, personal honor, personality cult, personal possess and individualistic heroism but joy, delight, health, happiness and grace for every moment.

8. New humans will aspire for the life of thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and celestial archipelago.

Whether you like it or not, times and human beings are developing and moving towards Lifechanyuan era; whether you like it or not, the spring of human is bound to come; the only difference is whether you are willing to train yourself as a member of new humans; if you are willing to do this you can share the new life of Lifechanyuan era, otherwise you will be weeded out by the tide of new era.

Consciousness determines the kind of life one is leading; this is the truth.

Osho, the foregoer said: "My job is to make you aware that a new man is coming, and my job is to help you to aware him and respect him ... ...

New human does not come from another world, who is yourself in a fresh new state; the new human is you when your heart is tranquil, when you are in your deep meditative state, when you are in your beautiful space of love, when you are in your joyful singing, when you're in your ecstatic dancing and when you are in your love of the Earth. No any religion will teach you to love this earth, but this earth is your mother, these trees are your brothers, and these stars are your friends.

When you see an old man walks straightly towards the grave, you will be relatively easy to abandon him and his lifestyle, his church, his pura, his temple, his God, and his sacred classic. Your sacred classic is your whole life because no one else is able to write it, and you have to write it to yourself.

When you, with a blank book, come here, what you are going to deal with it depends on you. Birth does not mean a life, it just offers you an opportunity to create life, and let you to create a life that is so beautiful, so brilliant, so caring just as you can imagine and you can dream.

The dreams of new humans and their causes will be mixed into one because their dreams will root on this earth; and they will bring flowers and fruits for you, they are not just dreams, they will make this world into a dream.

Understanding our responsibility, human has never faced any greater responsibility than ever-abandoning the responsibility of the past and the responsibility of erasing your past from your existence."

The content of new life in Lifechanyuan era is rich, colorful and changeful. It mainly includes following eight features:

1. There will be only one government which coordinates the global affairs and arranges the production and activities of people.

2. There will be no countries, religious groups, political parties, families and family life.

3. The old people and children will be supported by the society, and it will no longer be a personal responsibility but handled by the whole community. Education and medical treatment will be all free; the disabled will be supported by all people in the society.

4. There will be no public ownership or private ownership but non- ownership.

5. All the human members will not be constrained to work in one particular region but be arranged in mobility to appreciate and enjoy the different scenery and natural beauty.

6. There will be no one unemployed or any parasites. Everyone will have a house to live in, clothes to wear, work to do and pleasure to enjoy.

7. There will be rich and colorful cultural recreational activities, in which music, dance, excursion and playing are the main contents.

8. All members will be Chanyuan Celestials; the last names will be eliminated; at last all religions will return to the origin, and all nationalities will be unified as one.

Lifechanyuan era will be an era of "Person of virtue won't be abandoned by government, all people in the world become one big family "; "No one pockets anything found on the road; doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening "; "The weather is pleasant; harmony and peace are everywhere"; "Everyone is happy and joyful, everything is prosperous"; "Human beings and the earth become ONE and happiness and abundance are everywhere".

Osho instructively said: "That is why I said that the new man coming to this world was the biggest revolution ever happened on the earth. There will be no way to avoid it, because the old man must die, they have decided and promised to commit suicide. Let them die peacefully. Those with a rebellious spirit should cut off their link with the old humans; and then they will be the savior; they will create a Noah's Ark; they will be the beginning of the New World. Because we know the old world and its pains, so we can avoid all those sufferings, jealousy, anger, wars, and all those destructive tendencies ... We can experience a complete transformation, we can create innocent people, the caring person, the people who can breathe in free environment and the people who can help each other to obtain freedom. We can create a favorable environment so that can be given honor, can be respected not for some ideals or values, but just for his original appearance. This new breed will become the elites of the earth."

Dec21, 2006
Nairaland / General / Establish Global Government--- Lifechanyuan Era (7) by ivysunday(f): 11:09am On Sep 17
Deiform celestial

Everything has a core: aggregate of atoms, molecules, solar system and the universe.

Everything is a system: human body, the natural ecology of the earth, solar system and galaxy.

Anything without a core is disorganized, conflicting, paradoxical, temporary and short-lived.

Anything without a system in the status of disorder, contradictory, pains, sadness, morbidity, defective and will be difficult to last for a long time.

Take a man for example, without the coordination of brain his hands, feet and mouth will act in their own way, and the result is bound to be good for nothing. The patient falls ill because his own system is out of balance and different organs can not work harmoniously; the healthy is healthy because all organs of him work harmoniously. And nothing can escape from this law whether it is a person, a family, a community, a company or even a country.

Undoubtedly, we have to establish a center, a system, namely a global government so as to guarantee that all people around world can live a peaceful, calm, harmonious and happy life.

The current human beings are sick: various countries act as they think just like hands, feet and mouth go their own way without the control of brain; its consequences are bound to lead to conflicts and contradictions, cutthroat competition among different regions, destruction of natural resources, huge squander of manpower and material resources, various crises faced by human; at last everyone will fall into misfortune.

Whether human beings can survive continually depends on whether a global government can be established as soon as possible. Human beings are bound to enter Lifechanyuan era and are bound to have a global government to arrange and coordinate all the production and activities of all mankind. This is an inevitable trend and reality which can not be changed by the will of anyone, any organizations or any countries.

The main functions of the global government are as follows:

1. Formulate the unified production and living bills for mankind, and also supervise the bill implementation of all regions.

2. The currency in all regions should be same.

3. The national boundaries should be removed and all armies should be dismissed.

4. Administration staffs can be transferred globally, for example, Blair can be appointed as the commissioner of North America; Bush can be appointed as the commissioner of Arab region; Shinzo Abe can be appointed as the commissioner of southern Africa; Mbeki can be appointed as commissioner of Australia region.

5. Establish a global intelligence bank centrally allocate the scientists and other specialists; set up global personnel database; resources explored and utilized globally; the public order taken charge by global policemen and the teachers in universities allocated in the world scope etc..

6. Everyone will be guaranteed to have work to do, have food to eat, have clothes to dress and have house to live in;

7. The difference among various regions and nationalities should be gradually narrowed so as to realize the common prosperity for all human beings.

8. The values of Lifechanyuan should be implemented.

Are above imaginations nonsense, impracticable illusion or daydreaming?

No! Hands, feet and mouth are controlled by brain, and consciousness determines the reality; human being's consciousness determines production and life style; as long as all people think in this way, this sublime ideal is bound to realize.

Who would think in this way?

All the people who revere the Greatest Creator, life and nature and follow the words of the Greatest Creator would think this way; all the people who are loving, compassionate, mentally and physically healthy, love peace and yearn for freedom and happiness, and try to climb towards the peak of life would think this way.

People used to think it was impossible for a group to come into being and survive without families, political parties, religions and countries; and they thought it was unimaginable, and it only might appear in the remote future. However, the fact is that such a group has come into being and existed, and it is Lifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan is the epitome of future human being's life and the seed of the future society; and with more and more sages and wise men around world continually enter Lifechanyuan, the ideal era dreamed by all mankind will come, and the global government will also be established.

Heaven which by it is bright and pure;

Earth rendered thereby firm and sure;

Spirits with powers by it supplied;

Valleys kept full throughout their void

All creatures which through it do live

Princes and kings who from it get

The model which to all they give.

This one is the Greatest Creator.

All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of which they have come), and go forward to embrace the Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy. This Obscurity is Lifechanyuan, and this Brightness is the global government.

Human beings can enter the ideal society only when there is the Greatest Creator, Lifechanyuan and global government.

Lifechanyuan era,

All humans stand together regardless of situation,

All people around world are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers.

Joy and happiness, every minute

Peace and harmony, everywhere.

November 5, 2006
Nairaland / General / Hospitals And Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (6) by ivysunday(f): 4:09pm On Sep 15
Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (6)

Deiform celestial

Finally, humankind will understand that diseases are in most cases the reflection of disability of spirit and soul, aches in waist, leg, and bone are led by bad habits of daily lives, misfortunes and calamities are due to the indecent consciousness.

No doctor and hospital exist in plant world or animal world, yet they are healthy and live, grow, die according to Tao.

There are no doctors or hospitals in my hometown, the thousand-year world. No one sick, people all die without disease after a thousand years. When I traveled around the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium world, no one ever heard of doctors and hospitals, celestials who live up to ten thousand years old and hundred million years old never knew what are diseases. Only the messy man's world has such things.

People who should die yet not dying and who should live yet dying are on the contrary to Tao.

We can do the research and conclude that people who often get sick are mainly those obsessed with mental disorder or illness. Not being stuck, there will be no pain, and pain always comes with something being stuck. Once spirit and soul goes wrong, body hurts. Some people's diseases are completely caused by bad habits of diet and daily lives. While lumbar sprain, ankle twisting, bruising, snake biting, car accident, etc. are induced by the problem of consciousness

Healthy people are magnanimous, kind, open-minded, selfless and with less desires. They are satisfied, appreciative and spontaneous. In a word, health of human body directly links to the life nonmaterial structure of life.

Be careful and you will discover an interesting phenomenon. People who can easily find doctors and hospitals are often get sick; the more medical magazines people read and the more medicines people concerned, the better chance they get sick,the thing you feared more will come to you faster.

There is an article "Chasing the Sun, Escaping Darkness" in "Wisdom", which means "chasing diseases, one can hardly get health". If one's mind is brimmed with concepts of disease, how can he or she be healthy?

The health care industry of mankind is developing rapidly, which surely benefits people's health. At present, people do need doctors, hospitals and medicines. Without these, many people would suffer more. Lifechanyuan has no doubt about this, and we hope more and more good doctors, hospitals and medicines are available.

The problem is, "however persuasive good is, evil is still stronger". We not only don't eradicate disease, yet, diseases are on the rise, and more and more people get sick. The most serious problem is that people pay more and more money to treat diseases. Some people even spend all their money and are in debt, what's even worse, they are not cured and dead at last, leaving eternal misery to those who are alive.

People over 60 years old should not go to hospital, cycle of sixty years means one has already eaten what should have been eaten, drunk what should have been drunk, experienced what should have been experienced, played what should have been played. One transmigration has been done, why is still bothering? If one is healthy, keep moving on; if one is sick, destiny will call, maybe it's time to go to the next transmigration.

Anyone who is valueless to his or her relatives, friends, and burdensome to society, should be easy, brave, and open-minded.

There will be no doctor hospital in Lifechanyuan Era. People lucky enough to enter into Lifechanyuan Era are those who understand the causes of illness, soothe themselves, live healthily cheerfully, and energetically. Everyone is "shrink"; everyone can "heal" illness.

Lifechanyuan itself is the best hospital. Lifechanyuan treats diseases thoroughly not superficially. The super wisdom is invisible, conquering the enemy without huge war, treating people without obvious medical treatment. Before treating thoroughly, I invent a method, it will only take half a day everyday to practice, and every disease will be cured.

Generally speaking, Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan, once stick to the Chanyuan values, would not get sick.

In Lifechanyuan Era, no one would get sick; country, religion, and political party disappear. Everyone has his or her job and can feed oneself. Everyone is free and independent, why there is illness? Playing games is better than getting sick!

Remember: human life leading heaven has no disease in their previous life sick people would not enter into heaven.

Lifechanyuan Era is the copy of this world of heaven's thousand-year world; sick people can't enter into Lifechanyuan Era.

No doctor or hospital ever exist in Lifechanyuan Era, people take care in advance and become their own "doctors".

Oct5, 2006
Nairaland / General / Family Will Gradually Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (5) by ivysunday(f): 11:24am On Sep 14
Deiform celestial


Whether something is perfect or not depends on its structural feature; whether someone is handsome or beautiful depends on his/her life structure; if there is defect in its structure, the thing is bound to present morbidity, the person is bound to be ugly. We can know whether a man is sick by testing a cell of his body. Family is the cell in constituting the human society structure. We should have no way but think the family is carried with the congenital virus if the current human society is unsatisfactory.

Divorce rate is continually rising: a report of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that the divorce rate of Beijing in 2002 was 50.90% with 76,136 pairs got married and 38,756 pairs divorced. In recent years, the divorce rate of U.S. always kept above 50%; the Western Europe countries all kept about 40%; Republic of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan all kept about 40%; Thailand was 60%. Then, how about the divorce rate of India? In the Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, Dutta, a female software engineer, said among her eighteen classmates there were five still unmarried, and in the rest thirteen married students, eight had divorced. "We see each other sometimes, and we think that it is fine to be alone."

What is wrong with family?

The Drawback of Family

If one member of a family has long-term illness or congenital disability or dies on the vine, all family members especially parents, sons, daughters and spouse will fall into sorrow and misfortune for their whole life. Many people are pressed almost out of breath by funeral and supporting their parents; many parents are tortured by the academic career of children, work, marriage and career; many people forfeit their independent personality and freedom after they get married. Marriage is just like a door, and once you step into it, this means that you have shut all the other doors; if your partner is eccentric in character, disturbed in mind, defective in physiology or ugly in soul, you can do nothing but to endure; all husbands are afraid that their wives cheat on them, similarly all wives are afraid that their husbands cheat on them too; as a result, all the married men and women will live in fear for their whole life in miserable and they all hope their partners are the flashlights which can only lighten himself or herself. The primary cause for the violence alternation of different dynasties lies in the "family first": if one receives a high position in the government, all his relatives and followers will get promotion after him; otherwise, if one commits a crime, the whole clan of him will be implicated; under the sky, all the territory belongs to the king; everyone including ministers and officials are all the servants of the king. There is a common phenomenon: if one wants to fish for benefits, one needs to break through the family members of prime minister, minister, stadholder and county magistrate, especially their spouse; in this way, these officials will secretly work for you and offer you with the power and benefits of their families in the scope of their authorities. Why did the malfeasants in different ages take place one after another? Why were they being endless greedy? Its primary cause is that they attach too much importance on their families, want to make their ancestors illustrious and want to establish an eternal lasting enterprise for their descendants. Without family, all these drawbacks will disappear automatically.

Lifechanyuan Era

Family will gradually disappear; wedding will not exist and marriage certificate will completely become history; the title of husband and wife will become a backward sign sealed in the history museum; bisexual love can conduct freely out of willingness. Everyone has work to do; there will be limit on individual wealth,once above it the wealth will automatically belong to all human beings; natural resources including land will belong to all people; persons will not own any private land or house property; the countries, political parties and religions etc. will all disappear. Human services will be adjusted, arranged and managed by global government; personnel can transfer around the world, and every three years people may have a chance to change their working and living environments;as a result, everyone may have about twenty opportunities to live and work in different environments, which means you work in Beijing for this three years, and you may work in Tokyo for next three years and New York next three years and then Vancouver, London, Berlin and Johannesburg etc.; in this way everyone has opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the earth. With the disappearance of the family and housing and work are arranged unitarily by the global government, so the conventional moving problems are completely avoided; what you need to do but get on car with your simple luggage. The issues of old aged support, raising children and education, funeral will be arranged unitarily by society, so do the people without the labor capacity. The concept of father will disappear, and no one know who his father is; after weaning, the babies are picked up by special agency until they are sensible; and they will not live together with their mothers. All family names will be cancelled, and the name of everyone will be ##Celestial.

Family will Gradually Disappear

The divorce rate will rise continually, and people will gradually prefer to live freely; marrying used to be regarded as a happy event, and from now on it will be regarded as a tragedy for human life; people will gradually accept the value of Lifechanyuan; even for the un-divorced man and wife, they will gradually change their marriage idea, and gradually regard the opposite side as a friend and a partner instead of possessing and monopolizing him or her.

Family is the main root leading to the pains of life. As long as the family exists, human can never enter into the new era filled with freedom and happiness.

Lifechanyuan era is bound to come!

October 2, 2006
Nairaland / General / Political Parties Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (4) by ivysunday(f): 2:48am On Sep 12
Deiform celestial

Political party, as a fixed class or stratum in human society, is an interest group formed in order to maintain one's own interest and is also a political organization striving to master the state power so as to seek the furthest welfare for one's own interest group.

The political party organizations around world is difficult to count; we often hear and see in the media such as TV, network etc. like the Democratic Party and Republican Party of U.S., the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party, New Komeito Party, Liberty Party, Communist Party, Social Democrat Party, Conservative Party of Japan, the People's Party, Congress Party, Communist Party, Telugu Desam Party, nationalism Parliamentary Party of India, the Communist Party, Kuomintang, Democratic Progressive Party, All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, People First Party, China Democratic League, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government, Jiusan Society, China Party for Public Interest, Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, China Democratic National Construction Association, China Democratic League, China Association for Promoting Democracy, Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party, Liberal Party, The Hong Kong Progressive Alliance, Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, Democratic Party of China, the Rally for the Republic, Democratic League, Rally for France, Liberal Democrats, Social Party, Communist Party, Green Party, National Front of France, the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union, Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Socialist Party, Communist Party, Republic Party of France, the Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats of British. All above are political parties known to most; and it is difficult to calculate the seldom heard political parties; there are more than 100 political parties just in Taiwan; no one knows how many political parties in the world.

No matter what kinds of political parties with what an extravagantly colorful description they offer, the essence of them is not to serve for the interests of all people but for the interests of their representing class and stratum; the so-called democracy, freedom, leglity and human rignhts, etc, they are all the camouflage for obtaining their private interests. Everything is just a signboard aiming at obtaining the furthest welfare and the self-deceiving and altisonant camouflage; the political party in history, at present and in the future is always the same; this is determined by the nature of the political party.

The bustle of all the political parties can be described in one phrase-demons and monsters running wild.

The birth of the political party has its own historical necessity, and the disappearance of it will also be a historical necessity.

As long as the political parties exist, human society is bound to be disputed and disturbed forever; the only way to obtain a harmonious, peaceful, happy, healthful and tranquil era for all people is to let the political parties quit from the historical stage.

In Lifechanyuan era there will be no political parties, but Lifechanyuan and global government; Lifechanyuan does not belong to the organization of political party, nor the religion; all people are the members of Lifechanyuan, and Lifechanyuan does not participate in and interfere the acts of government, but pays close attention to the construction of human spirits and soul; all the production and living things are coordinated and arranged by the global government, which only is responsible for material construction.

"Person of virtue won't be abandoned away from government, honesty prevails throughout the world." All the wise men can enter into the management agencies of government at any time. "Everybody is let to display his talents fully; everything is made its best use." No organizations such as political parties or religions will control the governmental functions and elbow the wise men out of the intelligence centre.

The future Lifechanyuan will not have any form of minority group or interest group, and people are good friends but no organization and they will be kind and friendly to each other.

A man is bound to be cranked and abnormal in mentality, become treacherous, ruthless and out of reason once he joins organizations such as some political party or religion; all human being are ruled by the organization consisting of such people, how can human expect the auspicious days?

From now on, Lifechanyuan advocates people not to join any forms of religions, political parties or other organizations so as to make a good preparation in consciousness to welcome the coming of Lifechanyuan era.

Sept. 24, 2006
Nairaland / General / Religion Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era (3) by ivysunday(f): 11:26am On Sep 10
Deiform Celestial

Religion is a kind of knowledge exploring the relation between human and nature and is a kind of knowledge about life; it is an ideological theory framework helping people to establish the correct view of world, view of live, view of life and view of value; it is a bridge that guides people to move from the material world to nonmaterial world; and it is an efficient way to establish belief and enlighten mind power.

The essence of religion is to maintain the inner silence and the world peace, to help life move from this shore to another. The starting point of all the religions is kind-hearted; the limitation and discrepancy of human recognition result in countless doctrines which are difficult to justify themselves and result in the birth of countless religious sects and factions; on the other hand, the different religious sects and factions are not only unfavorable to the world peace but become a major factor of the turbulent world.

With the existing of religions, human beings will never share peace and tranquility.

The birth of different religious sects is very natural and everything will experience the birth, development, expansion, and then declination and death. Religion is of no exception.

Religion has made great contribution to the inherence of civilization in history; however, with the gradually deepening recognition on the natural law, people find the religion has become fetters and handcuffs which are used to constrain human thinking; without breaking down the superstition of religion, the civilization of humans can not move forward and human beings can never enter into the new era.

There are eight shortcomings in the existing religions.

1. Ignorant to life and unclear about the road to Heaven

What is life? Where is the Heaven? How can one go to the Heaven? The existing religions are confused about this.

2. Making people feel terror, fettering human thinking

Without the concrete time and rescuing channel, religions create the eschatology to terrify people indefinitely. Religions restrict people to explore freely and persuade people to give up enjoyment in this life, which delays people's research and exploration on the essence of life.

3. Overweening and autocratic

Any religious sects or factions who regard themselves as the only correct one and others are all heresy; all religions are plotting to control mankind. They are narrow-minded and unwilling to communicate with other sects or learn from others.

4. Suppressing human nature and fettering human spirit

A series of canons, doctrines and commandments are the ropes to fetter human thinking, and most of them work to suppress human nature and fetter human spirit.

5. All religions run counter to the Tao of the Greatest Creator

What is the true essence of human life? What is the value and meaning of human life? All religions fail to spell out and speak clearly.

6. Suppressing the new emerging forces and destroying the elite of human being.

Such as the Christianity regarded "the witness of Jehovah" as heresy and burned Bruno to death.

7. Creating contradiction and stirring up war

All religions can not tolerate different opinions and would rather create contradiction and stir up war in order to maintain their own benefits.

8. Wasting manpower and material resources and creating the religious superstition

Religions build up temples and churches everywhere and call on people to worship idols, offer up a sacrifice by killing, hold crazy activities, which have harassed the people's mind and nature's peace and tranquility, hindered the natural activities of mankind and led people into the religious superstition.

It is difficult to estimate the good effect of religion, nor its bad effect. Religion has become the obstacle for the progress of human civilization. Human should move towards unification; however, religion is unwilling to do so; one can imagine: is Christianism willing to give up all its own doctrine to accept that of Islam? Is Islam willing to give up all its own doctrine to accept that of Hinduism? Is Hinduism willing to give up all its doctrine to accept that of Buddhism? Is Buddhism willing to give up all its doctrine to accept that of Christianism? They will not and these four big religions will safeguard their own doctrine. In this way, how can the world move towards unification? Can the world be peaceful?

The only way is to unify all doctrines into one and unify all religions into one. Everyone follows the path of the Greatest Creator.

In the Lifechanyuan era, all founders of religions such as Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, LaoTzu, etc. and all the people whose sermons causing the birth of different religious sects and factions will receive respects and honors, but any one of these sermons can not become the only correct theory. People will not fanatically worship their own hierarch. There are not any religious sects in the world and the whole people will not worship any idols or go to any churches or prostrate oneself in worship but revere the Greatest Creator, life, Nature and follow the way of the Greatest Creator. Everyone shares the maximum freedom in thought, spirit and human life.

With the development of science and the continuous liberation of human spirit, the value view and the world view of people also change constantly. We used to think that the religious believers are elegant, self-control, civilized and noble, who are armed with faith, aspiration and ideal; and now we gradually realize that the religious believers are stubborn, obsessed, perverse, emotional, simple-minded and short of reason and forgiveness; if you obey their religious doctrine and rules, they would be kind with pleasant countenance; if you propose different opinion and ideas, they would be out of reason and become very terrible with an angry face.

The future mankind will enter into Lifechanyuan era; and any religions have to overturn the values of Lifechanyuan if they want to exist, otherwise you have to give up your own religious belief; certainly you can stick stubbornly to your own belief and no one can control you. People in the end can do nothing but laugh at you, pity you and feel sorry for you.

Sep24, 2006
Nairaland / General / The Song Of The Universe ---on Lifechanyuan Era (1) by ivysunday(f): 11:32am On Sep 08
Deiform Celestial

There is only one sun shinging on the earth, only one moon touching the earth, and only one God for the human beings——the Greatest Creator. We are the children of the Greatest Creator regardless of our races.

We are on the same spaceship so our destiny is bounded up closely. We are all related to each other. The storm of Cape of Good Hope has close connection with the waving of the butterfly in Alaska; the earthquake beyond thousands of miles correlates to the test in laboratory; a sneeze of an American president can result in the uproar of the global media; the bird flu can result in panic throughout the world.

It is a historical necessity for human beings to enter into Lifechanyuan. The age of divisions of the country won’t exist for a long time; it is a symbol of ignorance to cut the planet into pieces, and ruling separately.

The desire for peace is a common aspiration for all human beings. They wish to live together harmoniously regardless of race, ethnic, region and polity; they wish there will be no oppression, exploitation, force and discrimination; they wish human beings can undertake the difficulties, enjoy the happiness, and design the future together.

Human being’s fate is controlled by the Greatest Creator. The only way to ensure the sustained happy life is to revere the Greatest Creator and believe in the Greatest Creator. The nature including the evolution of human all are in the same scientific procedure of Tao. The only way to avoid unexpected disaster and calamity and to enjoy the long-term peace and good life as well as to celebrate the world as one is to follow Tao.

The appearance, application and popularization of network are prelude to the coming of the Lifechanyuan era. A new era that Jesus Christ, Buddha, Sakyamuni, Prophet Mohammed, Celestial LaoTzu look forward to is coming. It is our mission to fulfill the ideal of the ancient saints and sages in history.

It will be a wonderful era without nation, political party, religion and family. Everybody has work to do, house to live and food to eat; everybody is cultivated, everybody follows the principle of Tao. The new era is a melt pot of nationality and culture; no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in. All the people will join into one family and one government, all governors are saints and sages; the old and the children are cared by the society; the death of the old and the education of the young are undertook by the society; the disease and disaster are resolved by the society. In addition, in age of new era, the romantic life is free and open all over the world; Black can love white and yellow; white can love black and yellow; yellow can also love white and black. War and famine will disappear; people no longer damage and misuse nature, no longer suffer the hurt and pain made by men.

It is pathetic for those who just live for himself; it is miserable to those who are only busy for their own family in their lifetime; it is selfish and superficial for those who live for their own nation, political party and religion; it is shortsighted and unworthy of praising for those who live for their own country; only those who live for the happiness and pleasure of all human beings in the planet are saints and sages and worth to be praised. Everybody, especially educated men, should understand these principles, offer services to humankind, dedicate your talent and knowledge to the children of The Greatest Creator and to those who are suffering from physical, mentally and psychological selflessly, relieve human beings from misfortune.

All people with power, wealth, education, fame and self-refinement should show mercy, bring light to the world as possible as they can, bring hope, consolation, courage and power to those who are suffering in physical, mental and spiritual, and make the world better. The merits you have done will be recorded in your nonmaterial structure of life. The Greatest Creator is fair; Tao will reward what you have done ultimately; Heaven’s door will open to you someday.

If we are suffering from physical, mental and spiritual illness or burden and we are kind, hardworking, honest, and credible, our panics and misfortunes are resulted from our imperfect soul. We are still far from perfect. We shouldn’t desire too much; we shouldn’t make meaningless comparisons with others. It is good to be alive. We should be grateful no matter what a simple or hard life we are leading; we should think more about giving, less about claiming; more smiles on face and less unnecessary trouble to our relatives and friends. Lifechanyuan is the homeland of spirit and soul where you can gain respect and see the hope of human life and the life in the future.

More and more talent and wisdom will gather in the Lifechanyuan to serve people. “Many hands make light work”, thousands stream merge into a river; a smile, a praising word, a good deed, any conveniences you provide are merits which we will see remember and feel grateful. We wish the Greatest Creator bless you, we wish you healthy, successful, and happy.

All ways will be one and all the universe will sing together. This is the major trend of social development. Everything is accelerating, so we should quicken our step; the first thing we should do is to change our consciousness; No body put good wine in an old leather bag. The old consciousness can’t adapt the new era. “It is useless to cry over spilt milk”. “God help those who help themselves”. If you want to get rid of the pain and pace with the new era, the only way is to arm yourself with values of Lifechanyuan and to get into Lifechanyuan as soon as possible.

The burden of the Greatest Creator is light and easy. You just need to deepen your understanding, change your concept, perfect your consciousness, feel happy and grateful, dedicate your love selflessly and join into the enjoyment; you don’t have any responsibilities and obligations; you needn’t to gather people to fight against the government; you just need to take things as they come, dispose things as they go, acting follow nature, achieving follow chances.

If our neighbors are crying, we can’t enjoy the life peacefully; if our brothers and sisters are having a hard time, we can’t sleep at ease; if our friends are in trouble, we can’t pretend to be blind and deaf; we can enjoy the true happiness only when we make all people feel happy. Gods, Buddha, Bodhisattva and angels are weeping; the poor are also weeping; we should enjoy less and dedicate more, make the era of Lifechanyuan come earlier, make nature sing, human beings joy and make everything harmony and auspicious.

Dec 6th, 2006
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Xue Feng

61) Q:The people who enter into the Home without marriage and Family need to live collective life, which is prohibited by government; so you have to apply for the permission of the relevant department in the government; otherwise, it is hard to avoid the suppression and ban of the government. However, the government will never approve such collective living style. What are you going to do with this situation?

A: There are a lot of countries in this world that don't concern about such collective living unless we violet the local law or bring troubles to the surrounding neighborhoods. Your worry only exists in such countries as Mainland China, not in other countries.

62) Q: The concept of Lifechanyuan has essentially included the tenets of such religions as Christianism, Islam and Buddhism, but there are many details which contradict their original doctrines. So what are you going to do once the Home without marriage and Family is interfered by the local religions?

A: Communication. So we should try our best to build the Home without marriage and Family in the countries freedom of belief.

63) Q: Once the Home without marriage and Family has been established, it will attract the social attentions; and many people will run away from home to the Home without marriage and Family. At that time, many families will break up due to the concept of Lifechanyuan. Then, the accusation of destroying family will be blamed on Lifechanyuan, and the Home without marriage and Family will become the target of public criticism. Have you considered about the consequence?

A: Things may happen in that way, but we couldn't not stop traveling just because there is a wolf ahead of us. So we can keep away from the place where the wolf often appears and move on. In this case, we have to be rational, for example: many families broke down for the car accidents, so why don't people charge the car, road or the manufacturing plant?Many families broke up because one member of the family often visits ballrooms or bars and then fall in love with other people; why don't people charge the ballroom or bar? Many people fall ill; why don't they charge the earth? The Home without marriage and Family works as the ideal of civilized persons and also the choice of them; your old ox cart can not catch up with the car, train and plane; why don't you rid of the ox cart instead of complaining and accusing the car, train and plane? As time goes by, the mode of production and life-style also need to be changed; it is useless to cry and shout. It is immoral to drag others because you do not move on. Life is short; and everyone has the right and freedom to pursue happiness; so why do you accuse the Home without marriage and Family? Must others eat what you prefer and act what you like? The disruption and disintegration of families are the inevitable result of the civilization development; even without the Home without marriage and Family, more and more families are going to disintegrate; who are we going to blame for?

64) Q: The Home without marriage and Family is certain to have its own living boundary; if many people wish to come for a visit and survey, what would you do?

A: Welcome. We will sell admission tickets, or may be even run a hotel to earn some money; so come on, please.

65) Q: What would you do if someone looks for trouble?

A: "Then we should really bridge over the "troubled water"." we will take the necessary measures as the situation calls for.

66) Q: What will you do if the Home without marriage and Family becomes a dead duck? How will you dispose if some people have paid a lot but without any gains?

A: Human is flexible and measures can be also changeable. We need to take the necessary measures as the situation calls for; in this way, the life-style loved by everyone will finally appear. So, once the Home without marriage and Family has been established, the dead duck situation is impossible to appear. Once the Chanyuan Celestial enter into the Home without marriage and Family, they will find what they obtain is more than what they pay; you can not even drive them out of the Home without marriage and Family just like the people who have been to paradise are unwilling to go back to the Mortal World.

67) Q: What are the motivations urging Lifechanyuan to initiate the Home without marriage and Family?

A: The major motivations of initiating the Home without marriage and Family include the following three points: setting up model for initiating Lifechanyuan era, experiencing the life-style of Heaven and adapting the life in Heaven, centralized sermons, self-refining and self-improving.

68) Q: If Xue Feng has gone, can the Home without marriage and Family keep going?

A: At the very beginning Xue Feng is necessary without whom everyone will not know what to do because they have no idea about the life in Heaven. However, just one or two years later the existence of Xue Feng will not be so important and the Home without marriage and Family can develop continually when everything enters into normal, when everything adapts to the life-style of the Home without marriage and Family and when many Chanyuan Celestial command the entire secrets of thinking and life. Moreover, there are many Home without marriage and Family in the various places around world; the effect of Xue Feng can only affect a few people, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva may have mastered the way to sustain in Chanyuan.

November 6, 2007
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80 FAQs Concerning the Home Without Marriage and Family (3)

Xue Feng

53) Q: It tends to live in groups in the Home without marriage and Family, and the orderly and harmonious group life needs a series of rules and regulations for self-discipline, is it right?

A: No. in the Home without marriage and Family, there is no rules or regulations in any form for disciplining. Anyone can make decisions by nature, following one's inclinations

54) Q: If all of the people followed their inclination, everything would be in a muddle and mess, and the establishment of the Home without marriage and Family would end up in failure. Every large group without disciplines is just like a heap of loose sand and will be doomed to achieve nothing. Don't you agree with me?

A: What you are talking about is quite true, but you are making your inferences based on the logic of man's world, and it isn't fit for the Home without marriage and Family. The life style and management here operates in accordance with what works in the Thousand-year World and the ten-thousand year world in Heaven. According to my life experience in the Thousand-year World and my knowledge on the ten-thousand year world, there is no constitutions, laws and regulations, religious disciplines, dharmas for controlling people there, and people make revisions through self-purification of their mind for the best life style there. Actually, it seems that everything is so natural and is only going so naturally, without any conflicts or contradictions; everything goes in perfect order, peaceful and auspicious.

55) Q: What you are lecturing here is an ideal model of life, but I'm afraid that it is not available in the real world. So, how can you ensure that everything in the Home without marriage and Family will operate orderly and harmoniously?

A: We ensure that with the Lifechanyuan values. There will be no problems if all of the members of the Home without marriage and Family live their lives according to the Lifechanyuan value.

56) Q: But the question is that, if there is a member who does not have requirements for himself in accordance with the Lifechanyuan value, what will you do?

A: Firstly, we will prevent those who have no idea about the Lifechanyuan value from entering into the Home without marriage and Family. Before entering into the Home without marriage and Family, each member must learn and understand Lifechanyuan. He/She is not permitted to enter into the Home without marriage and Family until he/she can resonate to the Chanyuan value on the same frequency. We will further study and discuss and solve the problems later should they occur.

57) Q: Must one enter into the Home without marriage and Family?

A: This is an inevitable stage for entering into Celestial Islands Continent. Without this nurturing stage by the Home without marriage and Family, it is hard for people to form the habit required by the Heaven; and at the same time, a lot of problems for individuals in the secular world is difficult to solve. It is impossible to understand many self-refinements or self-improvements for individuals without the collective energy field, and their spirit door is also hard to open.

58) Q: What are the requirements for entering into the Home without marriage and Family? Is there any evaluation criterions?

A: In short: One must highly resonate to the Lifechanyuan values. It can be explained in detail like this. There are eight standards: 1. Find and get to know the Greatest Creator, and learn to dialog with the Greatest Creator directly; 2. Have firm belief in Jesus the Christ, Sakyamuni the Buddha, LaoTzu, and Muhammmad; 3. Trust Xue Feng is the guide for human life and life; 4. No marriage and private properties after entering into the Home without marriage and Family, and having paid off all your debts in the secular world; 5. Totally abandon your sense of self an put your life in the hand of the Great Creator and your human life in the hand of Tao; 6. Keep this in your mind "I will go to the Thousand-year World, I will go to the Celestial Islands Continent in the end."; 7. Make good preparation mentally and spiritually to contribute in the Home without marriage and Family instead of claiming and comfort; 8. You must be willing to devote your whole life to the great work of opening Lifechanyuan Era for humanity.

59) Q: Are there any differences between the Home without marriage and Family and other forms of organizations such s Utopia society, Buddhist temples, Christian churches, and spiritual communities (心灵社区)etc.

A: No Utopia society in history is the same as Lifechanyuan which has a systemic principle of values, and all of these Utopia societies are blindly designed. The Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan has a systemic value as the guide and it is very clear. Both the Buddhist temples and the Christian churches have strict regulations and religious disciplines which the Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan does not have. Everything here operates according to human nature and follows human inclination. Spiritual community such as Osho's DHAMMA) was only a result of irrational whim and would be short-lived and difficult to sustain, while in the Home without marriage and Family, because we follow the Greatest Creator, the continuous driving force will ensure its permanence once it is established successfully. The communities witnessed by Jehovah were relatively successful but families still existed and no love or sexual relationship was permitted out of marriage, while in the Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan, men and women can enjoy free and very colorful love and sexual life.

60) Q: Will the Home without marriage and Family be in an enclosed form?

A: Soul is open but the living is closed. Everybody in the Home without marriage and Family possesses a personal computer and is available for internet access in order to learn about other ideas and belief systems in the world. Televisions are also available to provide of more than one hundred channels of TV programs all of the world through satellite transmission. You may fly your thoughts and let your mind float freely. But the living style in the Home without marriage and Family is indeed secluded and isolated.

Sept. 9, 2007
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41) Q: I still don't understand what special advantages we can have after entering into the Home without marriage and Family.

A: There are 8 advantages: 1. Living guarantees; no need to worry about food, clothes, house and transportations; you will be attended when sick and even after death. 2. You will be far away from human society and will no longer be tortured with worldly affairs, live only for ideas and belief. 3. Without the fetters of the family, your body, heart and psychic energy feel much freer; nobody keeps his eyes on you, controls you and keeps after you; you need not to worry about the affairs of children too. 4. No matter how much you have changed, you can always find someone who can get along with you in character and disposition, and you can work, chat and entertain with them. 5. Because each one has a specific and definite task so a lot of time is saved and you can do whatever you want. 6. The Home without marriage and Family has innumerable recreational activities, and you will never feel lonely and bored again. 7. You can achieve Tao rapidly with the help of the collective energy; get out of the limit of life and death and go to heaven. 8. With the help of the collective energy, you can pass through different catastrophes

42) Q: What recreational activities are there in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: The recreational activities mainly consult and imitate the mode of the Thousand Year World, ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent. For example: people can be an emperor in turn, and when you are an emperor you can do whatever you want and others have to coordinate with you completely; everyone sits together and interacts between heart and psychic energy-entering into each other's thinking and feeling the inner world of each other; collectivity enters into the nonmaterial world to do things such as to speak and communicate with eyes and body language: magically change material world. Certainly, there are a lot of terrestrial activities such as dancing, singing, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, poker, sliding across the table, tickling, exploration games, going for an outing, climbing mountains, Piggie's carry his wife on back and drawing lots-when you catch Eve, you need to play the role of Eve; when you catch clown, you need to play the role of clown; and so on. In one word, there are innumerable recreational activities which are beyond your imagination.

43) Q: The Home without marriage and Family seems especially value recreational activities, and why does this happen?

A: Here includes the secret of life-the long-term recreational activities will perfect the nonmaterial structure, so everyone's process of turning into the appearance of children is accelerated because the kingdom of heaven belongs to children.

44) Q: What kinds of collective activities are there in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: There is a collective doing exercises lasting about thirty minutes after supper, which aims to build one's body, then the activity of expounding the scriptures lasts about two hours, which aims to open up one's thinking, inspire one's wisdom, promote one's spiritual nature, so as to be a Super Celestial Being earlier.

45) Q: Everything sounds so wonderful, but it should be hard to work out. What methods or measures are you going to apply?

A: We do not adopt any method or measures; what we do but inspires the internal truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and credit of everyone. When everyone's consciousness and soul resonate at the same frequency, everyone is willing to do this.

46) Q: Nothing imperative?

A: Absolutely not. We are sure that everyone will be sincerely convinced and willing to take part in the activities with the help of our best spiritual and psychological persuasion methods. If someone can not get it temporarily, we can wait patiently until he comes to realize the truth, but we will definitely not compel him/her.

47) Q: What shall you do if someone wants to quit the Home without marriage and Family?

A: We will hold a farewell meeting, offer him with enough traveling expenses and part him with tears.

48) Q: Won't you give other compensations?

A: The Home without marriage and Family does not have any private property, so everyone owns nothing no matter how long he/she has stayed in the Home without marriage and Family. As a result, he/she has nothing to take with him/her when he leaves but the traveling expenses.

49) Q: If someone donates a lot of property, makes lots of contribution and earns a lot of money for the Home without marriage and Family while entering and staying in the Home without marriage and Family, can't he or she take some away when leaves?

A: In Lifechanyuan and the Home without marriage and Family, all the conducts are willing, voluntary and are a kind of unconditional giving for the Lifechanyuan values and life beliefs. One can not expect requital when one donates, and the donation can not return just like the exhalant air and the spilled water, so everyone needs to think before leap.

50) Q: Are there any deceiving and fraudulent conducts in the Home without marriage and Family? Will someone feel being cheated afterwards?

A: Lifechanyuan has a series of supporting values just like the constitution of U.S. restraining all the people including the president. Everything of Lifechanyuan and the Home without marriage and Family is explained clearly and plainly by us, and we suit action to the word. Furthermore, we do things according to the law not people, even Xue Feng himself should do everything according to the values of the Home without marriage and Family if he chooses to stay there. If he does not suit actions to his words, that is called fraud; but if his action suits his word, that is not called fraud; if he expresses his ideas clearly and his deeds are in strict accordance with his words, then there is not any deception. Lifechanyuan is going to initiate the Lifechanyuan era, so it has to employ the most civilized way to develop all activities. Otherwise, it can't last long. The cause that we undertake will last forever, so all the activities we participate have to withstand the test of the masses and history. Besides, no matter where we build the Home without marriage and Family at, we all need to obey the local laws and regulations. Anyone can sue at the local government if he has the feeling of being cheated.

51) Q: It is easy to say than done. How can one go out to sue if has lost both freedom and expenses at the Home without marriage and Family, especially when no one is allowed to be in? He may never be able to pass any information. What to do then?

A: Good question! This question is very easy to answer. The Home without marriage and Family equipped with unobstructed phones and the phone numbers of the local police department are also provided here. You can also tell one of your relatives or friends to call you every few days; if you can not answer the call on time, they should call police immediately. There is no risk to that.

52) Q: You take people away. Where can we find them?

A: Everyone in the Home has communicated with others of the Home for a long time and has been familiar with each other. If you do not trust these people, who shall you trust? The people with such thoughts are not suitable to enter into the Home without marriage and Family; so, you don't need to worry and you can just live in the realistic society according to the traditional view of life and value system. In your mind, the Home without marriage and Family has changed into a criminal gang. With such morbid psychology, you should not imagine that you can enter into the Home without marriage and Family. It is not the problem of whether you want to enter or not, but the Home without marriage and Family will not let you in because such psychology and consciousness as yours are doomed to bring endless trouble to the Home.

(To be continued)

Nairaland / General / 80 Faqs Concerning The Home Without Marriage And Family (1) by ivysunday(f): 11:42am On Sep 03
Xue Feng

1) Q : Why set up the Home without marriage and Family?

A: For the purpose of realizing the ideals of our saints and sages and the hope of our people; for the purpose of setting a good example for human beings; for the purpose of providing a good environment to the Chanyuan Celestial for their self-improvement and experiencing the life of Celestials in the thousand-year world.

2) Q: Who are eligible to enter into the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Only the most civilized and the best could be permitted to enter into the Home without marriage and Family. Or you may call it as" gathering the ripen crops."

3) Q : Who is the leader of the Home without marriage and Family?

A: All of those people who are able to live their life in strict accordance with Lifechanyuan value can be the leaders.

4) Q : Where is the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Everywhere with proper conditions.

5) Q : Is it possible for me to enter into the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Sorry, unless you have been baptized by Lifechanyuan value.

6) Q : Why only those being baptized by Lifechanyuan value are permitted to enter the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Without the baptism, you will be totally at a loss as what to say and what to do in the Home without marriage and Family.

7) Q: Can Chanyuan Celestial enter into the Home without marriage and Family?

A: No. Only those who have been devoting all their energies to the construction of Lifechanyuan for at least a half year are eligible.

cool Q: Do the people in the Home without marriage and Family lead an austere life?

A: Definitely not. On the contrary, they will live the most prosperous and lively life.

9) Q: How can you ensure that?

A: People in the Home without marriage and Family are the most outstanding and creative group in human society.

10) Q: Do you care only your own well-being and not the poor?

A: We only care spirit and mind. Material things are not our concern and should be worked out by oneself.

11) Q: Where do funds of the Home without marriage and Family come from?

A: Through the dedication and creation of people in the Home without marriage and Family.

12) Q: What would you do if people in the Home without marriage and Family become lazy?

A: It is impossible for them to become laze, because laziness will make their conscience uncomfortable.

13) Q: Is it possible for the Home without marriage and Family to precede forwards autocracy?

A: Each of those being baptized into Lifechanyuan is follower of Tao with profound wisdom, clear and bright mind. No one is willing to be shoved around, and can not be shoved around except the most civilized approach.

14) Q: Is there any private property in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: No, everything belongs to the public.

15) Q: Then there is no individual privacy and freedom in any sense?

A: Absolutely not! Each residence is private, sacred and inviolable. Nobody is allowed to intrude without the master's permission.

16) Q: Then, private property actually exists, right?

A: No property is private here, and all of them belong to the Home without marriage and Family. But everybody in the Home without marriage and Family is capable of enjoying a life of great freedom and natural rights which can not be deprived. For example, people should not disturb one other when taking a rest, neither can they deprive the other's basic safety.

17) Q: Is there forms of spousal relationship in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: No, they neither marry nor get married.

18) Q: Then people with spousal relationship are not eligible to enter in to the Home without marriage and Family, right?

A: Sure, they can. But it is better for them entering together, and their marriage life come to an end since after. But they may choose to continue their intimacy in much civilized relationship, which none of other's business. A spouse planning to enter into the Home without marriage and Family must require the consent of the other party. Otherwise any party of a marriage will not be permitted to enter into the Home without marriage and Family.

19) Q: Is the sexual choices in a random fashion in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Sure. People can choose their sexual forms in terms of their personal tastes according to the principle of ethics; they may choose to be in a pair, or three even four people together. Why will we restrict that if they feel gratitude to the Greatest Creator in their heart? If by so doing enables them to feel that life is good and thereby love life much more than before while devoting themselves selflessly into the hard work for human happiness, then, why will we restrict that?

20) Q: Doesn't that belong to assembling a crowd for promiscuity?

A: People's concept on promiscuity is wrong. Promiscuity is limited to sexual behaviors between mother and son, father and daughter, grandparents and grandchildren, natural brothers and sisters. Those occurring between people without genetic connection should not be classified as lewdness. As for the term "assembling the crowd", what is improper here? People in the world were often assembled for conferences, strikes, parades, sports activities, dancing, or other similar activities. Now that all of these assembling matters are proper, what is improper just for fun? Sexual behavior is nothing but a game for fun.

21) Q: Then, do you mean sexual behavior in group is advocated in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: Absolutely not! Because that kind of advocating will hurt millions of people in the world. Moral values established in secular society should be followed by secular individuals of the society. Otherwise, the normal social order would be disturbed and the whole society would lose its vitality and push human beings to disastrous situations.

22) Q: Well, why is it possible to have sexual freedom in the Home without marriage and Family?

A: The secular world can't be compared with the Home without marriage and Family. The basic form of secular world is family, which requires strict husband and wife ties. Once free love affairs happened, it is painful for his/ her spouse, their children, even their parents, which will injure the whole society in the end. But in the Home without marriage and Family, there are no families, no marriages, and people living here are far from the secular world. They have paid off their parents, children, friends, and the society before entering into the Home without marriage and Family. They will live a totally new life in the Home without marriage and Family. In addition, all of the members of the Home without marriage and Family are civilized and outstanding individuals with pure mind, and they would not hurt their spouse either. Therefore, the sexual freedom in the Home without marriage and Family should not be copied indiscriminately in the secular world.

23) Q: What will you do if somebody is unwilling to follow your style?

A: All members enjoy freedom here. He is free to follow his life style and nothing is imperative.

24) Q: Do all of you live together?

A: Each member possesses a separate bedroom, bathroom and a private area. They do not live together.

25) Q: What about having meals?

A: Yes. Eat together in the cafeteria.

26) Q: How do you deal with different tastes?

A:The cafeteria will make their effort to take account of different favorites and satisfy everybody.

27) Q:What about your food, on vegetarian or meat diet?

A: They may choose as their own will. Vegetarian may be on vegetarian diet and those people whose favorites are meat may choose on meat diet. Nobody has the right to decide what the other people should to eat. But nobody is permitted to take wild animals or birds as their food.

28) Q: Are all of the members in the Home without marriage and Family Chinese?

A: No! Chinese people only occupy a small ratio. Most people are whites and blacks or other races.

29) Q: What to do if somebody get sick?

A: There are doctors and nurses in the Home without marriage and Family and everything for the patients is free here. Whoever is sick will be treated with proper care.

30) Q: What if somebody passes away?

A: There are special organizations to cope with these things properly. There is no need to worry.

31) Q: How do you allocate those who no longer capable of work?

A: They will be attended by the most careful and the most sympathetic people.

32) Q:Can they have children here?

A: Sure. It's up to you. Some people may need to be persuaded to have children for the sake of humankind multiply.

33) Q: Will the baby be kept to oneself?

A: No! The baby is the sweet heart of the whole human beings. From the time of pregnancy, all costs will be shouldered by the Home without marriage and Family, including future raising and education.

34) Q: How to organize various jobs?

A: Everybody in the Home without marriage and Family has outstanding abilities and hobbies. The Home without marriage and Family will provide circumstances for their individual strong points and each person can choose to do what he/she likes most. Nobody will be forced or arranged.

35) Q: But how to deal with different jobs and different preferences?

A: The difference between the Home without marriage and Family and the secular world is that there is neither lowliness nor nobleness in work here. Remunerations paid for different jobs are the same; no matter what you do: office job, cleaning, trading, growing vegetables, cooking or washing, so on and so forth, all jobs are of the same in importance. Besides, beautiful mind of people in the Home without marriage and Family are willing to do the jobs unwilling to be done in the secular society and will receive greater respect and admiration on that regard.

36) Q: Is there a clear division of labor for all of the members?

A: The goal of the Home without marriage and Family is that there is only one trade to be done for each member. For example, there is no need for the vegetable gardener to worry about if his the cleaning of his room; the dairywoman doesn't need to concern about washing her clothes; the businessman doesn't need to think about if a hot meal is available after a whole day's work; and the cook doesn't need to worry about the money. Everything will be organized orderly and systematically.

37) Q: You say that everything is shared by the public, what if someone wants to spend money for his hobbies?

A: There is an appropriate amount of pocket money for all.

38) Q:What should they do for those people whose parents, children, or brothers and sisters were in need of them?

A: It's not unnatural for this business and it will be acted accordingly.

39) Q: Some of the babies in Chanyuan- Celestial are very young yet they want to enter into the Home without marriage and Family. What to do then?

A: It will also be acted accordingly. The Home without marriage and Family will take nurseries, kindergartens and schools in future if the there are too many children.

40) Q: Could the parents and children enter into the Home without marriage and Family together?

A: Sure. Each person could be a Chanyuan Celestial if he/she could resonate to Lifechanyuan value, which means a mature condition for entering into the Home without marriage and Family.

(To be continued)

August 25, 2007
Nairaland / General / Call For All Ecovillages Around The World Unite As One Big International Family by ivysunday(f): 11:09am On Sep 02

–the Spiritual Guide of Lifechanyuan

(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Nov 14, 2013

Human beings are facing unprecedented severe crises. Financial crises, ecological crises caused by climate change, and war crises caused by regional conflicts, and the like have told us that if human beings do not change their existing lifestyles and production methods, but follow the traditional path, the ecological environment on the earth will be destroyed thoroughly. The possibility of human beings’ sustainable development will vanish into thin air, and the future of all humanity will face a bleak outlook.

These severe crises are likely to be resolved only when each person becomes aware of them and takes positive actions. “Under a toppled nest, can there be unbroken eggs?” Any fluky psychology and wait-and-see attitude will make us miss good opportunities and have regrets forever.

The UN, governments of all countries, and many organizations, groups, and individuals are working hard in order to eliminate these crises, but these efforts are not enough, and they will only take effect when everyone on the earth makes joint efforts.

The establishment and development of ecovillages is one of the effective measures to resolve those crises. However at present, ecovillages are scattering all over the world but have not yet formed a strong influential force, and the scale and pace of development is not strong enough to stop global climate worsening. In order to speed up the development of all ecovillages, I hereby appeal to global ecovillages that they unite into one big international family and use collective wisdom and energy to advance their development.

In this time when humanity faces common crises, it is important that all people elevate the common interests of humanity to the foremost position. All people must sacrifice the interests of their own countries, political parties, ethnic groups, religions, and personal interests to serve the higher interests of humanity. All ecovillages must give up their own interests and unite as one big international family. Only when we think of the sustainable development of human beings from a perspective of “the world is ONE family”, individual ecovillages will benefit and develop faster and more healthily, and all of humanity will benefit from it too.

Now the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life) of Lifechanyuan in China and Konohana Family in Japan have united, which is the first gratifying step. It also proves that global ecovillages can transcend the differences of nations, cultures, and lifestyles, and unite as one big family. As long as we hold love in our hearts, and as long as we love all humans, we love peace, the earth, and life, we will have the ability and wisdom to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. We will be able to form a big international family by uniting all ecovilages, and create a new era of peace and harmony that is able to develop sustainably.

This big international family can operate under the framework of the United Nations. I believe that the UN will be happy to accept and lead this international ecovillage family and let it work and benefit for the interests of the entire humanity.

The alliance of global ecovillages will have many benefits but no harms and all people including members of each ecovillage will benefit enormously. As for its formation and operation and how to overcome the differences of beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, and so on, I have a complete theory system which is sufficient to support and achieve this great ideal. The most critical issue now is that either we work together to solve the common crises of humanity and create a brand new era or we sit and await our doom.

Let us start to realize this ideal from a spiritual level first, then have representatives of all ecovillages meet to discuss the details. The best way would be for GEN to facilitate this project.

Big disasters can happen anytime and we do not know whether we will still be alive tomorrow. However, as long as there is a gleam of hope, we must never give up making efforts. Decades are too long, so let us seize today. I sincerely hope that ecovillages around the world will take my appeal seriously and propel the prospective project in the most effective way, and complete the formation process of this project in the shortest time possible.
Nairaland / General / The Great Meaning Of The Birth Of The 5th Branch Of The Second Home by ivysunday(f): 9:54am On Sep 01
The Great Meaning of the Birth of the

5th Branch of the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life) in Japan


(Translated by Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

Nov 23, 2013

November 11, 2013 is the date when the Second Home of Lifechanyuan in China and Konohana Family in Japan united as one big family. Since this date the two communities have become one and will share happiness and hardships, stand together through storm and stress, and support each other in adversity.

This is an epoch-marking step in human civilization. People from different countries, ethnic groups, cultures, and backgrounds can treat each other as families, and call each other brothers and sisters. There are no more fights, conflicts, discriminations, or misunderstandings. People will live and advance together in harmony, love, and peace forever.

This step shows that the people of both China and Japan have big hearts and broad minds to overcome the historical indignations and resolve historical grievances, and are able to use love to create a beautiful future for both countries and use intelligence to initiate a peaceful era of common prosperity.

We have set an example for humanity that no matter what ethnic group, religion, or culture we come from, or what our skin color is, and no matter how many historic sufferings and hardships we need to face along the way, as long as we hold love in our heart and pursue freedom and happiness for all human beings, we can unite as one harmonious family.

Through the time-space tunnel that the Second Home and Konohana Family united as one, we can foresee that the dream of an international family united by nations all over the world is manifesting gradually. At that time, people will travel freely among 256 branches of Lifechanyuan around the world and they will have families and homes everywhere. In each branch, there will be blacks, whites, and Asians; there will be Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, and Hindus, and there will be children, youngsters, people in their prime, and seniors; everyone will enjoy a worry free and communal lifestyle. The living environment of each branch will be like the present Second Home and Konohana Family: green mountains and clear streams where a large variety of flowers are blossoming and flocks of birds are flying. It will be an idyllic fairyland on earth.

Concord is better than fighting and harmony is better than confrontation. Peace excels conflict and unification excels separation. I hope that more than a thousand communities around world will learn from us and positively integrate into this big international family, and create a brilliant and civilized future by love; also let our later generations enjoy eternal happiness, joy, and freedom.

Building an international family is in alignment with the tenets and spirit of the United Nations and I sincerely hope that the UN will give moral support and conveniences to this international family.
Nairaland / General / An Invitation To Global Communities For Alliance With The Second Home by ivysunday(f): 11:09am On Aug 30
An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home (now New Oasis for Life)


July 24, 2011

(Translated by Transn. and Edited by Kaer)

Dear friends:

We all have the same dream to make this earth a fairyland for people who are kind, honest, diligent, simple, and trustworthy, and to let all future generations enjoy happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives forever.

It would be impossible to realize this beautiful ideal if only a few thousand people work for it, so this dream can only come true with the joint efforts of people from around the world who are willing to commit themselves unselfishly; that is, to devote their full lives to it.

In China, we have created a new life mode - The Second Home of Lifechanyuan - in only two years. Our experiences have proven well that this new life mode has a very bright future. We have reached the first milestone toward this dream and expect that with gradual improvement, it will become the most ideal life mode for everyone.

The new life mode of the Second Home has these eight (cool characteristics:

1. No one worries about the matters of survival such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death. Everyone has a job or jobs to do, a place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

2. No one struggles to support their parents and children. Supporting parents and nurturing children are communal, not personal concerns. Individuals have no debts between each other.

3. No one owns anything but everyone has everything. There are no marriages, traditional families, or personal property.

4. “No one pockets anything found on the road and doors can be left open in the evening”; trouble is rarely found.

5. Paradise management means that no management is the best management. There are no leaders or managers, so no one is led or managed. Everyone does their best work and takes what they need freely from the community. People all comply with the principle of no luxury and no waste.

6. Our living environments are clean, orderly and pleasant. Everybody is positive, happy, and healthy, and there is perfect harmony between people and people, people and society, and people and nature.

7. No one is lazy and everyone refuses to be parasitic.

8. Everyone tries their best to bring into full play their own qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. Everything and everyone leads toward a better future.

We invite all communities in the world, whether they are Utopian, Communal, or Idyllic, and no matter which country, region, ethnic group, culture, or religion you are part of, to contact us and become our friends. Let us work together to create the most ideal lifestyle for everyone.

We wish to offer these eight (cool suggestions for forming our alliances:

1. Exchange information and experience that we might learn from each other.

2. Exchange community members. As a start, we could send two or three people to each other’s communities.

3. Promote our successful experiences and share them with other communities elsewhere.

4. All Communications will be done online and personal meetings will be unnecessary.

5. No disputes or unresolved differences, as everything is done voluntarily.

6. Each community would maintain its own character and identity, as none would interfere with any others and there would be no common “laws”. Let each one blossom on its own and allow a variety of different communities.

7. Religious belief is generally not discussed. The main focus of communities is on how to make every member happy, joyful, free, and blessed, and how to improve harmony between individuals, between the individual and the group, and between people and nature.

8. No intervention in or attack on any secular society. There will be no intervention in or attack on any secular government, political or religious party, propertied class, organization, or group.

Life is a game which we should make as enjoyable as possible. There is no need to stick to the past and nothing should hold us back. No one can escape death, so why do we not just live our lives to their fullest? Let us show our passion and make our Life journeys the most happy, valuable, and meaningful ones possible!

You are very welcome to contact us through the following websites:

1. New Oasis for Life (English): http://www.newoasisforlife.org

2. Lifechanyuan forum (English): http://www.lifechanyuan.org

3. The Heaven Colledge: http://chanyuan.org

4. Lifechanyuan International Family: http://www.smcyinternationalfamily.org

With best regards and looking forward to hearing from you!

Xuefeng, Founder of Lifechanyuan & the Second Home.
Nairaland / General / Walk To The Lifechanyuan Era by ivysunday(f): 12:24pm On Aug 29
Xue Feng

The human life is precious; every year is as rare as golden flowers, and every day is as precious as pearls. The people alive should not waste time but climb the highest apex of life to make life fill with vitality and shine with golden radiances; only in this way, one will not regret accomplishing nothing for his life and shame to muddle along everyday but will be proud of one's splendid human life and contributing one's painstaking talents and efforts to the most beautiful cause of all human beings as we move towards the end of our journey recalling the past.

To initiate Lifechanyuan era for all human beings is the noblest and greatest and most splendid cause. And this aspiration belongs to the Mahayana Buddha dharma and belongs to the sunlit path, which is full of marvelous and charming scenery and directly connects to the Celestial gate of life; everyone will be a noble and virtuous person, a person breaking away from the vulgar interests, a person beneficial to all human beings, a person following the way of the Greatest Creator with an open mind, a real Christian , a devout disciple of the Buddha, a sage gathering all the wisdom and quality of saints and a real communist if you devote your most precious time, all intelligence and wisdom to Lifechanyuan era. At the end of this road, it will be the other shore of Heaven; at that time you have achieved your quality of Celestial being and Buddha; the Celestial sail will come to you and pick you up to your happiest homeland you dreamed about.

It is the wish of the Greatest Creator, the hope of Christ, the intention of the Buddha, the utmost ideal of all sages and wise men and the most aspiring era of all masses to move towards Lifechanyuan era; for this we will pay everything we own because only in this way we can possess the most valuable human life; and the most profound instructions of Christ and Buddha imply in this; the most beautiful wish of all sages and wise men condenses in this; all the expectations of the kind-heart and industrious people converge in this. All the people who are willing to cultivate oneself with the qualities of Celestial being and Buddha, all the people who are willing to devote all his efforts to the beautiful ideal of mankind, all the people who are willing to climb the summit of life and human life, all the self-refiners and self-improvers who hope to enter into the Heaven homeland, let's move together towards Lifechanyuan era.

Once stepping on the road of initiating Lifechanyuan era, we will receive the Tao from our founded living principle, in which our real spirits exist and from which our great talents and super morality develop. From then on, our vision will be vast and limitless; our mind will be delighted every moment; we will be united with heaven and earth, united with the Greatest Creator; we will walk with God, Buddha, Celestial Being and Sage together; we will not be constrained by wealth, rank and poor; we will not indulge in private interest; we will not make mistakes because of our own prejudice; and we will not commit a crime or a sin for our own desires.

The biggest feature of Lifechanyuan era is that families, religions, political parties and countries will completely disappear in the world; and the society will be "Person of virtue won't be abandoned away from government, Honesty prevails throughout the world"; "No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in"; "Heaven had a soul makes nature pure and innocent, makes wind and rain come on time"; "Land had a soul makes all living things be flourish"; "Person had a soul makes him/her be charming and happy".

In our human life, if we just live for our own family, we will deviate from the Lifechanyuan era; if we just live for our own interest of religion, political party, nationality and country, we will also deviate from the Lifechanyuan era. The life deviating from Lifechanyuan era is downfallen life; and the human life deviating from Lifechanyuan is not worth respecting, admiring, imitating, eulogizing and even speaking of; and such human life is far from the Celestial life of upper world but just is close to the animal life of the lower world.

To initiate Lifechanyuan era is the theme of the epoch, the inevitable trend and also the only road for humans to save ourselves so as to step on the civilized and splendid course; and this is the only bright path for us.

In the future, these people who are complacent on the mightiness of their own country will be despised by those who strive for initiating Lifechanyuan era; those who talk endlessly about defending their own religious doctrine and interest will be disdained by those who move towards Lifechanyuan era; these who are bustling about just for the interest of their own political party will be disdained by those who move towards Lifechanyuan era; and those who are complacent on the wealth of their own families will be disdained by those who move towards Lifechanyuan era.

Only such people will receive the respect of these who move towards Lifechanyuan era: no matter you are rich or poor, on the high status or low one, no matter your political background, educational attainments, nationalities, race, gender or age, as long as you regarding the whole world as one big family and you having a good aspiration and wish for the happiness of this big family, you will receive their respects; as long as you speak a good word, do a good thing, write a good article or pay your painstaking effort for Lifechanyuan era, you will receive respects because you are an educated people, a brainy man, a person with benevolent heart and beautiful mind, and a person deserve the blessing of the Greatest Creator.

The confusing era of man seeking for solution has come to an end; and the progressing road for all human beings has become clear. "Unifying all laws into their roots and all religions into one", we will open the halcyon days, move towards Lifechanyuan era, enter into the holy realm of Great Harmony; since then, all people can share the well-being bestowed by the Greatest Creator; the messengers from the Heaven will bless human with happiness and peace for a thousand year.

It is the best road for human life and wonderful road for self-refining and self-improving to initiate and move towards Lifechanyuan era.

June 19,2007
Nairaland / General / This Is A Warm Homeland by ivysunday(f): 10:14am On Aug 26
Xue Feng

This is a warm homeland, and this is a warm homeland consists of the Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan. This is a pioneering work, where the best wish since the existence of human locates. Human beings can not walk out of confusion, misfortune, hunger, war, unrest and hardship until this warm homeland continually "ferment", grow in strength and "ferment" the earth into such a warm homeland.

All the citizens of this warm homeland are selfless contributors, who give up their own enjoyment and contribute all their time and energy to the construction of this homeland; they give up their own opinions, infuse their own personality into this common cause and resonate completely with Lifechanyuan in the same frequency; they give up their own private interest and try their best to donate or invest their personal wealth to this warm homeland; they overcome various difficulties and enter into this homeland everyday to contribute their wisdom and talents; they warm the hearts of their brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers with their most ardent words; just a few days ago, they donate more than 100,000 RMB in less than a day to solve the temporary plight faced by Chanyuan Celestials in the homeland.

Selfless contribution is one of the greatest and loftiest quality of human being; Jesus Christ is a selfless contributor; the Buddha Sakyamuni is a selfless contributor; Avalokitesvara is a selfless contributor; all the men who devote themselves to the peace, happiness and tranquility of people are selfless contributors; those men who armed with the religious feelings, work selflessly and regardless of their personal gain and loss are selfless contributors; all the Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan is selfless contributor.

This warm homeland is established according to the "800 new life values", the wish of the Greatest Creator, the guidance of Jesus Christ, the instruction of Buddha Sakyamuni, according to the wish and spirit of Prophet Mohammedan, the wisdom of the Celestial Being LaoTzu, the ideals of all the Sages in the human history, the supplication of the people who are kindness, industriousness, honesty, credit. This homeland is carried out strictly according to the connotation of the Tao of the Greatest Creator, strictly according to the "800 new life values" whether on the constructing value or the constructing practice.

The core of the warm homeland consists of homeland feats and beginners; all the core members are not the leaders outmatching high over others but servants; all the core members have to live a simple life, own nothing at all-with no personal property, with no personal bank account, nothing but the homeland; taking deiform celestial l as an example: his wealth amounts to a million RMB such as house property, car, furniture including kitchen utensils all belong to the homeland; he owns nothing at all; his eating, clothing, housing and transportation are carried out on the simplest level; when he is alive, he is a person in the homeland; when he dies, he will be a Celetial Being in the homeland.

Once you enter into this warm homeland, the homeland will take charge of the eating, clothing, housing, transportation, birth, death, illness and old age of every citizen; and individual needs not worry about such things and each citizen will not have any private interest, family and personal property; in the homeland everything is distributed based on one's needs.

In this warm homeland, the people with the more contribution will receive more esteem, so the laborers are the most respected persons; the people who only want to get benefit and are unwilling to pay out will be disdained and rejected in this homeland; the idlers, lazybones and parasite can not exist in this homeland; the homeland does not welcome the people who idle about everyday and prefer stealing the show, gabbling and making gestures. This warm homeland is not the place for idlers but the paradise of the people who are honest, industrious, modest and trustful.

This warm homeland fully respects human nature, human dignity, freedom and privacy; nothing is compulsory but voluntary; and everyone works and lives according to the "800 new life values"; among different members, no one is commanding or interfered; No one is allowed to criticize or cavil other members but just does well on one's own duty; if one wants to educate others, he should use it to educate himself; do not force others to do the things you yourself can't do.

The love life in this warm homeland are free; it is not allow to bring the moralization and religious doctrine of the worldly society into the homeland; no one is allowed to interfere others' love life; it is not allow to make irresponsible remarks and talk of people behind their backs; it is not allow the occurrences of such affairs as compelling, usurping, coercing and scathing. The love life of this homeland is carried out according to the mode of the Heaven, the thousand-year world and the Celestial Being, which works as the replica of the Heaven and the thousand-year world life. The people living in such way aim at transiting up into the thousand-year world.

The citizens of the homeland are meek sheep at home but fierce tigers and leopards to the outside world; they will afford the love guidance to the people who cherish this homeland; and they will give strict punishment on the people who intend to destroy this homeland; they will inherit the Muslim spirit created by Prophet Mohammed-we will keep the homeland regardless of the hardships and dangerous. We will not stir up trouble nor will we fear it; we will be brave and fearless of difficulties or death; for the people who favored the homeland, we will offer our gratitude and return for goodness; for the people who do something bad to the homeland, we will give them double punishment no matter where they are.

This warm homeland will protect each Chanyuan Celestials who has paid painstaking effort and sweats to the homeland; the homeland will help each one to overcome the difficulties occurred unconditionally. The homeland will try it best to satisfy any reasonable requirement raised by him or her; certainly, this is only available to Chanyuan Celestials himself or herself and not to his or her parents, children, other friends or relatives; at this point we will strictly obey the instruction of Jesus Christ.

This homeland offers exceptional benefaction to the Chanyuan feats; as long as he or she is one of the feats, the homeland will take care of his or her eating, clothing, housing, transportation, birth, death, illness and old age from now. Certainly, above conditions only work when the feats need such things; otherwise, for example, the feats is capable of solving one's own eating, clothing, housing and transportation; the homeland will not provide him or her a penny and the homeland does not encourage greediness; if you can be self sufficient then do not be greedy over others' bowl. However, we have to guarantee that the feats will not worry about the eating, clothing, housing, transportation, birth, death, illness and old age. We advocate that we should not easily ask for requiting but just sacrifice because we are the people who self-refine ourselves for merits and virtues, because we are the people who will finally break away from the universal gravitation of life to Celestial Islands Continent, because we are the people who will initiate the Lifechanyuan for human with heart and soul, because we are the model of being an upright persons for all human beings and because we are the examples of all people and all the nice qualities should be first reflected from us. However, we do not assert or encourage each Chanyuan Celestials to swallow a camel; when you are in trouble or great pain, you are bound to speak out and offer a chance for everyone to share it with you. We oppose a person who furtively enjoys the happiness, and we oppose a person who endures the suffering alone more.

The management mode of this warm homeland is in Holographic order with no written law, rule, provisions, measures, restrain and rites, just like Nature with invisible law, rule, section, measures, restrain and rites; however, everywhere in Nature reflects the rigor and strictness of law, rule, section, gauge, restrain and rites; if one behaves according to the logos, one can soar freely across the sky like a heavenly horse; otherwise, one will meet thistles and thorns everywhere and unable to advance even one step.

This warm homeland possesses the huge power and infinite potential; all the people who love peace and pursue joy, delight, freedom and happiness will be certain to converge in this homeland from all directions until the whole earth becomes the paradise like the thousand-year world.

The citizens of the warm homeland: we are the creators, pioneers and practitioners of the new era, new values, new life and new mode; the hope of all human beings is entrusted to us; if we fall down, human beings will not have any hopes but desperation; and our individual can not escape from the domain of the universe, the constraint of the five elements and the 36 passes of Eight Diagrams Array; all men will die, we would rather open a new road to survive in the deadly situation; in other words, we haven known our path, and we have understood the future clearly; and we will need only to fight the wind and storm, follow and ascending the path of Heaven.

There is no any games so interesting as the game of human life; one should not be coward, and it is no use of retreating; it is not safe to return to the old shell, and the old city cannot be guarded any longer; the only way is to work hard to reach the other side because the bitterness is endless. An old friend with magical power has told us: "when all countries still exist, the Greatest Creator will establish another immortal homeland, which does not belong to any concrete country or any particular nationality, but it will disintegrate all countries; this homeland will last forever". Christ also told us that moment was "the moment when everything took a new lease of life", was "the new system of future"; he also told his disciples: "you are going to be immortal in the future system". As a result, "the ripen crops" will be reaped into "the future system", in which everyone can obtain the immortal life. All our Chanyuan Celestials have to work hard to enter into that "future system"; in fact, we are already in "that future system" and everything will be bright and clear in the end.

The future of the earth is in this warm homeland! Beautiful future will belong only to Chanyuan Celestials!

January 21, 2009
Nairaland / General / Laborers Are Most Respected Here by ivysunday(f): 8:27am On Aug 25
Xue Feng

The most respected people in Lifechanyuan are not the exceptional functions, the wise men, the greatest talker, self-centered people, learners of the classic doctrines and moralizers etc., but the laborers.

The builders of Lifechanyuan are the laborers, which include the people managing the website and homeland, the people writing for Chanyuan on the basis of Lifechanyuan values, the people in the other websites reprinting the corpus of Lifechanyuan, the people machining gems, the people follow the plaster on the internet to praise and encourage Chanyuan Celestials, the people who prefer searching the articles, music and pictures according to truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty, credit and then reprinting them on this website, the people who kindly and sincerely discuss, exchange, experience about life, time, space and human life.

The laborers may not write articles filled with wits and wisdoms, may be short of the debated talents, may be too stupid to show one's intelligence, may be with ordinary performance, may unable to explain Buddhist doctrine or Tao, may be unable to recite or apply the paragraphs or sentences in the classics, but their souls are the most beautiful and their conducts can prove that they have obeyed the instructions of the Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and the Sages.

It is impossible to amaze the people with a single brilliant feat here. Here one needs to work and make a tribute silently in a down-to-earth way, and the merits of Lifechanyuan are the examples for us to learn.。

If one wants to be respected by others, one has to become an arduous laborer.

November 22, 2007
Nairaland / General / Join Your Talent And Wisdom Into The Creating Of Lifechanyuan Era by ivysunday(f): 11:02am On Aug 23
Xue Feng

There is a saying in ancient time, “The wise bird chooses its branch, and the wise official chooses the great sovereign.” Now we say, “The wise man chooses right road, and the wise bird chooses auspicious place.” The human civilization should step into a higher level.

5000 years of human history is history of tears and blood, and the ignorant era should come to an end.

Tracing back, we find that the roots of these disasters are religions, states,political parties and families; and the fundamental root lies in the chaos of ideology. Everyone thinks what he found is the only truth. If we can not end such situation, human can never cast off such vicious circle.

The era when we appraise everything by man rather than by law” should be ended. Now we should advocate, “Law is above everything”.

Law refers to all charters passed by U.N., all constitutions promulgated by countries. However, the most fundamental law is the law of Tao--the principle of Tao, which surpasses all constitutions. It works as the law of the universe and the law of life. And we should take this principle as the standard of our words and deeds.

What are rules of Tao and life? The words and wisdoms of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu have expounded some rules of Tao, but it still needs to be perfected. This requires a large group of talents and wisdoms to accomplish this mission, to inherit and carry forward the wisdoms of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu.

The Bible, The Qur'an, Tao Te Ching and the Buddhist Scriptures are crystallization of human wisdom, but none of these classics can contain all the connotation of the law of Tao. Only when we digest all these classics and integrate them with the achievement of modern science and the wisdom of present sages, can we approach to truth and find the relatively right path.

The talents and wisdoms refer to the people who have surpassed the instinct, desire, emotion and rational thinking. They are the mainstay of the civilized society, the guardian of the morality, the vindicator of the peaceful order, the defender of truth, the disseminator of wisdom, pioneer of the civilization and the inaugurator of the new era. They have characters of sensibility, modesty, plainness, peace, obliging, simplicity, diligence and tenaciousness.

The features of the Lifechanyuan era are: the religions, states, political parties and families will disappear; regardless of nationalities or races, the whole world will becomes big family and live in harmony; there will be only one global government; the systems of management and coordination will be Lifechanyuan + worldly government; all people will revere to the Greatest Creator, life and nature; All the people will join into one family and one government; person of virtue won’t be abandoned away from government; honesty prevails throughout the world and no one pockets anything found on the road; doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in; a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. ; everyone shows his talents; people get together for friendship instead of constructing clique to seek private interest; people, Gods, Buddha, nature and people, they coexist harmoniously and bring out the best for each other.

The old era must be a history; the old regime must be disintegrated; the old object must die out; the old values must be desalted. All of these are objective laws which are certain to happen and will not depend on our subjective consciousness, so the only thing we can do is to adapt to this law. Any attempts of obstructing the law will be in vain and doom to fail.

Perhaps, someone will say the Lifechanyuan era is very good and very attractive; but this is totally working on one’s imagination, impractical and equal to daydream. Yes, from the conventional thinking, this is equal to milk the bull or make vain efforts; however, if we have learnt the abnormal thinking, we would find this era is in the near future; because this is the operation of Tao and an irreversible law.

When Noah built ark on the mountaintop, no one thought that the downpour would drop from the sky; when Titanic sailed on the Atlantic, no one thought that it would crash on the iceberg; when the World Trade Center stood tall and upright, no one thought it would collapse in an instant; when people from South Asia countries enjoyed relaxation on the beach, no one thought the tsunami would make a surprise attack; many incidents happen suddenly and beyond our expectation.

Lifechanyuan summon the talents and wisdoms around the world; it does not mean that you get into Lifechanyuan today and carry out the Lifechanyuan era tomorrow, but is to change your consciousness and to improve your thinking frequency and strive to resonate with the frequency of the universe law. This is the only way to prevent you from getting hurt, and to prevent your thinking from falling into disorder get collapsed.

All the talents and wisdoms that are willing to get into Lifechanyuan should not waste your precious times on imaginary things, but hurry up to self-improve and self-refine. Even you have owned the whole material world, it is useless. What you should do is to obey indoctrinations of Jesus to accumulate wealth in the heaven, to obey instructions of the Budda—unconditional giving. You should get into the Lifechanyuan to absorb new knowledge, develop new thinking, exchange gnosis, knowledge and experience with other talents and wisdoms around the world and then to build up Lifechanyuan together. In this way, you are working for the Lifechanyuan era.

You should never expect to be the lucky dog, never expect enjoy free lunch everyday. If you want to gain, you have to pay. If you want to get into the Lifechanyuan era, you have to strive for it by yourself; otherwise, you are not qualified for the Lifechanyuan era.

Don’t hate your enemies, someday they will get their deserved punishment; don’t retaliate, Tao will work for you. You should do nothing but dedicate your wisdom, talent and your love from your heart. Let’s work together to build up Lifechanyuan and to open up the Lifechanyuan era.

Talents and wisdoms: such a chance must not be missed, and opportunity knocks only once; you are lucky to live in this era, and it is your destiny with a thousand years of self-improvement to get into Lifechanyuan and to build it. I hope you can get into Lifechanyuan and enjoy the sincere care and love of the brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers in this big family. You can listen the songs of love and watch the dance of love in Lifechanyuan—the ocean of love. The beautiful life is yours in the near future.

New life and new era are calling for you, and Lifechanyuan is inviting you. Wish you can open a new page for your own life!

February 7, 2006
Nairaland / General / Create An Environment For Open Dialogues by ivysunday(f): 12:07pm On Aug 21
Xue Feng

Wherever there is sunshine there is brightness. Valuable lands are with good geomantic omens, mild climate and thriving plants. Life immersed in exultant happiness with Spiritual Radiance of the Greatest Creator doesn't know what is suppression, Jesus Christ's place doesn't have oppression, exploitation and deception, Buddha Sakyamuni's place is full of kind, merciful and docile people, Celestial LaoTzu's place is well-organized and full of vigor, the founder of Islam's place has no fervor that borders on idolatry but only the Greatest Creator.

Chanyuan Celestials are "the ripe crop" of beautiful souls, and Lifechanyuan is a place privileged by the Greatest Creator. Home without Marriage and Family and paradise are places favored and cared by Jesus Christ, Buddha, Celestial, Prophet. Creating an environment for open dialogues is not only the will and teaching of the Greatest Creator and tutors of Lifechanyuan, but also the hope of all humankind.

The relationship of Chanyuan Celestials is the one between brothers, sisters and lovers. Brothers, sisters and lovers should take care of each other and convey thoughts at their ease. Each Chanyuan Celestial is cherished by spirit guide who wishes each one of Chanyuan Celestials is able to communicate and live a happy, cheerful, free, joyful life in the cozy and warm environment.

Where there is oppression, there is misery and resistance. Might prevails in places without justice, inequality and grade differential prevails in places without open dialogues, discrimination and indecency must exist in places where some people dare not talk openly. In a word, when we create an environment which everyone is able to convey their thoughts freely, we definitely follow the Greatest Creator's will and Celestial's teaching, and we can be called as great self-improve-self-refiner, and be named as Chanyuan Celestial.

As long as an environment for open dialogues have been created, one is qualified for guiding humankind and is able to save humankind from the abyss of misery, thus ushers humankind into the Lifechanyuan Era.

As long as an environment for open dialogues have been created, all the false, the evil and the ugly might be eliminated thoroughly, schemers and careerists can't exist, covert ghosts find no hiding places. In this way, every Chanyuan Celestial is ensured to enjoy happy, merry, free life.

How to create an environment for open dialogues?

1、Following the Greatest Creator's Tao

We only follow the Greatest Creator's Tao. The belief of "Sages only accept one in his whole life." might effectively eliminate disputes and conflicts caused by different beliefs. Only the same resonance in belief can lay the foundation for the environment for open dialogues.

2、Adhering to 800 values for new era human being

Under the circumstances of being without legislation, laws, regulations, provisions and commandments, adhering to 800 values for new era human being is the only way to protect people's rights and interests. The so-called open dialogues which don't adhere to 800 values for new era human being would surely turn into endless disputes and arguments.

3、Implementing holographic order management

Holographic order management is not to govern. Everyone is master, everyone is servant. There is just division of labor, and not to mention the relationship between superior and inferior. Everyone tries to exert qualities of truth, goodness, beauty, love, trust and honesty to perfection. Everyone just mind their own business, doesn't bother others and gets involved into other's business. Everyone is responsible for the Greatest Creator and himself or herself. Do not offer help unless asked for. Willingly help those who are seek for help. Be responsible for their own suggestions. Everyone build the sacred court upon his or her conscience, and be the judge of oneself.

4、Adhering to a spirit guide policy in mind and soul

Chanyuan Celestials don't have to instruct and teach interactively, everyone can convey heartfelt feelings and thoughts, however, people are not allowed to instruct others in a superior manner, or to belittle other's IQ. People have to know that the stupidest person is oneself.

5、Working and living be arranged by the president

Chanyuan Celestials can choose what they want to do, what they like and their work. Then, they would be arranged by the president. The President can't force any Chanyuan Celestial to do anything he or she wouldn't like to. Everyone makes his or her own decision, and does things according to his or her own will. Special requests can be raised to the president, and the president in turn would solve them accordingly.

6、Advocating rebellious spirit

No one can affiliate spiritual, mental, physical harm to others. Once bearing grudge, people have to speak out and revolt. Complaints and suppression are unbearable. Tolerance sometimes is painful. In Lifechanyuan, people never tolerate, we should not make Chanyuan Celestial who are our brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers to be painful.

7、Never delete Chanyuan Celestials' articles and posts

As long as you are Chanyuan Celestial, you can talk and express whatever you want on the website of Lifechanyuan. No one is allowed to delete at ease the heartfelt feelings of brothers, sisters and lovers, even though those feelings are ridiculous, absurd, naive or rebellious.

8、.Be cautious of arbitrariness on merits

Chanyuan Celestials make contributions for humankind through constructing Lifechanyuan, This is their way of paying back for the evil they did and accumulating wealth in heaven. To humankind and other Chanyuan Celestials, what they do can't be called good deeds. We should resist superior, arrogant remarks and acts. Thus, other than instigating and overbearing, doing good deeds can merely be used to refine oneself.

In short, we have to create an environment which has unified will and delighted heart; harmony and order with open dialogues, personality and talent; characteristics which maintain common characters of Lifechanyuan and keep personality at the same time; and an environment which makes each Chanyuan Celestial feel ease, happy, free, joyful.

Oct 29, 2009
Nairaland / General / Home For Soul And Kingdom For Freedom by ivysunday(f): 11:25am On Aug 20
Xue Feng

When I think of the life in the thousand-year world and then I compare it with the living conditions of current people, I really understand what is called the immeasurably vast difference. This feeling just like a man who has been changed into a dog, lived among dogs and then he speaks of the human living conditions with dogs. It is hard to avoid feeling sadness as one faces such situations. Due to the flaw of thinking coupled with the lacking of life knowledge, people can not understand 36-dimensional space, can not know the Greatest Creator and can not listen to the teachings of Jesus and Sakyamuni. They run about madly on the wrong paths and become farther and farther from Tao. Facing such situation, I am anxious to leave early. However, I firm my belief each time when I remind that I can go to the Elysium world and enjoy the better life than that of the thousand-year world. I will give a focused explanation on the Anti-material World after I finish the 100 chapters of the Revelation; and my mission will also be almost finished when I accomplish the Anti-material World. And then It's time for me to leave.

In fact, the principle of life is very easy, and the difference is that the thinking ability of people can not reach that high. Once you have completely understood it, any profound things will be as simple as 1+1=2.

I hope everyone should not regard Lifechanyuan as a religious or political organization but as a home for soul or kingdom for freedom, neither should regard Xue Feng as a king; Yaoling-celestial elect me as the king of the Seeking Knowledge Kingdom; I can understand the mood, but that would destroy me; you should never treat me as a hierarch either; you can compare as brothers, friends, celestial friends, lovers, the small pig or old dog, but I am just me, just a tour guide.

I have written a lot of articles, and many articles are nonsense for Chanyuan Celestials, who should not be constrained by my nonsense. My articles are just written for the people outside Lifechanyuan; and I just try my best to find the proper people and guide them to Lifechanyuan; without these articles-footsteps, they can not find this life palace-Lifechanyuan; and once they have entered into Lifechanyuan, these articles-footsteps become no use.

All the people being granted by me as Chanyuan-celestial and start the new life course, you are the ones I am looking for. It is the grace of the Greatest Creator, the blessing and guidance of God and Buddha, the good fortune made in the former life by you that we gather in Lifechanyuan from so many different places. For me, I just act under orders and come to look for you, to tell you the secret and exit of life; I don't have any merits or virtues for you, and it is not Xue Feng but the Greatest Creator that you should remember forever.

About Satan, what I talked about may be different from that of others; but what I want tosay is that Satan shares the same importance as Jesus; without Jesus, many people can not go to Heaven; without Satan, the inferno will be empty; as a result, the symmetry of whole life structure will lose balance, so Satan has to guide a large quantity of life into the under-world; in this way, there are only a small amount of life go to the upper-world; Jesus said that the door of life is very narrow, only few people can find and enter into it. For example, among 1.3 billion Chinese people only about tens thousands of people can find the life door; and whether they can enter into it is still a problem; such as Kunlun-celestial, Celestial Mountain-Celestial, Celestial Island-Celestial, Heaven River-Celestial, Brook-Celestial and Crane-Celestial etc. approach to the gate of life door but then retreat back; this is their sadness and also is Satan's function. Now I have completely abandoned them and withdraw the name granted; Lifechanyuan will not have those people anymore. Wish the Greatest Creator pity them; wish they have a good life; wish they can catch the next life boat and enter into the supreme life space.

Before everyone leaves the Mortal World, Lifechanyuan is regarded as the home of the soul and kingdom of freedom; and please don't compare Lifechanyuan with the worldly society or religious situations; without any rights or obligations, herein Lifechanyuan everybody acts according to his/her mind voice and emotional reaction. In Lifechanyuan, one need not do the things that one is unwilling to do and it is unnecessary to compel oneself, certainly, nor to compel others either. At this point, I hope everyone to communicate, discuss frequently with others and to help each other but not to argue and disparage others, and the most important thing is to keep harmony.

Everyone has to learn to face the Greatest Creator alone; namely even without the guidance of Xue Feng in the future, everyone will be able to breakthrough the constraint of space-time and go to the supreme life space.

Although you are already very different, but strictly speaking you are still in confusion currently. It is very difficult to accept everything such as the thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and life channels etc. in our mind; so I will try my best to explain it in Anti-material World in simple and plain words. However, the key secret can only be explained separately to you because the nature's mystery can not be revealed easily. You should not be anxious as we know haste makes waste, and things only can be easily settled when conditions are ready.
Nairaland / General / The Noah's Ark In New Era by ivysunday(f): 11:08am On Aug 19
Xue Feng

Noah built an ark by revelation. Because people of that time were so corrupted, those out of the ark were drowned by the downpour lasting for forty days and nights. When Noah built his ark, people around him laughed at him and ignored his advices. They got married, ate and drunk, and did everything just as they pleased. What was the result then? All of them went to hell except Noah's families.

The rate of human salvation is less than one- ten thousandth.

Today I, Xue Feng got the revelation to build Lifechanyuan, the Noah's ark in new era, in order to raise the rate of salvation to one or two hundredth. But people who are living in China neglect my instruction and advice; they are still persisting in their old ways and doing everything they like. Moreover, they insult me, attack me, betray me, and besmirch me and break my heart and make me upset. So, after the 98 Chanyuan Celestials are listed in the roster of the Noah's ark of the new era, the door of Noah's ark will be closed to China.

According to you, I'm an evil and what I'm creating is just a heap of rubbish. I don't understand the so called "truth". You want to put me to death and think my words are completely cheating and lying. Okay! I stay away from China, leaving it to you for struggling. Show me what you can get out of it! See whether you can walk out the 36 pass of the 8 Diagrams.

I'm the messenger of the Greatest Creator, and the incarnation of Jesus the Christ and Baddha Sakyamuni. I came here to gather the ripen crops. I'm here, I'm calling you, but you just don't listen. So okay, let's see!

Do not imagine that you will have salvation because you are a Christian; do not imagine that you could have a chance for the Elysium world because you are capable of spreading Buddhism. Do not imagine that you would go to Heaven because you died for Jihad (Holy War). Do not imagine that you could have a chance to knock up the door of Heaven because you have a lot of money; do not imagine that you could open the door of life because you are a man in power; do not imagine that you should be permitted to go to Heaven because you are such an international celebrity; do not imagine that you would be a subject of the Heaven because you are capable of preaching; do not imagine that you are qualified to enter into the higher level space of life because you are capable of casting some spells or practicing out-of -body travel; do not take it for granted that you are such a kind and honest man that you should enjoy the life in the Heaven.

Not everyone can possibly understand the secrets of space and life. You should often ask yourself "What merits do I have for obtaining the secrets of space and life?

The love and cherishment of the Greatest Creator to human beings have been manifested by Lifechanyuan. The love of Christ has been manifested by Lifechanyuan; Buddha's mercy and wisdom has been manifested by Lifechanyuan; human situations and the way out have been manifested by Lifechanyuan. What more do you want? You people are so arrogant, ignorant, and tricky that you regard yourself as somebody.

You are so crafty but ignorant, wise but cunning, proud but stupid, knowledgeable but unperceptive, timid but barbarous, industrious but greedy. Do you deserve good life and the life in the Heaven? No! Your life should always intertwine agonies, link with worries, rooted with sadness, and accompanied with sufferings. This is exactly the destination you made for yourself.

The door of Lifechanyuan will be closed to the Chinese culture and it will be difficult to enter into the Lifechanyuan ark after that.

There is a good way for salvation in Lifechanyuan, a key for the Lifechanyuan era, and a map and an instructor which will provide clear instructions as well as the path for the destination. This is a rare opportunity in thousands years. Once missed, you will have to wait another thousand of years for it.

It is required formerly that you should first read "The Bible", "The Diamond Sutra", "The Qur'an", and "Tao Te Ching"; study scientific theories and wisdom of the sages and saints; experience other initial approaches and theoretical system; learn, discuss and exchange extensively so as to enter into the Lifechanyuan. But now, if you want to be a Chanyuan Celestials, you must strictly follow my guidance and that is the final.

Either you believe or you don't. Hugging your half belief is harming yourself as well as others!

All those who had absorbed the wisdom of Chanyuan and in turn, attacked Lifechanyuan and made obstructions for the construction of Lifechanyuan, you will end up in Inflamed Layer and Frozen Layer for your future life. You will be closely hemmed in on all sides and it is absolutely impossible for you to escape from this, because you hinder the advance of many people for the Heaven, you hinder the early coming days for the Lifechanyuan Era. When the time comes, when those ghosts go to your house and haunt for the wrong doings, you are to pay off!

There isn't much time to linger, you have to count down.

October 22, 2008
Nairaland / General / The Pioneers Of The New Era, Please Come Close To Lifechanyuan! by ivysunday(f): 11:21am On Aug 18
Deiform Buddha

"There are a lot of people in present society- teachers and messengers, masters and farsighted people-they are showing the prospect in front of human beings and are creating instruments for this prospect. These messengers and farsighted people are pioneers of a new era."__ quoted from Seek For

We have been aware of the fact that a new era is brewing; the old order will disappear. A new human world will come into being on earth. It the period of time full of joy, a time when the frequency of life is transforming rapidly to high frequency wave, a golden time of elegance and talent blooming which is hard to meet in the past thousands of years, and also a period of time for every people to choose his ascending life or descending life.

Those people who do not have any notion of the great leap in human awareness remain in the dark about the situation and still follow the old order in their struggling for power and benefits as well as breeding resentment and evil. Some people with slight wisdom are dazzling at the atmosphere of the new era and unable to absorb so much sudden information. They are not able to make transition in their mind and still cherish those antiquated philosophy in order to obtain a piece of worn boat deck of the old times for surviving the oncoming billows of the new era.

The awareness of human beings is experiencing significant changes now. The total amount of knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the past five thousand years is nothing compared with the amount of knowledge and wisdom over the next five years and now, because it is a qualitative leap, a result of impacting energy of new photons in the universe. It is a rapid sublimation of life rather than long and gradual changes.

We are pioneers of a new era, shouldering a great and honorable mission with joyful and happy mood. We are open and willing to accept the oncoming new era. We are farsighted masters and angels of the new era. A completely new era will come into being in our effort.

Any souls which sense the atmosphere of the new era and have made good preparation in spirit should break their old concept out of traditional constrains and take part in the construction of the new era with all his strength. We are not the kind of human being in ordinary sense, because we are shouldering a sacred mission. Our future life decides how much we will contribute for the construction of the new era

Please keep in mind, Lifechanyuan is the core area for leading the new era. Everyone who is willing to devote his talent and spiritual wisdom to the new era should get into Lifechanyuan. It would be a great pity for those who watch the golden chance slip by out of hesitation.

This would be a great era engraved in human being's memory, and we are standing now on the eve of it. A great era needs great figures and great figures need great thinking. Any conservative or indifferent idea would be mocked and cast aside mercilessly.

The new era will break the boundary existing now in different countries, religions, regions, and cultures, and it will bring about a great shock to the traditional idea of family. It will sweep away all of the old concepts, moralities, ideas, and traditional habits, reshaping the world in unparalleled, colorful, quickly changing and spectacular images. It will emerge in an entirely new gesture on the stage of universal life.

I hope you could abandon prejudice and turn to Lifechanyuan. Any kind of thinking aiming at guiding the era by means of individual power is unpractical and will obstruct people from making progress. Except in Lifechanyuan, nobody is powerful and intelligent enough to deal with so complicated event in future, and there will be no organization in the world have the ability for overall grasp and foresight for the oncoming new era or be capable of unifying all religions and political parties all over the world.

I hope everybody getting into Lifechanyuan become Chanyuan Celestial and obtain visa of life. When you devote yourself entirely into this trend of times which is unlike anyone in history before or since, you will find that you are embracing by the love of the Greatest Creator, brothers, sisters and lovers, and you will live in hourly happiness and excitement which you have never experienced before. The value of your life will take on a completely new meaning and your wisdom and knowledge will enhance rapidly in geometric series.

We do not have much time to improve the incomplete consciousness of human beings. What we should do now is to destroy the old order completely and rebuild a paradise of Haven on the ruins.

Angels, masters, and all far-sighted pioneers of the new era, let's take the wing with non-form thinking, Taiji-thinking, heart-image thinking and move forward for the direction of holographic order thinking. Let's devote our youth and talents to human world as well as the upcoming new era. During those difficult days in future when there will be no light coming from the sun and the moon and the earth will be shrouded in darkness, we will serve as the light of hope for human beings and we will bring the kind, honest and hard-working people into a new era.

Today, we are working at the time of the transition from the old to the new; tomorrow, we will meet in a sunny and prosperous fairyland where all under heaven are of one family and all love each other devotedly. Every effort we make today will pay off sooner or later. Our beautiful and pure mind will be blooming gorgeously in the new future. And then, we will say: "we feel no qualms about the times, lifetime, mountains, rivers, and the world; we feel no qualms about the Greatest of Creator. Every effort we do, we do it for the new era. It is worthwhile!"
Nairaland / General / How Should We Establish The Peaceful And Warm Homeland? by ivysunday(f): 11:33am On Aug 17
Xue Feng

Chanyuan Celestial should be the most refined, cultivated, reasonable and civilized person. The homeland constituted by such kind of people should be peaceful, warm, bright, harmonious, joyful and happy. The love of the Greatest Creator should be fully deployed here and the love of Jesus the Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni should be realized here. The beauty of nature should be deployed here. If we can't approach these, we will feel ashamed in front of the Greatest Creator, Jesus the Christ, Buddha, and the nature.

We will set up a model of life styles for human beings on earth, and build the homeland into a warm, peaceful, bright, joyful and happy place. Only by filling up the abyss of misery and bring human beings out of sufferings will we worthy the name of Lifechanyuan celestials, will we be able to pay off the debts which have been accumulated in many lifetimes, will we be able to accumulated ample capitals, so that we can come and go freely in unlimited time and space.

A peaceful and warm homeland should be established like this:

1. Revere the Greatest Creator, life and nature; follow the way of the Greatest Creator.

2. stick to 800 values for new era human being

3. Conflict resolution in human's consciousness is through love rather than promoting Lifechanyuan values through arguing, disputing, struggling or battling. Be patient with those who are unwilling to accept our value and permit them to think about this for a period of time. Be sure to carry out our practice like a Chinese saying "When a melon is ripe, it falls off its stem. When water flows, a channel is formed."

4. Do not disturb other people's belief system. No matter which religion organization, which group of self-refinement, which political party or government they might be, we will not disturb them. We only follow our own way without hurting other people. We will not criticize and disturb them; and we will not say that we are the only correct one. We advocate "let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend."

5. Fragrant flowers attract butterflies. Chanyuan celestials should set up examples for human beings through their outstanding qualities and behavior instead of highlighting themselves through preaching or arguing.

6. We revere and love life. We would hurt nobody even demons and ghosts and all sorts of evil spirits, let alone flowers, birds, insects and human beings. We refuse any forms of struggling and we would never force other life to accept our concepts in the name of justice. Other people could hurt us, but we would never hurt other people,.

7. Brothers, sisters and lovers of the homeland must be amiable to each other and no blaming. We should not educate each other; we should perfect ourselves first rather than staring other people's shortcomings, especially those celestials who contributed to the construction of Lifechanyuan a lot, the celestials of spirit level and management level and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We must not try to teach or instruct other celestials but should give a demonstration. Bear in your mind that in Lifechanyuan, education and instruction is the guide's business, not yours; your business is to demonstrate your genuineness, goodness, beauty, love, faith and honesty through your words and action. You just need to do your job well, trying not to be above others, trying not to be a "leader", for the homeland is neither a religion organization nor a political party; there is no leading or being led, govern or being governed here.

8. Every celestial is the baby of the Greatest Creator; and the follower of Jesus the Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial LaoTzu, and Prophet Mohammed; every celestial is the dearest of guide Xue Feng. So, in our homeland, no mental, psychological and physical hurt is permitted on the celestials, not one jot or title will be permitted. We will try to make every celestials enjoy a happy and free lifetime and a beautiful future. Any idea or practice to force one's will on the celestials is totally wrong. It is the guide's as well as everybody's duty to protect our loved ones from any mental, psychological and physical hurt. In the aspect of sex in the homeland, it is open and free, but there is no permission for any attempt to seduce, lure, threat, harass or control other people according to Chanyuan values. Making love is an advanced and beautiful dance of two souls with same values, rather than a way to release sex desire. No stable and special relationship is permitted among celestials except for some historical relationship, such as husband and wife, parent and children. The stable and special relationship will be harmful to the harmony of the homeland and it might be dragged into the swirl of secular world.

Every celestial should pay off the debts, free from worldly attachment, accumulate merits and create a beautiful future all by himself. What the homeland provides is a foundation and circumstance for each celestial rather than dealing with personal affairs in secular world. One must be responsible for his wrongdoings and take the consequences. Any intention of obtaining happiness from the homeland without personal endeavor and devotion is illusion, because it deviates from justice and fairness which is the way of the Greatest Creator. Therefore, no selfishness and laziness is permitted here; if you don't give in this home, there is no way you will have the right of enjoying the happy life in the homeland.

History has given us a golden chance for sublimating our quality of life, and this age also give us a chance of demonstrating our genuineness, goodness, beauty, love, faith and honesty. People will be facing with more and more crises and dangers and there will be a period of hard times in future. We should bring hope for people and create a beautiful future for human beings. in such a perilous and harsh moment. It is what the Greatest Creator has blessed us and what Tao has glorified us. We must hold firm faith and belief without a second changing, and devote all we have into the construction of the homeland, into this great career for human happiness. To be selfish you have to be unselfish first; to be somebody you have to be nobody first. The secret of becoming celestials lies in here.

This is way of construction of a peaceful and warm homeland; this is the way of creating Lifechanyuan for human beings; this is the way of self fulfillment.

November 20, 2009.
Nairaland / General / Utopia And The Home Without Marriage And Family by ivysunday(f): 11:19am On Aug 16
Xue Feng

It is human being's general attribute to pursue an ideal realm, society, human life and living; which is also the everlasting resources of spiritual driving force. The sages in history whose common wish is to lead human beings into an ideal society; no matter Plato's Republic, Thomas More's Utopia, Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, Confucius' Great Harmony, and Marxist- Leninist theory about communism, they all want to lead human beings in to an ideal society,

In fact, when we study LaoTzu, Sakyamuni, Jesus and Mohammed's aspiration, it is easy to find that they also want to bring human beings into an ideal society.

Human beings not only study ideal society in theory but also explore it in reality. From the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Brook Farm in America, Fruitlands, Shakers, Pullman's capitalism utopia to collective farm in Soviet, people's commune in China, Osho's community, and kinds of Utopia in Japan, America and Canada, they all try to explore an ideal approach for human beings.

Unfortunately, the explorations above finally come to nothing in the sense of the practice. Yet it left us huge spiritual wealth though none of them worked it out. Maybe we cannot say they were because they helped us to move to a higher level from the beginning stage. Moreover, it is these explorations that made us able to get into the channel of Lifechanyuan and finally lay a foundation for human beings to get into Lifechanyuan.

A theory, doctrine or a creed won't work in practice if it is not perfect and also can't lead human beings into an ideal society. If you conduct the practice with imperfect theory, doctrine or creed, the result is that everything is lost. We will find out the defectiveness when we study the theory, doctrine and creed in history; however we shouldn't totally repudiate them for their defectiveness but "discard the dregs and select the essence", inherit the essence of predecessors' thought, develop and bring forth new idea and finally lead human beings into an ideal realm.

No matter what theory it is, it will be useless if you can't put it into practice; and no matter what practice it is, it will be walking in the darkness without the guidance of the theory.

So far as human beings' attitudes toward ideal society, Lifechanyuan value is a relative perfect system, that is not the brag and boast but a reality. Anyone who disagrees with this idea can compare your own theory, doctrine and creed to the values of Lifechanyuan; as long as you compare them comprehensively, you have to acknowledge the values of Lifechanyuan.

If we make a summary of the theory, doctrine, creed and practice of Utopia society in history, we can find there are eight major limitations:

1. There isn't a right concept of universe and right recognition of the Greatest Creator, time and space; and there isn't a reliable belief system.

2. There isn't a right concept of life and a full-scale understanding about the origin, development and destination of life.

3. There isn't a right concept of human life and a specific realization and definition to the values and significances of human life.

4. Can't escape the restraints from the thinking of country and traditional family; and still turn over in the field of the country and the traditional family.

5. Overlook the indolence, decay and autocracy in human nature

6. Short of systemic and explicit theory interpretation; use much more threatening and frightening tone, such as "Go to hell."

7. Short of the guidance of spirit and heart; either depress the love and sex or indulge the love and sex.

8. Short of freedom; life is too dull; disciplines are too strict and impartial; human nature is suppressed.

The Home without marriage and Family is the "continuation" of Utopia and communism practice in history; it not only preserves the essence of the human intelligence but also develops a new visual field; not only avoids its defectiveness but also improves its theory and practice. Although many problems will occur in the process of concrete practice, we believe that The Home without marriage and Family can act the leading role in the process of getting into Lifechanyuan era; as long as we think actively, act practically and realistically, improve continuously and hold steady of Lifechanyuan values.

There will be eight main features in the Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan:

1. Regard Lifechanyuan values as standard of living.

2. Work according to one's ability; distribution according to one's need.

3. Rid of the consciousness of family, religion, political party and country; no law and regulation, commandment and dharma.

4. Everything depends on the power of soul; act with one's nature.

5. Freedom of love and sex; follow the life-style of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World.

6. Collective activity and collective canteen.

7. No assignment, work as one's own choice.

8. There are endless recreational activities and well-off in material.

What kind of people can get into Home without marriage and Family?

1. Fully comprehend the values of Lifechanyuan and willing to follow these values.

2. Willing to sacrifice to the happiness of humankind.

3. Mentally and physically healthy, love working.

4. Generally paid off worldly obligation, having no worldly attachments.

5. Regard yourself as one of the most civilized and excellent person among human beings.

6. Enjoy entertainments; prefer to be clean and tidy.

7. Believe that you can bring happiness to others instead of worries.

8. Yearn for the lives of Lifechanyuan era, Celestial Islands Continent, Elysium world.

I would like to address the people who wish to get into The Home without marriage and Family by quoting the words of an author: "In every great revolution era, there are some authentic idealists who had great sympathy to the humankind and had fought for human beings' freedom and liberation heroically as their magnificent career. For the purpose of the national benefits, everyone is obligated to sacrifice himself; Where the Tao is, where is heart to place. Though thousands of people reject it, I will still toward it.." Regardless of success or failure, despising the high position and great wealth, they dedicate their precious youth, blood even life to fulfill the wonderful dream.

Such people are authentic lovable and respectable people and worth to be remembered and esteemed by humankind. What they have done liberate the human beings step by step, and make people gradually step into the kingdom of freedom. Their sacrifices opened up a bright future for the later generation.

Aug25, 2007
Nairaland / General / We Are The Globalists-to "Heartease (xinpingqihe)" by ivysunday(f): 11:34am On Aug 15
Xue Feng

Hello, Heartease:

I have read your article: Xue Feng, how can you not hate the Japanese. Thanks for asking.

The first thing I want to tell you is that Lifechanyuan does not belong to any countries, political parties, nationalities and religions, but belong to the whole mankind. What we pursue is not the statism or nationalism, but the globalism.

The Lifechanyuan era initiated by us belongs to the whole mankind, and Chanyuan Celestial is a name which does not have nationality.

Lifechanyuan originated from Africa; and its concepts publicity started from Japan; its extensive publicity started from North America; its website server was not in China.

We love China, and we also love Japan and all other countries around the world. We love Chinese, Japanese and all people around the world. Chanyuan Celestials of Lifechanyuan come from different nationalities around the world, including a lot of Japanese. We can not build Lifechanyuan with hatred, but love.

When most people around the world have become Chanyuan Celestial, states, religions, political parties and families will disappear; and all countries such as U.S., Britain, Japan and China will disappear; the hatred among different nationalities will also disappear. So we do not treat the world and various nationalities from the perspectives of history or present, but from the future perspective of Lifechanyuan era.

You may misunderstand that Lifechanyuan is just a Chinese organization because its language used currently is in Chinese. This is an illusion. In the future, you will see the different versions of Lifechanyuan-English version, Korean version and Japanese version; then you will not think that Lifechanyuan is confined to land of China.

In light of cultural heritage, the current Chanyuan Celestial belongs to Chinese nation; however, in light of territorial scope, the current Chanyuan Celestial belongs to U.S., Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan and China; in light of nationality, Chanyuan Celestial belongs to American, German. If I want, I can become an African in three months; so Lifechanyuan dose not represent China but the world. As a result, Lifechanyuan does not have the problem of hating Japanese nor Chinese.

Perhaps you will laugh at us and think that the concept of Lifechanyuan can not be accepted by other ethnic people except some parts of Chinese. I can tell you it is much easier for other ethnic people to accept the concept of Lifechanyuan than our Chinese. In light of the concept of Lifechanyuan, I have talked about it with Englishmen, Portuguese, Brazilians and Africans; they all are interested in it and ask me when the English version of Lifechanyuan can come into the world. I told them that we only have the Chinese version. And after we finish the main concept framework in Chinese, we will start to spread Lifechanyuan in other languages around the world. At that time, lots of people from other countries and nationalities will become Chanyuan Celestial.

So, Lifechanyuan will not only safeguard the interest of Chinese people but the interest of all people around the world. As a result, we don't have the hatred for Japanese.

It will be an enormous mistake if you just regard Lifechanyuan as a self-refining organization. A large quantity of content in the concept of Lifechanyuan is not about self-refining and self-improving but to teach people how to be an upright person. Why does not Lifechanyuan choose the road of Christ, the road of Buddha, the road of Muslim, the road of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong, the road of becoming a Celestial Being and the road of science, but the road of the Greatest Creator? Because Lifechanyuan wants to normalize all the religions and to initiate a brand-new era for all human beings-Lifechanyuan era.

Statism and nationalism can not relieve the suffering of human beings; on the other hand they will aggravate the suffering of people and accelerate the occurrence of those disasters. So we do not advocate and encourage people to hate each other, but advocate people to forgive, understand, respect and support each other. This is also in accordance with the instruction of Jesus Christ-to love your foes; this is in accordance with the instruction of the Buddha-to be merciful, too; and it is further in accordance with the benevolence tenet of Confucianism of Chinese nation.

A man with knowledge, wisdom and benevolence should not narrowly go around campaigning for his own interest, but should first serve for the whole mankind. That is the difference of nobility and the inferiority, the difference of human and animal.

Human being should not be restricted and led by the representatives of different interest groups, but should be guided by those-the most civilized people.

Above are my replies to your questions, you may think about it.

Wish you have an ease heart.

April 30, 2007
Nairaland / General / The No. 1 Home In The World by ivysunday(f): 11:30am On Aug 13
Xue Feng

Where there is happiness and auspiciousness, there is the Greatest Creator; where there is joy and delight, there is caring of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni; freedom and happiness are wishes of sages and wise men saints in all ages.

Quarrelling and fighting belong to devils; the place struggling for fame and power to raise self-pride is the gathering place of demons and monsters; the place filled with suffering, constraints and misery is the bustling place of ignorant persons and laity.

Lifechanyuan is the No. 1 home in the world, which possesses the following 18 features:

We should constantly revere the Greatest Creator, revere life, revere nature and walk the way of the Greatest Creator.

We should constantly trust and comply with the instructions of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni.

We should constantly obey the guidance of the sages and saints of all ages and carry out them in our daily life.

We should constantly create Lifechanyuan era for human beings and live by Lifechanyuan values ourselves, and the most important task is to make countries, political parties, religions and families disappear to set up a global government and realize such a society: "Person of virtue won't be abandoned by government, all people in the world become one big family "; "No one pockets anything found on the road; doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening "; "The weather is pleasant; harmony and peace are everywhere"; "Everyone is happy and joyful, everything is prosperous "; "Human beings and the earth become ONE and happiness and abundance are everywhere"

We should constantly show the truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and trust side of the nature, human life and life.

We should constantly climb towards the summit of human life and life.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers; we will not quarrel, argue, fight, conquer, compel, impel, exploit or depress each other but care, cherish, respect and love each other.

The traditional family pattern and husband-wife relationship will completely disappear.

The private property will be cancelled and the whole society adopts non ownership system. The aged will be supported jointly; children will be fostered jointly; and people share each other's fortunes and difficulties together.

We pursue the delighted, joyful, free and happy life

Life will sublimate towards the Heaven, the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and celestial archipelago.

No one will oppose, interfere and confront against government; everyone will consciously stick to the values of Lifechanyuan and obey the management of government in daily life.

Everyone will be pursuing a "Shangri-la" lifestyle: civilized and joyful, healthy and abundant.

Everyone is busy in pursuing the healthy, well-off and land of idyllic beauty characterized with civilization, elegance and comfort.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are not infestors or idlers but creators and dedicators.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are not the talkative moralizer or fault critics but the constructers of practicing what one preaches and setting oneself an example for others to follow.

No one pursues the individual will or personal willingness but the Lifechanyuan values.

Everyone should act according to one's temperament, do according to one's will, fulfill one's duty and take one's needs.

The No. 1 home in the world is born due to the big universal adjustment, and purpose of purifying earth. It lays foundation for the new lifestyle after the year of 2013. I wish all the wise men will find the door of this No. 1home in the world as early as possible and become the member as soon as possible! This is above everything else.

July 24, 2008
Nairaland / General / Re: No Oppressing And Exploitation In Heaven by ivysunday(f): 11:30am On Aug 13
Where is the heaven?
Heaven is the general term for the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.
Nairaland / General / No Oppressing And Exploitation In Heaven by ivysunday(f): 11:40am On Aug 12
Xue Feng

I had kept three dogs before, two German shepherd and an ordinary puppy. Everyday they have plenty of food, also there are spacious places in the front and back yards for their running and playing. I thought the three dogs should love each other and get along with each other harmoniously. But this is not the case. They often fight for food or for favors. I was very angry at this and said: "you deserve being dogs by birth; you can never become human beings."

From the perspective of the thousand-year world of Heaven, I could see no reason for people's struggling, fighting, and competing, no reason for oppression or exploitation because the natural resources is abundant enough for supporting all human beings on earth. How the Greatest Creator wish people could love each other and live in harmony all the time! But it is only an ideal. They have kept in competing and struggling for better life, intriguing or cheating for a little bit of natural resources; they have been creating hurts and hatred for empty reputation and social status. I'm very angry at this and think that: "You deserve being human beings by birth, you can never be celestials."

There is no oppression or exploitation in Heaven, no fight or competition. No unpleasant or unhappy events might occur among the celestials. They love each other, living a harmonious and happy life without limitation.

If a dog wants to become a man, it must act according to the way of thinking of human beings; if a person wants to become a celestial, he/she must act according to the consciousness of a celestial. A dog will remain a dog and a person will remain a person forever if they don't changes the way of thinking.

Anyone who wants to go to the Heaven through self-improvement or self-refinement must not compete, struggle, and exploit others. You should not make others feel unhappy in any excuse or any approach. You should not restrict the freedom of others in any name or impose your own ideas and opinions to others. You should not bring any spiritual, mindful or physical harm on others.

Home without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan is set up based on the life style in the thousand-year world, so the celestials here should not hurt each other. We should not get on with other people in the way of thinking of human beings of the mortal world; we should not oppress or exploit mutually, instead, we should live the life in the thousand-year world and love with each other like the celestials there. Only in this way can is it possible for us to have the qualification for getting the thousand-year world.

In Home without Marriage and Family, if a celestial hurt the other celestials and make them unhappy, I would tell you that you not only hurt the other celestials, but also hurt me, Xue Feng the guide, you hurt me heart and my feeling, you hurt Jesus the Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, and you also hurt the favor of the Greatest Creator. You are only qualified to be a human being rather than being a celestial in Heaven.

December 12, 2009
Nairaland / General / Comprehensively Absorb New Era Values by ivysunday(f): 11:19am On Aug 11
Deiform Celestial

New Era Value presents us a broad prospect of spiritual and physical world. Staring from Seth, then Orin, The Law of One, Kryon , Wingmakers by Huzi, series articles by Qiankun Buddha, Conversations With God, Disappearance of the Universe and so on to A Course in Miracles,

New Era Value is an enormous and complicated system. It inherits, protects and develops almost all wisdoms of Sages and Saints. The field it spans from science, philosophy, psychology, biology, noology, uranology, parapsychology, pathology, space theory, religion theory, theory of universe creation and theory of life origin, to the Christ, LaoTzu Tao Te Ching and supreme masters in India(such as Osho, Bhagavan and Krishnamurti, etc). It was almost all-inclusive and unusual brilliant, laid a good foundation for human beings into a new stage.

The human species is changing. The human beings in Lifechanyuan Era will not be the same today. It is an inevitability of history and the evolution of human race to eliminate and purify human being who will step from physical state into spirit and soul state. Their survival will not merely depend on material things; rather depend more on energy of spirit and soul.

Lifechanyuan consciousness refers to the New Era Value. What mentioned above are the foundation and organic parts of Lifechanyuan value. Lifechanyuan will link the multitude “pearls” together by the string of “following the path of the Greatest Creator”, and make them into one so as to provide a bright way for the progression and development of human society.

Comprehensively absorb new era values is a strategy for Lifechanyuan to carry out the policy of All in One. By discarding the dregs and selecting the essence, Lifechanyuan will embrace the new era by presenting a harmonious, peaceful, and joyful picture scroll to humankind, and fundamentally changing the environment of human life .

Network as tremendous energy storage of resources was born for the new era. Its significance and value are far beyond the total value of coal, oil and mineral resources on earth; even exceed the amount of energy provided the sun. Make full use of the resources and energy provided by internet is a definite way for new era human beings.

Everything should be developed according to the principle of minimum drag. Internet is much more rapid, economical and convenient than any form of sermon and communication. So, the old pattern for spreading religion such as writing by hand will be replaced by the internet. There will be no future for clinging strongly to tradition; and conservativeness will be destroyed by the trend of the times. The only way out is to accept the New Era Value in order to step into the new era of Lifechanyuan,.

New Era Value mainly include: the universe consists of three elements: consciousness, energy and structure. The whole universe is a great consciousness, and the great consciousness refers to the Greatest Creator. Every life in universe is a part of the consciousnesses of the Greatest Creator. Material world is the embodiment of consciousness, and individual world of life is a reflection of self-consciousness. As long as the consciousness exists, the soul will exist forever. The carrier of soul will vary with consciousness. Human beings have infinite creative ability and developmental potentials. Lifetime is just a brief trip for life, and the meaning of life lies in its process. Your destiny is created by yourself, so you should be responsible for it and stop complaining others. There is no conflict in pursuing of health, richness, freedom and the promotion of spiritual nature. Humanity should move with nature rather than being oppressed. The core of improving the spiritual nature should focus on deepening the understanding, changing the thinking, perfecting the consciousness and the nonmaterial structure of life rather than on pursing the wizardry and extra sensory perception. Everything is Zen; everything is apocalypse. The secrets of the universe and life are hidden in the ever-changing natural phenomenon. The nature of the Greatest Creator is sex, love and Tao; following the principle and theory of sex, love and Tao is to believe in the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator and other gods do not bring the soul to trial. 36-dimensional space is the model of the universe which has channels ---space tunnel. Past, present and future are closely linked together through the time tunnel and all of them can be changed; there is no such a thing which is changeless, the principle of change is the change of consciousness. When consciousness changes, everything will change accordingly. Love is able to purify our heart, perfect the nonmaterial structure of our life and has the quality of angel, so we should learn to love; not only love ourselves, but also love other people and society, the Greatest Creator, god and Buddha, nature and life. The key to happiness is to offer our love, release our love, always feel gratitude and strive to create. The world we could perceive by sense organs is narrow and small. You should break the shackles, shift into a larger space, open your telegnosis and see your true nature. New Era Value admits telepathy, but do not believe it blindly. Everything should be tested by science, truth, logic and spiritual nature. In most cases our soul is in a state of sleeping. The real world we believe is actually a fantasyland. Because of the habitual thinking, we are unable to realize that we are in fantasyland. New Era Value requires us to wake up from the dead sleep and enter into a relatively realistic reality, enjoy much freer, comfortable life and live without fear. All diseases are reflections of the defective spirit and mind. You must make great efforts in consciousness and pay more attention on life structure in order to cure it thoroughly. Qualitative change requires the accumulation of quantitative change. Qualitative change will surely occur if the quantitative change is accumulated to a critical point. This principle is applicable to self-improvement. When self-improvement is accumulated to a certain degree, his life will be alienated, and he will become a celestial, Buddha or God. While the core of self-improvement is to accumulate merits, the core of self-refinement is to change thinking, make transition from matter thinking to visualized thinking, associative thinking, illusive thinking, heart-image thinking, Taiji thinking, non-form thinking and holographic order thinking. In universe, everything is necessity except for one contingency, which is the way how Tao operates. Therefore, please never assume that you are lucky in gaining by fraud, for the result of cheating others and the gods is to cheat yourself. It is the same as by doing harm to others and nature, you will ultimately hurt yourself.

The above is a part of the core ideas of New Era Value.

New era is coming; it is inevitable. All of those people who don’t want to die should come closer to New Era Value. All those people who are dreaming of free life in Heaven should get their out -dated value replaced by the New Era Value. The world is developing rapidly. It is time to embark the spaceship, no more the slow carriage.

Let’s meet in the Lifechanyuan era!

Nairaland / General / The Contents Of Copies Of Life In The Thousand-year World by ivysunday(f): 8:39am On Aug 10
Xue Feng

Home without Marriage and Family , which is created by Lifechanyuan, is a transfer station from the mortal world to Heaven and the thousand-year world, and also a transfer base of self-improvement and self-refinement to Heaven, the ten-thousand year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent. The life in Home without Marriage and Family copy the life style of the Celestials in the thousand-year world, and it will serve us for the achievement of the consciousness and quality of being Celestials in the thousand-year world and for the guarantee of reaching the thousand -year world.

The Content of the Copy of the Thousand-Year Life

1. No marriage, no husband and wife, no family, no married or given married

2. Nobody is capable of possessing any private property. Non-possession ownership is practiced. Individual's basic needs are to be met by collective.

3. Each does his best; each takes what he needs.

4. Everybody has his/her tasks and takes corresponding responsibilities. They serve mutually and they owe each other nothing.

5. No leaders but differences in responsibilities in arranging and mediating for life and work.

6. Anyone who is able to work must undertake a job, regardless his/her age or genre. No idlers here.

7. Each member is required to participate in the collective learning and recreational activities voluntarily.

8. To keep the environment clean and tidy; everything is orderly, peaceful and warm.

9. There is no constitution, no law, no regulation, no commandment, and no dharma; there is only holographic order.

10 Be collectively responsible for the support of the elderly and the raise and education of the children

11 There is no currency or reward. Everything is done in accordance with the natural instinct

12 Hold a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

13 No temples, Taoist temples, churches and idol worship; neither burn incense nor pray or make offerings.

14. No witchcraft, magic, martial arts, Taoistic arts and other superstitious activities.

15. Respect for science and make the full application of science and technology to serve the people.

16. No financial industry, commerce, accounting, courts, lawyers, soldiers, policemen and prison.

17. Be cremated after death, without leaving the ashes, the graves, or memorial places.

18. Do not produce any form of lethal weapons or competitive tools, appliances or toys.

19. No tobacco or cigarettes.

20. Two meals a day. All members take their meals at the canteen.

21.No eating the meat of wild animals, and no eating any animals, including poultry and livestock in the end.

22. Outdoor bathing places, bathrooms, restrooms and toilets can be used regardless of gender.

23. Be free in love and sex. Be free from interference and control as long as they are willing to do this regardless the number of people.

24 There is no conception of father and kinship. The baby will be raised and educated by full-time nursery staffs and institutions after his/her mother's lactation period.

25 All members change their habitats for one time every three years.

26 The basic standard of living will be normalized globally, no luxury, no waste; everyone will be guaranteed for sharing living resources.

27 Each member enjoys a separate bedroom, which is absolutely freed from disturbance, supervision and control.

28. Follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator in an all-round way.

What is listed above are just a copy of the life in the Thousand-year world, and there left a large amount of details which will be adjusted and changed according to Lifechanyuan Value that "No dharma in the power of Buddha, it is ever changing; a rule is not always being rule, not seizing any rules is the real rule; to change the ways around the unchanging point, not to change the point when changing the ways". Everything will be carried out for everyone's joy, freedom, and happiness, and focus on the care for nature, the cherishment of life, the reverence for the Greatest Creator and the sublimation of the quality of life.

June 8, 2010
Nairaland / General / Laziness Is A Big Enemy Of Home Without Marriage And Family by ivysunday(f): 12:48pm On Aug 08
Xue Feng

I roughly browse the reasons of the final failure of some ideal communities in history; the result is that all of them are "killed" by laziness. Everyone is busy in seeking enjoyment, reaping the fruit of other's labor or drifting along; as time passes, the building of the ideal homeland collapse.

In order to make Home without Marriage and Family established by us to flourish, grow and enter into the ideal state, we have to learn from the lessons of history; so the NO.1 enemy of homeland is not others but laziness.

It is the long-term strategic target for Home without Marriage and Family to conduct the life-and -death struggle with laziness.

Every member of Home must possess the elementary qualities such as rising up on hearing the crow of a rooster and practicing with the labor tools, getting up at the crack of dawn and cleaning the courtyard, making a firm resolution to make good, constantly striving to become stronger and working hard everyday.

Diligence can achieve the good future, and laziness can even ruin the blessing of God. Laziness can destroy everything: it can make one sink into vice, can corrode ones will, spirit, mind and physical body; it can ruin a whole diligent community, influence the healthful spirit of a community just like virus; at last, it makes everything stay in the doldrums, dead as a doornail, depressed, and finally decay to extermination.

Laziness is a kind of virus, is the biggest devil for a man! Once laziness becomes his second nature, he will gradually become a walking corpse and running flesh to harm himself, others and homeland.

Someone summarizes: "The lazy man is bound to be an ordinary man; an ordinary man is bound to be a complaining man; a complaining man is bound to be a painful man; a painful man is bound to be a misfortune man; and a misfortune man is the lazy man. "

"God helps those who help themselves!" "Heaven helps those who help themselves!" Natural law punishes those who are lazy, and heaven will abandon those who are lazy.

Diligence symbolizes beauty, and laziness represents ugliness!

The eight features of laziness are as followings:

1.Seeking no progress but ease and comfort; one is indifferent to anything but prefers reaping the fruits of others.

2. Irresponsible for anything but prefers loafing, muddling along and eating the bread of idleness.

3. Stays up late at night and gets up late in morning without regular daily life in a weary state.

4. Indulging in games with no desire to make progress; one idles about all day and muddles along without any aim.

5. Sluggish and lazy, and never perfects one's skill but only pursues leisure and fears hardships and fatigue.

6. Greedy on eating, sleeping and playing with a confusing head and four lazy limbs.

7. One never participates in anything personally or carries out self-criticizes but prefers complaining, grumbling and criticizing the industrious people.

8. Sluggish, prefers postponing and performing one's duty in a perfunctory manner with numerous excuses; one finally accomplishes nothing.

"Running water never becomes putrid, and a door-hinge is never worm-eaten;" "excellence in work is possible only with diligence, otherwise everything is ruined in laziness;" once laziness becomes one's second nature, he will "idle away everything into nothing". "If one is diligent, one is skillful in everything, otherwise if one is lazy, he will be accompanied by countless illness;" "The tower of nine storeys rose from a (small) heap of earth; the journey of a thousand miles commenced with a single step."

"A small leak will ruin a big dam;" the beautiful homeland will be ruined in laziness; so Home without Marriage and Family will fight against laziness from beginning to end. For homeland, the laziness is AIDs, cancer, viral dysentery, robbers and devils.

How to carry out the life-and-death fighting with laziness?

1. The Chanyuan-Celestial equipped with laziness are not allowed to enter into Home without Marriage and Family.

2. The Chanyuan-Celestial equipped with laziness and remaining impenitent are not allowed to live in Home without Marriage and Family.

3. Anyone who pities, tolerates and sympathizes with laziness means committing a crime to Home without Marriage and Family.

4. The lazy guys will be disdained by the others in Home without Marriage and Family.

5. No one is going to associate with lazy persons.

6. "One radish, one hole." Do not leave any opportunities for the lazy persons to utilize.

7. Home without Marriage and Family will regularly organize some community studies to analyze the lazy thoughts, lazy habits, lazy style and lazy psychology; once there is any incipient tendency, we will get rid of it from our thoughts.

8. We will praise, eulogize diligence and award the highest honor to the diligent people.

Home without Marriage and Family belongs to all Chanyuan-Celestials, and every Chanyuan-Celestial is the owner of Home without Marriage and Family. If someone regards Home without Marriage and Family as hotel or private company and regards himself as migrant job-hunting boy or public servant, he makes a mistake on cognition; if Home without Marriage and Family is regarded as the manor of Xue Feng or the dean, it is an even bigger mistake. Only when each Chanyuan-Celestial regards oneself as the master of the home and perform the duty and obligation of the master, Home without Marriage and Family can flourish and grow; all our ideals can realize in Home without Marriage and Family.

Adam and Eve are forced to leave the Eden because they do not know how to treasure.

The ideal communities in history disappeared under the erosion of laziness because the people do not fulfill their masters' duties and responsibilities.

Whether Home without Marriage and Family can move on continually to the ideal shore depends on the efforts of each Chanyuan-Celestial.

Whether we can survive or die depends on whether we can defeat laziness.

August 31, 2008

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