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Politics / Re: Nigeria Set To Receive Fresh $2.2bn World Bank Loan – Edun by Jlow2: 6:48pm On Apr 21
I am sorry for the borrowers themselves
Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Jlow2: 10:01am On Apr 21
Nice move but unfortunately Fulani terrorists have only one ideology to take over indigenous peoples ancestral lands, you people must sleep with one eye open.


Politics / Re: Shettima: Petrol Subsidy, Multiple Exchange Rates Were Producing Billionaires by Jlow2: 6:46am On Apr 21
Same people that meet dollar at 215naira want us to celebrate it at 1200naira, apc are just demons we see everyday.

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Crime / Re: Bandit Kingpins, Kachallah, Madagwal, 12 Others Killed In Zamfara by Jlow2: 11:04am On Apr 20
This guys have been killed many times
Politics / Re: One Dollar Is Now Bought By Bdc’s At N950 Naira by Jlow2: 1:28am On Apr 15
Yet price of food stuff , transportation, imported fuel, desire and aviation fuel prices has refused to drop, average Nigerian , use your head to ask why these prices has refused to drop, not saying haters dis and that

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Politics / Re: Do We Have Any Defense System In Nigeria? by Jlow2: 4:11pm On Apr 14
You Neva get 12hour light na defense systems

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Scary Moment: Huge Iranian Missile Attack Successfully Hits Israel (video) by Jlow2: 12:31pm On Apr 14
There was no significant damage there was over 90% interceptions of over 100 of Iranian cruise missiles sent to Isreal yesterday
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Has Launched Drone Attacks Against Israel by Jlow2: 5:29am On Apr 14

Iran will be levelled but Israel will remain standing grin grin grin
Noodles must have replaced the grey matters in your head.
You think Iran is Israel mate?
I dnt blame you , and I dnt need to be told you re Ife mmanu man because insult is the first thing you re taught while growing up, did I insult you or your crippled father on my post??

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Has Launched Drone Attacks Against Israel by Jlow2: 9:36pm On Apr 13
Isreal dnt talk much, I dnt want to-hear humanitarian crisis, humanitarian aid or seize fire when Isreal decides to level Iran, all terrorists must be send to their 72 virgins ASAP.

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Sports / Re: I Divorced Kaka Because He Was Too Nice - Caroline Celico by Jlow2: 3:54pm On Apr 13
She even has some atom of sincerity in her, by saying he was too good and sincere


Politics / Re: Only The Blind Will Say Tinubu Has Failed – Matawalle by Jlow2: 3:00pm On Apr 13
Apc always celebrate mediocrity, tinibu met dollar at 700 took it to 1900 brought it back to 1200 and Told their docile supporters that you re doing well, apc is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria since 1960.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sentiment Aside,us And Israel Cannot Win A War With Iran. by Jlow2: 12:29pm On Apr 13
Mess with Isreal at ur peril, they dnt make noise , their actions speak for them, that is how Hamas was pushed to bombard Isreal and the rest is history, same people re pushing iran , we dnt want anyone crying human rights in a war that has not lasted for 1hour, let the devil that lead you guide you. Collateral damage is not avoidable.


Celebrities / Re: ‘Why I Love Bobrisky’ – Tolani Baj by Jlow2: 9:57am On Apr 13
What is this one saying, that’s why some say a drunk man is more intelligent than 3women with phds combine.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 6:09pm On Apr 12

Whose balls am I licking again.

Your books are going to make strange reading with this jumping from ine place to another.

President Tinubu came first, gold medal, Atiku took second, silver medal. Peter obi won the bronze medal. Go to court if you no like am, Peter Obi and Atiku go court, dem go play téńté for dere.

Once more, my generation are comfortable now and forever more, no bi mi ò, na Baba God do am.

Nobody is paying me for my opinion, di kain abuse wey Obidient don yab me gie here, I suppose go find persin wey go pay mi sef. Abeg who get APC number for here?
when you make another sensible post I will reply again, as for this I can’t stoop too low to reply such, when you start sounding like touts at Oshodi , then I am sorry. but I am not surprised.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 5:33pm On Apr 12

Please pray for yourself before praying for anybody else, my generations are ok and will continue to be regardless of how badly Peter Obi lost to President Tinubu.

Your inability to get over a Peter Obi loss is what you should focus on right now, maybe pray on that to stop eating at you as badly as it is.

One more time, Peter Obi himself has not claimed he won so you as an Obidient should stop claiming such. Those who have ears should listen.

as you bet that apc and tinubu won 2023 election free and fair , you dnt need to be disturbed about your generations, because everything of this world would be fair on them, but if it’s not free and fair that is is also the only means ur generation will succeed, I dnt have evidence but you have evidence then dnt worry about it, but my words re never forgotten in a hurry, it’s very unfortunate you dnt know your limit , even those you mop their ass and lick there balls know there limits, just because of crumbs, you can be intelligent enough to put bread on your table but not smart enough from unforeseen circumstances.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 5:01pm On Apr 12

Sorry to burst your bubble. My generation's success is guaranteed and regardless of how bitter you are that Peter Obi lost the elections, it wouldn't affect anything.

If you use my words in your book, you better give me a cut for every copy sold.

I stand by every single statement I have said in not just my discussion with you, but everything I said on Nairaland so I am not withdrawing anything.

I am not saying you are daft but thinking words I say on here could affect my generation is one kain. I am not saying you are docile but shouting Peter Obi upandan without questioning why also dey one kain.
nothing is guaranteed in this world, but uprightness and truth can give hope to generations unborn, i dnt need you to withdraw anything , Peter obi cannot lose to tinubu in a free and fair election, not telling us of glitches in the middle of an ekection, I pray history remains kind to you and generations.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 3:59pm On Apr 12

I haven't bet on my generation about anything, your bitterness about Obi's loss and your claim of him being rigged out without any proof will not affect anybody. Quote frankly and without meaning to be rude, you and your bitter words are inconsequential and irrelevant to my generation so you might want to focus your energy soomewhere closer to home.

I don't support President Tinubu and never have, I also doubt I will ever vote for him, I certainly won't right now. However, I will rail against Obidients claiming Peter Obi won elections without any proof every tine I read it.

President Tinubu stayed well away from Bubu's Aso rock when the latter was President and never involved himself during the two elections he won. That is strange praise and support.

Your anti APC tirades are better off directed against an APC person of which there are many here, I can't debate you on the uselessness of any political party because they are all the same as are politicians.

One more thing, these 3 books you are writing, I hope they have paragraphs in them unlike your posts.
as a much people understands what’s on the book we re good to go, infact some of your statements here will be used on the books based on my encounters with apc foot soldiers and social media attack dogs , whom did not only sell themselves but also there generations for pot of porridge, you placed your self and generation on a bet, I dnt need any evidence, because I know what went wrong I am not daft and docile, what you said is already on documented on Nairaland, I stand by my words apc did not win 2023 elections free and fair and apc is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria and Nigerians since independence, I have told you as you placed your self and generation on bet , i what ever apc won that election will be the only way you and your generation will have success, it has not started eating you up and you re withdrawing your statements, lol .
Politics / Re: Lagos-Calabar Road: Outrage As Umahi Proposes ₦‎1,500 For cars, Truck ₦‎5,000 by Jlow2: 3:49pm On Apr 12
Umahi is good at useless bogus infrastructures, ebonyi international airport is yet to generate a Kobo, at 45b naira, international conference center is yet to generate a Kobo at 15billion, ebonyi Olympic stadium is yet to generate a Kobo as 10billion has been expended,this is a man that taxed even pple selling vegetables , took over community lands etc, building flyovers in the wilderness were they re just used to dry crops and cloths.

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Politics / Re: FG To Provide Solar Subsidy In Nigeria Through $750 Million World Bank Loan by Jlow2: 2:11pm On Apr 12
Beware of any subsidy coming from Nigerian government, it’s an avenue to loot and improvise Nigerians, the actual prices should be quoted from day one, if not for subsidy scam and looting petrol today will still be below 250.
Politics / Re: Aviation Fuel Price Crash Imminent As Dangote Refinery Begins Supply Of Products by Jlow2: 8:01am On Apr 12
Dangote will still sell same price with imported because he has no competitor, landing cost of diesel is 1200 for imported because of appreciation of naira, and dangote is selling at 1225 at his refinery, petrol is not suppose to be more than 500, then diesel and aviation fuel not more than 800, for locally refined ,dangote has no competitor while ph refinery commencement has become promise without and and mirage, dangote fixes his price based on landing cost of imported, the only advantage he leaves you with is time factor.


Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 12:33am On Apr 12

You are jumping from one thing to another. I am not displaying greed or suppressing anything, all I have asked for is proof that Peter Obi won when he himself never said he did.

You said APC is the worst thing to happen to Nigeria, that is your opinion and as I am neither an APC member nor a President Tinubu supporter, I have no reason to care about that.

If Ganduje is arrested today, you think I will care less. Same as Diezani who was embezzling our money with her toyboy and has now run away, none of these political class, of which Peter Obi has been a proud staunch member, give a flying fig about the common man.

Good luck with your books, I hope they make you very rich and more importantly, I hope they make Nigeria a better place for us all when you publish them.
what you bet yourself and generation on is suppression of truth, I dnt have any evidence to give you , but I told you apc did not win the presidential election 2023 free and fair, because I am not docile, I have the brains to think for myself and not somebody thinking for me because he gave me crumbs, you could not explain the glitches, there is no how I will talk about 2023 election with mentioning obi and apc , you cannot support tinubu and say you did not suppor apc to an extent, you re just been clever by half, because you know apc is of no good to Nigeria and Nigerians, my books re not to make me rich but keep the generations unborn on their toes and on the right path, it’s better than corrupt money, at the expense of suffering masses,
Naira use to be 1000naira to 3500cfa but as of today and first time in history 1000cfa is 2500naira, that is how worthless naira has become, all these happened under the nose of apc, they met dollar at 215 and today they want us to celebrate it at 1200, tinubu also met dollar at 700 and took it to 1900 b4 bringing it back to 1200, I will not celebrate him because I am not docile, he should take it below 700 before I can think of celebrating him, you cannot say you supported tinubu and not apc , and I can not talk about 2023 elections without talking about apc and it’s catastrophe , same tinubu praised buhari throughout his 8years and supported him but today he is telling us he inherited the worst economy, so buhari blamed pdp throughout his 8years , apc cannot deceive everyone at same time
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 6:47pm On Apr 11

So you, a faceless bitter Obidient, think you have any power to talk good or bad into anyone's life and it will come through. Bikonu nwanem, laugh wan tear me belle.

I'll keep telling you, it is the frustration of your anger at your lack of ability to change anything, especially lies that you tell yourself about an Obi victory, that you are better of sorting out.

My generation will go through the same turbulence that other people go through in life, that is definite. At least it will not be needless and self inflicted because of a slavish mentality they have to another human being, like yours to Peter Obi, coupled with a delusional mindset towards a real life event like a clean Peter Obi defeat at the polls.
if you dnt make a difference your generation will be worse than you, your greed and suppression of truth spells only doom, that is why Nigeria has not moved forward since independence , because you think only those in Aso rock have power that is why you ask of evidence of glitches on a presidential election, and evidence efcc needs before it arrests ganduje whom was seen on video stuffing dollars in babanriga, the democracy I know power only belongs to the people , suppressing truth, corruption, selective justice only spells doom, the crumbs you enjoy might not last for your generation, but a nation build on uprightness and truth will be prosperous for everyone, I am willing to challenge on on open debate based on facts on why apc is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria since independence., i have 3 books I have complied on that, infact all these I have been writing here is not on the book, facts with dates that re verifiable , some re docile, some chose to be docile , while some re not and will never be docile .
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 5:39pm On Apr 11

For the umpteenth time, the nonsense backward stuff you are saying about me and my generation is exactly that. Don't let that stop you from continuing to bang that useless drum because of your bitterness over Peter Obi losing a election sha.

Even in primary school, that BS didn't scare me, is it as an adult on a faceless forum that I would be worried?

You should bring proof that Peter Obi won or do what he did in accepting his fate as a third placed contender. Anything else is just going to continue to eat you up, but that's on you.
it started eating you up when you put urself and generation on the line because of worthless stipends , my posts always makes sense and hits the point, because salvaging Nigeria will not start with the politicians but with half Educated citizens that help politicians in keeping the vulnerable Nigerians in perpetual poverty, with misinformation and suppression of truth.and use them as willing tools, remember your time and that of your generation is already counting, may Nigeria and it’s history have mercy on you.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 2:59pm On Apr 11

Even if APC did not win the elections which they did, nothing will affect me or my generations if I claim they did. Especially if the words are coming from an embittered Obidient, not a follicle of my hair will be affected. You are powerless in that regard so bikonu rest.

If President Tinubu and APC really wanted to rig, do you honestly think they will allow LP win in Lagos state of all places? You sef reason am well abeg.

Bring your proof that President Tinubu tampered with evidence and bought the judiciary so that you and I can help chase President Tinubu out of Aso rock.

Or should I shout Jlow2 stole something from me and people will believe me and put tyre on your head without any proof.

If I were churlish, I would pray that as you wish someone to not attain his rightfully victory despite not having proof to overturn it, so it be unto you. I would pray that all the things you laboured hard for in life would be denied you simply on someone's say so and with no proof to back it up. But I am not that kind of person and would never pray such for you.
same proof that efcc is still looking for to arrest ganduje,told you from the beginning that if you can explain the glitches that took place in the presidential elections alone when there was also National Assembly elections which took place at same time , but the glitches did not affect it, not every body or Nigerian is docile, you have placed the bet with your self and generations , you dnt need to worry because there is no evidence, I pray history remains kind to you and that your generations
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 2:02pm On Apr 11

Once more for the hard of hearing, your bitter words will not affect me one bit as my destiny is already pre-ordained and not based on Peter Obi coming third or an Obidient claiming he won but not providing proof.

My own is that you need to stop claiming Peter Obi won an election, a totally absurd claim that he himself doesn't make.
it’s not a bitter word and nothing will affect you if apc won 2023 elections free and fair, in this life becareful what you wish for yourself, for the first time ever someone becomes an elected president with less than than 40% votes, he dint win Lagos his adopted stated, his original state, abuja, Kano Ph, never you join ethic bigots and haters to persecute a Goodman , you accepted the challenge and it’s sealed, tempering with evidence or buying the judiciary can only make one winner in the eyes of men, when I threw the challenge I knew you will fail, I had no evidence when I clearly knew mko abiola won 1993 elections, do I still need evidence of gandujes dollar stuffing?, we only want a country wer the good and upright succeeds , not rogues, looters and thieves, many destiny has been pre ordained with looted funds , just like beta Edu , whom went to for testimony after becoming minister, but I tell you , you will never 4get my words in decades, because u will see them come to pasd
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 10:35am On Apr 11

If you think your bitter words of "prayer", based on your eternal pain over a Peter Obi election loss, would affect me in any way in life, then good luck with that.

I clearly informed you I have never voted APC in my life yet you are still harping on about them.

APC remains the worst thing that happened to Nigerians from independence till date,the worst of any political party in Nigeria is better than apc, a party that control the masses with hunger and pallatives, you stood by ur words that apc won 2023 elections , and I told you if apc won 2023 elections free and fair, may in what ever means the won it be the way you and your generation ever succeed, and you started calling it bitter words, I told you everything is not politics, it’s just like the 1993 elections we know who won that elections, I pray history to be kind to you and your generations.
Business / Re: Which Precious Stone Is This by Jlow2: 9:08am On Apr 11
It’s not a precious stone but am industrial mineral , lepidolite

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Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 8:41am On Apr 11

I agree.

However you can't celebrate APC with me because I am not an APC supporter.

Obi that lost that you are still angry about, he has moved on. You, you are here spitting feathers.

may your wishes come to past, one day you will remember my words, everything is not politics, the first man that bought bullet proof car in Nigeria was a politician , he knew the reason he bought that bullet proof car, interestingly he was later assassinated , the bulletproof car did not save him, be careful what you wish for your self, apc is not worth ur you and ur generations,because of peanuts.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 8:18am On Apr 11

I barely got through what you wrote last time as you had no paragraphs plus your sentences are too long.

If there was a problem with IREV, at least INEC used paper based copies to collate the result. This is the same system we have been using since a long time ago, the one where all party agents must sign or else is invalid.

If Peter Obi never claimed victory, I still don't understand how you can on his behalf. APC won the elections, the rest need to try harder next time.
I will only accept if you agree that the way apc used in wining the 2023 election be the only way for your success in life and that of your generation ., AMEN. then I can celebrate apc with you.
Politics / Re: Diesel Price Will Not Exceed N1200 - Dangote by Jlow2: 5:57am On Apr 11
Dangote is if no good to ordinary Nigerians, if landing cost for imported diesel is 1200, why will Nigerian oil drilled and refined in Nigeria be same price with imported, may God continue to reward Allen Onyema, I tell you with the antecedents of dangote , if not for fall of dollar from 1900-1200 dangote will still sell locally refined diesel at same price with imported at 1700 or 1650

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Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 3:24am On Apr 11

Peter Obi himself went to court and at no time did he claim he won. You are here saying he won, what do you know that he and his expensive team of charge and bail lawyers don't?
nigeria is not designed for the good and upright to survive, that is why you see first class graduates roaming the streets, those whom do legitimate and business and work find it difficult to meet ends, but bandits , looters, terrorists, drug lords , homosexuals, criminals prosper, flaunt there wealths everywhere and nobody arrests them, even when they re arrested and persecuted they get short sentences, e.g wadume the kidnap kingpin , whom with his gang and kidnap kingpins after killing policemen that went to arrest him at a checking point with help of a soldier, got only 3years jail term, came out last week and was given a heroic welcome at ibi his home town in Taraba, ganduje was seen in a video stuffing thousands of dollars in his babanriga, efcc is yet to arrest or persecute him, the are all apc stakeholders including wadume, many ignorant and vulnerable citizens dnt know whom or what is a good leader, they want whom will steal the money and share some as pallatives to them,and that is what the govt of the day has become they decide when you breath, when the citizens complain some pallatives re disbursed and the 4get there sorrows for a while, very unfortunate country. In a free and fair election apc can never win, before you argue again explain to me when the presidential election that took place simultaneously with National Assembly elections had glitches on uploading of results on inec portal but the National Assembly result never had quiches but they took place simultaneously, you can not fool everyone at same time, same pple budgets 197m for each boreholes but did not do any, but some did one with his own money but Nigerians re insulting him, ver very unfortunate country.
Politics / Re: Why Is The Standard So Low For Someone That They Claimed Will Save Nigeria ? by Jlow2: 8:02pm On Apr 10
Same standard when bigoted and ignorant Nigerians were told not to accept dollar at 214naira and petrol at 140, only to come to power and forced it on ignorant and vulnerable Nigerians with hunger at 1900 and 700, apc is a gathering of demons, they never won 2023 elections , it’s no coincidence that Labour Party and pdp re having internal problems, even the devil himself will never vote apc after 8years of buharis hell and tinubus continuation, never be blinded by ethnicity and bigotry, why has price of diesel, fuel , bread, transportation, cement, food stuff others has refused to go down despite dollars going down from 1900 to 1200, it’s because a lot of dollars is just pumped into the economy and it’s not reality , obi remains a nightmare because he actually won 2023 elections, if you swear with your life you die, God allowed it to happen so that Nigerians could learn more, buhari 8years was not enough to teach some people that ethnic and religious sentiments can not deliver dividends of democracy, GOD OF ISREAL CANNOT BE SHAMED.

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