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Jobs/Vacancies / Jobberman Celebrates Fourth Year Anniversary With A CV Promo by Jobbermancom: 10:59am On Aug 22, 2013
, the popular job website in Nigeria clocks 4 years old. The jobs website which has the largest list of jobs in Nigeria is celebrating its 4th year anniversary since it began operating.

Jobberman turned 4 on the 16th of August and to celebrate their anniversary and express their gratitude, they are giving a 30% discount on every CV/Cover letter service job seekers request for.

To activate this promo, job seekers have been told to click the link - http:///VaSxnH to make their request and send a mail with payment details to cvs@. The subject of the mail should be "Happy Birthday!"

In a speech by the CEO, Ayodeji Adewunmi he spoke about how far the jobs board has come:

"Four years ago, we co-founded Jobberman while in University with the mission of cataloguing all the jobs in Nigeria in one place, whether online or offline. Today, hundreds of thousands of jobseekers around West Africa are turning to Jobberman to find their dream jobs. We are continually inspired by the stories of jobseekers who got placed and employers who sourced the right talents from our platform."

Jobberman is the biggest jobs website in West Africa with over 800,000 users and 12,000 companies providing the latest jobs in Nigeria. Its headquarters is located in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.
Jobs/Vacancies / Manchester United Football Manager On Jobberman by Jobbermancom: 4:08pm On May 08, 2013

Jobs/Vacancies / Surefire Ways To Avoid Grammar Errors In Your Résumé Or Cover Letter by Jobbermancom: 11:45am On Mar 22, 2013
Time and again, we see résumés fly into recruiting departments and out to the trash minutes later; not because candidates who sent in those résumés are unqualified but because their applications are filled with grammar gaffes.

Recruiters can hardly accept this because submitting an error filled application is like serving a tasty meal with lots of sand particles in it. No matter how qualified you are, those grammar gaffes will get in the way; perhaps give another job seeker with a good presentation a chance to get the job.

Your résumé takes at most 2 pages to write, with so many obvious errors in it, employers get the impression you have no idea what you are up against.

Avoiding grammar slip-ups is not something worthy of note for job seekers only but for anyone who wants to convey meaning in any formal writing – emails, business writing, proposals etc.

Research also has it that people who quickly rise up the corporate ladder possess excellent communication skills – both in speech and in writing; it is no doubt a must-have for a much more stress free ride to the top.

We can throw up our hands and say the times have changed because our constant use of abbreviations and slangs in informal chats, text and emails has blurred the line between professional and casual writing. This is true, the times have changed but the importance of proper communication hasn’t dwindled one bit.

Your résumé or any formal writing requires a balance in tone and presentation to give that impression you are trying to portray, because for the most part, you’ll be writing to total strangers - people who have no idea you were the best graduating student of your set at Harvard or you received a scholarship to study English in Space. Employers are not programmers; if your résumé looks like a puzzle, they won’t try to fix it.

Some of the common errors seen in résumés and cover letters are;

Using the word “am” instead of “I am” or “I’m”.

I don’t know how this started but soon I began seeing it everywhere, first as normal chat messages and then in formal writings.

“Am” is a 1st person present singular of the verb “be”. It is used to link the subject of a sentence to give more information about the subject e.g I am tired, I am sick.

“I’m” is the contraction of “I am” e.g “I am in love with Jerry” is the same as “I’m in love with Jerry”.

Using “its” instead of “it is” or “it’s”.

“Its” is a possessive pronoun e.g The dog wagged its tail.

“It’s” is a contraction of “It is” or “it has” e.g “it’s been a while since I last saw a movie”, “it’s high time we left”.

Same goes for “Your” and “You’re”.

“Their” and “There”

“Their” is a possessive plural noun e.g Their cat

“There” can be used as a pronoun to describe a thing or a place e.g There are many houses on this street, we’ll buy lunch when we get there.

Avoid word misspellings like oportunity, privlege, atenttion and the like because they affect the flow of reading.

And for your sake, write in simple English. Simple words in English are still very effective and perhaps convey more meaning than complex words; it’s okay to try to impress your reader but writing “the use of…” still tells a better story than “the utilisation of…” , make it easy for your reader to enjoy your message.

These things are not difficult to learn and apply, I’m not a grammarian but I learned to write better by reading good literature and I’m still far from perfect; as a matter of fact, I just learned a few things reading this.


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Literature / The Story Of A Deadly Cult Boy by Jobbermancom: 10:39am On Mar 20, 2013
About two decades ago, Kunle Soriyan was filled with excitement as he got ready to sit for his degree exams and earn his Bachelor of Science honors. But there was a huge problem; he was a deadly cult boy and the university had found out.

Soon enough, just before his final exams, news got to him: he had been expelled from The University of Lagos.

He gladly went his way, and didn’t break a sweat. A drug addict and scoundrel, Kunle wandered around with his gun. He eventually met a man who preached Christ to him; he got born again, denounced cultism and parted ways with his gun and corrupt life.

He applied for admission with the same university he was expelled and got an offer. He became a pastor and worked hard to maintain a good GPA but could not graduate at the set time; somehow, the university administration still doubted he was a changed man.

Kunle applied for an admission a third time, despite having spent eight year trying to earn a four-year degree. He endured the shame and disdain; being the oldest man in the midst of much younger, high-spirited students who often ridiculed him. And after another four years (making a total of twelve years), Kunle finally graduated.

It’s a wonder what would have happened to Kunle had he not turned back to understand the value of life and pay the price to be educated because today; he is a multi-millionaire, action coach and one of the foremost motivational speakers and mentors Nigeria has seen in recent times.

The road to success is a long drive up a rocky hill.

Everybody likes the byproduct of success, but not many people hold on enough to make it through. It’s scarcely a smooth sail and will never be.

If you are headed on the road to succeed, you’ll most likely do it alone. This is a path where each person bears his burden as he plods along, not knowing how far or close he is to the end of the tunnel. It’s not a dance in the rain.

After Jack Hansen formed a partnership and completed his book; he was so optimistic that the book would sell and so he wasn’t too discouraged when the first publishing house threw his manuscript out the window.

He was sure of his book, so he decided to try someplace else. The same thing happened. Little did he know that he was only at the beginning of a slew of rejections to come; the book was rejected for 138 times more.

Somehow he found the nerve to try again. One last time and that was it. It was accepted by a publisher and the moment copies were made available, sales began.

The manuscript that was rejected 140 times ended up as a book that sold over 100 million copies and remains one of the bestsellers in the US.

Success doesn’t come swiftly or softly as we often expect.

When John Roebling started out with the Brooklyn Bridge, America and the larger world almost laughed him to silence.

Everybody knew him as a skilled bridge builder but his plan to build East River was a plunge headlong into the impossible. It wasn’t just a river; it was an estuary prone to tidal disturbances or turbulence.

The criticisms and mockery mounted when a canoe accident eventually left him paralyzed.

Roebling did not let his paralysis kill his dream; he soon devised a means to communicate his ideas to his wife as he could not execute them himself.

After years and years of drudgery, the same critics who raised their voices against Roebling’s structure plan, claiming East River would collapse, joined all of America and the World to celebrate the wonder of science of their time and longest bridge America had ever seen, even though Roebling did not live to see it. And what was scorned as a process in error is one of the many monuments America prides itself in today.

If we must succeed, we must also learn to tarry in patience while success crawls towards us.

Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up- Thomas Edison

I put it to you, how long can you hold on while toiling and hoping for success?



Career / Oga At The Top : Are We Not All Guilty ? by Jobbermancom: 4:15pm On Mar 18, 2013
The recent trend on social media has got people talking and making every kind of funny remarks. The trend and raving comments hinges on a particular incidence where the representative of an organisation was being interviewed and when asked a simple question about his organisation, he couldn’t answer. Infact he was actually clueless about what was being asked of him, repeating the fact that his boss is the only person capable of answering the question.

The cluelessness and constant repetition of his “oga at the top” being the only person capable of answering the question has caused a racket in Nigeria. But the question is this- are we not all the same? Don’t we all do the same embarrassing things to ourselves and the organisations we represent? Aren’t we all poor ambassadors of our various organisations?

If you were asked what the vision and mission of your organisation is, would you be able to answer? If you were asked to describe what your organisation is hinged on, plus the product and service offered, would you be able to answer? Do you know your organisation’s web space? Can you explain what every department in your organisation does and how they add up to the big picture?(That is if you even know what the big picture is)

Before we throw the darts of accusation and lash out funny idioms at the sitcom, let us weigh ourselves on the same scale of how much we know about our own organisation.

Every individual is a brand. You represent something, I represent something else. In the same way each one of us is an ambassador of the organisation we are in. We are the brand ambassadors. It therefore lies on our shoulders to represent and show our organisations in a good light. Everyone in an organisation, from the lowest level to the highest level is an ambassador of his organisation. How will you be able to speak for your organization if you don’t know your organization well?

Beyond being a brand ambassador is being a brand champion which means that you understand and carry the cause of your organisation. A brand champion sees the big picture without ignoring the nitty gritty of the different parts of the organisation. A brand champion impacts, molds and conveys the brand values to various target publics. A brand champion owns the brand in everything he does. Brand champions are like storytellers who spread the brand idea.

It doesn’t matter where you work, how much you are paid and what your organization is worth. Know everything there is to know about your organization. Do the work of an evangelist. Be your organisation’s brand champion. Be the brand evangelist. It will always count for you

So over to you: say five things about your organisation.

What is your organisation’s mission?

Career / There Is No Doubt That This Financial Field Is Rewarding And There Are Great ... by Jobbermancom: 11:37am On Feb 27, 2013
Auditing is a crucial financial service that has sufficient growth prospect. This lucrative career option attracts many young graduates. There is no doubt that this financial field is rewarding and there are great opportunities for new graduates. However, a graduate will have to be hard-working to gain accomplishments in this industry. There is a wide expanse of jobs in the Audit industry and you have to decide which role will be proper for you. The truth is that decisions you will make in the first few years will shape the rest of your career.

A graduate can work in an audit firm or as an organisation’s in-house auditor. An auditor can work as a certified accountant, internal auditor, compliance auditor or tax auditor. Roles and responsibilities of each position are different from others. Some of the top auditing positions available in different industries are:

Internal auditor

Internal auditors supervise company’s guidelines and procedures to make sure that these policies are functional and conform to human resource policies and leadership guidelines. They also assist departmental heads to determine major risks in financial operations.

Certified accountant

Certified public accountants assess financial statements and make sure that these statements stick to accepted accounting norms. These CPAs are responsible to make sure that accounting reports are complete and right.

Tax auditor

Tax auditors are responsible to see that the employees follow federal, local and state Fiscal laws when carrying out their jobs. They also review a firm’s tax reporting mechanism.

Compliance auditor

Regulatory or compliance auditor sees that a company’s internal policies are formulated and alligned with the government regulations.

Responsibilities of an auditor

Whatever the position of an auditor, some of the typical responsibilities that these professionals have to perform are;

To analyse, rate and review products, processes, systems, services, employees and organisations.
To assess timeliness, accuracy, validity and reliability of the organisational information. At the same time, they also check the sources from which such information is gathered. This is a crucial role, as external parties and management form an idea about the organisation on the basis of their report.
To supervise the organisation’s internal control and the extent to which the organisation is prone to risk.
To make sure financial and operational reports are effective. They also make sure that company’s assets are properly controlled.
New graduates who are serious about joining in any of these positions have to do the following;

Develop the ability to get accustomed to new environments.
There are different types of audit jobs and you should try to work in different roles to understand which one suits you better. It is best to work as an intern in these different positions because the experience will be valuable for your future career.

Auditors working with multi-national companies have to travel a lot for their work. Hence, an auditor must learn to adapt to any environment and collaborate with different types of people.

Plan for auditing career.
Decide on the types of company you want to join as an auditor after you bag the bachelor’s degree. If you prefer to join an audit firm, your field will be vast. You’ll gain first hand experience about the industry which may work as a reliable training ground.

Some people prefer to start in a relatively smaller environment and will like to join a company’s in-house audit team. Before joining a company, check what roles for auditors the company has. What are the opportunities to grow and method of appraisal for those specific jobs?

Be flexible.
Any auditing job is difficult, but if you work hard, the future can be excellent. Challenges may arise from time to time and you have to work hard for long hours to mitigate risks. However, challenges are unique and auditors will find it interesting to manage these emerging challenges.

Educational Qualification

In order to achieve a successful career as an auditor, it is important you gain a proper degree. Bachelor’s degree in accountancy or business may help you to get a job in this field. A lot of graduates are aware of auditor jobs and have an interest in those works. While there are many who have selected accountancy as it seems a good career option to them. They must learn the audit job descriptions in details before making a further career move.

Only bachelor’s degree in relevant subject will not let an individual to start a career in auditing. They have to acquire certification to get placed in their desired financial service. There are different types of certification specially meant for those interested to establish a career in auditing. However, an auditor needs to have certain skills without which they cannot thrive in this financial industry.

Skills that an auditor must have.

With increasing number of qualified accountants in the financial services recruitment market, employers are continuously looking for skills that set a candidate apart. Employers expect candidates for auditing roles to possess the following;

Problem solving ability
An eye for details
Data management skills
Ability to work well with teams
Risk management skills
Interest to learn about new things
Excellent communication skills
The auditing industry is quite demanding; you have to develop the knowledge and skills to start and progress in your career in the field.


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Jobs/Vacancies / Common Errors Of First Time Applicants. by Jobbermancom: 2:13pm On Feb 08, 2013
Remember your first time? Fresh out of school, waiting for your dream job to jump in your lap, or something close; you probably played your life 5 years into the future and enjoyed every bit of that thought each time.

But sooner than you had anticipated, you found yourself roaming the job market like every other graduate, you perhaps also learned to speak a new language called, “There are no jobs” .

But we’ve drummed this truth countless times over.

Getting a job requires patience, that’s why it’s called a job search or job hunt.

It’s possible that you don’t meet the requirements for all the jobs out there or you are repeating some blunders you made in your first application, some you still make despite the hundreds of applications you’ve forwarded since you set out on your job hunt. Some of these errors are;

- Polishing the résumé: An error for two reasons; first the job applicant uses high-sounding words, in a bid to impress (or overwhelm) any recruiter who reads through the résumé. But this is like shooting yourself in the foot (or head) because recruiters have seen lots of résumés that are filled with buzzwords and clichés but lack the requisite experience. Polishing your résumé with just words and no qualifications is like doing your personal branding wrongly, lofty words don’t make you stand out especially if you are a 20-something-year-old, recruiters know well enough not to get carried away by those words; it’s all a matter of how well you qualify (or how much potentials you’ve got).

Advice: slow your roll, from a glance at your résumé, recruiters can tell whether you are fresh out with no experience or you’ve really got something to offer. A well written cover letter can do the trick. Get recruiters on your side by explaining with brevity, the things you can do, not necessarily trying to daze them with past experiences that don’t add up. Feel free to include anything you think gives you a strong point, anything that proves you as the candidate they’ve been looking for. You may get only internship opportunities instead of full-time jobs, but it’s a good way to start your career too.

- Silly email address: it’s no crime to be sexy, cute, “hawt” and all that but killerfire@domain.com, 2sexyrealdirty@domain.com.. etc etc. is amateurish. Enough said. Let’s just say your application had a cutesy email address because you failed to properly proofread your résumé. Some recruiters may not find it a big deal but that’s not a risk you want to take.

Advice: cutesy email addresses don’t say anything professionally appealing about you; opening an account with any domain is still free, last I checked. Get serious about your job search, have an official email address.

- Waiting until you need a job: this is another killer, most first time applicants wait until they are out of school or when they are ready to work, and then they start thinking of a work experience that fits the kinds of jobs they want. Research has it that about 77% of Nigerians are unemployable; in other words, even if there were jobs, most candidates don’t qualify. Period.

Advice: experience matters, most employers want to give out responsibilities to people who are capable of taking ownership of their jobs. Build your career slowly by starting out in small places, handle this responsibility and that responsibility then tailor your experience to match the requirements for your next job. Your dream job may not come presto, it’s not magic, but you have to be prepared for it when it does.

- Writing cover letters that repeat the résumé. I got this from Forbes because I find this true, many first time applicants are yet to catch a whiff of what differentiates a cover letter from a résumé; this happens mostly due to poor research, or mere negligence. A cover letter and a résumé serve different purposes. With your cover letter, you create a more personal (but professional) feel for the recruiter, at the very least he knows it’s from a human; you give bullet points on why the recruiter should hire you. A résumé lacks that personal appeal, it just lays all the cards on the table.

Advice: read this on how to write a cover letter and this on how not to write a cover letter.

- Oh Please. Not your parents: it’s quite obvious, virtually all the blunders cited are made on the applicant’s résumé and this is not an exception. Many first time applicants put the names of their parents, siblings or close relatives as their references. These people can’t be objective in their statements about you. Duh! They all want you to get a job too and recruiters know this.

Advice: Get proper references; former team leader, direct supervisor during your internship or simply write “available on request” and keep looking for an appropriate reference.

These are not all the errors; some others are the overuse of clichés, poor dressing to the interview, attending interviews late, and the list goes on. The truth is, there are jobs, you just need to up your game and look in the right places.

Do you know more errors first time applicants make? Please share it in the comments section below.



Jobs/Vacancies / 9 Essential Skills For A Project Management Role. by Jobbermancom: 1:52pm On Feb 05, 2013
Project management is about tracking, measuring, optimising, allocating resources (human, capital, material and technology) to meet objectives in the shortest time possible. Project management entails unique tasks and time-bound specific goals. Think of project management at its simplest form as a “to-do” list; having specific things you’ll like to get done before the end of your day.

In a typical situation, a project manager breaks down a big goal into small bits and structures and defines what works best for each structure, he’s in charge of selecting the right people who’ll be assigned to carry out certain tasks. Every project has a life cycle and the project manager is responsible for delivering the right results with the required quality in order to satisfy his clients or superiors (most project managers work on contract terms). See some jobs that require project management skills here.

A good project manager has professional will, he’s smart, energetic, persistent and firm when necessary; he also focuses on what matters most in the project. The outcome of any project is dependent on what the project manager did or didn’t do in the course of carrying out the project. A good project manager performs his duties using a Work Breakdown Structure.

The project manager takes full responsibility for the successes or failures of any project; since he is responsible for producing results, he pays close attention to the processes too and influences his team to provide quality through each project phase.

Basically, every human endeavor requires a project manager.

Project management is essential in any organisation; a lot of things go wrong in an organisation without proper project management. Effective project management saves cost, time, provides quality, and proactively tackle bottlenecks in the organisation.

Skills required for project management vary but these are some of the most sought after skills in project managers.

Effective planning/Project execution: this is quite obvious – every goal requires a plan – but most projects fail due to lack of adequate planning. Project managers are expected to execute projects, work with timelines and adopt models that work best for each project. With this skill, you can successfully lead your team through the project management phase.

People management/ Interpersonal skill: although managing people is about 10% of project management, it is crucial for increased efficiency and overall output. Having the right people carry out a project is a basic necessity in project management because they’ll be in charge of the other resources required to perform tasks.

A project manager with interpersonal skills knows how to deal with people, he has a positive attitude (which helps influence people to get things done). People management is not all that an easy task, every project manager is expected to coordinate people (with different motives and personalities) and synchronise their needs to meet with the objectives of the project. With this skill, you can engage people to carry out their tasks without delay.

Leadership: project managers are good leaders, a good project manager has strong personal integrity and is strong-willed; he has charisma, manages by example, takes initiatives for projects and motivates his team(s) to get things done. You’ll be at an advantage if you’ve successfully managed teams before.

Technical/Computing skills: ranging from the use of basic computer programs like MS Project, MS Excel, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet, to complex software programs like the PMS (Project Management Software); a project manager is expected to have adept knowledge and some level of expertise in these skills. These soft wares are essential for aligning details of the projects after splitting them into sub-divisions and structures.

Critical/Analytical thinking: With this skill, you can logically set standards for each team, you can also evaluate each work done, understand how every change affects the whole project, figure out how much work is required to get back on track and what should be done to promote the quality of the project being carried out.

Decision making/Budgeting/Cost management: you don’t necessarily have to be an accountant or have an accounting background to qualify as a project manager. You may have people who are in charge of managing finances for projects but with this skill you can proactively challenge budget over-runs and avoid waste overtime.

Good decision making is essential; as a project manager, you’ll be indirectly responsible for issues such as marketing, risk management, legal issues etc. with this skill, you can adequately hone all the ideas from across teams to create an excellent strategy for getting the kinds of results anticipated in each project.

Excellent Communication/Presentation: a project manager needs to set clear expectations with his team and this is only possible with effective communication. As a project manager, you’ll be making presentations, communicating with clients virtually and face-to-face, you’ll be making negotiations, and in some cases, persuade project sponsors or customers; communication is a powerful and vital tool for solving most organisational problems, it proves itself a must-have for every project manager.

Result-oriented/ Problem solving: this goes without saying, you’ll be expected to deliver results – that’s why you are project manager- you have to think on your feet, basically sleep, eat, dream the entire project. Usually, when things go wrong, everybody steps back and the project manager is held accountable for everything, from start to finish.

[b]Time- management: [/b]As a project manager, you’ll be expected to meet deadlines within the constraints of each project. Time management is not only about meeting deadlines but also involves allotting time for each task to ensure tasks are not carried on for too long. This skill is necessary for increased output.

Other skills include: flexibility (ability to work in a challenging environment), self-management etc. Check out these Jobs that fall under Project Management.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Remisys Ltd Impt Info by Jobbermancom: 4:58pm On Jan 28, 2013

We checked the authenticity of the company, Remisys Limited before posting.Please, it is not a scam job

Thank you
Nairaland / General / Do Guesses Work ? by Jobbermancom: 10:59am On Jan 22, 2013
A lot of people live their lives like its a chess board, moving with a wind and hand of guesses.
Guess work is synonymous to gambling, you may get lucky and win; you may also get unlucky and lose. What are the chances that you’ll win or lose? No chance whatsoever.
Then get off your high horse and sit down to make some plans that are followable and somewhat measurable. Yes, your guess may work when there are two variables to choose from. But, what happens when there are 3 or 4?

Guesses and gambles can not be followed and cannot be measures. Plans and goals on the other hand can be followed through and be measured within time frames. Guesses are haphazard, not showing any line to follow or progression either. With guesses you can’t see mistakes and make changes, after all you can’t trace back a guess line.

Goals on the hand are concrete steps. Mistakes can be traced to their origins, lessons learnt and the results ploughed back into your decision making process.
How do you live your life? Making guesses and walking in a maze of puzzle? Or making specific plans and taking the required steps to achieving them.

What is your opinion? Guess work or planned work?

Career / Don’t Manage Your Time, Manage Yourself. by Jobbermancom: 11:42am On Jan 15, 2013
You must have heard the importance of managing your time to increase your efficiency in order to produce stellar results in the shortest time possible; everything seems tied around time, you can literally feel the clock tick away at you. Yes, time is uncontrollable; but self-discipline isn’t. You cannot dictate how fast time should go but you can determine the pace you do the things that count.

In this New Year, for all the things you’ve set your mind to do or achieve – get that job, buy that car, lose that weight, save more money, drop that bad habit, do something nice for the people you love; and on and on, it won’t happen by chance but only proper self-discipline can get you doing the right things at the right time. Whatever it is, make up your mind to achieve it by controlling yourself. These tips will help you.

Take 10 steps backward. Do the SWOT: in the never-ending activities of each day, you are perhaps saddled with too many responsibilties, or as against what you thought technology would do for you; you know… make your work and life easier, you are instead so distracted from the things you should be doing – it all suddenly starts to feel like a rat race.

Take out some quiet time – go on a meditation walk or find a serene environment, simply jump out of your busy life; evaluate yourself based on your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.What are the things you are really good at? Did you use them last year to propel yourself forward? If not, why? How will you do things differently in the new year? What are the weaknesses in your life that you must work on to make progress? If it’s procrastination, don’t be to lazy to tell yourself the truth; Which opportunities did you allow to slip last year? Were you offered a job but felt the pay did not match your status? What are the things threatening your progress in life? How does this connect to your Faith? Do you need to acquire an additional certificate to get that promotion? Do you need to reduce junk food and eat more fresh foods to lose that 50 extra pounds? Whatever they are, identify them. place yourself under the SWOT X-ray and prepare your mind to make adjustments.

Write out a Cues and Rewards Report. When you write down things , you give them a chance to shape your reality and as they come alive on paper, there’s an increased chance you won’t forget; the more you read them, the more you want to do them. So what if you’ve been performing this ritual of writing down your goals and nothing happens; here’s a new approach to this – write down your present challenge and place the benefits ahead side by side with the problem or present situation. For example, you want to lose weight- write out your plan stating how much you currently weigh and the size you’d like to trim down to, also include the reason/benefits of the anticipated outcome e.g “can comfortably fit into my wedding gown again.” this will serve as a motivation and it’ll keep your eyes on the target. Don’t forget to set dates and timelines, this will give you defined lines of commitment and specific tasks to carry out.

Work Your Plan. Have a not-to-do List. At this point, the ball is in your court but you also begin to run against time. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.The more you push yourself, the closer you’ll get to your goals. Work out your plans daily, those little details add up to make the big picture. Be wary of increasing the number of things you want accomplished every day, look out for the things you’ll leave off. Don’t make your to-do list a wish-list, be precise about the things you want done and leave out the rest for another day.

Set a Standard. Compete With Yourself. Step away from your comfort zone and push your boundaries. Do you need to change your circle of friends? Is your CV format the problem? Do you need to resume earlier at work and make every time count? Do you need to treat people better?, Maybe it’s time to give more smiles, encourage and say nice words to people. Whatever it may be, approach it with a positive attitude, don’t bore yourself to get things done, make it fun. Remember, If you keep doing things the same way, you will keep getting the same results. So change, make mistakes, fall, get up, keep moving. Reward and celebrate yourself whenever you achieve a milestone.

Education / 90 % Would Fail This Question by Jobbermancom: 11:51am On Jan 11, 2013
6 / 2 ( 1 + 2 ) = ?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pls Help.jobberman Created An Access Link To My E-mail by Jobbermancom: 9:59am On Jan 08, 2013
Well said Jafar
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do You Think About Jobberman ? by Jobbermancom: 9:59am On Jan 08, 2013
Hell Friends,

Please take it easy on Jobberman. smiley

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Jobs/Vacancies / What Do You Think About Jobberman ? by Jobbermancom: 3:48pm On Jan 07, 2013
Jobberman wishes to serve you better this year but we can't do that without you telling us what you expect; what you want us to do better and what you want us to stop doing. Your advice and suggestions are welcomed.
Career / Jobberman Would Want You To Take Note Of These Points To Guide You In ... by Jobbermancom: 8:10am On Jan 03, 2013
So many of us have set our minds to achieving certain goals this year. A good step towards success . However, Jobberman would want you to take note of these points to guide you in achieving your goals

*Make up your mind to succeed. Whatever the mind of man can conceive , it can believe , it can achieve.

*Know what you want and don't stop at what you do not want

*Never use failure as an option. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony. It takes delight in tripping one when success is almost reaching. The secret is to keep on no matter what happens. Out of every failure, there is success. It takes you looking inwards

*Resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment and to build your life to order

* Surround yourself with positive thinkers

Lastly,be careful of how you relate with people around you. You might need them to get to that opportunity you have always been waiting for. That also doesn't mean once you get there you forget them. Don't burn bridges because you just don't know when you're going to need them to cross.

Stay with Jobberman this year for more insightful tips to help you up the ladder of success in your career.

Happy New Year
Career / Re: 5 Work-from-home Jobs In Nigeria by Jobbermancom: 12:56pm On Dec 19, 2012
We are Nigeria's No. 1 Jobs Website, keeping you in the loop on the latest jobs in Nigeria, recent vacancies and 2012 Nigerian job recruitment opportunities.
Career / 7 Levels Of Knowledge You Should Operate In by Jobbermancom: 12:47pm On Dec 19, 2012
Identifying our capabilities and levels of knowledge is a great step to understanding how fast or slow we will move in Life. Proper learning requires courage, effort, zeal, patience and time. Going through the whole process without faltering produces a well grounded individual who has been wrecked enough to redefine himself.

We can try to define knowledge as many things – from the learning of something new to the discarding of something irrelevant- but what matters is how that knowledge plays a part in transforming the individual.

In this post, I’d like to talk about seven levels of knowledge you can go through and of course, it’ll take a lot of determination to get through all seven.

Ignorance: At this point, you really don’t know so much. You are at this stage where you are much unaware of what to do, why you should do it or what the implications are for the things you want to do. Ignorance has a brand value. You can bet you’ll pay for whatever you are ignorant about and for the most part, it is negative. When you have no idea what skills employers look out for in a job, you’ll definitely be in the running. You quite get the point.

Knowledge Acquistion: You don’t necessarily have it clear what you want or where you want to be but you just take a leap, you dive into the unknown. You begin to garner as much facts and data through reading, listening, trainings and even observation.

Understanding: Here you start connecting the dots. You begin to figure out the relationships between the facts and the final output. You have a grasp of how the things you’ve learned can affect the final output.

Application: This is the point so many things start making sense, the part where you start practicing all you’ve learned, the part where you fail and fail again. But you have to keep at it at, because it is in this process of applying what you’ve learned you’ll discover yourself, you’ll begin to unwrap that thing you are really great at and you’ll eventually produce results.

Expertise: Here, you’ll cross the trial and error phase, your outcomes are consistent and your results are reliable. You can only get better and the stakes will be raised higher.

Authority: When you get to this point, you start focusing on giving back; you are recognised as a thought leader in your field, you start mentoring people, teaching and impacting others with the things you’ve learned.

Guru: Here you have foresight into the things to come. You anticipate future potentials and challenges by understanding the things happening around. You can start investing into corporations and communities at this point and you’ll also have a knack for discovering great talent.

To continually grow and improve in your life, you must continually ask yourself downright honest questions like:

What is my present level of knowledge; looking at the mental,spiritual,physical and social aspects of my life?

Where am I lacking and what are the things I need to do to get to the optimum level?

Do I fully understand my role in my family, workplace and the society?

Do I understand the role of others (family, neighbours ,the government and society) and the connections between our roles?

Do I understand the importance of my inputs to the society and its effects in the long run?

How often do I improve my wealth of knowledge with the aim of producing better results?

Do I consistently repeat what I have learnt to the point where I get desired results?

How much have I invested in others around me in terms of teaching and coaching to get them to do the right things?

How much have I inspired others to be the best and pursue excellence in all they do?

You cannot give what you do not have and so must continue learning. Learning is a lifelong process, to enable you embrace change, to the point of no return. A society can’t change until its members begin to change. The change you desire should start from you until the ripple spreads through your family, neighbours and transcends to the the entire world.

Get yourself learning something today.


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Career / Re: 5 Work-from-home Jobs In Nigeria by Jobbermancom: 12:13pm On Dec 19, 2012
There are jobs like those mentioned in Nigeria, especially for freelance writers and graphic designers; as stated in the article, you have to do a proper research to find the right jobs and also avoid scams. I agree most of these work-from-home jobs are rare in this country but they exist. A freelance writer can sometimes be called a content creator; there are other names these work-from-home jobs are called- what matters is finding a job that suits your core skills. We’ll ensure to give updates on this topic e.g links to legit online jobs and other more prominent work-from-home jobs – in the future. Thanks for the question, I hope this helps. Cheers.

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Career / 5 Work-from-home Jobs In Nigeria by Jobbermancom: 11:42am On Dec 17, 2012
Now that we are fully immersed in the digital sea where more than half our lives are dependent on technology and the internet, more companies and employees nowadays look out to work-from-home jobs where they can stay at home and finish their deliverables. Transportation costs and other expenses going to the workplace are highly minimized without compromising on the income. The growth of work-from-home jobs has thrived in recent years no doubt, especially as humans constantly strive to achieve a work-life balance.

Many companies have focused on hiring experts who can work with schedules and meet deadlines but not necessarily be present in the office. There’s been a proliferation in the virtual workspace this century. Deals are sealed via teleconferences, employers recruit via social media and there’s an increasing demand for convenience at work. Countries like Nigeria have embraced this concept and implemented it to be part of their organizations’ culture. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 work-from-home jobs in Nigeria.

If you are either currently unemployed or not satisfied with what you’re doing, consider these work-from-jobs to help you enjoy a better life in the comfort of your home.

Freelance Writer

Anyone can pass contents online. Submission of written articles does not require being physically situated in a company’s office. Thus, being a freelance writer is one of the most common work-from-home jobs in Nigeria.

Qualifications are basic. A freelance writer should have a good portfolio of written works; His/her writing must be compelling enough to hold many readers’ attention. As well, writers must be dynamic to be able to provide explanations in a user-friendly manner rather than in a technical fashion. Of course, as content will be posted on the web, applicants must have a good understanding of Internet concepts and possess familiarity on optimizing content online.

Often, writers are to provide five to 10 articles in a week with a vast array of topics given by the publisher. A 700-word article usually is equivalent to $3, while a 1500-word article costs $5. In most areas, flexible rates are applied. Some even provide $60 per article, depending on the depth of the topic and the set of requirements.


Quite similar to a freelance writer, a translator writes articles with the same content only translated from original articles written in a different language. Many Nigerians are known to fluently speak and write in second languages asides English. Some of the more popular languages are; Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese. Companies are in favour of applicants who know one or two of these languages. If you’re more proficient as a linguist and know more than three languages that have high demands for translation jobs, you can really earn a decent pay out of this translating job.

Sales Representative

Work-from-home sales representatives are in charge of information and communication technologies services such as registration of domains, hosting and data center services, setting up of corporate email accounts, etc. Earnings are both commission-based and salary-based. To close sales, as a sales rep, you will be expected to perform mass mailing, data mining for leads and cold calling. Numbers and data will either be provided by your company or researched by your own.

You will also be responsible for accounts negotiation, online presentation and closing of deals. At the latter part, sales reps take up billing, collection of payment and support tasks. Hence, candidates must possess sales experience in the ICT industry with great technical background.

Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant spans from research work to support that comes with helpdesk tasks. If you are thinking of working as a virtual assistant, be ready for companies to assess if you are good in speaking and writing in English – being the lingua franca in Nigeria. This online job requires a polite tone in answering and making support calls, handling e-mails of customers and other secretarial responsibilities. This administrative role pays up to about $10 per hour.

Graphic Designer

Graphics designing jobs are hot in demand now even much more than it was 2 years ago. If you are skilled in designing graphics such as logos and animations, you can stay at home and earn up to $60 an hour. A vast portfolio of creative designs and Flash works is your ticket to getting hired by companies involved in online work sites. Include web designs and get as much as an additional pay of $50 per hour. If you are capable of taking clear photos, it is highly suggested to include your experience as a photographer in your resume. Companies are generally generous in paying for photographs they can’t get elsewhere to speak for their brand in a unique way.

Work-from-home jobs in Nigeria do not necessarily need you to be computer literate at the start. Companies may offer trainings and evaluate your performance to match the skills and experiences the jobs require. However, a top requirement for such jobs remains an excellent time management skill. You may also have challenges with availability of resources and you have to do an exhaustive research to avoid fake or ill promised opportunities.

But in all, there are great work-from-home jobs with excellent pay and it all boils down to the core skills you possess.



Career / 5 Reasons You Should Ask Recruiters Questions During Interviews. by Jobbermancom: 11:41am On Dec 14, 2012
Having an interview go really smooth is every job candidate’s prayer. You just want to accurately answer all the questions thrown at you, shake their hands and faces goodbye; and dash out of the room. Bam! Everybody is happy. Maybe that worked in the 19th century when jobs chased after people but not in this era where recruiters are too busy looking for a few candidates in a stack of perceived qualified candidates.

Job interviews are a rare thing to come by but once you get the opportunity to attend one, anything less than a good impression would send you back to the job market. You may be thinking asking questions in an interview is a no-no for jobseekers but interviewers aren’t there to suck up all the oxygen either.

While the spotlight’s on you, you also want to know some things about the company and the people you’ll be working with. Asking interviewers questions (as appropriate) livens up the interview and makes it more interactive, interviewers don’t feel boring – or bored- and it opens up an avenue to get as much clarity on any gray area.

This is not a post about the kinds of questions you should and should not ask in job interviews but you can find more tips on that here and here.

That said, so what does asking questions do to interviewers?

- It shows you are a thinker. It shows you are smart. It shows you’d rather save your recruiters any further stress if you are not up for the job. This could be in two ways, it could either grow the impression that you belong with them or that you don’t fit in. whichever way that goes, ask questions because you want to be sure you belong with them too.

I was once interviewed for a position, the job description sounded fun to me but I wasn’t so convinced about the role. I asked the interviewer what I’ll be doing in my first few weeks if I got the job; and as he explained, I realized it wasn’t a good fit for me. I could go on to do the job but I won’t be happy doing it. That mattered more to me and I would have been in for a rude awakening if I kept mute on that during the interview.

- Recruiters sense your level of interest. You would buy into a product if you see the manufacturer just doesn’t want to get money out of your wallet but is also interested in your well-being and really thinks his product does the magic. Asking questions in interviews pretty much does the same thing. You don’t give off that ‘I am desperate’ impression and it shows you are willing to give the job your best. A question like “what would be your expectations from me in the first few months on this job’’ can give recruiters a really good time.

- It shows you’ve been listening. Interviewers hate to feel they are boring and when you give a flat ‘no’ in response to ”do you have any questions?” , you may not get them liking you that much. Listening is a highly sought after skill by most recruiters and a good listener is naturally inquisitive. And of course, listening saves you the risk and shame of asking an already answered question.

- It shows you are confident. This is a complete turn-on for interviewers, your confidence shows you know why you are there and you have a high self-esteem. Confidence gives you the freedom to be you and it’s a good way to ace interviews.

- You add the wow effect. To whatever impression they have of you. Like I mentioned earlier, that’s what recruiters look out for. All job candidates can suddenly start looking the same but if you make recruiters stop to stare. That’s a first step to getting that job offer.

Don’t wait until the end of the interview before you ask your questions, that’s very stereotypic, to put it mildly. If you want to leave a lasting impression (which you should), do something most candidates won’t. An average job candidate feels he is at the mercy of the interviewers –however true that might be- and literally begs to be pampered, brown-noses his interviewers and carries a “I really need this job’ look throughout the interview, but a smart candidate – which I believe you are- knows the interview is not about the interviewers alone but also about how well the job suits him, or not. So get your fine self into the interview room drilling your potential employers as they do same, hopefully, you’ll make friends in the end.


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Career / Jobberman Makes Job Advertising Free On Its Website by Jobbermancom: 11:15am On Dec 12, 2012
Jobberman Makes Job Advertising Free on its Website

The number one jobs website in Nigeria, has made job advertising on its website free for recruiters and companies that want to advertise their vacancies.

The FREE job advertising will benefit jobseekers and companies alike as it will ensure all the jobs in Nigeria are made available for all Nigerians to access.

Jobberman’s CEO, Ayodeji Adewunmi stated, “Jobberman is the No. 1 destination for jobs in Nigeria. It is important that we make all existing job opportunities available in one place. That’s what jobseekers want. That’s what the government wants. That’s what Jobberman wants. As from December 1, 2012, all employers and recruiting agencies can go to www. to post their vacancies free.”

He also further encouraged jobseekers to go on-line and upload their CVs in order to let recruiters find them, stating the importance of a CV: the CV being the first interaction with prospective employers and in a highly competitive job-market the importance of creating a good first impression can never be overestimated.

Established in 2009, is Nigeria’s most popular job website with over half a million users and more than 4,000 employers on the platform.

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Career / 8 Ways Your Résumé Can Be Unprofessional by Jobbermancom: 10:23am On Dec 12, 2012
The job market is tough, applications fly out everyday for only few job opportunities, must be an obsolete discussion to you already. But a fact remains that one of the few things that’ll keep you from the running in the job market is a résumé that stands out from the park; something that’s worth a few glances.

I’d love to tell you recruiters love spending time going through résumés but I’d be lying. The truth is the more applicants there are, the slimmer your chances of a thorough read, so really if you want your résumé to be looked at, you should avoid all these faux pas

Tacky email addresses: M2hot4u@domain.com- it may be romantic to you but recruiters only think of individuals with such slushy email addresses as immature and as people who lack an understanding for the rudiments of business. Having a pretty email address is not professional and that means no job. Get a more formal email address, and make sure it’s yours only.

Picture on your résumé: Pictures are good in many places; your photo album, year book, phone, social networking profiles, wallet, anywhere else but your résumé. It’s not a good way to distract recruiters. No pictures please.

Spelling and grammatical errors- There’s a simple maths application to this; if you can’t proof a two-page document for yourself, how would you write a report or draft a proposal for a huge project? dis practically scrims “am unprofessional” to recruiters because it distorts their flow of reading, just like this sentences does.

Using spouse or sibling as reference: Just because you want someone to put you in the best light possible, using your spouse or sibling as a reference is a far cry from professionalism. A preferred reference would be your former employer, your mentor, head(s) of department in the school(s) you attended.

Wrong phone number or contact details: congratulations, you've just discovered an easy way to stay unemployed. It still boils down to proofing your work properly to be sure all numbers and letters are in the right places. Before you press the ‘send’ button, try a new set of eyes to look at your résumé and be sure the contact number(s) and email addresses on the résumé are reachable.

Very lengthy résumé:[color=#990000][/color] nobody has the time for that. If you can’t summarise all your experiences into 2 pages, it shows how unstable you could be. Truth is; the longer the résumé, the more diversified it gets and the more likely you go out of context. Get a professional résumé expert to help you.

Wordiness: nothing could be more frustrating to a recruiter than reading a biography instead of a résumé, recruiters don’t care if you've been a yes man to all your former employers or you handled 10 responsibilities in every single role you've ever occupied. What matters to them is how your work experience relates to the particular role you are applying for. Your résumé shouldn't just be a list of responsibilities but a list of “quantified” accomplishments. Co-led a team that cut company marginal cost by 20% in 3 months makes a lot more sense than worked with a team on company project for 3 months. There are several ways you can quantify your experience, spend ample time figuring out how you performed in your previous role(s). And if you think you don’t have work experience, read this and this.

Terrible formatting: unprofessional font type and size, no structure or organisation- these aren't good ways to present your qualifications. It doesn't matter if you are qualified for a job, what matters is if your résumé says so. Ensure to use professional font types and appropriate sizes, use bullet points to list your accomplishments, italicise your roles for emphasis and you don’t need to give your résumé a title (e.g Curriculum Vitae of James Bond).


Career / Be The Judge! Were They Right Or Wrong? by Jobbermancom: 1:14pm On Dec 11, 2012
Mr. Lagbaja, a business man, urgently needed to buy some new cars and so he drove down to Company A, an automobile dealer.

When he got to Company A’s gate, he blared his horn, requesting that the gateman open the gate so he could drive in. The gateman refused, stating clearly that it was against the company’s policy – customers were not allowed to drive their cars into the company’s premises for any reason.

On hearing this, Mr Lagbaja asked to speak to the Manager. The gateman who felt he was doing his job, insisted that there was no point in seeing the Manager because the rules should not be bent. And so, Mr Lagbaja had to leave Company A and go over to Company B, a competing automobile dealer.

On getting to the gate of Company B, Mr Lagbaja was told again that he could not drive into the premises – company policy. Like he did at Company A, Mr Lagbaja asked the gateman if he could speak to the Manager. This time, the gateman sent for the manager.

Mr Lagbaja explained to the manager that the reason why he could not leave his car parked outside was that he had about 50 million Naira in it and he felt it wasn’t safe.

On hearing this, the manager instructed the gateman to open the gate for Mr Lagbaja to drive in and he bought cars worth 50 million Naira. He also narrated to Company B manager, the experience he had with the gateman at Company A, and how he was turned back because the gateman insisted he couldn’t speak to the manager.

Now, the managers of both companies A and B happened to be friends, and so naturally, company B manager put a call across to company A manager and told him what he had heard from Mr Lagbaja and how much sales he had lost because he was turned back from the gate.

The gateman at company A was sacked immediately the story got to the ears of the management.

Be the judge. Were they right to have sacked the gateman?

Career / Jobberman Again? by Jobbermancom: 1:07pm On Dec 11, 2012
Do you have career related questions?

Join the Jobberman Counselling Day on Twitter at 2pm

You can send in your questions using #jobbermantips

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Companies You Should Send Your Cv To Before The End Of 2012 by Jobbermancom: 12:23pm On Nov 09, 2012
Hello nairalanders,

Interswitch Limited is an integrated payment and transaction processing company that provides technology integration, advisory services, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to government, banks and corporate organizations.

Interswitch, through its Super Switch, provides on-line, real-time transaction switching that enable businesses and individuals have access to their funds across the 20 banks in Nigeria and across a variety of payment channels such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMS), Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, Mobile Phones, Kiosks, Web and Bank Branches.

Do you want to be a part of this great team as an employee?

Register here:www(dot)interswitch(dot)jobberman(dot)com


Jobs/Vacancies / Jobs You Should Watch-out For And Apply In November by Jobbermancom: 2:42pm On Nov 02, 2012
A leading business company with headquarters in Lagos and business interest spanning in retail,distribution,trading and manufacturing is currently looking for professionals to fill several positions in 36 States. These positions are opened to OND / HND / DEGREE holders











Application Deadline : 1 week

Though this job vacancy might not fit your qualification, a friend might be qualified.

Get your friend a job by clicking on the 'SHARE' button

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Career / Job Vacancy For OND/HND/DEGREE HOLDERS . Deadline : Wednesday by Jobbermancom: 10:38am On Nov 02, 2012
Graduate Trainee – TAX (GRT 101) in a professional services firm Lagos

We are a global network of professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We have been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organisations within the Nigerian business community. Our focus is to turn knowledge into value for the benefits of our clients, our people and the capital markets. We are committed to working with our clients and cutting through complexities – finding solutions and adding value. A career in our Tax Regulatory and People Services (TRPS) will certainly help you to achieve your full potential.

To view and apply, please send your cv to 712f@jbng.me

Application Deadline : Wednesday

Though this job vacancy might not fit your qualification, a friend might be qualified.

Get your friend a job by clicking on the 'SHARE' button
Jobs/Vacancies / Job Vacancies For OND/HND/DEGREE HOLDERS by Jobbermancom: 10:30am On Nov 02, 2012
Graduate Trainee – TAX (GRT 101) in a professional services firm Lagos

We are a global network of professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We have been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organisations within the Nigerian business community. Our focus is to turn knowledge into value for the benefits of our clients, our people and the capital markets. We are committed to working with our clients and cutting through complexities – finding solutions and adding value. A career in our Tax Regulatory and People Services (TRPS) will certainly help you to achieve your full potential.

To view and apply,please send your cv to 712f@jbng.me

Application Deadline : Wednesday

Though this job vacancy might not fit your qualification, a friend might be qualified.

Get your friend a job by clicking on the 'SHARE' button
Jobs/Vacancies / Meet Recruiters At The KCOBA Job Fair 2012 by Jobbermancom: 3:39pm On Aug 28, 2012
Are you a Kings' College Old Boy? Looking for job opportunities?

Register and plan to attend the KCOBA Jobs Fair 2012
Date: Saturday 15th September 2012
Venue: Assembly Hall, Kings' College, TBS, Lagos.
Time: 10am - 5pm

How to register
Visit jobfair.kcoba.org.ng
Follow the instructions as outlined starting with clicking the Register Now button.
Registration closes on Friday, 7th September, 2012. Registration is compulsory for attendance - you will get an email or SMS confirmation on the companies interested in meeting you at least 2 days pre-event.
Jobs/Vacancies / Do You Need Banking/financial Services Jobs? See What Your Cv Should Look Like by Jobbermancom: 11:12am On Aug 17, 2012
There are certain keywords that should be included in your cv. Keywords are nouns and adjectives that serve to describe you professionally.These keywords make it very easy for your cv to be found. Most times, employers do a computerized search for keywords or descriptors that match the profile they are seeking.

Are you an Auditor or applying for a job in that field, then you can use few of these keywords :

*Audit Management

*Audit Controls

*Asset & Liability


*Tax Audits

*Corporate Development

*Public & Corporate


*Cost Avoidance

*Cost Reduction



*Due Diligence

*Financial Audits

*Financial Controls

*Financial Models

*Internal/External Controls

*Internal/External Audit Reviews

*Operational Audits

*Internal Revenue Service

*Profit/Loss (P&L) Analysis

*Regulatory Compliance Auditing

For other fields, LIKE our Facebook Page Jobberman

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