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Nairaland / General / Drafting Contracts Service by John123john: 5:59pm On Apr 14, 2023
I recently used a drafting contracts service for my small business and it was a game changer. The team was able to help me navigate the legal jargon and ensure all of the necessary clauses were included to protect my business interests. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs to draft contracts regularly. For more info about drafting contracts service, you can visit our website.
Nairaland / General / How To Search People In US? by John123john: 5:15pm On Apr 10, 2023
To search for people in the US, you can follow these steps:

Start with online search engines: You can use popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for the person you're looking for. Try searching with the person's full name or their nickname, along with other relevant information like their city, state, or profession. You can also try using quotation marks around their name to get more specific results. Also you can use people search in US website as well.
Check social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be useful for finding people. Try searching for the person's name on these platforms or look for their profile picture. You can also try searching for groups or pages related to the person's interests, workplace, or school.
Nairaland / General / Re: Benefits Of Functional Programming by John123john: 10:29pm On Sep 02, 2022
Great! By the way! You can check more news about such gadgets at the https://doctorapple.com.ua/en/!
They are talk about last news in the Apple world. For example, they had insider information about iPhone 14.
Travel / Santorini Beaches by John123john: 4:13pm On Jun 21, 2022
Multi-colored coastlines of intricate shapes, covered with dark gray sand, black pebbles or red volcanic slag, are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes, as is the sea surface - blue, turquoise, green or almost black. If you are going to Santorini for a couple of days, stop at the most accessible beaches, which can be combined with excursions to ancient cities, archaeological sites, churches and monasteries. You can learn more about them at https://santorini-more.com/santorini-beaches/. And if there is enough time, explore the entire coast, following the advice of experienced tourists.
Properties / Real Estate In Andorra by John123john: 3:26pm On May 02, 2022
Luxury residential Andorra real estate is located mainly in the prestigious areas of the community of Escaldes-Engordany, on the territory of which, among other things, the capital city of Andorra la Vella is located. Most often, premium housing is apartments located on the upper floors of buildings. Local luxury real estate is acquired mainly by wealthy immigrants from the UK and the US. In particular, premium residential properties in the El Vilar area and near Lake Engolaster are in demand.

Also in demand are assets on the territory of the community of La Masana in the west of the country, where the highest point of the Principality of Andorra, Coma Pedrosa, is also located. The only heliport in Andorra is also located precisely in La Massana, allowing you to get to Toulouse or Barcelona by helicopter within 30 minutes.
Technology Market / Best Power Tools by John123john: 3:48pm On Apr 27, 2022
Hey guys! Anyone can advice to me the Best Power Tools? I want to start make renovation in my kitchen, so looking for good tools to start. Pls, also share the link to the market.
Thank you!
Nairaland / General / Benefits Of Functional Programming by John123john: 1:29pm On Mar 19, 2022
Although FP limits the programmer, especially in functional programming languages, there are a number of advantages that increase the demand for this paradigm and code organization style:

Ease of debugging. The immutability of data and the use of pure functions make it easier to detect errors and fix them. When in imperative languages ​​the state of a program can not only complicate finding and fixing an error, but also affect the result of executing the program or the simplest block. Find more out at https://artechyapi.com/why-consider-functional-programming/
Lazy calculations. Functional languages ​​take advantage of lazy evaluation technologies. The compiler itself decides which blocks to execute and which ones to postpone for later, which ones to execute in multitasking mode. This optimizes the execution of the program, influencing the increase in speed.
Dividing the program into modules. Separate blocks of code divide the program into components called modules. This makes it easier to debug and read the code. In this case, separate blocks perform separate operations closed from the external state. Modules can be compared to classes in object-oriented programming, which also divide the program into components that are associated with objects in the physical world.
Nairaland / General / Invetes For Music Torrents by John123john: 8:26pm On Oct 28, 2021
Hello everyone!

I have been asked many times where I download music and get inspiration for my videos and stories. I use invitations from https://invitez.net/music/

How it works? Easily!

I buy an invitation to a torrent tracker with music, and that's it. Then I go to the issued access and download what I want.

So if you are interested, you can try it too!
Technology Market / Best Tech Blog by John123john: 5:33pm On Aug 18, 2020
Hello guys. So, I found a good tech blog, here it is - https://kstech.com.ua.
So, here you can find any information what you need about any gadget. For example it can be computer, or just a phone.
Nairaland / General / 1x Bet Mobile App by John123john: 1:28pm On Mar 25, 2020
Hi there! I want to find an application of 1xbet, but don't know where to download it? Any suggestion about this app?
Maybe someone knows good sites where I can do this. I would be very grateful!
Nairaland / General / University Admissions by John123john: 6:37pm On Mar 09, 2020
One of the requirements for admission to most universities is to write an essay - a short essay with a brief description of the purpose of admission to the university. Together with letters of recommendation, an essay helps the admissions committee to differentiate you among other applicants. The essay also demonstrates your writing skills in a logical and convincing way, and this is an important fact for successful study at the university. Thus, a correctly and correctly written essay is almost a key factor for a positive decision of the selection committee. I prepared my essay with http://studentshare.org And how did you go to university?
Nairaland / General / How To Use Outsourcing? by John123john: 8:56am On Mar 07, 2020
Any business (if it is conducted officially in compliance with all financial and legal requirements) consists of a much larger number of processes than it might seem to an outside observer. Even if you have a company with a staff of several employees, then, in addition to the main business process, you will have to deal with a number of non-core, but mandatory processes (for example, bookkeeping, transport, logistics, use software, etc.). By the way, the presence of so many additional “headaches” prevents many from opening their own company, although ideas can be very promising. Just to solve these problems, outsourcing companies were invented, for example, https://wow24-7.io Have you ever encountered such companies?
Nairaland / General / What is outsourcing? And how its work? by John123john: 8:49am On Mar 07, 2020
Outsourcing is an English-language word outsourcing that makes sense for many commercial companies. The outsourcing format involves one or more services of a company to which a client can entrust certain stages or a share of his or her work area. In Europe, outsourcing of various personnel is incredibly in demand. An important advantage of delegation of authority is a great opportunity to direct the resources of the personnel of your company to fulfill its immediate tasks, without being distracted by secondary ones. At the same time, customers of outsourced services are able to significantly reduce employee salary costs and optimize the staff work process. I had successful experience with a https://wow24-7.io outsourcing company. What experience did you have?
Nairaland / General / Outsourcing Company by John123john: 8:43am On Mar 07, 2020
What functions does an outsourcing company take on and how is it profitable? For example, an outsourcing company can take over accounting functions, IT services, advertising or transportation services, translation services or audit functions, while a company like https://wow24-7.io takes over the functions of working with clients. It is important to keep in mind that the nature of outsourcing services is not one-off or episodic in nature. With such companies always sign a long-term contract for a period most often not less than a year. At the same time, the outsourcing company assumes not only certain business functions, but also bears full responsibility for their implementation, up to protecting the interests of the client company in courts and other instances. Share your experience with such companies.
Travel / Re: Going To Dubai, Read This Post! by John123john: 12:00pm On Feb 11, 2020
Well, not bad. My wife and I were last year at the dubai desert tour, and it was very exiting.
This year we also plan to visit this entertainment. Very cool and exciting. This is my first time visiting this type of vacation. Friends who have not tried, now is the time to feel it.
Business / Innovative Black Windows Debut At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2019 by John123john: 9:43am On Dec 24, 2019
Benecke, the Hornschuch Surface Group, a global leader in coating development, part of Continental, has launched a new and impressive type of Jet Black (clear black) lamination film in three different versions. The product stands out not only in terms of color scheme, but also thermal characteristics, which allows us to recommend it for the external lamination of PVC windows, doors, garage doors and other facade elements. At the end of March, the opportunity to get acquainted with the new product will be presented to the participants of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2018 .

Just like in fashion, in architecture, at regular intervals, trends in color solutions change. For several years, shades of gray and anthracite, used for laminating or painting window and door profiles, have prevailed. Now a new direction has appeared: black windows. According to Continental, films for laminating PVC profiles in a deep shade of black meet current customer requirements.
Why black?
The fact that the pure black color was very in demand by architects and developers of the most exclusive and unusual projects served as a stimulus for the appearance of the novelty. However, until now it has been very difficult to offer this finish for facade structures with the appropriate properties that are required for outdoor use (strength, stability and durability). Black films have the peculiarity of absorbing a very high percentage of the received solar radiation, and at the same time they are very difficult to manufacture, since small changes in the formula bring closer to other tonalities, and they cease to be completely black.

Benecke - Hornschuch Surface Group has devoted years of researching, developing and testing various solutions and combinations to present this new design for PVC windows with the same guarantee as the rest of the collection for outdoor use, based on Cool Colors Plus technology ". With the innovative Jet Black film, it was possible to achieve a clean black coating for plastic windows without the risk of changing color or characteristics under the influence of external influences.
Continental recently unveiled this innovative product with its German system partner. The deep black color of the film resembles a semiprecious jet stone (also called Jet): impregnated fossil wood in the transition phase from lignite to coal.

“ For this reason, we called our lamination film“ Jet Black ”. Due to its extraordinary optics, it is ideally suited to modern architecture, emphasizing the cleanliness of the lines of windows on the facade. It is designed for investors, architects and designers who follow modern design trends , ”explained Rainer Irouschek, Vice President, Benecke - Hornschuch Surface Group, at Weissbach headquarters .
Jet Black Benefits: Low Heat Absorption
Profiles with dark surfaces heat up very quickly under the influence of sunlight, because they can reflect only part of the infrared radiation. The remaining radiation is absorbed and converted into heat. To minimize this effect, the company has created the Cool Colors Plus technology. Due to the three-layer structure of the PVC-based film, a reduction in heat absorption is achieved, especially in the case of a dark profile base.

The basis of this innovative window film is a white substrate, which is characterized by perfect properties in the field of radiation reflection. On the other hand, the surface layer provides extremely effective protection against ultraviolet radiation.
Pure black or “Jet black” passed the strictest German quality control at the SKZ institute on the basis of current regulations. Testing showed that Benecke - Hornschuch Surface Group was able to expand the range of properties and achieve resistance to weathering in the most extreme climates around the world. Thus, the dark colors of the lamination for windows provided by the supplier can be used without reservation even in extremely warm climates such as India, South America or the southern United States.
Jet Black Benefits: Durability
Window profiles on the facade work under the influence of a large heat load from the sun, especially in summer. Under these conditions, the profile may undergo deformation, which may adversely affect the operation of the windows. The new Cool Colors Plus technology solves this problem, also in pure black.
Laminated profiles in the Jet Black version convince with their exceptional technical properties because they are resistant to external influences, easy to clean and extremely durable. The black surface of the profile retains its color and shape even under extreme atmospheric conditions, and therefore is very well suited for coating elements of window products. In addition, the film also creates a protective screen for the profile.
A warranty of up to 10 years applies to all colors in the cool colors PLUS series worldwide. Thanks to this, investors and residents can enjoy their plastic windows for many years, admiring their appearance even at a distance - all without the need to perform troublesome work in terms of maintenance or care.
Jet Black Benefits: Color Variability
The new product is offered in three versions: with a natural, detail-rich wood texture; resembling matt sand, which gives the impression of an aluminum profile with a powder coating; in an exquisitely shimmering version to emphasize the elegance and style of the object. Such a palette of versions means that for all preferences there is a suitable black color that can be used in windows, doors, garage doors and facade elements to increase their expressiveness.
Culture / How It Works - Esport by John123john: 8:04am On Nov 25, 2019
Hi there! Most recently, I was interested in the question of how and where you can read more about what gamers do and how they live.
I found a good article on the site - https://www.giantbomb.com/profile/archangelsaf/blog/how-it-works-esport/139432/
Nairaland / General / Anyone Used A Good Essay Writing Service? by John123john: 8:18am On Nov 16, 2019
anyone have any experience using custom essay writing services? There are a few assignments coming up that I would much rather pay 50-60 bucks for than have to write myself. No idea which place to choose though, a cursory google search came up with a ton of different results for places, but I haven't been able to find any reviews of the different sites

Anyone have a good experience with one of these places, and can recommend a site?

Anyone have any bad experiences?
Nairaland / General / Good Logo Maker by John123john: 9:20am On Nov 07, 2019
Friends, I would like to share something with you. Recently, I needed to create a very interesting logo for my site. I suffered for a very long time, and then I found the Turbologo service.

I was born again, everything is very easy there, this logo generator is simply gorgeous.

As a result, in a couple of minutes I made my logo, which was unique and had no analogues.
Nairaland / General / How To Make A Good Logo? by John123john: 9:14am On Nov 07, 2019
Hello! The other day I found a very interesting resource on which you can make a very good logo, and for a very small price, as it turned out. His name - Turbologo. It is a logo generator with big amount of templates.
Nairaland / General / Catch The Logo, Big And Small: What Kind Of Visual Do Brands Choose by John123john: 9:07am On Nov 07, 2019
1. Monogram

A monogram consists of letters; as a rule, these are abbreviations of brands. IBM, CNN, HP, HBO ... Notice the pattern? These are abbreviations of well-known companies with long names that give an easier perception. A monogram or, in other words, an abbreviation is the most suitable option for organizations with a long name.

A monogram is minimalism. This approach will help brands adapt the long names of their companies into a concise and memorable letter sign. For example, so NASA the this logo design - it sounds much easier than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Since attention is focused on fonts , it is important that the logo not only does not contradict the meaning of the company, but also maintains readability when printing on business cards. Also, if your business is not yet officially registered, you can indicate the full name under the logo so that people can decipher your abbreviation.

2. Trademark

A trademark is also a font logo. Remember the same Visa and Coca-Cola. In this case, the logo works when the brand has a short and clear name. A good example of this is Google. Memorable word + strong typography = maximum brand recognition.

As in the case of the monogram, the main point is typography. Since the focus is on a specific word, it is necessary to accurately convey the essence of your business with the help of a font. For example, the fashion industry often uses thin and elegant fonts that indicate a high quality product. And legal or government agencies almost always adhere to “heavy” fonts that evoke a fundamental sense of trust and security.

When to use the monogram and trademark:

- Use a monogram if your brand has a long name. The abbreviation simplifies the design and is quickly remembered.

- The trademark will be a good solution for start-up companies that need a brand name to be heard. Make sure the name is short enough for the design to reveal all the benefits. Too long a name always looks piled up.

- The trademark is relevant for simple and clear names. Then, using the appropriate font, the brand name is easy to remember.

- Both options are easily replicated in marketing materials, which creates an excellent alternative for a young, fast-growing business.

- Be meticulous when designing a logo. It is not so easy to choose a font in order to convey the character of the brand. Be sure to deal with a professional who is as attentive to small details as possible. For example, you can make this type of logo at the Turbologo, this is a powerful logo generator with thousands of templates.

3. Graphic logo

The main sign of corporate identity is a simple graphic image, icon. We identify some brands with their logo: for example, the well-known Apple apple, Twitter bird ... Each of these images is so associated with the brand that these logos can not be confused with anything. A real graphic logo is just a picture, therefore it is not the best option for young companies or for those whose name is still unknown.

The main thing is to choose the right image. It must be something that will correspond to your company throughout its entire existence. You need to think globally of the approach: will it be a pun (as John Deere does with his deer logo), or do you want the image to convey a deeper meaning (think about how the Snapchat cast talks about its application), or maybe you need to evoke emotion (as World Wildlife does with a stylized image of a cute panda that is listed in the list of endangered animals).

4. abstraction

Instead of a recognizable image - an apple or a bird - an abstract geometric figure is used. Some notable examples are the Pepsi Tri-color Circle and the Adidas Striped Flower. Like all graphic logos, abstraction works well because it gives a concise view of your business. But instead of being limited to a specific way, you have the opportunity to create something truly unique.

The advantage of an abstract logo is that you can convey the concept and symbolic meaning of a business without relying on a particular image. You characterize and evoke the desired emotion through color and shape. (As an example, think about how Nike with its logo lays a sense of movement and freedom).

5. Talisman

This is a colorful, sometimes cartoony and funny illustrated image that embodies your brand and speaks on its behalf.

Think of him as the brand ambassador. Examples of such logos include a portrait of KFC Colonel and Planter Peanut Man. Talismans are good for brands who want to create a special atmosphere, appealing to families and children. Think about the logos at all sporting events and the dynamics that they convey, attracting spectators.

When to use a graphic symbol and illustration:

- Graphics without text can be quite a dangerous technique. This is effective if you have a well-established brand on the market, but this rule also has an exception. If the name is too long, then the graphics can convey the main message or emotional impression of the business.

- A symbol or abstraction works well in the field of world trade, if, for example, the name of the business is not adapted for translation into other languages.

- Nevertheless, graphics are not the best option if you plan to change the model of your business in the future . You can sell pizza and use the pizza logo, but what if tomorrow you start selling sandwiches and burgers, or become their producer?

- The abstract logo allows you to create something unique, but it is better to trust a professional who understands the psychology of color, shape and the influence of the entire structure combined on the minds of people.

- Think of a talisman when referring to families or small children. The mascot can - this is the main advantage - stimulate interaction with the consumer, and this is an indispensable tool for marketing activities, both in social networks and at real events. Well, who doesn't want to take a selfie with a Pillsbury bakery?

- Remember that the mascot is only part of a successful brand. Most likely, you will not be able to use it in all marketing materials. For example, fine detail is poorly implemented in printing on the same business cards.

6. Combined logo

The combined logo includes font and graphic elements. The image and text can be arranged side by side, superimposed in layers on top of each other or can be a whole image. Examples of combined logos: Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste. Since the name is associated with the image, the combined logo is a universal choice when text and graphics simultaneously work to enhance the brand. With a combined logo, people will instantly start associating an image with a name. In the future, this will make it possible to use only the image. Also, a combined logo is easier to register as a trademark. The symbiosis of text and image creates a clear image of perception.

7. Emblem

Logo-emblem is a font embedded in an icon or symbol (it can be a seal, icon or coat of arms). Such logos are commonly used by many schools, organizations, and government agencies. The auto industry also prefers emblems. And while they adhere to the classics, some companies are successfully upgrading the design of traditional emblems to keep up with the trends of the 21st century (recall the Starbucks emblem with a mermaid icon or the famous Harley-Davidson coat of arms). However, due to the fine detail and the fact that the name and symbol are closely intertwined, the logo may not look as universal as other logos. Specific design is not easy to implement on printed matter.In a reduced size, the emblem is likely to be unreadable. In addition, if you plan to brand T-shirts or caps with embroidery rather than print, you really should clearly adhere to minimalism, otherwise it will be difficult to implement. It is also can be maded with logo maker.

When to use the combined logo and emblem:

- Most often, the choice falls on the combined logo. This is the universal and most popular choice among well-known companies.

- As we have already said, the logo is often chosen by educational and government institutions, but it is also suitable by private organizations, especially in the food and beverage industry: remember beer labels and coffee brands (Starbucks!). But remember the details. In any case, you want your corporate identity to look harmonious and neat on any printed matter.
Science/Technology / Netflix Logo by John123john: 1:35pm On Oct 20, 2019
Anyone know Netflix logo history?
Jobs/Vacancies / 3 Ways To Download Music To Iphone: From A Computer Via Itunes And Itools, Direc by John123john: 9:04pm On Sep 13, 2019
Nairaland / General / How To Choose Plastic Windows? by John123john: 3:01pm On Aug 20, 2019
Hello! I live in Canada, and I would like to put European plastic windows at home. I know that in our region it is not as popular as in Europe itself, because almost everyone here uses standard American windows. So, I found a good company, here it is - https://glawindows.com!
Tell me, has someone already used the services of this company or not?
Health / Good Vape Store by John123john: 2:37pm On Aug 14, 2019
Hi there!
Want recommended to you a good UK vape store - https://myecigs.uk!
You can find here coils, tanks, mods and etc accessories.
Romance / Online Dating by John123john: 8:46am On Aug 10, 2019
Business / B2B Marketplace by John123john: 11:57am On Aug 07, 2019
Hi there!
I find a good b2b marketplace at the https://jey.today!
So, here you can see special products, which are you can't find at the another similar platform.
Do not believe? Check it yourself!
Jokes Etc / How To Find A Work? by John123john: 5:24pm On Jun 16, 2019
Hello everyone, I want to advise you a great site where you can find a job - http://kingisepp.ru/forum/thread-45206/!
If you have any question - feel free to ask it here or on the our forum!
Business / Awesome Designer by John123john: 4:08pm On May 10, 2019
Want to know how to design a good business card? Read our article about "5 WAYS TO CREATE THE PERFECT BUSINESS CARD" at the https://www.behance.net/gallery/80052127/5-WAYS-TO-CREATE-THE-PERFECT-BUSINESS-CARD?
Business / Car Multimeter by John123john: 1:06pm On May 10, 2019
Hi there, can someone help me to choose the best automative multimeter from this site https://engineswork.com/products/tools/top-5-best-multimeters-in-2019.html?

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