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Fashion / Re: How To Spot A Fake Rolex by johndoll(m): 10:22pm On Jun 04
I am totally agree with you dude
Business / Re: Report On Best Dry Cleaning Service Companies In Lagos State by johndoll(m): 5:42pm On Jun 02
Frankly speaking, I resorted to the help of many cleaning companies, there was always something unfinished or poorly done. I no hoped longer to find something good, but it is unreal to maintain yourself such areas we have. Fortunately, our friends advised us a really good cleaning company and we will not exchange them for anyone else. It’s a great success to find a reliable provider of cleaning services today. First of all, I advise you to read more feedbacks and information about the company you select before start to cooperate with them. Because I met personally with many unpleasant moments while I found really reliable and trusted guys.
Adverts / Re: 5 Pieces Starter Knife Set With Cutting Board N2500 /09091149464 Bb Pin 331944AF by johndoll(m): 9:09am On May 23
Frankly speaking, today there is a lot of trash on the market and it is really hard to find good knives. I tried many different modes: ceramic, stainless steel with different special coating also those that are considered self-sharpening. But the best thing I found is Japanese kitchen knives , indeed, they are high quality and reliable. I was using it for a year before I had to sharpen in for the first time. Its blade is perfect and I have no problem with slicing any products.
Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Welder Show Off His Welding Skills, See People Reaction. Video by johndoll(m): 9:07am On May 23
Indeed, looks funny and at the same time not, it is really hard and dangerous work. I know what I'm speaking about. Some months ago I was repairing my car that I decided to renovate for many years. Especially for this, I find all the necessary instruments and a perfect welding machine. You can visit site and see it by yourself. But it was so hard to weld that I even didn't imagine. And from inexperience, my face burned out from constant work with welding. So, since then I usually ask for such help from qualified specialists.
You are right! It is indeed, hard work!
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Welder Show Off His Welding Skills, See People Reaction. Video by johndoll(m): 9:06am On May 23
Computers / Re: Before You Buy Upvc Windows In Nigeria: 5 Important Things You Need To Know by johndoll(m): 8:18pm On May 22
I have just looked for this info
Adverts / Re: 5 Pieces Starter Knife Set With Cutting Board N2500 /09091149464 Bb Pin 331944AF by johndoll(m): 6:32am On May 19
knives are my eternal problem, forever they get dull or break and you have to change them
Fashion / Re: Lash Extensions And Microblading Promo In Lagos And Its Environ by johndoll(m): 9:03pm On May 12
Thank you for sharing, I maybe I will book)
Food / Re: Go For The Best - Choose High Quality Range Hoods Right Away! by johndoll(m): 7:15pm On May 12
I agree with the thought that you should never settle for a “cheap” or mediocre type of range hood or any other equipment for your personal use. We decided to save money and made such a mistake. Unfortunately, in a year our range hood simply broked, but the guarantee has finished so we had to buy a new one. We find some range hood reviews on the internet and for the second time, I selected a more advanced model. Frankly speaking, a good lesson, not to economize anymore in the future.
You are absolutely right!
Health / Re: Man, Fighting For Life After Falling Off Electric Scooter (PHOTOS) by johndoll(m): 9:17pm On May 01
You are right, it is very important to be attentive on the road, it doesn't matter are you driving an electrical scooter or a car. I also have an electric scooter, but I have never been involved in such an accident because I am very prudent on the road. Moreover, when I bought the electronic scooter, I paid much attention to the technical features and I found some reviews about it on https://voltariders.com/glion-dolly-electric-scooter-review-2020/. That information was helpful as I wanted a reliable device that wouldn't cause any unpredictable faults.
Could you tell me some more information about your electric scooter?
Health / Re: Fitness by johndoll(m): 12:09am On May 01
Wow, I will try it . I have already heard about you
Gaming / Re: Dota 2 In The LAUTECH Community by johndoll(m): 8:03pm On Apr 20
Hi friends, did any of you improve your Dota 2 account? I decided to try this, I would give a lot of money if I knew it would have the effect and it will be what I expect. I found a site that deals with this (dota2-boost.com), it looks pretty interesting, anyone used it? What are the results? I would be grateful for any help.
Religion / Re: Buddhist! Come In by johndoll(m): 2:11pm On Apr 20
The topic approached in this thread is captivating. I am not a Buddhist, but I'm interested in differences and similarities between different religions. I know that there are hundreds of religions in the world and I think it is correct to be tolerant of that. I studied the particularities of Catholics, Muslims, Jewish and now I am doing research about Buddhism. I already have read a lot about buddhist symbols and meanings and it is very interesting. What I understood is that every religion is unique and interesting and preaches specific beliefs and thoughts, in order to have a better life.
Could you tell me some more information about different religions?
Webmasters / Re: Magento 2 Marketplace Plugin | MAGENTO 2 MARKETPLACE PREORDER by johndoll(m): 9:38pm On Apr 15
Is this offer still available? I am interested in this software version. I have used Magento 1 before and it's an amazing platform for better functionality of the online store. So, now I think it is time for updates and I am looking for the newest version of magento. As I know, this version has interesting extensions and tools, such as how magento 2 get product reviews and I have read about it. This version seems to be more efficient, as I understood it would run faster and there are a lot of useful features that would make my work easier. So, in case your offer is still available, let me know.
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Philippines Displays Relief Items Given To Him By Government by johndoll(m): 11:45pm On Apr 09
It is great what made the Philippines. Some years ago, I was there and I liked it a lot. I want to go back and this time with costoflivingreports.com I will be prepared for all the costs. The last time when I was, I visited many places but not all I wanted because of money, I didn't take with me enough money. Now before the trip, I will calculate how much I should take with me.
My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks
Travel / Re: Which Country Can I Travel To With #1.5m by johndoll(m): 11:44pm On Apr 09
One of the countries can be Greece. In your road, you can find some dangerous places and my advice is to make a plan where you can pass and where not. On one of my trips, I didn't check it and I arrived in a dangerous place and I escaped through the wonder. Now I check all the places that I want to visit and travelsafe-abroad.com helps me to be safe in each city, state or country.
Is this service as good as you described it?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy For A HVAC Technician For An Indigenous Oil & Gas Firm In Lagos. by johndoll(m): 11:44pm On Apr 09
Do you still need workers? I finished the courses some years ago but I didn't work in this domain because I thought that it wouldn't bring me a good income. I was surprised when I saw that one of my friends who works in this domain has a big house and 3 cars in the garage. Some months ago, I began to refresh my skills in this domain and hvacschools411.com helped me to do this. Now I want to work in the company to accumulate experience.
Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
Career / Re: Dropping Psychology For Nursing. Am I Making The Right Choice? by johndoll(m): 11:42pm On Apr 09
It is great that you choose to be a nurse in the future, it is a good job. My daughter this year finishes school and she wants to become a nurse and I want one the best college for her. I began to search one for her and the best choice I found on https://www.hashtagnursing.com/bridge-programs/ where she has a lot of opportunities and can be a good specialist. I think there are other places. Can you give me any advice?
Where can I find some more feedback?
Sports / Re: Why I Stop Football Betting by johndoll(m): 11:25pm On Apr 07
Yes, my friend, I agree with you. I know one friend who was buying results of dummy matches, so he was fooling bookmakers. But it was a long time ago. Now, where are a lot of fake privateers who are selling fake results. So it is impossible now to find real ones.I am a gambler person so now me and my friend are playing Pkv games on . I like this because I can earn a lot of money with my own skills.
Where can I have some feedback about that ?
Events / Re: Couple Hold Their Wedding Reception In An IDP Camp by johndoll(m): 6:55pm On Apr 05
They are a lovely couple. I hope they have a wonderful marriage. To be honest, this couple reminded of my wedding. We didn't celebrate it at an IDP camp, but we also had a nice wedding. We had a beautiful ceremony, then took a photoshoot, booked a restaurant. Besides it, we paid for event production services, and had a wonderful atmosphere at the wedding, due to the lighting effects and good music. All the guests were excited and pleased to be part of such a special moment for us. I think the wedding is one of the most memorable days of life and it must be celebrated very well.
You are right, the wedding is definitely a special and memorable moment.
Family / Re: Side Hustle Ideas For Moms by johndoll(m): 7:11pm On Mar 31
I believe and know that there are no easy ways to earn money. Money has always been difficult to make, I do not consider physical work, but intellectual work. Many of us make the most of our efforts, but not everyone is allowed to get the income they want. That is why many have to work extra. There are many possibilities to do something. You can also look at https://themoneymix.com. Many ways to make extra money are described. Yes, this is tiring, but I think it's worth it.
Phones / Re: Nova Video Downloader App - An In-depth Review by johndoll(m): 11:18pm On Mar 26
Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I've read it and for me, it was new to find out about the app you are describing. I also use to download videos but I use another downloader video-converter-mp4.com. It seems to be similar to the app you wrote about. I use it mostly to download videos from social media. Moreover, the biggest advantage of the app that I use is that I can download videos from YouTube, but as I understood the Nova Video Downloader doesn't allow me to do that. Well, I think I'll try the app you described.
I use this app as well, mostly for downloading videos from YouTube.
Education / Re: How To Get Disposable Emails .... Https://temp-mail.org/en/ by johndoll(m): 8:47pm On Oct 28, 2019
In fact, there are a lot of services for creating free emails, but it is important that the service be reliable and have a good reputation. Some time ago, when I worked in a marketing company, I needed temporary mailboxes and I found one service on which I created 4 accounts, but the problem was that I couldn’t register with these mailboxes anywhere. The thing was that this service had a very bad reputation and the mailboxes it generated were perceived by the algorithms as spam. I did not know what to do, but my colleague helped me create a
temp mail on the new service and there were no problems there.
Thanks for such a cool post.
Gaming / Re: Poker Game by johndoll(m): 9:59pm On Oct 27, 2019



Hi buddy, I have been playing poker for a very long time and I am doing great, so I can say that I am a poker guru. I play with friends very often and have recently started playing in a casino. My best friend advised me on one very cool casino with a lot of different gambling. I tried to play a little on a demo account and when it started to work out, I made a deposit in my account and started winning 2000 thousand bucks a week. Now https://syndicate.casino is my favorite casino, and I understand why it has so many cool reviews. In a month I managed to earn more than $ 12,000 and I’m thinking about quitting work, because it can become my real income. By the way, if you also play poker, then we can play together.
Health / Re: How Best To Treat Hair Loss. Pictures And Videos by johndoll(m): 11:40am On Oct 27, 2019
Ohh, alopecia has indeed become a very common problem today. It appears in almost everyone after 30 years, and some even earlier. For example, just recently my brother began to lose hair. He is only 25 years old and very young for this. We do not want to go to the doctor yet, because he will advise a huge amount of drugs. I decided to search the Internet and find out the cause of alopecia at such an early age. At http://thehairlossadvisor.com, I found out that the reason can be even in elementary lack of sleep or severe stress. There are also some home treatments that my brother wants to try. I really hope that he will be able to recover soon and regain his beautiful thick hair.
Autos / Re: Cars Successfuly Imported From Cotounu And Delivered With Proofs(photos) by johndoll(m): 8:48pm On Oct 26, 2019
Interested to buy clean affordable car from Cotonou?then let's help you check the vin no free of charge so you don't buy a faulty car....phone lines are open call today let service you better.

I would not mind working with you, but I already buy used cars from Germany at very low prices. I live in Brazil and there is actually a small selection of cars and then I decided to try to buy a car from Germany and found one excellent option. But I did not know how to get this car to Brazil. Then my friend advised me of a very cool company for transporting vehicles. I found their site https://www.a1autotransport.com/car-transportation-services/
and they said they would help me. As a result, in just two weeks they took my Land Cruiser for $ 10,000 to the main port of Brazil and their services cost about 2000 dollars and this is a very small price for such a tremendous work.
Technology Market / Re: Triathlon Watch by johndoll(m): 2:29pm On Oct 13, 2019
Where can I read something about triathlon watch in 2019? Seriously, I would like to purchase some triathlon watches as I would like to start my own business on selling of triathlon watches
What triathlon watches are the best to resell?
Well, it isn't that easy to tell you from the start, give some more information about where do you want to start the business, how much money do you have

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