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Events / Re: Heavy Rain Destroys Beautiful Wedding Decoration Setup Disrupting Event (video) by kiddkash(m): 6:36pm On Nov 27
They should have spent a little time observing weather reports/patterns to help them in their planning.
People don't plan wedding day a day or a week b4. It is over at least a month.
No way to know 2 months time
Politics / Re: Nasarawa Residents Protest Appeal Court Judgment Reversing Gov’s Sacking(pics) by kiddkash(m): 9:19am On Nov 27
I honestly don't understand. INEC will budget billions for elections, check for the criterias if the person is eligible or not.

And then uselessness. What is the point of the billions syphoned/wasted through INEC elections

Just do selection and save the country billions


Crime / Re: Abia Community Arrests 3 Men For Stealing Battery From Communication Mast by kiddkash(m): 9:12am On Nov 27
I thought everyone for that side is a billionaire. What's going on. Stealing ke, we live in a strange world.
They deal with criminals, they don't reward them
Health / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Compares Prices Of Drugs Between January 2023 & Now by kiddkash(m): 4:23am On Nov 24

Move on bro

Elections are now over, and when the election is over governance begins

Governance is where we are at the moment.

This is the reality right now.

Those drug prices and every other skyrocketing prices is the reality right now.

It is the result of the choices we made
One famous Batist died because of pint of blood at 50,000

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Politics / Re: FG Plans To Revive National Shipping Line by kiddkash(m): 6:09pm On Nov 21
“Before I conclude, let me add that the ministry’s decision to consider the re-establishment of a National Shipping Line, through a strategic PPP arrangement, is borne out of our desire to capture a substantial share of the estimated $10 billion annual ship charter market within the country.

My thoughts exactly. We should not let civil servants and corrupt public officials fully run it till they run it aground again. Once it is done by PPP, the business entity mamaging the shipping line should be listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and managed efficiently like NAHCO,SAHCO etc. to create more wealth for Nigerians.

Great job by HE Oyetola. May God grant you more successes. Only the naysayers, criminal defamers, cowardly insecured narcissists, cyberbullies and unpatriotic elements will neither see nor benefit from these major positive results of your policies in our nation.
God bless Nigeria for ever! Check my signature for free stuffs!

3 gbosa for you. The container economy should not benefit only our people

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Travel / Re: Car Crashes Into A Building In Idimu, Lagos. 4 Hospitalized (Photos) by kiddkash(m): 8:49am On Nov 20
This looks like an alcohol induced accident

I remember when something like this happened, a driver gave his conductor to learn how to drive bus in the night in a busy street filled with children and buka joints.
The kind of accident he had, people beat the driver


Religion / Re: Bible Scholars Should Explain Psalms 23:5 For Me by kiddkash(m): 9:45am On Nov 19
No one explains it better than Steve furtick.
I love the way he explained the verse with much simplicity and energy.

Thou prepare a table before me. (More like a banquet where foods of different delicacies and drinks are before you)

In the presence of my enemies (not only physical enemies now since our warfare aren't carnal, so the enemies could be physical, spiritual, pyschological etc. It could be sickness, depression, even poverty) also note it's in plural form. So the enemies are numerous.

What do you do when you're facing a lot of enemies or challenges? My Gee, prepare a table and eat.

Can you focus on God even in the presence of your enemies? Can you eat the bountiful fruits and food of the Lord when you're in the presence of your enemies?

For more explanation, I think David was referring to when he was invited to dinner by Jonathan and Saul wanted to kill him. He actually ate in the presence of his enemies.

It's a nice verse and it has wonderful life applications.
At the bolded, where can I hear the explanation. Is it on YouTube?
Religion / Re: Bible Scholars Should Explain Psalms 23:5 For Me by kiddkash(m): 9:42am On Nov 19

It's the testimony of see finish of our enemies.
When God blessed a man to an extent that the wicked can't do anything to such. A state of being untouchable cos of the presence of God with the person.
I love this your explanation. Of becoming untouchable because of the presence of God

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Food / Re: Man Tells Chicken Seller To Cut The Wings Into 17 Pieces (Pix, Video) by kiddkash(m): 9:30pm On Nov 18
It’s not about hardship, the man is naturally stingy just like Zonefree undecided

How can you tell a chicken seller to cut that small chicken wing into 17 pieces undecided

This is the kind of stingy men I always pray not to cross path with because they can’t even spend #1 on you.
Madam Oya calm down
Politics / Re: Anambra Belongs To APGA – Soludo Replies APC On Plot To Take Over State by kiddkash(m): 2:22pm On Nov 16
He is right. Anambra belongs to APGA.

Just unfortunate Peter Obi betrayed the founding founders of the party by joining PDP.

From PDP, he went to LP. That guy and Atiku are Political prostitutes.
It is a good thing he left APGA. Because those hateful people especially here calls APGA Igbo party, he went to PDP they came with their hate, He went to LP the hateful people came again saying it is religious.

Why are these people so hateful, but they are the good ones.

Imagine a leader of party caught on video receiving dollars in bribe, he wasn't arrested, if it was like America, people will distance themselves, so that your stink will not rub on them. But Buhari was raising his hands in campaign and the current president.

Yet they arrest small boys but will never go after the big ones.

Which is why I tell people, if you want to steal, steal big

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Police And Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Clash At DNC Headquarters (Photos) by kiddkash(m): 7:12am On Nov 16
But non of them will ever accept to go live in Palestine or Muslim country like Iran


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by kiddkash(m): 5:07am On Nov 16
⚡Israeli Opposition leader Yair Lapid says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "must go now", and called for the government to be overthrown in a vote of no confidence and to form a government headed by another person from the Likud.

“We e cannot allow ourselves to conduct a prolonged campaign with a prime minister in whom we do not trust.”
Politicians, heh fear these people.

They never let a good crisis go to waste

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Romance / Re: Why Is It That Akwa Ibom Girls Don't Like Marrying Outside Their State (pics) by kiddkash(m): 9:17am On Nov 15
I don't know where you get this from but it's not true, because I know a lot of our women are married to Igbos and men from other tribe including our men

My elder sister got married to an Ijaw man from Bayelsa, while my elder brother married a lady from Abia

Me I'm open to Marriage from any tribe and that's how we behave in Akwa Ibom

Don't say what you don't know

I Come in peace
Don't mind the ignorant OP. It is someone who has never traveled out of his village before
Romance / Re: Where Do You Find Pleasure Apart From Drinking, Smoking And Sexual Activities ? by kiddkash(m): 9:12am On Nov 15
Achieving success
Music/Radio / Re: There Exist Female Rappers In Arewa (Photos) by kiddkash(m): 5:44pm On Nov 14
And Nigerians think my people don't know happening things



Celebrities / Re: I’m In Charge Of My Father’s Account, Mr Ibu’s Son Debunks Actor’s Wife’s Claims by kiddkash(m): 11:00pm On Nov 13

So you are the only wealthy person in your family. The rest depend on your wealth.
No. They are their own men and women.
Everyone has a start, but how you finish differs

By the grace of God, they got a bit of help like people have done for me. I refused them working for me.
I don't want my siblings to have to say to me good morning sir out of obligation or make them feel as they have not accomplished anything by working for me.

I want them to stand of their own two feet where no one will ever use anything like even money to mock them not even me.

Can Dangote mock Otedola because of money? No
They are both standing on their own two feet

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Celebrities / Re: I’m In Charge Of My Father’s Account, Mr Ibu’s Son Debunks Actor’s Wife’s Claims by kiddkash(m): 8:23pm On Nov 13
Money ruins many relationship, which is why I prefer to give my siblings and relatives more than enough money, for them to be self sufficient and to blossom.

I don't want them to work for me. If I treat them how employers should treat their employees, it will affect the personal relationship.

Dey your dey with enough money, make I dey my dey

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Romance / Re: Men!!! What's Your Definition Of A Submissive Woman? by kiddkash(m): 10:40am On Nov 13

And she doesn't provide for her man? And what kind of provision sef are you talking? Money? House? Properties? There are women who have one or more of these...where should submission come in here?

Why are you jumping between points? Is submission about provision or listening or it's about provision and listening together?

And if you're saying submission is hinged on a woman affording everything for herself but choosing to hold back, then it is in direction contradiction to the first part of your comment that insinuates that a man provides for a woman. You realise there's a difference between providing for someone and someone allowing you to provide?

Now if you're preaching that a woman should allow a man to provide for her even when she has her own resources, do you agree with women who say, "his money is our money, and my money is my money?"

All of these things you've described...why is it not okay for a man to do same for a woman? I mean, they're good, positive behsviours, right? Listening to someone, treating them with humility, allowing them to take care of you? And what qualifies a man to be a captain?

So in one word submission is respect? Why can the husband and wife, both of them, not show the same respect to each other? Would a man be a fool if he submits to his wife?
The president is called servant of the country, but he can never sleep under bridge. It is always at the presidential lodge
Romance / Re: You're A Bad Boy: Priest Taps Groom's Head During Wedding Kiss With Bride(Video) by kiddkash(m): 7:36pm On Nov 12
Him wan go sample forbidden fruit sharperly



Crime / Re: VIDEO: NDLEA Seizes Illicit Drugs Concealed In Vehicles Parts by kiddkash(m): 5:30pm On Nov 12

To every single case like this, there are over 100 cases from the dot nation. And even in those few cases, did you see any Yoruba screaming Tinubu? They take responsibility for their actions.
Pls how can I contact NDLEA, there are people who deal in weed around my vicinity
Politics / Re: Asari-Dokubo: I’m Not Supporting Tinubu For Appointment by kiddkash(m): 8:47am On Nov 12
Who is actually giving this over fed hipps attention self?
You don't know Asari Dokubo, he could be telling the truth
Politics / Re: Party Agent Invites Journalists To Vote ‘without Voter Cards’ At Imo Polling Uni by kiddkash(m): 9:38pm On Nov 11
That must be labour party or PDP party agent undecided undecided
Unfortunately it is APC party filled with animals
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by kiddkash(m): 12:49pm On Nov 11

Is there no measurement, no limit, no yardstick to REVENGE!
It is not like Hamas have stopped attacking. They have been sending barrage of missles.

I don't attack people, but if you attack me, even once. There will be nothing left of you by the time I am done. You'll be a cautionary tale to others
Politics / Re: Imo: Akarachi Amadi Arrested Over Hijacking Of Electoral Materials by kiddkash(m): 10:38am On Nov 11
He will be tagged by his party not by tribe or state. Let's wait for them to blame Tinubu.
Do or die at just 29.
Everything about APC is poison. You don't have to be part of them, just be in close proximity in order to ingest it


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by kiddkash(m): 10:33am On Nov 11
People are posting and talking, it seems everyone wants to forget what happened on the 7th of October.

People butchered in music festival, butchered while walking down the streets, sleeping, in barracks, in hospitals.

That is what brought about these killings.
But all of a sudden they have amnesia and want to forget about it

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Education / Re: Madonna University Student Expelled For Joining 'Ceiling Challenge' (Video) by kiddkash(m): 9:29pm On Nov 10
The school should mind their business
It is a Catholic University
Education / Re: Madonna University Student Expelled For Joining 'Ceiling Challenge' (Video) by kiddkash(m): 9:27pm On Nov 10
Madonna university is a glorified secondary school.

I need the babe control asap,she has a bright future
No, it is a Catholic University
Politics / Re: DSS Cautions Against Inflammatory Statements, Calls For Peace In Nov 11 Election by kiddkash(m): 2:02pm On Nov 09
Is DSS an arm of government or a security agency
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: FC Copenhagen Vs Manchester United, UCL (4 - 3) On 8th November 2023 by kiddkash(m): 9:06pm On Nov 08
0 1


Issa goal
Car Talk / Re: Car Dealer Gets Fake Alert, Customer Absconds During Test Drive by kiddkash(m): 8:57pm On Nov 08

You mean that foolish illiterate elected into Nigeria Senate by the headless mob on the Lazy Party platform?
Yes opeyemi

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Celebrities / Re: Destiny Etiko Makes Bundles Of Money Rain At Her Ekene Umenwa's Wedding (Video) by kiddkash(m): 6:33pm On Nov 06
Waiting for clitocurrency crew



Politics / Re: Heineken Lokpobiri: NNPCL Is Responsible For Refinery Renovations by kiddkash(m): 10:31am On Nov 06
These people take us for a joke or what??
I am not understanding you. How can you be criticizing our party people.
Do you want LP and the rest to laugh at us?

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