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Politics / Re: Wike: No Going Back On Open Grazing Ban, by Komu1048(m): 11:26am

Well , it will interest you to know one thing. My religion prohibits taking a life i did not create. I can yab, I am allowed to do that, but kill, Sorry, i no be coward.
Truth is very bitter, come to think of it, which tribe does not know Yoruba is a snitch? grin

I laugh. Go rest jore , today na sunday. I no get your time.

But ur religion permit u to hate, anyway just like many of u online haters, u only do ur hating online but offline you can trade anything to be with Yorubas. You love us with the whole of your heart, will vote for us massively in 2023 but come online to pretend grin grin

If u see me for street now you go hail me beg me to patronise your biz but come Nairaland and be claiming one lie lie enemy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by Komu1048(m): 10:59am
Good morning NL, please help.
Which of these jobs is more stronger in terms of pay and less stress.
1. Efcc and NPA(AP Moller)

NPA sure pass make them post you to apapa. Bro u can be making millions everyday and na some boys go dey negotiate on your behalf
Politics / Re: Wike: No Going Back On Open Grazing Ban, by Komu1048(m): 10:52am

Ah, I wait for that day o. I really wait for that day.

If you really desire that, u do nt have to wait try kee one Amotekun member, take a picture with his dead body and post it on social media. U can tag me, and we will celebrate with you
Politics / Re: Wike: No Going Back On Open Grazing Ban, by Komu1048(m): 9:44am

Ah, I pray so. Because its not a good thing to see yourselves treated like trash.
I remember 2014, one idiot came here and said the problem of Nigeria is the Igbos. A confused yoruba lot at that. Good a thing we know who the problems are now.

If you yoruba will scream southern unity, Let it be a good thing. And you all need to work on Tinubu. Thats the next person selling Nigeria to the fulani again. He sold you and everyone 2015, 2023 uncle will do it again.

I fear who no fear yoruba sha, Just baring my mind out.

You hate for omoluabis will consume you one day.
Politics / Re: Wike: No Going Back On Open Grazing Ban, by Komu1048(m): 9:41am
If the Fulanis like, let them cry to high heavens. Ban of open Grazing in Biafralamd holds. Any cow sen in the forest is a Bush meat

U guys will sha not kill person grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Rivers Police Command Denies Killing Four Wounded IPOB Members by Komu1048(m): 8:23am
Yoruba wey no get liver pull hit Dey jubilate at humans weda death or alive ..

If killings igbos gives them joy is okay.. we understand

All their hero’s are forced to death or begged for their lives..

If igbos leaders were ever killed or forced to beg for their lives ba?

Nigeria would have been grave yard for the killers ...

But Yoruba will always embrace humans who have slaughtered their hero’s and even assured them of more sacrifices if need.

Lesson; is a very smelly stupidity to celebrate death... or encourage violence.

What's your obsession with Yoruba, make una fight una fight na Yoruba be your headache. Sebi una lord and saviour don tell una to attack lagos, you sh would focus on executing his divine plan than worrying if yoruba are coward or not


Politics / Re: Police Kill 4 Wounded IPOB Gunmen Receiving Treatment In Rivers, Recover Charms by Komu1048(m): 8:05am
Assuming this story is true, then what the Police did was extra-judicial murder. If you have gone somewhere and surrounded the place, then there is no need to kill anyone. All you have to do is smoke them out. But if you surrounded the place, went in, and gunned down people recieving drip on their beds, plus the Nurse, that is cold blooded murder by the Police

Sure them grin
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Celebrates Leicester City's FA Cup Win With Nigerian Flag by Komu1048(m): 7:52am
Yesterday I agree to what a friend have been telling me that F. A decides who win a match n that's what was perfectly executed. From handball goal allowed to stay to a clean goal rule for offside. And ensure cameraman don't replay it. I weep for poorest league in Europe
Celebrities / Re: Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi A "Mumu" Over Protest For Baba Ijesha by Komu1048(m): 8:01pm On May 14

You are quite ignorant and need to read more. The aforementioned was the punishment after trial. Where you got the idea of jungle justice from is quite perturbing. I can only think that your finger of emotion should be pointed at yourself, Mr Komu.

I think ritual castration would be a suitable punishment for this man caught in the act, don't you think?

For indecent touching? Abeg that punishment is too much for the offence. I don't even understand the fuss about this issue, we have better pressing issue than this. Na them sabi
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Killed Iniubong Umoren - Frank Uduak-Akpan Confesses (Photos, Video) by Komu1048(m): 7:48pm On May 14
It's a big lie.She did not consent to have sex with you.You tried to rape her and while she struggled,you maimed her.


You are supposed to have call the police immediately, since you are there while it happens
Celebrities / Re: Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi A "Mumu" Over Protest For Baba Ijesha by Komu1048(m): 12:59pm On May 14

Human rights? Are we serious? I prefer some cultures where they ritually strangle the paedophile or drown them or castrate them.

U see why u r worst, how can u support jungle justice for Christ sake. you need to change your mindset, don't let emotion delude your judgement. SMH


Politics / Re: Buhari’s Son-In-Law, Gimba Yau Kumo Declared Wanted By ICPC by Komu1048(m): 9:19am On May 14

Are you daft? Is the ICPC not under father in law? Why declare him wanted in the first place? If they don't want you to know it won't be here on front page and you would not have know about it. Ipob people sef and illogical reasons na 5&6

This one just join us from obodo oyibo. Watch how they will term it fake news and they will publish another one for apology
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Son-In-Law, Gimba Yau Kumo Declared Wanted By ICPC by Komu1048(m): 9:15am On May 14

The greed and fraudulence runs in the family. Efcc will be chasing hungry Yahoo boys in d south, wey never catch albino sef talkless of white client...whereas, the real 419ers are in aso rock.

This case is dead on arrival jawe. Some people are above the law in this country.

Abeg make una no dey force yahoo on us to be accepted as norm. No matter how many people do it, it's still a crime. Abegii
Crime / Re: Iyabo Ojo Releases Her Full Chat With Yomi Fabiyi (pictures) by Komu1048(m): 9:06am On May 14
These two ppl should not make this about themselves

The facts are Baba Ijesha is guilty of child molestation. And it's a crime.
Allow the police to pursue that legally. Period !

It's inside your palour they made the proclamation
Crime / Re: Iyabo Ojo Releases Her Full Chat With Yomi Fabiyi (pictures) by Komu1048(m): 9:04am On May 14
I can understand iyabo's stance. She's been raped and sexually assaulted so she knows how it feels.

Yomi is just a rape apologist and a bitch ass. First he said there's no evidence that baba ijesha raped or assaulted the girl. Video came out, he change mouth.
He and baba ijesha go way back, they're tight friends and in this case, he's tryna help his friend no matter the consequences.

Now, the two of them have turned it into a clout session, it has become a media trial.

When the judicial council resumes,(if not for the shithole country we are, why would the judicial council go on strike in the first place?)
I wish him fair judgement (castration maybe) May all erring parties pay dearly.

This can't be united states, he would have been fried and burned. Waiting for his ass to be devoured by some yansh loving inmates in the penitentiary.

Na Desmond elliot cause all these rubbish Shaa. undecided

Mr. United State. They don't use law there? Emotion pikin everywhere, burn kor burna ni

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Calls Yomi Fabiyi A "Mumu" Over Protest For Baba Ijesha by Komu1048(m): 8:44am On May 14
Many of his fellow mumu supporting rubbish are also here on this forum.
We keep reading their daily rubbish about this paedophile case since.
Imagine youths supporting a man confessing on a video "touching" a girl since she was 7 years old.
No more shame in this part of the world.

Yomi's Fellow Mumus, where una dey?!
Make una quote this post to answer una names biko!

We will continue hitting y'all heads with the truth on a daily basis.

Because someone refuses to allow their emotion to block their reasoning they are now mumu.

His human right is being trampled on, he should be released on bail pending when the court will resume.

How many arrest have been made to the top 2 terrorist group in Africa.

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Health / Re: 200Level Female Student Of Ondo University Commits Suicide (Pix) by Komu1048(m): 7:32pm On May 13


I blame yahoo boiz for this. They break girls heart like Ramadan Fast. Diff girls everyday
Romance / Re: She No Longer Picks My Calls by Komu1048(m): 6:26pm On May 13
I met this girl few months ago, we exchange contacts and become friends. she smiles at me whenever she saw me and was fond of holding my hands when we hang out. At times goes on I begin to like her so I decided to ask her out to be my girlfriend which she accepted without thinking twice. My heart was full of joy because I have gotten the type of girl I,ve been searching for. But the problem here now is that for the past few weeks now this same girl has refused to pick my calls or reply my chats. But she picked up when I called with another line and ask her why she has been ignoring my calls she just cut the call on me.

Guys, what's is really her problem? I just use vex delete her number from phone.

Her ex is back, it is as simple as that. If you really like then ignore her like u did. If u do she will come back when that one fkup again which he will do


Education / Re: Photos From Modibo Adama University Yola (mautech) by Komu1048(m): 11:46am On May 13
please why calling this place a university, we have many International student here biko
Politics / Re: Army Arrests Ikonso’s Second-In-Command During IPOB, ESN Raid In Abia by Komu1048(m): 11:29am On May 13

Let us see what will happen if it continues till the next 5 years then we will see who will bow.
The East have earmarked this war to last for a thousand years. It will never stop.
Your eyes go clear very soon

It will even continue more than that, it should go on for the next 20 years. Last last it will still be eastern people that will suffer it. Poor history student


Family / Re: Help!!! My Environment Is Draining Me Psychologically. by Komu1048(m): 9:13am On May 13
I moved from Abuja to a popular local town in ogun, I don't want to mention the name, in order to pursue my music career.

First of all let me explain something, sometimes as human beings to keep the spirit healthy you need people superior to you or people of higher value to draw energy from or to draw inspiration or an environment that excite and brings live to you or make you alive.

Now that's the problem am facing currently, there are no too many well to do young people in my environment, I can decide to stroll from one street to another and like 10 people would have begged me for money, I went to chicken & co ( it's a fast food outlet like kfc or chicken republic) and I was stopped and harassed by police just because I bought food at a fast food joint. They were asking me what I do for a living. What saved me that day was that I was dressed in some faded clothes, i can't dress nicely because everyone will start hailing and begging me for money and as an introvert I hate unnecessary attention, the ones that don't beg for money will try and engage one in some meaningless side talks that will lower your I.Q.

The ones that are okay are Yahoo boys and I can't relate with them. It's really getting depressing, I can't remember when last have had a highly intellectual conversation. Everyone just seems so rigid and unexposed and it's tiring. I am not really sound and exposed myself now imagine people reducing the little I.Q I have. It's so depressing.

Naturally you Will expect me to move from there but the nearest place is Lagos which will have to be on island because I hate noisy environment and you know how expensive that will be. Am so tired and fed up

Maybe you are not in for Afrobeat, if not the bolded is a criteria to blow
Politics / Re: Army Arrests Ikonso’s Second-In-Command During IPOB, ESN Raid In Abia by Komu1048(m): 7:14am On May 13

As in ehhh... My brother.
When you even arrest their patriot they even get more angrier. If this news is true watch the carnage that will follow in the coming days and weeks.

Let them do the worst, do u think attacking few police station n killing few officer will make govt now to you ppl. This is a war against Nigeria state and shall be taken as such.
Politics / Re: Army Arrests Ikonso’s Second-In-Command During IPOB, ESN Raid In Abia by Komu1048(m): 7:12am On May 13

Does that guy look like someone who is second in command ?? grin

Very soon they will find 70 year old grandfather as third in command,

Kai - useless Nigerian army

But when they kill the officers. Y'all will flip for joy, ordinary arrest una don dey shout. He should be moved to Abuja Asap
Politics / Re: Fela Durotoye Gets Range Rover From Mentees For 50th Birthday (Pix, Video) by Komu1048(m): 6:59am On May 13

No reason am
Men go celebrate you

Amen ooo, thanks. I wish you same bro
Politics / Re: Fela Durotoye Gets Range Rover From Mentees For 50th Birthday (Pix, Video) by Komu1048(m): 8:11pm On May 12
This guy refuse to call God
He would have been given a private jet

Bros na levels, me never receive call. Nobody don use me 4status not even my babe. Na only FB. This thing make me hate bday, anyway I no dey wish person bday
Sports / Re: Chelsea crowned back-to-back Women's Super League champions by Komu1048(m): 3:56pm On May 12

I.8m kee u there, this is how they start their 419 oooo. Greedy/gullible people will start calling now
Properties / Re: Should I Sign This Tenancy Agreement? by Komu1048(m): 2:40pm On May 12
Most Yoruba landlords hate anything ibo...not because the tribe is bad, but most ibos who live in Lagos have a reckless way of handling other people's property. And the moment such landlord questions their recklessness, they always result in nasty fights...so most Lagos landlords avoid anything ibo.

Not only Yoruba landlords even many igbos landlord do prefer Yoruba as their tenants. But at the end the igbos that can afford some of the price. Some of these places stay dormant from 6months to a year and lastly They manage people from Edo, Delta, South south sha and some cool igbos
Sports / Re: Manchester City Fans Celebrate Premier League Title Outside Stadium (Photos) by Komu1048(m): 2:33pm On May 12
[s][/s]Shut up and wait for your trashing. 6 nil Chelshit will regret been in the UCL final.

I know that even if Adeboye, Oyedepo, Oyakhilome, Tb Joshua and Chosen ask you to stake 100 naira with 20 Odds on city to win. You go say NO. Yet u r here forming city will win
Sports / Re: Manchester City Fans Celebrate Premier League Title Outside Stadium (Photos) by Komu1048(m): 2:13pm On May 12
We will now rest all our players and prepare for Chelsea.

By the time Chelsea play against Asernal, Leicester twice and Aston Villa. They will know what hit them. Fatigue will hit them while we hammer them 6 goals on the 29th.

That delusion is why you guys will lose against my dearest Chelsea. While those matches except fa final r more or less a training ground for Chelsea to really know the depth of his squad as well as ensure the whole team buy into his ideas.

Man City will be living careless thinking they have the advantage of staying fresh for the competition. With Chelsea knowing city have the rest advantage. They will make the most of any opportunity that co es their way. They will focus and with 2previous win advantage, it will boost their morale.
In short city 1:2 Chelsea. CFC for life.

That next season everybody(teams n fans) should just for get all the local trophies and play/concentrate on CL. Because Tuchel is going for Treble and I'm so sure of it. Insha Allah


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Beware Of This Scam, Job Seekers. by Komu1048(m): 2:03pm On May 12

blood of Nebuchadnezzar!!
Nothing brown teeth no go see for inside Tinubu mouth

Abeg leave BAT out of this
Sports / Re: Manchester City Win EPL Title After Leicester Beat Manchester United by Komu1048(m): 1:59pm On May 12

Everyday Pep bought his way, Sir Alex also bought his way when he was at Man utd. He bought all d best strikers then... Do u know how Man utd have spent since Pep came to premier League?
Most expensive players in d league are in Man utd... Pogba nd Maguire nd nothing to show for it.
See bad belle , next now is treble nd quadruple?
U should be ashamed of the club u are supporting... He came to rule Premier League nd he's doing that already.
Pep is still d best coach in d premier League, even Sir Alex didn't produced this results within 4 years.
U don't need to like him for being d BEST

Do you just say dominate, what has he achieve that. Cfc did t achieve.
He spent billion to take city to final, he wasn't given such big money to win carling cup n community shield.
Before him, other coaches had won epl for city they signed him for cl n watch how he will loose out again.

And again don't dear mention guadiola and sir Alex in same statement. Sir is by far ahead.

Guadiola had 27 trophies whereas sir had 46.... Jesus! Compare him to Mou he won 25 trophies and he is still better than guadiola cox while mou do go to struggling teams Guardiola only favours winning teams n he is never satisfied with spending
Sports / Re: Manchester City Win EPL Title After Leicester Beat Manchester United by Komu1048(m): 1:51pm On May 12

Senior man, pls keep quiet. Stop talk what u dont know.

Pep guardiola have spend money the same way as other managers.

Sincere 2016 that guardiola came to england (including community shield);

Man utd have spent £564 million to buy players & won only 2 trophies under mourinho & ole.

Liverpool have spent £520 million to buy players & won 4 trophies under kloop.

Mancity have spent £511 million & won 12 trophies under guardiola.

Chelsea have spent £480 millions & won 3 trophies under conte, sarri, lampard, & tuchel

Arsenal have spent £390 million & won 5 trophies under wenger, emery & arteta

Guardiola won double in 2017/2018
He won quartruple in 2018/2019
He wil win treble in 2020/2021

Lol, please can you list the quadruple of 2018/1
2019 n the treble Oga mi

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