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Sports / Re: WAFCON 2022: I’m Proud Of My Team – Super Falcons Coach, Waldrum by kufre2010: 1:22pm On Jul 15



Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Watching Films by kufre2010: 7:22am On Jun 25
So all those Iranian and Southi movies are true abi? African should keep on turning our children barbaric and evil in the name of religion. In Iran if you don't have PHD degree you cannot contest as a law maker but in Nigeria education is haram. Keep on practicing dark Islam karma wil surely visit all of you
Health / Re: Nigerian Man Goes Into Shock After Losing A Virtual Bet (Photo, Video) by kufre2010: 4:31pm On Jun 07


Politics / Re: South East Vs South West Presidency, Who Would SS People Support? by kufre2010: 8:10pm On Jan 27
We will do the South West what they did to South South in 2015 period. It's an eye for an eye.

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Politics / Re: 2023: No Politician South Of Nigeria Is More Qualified Than Akpabio - Ojo by kufre2010: 2:01pm On Jan 15
Akpabio is the best for the job
Politics / Rumored Mobile Police Abduction - Police Debunk Rumore by kufre2010: 10:11am On Jan 15
Nigeria police Force Borno State Command had debunk the rumore making around that Mobile police pressnnels where abducted by Boko Haram terrorists

Politics / Re: 2023: Malam El-rufai For President by kufre2010: 11:29pm On Jan 13
God forbid, shot Islamic terror commander
Politics / Re: Who Would Be The Next President Of Nigeria Between Atiku And Tinubu? by kufre2010: 11:55am On Jan 12
Atiku as vise President sold national asset to himself.

Tinubu as governor of Lagos refused to vacate, he is still indirectly ruling uptill now. His son is controlling revenue collection in Lagos.

These are people we want to handover the destiny of Nigeria to. The youth of this country is the major problem in these country.

God'swill Akpabio is the right man for this job

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Politics / Re: 2023: Neither Tinubu Nor Umahi 'll Be A Match For Akpabio - Dr. Tafida by kufre2010: 10:54pm On Jan 11
Akpabio is the best person for the job only if they will allow tribal sentiment and elect someone that will change Nigeria. He has done it before and will do it again
Crime / Soldiers Who Beat Up A Police Traffic Warden In Ibadan Arrested (Video) by kufre2010: 8:56pm On Jan 11
One of the soldiers that beat up an unarmed traffic warden had been arrested. Watch the video below


See previous thread https://www.nairaland.com/6930306/soldiers-beat-policeman-duty-ibadan

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Religion / Re: Pastor Claim Angel Visited His Church In Benin Republic Member Counter Him by kufre2010: 6:10pm On Jan 07
Is there a Nike brand In heaven?

Religion / Pastor Claim Angel Visited His Church In Benin Republic Member Counter Him by kufre2010: 6:06pm On Jan 07
A Nigeria pastor by name had claimed on facebook that Angel visited his church on the eve of new year day but one of his members counter him saying he was there in church that day but there was nothing like that.

Aomeone even aaid that there might be Nike shop In Heaven since the Angel is seen wearing Nike Canvas.


Religion / Re: 2022 Prophecies By Dr. D.K Olukoya (Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries) by kufre2010: 10:36am On Jan 01
Is this one prophecy? Anyway, I can see you are gradually deviating from predicting doom.

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Religion / Re: Ijaw Traditional Worshippers Hold End Of Year Thanksgiving In The River (Photos) by kufre2010: 8:20pm On Dec 31, 2021
Igbo Tradition stolen by Togolese immigrants called Ijaws.

And the Igbos are busy chanting holy many. So they own the tradition yet they don't practice.

Igbo bragging syndrome dey worry you
Politics / Re: What Have Igbos Done To Deserve This Level Of Mockery? by kufre2010: 6:08pm On Dec 31, 2021
Igbos are suffering for trying to go against the will of God for Nigeria. Nigeria is not to be divided but to become a world power that will protect the black race.

Igbos need to be humble and stop bragging about how they are better and wiser than anyone else in Nigeria.

Then Igbos should embrace Igbos traditional cultures more just like Yoruba and Hausa and minimise their chanting of holy mary that does not help.

Jonathan run from church to church yet it did not help him win the 2015 election

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Webmasters / Web Developers: This Is The Type Of Websites I Needi by kufre2010: 12:33am On Dec 29, 2021
I need an opera news like website where creators will be paid based on the number of clicks on their articles.
So each subscriber/ creators's must be shownn number of clicks on his or her write ups.

Who can design this site

Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Wabara, Abaribe Drum Support For Pius Anyim by kufre2010: 12:25am On Dec 29, 2021
I support Igbo presidency come 2023 but for God sake .not someone like anyim. Igbos should present credible people and not Anyim or Orji Kalu. I rather vote a credible northerners again than to vote a known rogue because of tribal sentiment
Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Sunday Dare’s Appointment Of Kinsman by kufre2010: 2:45am On Nov 05, 2021
Tribalism is in Northerners blood. Everywhere a Northerner head his brothers must dominate. The southern federal workers are suffering in silent


Career / Re: Would You Tell Your Spouse Of Salary Increase by kufre2010: 11:03am On Oct 09, 2021
Tell my wife you had salary Increament next month she will tell you that the price of stuffffs had increase in the market so she need increament in the monthly upkeep


Politics / Re: Segun Ajibola: Average Nigerian Can Feed With ₦500, Naira Still Strong by kufre2010: 10:33pm On Sep 22, 2021
Even if your children live abroad, one day this country the elites are destroying will destroy their generation, God no dey sleep

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Politics / Re: I Run On The Fuel Of Hardwork, Diligence, Honesty And Fear Of God - Udom Inoyo by kufre2010: 10:26pm On Sep 22, 2021
This man was part of the team that cheated, under paid, fight and dehumanised Exxon Mobil Spy Police who were majority Akwa Ibomites. They sent N800,000 as salary of each Spy police to the Exxon Mobil headquarters in USA while paying those spy police salary equivalence of Nigeria Police and eat the rest. He was the Director of Human Recource Department and supervise the debumanisation of his brothers. Now he want to be Governor

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Celebrities / Re: Nicki Minaj Banned On Twitter For Asking Questions About Covid 19 Vaccine by kufre2010: 1:05am On Sep 19, 2021
I wonder why Taliban tweeter accounts are not banned. They thought they can cage and control freedom of speech with their platform but they will fail.


Religion / I Am A Devotee Of Satguru Maharajji by kufre2010: 10:11pm On Sep 18, 2021
As written by another devotee

I received the divine knowledge of Satguru Maharaj Ji on 23rd November 1994 and since then I have been born again. Many people are confused today because of philosophies and doctrines even though some of them contravenes what they believe in. They are afraid to speak up because people will call them all sorts of names including unbelievers. Lots of people are chasing shadows in the name of religion but the truth is that it has done more harm than good over the world. Wars have been fought over the centuries in the name of God. The few priviledged who knows the secrete of creation keep it to themselves and use it to their selfish advantage. Proliferation of technology and civilization has made it worse. Africans knew God before the intervention of foreigners. Communication to the Almighty need not be necessarily uniform or follow a particular doctrine. Any effort to confuse the populace as to a particular way of life will always create chaos, confusion, earth quake, flooding and other natural disaster. This is not to say that there is no true way of doing things. I am simply not being religious. Religion today is either simply a way of making money, gaining popularity or other mundane things. Anyone found following the tradition of our forefathers is seen differently today because people have no knowledge and this is the simple reason why they perish. Knowledge is not gained by reading books or following our colonial masters, it is of the divine. It is a fountain of treasure inside each and every one of us. The human spirit is more enriched than many ever believe. From the spirit is our reality, our reality cannot only be projected but directed in a way that our lives becomes better. I am not here to talk about religion but to let you know that our existence is pre ordained by the creator who is always with us whether we believe it or not. He comes in different forms and has sent Messiahs to rescue mankind from the ocean of Maya. Jesus Christ and Mohammed are the commonest examples of His manifestation. I have devoted my life to that of research and I tell you this: No one can help you except yourself but you need to be guided. No one taught the bees how to produce honey, no one taught the lion how to hunt for prey and I cannot teach you how to run your life. No fate befalls us than what we make.
Those who brought religion to us are not crazy about it because they got their tradition which no amount of civilization can take. Today, I am a true Christian. I am not just a hearer of the word but a doer of the word. Many commit atrocities in a bid to repent in the coming Sunday and others just do not think of repercussion before they act. The holy books are used to swear on falsehood and religious leaders are more of products of the bedeviled society. Today, I am proud to be a devotee of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. My inner eye has been opened to realise the essence of God, know my left from my right and to understand nature, spirituality, man and God i.e. self realization. How many people know themselves or have attained oneness with the divine? A simple yet complicated question. You all need a Guide, a Guru, a Master to take you through. Many have searched for solution to their numerous problems in life and have spent a fortune still looking for solution. Not all that glitters is gold. Just because of miracles performed in the name of God does not make it right. Miracles can be performed by anybody. But the realisation of whom you are and who is that brother, sister or neighbor is more important. I started out life very rough with experiences I could not tell anyone, even those closest to me. It was war in my dreams and I found it hard to sleep where it was dark. Though not convenient, I can hardly do anything as a child when I could not even understand what they meant. As I grew up, it was still the same but my utmost fear is death. A lot of times, I forcefully woke myself up so that my inner eyes would not see evil especially my end. As a disciple of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, I have learnt how to take care of myself and how to communicate with the Holy Spirit inside of me to avert fear of evil and danger.
Many people are still living in the fear I lived in yesteryears and still afraid to seek a permanent solution. They live in the illusion of God gives and God takes. Let us make this clear, we are perfect image of the creator, beautifully and wonderfully made. Our maker would not give us challenges that would be above our powers even though as humans, we are tempted to give up occasionally. We all have a role to play in the physical and spiritual spheres and without you the world is incomplete because no one else can be you. You are simply different in all ways, likewise your fellow brothers and sister. I hope you are at ease with my write up. Someday my book will be published which covers topics like Purpose of life, Karma, Reincarnation, Religion, nature to mention a few. If you are looking for a practical way of life, you will find it in the company of devotees of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI. Ours is not a religion rather a way to live. It is not a place of miracle but of self realization. It is not a place where you search for mundane things but a place to seek true salvation. Blessed are the pure in spirit, for they shall see God. The much talked about secrete is not farfetched. SATGURU MAHARAJ JI reveals the inner light, opens the ears to the divine music and allows the overflowing river (nectar) to flow from the divine to cleanse us of our sins. The inner light is as bright as the sun, the same energy sustaining mankind and all life force in the universe. It is the original source of all things created. The divine celestial music is the inner accord of man to the voice of nature. Through this, we remain in tune with the creation while the overflowing nectar removes all forms of impurities from our system to make our energy pure. The Holy name must not be forgotten here. It is the name of God – SATGURU. SAT meaning father, GURU meaning ‘from darkness to light’, GURU generally referred to as teacher or master, SATGURU meaning the father of all teachers. The word originates from Sanskrit language, the very first language on earth and our mother tongue. The God inside us is what SATGURU MAHARAJ JI reveals. Don’t hope for God in futility, there is always a guide on earth. It is the same teachings of Jesus Christ and other sages. Search for your own truth and you will find it.
Politics / Re: Photos Of President Buhari And South East Leaders In Imo State by kufre2010: 7:11pm On Sep 09, 2021
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Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 8:49am On Sep 09, 2021

Sheu is the local rendition of the Arabic word for a religious scribe, Sheik.

Then main objective of this thread is that we don't tolerate people who replace African Tradition with Arabic or Islamic culture. It is not proper. We must go back to the true African culture
Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 11:58pm On Sep 08, 2021

Did the Hausa living in this area tell you they do t want their current monarchs? Why do you feel the need to decide for them what is African and not African enough? Again why even bother with a monarchy in this imaginary scenario.

Yes they do, as I am typing this, they are agitating to break away from Fulanis. They called themselves middle belt.

Islamic Tradition cannot replace African Tradition, never. it is a matter of time.
Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 11:53pm On Sep 08, 2021
Before The Fulani Emirs, There Were Hausa Kings.

Many Nigerians think that the Sokoto caliphate is the most oppressive government for communities not under its direct control in northern Nigeria ever experienced. It is assumed that in the era before their ascendancy, Hausaland (which they assumed is the entirety of the region as it is today) is peaceful and progressive. Yes, it might be progressive but it was oppressive to some minority communities in the region.

During an interview with a native from Southern Kaduna when doing my undergraduate project, an elderly man told me that before the Fulani Emirs established themselves there were Hausa Sarakai(Kings) who were equally oppressive. In fact, during the era of the Hausa Kings, the Fulani also suffered from the oppressive rule of the Hausa monarchs.

The ancient city of Kano was first a Hausa City then taken over by the Fulani after during the Sokoto Jihad (Image: Asiri Magazine)

About 600 to 500 years ago, the Hausa-speaking people in northern Nigeria established some big and powerful kingdoms: Daura, Katsina, Kano, Zazzau, Gobir, Rano, Biram. Kano and Zazzau were at some point the most powerful, Zazzau is known for its most legendary Queen, Amina. At their peak, these Kingdoms were very massive and were centers of learning and commerce. During their expansionist campaigns, many smaller ethnic communities in the north were conquered and captured as commodities for their slave traders which made the Trans-Sahara Slave Trade lucrative for hundreds of years.

Kagoro people of Southern Kaduna are some of the ethnic minorities In the north that suffered from both Hausa and Fulani rulers (Image: Echoes of Hope)

To procure slaves, Hausa slave warriors raided communities and captured people and retain them as domestic servants, community slaves, or sold to slave traders in markets in Zaria and Kano. Those communities who were directly under Hausa's rule were heavily taxed and abused, their commodities often seized forcefully, etc. The Fulani people in Hausaland and its environs had either settled and worked for the Hausa kings and noblemen or dwell in the bushes herding their cattle which they are heavily taxed. It was the oppressive and corrupt Hausa rule that incite the population to support the Fulani during the Danfodio led Jihad.

Kafanchan: minority ethnic communities that lived here were subjected to raids by Fulani Emirs as well as the Hausa Kings that preceded them(Image: Wikipedia)

The Jihadists promised to establish a just society. After the Hausa Kings were defeated and their kingdoms were taken over, the new Fulani overlords took their government deeper and farther into areas their herding kin have visited and settled and established Emirates there. Many newer emirates were established in areas belonging to other ethnic communities where the Hausa had only raided but were unable to establish their authority. For example, in Southern Kaduna where I conducted my interview. Jema'a Emirate was established by the herding Fulani communities who pasture in the area during the Hausa period. But now they have become the lords.

Hausa slave raiders and later the Caliphate attacked communities in the north and captured people as slaves. These communities did not differentiate between the Fulani and Hausa, they were the same to them (Image: All About History)

The Fulani like the Hausa before them began raiding these ethnic communities for slaves to continue serving the needs of the new Fulani lords and markets. Between 1804 and 1904, when the Fulani era began up to when the British conquered the Sokoto Caliphates.

This is just a summary to show that the Fulanis Emirate does not predate Hausa kimgs
Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 9:46pm On Sep 08, 2021

Is Hausa-Fulani one tribe just like Igbo, Yoruba, Igala, Ijaw etc

This question should be directed to government, why would they list IGBO, Yoruba and then instead of Hausa they will write Hausa/Fulani

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Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 9:43pm On Sep 08, 2021
Hausa lost their cultural heritage including traditional institution to Islam. Everything happening in the North must be in accordance with Islamic laws, ethics and principles.

You are correct, just like Southern Nigeria had lost most of it traditional practices to Christianity. Foreign religion is anti-development , they don't allow you to think smart and correctly toward your own self and community but only think of the religious concepts and also about the place religion emanated from.
No country can make it abounding it's God given culture and religion.
We must drop the foreign concept and imbibes our own tradition and culture and to do this we must drop these foreign religions that are destroying us spiritually and sapping our energy.

We don't need Islamic ( Arabic tradition) or Christianity ( Roman) tradition but we need African tradition. A tradition that the creator gave to the very first African, a tradition that has no founder or organizers.
It is our Identity, it define who the creator says we should be. Aboundering our tradition is telling the creator he was wrong. Leave
Catholic says our names are Satanic, diabolical. So they start changing our names to Roman's names, they called us Mary, John etc. So if the creator gave us language. we should not bear names in our languages but bears name in Arabic and Roman language? This was deception and has to change.
Our traditional rulers must truelly be African traditional rulers and not Islamic rulers

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Politics / Re: Why Sultan, Emirs Are Not Traditional Rulers by kufre2010: 8:46pm On Sep 08, 2021

Keep arguing your ignorance to yourself

There are many different tribes in Bornu state just like in Northern Nigeria. Infact Northern Nigeria has more tribes than South but officially it is always Hausa/ Fulani that you will hear, that why I used Hausa instead of Kanuri

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