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Politics / Re: "Death Of 640 People In Kano": PDP Reacts, Asks Buhari To Visit Kano by lezan(m): 9:44am On Apr 27, 2020

How did many got to Kano, Bauchi and so on aftet lockdown
I'm only here to read ��� (agogo ayo).
Health / Re: Is 5g The Causes Of Corona Virus ? by lezan(m): 9:30am On Apr 04, 2020
Well its possible, but I'll say no it is not the cause of coronavirus. That 5G truely might or will have some side effects which coild be very harmful to us as humans, even the 4G we are using has some defects, Most of us might not know this.
The 5G emits a whole lot of radiation which is about 60 megahertz, our microwaves at home emits 6 megahertz which is enough to boil eggs under 7 minutes, so you could imagine the side effects of this 5G.... The majour side effects would be draining of blood and brain cells from our body if its placed around us which could eventually lead to death ☠
Even FFK follow add to the conspiracy....If you gonna condemn any invention, do it with scientificaly based arguments and let's test your hypothesis with science and not come and be playing Nollywood for us.
I'm sorry to say the black race isn't gonna move forward if we dont do away with myopic reasoning. The Asians have caught up with the West, what is a black man doing?...leaving everything to God and faith. The pandemic has presented us an opportunity to catch up with rest of the world as all economy of the world is down and may enter depression...We should be thinking of how to make Lemonade from the lemon thrown at us.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Survivor, Ayodeji Osowobi Shares Her Story by lezan(m): 5:22pm On Mar 30, 2020
They said no cure....... No vaccine....

Those recovering from Covid-19 how manage?

The body is designed to wade off all infections. Why it was said the life style you lived before the infection will tell a lot if you will survive. Live a healthy life and have good immune system to help you fight any infection that finds itself in your body.


Politics / Re: Saraki Reacts As Kwara Government Demolishes "Ile Arugbo" by lezan(m): 9:53am On Jan 03, 2020
Instead of demolishing the piece... the state govt would have invited the family representatives to make necessary payment on the land if truly it was acquired illegally. That would have been a mature way to handle the whole situation than a pure witch hurting. You need to have considered the old people benefiting from the foundation.
Politics / Ekiti PDP Crisis Worsens As Faction Sells Party Secretariat by lezan(m): 1:02pm On Dec 20, 2019
The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State, Chief Gboyega Oguntuwase, on Thursday, called on the former governor of the state, Ayodele Fayose, to retrace his step on the sale of the new PDP state secretariat in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.
Oguntuwase said, “To the best of my knowledge as chairman of the party, and to the knowledge of many SWC members, we have not sold the secretariat.”
The state PDP chairman was reacting to a statement by Fayose that the party leadership was aware of the sale of the party state secretariat and that the money was paid in tranches into the PDP account.
Oguntuwase said the PDP would reclaim the secretariat if it had been fraudulently sold.
He said, “Fayose said or alleged that the secretariat of the party has been sold with the knowledge of the party chairman and members of the SWC. With due respect to his person, we consider the statement as misleading, malicious, and condemnable.
“We would have called it outright falsehood, but for the sake of modesty and for the future peace of this party, we will not use this language. What he said that we sold the property in collaboration with him, is cruel, untrue and slanderous. I believe that by that statement, he has committed libel on a high scale.
“I want to tell you that any document they say they have is absolute falsehood. It is true he (Fayose) approached me to sign a document, but I told him, it was going to be a disservice to the party. I still stand by that. I told him I can’t sign and I did not sign. God knows that that was exactly what transpired in his house.

“He even asked me what I want to take and I told him I can’t take such a sacrilegious offering. Our property, if it has been sold via fraud, shall be recovered through legal action that will be taken by this party.

“We have received assurances from loyal party leaders that they are with us. If they (the sellers) have put somebody’s signature, it must have been a signature they got through another transaction to have an appearance of legality.”
When contacted for reaction on Thursday, the media aide to Fayose, Lere Olayinka, said, “We are not going to take issues with anybody on that matter or any other matter concerning the party.”

Foreign Affairs / Mexico Mayor Tied To Truck, Dragged Through Streets Amid Reported Anger Over Unf by lezan(m): 6:24pm On Oct 09, 2019
Eleven people were arrested in southern Mexico on Tuesday after the mayor of their village was dragged out of his office, beaten, and then tied to a pickup truck and dragged through the streets of the town, according to officials.
The State's Attorney General's Office in Tuxtla Gutiérre said in a news release that the incident happened early Tuesday in the town of Las Margaritas, when a group of people stormed Mayor Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández's office and caused damage to real estate, in addition to assaulting him.
The angry group of farmers was demanding the mayor build a road he promised to construct during his campaign, Mexican news outlet Excelsior reported.

This was the second attack this year by locals demanding the mayor fulfill his campaign promise to build the road, according to the BBC. Four months ago, a group of men trashed his office when he was not found there.

Travel / Re: Air Peace: Allen Onyema Welcomes Back Nigerians From South Africa (photos by lezan(m): 9:47am On Sep 12, 2019
This guy deserves a national award and a tax relief . Thanks for being our brothers keeper. God bless you sir


Politics / Re: "Our Railway Dream Will Remain A Dream" - Shehu Sani by lezan(m): 1:12am On Apr 21, 2019
[quote author=fairfora post=77716442]Is he submitting the tweets to the WAEC body? Anyone can make mistakes. He made constructive and meaningful statements in my opinion. That he made a spelling mistake on a single word out of many didn't make him a subject of ridicule. You are bound to make mistakes yourself, except you're an angel. [/quote

This is not the first he made within a week. The point is, he is a role model...
yes anyone can but not when it becomes consistent.

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Politics / Re: "Our Railway Dream Will Remain A Dream" - Shehu Sani by lezan(m): 8:53am On Apr 20, 2019
A senator of the federal republic saying ‘how did the colonial master built’.
How do we expect our children to pass Jamb and Waec if role models make this simple mistake?

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Politics / Re: APC Quiz - What Is The Status Of People Born Before October 1 1960 In 'Nigeria' by lezan(m): 10:08pm On Apr 12, 2019
You need to go read the constitution and understand it before you come online.
It’s stated in there that all born within the territory called Nigeria before independence and those whose parents or grand parents are born within the same territory before independence are Nigerians. Then come those born After October 1st and for those born outside Nigeria after October 1st they must have a parent who is a Nigerian.

Now to the question at hand... I respect Nnamdi Kanu for this cause he made a very salient point that only the court can determine which the constitution didn’t envisage as at the time of its draft.

Let the court decides!!!

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Crime / Re: LUTH Hostel Robbed, Doctor Urueye Stephen Stabbed To Death by lezan(m): 3:03pm On Apr 05, 2019
He is a personal friend that cannot even kill a rat. Was suppose to pass the night in my place with his gf but changed his mind later exactly 5:30pm yesterday. If only he came to pass the night at my place maybe this could have been averted.
I am inconsolable cause I have known this guy since he was in year one Unilag during his diploma days. We stayed in touch despite being in Idi and myself in Akoka.
I still find it hard to believe cause he spoke to me thrice on phone yesterday.
RIP Stephen Urueye aka sarutobi aka Sharingan, the only son and last born of his mom.

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Politics / Re: List Of Oil Wells And Their Owners Seized By President Buhari by lezan(m): 1:06pm On Mar 22, 2019
If this true... then this is the real next level. I have always noted that the problem of Nigeria is the elites not religion and not a particular region but the elites. They have become vultures that won’t let Nigeria move. It’s high time the commoners have access to the wealth of the nation through there states. Nigeria belong to all of us

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Politics / Re: Governorship Election Results 2019 From Polling Units Across States (unofficial) by lezan(m): 4:53pm On Mar 09, 2019
PU: 16
PDP: 08


Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Election Results Announcement By Mahmood Yakubu, INEC Chairman by lezan(m): 1:03pm On Feb 25, 2019
Collation results adjourned till 2:30. What's taking Lagos so long to deliver. Hope it's not Tinubu's bullion van at work o.

Just hearing that the Osun state returning officer is the former Dean of my faculty Prof. Ogundipe. I think he's now the DVC or something.
Prof. Ogundipe is the VC now after Ramahn Bello.
Greatest Akokite!
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Three Persons With Card Readers In Lagos by lezan(m): 6:15pm On Feb 21, 2019
Why are the PDP so desperate?

Anyway I have a message for them in French.

Lé snatché ballot boxé , le shoot, le travellé et meet ancêtre(ancestors).
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Three Persons With Card Readers In Lagos by lezan(m): 5:56pm On Feb 21, 2019
Why are the PDP so desperate?

Anyway I have a message for them in French.

Lé snatché ballot boxé , le shoot, le travellé et meet ancêtre(ancestors).
This got me laughing
Politics / Re: Buhari And 3 APC Governors Have Perfected Plans To Rig The Election- Atiku by lezan(m): 10:14am On Feb 20, 2019
If you say Adamawa it can be accepted owing to the fact it’s the home state of the major opposition but Borno maka why.
Let the politicians stop over heating the polity so as to avoid voters apathy even in their own strong holds.
Politics / Re: Video:See Who The People Of Niger State Are Voting For by lezan(m): 1:14am On Feb 20, 2019
The bottom line is Atiku can’t defeat Buhari in the north in a free and fair election. South will always be divided but seems majority in over there in the north wants Buhari.
May the best candidate that will move Nigeria forward emerge winner through a free and fair election

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Politics / Re: Who Is Pdp's Mole In Inec? by lezan(m): 2:00pm On Feb 17, 2019
Enough of fake news spreading... everyone’s mind is made up. The ballot seized in Kano were specimen ballots and inec already said there’s nothing wrong with that. Let the best candidate win and let the hate message stop.

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Politics / Re: Davido ‘hails’ President Buhari As He Delivers Speech To The Nation (photo) by lezan(m): 8:33am On Feb 15, 2019
Bobo dey find soft landing after he seriously goofed.

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Politics / Re: The 2015 Presidential Election Result Breakdown By States: Another Look by lezan(m): 6:38am On Feb 15, 2019
For PDP to win this election, it has to flip states APC won in 2015....but it looks more like APC even flipping more of states PDP won in 2015 and holding more to the state they have their governors. A typical example is Ekiti, FTC. The votes that will be coming out from the NC will be inconsequential cause who ever wins eventually will be doing so at a very slim margin.
Conclusively I see many paths to APC victory than PDP cause APC might retain the state they have their governors though maybe at a slim margin in the SW and even flip more states PDP won in 2015.
N:B Ogun state will be won by APC forget what happened during the campaign. They will all be supporting their own in Osinbajo and even PDP is divided in Ogun... we might have a new party forming government that is not PDP nor APC in the governorship election. Beauty of democracy


Politics / Re: Adamawa Youths Washes Road Leading To Lamido Adamawa After Atiku Visit PHOTOS by lezan(m): 3:21pm On Feb 14, 2019
Paid Apc warriors. How can Adamawa people sack their employer after the Adamawa state governor. What Atiku have done for Adamawa people buhari haven't done for daura

What Atiku have stolen from his adopted Country Buhari didn’t. To him much is given much is expected... he stole more but did less.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage- Pls, How Much Was Before Jonathan Approved #18,000? by lezan(m): 11:53am On Feb 07, 2019

Olodo, GEJ increased it to #18,000 from OBJ's #7,000 (ie about 150%)

Obasanjo doubled it from #3,500 to #7,000 (ie 100%)

Meanwhile, NLC is begging Buhari for only a 60% increment from GEJ's #18K to #30k
but the lying President is dribbling them
Must you resort to abusive language b4 passing your message ? Try to be constructive next time

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Politics / Re: Minimum Wage- Pls, How Much Was Before Jonathan Approved #18,000? by lezan(m): 11:31am On Feb 07, 2019
I need a site/link that can provide wage history.

pls quote this post so I can get alerts.

thanks in advance!

Jonathan never increased minimum wage... I think Obasanjo did
Politics / Re: Adamawa Getting Set To Receive The King Of Next Level President Muhammadu Buhari by lezan(m): 10:00am On Feb 07, 2019
Let’s see who gets to pull more crowd today... Atiku in katsina and Buhari in Adamawa.
I hope PDP will give us good view that covers wide area of coverage with a good drone camera than zooming to a particular section where you have people gathered.
Wishing both candidates well as they campaign at the backyard of each other.
Ire oh
Education / Re: Will The ASUU Strike That Have Kept Youth Out Of School Affect Election Outcome? by lezan(m): 5:44pm On Feb 02, 2019
If I am the sitting government with all the parameters available I will not want ASUU strike to be called off...cause presently the government does not have a favorable chance among the youths which constitutes majority of university students. I’ll prefer them to be home with their parents away from their voters registration center. That way they can be disenfranchised cause I don’t see any parent allowing his or her child to leave their custody when ASUU is on strike most especially that the elections are around the corner. This way the population of the youths is inconsequential and can’t be factored into this present election.

My verdict is that many youths want change of government but they are already disenfranchised before the election began.

The present situation still favors the present government of the day though they can’t be entirely blamed for the problem of the education sector.

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Politics / Re: Shocking Revelation: Acting CJN Did Not Attend Law School [video] by lezan(m): 8:07am On Jan 29, 2019
This is fake news... charge and bail lawyer. The man graduated in 1981 from Nigeria Law school!

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen: NANS Protests Against Buhari's Action by lezan(m): 2:32am On Jan 29, 2019
The caption on that banner “ why did you rushed to suspend the CJN and left Ganduje” we are finished in this country if our students can’t even construct good English... how did they pass through the walls of university?
And to think of it... members of NANS are usually postgraduate students!
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actress Regina Daniels Appointed Into Atiku's Campaign Team by lezan(m): 12:31pm On Jan 22, 2019
Is she a veteran or a role model to win elections? This is a joke of the year.
Politics / Re: Regina.d Blast Buhari As Shes Appointed Youth Coordinator In Atiku Campaign Team by lezan(m): 12:48pm On Jan 21, 2019
Even this Olosho that has never stopped being 18. Kontinu!

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Politics / Re: The Man Called Tinubu The JAGABAN Of Southwest~ A Must Read by lezan(m): 10:10am On Jan 21, 2019
Is it your Lagos? The day I see a PDP controlled state in the league of Lagos that’s when I’ll believe all these. With all the accusation yet no PDP controlled state has been able to measure up to Lagos even the ones that collect 13% derivation. It’s high time people from that region begin to ask their government what they do with the 13% derivation

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