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Family / Re: My Fun Hangout With My Daughter And The Daughter Of Our Gate Minder. by Lovestrong(m): 12:23pm On Jun 20
God bless your beautiful heart for the smiles u brought to not just your kid to the other kid, you are kind person and good things of life shall be kind to u and ur home.
Health / Re: 25-year-old Lady Born With Two Vaginas Opens Up On Life Challenges by Lovestrong(m): 5:29am On Jun 20
Na to use one do hookup. Keep the other for future husband
lol! Mini jennyclay
Culture / Re: What I’ll Do If Another Government Dethroned Me” – Sanusi by Lovestrong(m): 10:01pm On Jun 18
grin grin

Is anyone seeing what is going on with Portugal?

How will Pendu fan boys sleep this night if things remain this way grin grin grin
dey won d match 2:1
Family / Re: Hetty Green: The Most Stingy Woman In History by Lovestrong(m): 4:49pm On Jun 16
Poverty of the mind

Money wey next-of-kin fit blow away everything in one month cheesy
my brother, next-of-kin go use am buy motor still batch'am in one week and e no still concern life

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TV/Movies / Re: Movie Review & Ratings: Kill Boro by Lovestrong(m): 5:41pm On Jun 12
where can I download it?
Food / Re: Chinese Expatriates Are The Biggest Consumers Of Pork Meat In Nigeria (video) by Lovestrong(m): 2:31pm On Jun 01
Partially surprised. It is best to state they are an easy market.

I doubt they represent 1% of the market.
what of Tiv tribe
Romance / Re: Man Shares His Encounter With A Sex Worker (Video) by Lovestrong(m): 6:01am On Jun 01
Her english tight...why she no go be teacher for private school.
I tire ooO

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested In Switzerland For Coming In With Laser Pointer by Lovestrong(m): 5:26pm On May 31

What's wrong with it? Before you answer, which village your own handwriting Don carry you go?
lol! Brother peace
Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested In Switzerland For Coming In With Laser Pointer by Lovestrong(m): 5:13pm On May 31
Him own don be for am be that.
who follow me see dt handwriting.


Celebrities / Re: ‘Do You Know Harrysong Bed-Wets? – Ex-Wife Alexer Blasts Singer by Lovestrong(m): 10:21am On May 28
Politics / Re: Sanusi Defies Court Order, Mounts Throne As Emir Of Kano by Lovestrong(m): 6:38am On May 26
Two can play the game
him belike, sitting on d throne and gat beef with nobody
Properties / Re: Samsung AC Price In 2015 Vs 2024 by Lovestrong(m): 10:41am On May 21

Even eggs is not for poor people in Nigeria cos na mentality

Na rich people dey eat bread and eggs at home in Nigeria. Chai, see mentality oo

Our mentality about food in Nigeria is just anything solid like Eba, Akpu, bread and beans, beans and garri

lol! Somebody said to drink garri and rainwater dey taste like turkey
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs West Ham (3 - 1) On 19th May 2024 by Lovestrong(m): 5:45pm On May 19

This game is more important to Arsenal.
d man way get city suppose be a business minded gunners.....

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Celebrities / Re: Fr Mbaka And Bishop Onaga Laid Junior Pope To Rest by Lovestrong(m): 5:07am On May 19
Mbaka looking like Nollywood Evil Spirit
hahahaha! U just spoke my mind
Education / Re: Kano University Suspends Student For Proposing To Female On Campus by Lovestrong(m): 6:10am On May 17

Definitely for marriage.

Travel go North, you go see secondary school boys wey get 2 wives and 7 children.

By age 30, pikin don reach 15. And na motorbike be source of living oo

Their lifestyle there is different.
hahahaha! Naso dey bundle Aisha for marriage
Nairaland / General / Re: The Mistake You Made In Life You Wouldn't Want Someone Else To Repeat by Lovestrong(m): 5:28pm On May 16

First step that i took was deleting the app n deleting browser history but sadly it didn't stop. I self excluded n it worked 60% but guess how i nailed it finally?
please throw more light....how?
Nairaland / General / Re: The Mistake You Made In Life You Wouldn't Want Someone Else To Repeat by Lovestrong(m): 3:46pm On May 16
Betting addiction. It nearly killed me. I even went suicide but death said not yet. But i have conquered.

I can help anyone in need of it.
how, interested?
Celebrities / Re: Your First Salary Belongs To Your Father, Not Pastor - Actor Kanayo by Lovestrong(m): 1:18pm On May 10

Kanayo O. Kanayo is a wise man that understands the culture.
d real Afamefuna boss

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Sports / Re: Victor Boniface Makes Bundesliga Team Of The Season by Lovestrong(m): 8:33am On May 05
Kudos. This guy side hustle is comedy.
I swaer, a crazy clown and e belike say him dey carry olosho wella
Travel / Re: The Meaning & Significance Of The Green & Red Lights On The Wings Of Aircrafts by Lovestrong(m): 3:00pm On May 02
Where's Explorers?

I haven't seen any of his educative threads this year.

I hope he's fine.
I learnt a lot from his threads
Politics / Re: House Of Representatives Summons Petroleum Minister Over Fuel Scarcity by Lovestrong(m): 5:52pm On Apr 30
Heineken. Lol
welkom to Naija champions league.... A bottle of Heineken/1 litre of fuel is 850 now

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Health / Re: What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked? by Lovestrong(m): 8:04am On Apr 23
what of Al'janu attacks
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Aston Villa (0 - 2) On 14th April 2024 by Lovestrong(m): 8:47pm On Apr 14
u mean for d past 3 years no buyer yet..na wah o
hahahaha! People kill People
Celebrities / Re: How I Survived The Boat Accident That Killed Junior Pope - Survivor TC (Video) by Lovestrong(m): 7:47pm On Apr 11
Na olodo be that.
lol! Stagnant olodo for dt matta
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich: UCL (2 - 2) On 9th April 2024 by Lovestrong(m): 10:14pm On Apr 09
Someone is saying ass-anal can win the champions League 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

It's easier for Nigeria to develop like UK than for ass-anal to win any cup this season
lol! People kill Pple.
Health / Re: Muslim Women Exercising In Hijab In Saudi Arabia Gym by Lovestrong(m): 4:38pm On Apr 06
What if the long clothes gets caught on something and they trip and fall perhaps with a cracked skull?
lol! It's called sacrifice in kanayo O Kanayo voice


Health / Re: Muslim Women Exercising In Hijab In Saudi Arabia Gym by Lovestrong(m): 4:36pm On Apr 06
lol! Na small, small monkey dey Tk turn to bamboo


TV/Movies / Re: Movie Review: Áfáméfúná - An Nwa-boi Story. by Lovestrong(m): 8:36pm On Apr 02
"If you marry a monkey because of money, the money will one day finish, but the monkey remains".

Kanayo. O. Kanayo

I love the fact that the movie didn't portray human ritual as a means of making money. Because it is superstitious and inhumane. This is not to say people aren't involved in it. But that human ritual is just a term to cover up money laundering, fraud, and other form of illegality.

The movie from start to finish was intriguing and exciting. Though, the producer and writer were trying to sell a narrative that I found disturbing, however, their point was understandable. We'll get there later.

Afamefuna was a man like his father and master. Men who will toil the soil, with long streams of sweat and sometimes blood breaking on their backs and legs. Rather than steal or beg.

Afamefuna was a man who understood what integrity entails. He was so passionate about his apprenticeship that he rose to a rank even his master was mirthful about.

He was attentive to his job. Always on point. Making friends and avoiding enemies. Mapping his terrain to know where his territory borders and how to make good harvests from it.

He would have ended up being a doormat man even though he was honest. That's where Paulo comes in. Paulo was a senior colleague at first, then a friend, later a brother, and unfortunately in the end, an enemy.

Paulo is like men who aren't able to sustain themselves to the end. May not be exactly their fault; some seeds don't reach the farm.

Paulo was a friend who thought Afamefuna the way of the street, the modus operandi of doing business among sheep, goats, and tigers. Integrity was not enough. Honesty was not enough. Kindness was not enough. The good man must pose as a warrior to defend himself and attack enemies. That's who Paulo was to Afamefuna; his shield and sword.

Afamefuna's father raised his son using his experience, never leaving his son in the dark, feeding him daily with the wisdom of sages. Giving men a highlight on raising quality sons. Which by pure serendipity, the young man quickly leveraged in his time of need - when his boss was almost going bankrupt and helpless.

The movie portrays hard work and integrity as the key to success. Having a keen eye to spot a good location to start a business and becoming the mayor of that town.

Afamefuna had a crush on his boss's daughter, however, his timidity, and also, the engagement of Paulo to the beautiful damsel he admired stopped him from making any amorous move.

This damsel, Amaka indeliberately turned Paulo into Afamefuna's worst and bitter enemy. Afamefuna has to take much blame here, however.

Paulo got jealous that Afamefuna got the blessings of his boss and has now gained his freedom. That act unfurled the dirty nature of Paulo, eroding his little integrity and efficiency. Paulo became wild and angry and sort for other means aside from legality to make money, riches, and wealth. Of course, he made a lot of money but at the cost of his dear life.

Afamefuna getting married to their boss's daughter, Amaka, was another fuel that aggravated the fire of hate between the duo who were once friends but now enemies.

Afamefuna broke the bro code: Bros shouldn't lust after their bros sisters, girlfriends, and wives. Paulo too broke one of the bro codes: Bros shouldn't eat where they shit; he was dating his boss's daughter.

Amaka also portrays the fact that women don't mind jumping high fences, crossing seas, and values to prove their love for a man they have a genuine desire for. She stole from her father to feed the fraudulence of Paulo, her boyfriend who promised her marriage but later jilted her. Funny enough, after many years of separation, she was still entangled with Paulo despite his ill-treatment of her. Genuine desire has a taste of Stockholm syndrome.

Afamefuna capitalized on the abusive relationship of Paulo et Amaka. He was able to lure his long-time crush into a housewife. Surprisingly, unfortunately, and unknowingly for him, he paid a dear price by raising Paulo's biological son. He was a victim of paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud is where I have an issue with the writer and producer of the movie. Amaka wasn't scolded for her actions. Probably, she didn't know because she was playing a home-and-away sex match. Rather she was condoled for her fraud.

Instead of letting Lotanna go meet his biological father, Paulo, Afamefuna didn't, and that was used as manipulative bait by Paulo to blackmail him. All Afamefuna wanted was peace to reign in his life and family, however, he was paying a high price that was detrimental to his total well-being.

Children of paternity fraud shouldn't suffer maltreatment due to the negligence and atrocities of their mothers. However, letting the truth known from the onset is better than covering it in an attempt not to hurt the kids. It doesn't help the kids in the long run.

Paternity fraud is a great crime against fathers and humanity. Fathers and kids involved can only survive this storm by making the truth known and administering justice.

Apprenticeship is a good way of raising soft hands who will later become moving economic forces. The Igbo Apprenticeship System is still in vogue, but it needs better regulations for the efficiency and raising of strong economic leaders. This can scale to every part of the nation.

The picture quality of the movie was top-notch. Good actors. Good play. Good movie.


abeg, link to download the movie
TV/Movies / Re: Movie Review: Áfáméfúná - An Nwa-boi Story. by Lovestrong(m): 8:15pm On Apr 02
I also felt Amaka betrayed afemefuna... She knows the kid isn't his but kept quiet...

Why do igbos allow paternality fraud?.

What if Paulo didn't die, is that how he would have been blackmailing afemefuna till eternity?

I called on the mods to push this thread to front page and they did...

To all nairaland moderators, as you have honored me, so shall you be honored in double folds grin grin grin grin
where can I download it?
Religion / Re: Actor Playing Jesus On Easter Friday Lands Heavily On The Floor. by Lovestrong(m): 8:55pm On Mar 31
Lol. Nollywood effect grin
This na electric pole not cross grin
lol! Electric Jesu
Politics / Re: Easter: PDP Tasks Leaders On Service, Urges National Renewal by Lovestrong(m): 6:55am On Mar 31
Crime / Re: Police To Honour Officers Murdered In Delta, Arrest 5 Suspects by Lovestrong(m): 7:31pm On Mar 23

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