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TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 9:32am On Sep 21
Anybody interested?

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by lynx200(m): 10:50pm On Aug 22
Hi guys, I saw this program, FTMO, on forexfactory and thought of letting the house know. In summary, it provides funding capital to FX traders after they complete a challenge, which is trading a demo account profitably. Profits from the real account are split with FTMO 70-30 in favor of the trader. The only thing is that you have to pay to take part in their challenge. Anybody here gone through it?
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Script Writers For Youtube Videos Needed by lynx200(m): 4:40pm On Aug 21

Drop email let me contact u

We are already discussing on telegram. Expecting your reply to my post.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Script Writers For Youtube Videos Needed by lynx200(m): 12:13pm On Aug 21
Good day,

Do you have an email where one can send samples of past works? I am not on whatsapp though I can be contacted on telegram.
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 4:28pm On Aug 13
Some opportunities here, folks

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 7:04pm On Jul 29
For those in Calabar, this is for you.

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 7:01pm On Jul 29
2 Female Actors needed for a movie role by afromoviehub.

The first role requires a fun and energetic young lady in her mid 20s of average height and bit busty. She's needed for four days

The second role requires a slightly matured and classy looking lady in her mid 30s with a pleasant look. She's needed for a day.

If interested, follow afromoviehub on social media and send your name, professional pictures and location to 07087363425.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Lai Mohammed Orders NBC To Stop BBN Over COVID-19 – The Cable by lynx200(m): 4:43pm On Jul 25
Personally I don't bother about BBN and I steer clear of their threads. But the high handed actions of Lai Mohammed and his reasons are pissing me off and made me comment on this . If he can do this for a show already cleared by regulators, that sets a precedent for him to stop other content owners from showcasing their content. This is high handed recklessness that shouldn't be tolerated. Its not about liking or not liking the show (For those hating on the show, there's a reason there are other channels on DSTV and Gotv. Use your remote or the parental blocking option!) but the fact that he is doing this for a friend who has already failed in PayTV and wants to come back to the industry. It's the same reason for NBC banning the exclusive ownership of certain content which I feel is an anti-capitalist law.

For all their disadvantages, DSTV has put in a lot into the industry. Do any of your local TV stations support local productions? No! If not for Youtube and DSTV, many content producers will still be in the grip of greedy TV stations selling airtime which is illegal according to the NBC code. It's the money they get from exclusive content that is providing employment and incomes to many Nigerians. So for those supporting the move (Which I believe shouldn't be tolerated) it's not about if BBN makes sense or not but freedom of expression and legality of such moves.
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 4:25pm On Jul 25
Some more opportunities here

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 4:24pm On Jul 25
Here is an audition from inkblot, the film makers. The three pictures are from them and include the monologue you have to master for the audition.

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 3:58pm On Jul 25
There is an online casting for a video project. Actors/Actresses have to send in videos of themselves acting out the lines for their chosen characters. Here are the briefs.

1. Corporately dressed clean looking Male -35yrs

Lines- My name is John. I’m the HR. manager of Cooperate Holders. Before now, getting a good HMO that works perfectly for my staff was a hassle. Many HMOs come with cumbersome registration processes. Imagine having to chase a staff of over 100 people for registration documents alongside a mountain pile of my normal day-to-day job. My stress level was on the high!.

FEE: 50K

2. Casually dressed classy Looking Female 30yrs to 35yrs.

Lines - Running a growing small business is not easy. It’s all hands on deck for me and my small team of 6. I also know that to get the best out of them, they must be in tip-top shape, which was why I started my search to find the best HMO for them. But most of the HMOs I found said I had to have at least 50 staff members.

FEE: 50K

Male and female extras are also needed.
30-35 years of age

FEE - 7K

Please note the following -

1. All Models have to compile videos shot in landscape

2. All casts have to dress the part and look presentable

3. All videos must be shot in landscape layout.

4. All videos must be shot in well-lighted environment.

5. All cast must mention name, age, role they are casting for and show their side profile and fingers

If you fit the roles and you will be available to meet the client, send your videos via WhatsApp to 08038556284. put in your full Names, Age and Phone number(s) and role being played. The agent's name is Bestylus Models.

7 professional female dancers are needed for a video shoot. The pay is N7,000. If interested, send a picture to Sally Omar via Whatsapp to 07025757578.

A-Class models management is looking for male and female models between sizes 4-12. Send in clear head shot and full length pictures with a white or plain background. The hair should be packed back and away from the face and there should be no make up. Your outfits must show your figure. Only shortlisted models will be contacted.

Travel / Re: Abandoned Places And Buildings In Nigeria And Around The World by lynx200(m): 8:56pm On Jul 18
Nice job you're doing with the pictures, Vianna.

The Nigerian school in the last set of pictures on page 1 is actually Igbobi Girls Junior College at Somolu. That particular building was built sometime in the early 2010s but it was substandard. Storm and rain exposed the building's frailties and they had to stop using it. I still believe it can be renovated so I won't label it as abandoned yet as its in a school compound that's still being used, located in a built up urban area that ensures it's in everyone's face unlike many abandoned structures that are in remote places.

I also won't label the Kajuru building abandoned even though the original owners might not be using it as many film and music directors have been using the place over the last five years. You can see from the pictures that it's been renovated and maintained.


TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 4:42pm On Jul 18
Some more opportunities for Nairaland actors/actresses

Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Biography And PR Article Writing: Earn As Much As You Want by lynx200(m): 10:53am On Jul 18
Do you have an email address by which I can reach you and send in my past works? I am not on Whatsapp at present.
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 5:41pm On Jul 04
Opportunities for upcoming actors/actresses here.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring Scriptwriter For Youtube Channel - Remote Work, Long Term Work by lynx200(m): 1:26pm On Jun 30
What are your working conditions? How much do you pay per script?
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 7:25am On Jun 27
For lovers of Yoruba films, this is for you.

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 9:06pm On Jun 19
Interested actors should send a DM for the audition script. They should should read and digest any character of their choice in the script then
do a monologue video to the character on your choice. Send the video and tag @pandamedia.ng on IG and @_badmanpanda on twitter. Make sure you're following the producers on instagram and twitter for your entry to be valid.

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TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 2:34pm On Jun 16
I normally don't post this but I thought there might be a production manager or an aspiring one here.

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 2:24pm On Jun 16
Hi people, corona virus or not, we've got to live our lives. Here's some audition notices where you get a chance to move forward towards your dreams. Just remember to stay safe, wear your mask and observe social distancing.

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 1:28pm On Jun 08
For the presenters in the house, WAP TV is looking for female presenters and OAPs. To apply, send in a one minute video showing and telling them why you believe the job is yours via Whatsapp to 09084070499 before 12noon, June 12 2020.

Modelstalk.ng is conducting a virtual audition for a female UK size 10 model (Height at least 5 feet 8inches) on behalf of a brand looking to do a look book shoot. if interested send your pictures to www.modelstalk.ng.

Expressions media is holding a virtual audition for adult actors aged 20-45 years. If interested, create and send a creative one minute monologue to ysaexpressions@gmail.com or 08123310131 on or before 10th of June 2020.

ISM Scouting is conducting a Pan African Model search. Send your pictures with details like names, age, location or statistics via email imaginerystylemodelsng@gmail.com

TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 1:23pm On Jun 08
Hey guys, hope you've been exercising your acting/modelling skills during this lockdown. Here are some opportunities to show what you're made of.

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Literature / Re: Make $100 Per Week From Freelance Writing by lynx200(m): 4:13pm On Jun 05
Business / Re: I Have Invested So Much In Bitcoin, please Help! by lynx200(m): 11:31am On May 24
Good day my fellow nairalanders,

i have indeed invested upto 500k naira in bitcoin just this year before this pandemic broke out,

am considering selling off my coins to real cash to avoid bitcoin ever crashing in this period of time.

Looks like my instint was right after all,
i was even considering investing 8million on it during this year january

i need your advice on this,
should i leave it alone to mature or just break out the bank and be on a safer side

I understand your fear. But I can tell its based on lack of adequate information. I will advice you to hold on to your bitcoin hoard. The way the bitcoin was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto would make it scarce unlike paper currencies like dollar and naira which are being printed indiscriminately by Governments. There's an inbuilt code that splits the available bitcoin to bitcoin miners by half every four years. A halfing event occurred earlier this May. This is bound to raise the price upwards. Check the other halfing incidents in 2012 and 2016 where bitcoin prices rose meteorically.

So I would advice that you leave your money in bitcoin as its price is set to rise due to its scarcity vis a vis fiat currencies. I will advice that you read up more on bitcoin and the effects of the halfing on the internet. Also check the rise of bitcoins price over the years and the projected estimates of where the price might go in the next two years (Don't want to say it here as people might think I'm crazy). In short, think of the N500,000 as being in a savings account which will yield lucratively in the next 24 months. At least that's better than leaving the money in a bank account.
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 7:42pm On May 14
Here are some online auditions for you.

Literature / Re: Script Writer Needed For A Long Term Project. by lynx200(m): 2:46pm On May 13
Hi, I am a scriptwriter who has worked in the TV/movie industry for a decade. Do you have a number or email through which one can contact you?
TV/Movies / Re: Post All TV/Movie Audition Notices Here by lynx200(m): 11:31am On May 06
There is a picture casting for video vixens/music video models for a music video shoot. The preferred candidates should be aged between 18-25 years . If you're available to meet the client, send 3 studio pictures with your names, age, height and location to 08038556284 via Whatsapp. Please no calls!
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: We Need A Professional Serious Writers For Long Term Deals by lynx200(m): 11:11am On May 05
I'm interested. 08023429131.
Health / Re: Applause For Nairaland Covid-19 Heroes by lynx200(m): 9:41am On Apr 16
One hears a lot of complaints about the quality of discourse and members here. But what these Samaritan initiatives have shown is that there are still great people among us in Nairaland. I opened this thread to encourage them and show their work hasn't gone unnoticed. Unlike our thieving politicians, most of these Samaritans are just average middle class folks just squeezing something out of the little they have for their fellow brethren.

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Health / Re: Applause For Nairaland Covid-19 Heroes by lynx200(m): 9:25am On Apr 16
Thanks for helping identify our good Samaritans here.
But Pocohantas said the money does not belong to her so it's only fair she mentions the lady that gave her the money for her second giveaway.

And I know the lady is cococandy

So op remove Pocohantas and put cococandy

By the order of the Peaky blinders

This thread mentions both the givers and the distributors. It's not easy doing that so they have to be mentioned. Thanks
Business / Re: Boost Sales With This New Marketing System by lynx200(m): 7:28am On Apr 16
Content marketing is an inexpensive way that SMEs can use to build up their business presence. With posts that provide timely information to your audience, you can build your business organically and at affordable costs.

Build up your reputation with these expert write ups and you will be building great relationships with your future clientele. This effective methodology isn't expensive but it will get your business exposure worth millions that otherwise you would have spent millions getting through traditional media. All these exposure costs just a little amount. Let's help you get it with our professional expertise. Call us today on 08023429131. Our rates are affordable.

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