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Religion / Re: The Akan And Jamaicans Have 4 Genders As Do Many Non-christian Cultures by Majeste: 1:49pm On Jun 23, 2023
Sodomy is the Devil's religion

Religion / Re: All Demons Are Male Gender by Majeste: 1:48pm On Jun 23, 2023
Sodomy is the Devil's religion

Religion / Re: Islamic Influence On Jesuit Origins by Majeste: 1:47pm On Jun 23, 2023
Sodomy is the Devil's religion
Religion / Re: Evil Doers Won't Dodge Hell by Majeste: 1:46pm On Jun 23, 2023
Sodomy is the Devil's religion

Religion / Re: Life Is Not Fair There Is No Black Jesus by Majeste: 12:50pm On Jun 23, 2023

The world did not start with one man. In the beginning Elohim ( group of Gods) said let us make man in our own image meaning all the gods created different men.

El means God

Elohim is gods or group of gods

Adam is just one of the men the gods created

Stop accepting false doctrine. Elohim is the plural name of Eloah who has many names just like the many names of Allah. Just like we have many parts to ourselves so does God. A man can be a father, a husband, a teacher, a laborer, a soldier, a businessman, etc. We all wear many hats including women wear many titles.

There is only one God.

Man spread out to different parts of the Earth upon different land masses. Those who lived in the cold North have pale and yellow skin. Those who lived in the Middle Eastern region have brown and fair skin. And those who lived at the Equator have jet black and dark skin. The UV rays of the Sun shaped Man and gave them different races. The false doctrine that all mankind migrated out of Africa is what is causing misunderstanding. Life started in Asia in the middle of the land masses and from there the 3 brothers spread out to different continents. Some legends say it was 4 brothers but that's neither here nor there.

Religion / Re: Life Is Not Fair There Is No Black Jesus by Majeste: 11:51am On Jun 23, 2023
The Brown Skin Anti Christ
Religion / Re: Freemasons Use LGBT To Shut Down Corporations To Crash Economy by Majeste: 11:51am On Jun 23, 2023
There is no black Jesus.
Religion / Re: Outer Space Actually Promotes Hell by Majeste: 11:50am On Jun 23, 2023
The Brown Skin Anti Christ
Celebrities / Re: Donald Drumpf Is Running For The Zionist Woman President by Majeste: 11:32am On Jun 23, 2023
The Devil's religion is being enforced upon people or they won't eat. This is why they are collapsing every major corporation and banking system because they want to leave people with no choice but to comply. 32 trillion dollars of debt means the Dollar is definitely dead.

Religion / Re: Life Is Not Fair There Is No Black Jesus by Majeste: 1:48am On Jun 23, 2023
Life is not fair there is no black Jesus.
Religion / Re: Life Is Not Fair There Is No Black Jesus by Majeste: 9:08pm On Jun 22, 2023

Trust me I promise you, you really really don’t know what you are talking about…. But you are free to think anything you want, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the fact.

Do you understand genetics?

We are male Semitic men with brown skin who mixed with Hamite black skin women when Joseph ruled as prime minister of ancient Kemet. The Prophet Moses married a black skin Kemet woman and it caused quite an uproar with the elders because Moses was the leader. Even Abraham preferred Sarah over Hagar kicking Hagar and Ishmael out when Isaac was borne.

Here is a portrait of Moses with his lovely wife who was very dark. He must have really loved her because Moses refused to give her up when the elders complained.

Here is a portrait of Louis the 9th the Saintly king who fought on the Crusade and was seriously wounded he later died from his injuries. King Louis is brown skin and was of the tribe of Benjamin.

I am keeping this respectful because we are all one humanity despite this shocking disclosure. We are not Africans. There are even Hamites among us who believe that they are Hebrews but it just isn't so.

Celebrities / Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Majeste: 4:03pm On Jun 22, 2023
Why do they say Jesus was born in a manger?
Luke 2:7 “and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

Yeshua Ben Yossef son of Yossef and Mary. Because of the hidden royal bloodline and untold true story many crazy people believe anyone can be the King of the Jews Yet this is no more true than anyone can be an Oba in Yorubaland. You must be a prince to be king and your father must be a king. Yet still God must choose the right prince to ascend.

Religion / Re: Outer Space Actually Promotes Hell by Majeste: 12:36pm On Jun 22, 2023

Very interesting.
Go ahead.

I agree completely with you.
You are very correct.
I have made my own personal observations from the clairvoyant perspective.
There are so many other lights which are not visible to the physical eyes of man. Some of them are balls of conscious intelligent energies.
They can assume any form and can descend to the earth. I have seen this happen repeatedly at night.
Look, there is so much cover up going on. People have been lied to.
The lights in the sky (and there are so many of them other than the sun, moon and stars) are the ones moving!
I have had real life experience of countless orbs of yellow light, silvery light, red light, bright blue light gyrating slowly, touring the sky; moving upwards and even descending downwards as though searching for something, then suddenly stopping and hanging low above a particular place and staying there all through the night, leaving only in the early hours of the morning before the dawn of sunlight. I have seen entities riding on a crescent moon made of super bright yellow light. And, of course, there are so many other moons.
Science lies deliberately to keep earth people ignorant of the true nature of reality. We are not alone. There are other kinds of intelligent life living right in the sky above us. Some of the lights you mistake for the stars are actually their own lights, the way you will see lights in the sky line of a city on earth as a result of electric lights in houses and buildings.

I have also seen other kinds of things, I will not mention here so as not to sound fantastic. The sum of it is that the sky is heavily populated by things, lights, floating mansions and compounds riding on puffs of clouds, circles of flying entities floating and traveling together in a close-knitted formations like birds, whole settlements and camps of strange humanoid beings living on thin layers of land fixed on carpets of clouds and slowly drifting about in the sky as though pursuing a journey.
Science has told very many great lies.
There is a whole lot of tremendous happenings around and above the earth intentionally hidden away from people on earth.
Some of the things I have mentioned here can be seen faintly with the eyes once in a while, that is if one has been looking. This is because they usually shield themselves with cloudy disguises such that when you are looking right at them, you may think it is a mere cloud formation. Some of them are too etherised such that a clairvoyant sight can only see them in all their details.

Very wonderful that you have had such beautiful and enlightening experiences which I believe you. Living in the city my sky viewing is quite dim because of all the interference from artificial light. Yes I do believe that there are light beings that can travel with their bodies alone not needing any ship or UFO. And I do believe there are cities beyond us and other worlds that are made up of things we can't describe on Earth and that they from that place visit us quite often.

I stay grounded however because there is a war down here for the souls of men on Earth. .My warrior side has little time to contemplate what is a mere distraction down here. It is always good to converse with clairvoyant souls such as yourself who can see beyond the veil. I long for that peaceful time again so I keep fighting to expose the enemy. Maybe knowledge of what we know in this land about the mysterious sky and what is known in the great land of Africa can be exchanged one day in a peaceful reign on Earth.

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Religion / Re: There Is No Black Jesus by Majeste: 1:46am On Jun 22, 2023
Dr. Rashad Richey is an Edomite.

The Irish and Scottish surname Richey, also found in England, is a pet form of the personal name Rich, a short form of Richard.

The cowardly Scotts.

Celebrities / Re: Donald Drumpf Is Running For The Zionist Woman President by Majeste: 1:27am On Jun 22, 2023
The Brown Skin Anti Christ
Religion / Re: Freemasons Use LGBT To Shut Down Corporations To Crash Economy by Majeste: 1:26am On Jun 22, 2023
The Brown Skin Anti Christ
Celebrities / Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Majeste: 12:46am On Jun 22, 2023
Change is Constant
Religion / Re: Outer Space Actually Promotes Hell by Majeste: 12:36am On Jun 22, 2023


It suffices that there were some form of interactions perhaps trade relations between ancient African dwellers and those on the soil named after Amerigo Vespucci (America) PRIOR to the advent of Christopher Columbus, right?

I'd also like to know your opinion as to why Africa is largely a struggling continent despite its abundant resources. Feel free and explore all angles available to you.

Kindly let me know as well whether or not the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt were blacks or whites.

Who built the Egyptian pyramids and the rest across the world and other megalithic structures?

I am using my other account it seems someone doesn't like I bent a few rules. grin

Anyway, I am going to attempt to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

America is named after Amaru an ethic name native to these continents although Amerigo probably sounded more Latin so the two names emerged to form America. Many times between two languages that differ the dominant people will chose sounds that are familiar to them in this case Latin won out.

Whether you want to believe it or not Lucifer is the Prince of this world. Lucifer is conducting a war of attrition against Man who he envies. Africa just happens to be a mountain of natural resources by which so many world empires need to stay competitive, thus the Scramble for Africa. Lucifer's many cults keeps Africa in control by making poverty the agitator to join the cult. Once they join the cult their soul belongs to Lucifer. This is true for Black people everywhere that you can't be rich unless you join a cult. Rich men and women who still have a soul are a threat to Lucifer's kingdom. The people's lives are targeted with limitations to keep them impoverished and in control. This I learned from a former witch, who confessed that her grandmother taught her witchcraft, and she goes into the astral realm each night to control the principalities of her region. I also heard a former wizard confess the same acts he did as well to fulfill his contract to Satan.

Right now many leaders are calling for the end of the U.S dollar which will shatter the dreams of many in a world economic collapse. It's all apart of Lucifer's New World Order.

Egypt is the Greek name for Kemet the land of the Blacks. The Greeks who were brown skin Edomites called the people whose land it was the Ethiopians which means burnt face. Ham is the black son of Noah and the father of Africa. Ham's son Mizram built Egyptian Pyramids he was a stone mason.

Yes there are pyramids all over the world built by the ancient society of stone masonry which is idol worship. Monuments were built to align with certain star formations that were venerated into gods. All inspired by Lucifer. It is possible that during very remote times erecting stone monuments was a way of keeping time with celestial cycles. The Sun takes a whole year to transverse the zodiac which is how we keep calendar but in the hundreds of thousands of years and millions of years you need a larger cycle than Solar. So these stone monuments were erect to align with celestial cycles that are much larger than 365 days. The heavenly bodies soar over the Earth like a great bird which was the symbol of Shumera which is Shem the oldest son of Noah.

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