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Politics / Re: Why I Wear Same Outfit To Court — Nnamdi Kanu by malakaimoscondo: 10:01pm On Mar 19
Turji Bello the leader of a deadly banditry group is operating freely in the bushes of zamfara, Kaduna, Niger, Abuja, katsina, plateau and kogi, but nobody arrested him.

Sunday Igboho a freedom fighter like NNAMDI kanu just regained his freedom.

Asari dokubo even did worst thing during and after the last elections but nothing happened to him.

Mc Oluomoh and his deadly groups unleashed mayhem on voters across the nation nut nothing happened.

But because this guy is igbo and because he don't believe in the unity of one force and false entity called Nigeria, he was incarcerated indefinitely even though many Nigerian courts has at one time or the other ordered for his release.

We are watching you people from the middle belt
KANU was killing innocent Nigerians threatening federal government..bello truji never threatened the oneness of Nigeria.,......igboho only give eviction notice ..he body tell am....by the time the government is done with KANU.....he will believe in one Nigeria that a northern politician that will never like to hear about the balkanization of Nigeria.....we haven't started with him believe me

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Politics / Re: I’ll Restore Peace If Freed — Nnamdi Kanu by malakaimoscondo: 5:47pm On Mar 19
He created the vacuum that Govt officials are profiting from by creating unnecessary insecurity in south east with sit at home order.
he didnt only create sit at home...dont forget the non state actors he armed

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Nnamdi Kanu Bail, Orders Accelerated Hearing by malakaimoscondo: 1:46pm On Mar 19

Can't you speak good English
mum...u leave English
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Wins Russia's Election With Staggering 87% Of Votes (Photos) by malakaimoscondo: 7:08pm On Mar 18
This is not surprising at all, but as far as I'm concerned, elections did not take place in Russia.

Just call it another coronation of Putin to extend his 24-year rule, he eliminated his major opponents and manipulated everything and everyone in his favor
mum u even trump claimed he was rigged out...so what is the different between american democracy and Russia?
Health / Re: I Visited The Morgue Unprepared by malakaimoscondo: 11:57am On Mar 12
100 years from NOW, everyone on this platform would have died, processed in a morgue and buried.
am a Muslim am not going to that place when am departing ..get that


Health / Re: I Visited The Morgue Unprepared by malakaimoscondo: 11:56am On Mar 12
Went to collect my elder brother body from the morgue 17 years ago was my first time in the morgue, a dead woman was being embalmed on the floor just by the entrance door, she was being pumped via her VJJ...I saw corpses naked, stripped of all dignity, laying there just waiting to be taken away for last rites and burial...yes I saw life in a different way!
Bible says it's better to be in a place of mourning than a place of mirth, for we will all take that route someday!
May we learn to number our days!
only Christian naked corps....even in death Muslims dont violate their dead.....their unclothedness must be protected


Food / Re: Nigerians Experience Relief As Prices Of Sugar, Indomie, Others Drop by malakaimoscondo: 6:22am On Mar 12
Good news
because APC lie pass satan
nothing good here cos its not true

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pope Says Ukraine Should Have The ‘Courage Of The White Flag’ by malakaimoscondo: 11:30am On Mar 10
Would Russia had invaded Ukraine if they had Nukes?

Why invade a country that didn't violate your country's territorial integrity?

Can Russia invade China assuming they decide to join NATO?

If it was Donbass region you wanted to help and secede, what took you to Kiev in the first place?

Ukraine should not gree for anybody, they have lost enough to just yield for free.

If Russia must win, let them win in a costly way.
Politics / Re: Hardship: FG Reserves Right To Pay Fuel Subsidy — Presidential aide, Veŕheijen by malakaimoscondo: 8:50pm On Mar 08
I like that she said "that does not negate the fact that subsidy has been removed". For me, i love the fact that those oil marketers that had lined their pockets with billions of subsidy money are no longer getting it. They're using media propaganda to armtwist FG to return subsidy to them but Tinubu will never return it back.
hu are olodo if u believe the government is not paying subsidy as It stand now
Politics / Re: Kano Govt Making Moves To Recall Hisbah Boss, Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa by malakaimoscondo: 9:14pm On Mar 03
Ban their activities completely, they operate outside our constitution
he will lost next election...the public wasn't happy with the decision of the leader resigning and kano na religious sensitive state
Sports / Re: Wild Jubilation Hit The street As Cote D’ivoire Sneak Into Round Of 16(Vid,Pics) by malakaimoscondo: 1:37pm On Jan 25
Good for them. The Elephants should try their best to win the bronze medal at least, while the super eagles should go for the gold
they are playing Senegal next .....u know what that means


Crime / Re: Suspected Murderer Of Khadi Adeshina Olayinka In Police Custody by malakaimoscondo: 12:51pm On Apr 11, 2023
The man is a rapist and a Murderer.

The man raped and murdered the lady in cold blood.

Why are Nigerian men so evil and heartless undecided
lol....... Brain problem

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Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie's Epistle Of Garbage By Femi Fani-kayode by malakaimoscondo: 12:25pm On Apr 08, 2023
Chimamanda is a disgrace...... Till tomorrow Trump is still questioning the integrity of the election that brought Joe Biden to power... Why should chimamanda think she can't report us to US just because her candidate failed regarding the election

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Politics / Re: Chimamanda Adichie's Epistle Of Garbage By Femi Fani-kayode by malakaimoscondo: 12:22pm On Apr 08, 2023
As an igboman,i was never under any illusion of an impending obi presidency,..even if he wins by landslide,..however,am now happy that his performance,outcome, plus "igbo must not vote" rhetorics has further alienated the igbo intelligencia who (untill now) still believed in the nigerian project...so even if i die today,am certain now that nigeria is on that highway towards a YUGOSLAVIAN SCENARIO.
nigerian can not divide and igbo will not. Rule for now... They will lead one day but not now.... They are faster than their shadow that is why they failed woefully............


Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour's Wife, Ify, Slams 'Bigots'; Her Father Gets Dragged by malakaimoscondo: 11:53am On Apr 08, 2023
Shinedu will never have a say in Lagos politics again.......... Shinedus should go to anambra, imo, abia, Enugu and eboyin to rule their not in anywhere in yoruba land

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Politics / Re: MURIC To Obi: Confirm Or Deny ‘yes Daddy’ Leaked Audio For Fair Hearing by malakaimoscondo: 7:34pm On Apr 06, 2023
You see ehn we suppose divide this country. .

Muslims one side, Christians one side ..

We can't progress together...

Anyway God bless the good people of Southsouth and Southwest

God bless president OKORO OBI.

To the yeye mod wey ban me God dey watch uuu...

Becareful before God go ban u from heaven
we have become inseparable...... One naija till the end... The easterners know what to do to win presidency
Business / Re: How Are You Preparing For Subsidy Removal? by malakaimoscondo: 3:09pm On Mar 28, 2023
So after subsidizing what will be the benefit to nigerians
more money for politician and their family then more suffering for the voters

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Business / Re: How Are You Preparing For Subsidy Removal? by malakaimoscondo: 3:08pm On Mar 28, 2023
It's actually necessary to do

I don't think any government can sustain that.

All the major presidential candidates promised to remove it too

I wish our refinery can function to full capacity.

If only they had allowed GEJ to remove it then
lol buhari remove it...... In the early days of his failed administration... Jonathan only remove partially buhari remove everything....... But has petro price rise for international market plus naira devaluation... The subsidy come back again.... Build refinery they say no fix the existing one they still say no
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu, Wife, Doctor Found Guilty Of Organ Trafficking by malakaimoscondo: 1:57pm On Mar 23, 2023
So sad. If they had approached the issue legitimately, this won't have happened
the only way the whole issue could be approached legitimately is to have someone from their family willing to donate......... For free and without any monetary compensation........... But they want to prove smart.... To get someone far from the family to donate will be hard.. But it acceptable too...


Politics / Re: Ekweremadu, Wife, Doctor Found Guilty Of Organ Trafficking by malakaimoscondo: 1:55pm On Mar 23, 2023
I don't know why I'm feeling sad for the family, maybe because of Ekweremadu daughter's health condition.
u are a biafra..... What about the boy they want to traffic that God saved....dont u have pity for him?
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Observing Subhi Prayers At INEC Office This Morning(pics) by malakaimoscondo: 9:41am On Mar 20, 2023
Lol, only for him to later get betrayed by the puppet he imposed
Abba na em inlaw o strong one ma self and they family

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Politics / Re: Nkeiruka Onyejeocha Loses Re-election To Lp's Ogah by malakaimoscondo: 5:52am On Mar 18, 2023

Even OBI is an underdog.
Or you don’t know the meaning of an underdog situation?
u call a former governor underdog........ Someone that was presidential running mate underdogs OK u try
Politics / Re: "Stay At Home If You Won’t Vote APC" – MC Oluomo Warns Igbos In Lagos State by malakaimoscondo: 6:37am On Mar 17, 2023
Still wondering the kind of Politics that exists in Nigeria.

Our democracy needs to be questioned again and again.
Anand vote
It is only in Nigeria some influential and well respected individuals will double dare and threatened people yet nothing will be done to them.

They will only come out later and tender fake public apologies.

Mc Olumo, this is not right and it is time the security agencies do something.
go to Enugu and vote


Politics / Re: "Stay At Home If You Won’t Vote APC" – MC Oluomo Warns Igbos In Lagos State by malakaimoscondo: 10:16pm On Mar 16, 2023
The flames of war you fan today, pray it doesn't consume you tomorrow. Someone should talk sense into this illiterate ignoramus
go and vote in Enugu.. They are doing election there too.. Igbos should go there to vote

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Politics / Re: Naira Scarcity: NLC Threatens Strike, Gives FG Seven-day Ultimatum by malakaimoscondo: 8:39pm On Mar 13, 2023
Fooliah nlc... Wey suppose done show buhari pepper since
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Launches 80 Hypersonic Missiles Against Ukraine by malakaimoscondo: 1:36pm On Mar 11, 2023

Frustrated Russia
They are fighting out of exhaustion
There’s a reason countries like Russia and China will never be word power. They are isolated with few friends and lack diversity and Liberty

And that’s why Liberty will always win. Everyone wants freedom, the western Allies promise liberty and they give diversity and inclusion

Death to Russia and China. May frustration ruin them, may isolation destroy them. May they self destruct

For those people supporting them, we know that US denied them visa, and they are pained
victim... Am annoyed u are not aware of it

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pope Francis Says Ukraine War Fuelled Not Just By 'Russian Empire' by malakaimoscondo: 9:23am On Mar 10, 2023
Well, he's right to some extent, but Putin's harmful expansionism must be stopped.

He should focus more on building a prosperous modern Russia instead of trying to resurrect the old Soviet Union
who told this one now that putin is pursuing resovietization? (any one who doesn't grieve the passing of soviet union don't have heart and any one who want it back don't have brain~putin... U are a victim of western media... Russia speakers in ukrain must be free


Politics / Re: Organ Harvest: I Thought I Was Being Scammed By Doctors - Ekweremadu Tells Court by malakaimoscondo: 8:12am On Mar 08, 2023
Daughter battling for her life
Senator battling for his career
career of freedom... May be u are not Atune with latest development.. Ike ekweremadu has already says he is not not going back to senate.... Though he might have other political ambition..... Not doesn't want to nurse them behind bars.. Nw na freedom he they fight for

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Politics / Re: Organ Harvest: I Thought I Was Being Scammed By Doctors - Ekweremadu Tells Court by malakaimoscondo: 8:09am On Mar 08, 2023
My own question is
How is the health of the girl that needs transplant now?
I don't fuuucking care... He is among the politician that run the heal3 system of this country aground........ Resulting to many fatalities for poor families simply because of little health challenges that ordinary shouldn't be life threatening... The UK government had him now.. They can do what ever they want with him


Politics / Re: Nkeiruka Onyejeocha Loses Re-election To Lp's Ogah by malakaimoscondo: 11:41am On Feb 27, 2023
Just happy that Labour Party is winning and the structure is already forming

they will decamp tomorrow
Politics / Re: Nkeiruka Onyejeocha Loses Re-election To Lp's Ogah by malakaimoscondo: 11:40am On Feb 27, 2023
Wawu this election is full of underdogs

I hope the presidency follows
nothing like under dog.. It's obi's effect
Politics / Re: Votes Spread: Tinubu, Atiku Neck And Neck As Obi Trails by malakaimoscondo: 8:53am On Feb 27, 2023
Good but who will take the majority votes as that is the major requirement
we don't know who will take it.. But if obi takes the mojority vote... Then it's means igbos only work for tinubu president.. I am proud of jagaban............. We will make obi minister if we win

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