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Celebrities / Re: Johnny Drille Recounts How A Girl He Met During NYSC Dumped Him And Got Married by malakaimoscondo: 2:34pm On Jun 15
Who is he? Never heard of him
because u living in the cave.
Politics / Re: PDP’s Victory In Zamfara May Alter Calculations Ahead NASS Elections by malakaimoscondo: 11:10pm On May 26
Marafa and Yari are the world biggest fools
yari not marafa,,,marafa decide to sink the ship for everyone to drown....he had nothing to loose..he stand for justice and got it
Politics / Re: NEWS FLASH: Zamfara Election: Supreme Court Voids Votes For APC by malakaimoscondo: 10:52am On May 24
PDP is d only national party in Nigeria,who know make he knw......zamfara has fallen,osun next bfor aso rock


Sports / Re: Liverpool Players Celebrated Barcelona Win Inside Their Dressing Room by malakaimoscondo: 11:02am On May 08
E over sweet me grin

Where those nairalanders calling them looserpool, saying they won't win poo? Better come out now! angry
they have all vanish into oblivion...... Virgil is running for MESSI when ever messi is with the ball..but xterday MESSI na him they run when he sees Virgil.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Supports Julius Malema As President Of South Africa by malakaimoscondo: 8:27am On May 06
Supported Atiku; an obvious thief.
Supporting Malema; an extremist and an opportunist.
Says a lot.
u call malema an extremist?
Sports / Re: Xavi Hernandez Retires From Football by malakaimoscondo: 11:10pm On May 03

Tah, xavi was more magical in midfield than Paul scholes. You did not even mention Andrea Pirlo, Zidane. And you said finest midfielder football has ever produced? Have you ever watched Johan cryuff in midfield?
Schools was exceptional, but xavi was a technical guru
u finish the argument.. with that name pirlo
Sports / Re: Xavi Hernandez Retires From Football by malakaimoscondo: 11:08pm On May 03
Zidane, Modric and Iniesta says hi.
I still respect pirlo than the trio
Sports / Re: Xavi Hernandez Retires From Football by malakaimoscondo: 11:04pm On May 03
The pass master. He was arguably the finest midfielder football has ever produced after Paul scholes grin
thank God u said arguable,, I go for pirlo above him
Crime / Re: Corper Pascaline Madueke's Death: Doctor Remanded In Nasarawa by malakaimoscondo: 12:06pm On May 01
Doctors have been taking the glories of God's healing!
una too they religious ,try learn about the communist view on sickness and death.....
Politics / Re: El-zakzaky And Wife Need To Be Flown Abroad – Foreign Doctors by malakaimoscondo: 9:21pm On Apr 29

Baba is a good man with a very.good heart we swear!
How many presidents will do this to someone disturbing their government.
We trust Baba farmer in Ota....we know how brutal he could have been in this case.
God bless our President MUHAMMADU BUHARI.


Romance / Re: Lady Weds Physically Challenged Man In A Wheelchair In Abia. Photos by malakaimoscondo: 9:30pm On Apr 28
God forbid!!
The only reason I can ever marry such man is money and nothing else!
ole,u can make money on ur own
Politics / Re: Reps Adjourn As Shi’ites Invade NASS, Pulls Down Gate by malakaimoscondo: 4:17pm On Apr 24
Its happening. They are trying to show their true color. We know their ideolody and antecedence. The first set of people that caused disunity among Muslims in the world immediately after the death of noble Prophet. If they are allowed to perpetuate their obnoxious doctrine in Nigeria, it will be a time bomb ready to blow. No Nigerian is above the law of the land
u are a fool dnt preach any useless disunity among Muslims here tell buhari to obey court other,the useless buhari is reintegrating captured bokoharam back into the society in the spirits of brotherhood and refuses to allow zazaky freedom.


Religion / Re: Promise Ubong: Peace Ntuk Shares Transformation Photos Of Boy Tagged A Wizard by malakaimoscondo: 10:06am On Apr 19
Nigeria cannot get better

It can only get worse

We the people are what is wrong with the country not the politicians....
We already know what they do in office... Lie and loot

Every four years repeat the same promises..
I will give you light
I will give you jobs
I will build roads etc

But we know all they do in office... Lie and loot
Still we applaud them for lying and looting
Jumping from one political party to the other just for personal gains... Men with no convictions or principle

We are going round in circles with no direction...
Just making politicians filty rich

The foundation is faulty
God will bless u for Dis comment of urs,inshaAllah nothing bad will ever happen to ur brain...u said it all.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello, Role Model To Nigerian Youths In Good Governance– Fanwo by malakaimoscondo: 10:00am On Apr 19
Good, youths should always fight for what belong to them, all the old cargoes don't want to leave the power but we must take it by force. Osinbajo for president, 2023.
you want youth to take over and you rooting for osinbajo in 2023..hahahahhahahhahagahah.
Crime / Re: Rebecca Michael Commits Suicide As Boyfriend Dumps Her In Kogi State University by malakaimoscondo: 1:21pm On Apr 18
Stupid girl. Did her death stop the D J from f**king another girl this night. She did not even pity her precious parents.

Instead of wasting your own life by yourself, why don't you donate yourself to one of your brother for ritual ... At least that one can still take care of your parent. May your soul never rest in peace
lol only if dead people have access to internet and the deceased read this ur comment,she will never forgive her self,she will contemplate second suicide in the land of the dead....as for rest,I wish her eternal rest cos death solve all problem.she felt loosing him is a pblem she can't withstand make she kuku die.nice comment bro.

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Politics / Re: 55 Persons Shared N1.3 Billion During Jonathan Administration - Lai Mohammed by malakaimoscondo: 2:24pm On Apr 17
Dis chorus done old now this lie Mohammed self

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Crime / Re: Armed Bandits Killed And Arrested In Zamfara Forests (Disturbing Photos) by malakaimoscondo: 9:41am On Apr 15
Why do the police like stripping suspects in custody?
This reflects as some sort of perversion.

Thinking about it —It happens across the country.

They catch you stealing phones — strip!
They catch you stealing chicken — strip!
They catch you stealing akara —strip!
Ritualist — Strip!
Kidnappers — Strip!
Cheating — Strip!

Anything — strip! strip!! strip!!!

It is well with this fetish nation.
Anyway, no virgins for these modafúckers. angry
to stop them from attempting suicide while in detention..... those cloths they putting on can be used to hang them self in the cell.
Sports / Re: Odegbami: Don't Take Mikel To AFCON 2019 by malakaimoscondo: 2:50pm On Apr 12
na by force,why not stake high for ur self and win big for ur self?ole

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sudan Military Has Seized Power by malakaimoscondo: 1:59pm On Apr 11

two years of military is worse than 20 years of civilian rule
God bless u.....military rule lai lai again

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sudan Military Has Seized Power by malakaimoscondo: 1:58pm On Apr 11
Which of the sudans? North or south? Fake news
Oga there is Sudan and south Sudan nothing like north Sudan.....they are talking of the Sudan that once had Omar as their leader....
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by malakaimoscondo: 12:30pm On Apr 11
I disagree. After 8 years of the North, it's the turn of South, though an unwritten agreement.

na you and who do the agreement?nobody gives anybody power is all about struggle to the end...even though I hate buhari with passion the way he struggle in the political field just to return power to north is a perfect example of what idiot momoh is saying...any region that wnt power and can't get it through the ballot box can attempt coup. but forget about ur gentle man agreement stuff
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by malakaimoscondo: 12:24pm On Apr 11
No more Hausa or Fulani president in Nigeria again.

Hear this foolishness from this blind, incompetent Hausas man that went to Almajiris school.

Parasitic, tribalistic, Hausas cannot be deciding faith for Nigeria. Their ignorance and backward culture, lack of effective education ruined this country since Nigerian independence.

Hausa man come and contest I promised you will be defeated by southerners in 2023.
Seriously.. I cannot wait for Hausa or northerners to be defeated in 2023...is only if southerners are ignorant like them that will make them retain power.

It is Hausas and Fulanis that suppose to be fighting and agitating for secession not Igbo, South South and South West.
they might lack education like u said ,I mean the northerner but they have political education than the southerner. only unity in south can end northern hegemony... but a particular race in the south are not dependable.
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Of Rasaq Musibau Demand N200m Ransom by malakaimoscondo: 11:22am On Apr 10
All effort humanly possible should be make to get them released and the kidnappers punishes accordingly.
nothing like all effort humanly possible, the only effort that is humanly possible here is to pay the ransom demand by the kidnappers.

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Crime / Re: Usmanu Danfodio University Student Loses 2 Hands To Motorcycle Snatchers by malakaimoscondo: 11:08am On Apr 10
If he voted Buhari with those hands, then he deserves it. If otherwise, may the perpetrators rot in hell.
lol hahahaha funy u,I pray is not amongs those guys that do say ,they rather have their thumb chops off that to use it cast for PDP at any level of election.
Crime / Re: Usmanu Danfodio University Student Loses 2 Hands To Motorcycle Snatchers by malakaimoscondo: 11:06am On Apr 10
Really!how could human beings do this?those guys are animals..
calling them animal sound fair to me,they are beast moving around with dagger around their body..you can't buy new machine,I mean motorcycle and move freely in Kaduna on it at night. the day u buy it that is the day u call bad omen upon ur self if care is not taken.they also stab their victim to death just to snatch fone...this guys use knifes better that meat seller.

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Crime / Re: Usmanu Danfodio University Student Loses 2 Hands To Motorcycle Snatchers by malakaimoscondo: 11:01am On Apr 10
The good thing is that there are prosthetics he can use.

Plus, the way prosthetics are developing, in thirty years time, he can use a prosthetic that is connected to his brain that works like his hand normally

All hope is not lost for this guy. I wish him well
nice one Egbon,but thirty years far small bfor prosthetic wey dey connect with brain and assist victim use it like normal hand come out o.....
Politics / Re: Mansur Dan Ali Blames 'Traditional Leaders' For Violence In North by malakaimoscondo: 10:56am On Apr 10
My greatest pain is that Nigerians foolishly destroyed all channels of engaging the govt because of partisan politics..

Protests... police teargas people, Nigerians supported.
Religious protest.... army kills, Nigerians supported.
NASS siege... Nigerians supported.
Judiciary ridicule... Nigerians supported.
Restructure... we called them ipobs.
Justice and equity... we called them election loosers.
Nepotism... we called them opposition and moles.
Articles and columns protest... we called them wailers.
Hardship... we said 16 years pdp rule.
Hunger... we said drop in crude oil.
Unemployment.. we said they were rogue companies.
Dollar rise... we said we were the problem not govt.
Social media outrage... we called them Haters.

Well... the Chicken has come home to roost, how do you now challenge the govt with even as little as 20% followership as some are screaming "next level" and others saying "enjoy your next level" while the country is no different from a war torn nation.

And you know what.... its about repeating itself again with the NASS imposition.

GOD bless u speak my mind......

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Politics / Re: Why I Can’t Pray For Nigeria And Its Leaders – Lawyer by malakaimoscondo: 11:56am On Apr 09
We Nigerians are religious and prayerful, bt the fear of the almighty is nt ther and majority of us are so wicked and evil...
so hw will things get better?
u are still hovering around what the lawyer is preaching against.. the most evil government of the world are dt of america and Saudi compare to any other establishment and yet they progressing as a nation,development has nothing to do with evil because leadership quality is purely mundane and not spiritual, the fear of God u mentions don't build roads ,don't commissione hospital,don't fixed economy, don't build schools nor create employment....vote competent leaders and see ur country flourishing.

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Politics / Re: Ahmed Lawal Alerts Tinubu Over Planned Sabotage Of Power-shift by malakaimoscondo: 10:14pm On Apr 04

Fool. Don't support a northerner or tinibu. Support your country Nigeria .
mumu,is Nigeria a country?
Politics / Re: Ahmed Lawal Alerts Tinubu Over Planned Sabotage Of Power-shift by malakaimoscondo: 10:12pm On Apr 04
[quote author=walex2 post=77260806][/quote]is like shagari running mate in the 90s na tapa man....the north need power,winner take all VP na figure head how many times danbazzau barred osinbajo from attending security meeting?
Politics / Re: Supporters Mob Abba Yusuf During Condolence Visit In Kano by malakaimoscondo: 10:54am On Apr 02
Abba gida gida! Allah ya ja zamanin ka...
amin baba adu'a kena.

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Crime / Re: SARS Stray Bullet Kills Boy Watching Football Match In Lagos by malakaimoscondo: 9:13am On Apr 01
he will go and tell his angels in hell the results of the match....rubbish !
u be mumu I swear u need brain transplant asap.

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