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Politics / Re: 3 Nigerians Who Are Not Yoruba But Currently Holding Political Offices In Lagos by mamaafrik(m): 6:25am On Oct 18
You hardly can see a Southerner in the cabinet of Northern governors
you they mind those Northerners,they can never do same to a Southerner.
Politics / Re: Airforce Denies Payment To Bandits For Return Of Anti-Aircraft Weapon by mamaafrik(m): 6:20am On Oct 18
Idiotic government,why not sue the organization if the news is fake,if you sha get family for military,beg them to resign.
The Southerners(+ politicians) need to drop the deceit placard and be prepared,war is coming.

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Politics / Re: Akinwumi Adesina, Buba Marwa, Osinbajo - Fredrick Nwabufo’s Picks For President by mamaafrik(m): 1:39pm On Oct 13
You mean the same buba bigot that said Southerners takes more hard drugs than North??,what a mumu postulation.
Let Lagos and south start massive cattle rearing and let the indigenes be the ones to handle it.
A typical muslim Northerner can't be trusted.


Crime / Re: Widespread Manhole Cover Theft In Lagos by mamaafrik(m): 6:55pm On Oct 11
those abokis are worse,come to National theatre,iganmu Lagos even the old iron chairs on the lawn have been uprooted,the reconstruction people are just selling cables,a. c and materials and pocketing the cash despite the presence of police station there
Career / Re: Response I Got After Sending Happy Teachers Day by mamaafrik(m): 11:05am On Oct 10
All these our African parents,you are lucky to have one of the original ones.
My papa fit do this kin thing,he'll be like "a whole son of mine wrote this gbagan on his WhatsApp page,i should have listened to my conscience and send him to lukmon to learn mechanic,see my life now"

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Politics / Re: Secession: Kanu, Igboho Should Have Gone Through NASS, Governors – Senator Misau by mamaafrik(m): 12:03am On Oct 10
Abokis are special mumu species,just look at monkey talk
Politics / Re: 2023: Where Nigeria’s President Comes From, Isn't important ― Atiku by mamaafrik(m): 4:38pm On Oct 07
Exactly! If a Fulani is deemed fit to run the state again in 2023 lets vote him.

Vote personality and not region.
oni kuure
Crime / Re: Lagos-Oyo Axis The Epicentre Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria - Buba Marwa (NDLEA Boss) by mamaafrik(m): 8:19pm On Oct 06
From all the statistics here on Nairaland,i can categorically tell myself that Even the thought to be sincere buba marwa is nothing but an hypocrite like a typical aboki,north snuff ,weed,caffine, and drugs more,just come to agege or ijoora and see.
Na dem even use drug pass in the South.
And they be claiming Islam
Travel / Re: Photos Of The New Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road: Akwa Ibom & Good Roads Na 5&6 by mamaafrik(m): 6:30pm On Oct 05
Na thunder go kee Dapo abiodun.
Politics / Re: Lamido Sanusi Visits Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by mamaafrik(m): 6:28pm On Oct 05

I talk reality having visited almost all the LGAs of this country due to the nature of work I do. The Saudis doesn't marry easily despite they are predominantly Muslims. What a man needs to get married in Saudia is much and had made marriages harder to consummate. That's why in Saudia you can leave your gold unguarded and comes back to meet it untouched but not your wife. Boys will steal and maltreat her.

The climate of majority of other northern Africa doesn't favour them like Nigeria and remember they are not blacks.

Go to the North especially on Fridays and move around, enquire from doctors as per number of newborn per hospitals per month, check the number of settlements on your goggle map, ask NGOs that are directly involved in under five children disease control through primary healthcare agency (which I am one), you will understand that north is even under-reported as regards population.
please just clear you re-read all those nonsense that you typed.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Advocates 42% Revenue Allocation To States by mamaafrik(m): 6:54am On Oct 05
Southern states should revamp the agric sector,we need to start massive livestock Rearing by the native to beat Fulanis ay their game and send them back to funta jallon.
Lagos should lead the south in doing this.
Rear cattle in ogun and oyo since there have the land,process it and truck it down to lagos where the market is.
Phones / Re: How Did You Feel When Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram Went Off ? by mamaafrik(m): 6:45am On Oct 05
Seriously,i felt like"this is a pointer to the prophecy of the book of Daniel and Revelation about the End time", i had to check of the news to be sure say rapture never happened,make thunder no go fire man about rapture.
Muslims Will now say christ won't come back again or that there won't be rapture.
Rethink ooooo,that is a tip of the calamity Bible talked about after the Rapture
Politics / Re: Metuh Urges South-East Governors To Demand Nnamdi Kanu’s Release by mamaafrik(m): 6:36am On Oct 05
SW should also demand such for igboho and demand for the arrest of Gumi.
Governors of SE are one of the backstabof the South,they are too ununited and non thinkers

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Politics / Re: Lamido Sanusi Visits Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by mamaafrik(m): 6:32am On Oct 05

Even common logic no dey for your head. Remove politics and tribalism, how can people who practice polygamy with up to four wives per man, marry early and embrace plenty children be less populated than people who doesn't marry early, practice monogamy and abhor plenty children.
is that why the arabs are one of the top ten most populous nation on earth,think before you talk,Northern Africa have similar trait with Northern Nigeria but that doesn't make them most populous than the likes of Southern Africa.
Learn to think talk less with sentiment and be non HYPOCRITIC.

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Politics / Re: Lamido Sanusi Visits Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by mamaafrik(m): 6:27am On Oct 05
There is little difference between Sanusi and Elrufai,they can not be trusted as a fulani man.
Oshinbajo should be very careful as they know he is one sweep the South for 2023,the game is on now and i prefer Zulum
Romance / Re: Pre-wedding: We Met Through Her Mum Three Years Later And Now A Date Fixed by mamaafrik(m): 10:47pm On Oct 04
If I say what's on my mind concerning the groom,i know am gonna be lashed at.
My fingers wants to type it,But my switch box is warning me to mind my business.
The last pics tho....who remember Ninja turtles movie?

I wish you guys happy Marital life together.wow the bride is pretty and blessed with good height.
walaitalai,you don wcraize finish.
Get away,dont you know that beauty is in the eye of the beholding beholder grin grin


Politics / Re: Nigeria At 61: Colonial Masters Plundered Our Resources – Abdulsalami Abubakar by mamaafrik(m): 1:25pm On Oct 01

SHUT UP. HE IS SAYING THE TRUTH. Oyinbo asss licker.

The British ruled for 80 years, exporting our resources, and at the end we did not have a single power plant or university or expressway or industry.

Kainji dam was our first power plant, commissioned by the Balewa administration in 1964.

Prior to that the British merely imported a few industrial generators to power the GRAs they were living in, while the rest of Nigeria used lanterns and candles.

Nigeria was a near total bush in 1960 at independence with mass illiteracy and malnutrition.

What did your 'perfect white man' do with the trillions he made from our exports in 80 years?

You are VERY LUCKY we gained independence in 1960 which led to mass education investment by the black govts.

Or else by now you would be hunting cockroaches and tapping palm wine in the bush like your illiterate grandpa did under colonial rule.

you are not intelligent ,he get any country wey oyinbo never reach,even USA,but how come Nigeria own different.
We are silly to keep buying blames every now and then.
It is why we fail
Politics / Re: “Buhari Must Go” – Youths Protest In Abuja (Photos) by mamaafrik(m): 10:18am On Oct 01

Fixed...igbos are not interested in you protest..
be deceiving yaself
Politics / Re: “Buhari Must Go” – Youths Protest In Abuja (Photos) by mamaafrik(m): 10:17am On Oct 01
You must be among those who burnt Lagos in the last senseless EndSAR/ Lagos Carnage. Try it and get roasted.

Take your senseless protest outta South Western States.
dindinrin n din robo in your head.
Celebrities / Re: Boma Akpore Meets With Tega's Husband, AJ Money (Photos, Video) by mamaafrik(m): 10:13am On Oct 01
That is why you need to install Maagun(Thunderbolt) app on your wife.
Service of song would have been sung for his likes.
Politics / Re: “Buhari Must Go” – Youths Protest In Abuja (Photos) by mamaafrik(m): 7:16am On Oct 01
Can we have this everywhere in the South....,we need to erupt this anger.
No Happiness,no peace,no food, all we have is killing,kidnapping and banditry.
Oh let the righteous take over this country and the workers of iniquity be terminated

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Education / Re: Third Class Graduate With No Direction by mamaafrik(m): 1:04pm On Sep 30
Please I need advice, any advice.
I graduated with a 3rd class in Chemistry from three years ago (I only blame myself for that) and after I finished my NYSC a year ago I just plunged into a depressive state in regards to my mistake (my education) and my future (career) sometimes breaking down in tears when I think of things I've taken for granted in my life.

I started working on myself a few months ago and I've made some progress I proud of but every now and then it's easy to be overwhelmed with self doubt.
I made a cv without work experience along with a cover letter a few days ago and applied for a few entry level jobs like graduate intern, sales, restaurant supervisor etc via jobberman and the companies email but I'm not too sure I'll be getting any calls from them.
I didn't come here to get sympathy just an honest advice or opinion on what to do.

Can I do a pgd in chemical engineering or just chemistry or pursue a business or computer/tech course, are there jobs I can get with my degree maybe to get skills and work experience?
I deeply appreciate any advice. Thank you.
see whether 1st,2nd or 3rd polish yourself ,it won't be easy but go business,internship,or programming.
You will be surprised after few year,i was in your shoes 2yrs ago,i no dey allow people near my credentials because I felt it will belittle ,i started as an intern but after getting a Job as a maintenance engineer,i dropped all the low self esteem and i can tell you,even first class dey learn when it comes to "deliver job".
I'm still going to try programming and business.
You can enter my d.m to send me a msg for better talks.


Politics / Re: Six States That Can Confidently Survive Without Federal Allocation by mamaafrik(m): 5:05am On Sep 30
So Delta and Edo could not make it?
and even Akwaibom and Cross River
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Meet On VAT Today, SANs Berate Malami by mamaafrik(m): 10:39am On Sep 27
Hmmmm! Fact!
show us the author and let us see if it is not one dan Fulanis
Politics / Re: Northern Governors Meet On VAT Today, SANs Berate Malami by mamaafrik(m): 10:37am On Sep 27
Only Northerners truly believe Nigeria is one. The facts speak for themselves:
Go to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria,Kadpoly Kaduna, Bayero University, Kano, University of Maiduguri, Federal University Dutsinma, Katsina, and other Federal and state government higher institutions in the North, you will see Yorubas, Igbos, and other tribes from the South and East as Deans of Faculties, HODs of Departments, Registrars, DVCs, Exams Officers, etc. And thousands of Southerners are studying there as students in different Departments.
But try and visit University of Nigeria Nsuka, and University of Ibadan and other Universities in either the South or the East. You will never see Hausas or Fulani as staff or student there in. In fact, you have to hide to pray in those mentioned places. We employ them and give admissions to their children, but they reject us in total. Indeed, Only the Northerners consider Nigeria as one.
In fact, I know many Senators and House of Reps here in the North, especially in Kano state who share Federal and state government appointments with Igbos and Yorubas living in their constituencies. Only northerners consider Nigeria as one.
You hardly see a Local Government in the North without a Church. You have the right to build your worship centres anywhere in the North. We give you land to build your houses and Churches. You observe your religion without any molestation. You dress the way you want. We buy from you, and we sell to you, this happen only in the North.
In return, what we get from them is genocide, molestation, and total rejection. We accommodate them here in the north, they pusue us out of their regions.
learn to speak Intelligently,go to Europe,america and Africa and tell us the representation of Northerners(muslim especially) in their academic and commercial world compared to the south.
Look at private sponsored scholarships etc and judge.
Are those ones partial too,hypocrite you are like you people,you are of less value intellectually and economically.
Your people can't match their fellows counterparts in the South in academics,sport,entertainment,business and industrial sector.

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Health / Re: What Kind Of Disease Is This And What's The Cure Please Help Me by mamaafrik(m): 10:11am On Sep 25
Are you not a Yoruba man? You better find your way before it get out of hand. Stop going to hospital tell your parents to take you out .dont say its ordinary hand .
ofa(arrow) ni,it may be spiritual attack
Politics / Re: COHCSON: Yoruba Nation, IPOB Have Raised $5 Million To Bribe Judges by mamaafrik(m): 6:01am On Sep 23
Kantankantan talk
Travel / Re: Lagos Announces Traffic Diversion In Yaba For Red Line Rail by mamaafrik(m): 5:45am On Sep 23
How i wish we can have one on the brt lane parallel to the federal road linking ogun and oyo

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Technology Market / Re: SuperTV And MTN To Launch Zero Data TV App by mamaafrik(m): 9:37pm On Sep 22

I don't think traditional TV is leaving anytime soon, particularly in Nigeria and Africa

just like traditional telephony didn't fade away, logistics and transaction abi.
No sleep,ji masun we are talking about the most egregious and exposed of the Black race
Sports / Re: Heavyweight Boxing: Anthony Joshua Vs Oleksandr Usyk September 25 In London by mamaafrik(m): 1:34pm On Sep 21
Ok so yesterday was a very bad day mentally and emotionally for me as my depression nearly took a hold of me. I'm 27, have a lovely son whose Mom is late. Been out of jobs for months now and last month I had a job I beyalsa but when i got there I was told it's a job as a sea pirate you should know what that means. I couldn't do it as I have my son to cater and be there for but right now I would go back and do it with my full cheats. I wanna sale my TV and shelf payhis school fee and Bleep everything, no one cares how you make your money in Nigeria and enough of this suffering because I'm trying to.be a good Nigerian. My number is zero eight one seven one seven three nine four two six. My old account was banned that's why I typed the number that way. Call me please so you can see it on video call ad well It's on jiji already and waiting to get a buyer there as well
CHAT me up on 08137297425 (WhatsApp) i hope it is with receipt??
Politics / Re: Apapa Gridlock Persists, Lagos Blames NPA, MAN Laments Losses by mamaafrik(m): 9:22am On Sep 21
I wonder why a dry port can't be built around sagamu or ijebuode to allow train bear the cargo from port to the dry port to ease the tension.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Has Your Former Boss Made You Lose A New Job? by mamaafrik(m): 9:18am On Sep 21

People should not criticize the first boss

Maybe Op left when they needed him most

Now you said you left because of MSc now why didn’t you proceed with it, for you to now turn around and start applying for another job

Well...like i said make peace with your former employer before leaving...on the verge of leaving...don’t scatter things and go because you won’t know when you will need them..Because some people are like that
is is part of the agreement that he should not leave at will??
If they were going to sack him,will they have put him under "oh he just married or rented a house" consideration??
If Op knack am jazz to run mad now,people no go know why,dey go con dey pity the mad man.

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