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Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:03pm On Apr 26
Awwww Oro Na dun,ofeke grin grin tongue tongue

Even your Mohammed (SAW) Is a disgusting pedophile.you are equally disgusting because you came out of a poosy like mine so if you call me disgusting, you're pointing back at yourself grin tongue

So you see how daft you are grin tongue

Except of course you jumped from the sky grin tongue

Btw you better go and break your fast because you aren't ever fasting to start with,you are engaging in deliberate self starvation grin tongue

Because it seems to me that you are already getting malnourished which is affecting your IQ grin tongue

Werey sheshe gbo oyinbo "disgusting" grin

Illiterate oshi grin grin tongue

Shoni oleko ni,ma koeleko tio durogba lati Ile yin tongue

Alayi logbon lori tongue

How I wish you good in summary but ina rather olodo nie.your virginia discharge is mud.
Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:46am On Apr 26
grin eh ya so you still dey bed wet at your age? Shey your allah no fit hold ya pen1s for sleep Abi all the head you dey knack for ground dey use disturb our sleep for night no suppose don cure your bed wetting? grin tongue

Ok no problem.i get solution.go buy snake,dog pen1s, pig testes and vulture.mix am TOGETHER and put it on fire.once its ready, you can consume.it will stop your bedwetting grin tongue

Alayi lojuti,werey,ode,oponu,afofungbemu tongue
Is that all you can say,but your body is disgusting,can you plz step back?
Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:39am On Apr 26
this useless headslammer e be like say the head you dey always knack for ground don affect your brain, your head no correct anymore grin tongue

Na your allah be olosho wey need you to kill so he go turn Una heaven to porn Hub grin tongue

Ashe Oro dun werey grin tongue

Continue bed wetter,am listening.
Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:34am On Apr 26
koni ragba fun Iwo ati Mohammed (SAW) FOR bringing disaster into the world in form of islam.na dog go eat your corpse grin tongue

Tell Allah he's a Moda foka
You may hug transformer olosho.i don't care.
Celebrities / Re: DJ Switch Celebrates Her 37th Birthday (Video) by merits(m): 12:33am On Apr 26
Idiot, come give us Imo killings statistics!
DJ switch ko, DJ socket ni.
She caused confusion and ran away even BBC back down when they realize she's a lier.DJ stupid


Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:30am On Apr 26
is that what your Allah taught you? grin tongue

To be sniffing poosies here and there,o,I even forgot,your role model (SAW) was a notorious pedophile, murderer and dirty man so I shouldn't expect anything less from you

Biko Fok off
Yes for dog like you.
Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 12:26am On Apr 26
who dey angry you? grin

Why you dey vex? grin

I obviously hit a nerve grin

As for human flesh you fit cook am chop.infact mix am with pig flesh and owl flesh,put dog testes too to make it assorted meat to use and do "sari".oma'ndun gan tongue

Sholo sttup1d ni tongue
Hit nerve for where?smelling pussy.
Politics / Re: Imo State House Of Assembly Is On Fire (Photos, Video) by merits(m): 10:14pm On Apr 25
Foul play and sabotage.ESN at work.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Missing Indonesia Submarine Lying At The Bottom Of Ocean by merits(m): 10:11pm On Apr 25

Like those that airplanes crashed on their roofs or those who suffered suffocation from the inhalation of generator fumes
Yes ooo,no one can hide from death.death is inevitable.

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Sports / Re: Tottenham Star Son Heung-min In Tears After Man City Won Carabao Cup (Photos) by merits(m): 9:59pm On Apr 25
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Promise Of God For A Great Nigeria Will Be Fulfilled by merits(m): 9:57pm On Apr 25
Nonsense after you have taken your own share from national cake.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Missing Indonesia Submarine Lying At The Bottom Of Ocean by merits(m): 9:55pm On Apr 25
I have a friend who is a ship captain that was been disturbing me to come and join him in his ship,This one of the reasons I bluntly refused.
May there souls RIP.
Brother go and experience how ship sail,t's a good experience if your time never reach nothing can kill you.even if you remain indoor if your time reach death will still come after you.


Politics / Re: Anambra 2021: Aspirants Play Religious Card by merits(m): 9:46pm On Apr 25
cheesy ESN,IPOB WISE UP KANU IS ENJOYING HIMSELF offshore.Stop dieing like a fowl.ikonso have gone for bad.


Business / Re: Shade Okoya Celebrates Her 44th Birthday With Stunning Photos by merits(m): 9:43pm On Apr 25
long life and prosperity ma.

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Religion / Re: Emmanuel Ajenu Builds A Catholic Church In Benue (Pictures) by merits(m): 9:39pm On Apr 25
We love religion too much in this country but our intentions are totally against God rule.but why?

Crime! crime!! corruption!!! Everywhere.

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Crime / Re: Ghanaian Man Kills His Girlfriend For Denying Him Sex (Photo) by merits(m): 9:38pm On Apr 25
Come to think of it, why olosho breast always soft.

Because of too much press and rough handle by wide client after drinking excessive concotion from local herb vendor.what come to their mind is to Bleep olosho.

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Politics / Re: Late ESN Commander, Ikonso, On His Bike (Throwback Photos) by merits(m): 8:13pm On Apr 25
He too like pictures for a revolutionary..

Notice how his feet mustn't be on the ground when he is resting and exposed ?
But yet got killed upon all his precautions nonsense. grin

And kanu is enjoying himself,so who be mumu?ikonso.

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Politics / Re: Late ESN Commander, Ikonso, On His Bike (Throwback Photos) by merits(m): 8:11pm On Apr 25
grin empty barrel
Crime / Re: Ghanaian Man Kills His Girlfriend For Denying Him Sex (Photo) by merits(m): 8:05pm On Apr 25
; Africa and brutality.you will see how is prick will denied him now.it will soft like olosho breast.

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Politics / Re: Military Technology Is Beyond Native Doctors’ Protection, APC Warns Youths by merits(m): 8:02pm On Apr 25
Don't say that oo,kanu get the authentic charm but unfortunately he took it along on exile and exposed his gullible followers to miserable death. grin grin
Crime / Re: Bandits Attack Haske Baptist Church Kaduna, Kill Doctor, Kidnap Worshippers by merits(m): 7:56pm On Apr 25
Muslims again lipsrsealed

Blood spillage nor dey Taya Una? Behave na

At least if una no get value for life try remember say una dey fast Abi una wan break una fast with human flesh? lipsrsealed
Yes go and cook it for them,the chef.ode.
Celebrities / Re: Netflix, Zack Snyder Reacts To Ikorodu Bois "Army Of The Dead" Movie Remake by merits(m): 7:48pm On Apr 25
I see them going into places in future.
Travel / Re: Tajuddeen Musawa: Sokoto Lecturer, His Wife, 2 Children Die In Accident by merits(m): 7:43pm On Apr 25
May almighty Allah put him in aljanat firdauz

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Culture / Re: Oba Adetokunbo Tejuoso Arrested For Romance Scam (Pictures) by merits(m): 7:35pm On Apr 25
Oba yahoo yahoo.
Olu of yahoo yahoo,
Eze of yahoo yahoo.
Seriki of yahoo yahoo

The gods must truly be crazy to elect him in the first place.

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Sports / Re: Rivers Angels Wins Super 6 League & Qualifies For 1st Women CAF Champions League by merits(m): 7:30pm On Apr 25
Hmmmm Bunch of lesbo.

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Politics / Re: Uruan Agog As Child Kidnapped Over 20 Years Ago Is Reunited With Her Family by merits(m): 3:58pm On Apr 25
Politics / Re: Ikonso: Nnamdi Kanu And The End Of ESN by merits(m): 1:21pm On Apr 25
The killing of ESN Commander in the heart of the operational base of ESN in Imo has not only exposed the tactical weakness of ESN Operatives but also the tactical daftness of Nnamdi Kanu as a leader.

The theatre of ESN which is supposed to be impenetrable given how sensitive as the operational and tactical base of the zone, was torn down by Nigeria security forces and the Commander, Ikonso shot down to his boxer with his charmed vest hanging helplessly around his neck.
If your most fortified camp could be broken down fairly easily, then you are Finished!

The Nigerian security are henceforth in possession of some sensitive and substantial details of ESN. Raids including gadgets and sensitive materials linkng ESN networking and other top commanders & staffs and operational information would have been obtained. There's no way a top commander, much less a deputy to Kanu wouldn't have some top secret details in his possession. Everything is now pretty much in the hands of Nigeria Army.

The reason why Nigeria security forces have been having tougher times defeating Bokoharam, Bandits & fulani herdmen is because their operational camps have never been penetrated by the security agencies. What we do witness are occassional random arrests of terrorists & bandits with little or nothing to show.

Going into a terrorist camp is a fight to finish as the case of Idris Deby paying the ultimate price. ESN do not have what it takes to defend its most fortified territory. Although, they could throw back some few punches but would later buck even before the fight began.

A closer look at the arms and ammunition recovered from Ikonso's camp shows the unpreparedness and scantily stocked the so called ESN, other than an empty barrel. With those little stock of arms, they hardly could go a 6 hour shooting spree with the the security agencies. Compare with the fully armed bandits hobnobbing with Gumi, whose ammunition were displayed with intent. Notwithstanding, the full gallery of their arms & ammunition. They have easy access from Libya, Chad, Mali, Niger through the border.

What access do ESN has? the access to attack random road blocks police officers, get them killed and disposses them of their weapons, at most an organized attacks on police stations where large cache of arms were stolen for more attacks. They are landlocked, they are holed up without the privilege of access like the North, the West or their close neighbors, SS. Little wonder, Nnamdi Kanu was so particular about dismantling all road blocks in the South East so that as much arms would come in so easily and unfettered.

With the Nigerian Army in possession of what would further nail IPOB/ESN in the international community, I expect that British Government and her EU allies will revoke the asylum consideration and may likely align with the Federal Government's proscription of IPOB in the wake of overwhelming criminal evidences linking IPOB activities to terrorism less than 24hours to an attack on a Governor's house. While his house was set ablaze, cars burnt, more unfortunately, two of his security aides were killed.

The perpetrators could not be far fetched from the statement by another South East Governor, Ikpeazu, who stated that Nnamdi Kanu had declared death sentence on All the Governors in the South East.

Nnamdi Kanu has been having a handshake across the Ambazonia region of Southern Cameroon from whence he has been getting handouts on how to carry out series of organized violent attacks on Government institutions. Being a man with much words and very little wisdom, he has no political support which creates a wide gulf from his Ambazonia counterpart, who has the support of the socio-political class.
Nnamdi Kanu would be rat out from his hole because of his vile vituperations, wild imaginations, and tactless misgivings.

If his foot soldiers could penetrate a Governors house, I think Kanu could have made the most of it by deploying intellectual sagacity rather than being a blood thirsty & destructive beast. The absence and otherwise lack of a think-tank among Ipob's hierarchy complements Kanu and his goons as a money hungry cult.

Following this ugly development, it's high time Ohaneze Ndigbo and Elders crawled out with their red caps and walking sticks to make a loud plea to tie down their recalcitrant ipob kids to a chain and passionately disown Kanu with their full chest, otherwise the righteous dwellers might suffer from the impending consequences.

Abeg tell them ooo.
Sports / Re: Kamaru Usman Knocks Out Jorge Masvidal, Retains UFC Title (Photos, Video) by merits(m): 1:12pm On Apr 25

Your own big sense should tell you not everybody everyone is Igbo!!!

Una plenty and Una nor get shame. grin grin grin

Religion / Re: Where Does The Human Soul Go To After Death? by merits(m): 1:08pm On Apr 25
Our souls just vanish into the thin air or so. We just stop existing. Just as we were before birth.

On the last day, God will call back all the vanished souls and shall judge us accordingly to our various deeds. So, chose your poison now before it's too late. smiley

Paradise or the lake of fire where there shall be gnashing of teeth and torment day and night?

As for me, I am going to Paradise. Believe it or not. smiley
Who tells you this? nobody is sure of is last deed stop decieving yourself, just continue to do good and be prayerful.only the last minute deed will tell.
Events / Re: My Twins Are Plus1 Today I'm Happy Single Father (pictures) by merits(m): 1:00pm On Apr 25
I lost their mother the very day they where born after giving birth to them through operation during the lock down, after just a year and few days in our marriage,

but today is not about what I lost, today is about what I gained and how the Lord helped my to raise them, they are plus one today join me to say a word of prayers them.

Jesus did for me

I praise him now and always
Congrats bro
Romance / Re: What's The Difference Between Dating In Your 20s And 30s? by merits(m): 12:52pm On Apr 25
age is not on my side. i want to bang enough pussy before i settle at 30

I pray you didn't bang to grave.

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