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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 11:54am On Jun 19, 2018
Hey guys!! what do you think? I am finally through with this story and guess what i'm thinking if I could continue on this journey with you guys. like creating a season two of TOKE(the girl child) but am actually still thinking. what do you guys think about my story? do you think I end it well? let me hear your comments please. I appreciate your love,support and understanding throughout this journey. I decided to just cut it short cos school was really working me out and I wouldn't want you guys to wait in vain without getting anymore update. you can catch this same story on Wattpad for those of you who have the app on you fone. thanks and God bless..
besides,I have a new story coming up, "HELLO AMERICANA" drop your comments if you would want me to post it right here. I will not want us to depart like this. tell me what you think.
love you all so so much.

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 11:39am On Jun 19, 2018
TOKE(The girl child) by Felix the_millennial


I walked into the quiet mall. All was quiet and beautiful. I like the fact that its quiet, atleast I would be able to contemplate my life better. This past few days has been tough for me. College wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I left my past lives behind and I just want to remain as purely as ever.
Ohh my confession? My family? I know you guys are willing to know. I just think that's another phase in my life that I have gone through and wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake again.
I found a seat close to the window. The breeze and effect of air stung on me as it blew my hair to the back. I smiled sheepishly as I rested my head on the glass window beside me. I felt so weak to even place an order. Classes has been so crazy.
I shifted a little as I recollect every single little thing that happened to me.
I was molested and embarrassed as I repeated my words to my family and zayn.
I closed my eyes tight. I thought they were going to skin me alive. I called for the ground to help me out of this dilemma but its seems the ground is so unhappy with me. Let's justice do it's work. Leave African parents to react immediately.
"You guys did what? Mother rang out angrily! You sick child,harlot,promiscuous from the start, horrible LovePeddler. How dare you do such? You are a disgrace to this family. You've always been. My biggest regret is I happened to be your mother. You shall never find happiness. I say this as a dying woman,your daughter shall do this to you. You shall..
"Stop that mother, stop that before I kill you myself right now. A familiar voice rose up,Jamin's. Do you even have any right to shout at her right now? He asked! Do you have any right to blame her? Can't you see? You caused all this. Dont you dare blame it on her because she deserves love,care and attention like every other teenage girl in the world. She deserves mother's listening ear. She deserves to be pampered. Now you sit there and talk about curse. If anyone is to be cursed,then she definitely have every right to curse you. You deserve a painful death. You just didn't cause a lot in her life alone. You did to me,Mikey and father. Are you the only one with a brain tumor? Why can't you open your self to people's love but instead throw them away like they are trash. Even to your own family.
"Jay. Please bring it down a notch! Calm down." Mikey spoke up with tears already filled his eyelid. Dont let us do that here brozay. She have caused a lot and she really needs to pay. Mother,I mean.
Mikey you too! Oh my God am so overwhelmed. How come no one is blaming me? But it's not my fault,or is it?
"Do not blame your mother! Blame your pretentious and desperate sister who always call on me to give her some desirable pleasure. She's an incorrigible liar and attention seeker. What a..."
"Zayn or whatever your name might be,dont you interfere in this matter or I kill you with my bare hands" Mikey rose up to him ready to fight.

He's right. Was I not the one who started this revenge of a thing?
I wanted to show mother hell. Now I am going through hell. He's right! I am an attention seeker,I wanted to get what I never planted. I am horrible. I dont deserve to live among humans. A total animal,that's who I am. What more could I use to defend myself.
I dried the fresh tears on my cheek as I rose up to take my leave. Everywhere was spinning. It seems the world was with me but the nature were still angry with me. I stood still. What's left to say. Even if they all want to support me. They would be so disappointed to hear that I was the one who threw myself at him.
"Toks are you okay?" Father asked concerned clearly shown in his voice.
"I am" I said my voice sounding hoarse than I planned it to be.
"And where do you think you are going? Baby...mother started!
Did she just call me baby? I asked myself furrowing my eyebrows.
"We can talk this out. I always believe you from day one,its just..
"Why you begging her? Thought we are a team. We should leave babe. Zayn said irritatingly.
"Did you just.. Jamin trailed off as he send zay some punch across the face. Learn to give your elders respect!" He finished off.
"I wouldn't want any problem zayn. You've caused a lot in my family and believe me you should be prosecuted for this. Mother announced. If you don't want any legal action,you better go faraway and never come back here anymore."
I closed my eyes shortly. "He didn't take my virginity,I said! He only gave me my first orgasm. And am sorry...I trailed off,
As everywhere became dark. I shut my eyes slowly. The last thing I want to do is argue. I lost conscious.
"We love you! Please come back" was the last word I heard before I finally closed my eyes shut. That's it! The end of my suffering.
My family took me back! Oh you were thinking they wouldn't? I explained my part and revenge and all they did was sigh at every of my word. I knew I had done a lot right from my secondary school friends. Speaking of secondary school friends,
Tania I heard relocated to California with her parents. I hope she doesn't start a weird life there. Tayo? A sad story. She was a drug addict,and presently,she is at the rehab center. Her parent wanted to give her proper care before she finally gets in college.
Am happy my friends are okay and fine.
Hakeem? I seriously don't know! The last I heard,he relocated also to NYC. Hopes to see him one day and I hope he would forgive me and take me back! Take me back? I honestly dont need any guy in my life right now. I Am not even legal yet. Time would tell.

"Congrats dear" mother said weakly on her bed when she heard about my admission that had been granted.
We were back together as family. We accepted our mistakes and we made a good lot out of our flaws. Mother has been directed to the top neurologist in the world and he promised to help. She's still waiting properly for her surgery. But she would always say,believe me,if I am not there to witness your matric,convocation,NYSC, marriage in person,I am there in spirit And I would be super proud of you. My little pumpkin. Those were her last words to me.
Tears trickled down my face as I remembered this. Mother died during her surgery. She couldn't take it. The time for her to go came in early.
She was the mother I never had From the start. Jamin took over the company,while Mikey pursued his doctorate degree. My family was complete once again without one person we never had to ourselves. Oh God accept her soul! We love her,but you love her most.

"Would you like to place your order now ma?" The waitress,a tall beautiful tanned young lady walked up to me with a smiling face
I cleaned my face with the handkerchief in my hand. I had cried so much remembering my family.
"Are you okay ma?" She asked with a concerned look.
"Errm,I clearer my throat,sniffing in. I'm fine. Water and snacks would be fine for now.
I brought out my fone to see the time Has gone past me. Father gave me a seven missed call. A slow smile crept on my face. Father will always be father. He always say,"when I give you a seven missed call,that means perfection will come your way throughout that day because seven means perfection." I smiled at his word as I picked up my fone to call him.
"Dad so what would my perfection be like" I said smiling.
"Uhmmmm" he thought for a while before he finally replied
"Let's treat each other to meal. Consider today your lucky day."
"What a father" just when I was thinking about food. Catch you there,send me the address."
My parents had insisted I school around Lagos state. Not that they don't have the money to send me out like others do but I was visiting some therapist who's helping me get over mother and the feelings we never shared. So they decided its best I stay very close to my family.
"Please put it in a takeaway. I need to run" I told the waitress who had attended to me earlier.
"Alright but that's another money " she said smiling as well.
"Just.. I was cut short by a voice,a voice I could barely decipher who owns it. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't guess
"Just pack it,the Bill's on me!" The voice said .
"Okay" the waitress dashed out

What the actual hell? My eyes are deceiving me right? When did he come to town? Taught he was in NYC!
"Hakeem!" I shouted . you were suppose.. I trailed off as I snake myself around him.
He didn't take back the hug. Maybes he's still angry with me! I slowly and embarrassingly removed myself from his embrace.
"I'm sorry!" I sort of whispered that to myself.
"Here you go" the waitress handed over the package to me. I mouthed thank you as I made my way to the exit.
I felt a hand grab my wrist. It was Hakeem.
He paid off quickly as he dragged me out of the mall.
As soon as we got outside,he hugged me tightly, so tightly it doesn't seem he would let me go so easily. So tight,I couldn't breathe.
"Can you atleast let me breathe" I asked sarcasm feeling my voice
We laughed out loudly,causing different stirs from people.
I couldn't get enough of this boy.

He opened the passenger seat for me as I slides to seat.
My fone rang and revealed Father's name on my caller ID.
"We've got a lot to catch up on but I got to go.!"
"Why?" He frowned !
"I need to meet with father".
I have a lot to tell you Hakeem, I have a lot to say but not now" I said looking sorry.
"Alright love! I would call you! Okay?"
"Okay" I said slowly.
He moved closer to me as he planted a kiss on my lips. His warmth lips moved against mine as it became more intense.
My fone rang the second time. Father was growing impatient. He should bring his attitude down a notch at times.
"I should go!" I smiled sheepishly.
"Okay" he said
"Okay" I replied him
"Okay" he repeated looking into my eyes.
I laughed hitting him hard on the chest. What a stubborn boy.
I walked out slowly out of his car as i walked with happiness down to where my driver parked my car. Yeah it was a birthday present from mother before her departure.

Is this fate or coincidence? I kept asking myself,shutting my eyes to be sure if I wasn't dreaming.
Whatever fate has in store for me this time around, I think I am ready to face it and become more braver.
I plan to set my life across with Hakeem. I plan to have a better tomorrow with him. Only him,only Hakeem. Okay!


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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 10:21am On Jun 15, 2018
TOKE(The girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 27
Episode 27
My mouth drop opens by the time father finished his explanation. How come no one ever hinted me? And I have been staying in the same house with this woman? Things began to make sense to me! All that I couldn't decipher before was completely open and clear now. Fresh hot tears ran down my cheeks. Why is this life so hard to live in? Why does people have to stay in this wicked place called life!

Mother had a brain tumor. A brain tumor? I still find it hard to believe. In the cause of this,she had decided to throw out the people she cared for out of her life so they wouldn't miss her too much when she's gone. Realization dawn on me. She became an angry bird when she realized her brain tumor has become cancerous and there was nothing anyone could do to help her out,not even the biggest neurologist in the world could help!
She had reached the last stage and she felt its the right time to send people out of her life. I was the last person she thought of sending away. She thought I was too young for the maltreatment. She wanted to make it official when I graduate my sec school.
I felt bad for everything I had engage in. How I wanted to repay her evil deed by having an affair with someone who could give her the pleasure she deserves as a dying woman.
She doesn't need anybody's sympathy. She just wanted to be in her own world! But she had gone too far. She had tampered with my life and there was no turning back. I had loosed myself and lack the love of parents and siblings.
And just now that I know the simple truth,everything just sucks.
"How come no one ever..." I trailed off trying to find the right word. This is so unfair to me,my life and everyone that I love. Truth be told,mother would always be my mum no matter what she has put me through. Although she was the mother I never had,I still do love her. Anybody ever hate and love someone at the same doggone time? That was the same feelings I shared with mum. I just can't seem to understand why this world is spinning against me. Why me?

Jamin sat up straight and began. "Baby! I understand you feel so heartbroken right now,but we didn't mean to keep it secret from you so long,it was just bad timing and all that. I hope you understand?
"I still dont understand anything!" I yelled. "What exactly do you want me to understand?. My bright big eyeballs shone directly, creating an eye contact with everyone.
"Yes i dont understand all this cooked up story. Mother? A dying woman? Can't you look for another lie to please me than use this? Did you guys try so hard to make him come back to our life after everything he had done!" I pointed to father who raised up his already red eyes.
"Pumpkin... He began slowly, I dont expect you to believe me,your brothers or this story you called cooked up. I'm sorry if Its too late you realized this,I just don't want to decipher the mother and daughter relationship I thought you both were having. I didn't want to put your life in jeopardy.
She begged me not to...he fidgeted with his hands for a while before Mikey cuts in.
"She loves you,we all do" he said slowly.
"Mikey can't you see? Are you all that blind? I dont need anyone to tell me I am loved or any other cliche I am tired of listening to. The truth is,my life has been jeopardized already. I dont have a life of my own. I just felt like the property of a propagated wave being thrown from the outside. She's dying isn't it? But my life is just encrusting. Holy shit!
"Enough with those words of yours,I won't let you talk that way to this family. Just forgive everyone and let's start a new life afresh giving love to someone who really needs it now" jamin argued obviously anger cleared in his voice.
"What about me? Me? I dont deserve to be love? I mean thanks to God jamin,you've started seeing me as your sis. Should I remind you the torture I went through from you? Do you want me to?
"That was in the past toks,just shut up and have some respect" he slides on his fone dialing some sort of number I couldn't really see from where I sat.
"Ohhh I would gladly shut up after I reveal this. My laughter rang out so loud, people around thinks am some sort of weird,spoilt child. Little did they know what exactly was going on. My family problem.!
"Toks! Take it easy...just calm your nerves..baby girl" Mikey stuttered for the last time.
"You know what Mikey, do not call me baby girl. Why? I'm fucking mothers sugar boy!"
"They are here!" Jamin announced the same time I revealed the truth.

It was a coincidence. We both didn't see it coming.
"What?" The trio shouted.
"What? Who are those here" I asked surprised.
Another coincidental moment.
"What did you say earlier?" Mikey cleared the confusion. You are doing what?"
"Hey everyone,mother interrupted taking a seat next to me. And there I saw him,zayn,sitting comfortably on an armed chair close to jamin.
"Somebody is about to die" I murmured.
Fear gripped my soul. If only I knew they were invited,I wouldn't have said what I said. What a life! Time to break free. I sigh.

*To be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 10:13am On Jun 15, 2018
Yippppeeee!!!!! Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters reading my story. I wish you guys love,happiness and light this blessed period. Have fun and dont forget to send your chicken through my email lol. I'd definitely see it. Thanks for the love all along. To my Christian FAM,CHRISTMAS is coming in early lol..xo xo xo
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 2:54pm On Jun 05, 2018
OMG babiessss....did you guys notice I wrote a pretty ass long episode today? weeeff!!.. I wanted to make it up to you guys by writing this and good news? my story will be published on hard copy very soon. so y'all have the opportunity to get a copy and enjoy my story more. am working with some certain publishers to edit my writeup..so till then,you guys should please follow up and keep liking and mentioning people to follow this story. hug kisses love. thanks so much.
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 2:48pm On Jun 05, 2018
TOKE(The girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 26

"He's right there" I heard a husky voice behind me. I turned around to check who knows why i am here,only to see a frowning Michael.
"Mikey!" I shouted and hugged him straight away. "I missed you" I sob.

"The last I checked I dont know you and isn't It a little disrespectful to hug a stranger this way" his voice didn't sound happy. He sounded frustrated and pretty pissed. His face looks so pale.
"Mikey what's wrong with you? Its me. TOKE!.
"Ohh nice to meet you miss Toks,now if you dont mind kindly get out of my way" he concluded walking ahead of me.
I felt myself getting heated up. I was more than upset. What could have jeopardize my relationship with my best friend and bro? I wanted to run away. I just want to find solace elsewhere. This meeting was a bad idea from the start.
I took step backward,heading back home. I couldn't withstand introducing myself all over to people have spent half of my life with.

"He's right there" he cut me short,pointing towards the direction where father sat reading a set of published magazines.
"Ohh I thought you don't know me" I said furrowing my eyebrows at him for acting weird towards me. My eyes were clearly red but I quickly dab my handkerchief on my face in other not to show my weakness. He pouted at me and loosened his scary face.
"I wouldn't imagine denying my sis not for a day. Come give big bro a hug. You look funny with that face Yunno. Okay okay I acted up. I was being a jerk,but i was just teasing life out of you."
"You shouldn't act around like that yunno? You really scared life out of me" I whimpered .
Mikey spread his arm out and I ran to take the hug.

"OK ok I get it! You missed me so much but can you please let me breathe a little? You hugging life out of me" Mikey said between laughter.
"Oh sorry" I murmured. "But I haven't forgiven you for what you did" I freed myself from the hug,giving him a hard punch on his stomach.
"Ouch" he smiled generously.

"Can you guys please save this for later,we have a date to catch up.
I heard a voice, A familiar one at that.
"Ohh the useless date" I whispered more to myself than to anyone. I released myself from Mikey's embrace and was shook to see jamin standing with gritted teeth,smiling genuinely at me and Mikey.
"Hey dont just ogle at me. I know am good looking but atleast take your eyes off me. Am your bro!" He said arrogantly, sprouting as if he was somebody. Lol.
"Ohh yeah that's true. I just can't help your toned body. No one cheats nature right?" I said sarcastically.
He got the message and threw me a friendly punch,pulling me against his chest. It feels so good to be with my bro again, especially the old gorilla himself. Jamin.
We exchange our "I miss you" cliche before heading towards the old,strong cafe which holds lots of memory.
"There he is" Mikey announced.
"Ohh" was all I and jamin said before moving to the seat next to the outdoor window where father sat comfortably reading one of his favorite magazines.

"Look who are here" father said delightedly resting the magazine before he shook hands with Mikey and jamin. "Seems like they've all gotten along so well." I sigh.
"Hello pumpkin" he broke me out of my reverie.
"Hi" was all I replied with. I still couldn't understand the reason for this outing, I just had to keep my mouth shut. I don't even want to engage in any kind of talk with him,after all he did.
I rested my back on the chair before the waitress broke the silence when delivering the red velvet cupcake I didn't even order for.
"Here you go miss" she said sweetly.
"But I..." I trailed off knowing rightly father had ordered it for me even before my arrival.
"He still remember my favorite cupcake" I soliloquies.

"I ordered that for you baby" father broke me out of my reverie. "Dont you like it anymore? We always come here to get..."
"I still love it. Thanks." I cut him short.
"Ohhh okay cool" he said,looking at me terribly.
"I just wanted to have a get together with my children after all this years and it seems you guys are not okay with it" father said,sorrow filled his voice.
Before anyone could give a response. I stood up from my seat abruptly or rudely whatever you call it. "Ohh yes am not cool with all this acting. If you had wanted a get together so badly you wouldn't have left without saying no goodbye. Especially to your best friend. That was an unfair thing to do. Now you talk about your children,really,those children you denied?
The ones you said are not yours? The ones you hated so much? Tell me, the baby mama you ran to,how is she doing? Is she doing we'll? Her kids? Ohh I heard they are your real blood. Hmm must be pretty little kids. You must have called them pumpkins like you used to call me. Or even call them "my hero and "superman" like you call Mikey and jamin. Uhhn? Ohh why did you leave them? Are you tired of this poor innocent kids? What a father!. Maybe you even threatened to kill their mom like you threatened to kill mother. What a disappointment I have as a father. Ohh sorry, you are not my father,you..." I trailed off trying to hide my tears from escaping through my eyes. I was hurt badly and I just wanted to run somewhere and not come back anymore. Not anytime soon.
"Don't you ever call me such. You dont deserve to call me that anymore. You lost that right years ago. So quit acting,it doesn't suit you,you'd make a bad actor eww" I said obviously pouring down heavy rain from my eyes.

"Toks,just sit and listen" jamin said quietly and confidently" Thank God it wasn't a public cafe,I would have created a scene but that period,I dont care.
"Sit toks. I see you have been brainwashed so far by mother. You need to know the truth" Mikey said as father and jamin nodded in agreement to what he has said.
"What truth?" I asked.
"Somebody just answer me" I shouted as every waitress turned to my direction.
"Its fine. We would handle it" my dad and two brothers echoed begging the people affected.

*To be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 2:31pm On Jun 05, 2018
hello guys...I am so so sorry about my absence here on nairaland. its so hard trying to combine school work and stories together. it's been a very stressful journey but thank God am here again. I wont be promising you guys about posting frequently,but as I get the chance, I will always update to make sure you guys enjoy this story till the end. thanks so much for the support and please do not forget to like,comment and mention people to read my story..This would go a long way. God bless you all. Amen.

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 12:28pm On May 19, 2018
TOKE (The girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 25

I lazily crawl out of my bed. The sound coming from my parents room was something familiar but this time a hundred times more loud. I laid silently on my back my eyes counting the ceiling above me. I simply crawled out lazily when i couldn't bear the noise anymore. My parents never had a peaceful marriage. It has always been a survival of the fittest between those two.
"Did you just call me a promiscuous wife? Look who's talking?you are the man LovePeddler,an irresponsible father who lacks knowledge in putting together a good home" my mom spat out angrily!
"If you dont shut up and learn to give me the respect I deserve,you won't believe what would come next" my dad said hoarsely,His voice clearly made it known that he was about to drop his temper. And if such happened,the whole house would be on fire.
"I would start giving you your respect, if you learn to behave like human for once. Look what you've caused in this family? Just take a look at everything. You are not only selfish but a lying irrelevant snake working undercover. You are an enemy working negatively in this family. You are also a wuss. Remember,I made you! If not for me believe me your life won't be counted on" my mom said as tears rolled down from her eyelid.
Things like this aren't so new in my home. we've grown so used and attached to it that I feel like its just run in our blood. My dad is this kind of man whose so simple. Growing up,I used to be daddy's girl.
Whenever I cried, he was always there for me. He was unemployed as at then,mom was the only working parent I had and she sure was from a Rich home. Dad was always seen around house while mom would always embark on her hideous trip. As a matter of factly, dad was the only parent I grew so much to love and pour out my sorrows to. As for mom,she was in her own world.

Mom was a classy woman,I used to believe she wasn't part of those old ladies who sleeps around with men but i thought wrong,so wrong that I didn't suspect anything till I was old enough to understand life.
Me as a person never knew for sure what was always the source of my parents fight. I was a smart kid,thinking about my parents situation was just another thing entirely. I Hardly see them play like couples and mother always accuse dad of insecurities. From what I noticed,she was the bossy lady.

I came home from school on a sunny Friday. The house was obviously quiet and not a single noise was heard. I ran to father's sitting area but was shocked to not find him there. 'He always sit here' I mumbled. I ran back inside hoping to see him inside the room but all was to no positive result only to find mother sitting confused on her matrimonial bed. I was surprised to see her at home,the day was still so young. She never comes in until 12:00am in the midnight. She was the mother I never had!

"Mom! What of dad? Where's my daddy?" I whimpered..I was scared. My mind flash back to when mother threatened to kill my dad Whenever he tries to intrude her privacy.
"Have you killed him?" I sobbed silently,cursing,never to forgive my mom forever.
"What? No baby! Never! Instead he was the one who tried to kill me. You dad is gone. He's gone,he left us baby. He went to meet his mistress. He abandoned you guys. He said you all aren't his kids. He called you all bastard. Your father is not responsible. I regret the day I met him" she cried bitterly and when I looked up to her eyes,I saw distress,disappointment in her eyes. My little mind race a bit,I didn't know if Mother wanted to brainwash me or paint father black,all I know was that,there was truth in her eyes. A truth and combination of secret all along.
"He didn't even wait tell me good bye" I murmured More to myself than to anybody!
And on that day,I hated him. Every day by day I always thought he would show up atleast buy me my favorite kid sweet but all never happened. It was an imagination that would never occur not anymore. The father which always acted like my both parents could easily betray me? Even if he wanted to do it to anyone he can,but not me! I was his replica. His twin and best friend. Father betrayed me and everyday the hatred kept worsening and deepening. I just dont want to see him again. To hell with him and His mistress.

*End of flash back*

I was brought out of my reverie when the car abruptly came to an halt.
"What happened?" I screeched at my father's driver who had come to pick me earlier leaving me no choice but to jeopardize my outing with the two men in my life.
"What happened?" This time I asked softly."why did the car stopped abruptly.
"We don reach" the driver announced.
"Ohhh sorry! I was lost in thought. I went back down memory lane I chuckled.
I went down and saw an iced cream parlour.
"This is an iced cream parlour not a cafe." When would father knows the difference between these two" I smiled.
And yes something does felt like deja vu. It was my Favourite iced cream parlour. Not only mine but father always brought me there to order my favourite red velvet cupcakes and chocolate iced cream. I smiled at the memory and how father would tug my shirt whenever I spill iced cream on it. Father would always tickle me hard till I concur to go home. It was my Favourite place and thinking back in time. I missed dad the more. He was my best friend.

*To be continued*
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 12:08pm On May 19, 2018
hey guys am so sorry its been long since I last posted on this story...I hope I can make it up to you guys. love you all so much. bless
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 10:47am On May 13, 2018
TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 24

Episode 24
All will be well...I sighed as I laid down back on my bed before I finally drift to sleep.
No one knew about the romantic affairs between me and my mother's sugar boy. Even the maids were clueless on the idea that we were actually dating. Dating? Would I really call my relationship with zayn date? I honestly dont know for real I obviously can't think straight. I just felt like whatever I might have together with zayn would showcase itself one day.

"Wakey wakey..wake up sleeping beauty".. I turned around to see a bright zayn smirking hardly towards my bed.
"You are still on bed? C'mon get up we have a lot to catch up on. He concluded leaving me in a confused state of mind. What's he talking about? what again this time?"
"Uhmm....good..morning" I stuttered.
"Good.. morning.." He said clearly imitating me.
I dont know what our relationships looks like now but I can tell its leading to something strong.
"Do you have plans today?" He casually said breaking me free from my thought.
""Errrmmm...nothing really. I might just grab some pizza later in the....."
"Okay since you are not in for anything.... Let's go on a date" he finally put his words together.
"There's this killer restaurant that just opened along the ikeja road. I heard their food is heavenly,let's check it out! What do you think?" He concluded turning his heart stopping smile at me,giving me some puppy pout which brings out more of his dimples which i hardly notice he had and I couldn't help but agree to his decision.

I smiled lightly at his childish behavior. "Okay okay. Let me just get dressed up. I will be done in fifteen minutes" I said sharply getting off my bed to the bathroom.
"I could wait for you here Yunno" he said giving me his playboy smirk.
"You won't get me this time zay! Just get out of my room and let me get ready" I said smiling sheepishly.
He nodded forming an i-would-be-waiting-downstairs look.
I nodded and hurried straight to the bathroom. Whatever zayn Has in store for me today,I practically can't wait. I shrugged taking off my nighty and under wears. This day better be good. I sigh.
The loud ringtone from my fone directed me back to my room. I ran as quickly as I could in other to get to my fone as this was the third time my fone rang. This should be urgent I said under my breath.
I was shocked when the caller ID revealed father's name boldly written on my fone. I was dumb struck. I fidgeted with my brain for a long time. the last I checked I deleted his number. how in the world!
Gra gra gra! this was so loud than before,the ringing broke me out of my thought. I decided to face whatever he has to say.

"let's meet today" his voice sound hoarse.!
"The last I checked,there's a thing called greeting. you cant just order me around." I bluntly said.
"TOKE! we meet at 12:00 at the cafe around igando GRA. you clear? my driver would come over to pick you! dont be late! I repeat dont keep me waiting !" . And with that he ended the call.
"really?" was all I said before Zay opened the door!
"you done?" he said sweetly.
"Arremm...not really.. I ..

gra gra gra.
"who is this again?" i said sharply signaling to zayn to allow me pick the call.
What the Bleep? there was sparkle in my eyes. I totally forgot.
The caller ID revealed Hakeem's name bouncing on my fone screen.
Now do I follow? is it Hakeem,Zayn, or Father.
I slide unto the bed......My life is complicated. I sigh.

*To be continued*
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TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 24

Episode 24
All will be well...I sighed as I laid down back on my bed before I finally drift to sleep.
No one knew about the romantic affairs between me and my mother's sugar boy. Even the maids were clueless on the idea that we were actually dating. Dating? Would I really call my relationship with zayn date? I honestly dont know for real I obviously can't think straight. I just felt like whatever I might have together with zayn would showcase itself one day.

"Wakey wakey..wake up sleeping beauty".. I turned around to see a bright zayn smirking hardly towards my bed.
"You are still on bed? C'mon get up we have a lot to catch up on. He concluded leaving me in a confused state of mind. What's he talking about? what again this time?"
"Uhmm....good..morning" I stuttered.
"Good.. morning.." He said clearly imitating me.
I dont know what our relationships looks like now but I can tell its leading to something strong.
"Do you have plans today?" He casually said breaking me free from my thought.
""Errrmmm...nothing really. I might just grab some pizza later in the....."
"Okay since you are not in for anything.... Let's go on a date" he finally put his words together.
"There's this killer restaurant that just opened along the ikeja road. I heard their food is heavenly,let's check it out! What do you think?" He concluded turning his heart stopping smile at me,giving me some puppy pout which brings out more of his dimples which i hardly notice he had and I couldn't help but agree to his decision.

I smiled lightly at his childish behavior. "Okay okay. Let me just get dressed up. I will be done in fifteen minutes" I said sharply getting off my bed to the bathroom.
"I could wait for you here Yunno" he said giving me his playboy smirk.
"You won't get me this time zay! Just get out of my room and let me get ready" I said smiling sheepishly.
He nodded forming an i-would-be-waiting-downstairs look.
I nodded and hurried straight to the bathroom. Whatever zayn Has in store for me today,I practically can't wait. I shrugged taking off my nighty and under wears. This day better be good. I sigh.
The loud ringtone from my fone directed me back to my room. I ran as quickly as I could in other to get to my fone as this was the third time my fone rang. This should be urgent I said under my breath.
I was shocked when the caller ID revealed father's name boldly written on my fone. I was dumb struck. I fidgeted with my brain for a long time. the last I checked I deleted his number. how in the world!
Gra gra gra! this was so loud than before,the ringing broke me out of my thought. I decided to face whatever he has to say.

"let's meet today" his voice sound hoarse.!
"The last I checked,there's a thing called greeting. you cant just order me around." I bluntly said.
"TOKE! we meet at 12:00 at the cafe around igando GRA. you clear? my driver would come over to pick you! dont be late! I repeat dont keep me waiting !" . And with that he ended the call.
"really?" was all I said before Zay opened the door!
"you done?" he said sweetly.
"Arremm...not really.. I ..

gra gra gra.
"who is this again?" i said sharply signaling to zayn to allow me pick the call.
What the Bleep? there was sparkle in my eyes. I totally forgot.
The caller ID revealed Hakeem's name bouncing on my fone screen.
Now do I follow? is it Hakeem,Zayn, or Father.
I slide unto the bed......My life is complicated. I sigh.
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TOKE (The girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 23

Yippee am done with my finals.
It was a memorable day at afro high school.
I rushed out of the school gate after bidding my friends good bye Till after grad.
Hakeem had promised to get me something. I was to go on a date with him. I ran out after my last paper. I was on a happy mood. At last, am finally an aspiring college student.
I got home as usual mom was planning to go for another hideous business trip.
She planted a kiss on my cheek telling me how proud she is to be my mother. I only nodded,trying hard to keep the bad words from my mouth. She patted my back as zayn wink at me.
We haven't really talk after he shoved me off. I only smiled at him walking back to my room to get ready as mother was driven to the airport to catch her flight.
Jamin and Mikey called also to congratulate me as they give the fone to father to talk to me. "Are these people trying to spoil my mood i asked already boiling inside of me. And I was so grateful when the call ended.
"Congratulations dear" I hear zayn say loudly pushing my door open as he scanned through my body.
"Thanks" I said looking for a towel to tie around my waist which only consist of a tight skinny jump short and a singlet. My body shape stood out and I could feel zayn falling hard for the standing figure which is me.
As I look through his eyes,they became tempting, so so tempting that I want to suck them out. His torso above his grin stood tempting also looking for a way round to get on my body.

We both stood half naked in a single room waiting for worst to happen.
"So what can i do for you or even get you to congratulate you?" He asked genuinely breaking the intense silence that has grown between us.
I stood still looking at him for something which feels like forever. I wanted him,I miss our moments together. The very first moment with mother's sugar boy.
"Are you with me" he asked feeling confused. "What do you want me to get for you this summer?" He said again.
"You!" I said sharply.
"What?"I hear him say.
"Kiss me again!" I finally summon the courage to tell him.
He stood still looking at me dangerously.
"Are you sure? I hear him ask me. This won't be good for you"
"Just do it. I said walking close to him. Just do it. Kiss me. I miss your touch. If possible make love to me" I concluded desperately.
He stood still hands akimbo looking at how dangerous I have become.
All I wanted was him.
"I don't sleep with virgins" he finally said.
"Why? I asked so shocked talk further.
"I dont....." Before he could complete his statement, my lips crashed on his. I kissed him vigorously and hungrily. He responded to my kiss as he pushed me to the bed touching me all around my body.
I felt like I was in heaven. He gave me the sweetest moment ever.
"Have you ever done this to yourself" he asked ,his words coming out as a moan.
"What?" I asked confused.
"Finger yourself. Have you ever done it? How does it feel"

Have actually done it before. The night zayn Gave me my first orgasm.
"No!" I lied!
He dipped his hands inside of me and I prayed for a moment like this to always showcase itself. I moan hard in pleasure,calling out his name as I was instructed.

Gra gra gra. My fone rang and he harshly silenced it.
I hopped on him. He looked at me surprised.
"I want to do something for you also"
I haven't had lot of experiences but Tania always make me see a porn and with that I learn how to pleasure a guy.
I slowly mount on him giving Him the best feeling ever.
"I'm about to cum babe and unless you want to me to cum in your mouth"
He released himself from my arm as he slowly walk to my bathroom kissing me slowly.
"I just had the best moment of my life after finals" I said seriously laughing.
He came out to my room sitting close to me on my bed. "That was awesome" he complimented.

"Why do you choose mother? What's so fun about an old dying lady?" I asked with a desperate look.
He looked away standing up to leave for the door.
"Did I hit a nerve?" I asked him.
"Nah! Its just a topic for another day." He concluded as he walk out of the house.

"I think you are busy.
I would see you tomorrow.
Love. Hakeem."

I read Hakeem text after getting a hold of my fone. He gave me a seven missed call. Holy shiit! Am horrible.
I dialed his number.
"Hey babe" he said picking up his call.
"I'm sorry. I had to follow mom to the airport. She travelled again to one of her hideous trip.
I was forced to escort her" I lied.
"Ohhh!! Alright. I thought something happened. We would see tomorrow then cause its late already. Love you toks.
" ok now good night. We would definitely see. Love you loads" I said ending the call.

Am horrible. I sigh.

*to be continued*

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TOKE(The girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 22

I got home recounting and pondering on whatever might have happened today at Hakeem's house. What truth was jamin talking about? I rolled from one side of the bed to another. I just can't get enough of the misery in my home.
"Penny for your thought"
I heard someone said. I turned back to see a half naked zayn smiling deceitfully at me. there was sparkle in my eyes.
"Penny for your thoughts" he repeated.
"None of your business" I said moving out of my bed trying to avoid any silly show.
"None of my business, but I care. Hit me on the gist and let an old pro give you some advice" he said and one could tell he really do care.
"I'm sorry the way i talked to you,but I'd be fine" I said causally.
What effect does this boy has on me. I find myself pleading at any little thing I do wrong.
He stood up from the bed walking towards my direction. His aura feeling the air completely .His body with whom I already fell so hard for was gnashing at me. Making me mesmerize so hard.
He placed his hand on my waist and my body shiver in response to his touch.
He crashed his lips into mine,kissing me hard till my feet became weak. He pushed me to the door and all I see in his eyes were lust but I was so heated up to push him aside. I can't get enough of him.!!
I called out his name but what came out was a moan. I moan silently in response to his wild touch.
"Moan my name again baby" he said sweetly.
"Again" this time around his voice demanded.
I moan in pleasure as i receive my first kiss from someone I never planned would give me.

Zayn gave me my first kiss not Hakeem and I could say over And over again that it was awesome. A moment I would never forget!
He released his body from my body panting and laughing deceitfully.
"You are awesome" he said!
"I know. You are sweet also" I said feeling shy after bringing the words out.
I practically can't believe this is me making out with my mother's sugar boy after coming back from my boyfriends house. The one whom I missed his kiss.
Zayn left my room winking right after me and I knew immediately there is more to come.
I sat down on my bed feeling bad for Hakeem. Feeling bad for mum would be the last thing I would ever think about. I just felt it was the right time to revenge and cause her pain.
I rested my head before finally sleeping off.
"Have you seen zayn?" I asked Aliyah.
"Yes. He went for a run" aliyah answered before moving back to her duty post.
Ever since the kissing incidence. I noticed zayn has been avoiding me and I couldn't tell why he's been acting strange.
I entered my room still thinking about zayn and I. Honestly, I miss him. I miss his kiss. Even if it was just once, I miss him.
I was on a hoodie up and down as I stroll the hallway trying to figure out when he'd be back.
The door to his room slightly opened and my heart jump out of its position.
"thought he went for a run?" I said quietly.
He didn't greet nor show any paralinguistic sign of greeting. Instead he started to walk towards the kitchen door.

"Why you avoiding me?" I shouted feeling dirty and sorry for what I did.
"What?" He said shocked
He practically didn't see that coming.
"Can we just pretend like nothing happened between us?" He asked,his voice now hoarse.
"What?" I didn't see that coming either.
"We both know something happened between us. You gave me my first orgasm. And now you want me to act like nothing happened, when something actually did" I concluded breathing so hard.
" well there's a thing called pretending Yunno? Just pretend like it never happened. You are a big girl,I believe you would be able to cope. Your mom would be home in few weeks,you can't afford to get things risky" he said moving outside the gate.
I felt bad as uncontrollable tears ran down my cheek. I feel dumb and stupid. How could I do such a thing? Not to myself but also betray my brothers and Hakeem. I hated myself as I walk towards my room banging the door at myself making the whole nature tremble.
I miss zayn. I miss our first moment together. I want more of him.
I feel bad for Hakeem also.

*to be continued*
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AN/ so this episode am about to update consist of little smut. believe me without smut,it wouldn't make a complete novel because it is practically a Romance novel. so I have an idea,if you are this kind of person who wouldn't be able to deal with this episode,maybe you shouldn't read it and just wait for the next episode rather than criticize my work. thanks so much. love you all
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AN: were you guys expecting jamin to be cool with his sis? how about the new changes in jamin? and what truth was he talking about. don't you love cliffhanger? oh I do!
check on the next episode. keep viewing guys,keep liking,keep commenting. I love you all with my heart sincerely.

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TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 21

I stood there shocked. I basically dont know what to do. Jamin would skin me alive.
He stood still,not showing any shock expression.
Hakeem seems cool and I felt like I was the only one feeling some type of way. Jamin ran towards me. I closed my eyes tightly, calling silently for the ground to help me out of my dilemma. "Jamin will kill me. I'm gonna die before my time" I said silently.
Instead of slap,jamin hugged me so tightly. His skinny chest landing on my body.
I stood there lifelessly like I wasn't been referred to.
"I've missed you baby sis. I miss you so damn much. How have you been. How are you been treated at home. I wanted to come over and see you believe me. I could be a bitch but you know I love you. You know I wouldn't want anything to hurt you. I was threatened. Mother threatened to put me in prison if I ever think of coming to you or close to the mansion. I always think about you. I had to come stay with Ak before I finally move to L.A to meet Mikey. Mikey always ask of you believe me." He said swiftly. It was so swift that I thought that wasn't jamin. He has never felt inferior because of anyone. Not mum,dad or anyone at all. He was the bad guy.
I felt bad for my brothers.
"I'm sorry for everything" I replied coldly unable to think straight.
"Its fine. Hakeem told me about his relationship with you. For real am cool with it. Yunno I'd never approve any guy with you, but believe me AK worth you more than anyone. How's the bastard? Zayn,I heard is his name.
How is he treating you?"
Before I could reply, Hakeem cut in.
"You should move in with me. Its dangerous really living with such a guy. He can't be trusted. He could try anything. He said like someone trying to do away with the hot yam in his mouth.
"Hakeem, you are a sweetheart to worry about me,but I'd be fine" I said solemnly.
"You never can tell. jamin cuts in. He could try rubbish with you"
"No he wouldn't dare do that." I defended.
"I should get going" I said defiantly.

"Dad said you should move in with him" jamin said quietly, more to himself than to me.
"What? That's not possible I said. I'd rather stay with zayn than move in with him." I huffed.
"Ok ok I get. We would talk about this later" jamin concluded.
"Okay" I agreed.
"Say me hi to Mikey whenever he calls. Tell him I miss and love him so much. Tell him I can't wait to reconnect with you guys" I said breaking down in tears.
Hakeem moved closer to me,patting my back and giving me the sweetest feeling ever.
"I'm sorry for everything toks" jamin said sorrow filling his voice.
"This is not about you" I fought back.
"For everything toks. The bully, the hatred,everything baby. Am sorry for being a jerk to my baby sis. Am sorry I wasn't caring enough like Michael. Am sorry I left you when you needed me the most." He said apparently ashamed of himself.
"Now that I know the truth,I promise to keep things up with you,Mikey and dad" he slowly concluded.
"What truth?" I asked confusion feeling my voice.
And why the addition of dad And not mom?"
"Baby you should go. Its getting late already.

*to be continued*
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TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 20

Episode 20
It's finally Friday and neither Zayn nor I have been able to talk throughout the last few days. It basically seems like we've been avoiding each other.
I got back from school very early,since it was Friday,I had the next few hours to myself.
I got home feeling heated up and all that was on my mind was to find something so refreshing to take. I took a fast step to my room,undressing as I make my move to the bathroom in other to clean the sweat off my body.
I stood inside my bathtub thinking about the last few days. "Was he really avoiding me?"
I was also avoiding him though cause I literally dont know how to start a conversation with someone I barely know. I quickly rushed out of the bathroom as soon I got done,rushing down the hallway to grab something to eat.
Hakeem had called earlier requesting for an outing. I was to meet him at his apartment. It kind of sound weird but i just couldn't get enough of this boy. Apparently,nothing occurred between us. His face alone I want to keep seeing.

i checked into my inner closet and found something more simple and beautiful to wear. It was the combination of my short jean trouser and one of my coolest summer top. I slides into my gladiator sandals. Flipping my bag pack to my back, I was out of the house in seconds.
I got to the described area and my jaws could be seen falling on the floor. The estate was like a work of art and I could barely see any stain on each walls. I moved faster into my boyfriend's apartment
Boyfriend? Whatever!
He was on short and my mouth drool silently. I watched as his laced muscle lay out in tons forming a light covered masculine body. He smiled elegantly and my body stood lifeless.
He hugged me! Oh that hug? I never wanted to let go.
Imagine me planting a kiss on his body? I immediately pinched myself. "that's sound bitchy bitch! He's not even your boyfriend yet"
"Your house is pretty" I finally found my voice.
"Yeah yeah thanks sugar" he replied.
"You look good by the way sunshine" he said and once again I blushed so hard. The red didn't show cause am African, but I could feel myself getting heated up through his words.
Within minutes we already got so deep in conversation.
He cursed on daily basis but instead of me getting mad at his choice of words,all I wanted to do was to hear more from him. More continually!

"Do you have a pair of oversize T-shirt?" I asked silently after staining my dress with the orange juice I grabbed from his kitchen.
"Yeah yeah I do. Come over to my room and get changed. You not leaving any moment from now yeah?"
"Not really." I replied!

No one is at home to query me. Who would? Zayn? He won't dare do that.
He brought out a white oversize T-shirt that stinks of too much cologne. It was the mixture of mints and A.k's unknown perfume.
It smell good.
"Can you please step out? I need to change" I said, my voice sounding hoarse.
"What now? like you dont want me to stay" he said with a tight smile.

"The last time I checked,you are not my boyfriend." I said smiling sheepishly.
"Ohhh Missy that hurt Yunno? The last time I checked, I asked you out."
He said walking towards me and my body immediately arose to his movement. He placed his hand on my waist looking at me intensely. My heart beating rate already increased as I waited patiently for him to do his worst. Worst that I would love!
His eyes were eager and ready to devour me. His lips was something admiring As the pink color hover into my eyes. I watched closely as he took a full step to crash his lips into mine. I waited patiently, closing my eyes so tight in other to get my first kiss from someone have always had butterflies jump around in my tummy for. The only guy i want to give my body to.
The door opened swiftly. We had an intruder. It was jamin. Jamin intruded our moment.

*to be continued*
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helllllllo y'all and happy Sunday!
I hope you guys are enjoying your sweet sabbath?
anyways I actually came here to tell you guys that am still available and thanks so much for the support,text,call,love. y'all are the realest for real.
am done with my first semester exam so i'd be updating the next episode tomorrow. I'd try and finish this story before the end of summer. please keep liking,keep commenting. all those keep me insane. my love for you guys ehn,you can't comprehend.
God bless. watch out for the next episode tomorrow.
Am back and strong.

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Hello everyone its Felix the millennial. I decided to make this chapter pretty long because I'd be having exam in few days so I won't really be chanced to update on naira land for just a short period of time I'd be through with my exams. please bare with me y'all and I promise to finish the story before the end of summer.
please keep viewing,keep liking and please comment so I'd k ow you guys are really keeping up with my story. your views keeps me insane and I want to write write and keep writing.
thanks for the support so far.
by the way I have a give away to do.
the first twenty friends to comment and tell me what they think about my characters in this novel would get a gift. I won't tell you lmao. just comment and watch out.
see you guys!! love you all. xoxoxo.

love. FTM.

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 10:12am On Apr 14, 2018
TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 19

I still had the imaginary image of zayn in my head. His hot looks,his muscular body which stood toned up layers by layers. His eight packs I guess,everything about this boy just won't leave my memory.
Its been three days since I last saw him and I could bet I wasn't feeling really good about it. I felt like I needed to see his face over and over again.
I hinted my friends about him and they seem not to be happy about this new development in me. Tayo cringed, Tola scoffed producing a large breathe I knew she has been holding all the while I have been talking. Tania only leaned closer,"Tell me more about this bitch"
I think one out of my friend is willingly to understand with me.
"But I thought you and Hakeem are like together?" Tayo sounded more like a question than a sentence.
"Urmm..ermmm. I dont know" I said quickly shrugging, trying to change the topic which seems to be growing tensed between us all.

I got home feeling a little bit heated up and I bet I could devour any food which comes my way at that moment. My final exam was getting close and I hardly got prepared. Something in me grew scared but I quickly sobered up.
"Am way to hungry to be thinking about finals. way too!" I said defiantly.
I was still pulling my hair from the ribbon I used in tying it to school. I haven't get my hair done this week and I got lot of stares from boys and query from teachers. I was exhausted really and great full. its the end of school till Monday.
I got to my room,pulling my hair into a messy bun. I hurried into the bathroom to take my shower. I spent my 10mins applying my face cleanser and all. I could bet something in me isn't feeling well the moment I got to this house.

"Toks! Please get down here. I need to hurry." she called out confidently across the hall way.
I rushed out of my room trying to catch up with whatever she wants to say.

"I won't be gone for long believe me. I just had to attend to this. I left a 100notes on the desk that should do right? ohhh baby please dont pout I'd send more as soon as I get there. I would miss you" she said romantically.
she said romantically and I felt like she has been practising all this lines before now. I stood my hands akimbo watching their lovey-dovey moves. I wanted to vomit. why in the world?

I totally couldn't take anymore of this I decided to speak up clearing my throat and giving them a sign they already had an intruder.
"there's a place called room you know in other you guys want to make out" I whisper-shout.

"and there's a thing called privacy and little sense of humor you know" she replied sarcasm filled her voice.

"but you called for me! what was I supposed to do?run back to my room because my mother is busy making out with someone young enou...."

"ENOUGH Toke!! enough of that rubbish. when did you learn to talk back at me. how come you've loosed so many respect for me and am just noticing this" she said emotion overtaking her speech which rung across the hallway.

"I'd learn to respect you once again if only you stop your promiscuous way" did I just say that ? I had no other choice!

"Omotoke in our land we respect our mothers" she shouted this time around and I heard a hand land on my face. was that a slap? I felt so bad and wanted to say more.

"because in our land,mother who respects themselves dont abandon their own children. because in our land mother who has high value for themselves dont create taboo in their own home! so you see why I loose so much respect for you."

"really now? OK the earlier the better you start to get something into your nasty brain that I ain't going to be there for you anymore. the better you know I have priorities and a husband to care for,the better for you. if you don't learn to shut your coarse mouth then you'd be so gone in this house like I did your two good-for -nothing brothers.
she hand stretched her hand towards zayn who by then I could bet his jaw was swinging on the ground they dropped totally. he was in awe!

"what a moment! he whispered.

"what do you mean?" I shouted at the top of my voices ignoring zayn sarcasm.
Jamin and Michael gone? why? they didn't even wait to say their goodbyes. I said feeling wet realizing i have been crying all along.

zayn here,is your to-be step father" she said mocking my ego.

Mother replied with a dirty smile on her face and I instantly felt like killing her.
"What the heck" I would rather die than have a young step father. Whats this world turning to anyway?

"Baby I got to go. Love you loads. Would miss ya. Dont forget to treat her well. I hate that am leaving you with her. She's hard to handle. I love you baby. Missing you already" mother sprang out audibly and if her voice could be called a shout then shout it is!

"Where do you think you are going" my voice came out hoarse than I planned as I step up,crossing and blocking her way.
"Well am so not having this conversation with you" She said a little whispering as she stutter hard.
"Don't disturb your momma. She got to attend to this. Its urgent.
Zayn again? What's with this guy?
She turned her look graciously and one could tell she was secretly thanking him.
She rushed out of the house with a peck planted on my cheek so swiftly like someone trying to avoid a punch but got to peck anyway. I moved out of her way as I find myself looking terrified and nervous all of a sudden.

"Well well well,seems like it's just the two of us at home. I think am gonna have fun." He said grinning widely with a smirk on his face. His strong accent rang across my ear to the other building.
"Me too" I said quietly more to myself than to him. But he heard and replied with a dirty look.
" I like that. You are smart."
I moved closely out of the hall space going to the kitchen to grab something.

Actually my appetite got lost and I find myself walking back to my room.
"This better not be a bad idea after all" i huffed with a large sigh laying back to sleep and finally wandering the dream land in just a minute.

"I miss my brothers in just seconds realizing they are so long gone away from their own home because they refused to follow her wish?
"where are they anyway! are they even safe? are they happy? I said all this in my head till I slept off.

*to be continued*
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 7:53am On Apr 11, 2018
TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 18

It sounded more of a masculine voice than a feminine voice. that wasn't mother's voice,that was her companion.
I tried to swallow hard in other to perfect my comeback to this stranger in our house.
"Toks" I heard her say.
"I realized you were so exhausted yesterday so I decided not to wake you up from your sleep." Mother said and her voice instantly felt like a snake venom on my skin.
"She got the mind to sound casual like there's no ongoing scenario here" I said sour fully!
"Hi" I spitted trying to hide the amount of cry which already laid on my eyelid waiting for me to give them the order before they form a complete ocean on my body.
I gave a turnaround and my body stiffens at the sight of the young man.
"What the heck? Why does he looks so cute.
He smiled and scanned across my body making me feel weak at his sight. His aura feels the air so completely. He doesn't look like an African or maybe he is but an half cast.
His brown hair laid across his head in a most elegant expression and I almost fell for his appearance. His body construction was something I would always day dream to see over and over again my entire life. His muscles layer themselves equally and I sighted every bit of it making my mouth water slightly.
His hard muscles moved under his arms as he slowly rubs himself against mother. A pang of jealousy arouse in me and I almost immediately knock myself out of this illicit thought.
"Toks you shouldn't be doing this" I said quietly.

I ogle at him and words to some extent went lost in me for something which felt like two months and a week.
He reaches his hand once again to mother and my eyes scanned his long,inked torso which is covered with a few tattoos I can't really get the drawing of whatever it might be. His body gleamed from the water or sweat whatever that is sliding down his skin.
"What does he sees in mother" I said a little bit of jealousy in my voice.

"Hello to you too!"He said casually. I can't decipher his tone. It makes me uneasy all of a sudden and I wanted to hear more from him. They were heavenly. Everything about this guy just seems perfect I gulped!

"Toks you shouldn't be doing this. You have Akeem and whatever he is or might still turn out to be he's just enough for you". I knew a chemistry was beginning to form and memory from the other night just Won't leave my lips smiling .
"Ermmm mother....
Zayn meets Toke" mother interrupted swiftly.
"Turkey?" He asked confused. There is no harshness in his tone,he was just confused as I am at the moment.
" Toke or you can call me Toks" I said quietly unable to think straight either to get mad at him or talk politely to him. His reserved appearance just won't give me a straight answer.
"And who is he?" I finally said.
"Toks. You always ask to much question. Anyways he's my friend and he would be staying here for a little while.

"Where is jamin and Michael anyway? I asked confused .
do they even know about this guy?

*to be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 10:26am On Apr 09, 2018
TOKE(the girl child) by Felix the_millennial

Episode 17

I went inside the sitting room but all the same all was quiet and not even a single soul was in there. I quickly rushed to my room,fear of not getting to my date late was all that occurred in mind. I still keep pondering on what Adamu said "Two oga e dey house". what exactly was he talking about?
I rushed to my inner closet to pick something light and casual since the sun was shining so bright,I thought of a joggers and crop top with my white vans
makeup .checked! (even if its just lip gloss and powder but oh well)

All went fine and I almost didn't know time have been far spent .time wasn't on our side.
he ordered my favorite pizza pepperoni and iced cream and I felt like that wasn't enough for me. I wanted him,I wanted to eat him.
he smiled graciously at me as we converse,laughing ,pouting and doing some romantic escapades . his laughter was so so contagious that got me smiling all day ahead.
his masculine voice was so deep and I almost imitated him. that made our outing more fun.
he said he enjoys my company. he didn't really talk about his request the other night. something in me was happy and another part of me just want him to bring it all out. I just cant get enough of this boy. I hope he Wont be the end of me. lmao.

I got home tired. I saw Adamu and interrogated him about his words earlier.
"who did you say were home" I huffed
"madame e don come back and one...
"shut up" I felt irritated talking to a senseless Adamu. what a waste of time"


"Zayn meet TOKE" I heard mum gulp down heavily like she has been holding her breath for something which feels like forever.
Mum came back from her trip last night but I was so weak and tired to even notice she had company. Of course she did!

I walk down quietly across the hall trying to prepare a bowl of cornflakes for my self. I walked past her room but didn't bother to say hello or good morning. She doesn't worth it! After what she did to me the last time,I expect her to be the one to apologize. If her ego would be so energize for her to handle then I think we would both snub each other throughout her stay.
I finally got down to the dining hall. It's looks so big and heavenly made much more different from the familiar hall i always laid my innocent body to take my daily food. The hall across the room appeared so dramatic and well furnished. The chandelier which hung across the coral colour laid perfectly on the roof top and the sharpen edge of the sun from the bay window brightens the whole room it felt good and i instantly beg for something obnoxious not to happen or try and change my mood this early morning that all seems well for me. I felt like I haven't been to the hall for like forever. All seems well and perfect and I pray silently as I make myself some cornflakes . Reality dawn on me that I haven't given myself much time to take atleast a cup of water from the dining hall. I settled down to take my prepared cornflakes before taking my bath and preparing for the day.

I watched closely as I hear some footstep approach me making my feet tremble. "Do we have visitors in here? I asked mumbling to myself without getting any answer.
Mother approached the living room with a non visible guy hands wrapped around her old sagging waist. I couldn't see the figure but my tongue instantly felt like sand paper. the whole room looks dark like the colour of a coal tar and i almost didn't recognize or wouldn't imagine what has gotten over my mother. She seems comfortable with that hand tied around her and she played her lovey-dovey as she find her way across the hall to the dining with her lover.
Mom had a boyfriend!
"What the heck!" I cringed.
The thought of my 48 year old mother in our living room with a boy young enough to be same age with Michael changed a whole lot out of me and I instantly felt like dying. My throat went sour and dry and I find it hard to bring the right word as they walk pass me without noticing my appearance at the dining area.
I stood up almost immediately feeling dizzy and weak at the same time. An ounce of pain encumbered me. "What did I miss?" I said very weak trying to breath hard and find the right place to set my feet as I walk trying to act like I didn't catch a glimpse of whatever might have happened.
My hand almost didn't get a hold of itself and I harshly swiped it across the utensils on the table making a loud voice beneath and above our mansion.
"Good morning to you too" I heard a voice say.

*to be continued*

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TOKE(The girl child) by Felix the_millennial.

Episode 16
There's this knob in my stomach that won't loosen easily as I sat around AK. I wanted to kiss his small rounded lips. I called on the goddess of love to show me the right path. if anyone would ask me what I really wished for. I would definitely call out that one name "HAKEEM". yes Hakeem !
Hakeem I would say with all this intensity am feeling. he would be my first love.

"so you were asking if I was asking you out" he said,his voice sounding a little bit husky.

what was he going to say? was he going to break my heart and say things like "oh no! you just like a little kid sis to me,all I did was just compliment you. go read your book" he wouldn't do that right?

we had an intruder! my phone intruded our conversation. the caller ID shows that its Tania. Tania destroyed everything.
his fone rang too and it almost felt like a coincidence.
"is this a coincidence or fate?
I didn't know who it was on his screen but he led himself out giving me a light peck on my cheek,giving me more rooms to blush on a million.

"that would be goodnight. I need to attend urgently to this" he said a tone of sadness in his voice.
"OK! I said..goodnight"
still in daze,perhaps because of the peck or because Tania and his unknown caller intruded us,I almost felt like dying.

I ran upstairs across the hallway giving room to myself to pick my friends call.
"babe been trying your number since forever but you refused to pick. am very sorry bitch. am grounded for a whole one month. I can't step out of this house." she sounded so scared and wary.
"Good for you. I spluttered out. its no biggie tho"

I didn't even notice Tania couldn't make it plus my fone has been on silence for a while now. what a night!
His gentle face keep wandering through my imagination as I lay still on my foamy bed listening to song by Rihannna. "WILD THOUGHT"
Am really getting this wide thought already.
"this boy better not be the end of me" I sigh drifting back to sleep slowly. it's been a long night!


Hello!!!Yes who's this?i said reluctantly.
No matter how sleep might want to gag my mouth i think I'd still talk with this special person i just heard his voice..AK?how did he get my line?i thought..the last time i checked i didn't exchange lines with him..maybe that little period in my dream God was trying to tell me that he was dialling my line not any other's....
he was requesting for a Lunch date..God i wouldn't miss this for a one!!
"OK I'd meet you after school" I said stylishly!

Staying in school practically wasn't the best idea.
i got to school on a cold Tuesday morning,having a bad blood pressure mainly because of Hussein. He was the one at the school hall addressing the student,i got to school late so you wouldn't blame me for missing the school morning devotion. what so good about that anyway?
He raised his brow to look at the late comer but maybe he didn't see me well or perhaps saw me but avoided being embarrassed by a final student 14years old girl..
To the ss3 students, he continued,i would want you to tighten your hardworking seat belt as your finals is about to commence i want you guys to know that the only joy you can give your parent is to come out with flying colours in this forthcoming waec examination. Any unseriousness shall be dealt with consequently,he said looking through my direction. we wouldn't want any sort of gang or group or students to lower our results here at afro high,it has never happened and it will not in your time,so folks seat up ad face life,don't only face it conquer it...
At the end of the speech all attention was drawn to us he was definitely talking about us Tania whispered..
Preparations about the forthcoming exam has been arranged...New instruments to the labs,a new set of computers and everything we all need for the exams.
Babe i should be at a lunch date today so I'd be sneaking out.
with who?Tania was alarmed.
What's wrong tayo asked!
I will gist you girls later but at least help me cover my escape away from Hussein....
Deal?they asked!
Yea deal! I said running out of my class,straight out to the school gate.i couldn't wait any longer,have gat to prepare to meet my shining armor..
I ran off,took bike which is a very common thing that happens to us in our every day to day activities,taking bike and at least saving us from being late,that's part of hussling in Lagos..
I got home confused by adamu's reaction...
'Hello ainty time's. I had no time to argue with him with the wrong pronunciation he gave my name. been used to it but oh well.
Hi adamu whatsup?
'I dey o,ehnehn small madame why we see you por house this time?school e Don close?"
What your business?i barked at him.
'Nothing e be my business,e just be say the two oga e dey'
The two oga?holy crap!what was he talking about?why on earth would jamin and Michael be home at this hour...i am definitely screwed this time!!

*to be continued *

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TOKE(The girl child)

Episode 15

Was he giving me the opportunity to talk to guys?was he matchmaking us stylishly?was this party created for me?he knew my age,Michael wouldn't allow such..
at this point i actually care not. i already have this sting in my heart about to really germinate..
He smiled at me when jamin stood up,
his smile was dangerous but at the same time very intriguing.
he turned his heart stopping smile at me and i almost melted under the intensity of it. That smile took my breath away!i can't breathe!i really can't!
So you are in what college? He asked!
Jesus is lord!That voice was killing...i wouldn't want him to notice i was falling for his cuteness so i replied him casually.
'I thought jamin has said a lot of things about me,he ought to have mentioned that i am still a sec school student. i answered politely feeling naive and strange at the moment.
Oh Darling!!!Your bro's bad cause he didn't mention that..
He only told me you have a cute eyes,a broad hips,and hmmm a portable seducing human size and yesss a cute lips to kiss..that moment i hated him,but i was already in his trap of cuteness,i was now in my own world targeting what's yet to come...
Lets just forget about that...i finally said..

In just five minutes one could feel the presence of love among us. he was so outspoken it made me get attracted to him...
Fourteen?not to young to have as mine..'catch them young and they shall be yours forever' he gave me that reply after asking me of my age...
Hahahaha!!so do you have a girlfriend?
I smiled at him using my left hand as a Fist on my head and the other on my lap caressing it and enjoying the moment with my new found soulmate..maybe God was keeping him for me somewhere that was why i have been turning out proposals from several men..
he laughed at me sweetly at me and I wanted him on me so badly.
Me?uhhh no No i don't...i actually don't do relationship,i fish for and play girls..but now that i have met you i promise to be loyal...even though you are fourteen,you don't look like one and you look wiser than every other girl on earth and hmmmm you are a beauty.
Are you asking me out was all i could say. i was surprised and my jaw fell to the ground. what a dream come true!
Just then a lady with a bottle of whiskey passed by bumped into another Guy coming and the drink spilled on me,she didn't see him coming.
Hey watch it man!AK roared at the Guy. 'you no watch where you dey go?
Why didn't you ask this so called girl who didn't watch her way?the Guy roared back..
Jamin was nowhere to be found. the party was about to disorganized. only heavens know where jamin might be maybe Busy on his drugs or something..
Na me you dey follow talk?you know who i be?baba you wan die
Na you wan kill me?was the guy response.
You know if na me wan kill you?He asked retaliating with an heavy blow on the guys face..What a moment!
AK please stop this i said!
No stay out of this sugar!
Again i blushed"
The Guy was nowhere to be found,some hefty Guy already led him out in order to stop the fight..
Thanks for defending me!
Nah its nothing you deserve more....
Ohhhh my black Knight in shunning armor!!

*to be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 1:28pm On Apr 04, 2018
TOKE(The girl child)

Episode 14
I stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what specific beautiful dress i could wear for a party like this it was more unless like clubbing just so to the fact that it was been held at home and we would call it an house party'.
Wearing a 'dress' was like dressing to a birthday party and turning up than the celebrant herself..I'd rather wear something simple than dress so elegant,'too many boys are coming i said i can't afford to seduce them all. i took to my inner closet,bringing out a fine sowed Jean material shot and a leather phase black top..This would do,i thought!
Oh lest i forget...'lets call this upcoming clubbers' they wouldn't want to miss it for a one,let them come learn from old pro's on how to club so hard' i teased my friends in their absence.
I called tola's line it wasn't available,next to tayo's 'switched off'!only God knows what kind of fone this one is using?i spluttered angrily.
lets try the madam own..gran..gran...gran..gran..it rang!
Bae whatsup yo!why the call tonight?you should be sleeping by now she said!
What's wrong with your own eyes?why is it still opened?i replied her silly question.
She laughed hysterically like someone who jumped on a lottery!'babe na so so question i dry follow ask o,i just dey show say i still care for you now 'she said and one could tell there's a smile on her lips
Will you keep putting words in my mouth and not let me go straight to the point on why i called you?
Haba bae! I Don forget say you no dey call person for your life,na so so beep you dey always do.
"hit me with the gist she said eagerly"
'Ode!well i actually called you cos there's a party coming up later this evening at my home,and i believe strongly you guys would love to attend,i tried calling tola but.....
Babe!!!!!wetin i just hear?party?walai go check your gate na me dey knock!
Haba Tania! Kilode? Aswear na for club you go die one day..so how far Tola? How you go reach am?
See babe forget she no fit come,her parle dey house,you know how the paro dey be naw?she no fit show..but don't you worry,na only me dey house marle Don travel go Paris,i go reach your place Asap..
'And please don't dress up like an upcoming olx o...pom pom pom,she already hung up before i completed my statement.

The party was already rocking,jamin already came to check on me twice,but i lied using my menstrual period as an excuse,he said he would be so pissed at me if i didn't show up,but i promised him I'd definitely not disappoint him..i finally joined the party a little bit disturbed with the numbers of guys and girls i met at our very own sitting room.
They were just too weird and uncontrollably..i sat in the midst of jamin and his seems like friend,he was introduced to me as Akeem popularly called AK. Even though it was night and already dark he wore black sunshade 'i wonder why guys do this?i said in my head.He sat down gently like a young Igbo boy waiting patiently for his mum to bring him some akamu'.
He wore a white Gucci made T-shirt,a Levis Jean,a Gucci belt,a Gucci sandals worth of i don't even know!

Everything he wore was designer,and probably worth millions..Hush puppi brethren i thought...mind you,he was damn cute for me to say cute,he was extraordinarily cute.his aura filled the air and my body immediately stiffen at his gaze..i actually don't acknowledge boys being cute and all that,but when i say it out i mean it..he was handsome,very cute!his small lips stationed itself on that small but broad Face of his,he had a pink lips that was artificial tho i knew that instantly but atleast it caught my eyes...his dimples were so deep i thought davido's was still a baby when it comes to competing not to even talk of kiss Daniel. lets just remove me out of the gist and competition i was nowhere to be found..
He smiled gracefully at me when jamin introduced me to him.'
"AK,na my sis be this o,the baby of our house..
"Ohhh that lil sis you dey always follow me talk.?
Hey!he has always been flooding our ears with gist about you and yes i must confessed you a wow!
And that moment i blushed!yess! I blushed twice. 1)jamin being the orator of my beauty promoting crush among his friends..so why was he always acting like he doesn't give a damn about me?question i myself cannot answer..and 2 because that special cute Guy called me wow..
Awwww thank you!jamin have always been saying a lot of nice things about you,and oh i must confess you are really nice' you'all know that moment when you blush to some level and at last produce rubbish from your mouth,that was exactly what happened!!I sat next to jamin,but jamin later excused himself giving us chance to talk.

*to be continued*
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 4:49pm On Apr 01, 2018
Hey guys thank you so much for keeping up with the story! I haven't been updating as much as I would like but in a week and half I have exams. so after that I will be updating a lot! maybe even finishing the story By the end of summer. not really sure about it tho.

what do you guys think about the four consistent characters in my story?
what do you think will happen to TOKE,JAMIN, MRS ADAMS, MICHAEL, MR ADAMS and other lovable characters to come.
I hope you guys are having fun reading my story? please tag,share,like and comment.
thanks for the support so far and happy easter to y'all.
y'all are the realest MVP's
keep it moving.

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 4:42pm On Apr 01, 2018
Episode 13
I lay down quietly on my bed,cuddling my big fat Teddy bear like its been forever since i last touched it boredom was killing me,it wasn't a good idea going to my neighbors in the area for relaxation or fun. i had no other choice than to lay still like a lifeless chicken and think deeply about what life has to offer me.
I was still contemplating really hard when someone knocked at my door!
'Who's that?i asked surprisingly,i knew totally jamin was out of the question nor Michael. I thought of aliyah;
Aliyah?i asked facing the door about to open, but ewww there i met the old gorilla himself looking straight like someone who's come for a restitution,one hand on the door,the other by his side..'another wahala' i thought..Lets face it' i said in my head..
Jamin!hey i thought it was aliyah good afternoon!he looked me face up and smiled.
'Hey babe!i just came to check on you?i hope you good?what's with the face?you don't look quite happy,is anything bothering you?lets an old pro give you some advice.
The question was too much for me to answer,and btw if i were to pour my sorrow to him,jamin would be the last person on the list to pour it out to i never wanted any further problem instead i gave him a straight answer.
Awwwww' jamin you are so sweet (even if he isn't) but am fine just missing mum that's all.
Ohhhh' really!!you a big girl you don't need to think about her..she's fine and i need you to be fine too he bulped out completing his last sentence making an humorous look
I said it! That greeting wasn't normal,he was drunk,gosh.

That bulp was far from that of a human,it was the smell of a dead rat in the house..the smell came directly from his mouth and it smelled so bad,so bad extracted out of an alcohol liquid together with the smell of a kush..that moment i knew yet was about to happen..
I smiled consistently at him trying to avoid any temper.
He smiled back at me and gave me a sign of 'am still around Tho..i nodded straight and left the entrance of my room slamming the door behind him..
I tried sleeping but sleep wouldn't come,i used my pillow as a shield in order to avoid the noise coming from the resting room,what noise was that?gosh! That must be another party coming up from Jamin's friend...you've actually done it this time' i said to myself..
I went downstairs only to meet preparations going on and jamin being the mastermind of the so-called party was the one showing and enhancing every single position of where the wine,stereo,cigarette and all sort of worldly things...i was already to things like that but our level was far smaller than theirs..we were like upcoming club girls but the party is about to bring forth PhD members and master degree holder in clubbing..the party is yet to commence but everywhere was already grooving..i would have love to enjoy myself to the fullest especially so as to get rid of the boredom that's about to have my funeral but since jamin was there and even the sole proprietor of the party i would avoid hitting a nerve.

After seeing things myself,i couldn't order his authority who dare do that?even after been introduced to smoking,mind you that was the last thing i would do to get my courage cuddle up or even being a party lovers or even under a very bad influence i knew smoking was bad so i wouldn't dare inhale that..My friends were dissatisfied that night i was introduced to it but i care not,have already pleased them with almost everything i was asked to do so as not to loose the friendship,but i think its time they support my decision too.
I stood restlessly at the entrance of my room trying to think about what to do?was i suppose to join the party?or stay indoor?either of those two options might raised up jamin's temper and by then give me the greatest embarrassment amongst his friends..i was encumbered really,if i were to call Michael,i wouldn't want to disturb a busy serious guy,while still in thought someone whispered to me,it was jamin!
'Wear your best dress tonight,we all need to groove'..

"Was that coming out of Jamin's mouth?i think jamin is turning a new leaf and whatever reasons it might be for him to be so nice to me all of a sudden,i think i would all find out soon

*to be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 9:14am On Mar 31, 2018
Episode 12

Omotoke!!! mom called my full name.
she hasn't really done that in a while now..I love it when she calls me Omotoke or toks. she knows I love it but this time around I only huffed and looked straight away to another direction picking up the newspaper that set across my feet.

"I know I have lot of important roles to attend to,but this i am doing right now is very important. I know you won't really understand because of the stage you are in now. you are young and still solemn and I understand that fact,I ain't holding you for that,but believe me you'd be the one to thank me later for investing so great in your future." your elder ones understands me better. I hope you get my point now dear? she finally completed her statement making her drop a hard breathe she has been keeping all along.
"sorry my love I need to take my leave and oh look what I got you from Dubai. its a queen bracelet,it would suit your hand well she said handling it over to me trying to avoid anymore words from me.
what does she take me for I said quietly! A bag of bin you can pour dirt,wash it off and even pour in more dirt? or a dog she can buy a gift for stating the obvious like 'here dog this is a gift for your filth..'
well I ain't any of that...I always long for her attention but all she does is push me away. if only I was am slowpoke then I would know I was being treated right, the way I fit in and should be treated.

'Enough mother! please I beg of you. Enough!
you can take your leave now since your mind is absolutely set. it been years and I miss her dearly. where exactly is she going this time? San Fransisco?
I hope you dont regret your action over my life and PS keep your bracelet. You can give a beggar out there who needs it for a better income,but as for me I am tired of gifts.... I want love,care even affection mom. if only I could get one out of those I'd completely appreciate not an every time gift. Now may you please excuse me?
she didn't call me back neither did she give me hope that she loves me..she only called out to Ali to come help with the bags and then called out to me.
'TOKE!! I really won't get mad at you today. I won't baby for real but the next time you talk to me that way,I'd be force to take you to boarding school.
"What!!! I scoffed. The boarding school treat again?you think telling me that will magically change me? you know what,you are only bluffing and I won't accept that. Never!!
she didn't even wait to listen to the rest. she only dashed out of the living room and off to wherever she has in mind to go.

Was I adopted? I asked myself ...if only I didn't know what surrounds my birth then I would have thought so. does she hate me that much or why was she treating me that bad?
loving a mere company than your own daughter?
she stated the obvious already. 'I won't understand only my elder ones can do." And hello I hated her that moment, the love of a woman I aspire to be like washed away instantly. The figments of my imagination with a mother was gone.
My mind was made up already,I was ready to go at any length to make her regret her actions even of it would cost my life..

*to be continued*
Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 6:35pm On Mar 29, 2018
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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 6:12pm On Mar 29, 2018
Episode 11

I met the living room scattered. It wasn't a sign of an house-party or clubbing neither. it was a sign of someone trying to pack his/her belongings either for a business meeting or to go on a vacation. none of the ideas were correct in my head not until I saw that standing figure,a woman to be precise,No! a full grown woman who has poured out all the children inside of her,now going out on different vacations with several men but keeps claiming to be touring the company for future purposes. if was a thought I didn't know for sure. the woman standing in front of me isn't a promiscuous woman,maybe she wasn't..things have change real quick and the whole atmosphere at home seems to be putting me on a scale. everything seems like a perfect hurricane is working in the midst of our home...home was hell!

mum was back from Dubai and things didn't really change that much. all just seems like she's never back. like she never did. I composed my self so well in other to welcome her home properly atleast I'd have a companion now,atleast I would have someone to share my stories with. I became so strong and happy all of a sudden..this sudden urge gave me bad luck.... "she might go back" I said quietly!

Mom! i shouted! My mom...I moved towards her hugging her so tight. I never wanted to let go. this is the woman who got my heart from day one and wouldn't give it back.
circumstances and situations just make people you love become your worst enemy. If only I could be involved in her schedule!
"I miss you mom! I miss you so dearly mommy. dont leave anywhere without me again"
she smiled back,using her hand as a comb to nurture my deep dark hair. massaging it all through and making me feel Like a complete baby once again.
"I miss you too Honey, I miss you beyond measure darling.. I promise I won't go anywhere without you if only you'd grow up fast and turn into a fine mature lady to handle and follow Me in terms of company issues..

Mtcheww!!! I released myself from her embrace. That wasn't consoling neither was it going to make me feel better again.. I wouldn't want anything else but a love from a comforting mother who would show me love and care. Am just all alone and I need an angel right now..I need a life!

she laughed hysterically bringing me back to life! I plundered at her reaction. "how come she ain't feeling remorseful or trying to calm my nerves. she only rang out disturbingly
"see dear am running late. I have to go now"
"Go where again? I shouted almost loosing my voice. where exactly are you going this time? I asked continually. Answer me mom,no answer me..No wonder Ali was in a haste to get me here so quick. can't you just stay at home for once? atleast if not for anybody ,for your only daughter. Mother can't you see am dying?can't you figure out am not fine
I said crying hard,looking pale of a sudden...I am not fine!
Must you always leave me in the hands of brothers who haven't even care for themselves not to talk about me. I wanted to say more that that. I want to add more to it. something like "did you when check my last result to see how slow have dropped in my academics ?do you even know the friends am hanging out with recently or even the kind of life a a fourteen year old teenager should abstain from? I wanted to ,all was a wish. but I couldn't pour it all out.
I knew what her final decision would be. something like "pack your stuff you leave for boarding school! but would that do?would that really change my life ?would that really construct or distrust me the more?
if only she knew the difficulties I was going through.
Mom never wanted to hit any further. the only thing she could do was to keep my cool.
even if that wouldn't fit in!

*to be continued*

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Literature / Re: Toke(the Girl Child) by millennial(f): 7:18pm On Mar 25, 2018
thanks for the follow. SapphireSultana I need you to follow this story.

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