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Travel / Re: Japa - Western Countries Scamming Nigerians? by Mindlog: 6:50pm

Bro you need to change your view about this. When you're working for someone that person control you and your time,regardless of how much you're paid. If you find yourself in such position don't relax and get comfortable . Plan for your independence.

Which view, maybe you have your belief that I am dependent on my clinical role.....even during my student days here in UK, it did not stop my export business from Nigeria to East Africa I have been involved in many years.

I don't need my "independence", I am working in a setting I have always desired for many years, spent tens of million of naira to get the qualifications.......it does not also stop me from freelancing my professional skills.
Agriculture / Re: This Is Bush Rat, Alligator, Grasscutter, Rabbit And Reptile TRAP by Mindlog: 4:05pm
I doubt this will ever catch a grasscutter. Those guys are damn too careful and sensitive

It would, we had something similar and the catch was regular.
Agriculture / Re: This Is Bush Rat, Alligator, Grasscutter, Rabbit And Reptile TRAP by Mindlog: 3:00pm
Place them in different sections of a rice farm, na unlimited grasscutter. for the owner on a steady, cheesy cheesy cheesy


Family / Re: Re: UPDATE Wife Travelling Without Consent ? by Mindlog: 1:34pm
I am simply trying to get op to open up in this and answer us. From his post, it seems he isn't Nigerian at least and Kenya features somewhere and somehow in the story. lipsrsealed

From what I know of Kenyan women when I lived and worked in Nairobi, their urban women are way too independent minded than Nigerian women. Kenyan women are more empowered in comparison to their men and more "visible" in the relationship that their men.


Politics / Re: They Sold Fraudulent Muslim-Muslim Ticket To Us, Now Muslims Are Bombed - Yusuf by Mindlog: 1:27pm
"The Muslim clerics in the North came and sold this fraudulent Muslim-Muslim ticket..."

Still we are being being told that it's Obi that played religious politics.

Very laughable, they ignored how their clerics vigourously campaigned for Tinubu. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy


Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: Foreign Prisoners Are Working At Construction Sites In Nigeria by Mindlog: 10:40am
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill Bus Driver, Kidnap 8 Passengers In Niger State, Demand ₦17M Ransom by Mindlog: 9:48am

It doesn't surprise me too much!

Muslims as well as Christians have always being killed.
A top Muslim scholar was killed with his family in transit. He is Sheikh Albani Zaria (you may Google it up). He usually speak against Boko haram and ISWAP!

So it's not funny we don't support terrorism but you guys always let your enemity, bigotry and hatred cloud your judgement!

If my Nairaland's posts is listed besides yours, which would reflect more of enmity, bigotry and hatred to the discerning mind? grin
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill Bus Driver, Kidnap 8 Passengers In Niger State, Demand ₦17M Ransom by Mindlog: 9:29am

Speechless, I guess......drop in energy because of where it happened, the perpetrators and the victims, your fellow Muslims! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy grin grin grin
Family / Re: Re: UPDATE Wife Travelling Without Consent ? by Mindlog: 9:24am
Op, I noticed how you carefully refused to answer many of the concerns expressed on the other thread. But it seems here that at the core of all of this is a lack of trust on your part for your wife. Is there a particular reason this? Op, why do you not trust your wife enough to accept, even when she offered to go with your brother, that she may just be wanting to attend an event? undecided

You mention culture, and I must say that I have never read of any Kenyan culture that required women to spill entire details or their movements and dealings in marriage. Most cultures simply expect that couples would do so out of courtesy but no culture mandates it. This makes me wonder what it is you wish to hide behind the culture card. undecided

Did he say the wife is Kenyan and his brother also stay in Kenya?


Travel / Re: Japa - Western Countries Scamming Nigerians? by Mindlog: 9:22am

You be mumu. Being successful means slaving for another person for you abi? Meanwhile when converting your earnings make sure you remind yourself that you are not living in nigeria.

Those who are working in Nigeria earning peanuts and still owed salaries, I guess they are not slaving for another man.

I prefer working in my clinical role here in the UK as I know what my 9-5 entails in a world class environment and very certain, I won't be told "stories" about my salary at the end of the month........I can't spend tens of millions in naira for my specialty education and you expect me to be "patriotic" by earning peanuts in Nigeria......e no fit work!
Politics / Re: 2024 Budget Will Achieve 61% Increase In Health Sector To Reduce ‘Japa’ - FCTA by Mindlog: 7:16am
Japa will not reduce and that is a FACT......a mental health nurse get paid way higher per hour working for an agency in the UK


Politics / Re: Ganduje: Tinubu has approved blueprint to liberate, De-Marginalize South East by Mindlog: 7:05am
Any blueprint that would not translate to better living conditions for the masses is scam unlimited.....politics without sustained human capital and infrastructural development is just a ploy to impoverish the people while a few pump up their wealth. :


Business / Re: Innoson Group Now Has Seven Industries by Mindlog: 2:13pm On Dec 06
This looks more like a mechanic workshop, abeg. grin

Which none of your kinsmen is even skilled enough to work in....not your regular Mokalik . cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Family / Re: What Are Igbo Customs On Divorce? by Mindlog: 1:51pm On Dec 06
You were never married to her traditionally thus no refund, with the marriage certificate issued by the Church you wedded in, your lawyer can take it up from there. My brother, she was handed over to my father. They asked him both during TM and church wedding if I settled everything which he affirmed. I settled most of the items in the list but I didn't pay the BRIDE PRICE. Why I brought this here is to know if it is necessary I go to her place to inform them that their daughter is no longer with me or I should just face my front. I don't want a situation I will be called later regarding her whereabout.

Go with your relatives as witnesses to inform her family the union has ended and you are no longer involved in her life, after which you should engage a lawyer to have your Church marriage dissolved in court, based on the assumption that the Church you wedded in was licensed to officiate weddings.
Family / Re: What Are Igbo Customs On Divorce? by Mindlog: 12:51pm On Dec 06
Funny enough, I did not pay the bride price at the time of TM. I refused to even pay again due to her waywardness. The father keeps reminding me whenever there is an issue. I just ignore him.

You had a traditional marriage and didn't her pay bride price and you are still assuming you were traditionally married? Your story don't add up!

By igbo culture you were merely co-habiting, if you has paid her bride price, all you need to do is go with some of your relatives to see her family for the refund of the bride price and that ends the marriage.

You were never married to her traditionally thus no refund, with the marriage certificate issued by the Church you wedded in, your lawyer can take it up from there.
Politics / Re: Rice Millers Hail Ebonyi Governor's Ban On Rice Scaling As Price Crashes To ₦15K by Mindlog: 11:24am On Dec 06
Whichever is easier for the local rice farmers.
Politics / Re: Ten Biggest Cities In Igboland by Mindlog: 10:43am On Dec 06


Dis is also one of the Yoruba City...

Oya kill ya self

Like I posted earlier, the mental health nurse in charge of your ward have questions to answer.

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Politics / Re: Ten Biggest Cities In Igboland by Mindlog: 10:07am On Dec 06
Shutup... Dis are city in Yoruba land.. too...

Internet enabled phone are not allowed in psychiatric wards....the mental health nurse in charge of your ward, needs to be queried.
Politics / Re: Ex-NNPC ED, Alex Ogedengbe Doubts Port Harcourt Refinery Will Work This December by Mindlog: 10:05am On Dec 06
Can these fat crooks shut their hole ffs!. You diverted 20trillion of turn around maintanance into your pockets, now with the guts to spew crap because your ass is not languishing in jail. No idiot should come out to colour public minds against our expectations.

Your expectations can not air brush the reality on ground.....that refinery is nor producing this year and GOD KNOWS THAT!


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Opebi-Mende-Ojota Link Bridge To Be Ready Be Second Quarter Of 2024 by Mindlog: 11:12pm On Dec 05
What happened to that Odo Iyalaro river between Mende and Ojota, will surely cause disaster in the future....a river sold and converted to "solid land" with buildings on it over 15 years now.

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Politics / Re: Subsidy: FG To Disburse 50,000 Naira Grants To Nigerians by Mindlog: 5:42pm On Dec 05
It will be smeared with corruption in the disbursement. cheesy cheesy cheesy


Travel / Re: Is A Fully Funded Scholarship In Finland Worth It For A Nigerian? by Mindlog: 5:39pm On Dec 05
I have just read about a scholarship program in Finland that allows successful candidates relocate with their family!
Do we have Finnish students or graduates in this platform?
Can anyone share the experience for us?

No it is not worth it, look for a fully funded scholarship in Nigeria,
Politics / Re: Number Of Poor People In Nigeria By Zone by Mindlog: 5:35pm On Dec 05
45m in North West? Yet some gullible people will believe this false info.

North West is the heartbeat of multidimensional poverty in Nigeria despite having a President from that zone from 2015-2023.
Family / Re: Ex-Wife Threatened To Take Me To Court For Children Custody by Mindlog: 2:30pm On Dec 05
YOU can win in Court, just get a Lawyer that can prove

That she has no means of taking good care of them
That she will be of bad moral influence on them.
That she is of no stable mind, job and place.
That she has another husband who can maltreat your kids

if you have very good Lawyer you are good to go.
I. She does not need to have the financial means because the court would mandate the father to make provision for the children.
2. He has to prove with pictorial and video evidence that she is involved in a lifestyle that endangers children.
3. A psychiatrist has to prove with clinical assessment that she is mentally not stable, a woman in Nigeria not having a job or her own accommodation are not minus when considering custody, men have been told to pay for the rent where the ex-wife and the kids would live.
4. He has to bring to the court, documentary proof that she has remarried.


Career / Re: Go Back To School At Age 40 by Mindlog: 1:58pm On Dec 05
Never too late.


Religion / Re: Shiloh 2023 Live Updates: Redeemed To Flourish In Hard Times by Mindlog: 9:45am On Dec 05
"Redeemed to Flourish in Hard Times".......comedy central. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy


Family / Re: Effort People Put On To Deceive Each Other In This Country by Mindlog: 9:43am On Dec 05
You mean is not a big deal?

Personally, I would insist he bottles mine from the bucket right there in my presence and if he resists, the red flag will activate in my mind.

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Business / Re: Bitmama Acquires Payday by Mindlog: 8:33am On Dec 05
Develop then sell, is a nice concept.

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Family / Re: Wife Travelling Without Consent ? by Mindlog: 8:02am On Dec 05
She has been in kenya for about 10 days, three days ago, she called me and said she will be attending her friend's marriage ceremonial, which is taking place 600km away ......Is the wedding holding in Kenya?


Family / Re: Ex-Wife Threatened To Take Me To Court For Children Custody by Mindlog: 9:46pm On Dec 04

A real mother doesn't abandoned her children no matter how hard the situations is. If she really cared she wouldn't have abandoned them in the first place. Her ashawo work in Lagos is not going well that's why she want all 3 children with her so she will be receiving a big sum of money from me every month for upkeep or else she won't be able to survive again in Lagos.

Will the "big sum of money" not go into the upkeep of the 3 children you share with her?

She is your ex-wife but she will never an ex-mother to those little children,


Family / Re: Ex-Wife Threatened To Take Me To Court For Children Custody by Mindlog: 6:44pm On Dec 04

She abandoned them with me because I wasn't financially buoyant .

The boys are not even living with you but with relatives, that counts against you as you are not in a position to be the primary care giver of the boys.

They are triplets, their separation is not good for their overall development as they have to live and grow under the same roof irrespective of the issues between you and their mother, they are not slices of bread that each of you would choose the ones you want.

Get your state's social care/welfare office involved, to work out an arrangement that would benefit the triplets and that would be in the direction of the 3 children living with their mother while you make provisions for them in terms of feeding, education, healthcare etc and also arrange how often you go visit them, if possible work out time they can come spend some of their school holidays with you and video calling them on WhatsApp must be regular.

In as much as you feel that your mother and sister have been taking good care of the boys, they are just the boys' grandmother and aunt, not their mother who is still alive and not clinically diagnosed to be mentally unstable nor abusing substances.

You both should not allow your egos lead to using your children' lives as a battlefield.

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Car Talk / Re: Innoson Bus Used For Public Transport Spotted In Lagos (Pictures) by Mindlog: 2:21pm On Dec 04
Nice one.


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