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Politics / Re: Omo Eko Tinubu Leaves Lagos Island To Vote In Alausa by MossadAgent: 9:05am On Jan 11
The bastard of Alausa

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Politics / Re: Your 7 Year Famine Starts Today by MossadAgent: 9:01am On Jan 11
Buhari and the APC will be gone before the year ends.

These 7ys of APC and Buhari was punishment from God.
Politics / Re: Southwest Myopia: A Case Of The Frog In Water. by MossadAgent: 8:59am On Jan 11
Tinubu is the latest boiling Yaribanza frog


Politics / Re: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu VS Profssor Yemi Osinbajo by MossadAgent: 8:47am On Jan 11
Buhari's annionted candidate is a closely guarded secret since he doesn't want you Yaribanzas killing him off with jazz.

If there is anything about Yaribanza people it is how they truly fit the frog in water theory.

So despite all the relegation and undermining of Tinubu and fake pastor Osinbanjo these past 6ys , you goats still have hope that Buhari will hand over to an Afonja?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ci.IA./Mossad/M.I.6 Breach US Funded Bio-lab In Kazakhstan by MossadAgent: 7:56am On Jan 11
Bill Gates now has his hands on a very dangerous pathogen.

He will unleash the pathogen this year and blame it on climate change .
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ci.IA./Mossad/M.I.6 Breach US Funded Bio-lab In Kazakhstan by MossadAgent: 7:54am On Jan 11

Bill Gates says he is preparing another simulation for a potential Bio Terrorist attack involving weaponized small pox that will kill 6billuon people .

There will be a "terrorist attack" involving the controlled and coordinated global release of a manmade smallpox-like virus.
It was supposed to happen this winter, and it may still happen this winter, but things haven't quite gone as planned.

The virus will be released in countries with the highest rate of vaccination for COVID-19. Why, you ask? Because the "vaccine" was the primer for this upcoming virus. The kill rate among the vaccinated will be 90%+, while only killing 30% of the unvaccinated. (mostly children and elderly)

THIS is why they need as FEW UNVACCINATED people as possible. If there are too many unvaccinated people surviving, the fact that the corona jab was behind the crippled immune response of the dead will be undeniable. They simply can't begin the final phase if there are too many unvaccinated people remaining in the first and second world countries. Third world countries with extremely low vaccination rates and no mass deaths caused by an outbreak will be explained away as "improper climate for the virus" and "local containment efforts succeeded" etc. etc. This is a direct attack on civilization, but it must be handled carefully, otherwise they won't be able to remain in power in the New World after the chaos.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ci.IA./Mossad/M.I.6 Breach US Funded Bio-lab In Kazakhstan by MossadAgent: 7:51am On Jan 11
Kazakhstan Denies US-Funded 'Military Biological Lab' Seized By Rioters After Russia Claims Potential Pathogen Leak

MONDAY, JAN 10, 2022 - 09:31 AM

Kazakh officials have denied that a US-funded 'military biological laboratory' was seized by rioters in the recent unrest, which has seen at least 160 dead since the violence broke out just one week ago.

It is unclear whether the deaths, reported by the health ministry to state news channel Khabar-24, are primarily civilians or law enforcement according to the Daily Mail - however officials said on Sunday that at least 16 police or national guard members had been killed. Pictures of Kazakh secret service operatives killed during the unrest have also been released.

According to Russian media, the biolab near Almaty - built in 2017 and used to study outbreaks of particularly dangerous infections - was 'compromised,' resulting in a potential leak of dangerous pathogens. Kazakh officials have denied the claim.

The secret bio-laboratory funded by the US defence department - which has links to Russian and Chinese scientists - was also compromised in the disturbances, according to social media claims that it was seized.

'This is not true. The facility is being guarded,' said the health ministry which is responsible for the Central Reference Laboratory, in Almaty.

Official Russian news agency TASS had highlighted alleged social media reports that it was taken over by 'unidentified people' and 'specialists in chemical protection suits were working near the lab so a leak of dangerous pathogens could have occurred'.

The laboratory's existence has been controversial and in 2020 the country formally denied that it was being used to make biological weapons.

At the time, the Kazakh government stated: 'No biological weapons development is underway in Kazakhstan - and no research is conducted against any other states.' -Daily Mail

Of course, since the source of the claim is Russian state media, one should take it with the same grain of salt as any state-sponsored outlet (or their legacy media mouthpieces).

As the Mail notes, "The airport, mayor's office and secret services buildings fell briefly into the hands of rioters during a wave of protests backed by shadowy armed cells."

In 2018 there were reports that a new strain of meningitis which had leaked from the lab - which was similarly denied. According to officials, no US personnel remain involved in the lab's work, which included studying Covid.

The most recent controversy over the lab comes amid 'growing intrigue' over how the recent protests came to be organized, and which have been tamped down since a large Russian force was sent to the country. According to reports, 'well-coordinated' armed groups were operating alongside protesters over a hike in gas prices.

Nearly 6,000 people have been detained following the riots, with a "sizeable number of foreign nationals among them," the Mail reports. It's unclear where these alleged foreign provocateurs originated from.

Russia and allies Belarus have continued to pour troops and equipment into Kazakhstan.

Kazakh authorities said earlier on Sunday that 16 police or national guard members had been killed in the protests that started on January 2.

A total of 103 deaths were in Almaty, the country's largest city, where demonstrators seized government buildings and set some on fire, according to the ministry. The country's ombudswoman for children's rights said that three of those killed were minors, including a four-year-old girl.

The ministry earlier reported more than 2,200 people sought treatment for injuries from the protests, and the Interior Ministry said about 1,300 security officers were injured. -Daily Mail

As we noted on Sunday, Among the boldest and eye-brow raising political moves by embattled Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev within the past days that grabbed international headlines was his ordering the arrest of Kazakhstan's powerful former intelligence chief, Karim Massimov, on the charge of high treason.

Massimov had served as the prior longtime strongman ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev's prime minister and has long been considered his "right hand man". Shortly after, a photo has resurfaced, currently subject of widespread speculation which shows Joe Biden and Hunter Biden posing with the now detained Kazakh security chief Karim Massimov, along with well-connected oligarch Kenes Rakishev.

Hunter and Joe Biden pictured with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Karim Massimov (right)
UPDATE: It wasn't just one meeting

Hunter Biden said Massimov was his "close friend."

That close friend has now been arrested for attempting to overthrow the government of Kazakhstan. pic.twitter.com/Wrodpmpzzo

— Clint Ehrlich (@ClintEhrlich) January 9, 2022

Where does this rabbit hole lead?

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Foreign Affairs / Ci.IA./Mossad/M.I.6 Breach US Funded Bio-lab In Kazakhstan by MossadAgent: 7:42am On Jan 11
The Biden WH which has recycled all the Obama deep state Judeo-Masonic characters that saw to the overthrow of a democratically elected civilian govt in Ukraine back in 2008 which will later spiral into the most dangerous debacle and stand off between the US and Russia since the Cuban missile crisis are now actively pulling off a text book CIA color revolution in Kazakhstan.

You might have gotten a glimpse of the ultra violent riots that are currently going in Kazakhstan from the usual CIA mocking bird outfits like CNN which they want you to believe is all down to fuel price hikes . But there is more to what the talking heads and propagandists at CNN and the BBC are keeping away from you.

Just like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan is a former satellite state of the defunct USSR and shares one of the longest land borders in the world with Russia.

Also much like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan has a lot of economic and military significance with Russia. And just like the Obama sponsored coup in 2008 in the Ukraine , the US deep state wants a regime change in Kazakhstan towards installing a pto-NAtO and anti Russian govt at the very back door to Russia.

Not forgetting the fun fact that what actually is behind the violent riots is the arrest of a close "friend" of the Bidens who happens to be a long serving head of the Kazakhstan intelligence organization. In similar vien of the Clinton/Obama/Biden shake down move, the Biden adminstration has vowed to remove the current govt of Kazakhstan just as they did in the Ukraine for several reasons most notably to plant a NATO friendly govt in a country with the longest land borders with Russia .

But something significant occured about 2 days back and that was a breach of a US defense funded Bio Safety 4 lab in Kazakhstan.

This lab , just like that at Wuhan, China is involved in tge development of Bio weapons for the US Defense department and has gotten generous funding from both Anthony Faucci's NIHS and US defense research. It is believed that same Gain of function tessrrch used in the Wuhan lab to make pathogens more infectious and deadly were being carried out in sane lab with direct funding from the US govt. The Kazakhstan govt has raised an alarm that rioters had breached the lab and that there was a high potential that dangerous weaponozed pathogens like small pox might have been stolen from the lab

Late last year in November 2021, Bill Gates told the world that he would be conducting another simulation of a bio terrorist attack on a global scale involving small pox .

The riots in Kazakhstan which the govt claims is being coordinated by professional instigators and foreign mercenaries provided the perfect scenario to break into the bio safety lab and get hold of weaponized monkey pox virus which the satanic Judeo Masonic mafia intend to unleash on the world by mid 2022.
Politics / Re: Total Anarchy In Benin Over 20 Youths Confirmed Dead By Gunshots by MossadAgent: 9:51pm On Nov 16, 2020

If not greed then what? Criminals we're freed, Police stations was burnt, Ammunition's were stolen..

What then do you expect?

Correction : prisoners were unleashed by the Buhari govt on Edo people .
Politics / Re: Total Anarchy In Benin Over 20 Youths Confirmed Dead By Gunshots by MossadAgent: 9:45pm On Nov 16, 2020
Where the Oba with him fake juju and useless curses?

Benin people are just showing us their Bini culture .

That race has already lost all decency .

Since Bini mothers and fathers are ok with having their daughters being trafficked and sold into sex slavery in Europe by their own fellow Bini people , why would they bat an eye when their sons are running around robbing and killing for money ?

Any society that does not put a premium on their women folk is not in any way a functioning society .

Since Bini people see their women and girls no longer as future brides, wives and mothers but rather as prostitutes what then is left sacrefd and worth defending as a Bini man?

This may sound out of place but it is the raw truth. When degeneracy like sodomoy and prostitution take hold of a society , then you do not have any society left worth fighting and upholding .

These cult wars, and rampaging armed robberies are a fallout of an already failed culture and race.

Politics / Re: Agenda 30: The long Road To Slavery by MossadAgent: 9:22pm On Nov 16, 2020

It is people like you that muddle up God's intentions to the people. The question is if God has planned that THESE folks will control the affairs of this world, y are you fighting tooth and nail against it?

It is God's test . You can chose to worship your fellow man or take your rightful position in this world .

The choice is still yours to make.
Politics / Re: The Communust War On Beef, Oil And You. by MossadAgent: 9:19pm On Nov 16, 2020
You as a Hunan

So they are waging war on oil and beef both essentially the same thing as they afford you a readily available source of energy. But their greatest enemy is you as a human which they intend to break and make as their slave

With both oil and beef, they can achieve this to a greater extent. But there will exist that few men who will stand against their agenda. To this end humanity itself is a plague .

You are now considered a reserviour of diseases.

As a human who is yet to take their RNA altering , immune destroying poison , you are now the greatest threat to the planet.

You must wear the mask, avoid all other humans at all cost, and most importantly take their vaccine and enter their matrix.

Once you do this, consider that you are no longer essentially human anymore. They dubbed it "Transhumanism" a mutated humaniod and a machine. You serve the beast and not the other way.

Consider Transhumanism as signing up on Facebook. You clicked the "accept" button without reading that by signing up to Facebook you agree that all your personal info and data card be accessed , shared and sold by Facebook. That is exactly what this Transhumanism is all about. You take their vaccine, you automatically become their property .

So it is very important that they maintain that you and every other person on Earth is a potential disease carrier so as to force you to be part of their matrix through their vaccine poison.


Politics / Re: The Communust War On Beef, Oil And You. by MossadAgent: 9:08pm On Nov 16, 2020

They hate oil for so many reasons but two stand out most and that is that oil isn't a finite resource brought about by eons of accumulated decaying matter (Biotic Theory ). On the contrary , crude oil isn't from fossilized bio material but rather as a result of deep self replenishing geological activity . The same earth process that produces volcanic eruptions and continental drifts in the form of earthquakes is what is responsible for crude production and accumulation (Abiotic Crude Theory). This isn't good news to the banksters and their petroll dollar hegenomy since a non finite resource like the air you breath can not be commercialized . What you can't control it's supply , you can't fix it's price. The Abiotic theory has since been settled as the only truely sensible and factual cause of crude deposit and accumulation. This has a direct threat on the current petrol dollar global economy . For this reason the current system must be dismantled as crude becomes an infinite product .

So how do you switch from the global financial template ? You demonize crude and blame it on the natural climate shift.

This isn't the first time these vermin judases demonized a product because it affected their business and financial set up . When they first got to present day America, a place they named Virginia, they thought they could strike it big like the Spanish did with Aztec gold. But they could only get marijuana, tobacco and some exotic natives to bring back to Liverpool. Since Marijuana is basically a weed and can grow on any place on Earth except the poles unlike Tobacco a highly intensive and climate dependent crop and the fact that Europeans preferred the sedating effects of weed to Tobacco, they began a campaign to demonize weed as " a plant of the devil" and promoted tobacco as a high end fashionsble vice and snake oil cure for every disease condition. It worked . And thats why weed is still illegal till this day and tobacco is a multibillion dollar industry .

But most importantly, crude oil goes against a centralized society dependent on the state. A barrel of crude oil contains approximately 38MW of energy. It is compact and easily transportable and holds the key to any synthetic resin. With crude still around, the globalist control and monopolization of energy through their highly unreliable alternative renewable energy source is Dead on Arrival. To this end, crude must go.


Politics / The Communust War On Beef, Oil And You. by MossadAgent: 8:35pm On Nov 16, 2020
As a human, the globalist have already condemned you as a disease host, an energy glutton and a danger to the world's climate system.


The Green New Deal that was proposed by that Marrano Jewess , Alexandria Occasia Cortez, wants not only an end to beef consumption but also a global extermination of all cows. According to the batshit insane Cortez, Cows take up too much land and use too much precious water plus the fun fact that cows fart a lot and so produce climate altering methane gas .

As we can see, the communist are claiming to be eco-warriors in their attempt to strip you of beef consumption. They even got their Jewish autistic brat, Greta Thumberg, to screech and scream "How dare you" for still eating beef.

But are they really concerned about the environment when they talk of a ban on a beef? Far from it. These communist rats do not give a sh!t about the earth or it's climate. The only reason they don't want you eating beef is because of the benefits of eating beef.

Take a look at the African Savannah. Which animal is more cunning and intelligent ? Is it the hebivore that is always drifting into a ruminating trance or the ever stalking Lion?

Since medieval times and before, the elite have always known the benefits of eating beef . Not only does beef allow you to build strong muscles necessary in swinging a battle axe or sword, beef consumption actually boosts brain development. Children of Vegeterian parents who suffer the double misfortune of being subjected to the stupidity of their parents not only show stunted growth and poor muscle and bond structure but also suffer severely from impaired brain development. In short , vegan parents who force their vegan diets on their kids end up producing docile, weak and feeble humans. The Kings and lords in Europe knew this very well and so did all they could to discourage beef consumption among the peasant class. All animal herds were not owned by the peasant but the King via the lords who controlled the land. The peasant dared not eat one of the animals in his care as it did not belong to him but rather the crown . The crown also forebade substituting wild game as a protein source as the King claimed all deer in the woods as his to be hunted at his pleasure .

They want you to be as stupid , docile like a medieval serf and that's why they want beef eliminated from your dining list.


Politics / Re: Agenda 30: The long Road To Slavery by MossadAgent: 8:05pm On Nov 16, 2020

You are just daft. Who is enslaving you? If it was prophesied as you claimed, why do you feel you can change it? I knew your idiocy was coming from religion all along. Sheepish mofo!

Even Jesus begged for the cup to pass over Him when God revealed His mission on Earth.

The warning is for those who know of the prophecy and will rather die than be enslaved by Judas.

God will sustain those who refuse and instead of bread HE shall provide spiritual comfort.

No one can stop Judas as it is already ordained. The only thing one can do is to reject him. You will have that choice just as it was in the beginning. A choice between your enslavement or a choice of eternal redemption.

Choose wisely.
Politics / Re: Agenda 30: The long Road To Slavery by MossadAgent: 8:01pm On Nov 16, 2020

I never made such claim, but I would be an idiot if I waved op's assertion as a mere "conspiracy theory."

If a group of people are trying to strip people off ownership of their properties for some funny universal basic income, then whoever thinks that the man who strives to make u financially dependent on him wouldn't have other conditions (including how u live ur life) u would need to satisfy to be qualified for his basic income.

I'm even surprised u're asking me this; read the op slowly, what u seek is there.

A universal basic income modeled along the Jewish Bolshevik communist system where they promised every Russian his needs and assigned jobs to his abilities.

Note : in a community society your wants are criminal. The state determines your needs only . You want a roof over your head? Here , see your cot number 357388 in the community shelter .
You need clothing for warmth and to preserve your dignity only . Here have this sack cloth grey darb material with your social credit number etched on it?

You need sustainance? The commisar will determine the adequate amount of calories you need based on your work assignment. You will not be able to eat beef or any other meat products because beef is bad for the envoriment. Here have a synthetic substitute made from soya beans and crushed worns and bugs . .

Doctors and hospitals will no longer exist as they cater to individual needs. Every citizen will get a cocktail of vaccines to keep then inoculated from diseases. You will lose your natural immunity and be dependent on yearly boosters that will be approved by the commisar. Your social credit score says here you fell below the expected threshold of an upstanding citizen and that you have outlived your usefulness at the ripe old age of 60. It is based on this we regret to announce that you do not qualify for the annual imnune booster program. You are to report to the local chekas unit from where you will be retired in the Siberian Gulag.

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Politics / Re: Agenda 30: The long Road To Slavery by MossadAgent: 7:50pm On Nov 16, 2020

Let me ask you in what way do you perceive they will control the world?

From sheep like you who will sign away their destinies and futures to ZOG .

The fulani herdsmen leads his herd from the grazing fields to the slaughter house. The cows think of the fulani as their bebefactor not knowing he is fattnening them to the slaughter house.

The people I speak of who are behind the conspiracy to enslave you regard you as cattle (goyim). A beast of burden to be worked in the field and as meat on their table .

You better believe there is a conspiracy to enslave you. As this is enshrined in their book of Leviticus. They believe that all humanity exists only to serve them. In their Zionist Utopia each and every one of them will have no less than 2,600 slaves to wait on them. This is their doctrine which they set as agenda and when fulfilled claim divinity .

The last century was dubbed the Jewish century for a reason. Two great wars were fought on their behest and from there they control the money supply of each and every nation on Earth.

It is from there they have enslaved you . It is their power to destroy they create wealth.

Another Brenton Woods moment has been declared by the IMF which means there is a global economic and social reset already being planned.

They have bankrupted your govt through fiat currency debt that they created from thin air .

They will offer a debt forgiveness against losing your soverignty and personal rights under a globalist one world communist govt.

The UN is the soft approach to communism . And so far with their retinue of lies and fake science like climate change plus a global nothing burger pandemic, they hope to reshape the world towards their full control .

It is already happening.

The kings of the Earth are bowing before the beast.


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